vmiheerI want to ask question...06:54
vmiheerIf there is the same bug title but everything else like kernel version ubuntu version then should i file a new bug?06:54
vmiheerthe bug number is #74043806:56
vmiheerand is marked invalid...06:56
vmiheerAnyone got my question???06:57
vmiheerIs anyone online?07:03
PaoloRotoloHi all!08:36
brendandhggdh - are you planning to regression test the Maverick -proposed kernel this week?13:38
hggdhbrendand: today is Friday... yes, I could start it today13:38
hggdhbrendand: can I reserve one machine for today, and two for next week?13:39
brendandhggdh - i'm not using them but you should also check with roadmr (if you're talking about the validation lab systems)13:39
hggdhbrendand: aye, will do13:40
hggdhjibel: updated the wiki page15:12
jibelhggdh, Cool, thanks, I'll have a look. Do you want to join the call ?15:13
hggdhjibel: ^15:21
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PaoloRotoloHi all!17:41
davmor2hey guys is there a preferred method of writing a bug for an unsupported  wifi chipset?18:46
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