dpmgood morning all05:53
andrejzgood morning05:55
andrejzyou are early today, dpm ;)05:55
dpmmorning andrejz ;)05:56
andrejzhello dpm07:22
andrejzi have a question about localised iso's07:22
dpmandrejz, sure, I hope I can answer it :)07:24
andrejzare localised iso's going to be available on the official ubuntu page?07:24
andrejzand are iso's already going to be available for 11.10 or for 12.04?07:27
dpmandrejz, check out the FAQ I sent you for this question: right now they're not going to be official, and we're going to rely on translation/loco teams to create and test them. We might make them official in the future, but we first need to see how the ISOs work out07:34
andrejz@dpm: i would suggest that installer remains localised and there is a slide about installing language packs in the installer slideshow08:08
andrejzas not all people will be aware of loco teams version08:09
andrejzin addition not all loco/translation teams will be capable of building customised isos08:09
andrejzp.s. finally wiki page is not locked and i can edit it :)08:10
dpmandrejz, that's a good point, and the good news is that the installer remains unchanged (i.e. localized) :)08:13
andrejzi think a slide about installing language packs is also a good idea (maybe only shown if locale is not en-US)08:15
dpmandrejz, I agree, not all teams are capable of building localized ISOs, but what we're doing now is adding the possibility for them to do it, which they didn't have before. I.e. before we just had 4 or 5 langpacks in the ISO, and there was no easy way to provide localized ISOs for all the other languages. So this is an advantage now for all of those languages (except for the 4 or 5 in language packs, which will now have to create their own iso)08:15
dpmandrejz, I'm not sure what you mean by the wiki page not being locked. Which wiki page? And why should it be locked, unlike the rest of the wiki?08:16
andrejz@dpm: because someone was editing the same page (firs you, then milo)08:16
dpmright, but I think we could all edit it correctly, eventually :)08:17
andrejzteam responsible for installer is ubiquity, correct?08:18
dpmandrejz, I don't think a slide about installing language packs is necessary, as the language pack installation happens transparently if you're connected to the Internet during installation. And if you're not connected, you get a notification that you should install the langpacks after the first boot08:18
dpmso this does not change at all08:18
dpmthe only change in the main iso is that no language packs will be shipped08:19
dpmwhich will only affect the 4 or 5 teams which had had langpacks shipped in the past08:19
dpmandrejz, yes, that's correct (plus debian-installer)08:20
andrejzok, cool08:37
dpmandrejz, I've now updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/LocalizedImagesRollout with this info. Thanks for noticing that.08:49
andrejzwelcome :)09:01
kelemengabordpm: Good morning, shouldn't the new Natty langpacks be already in -proposed? Because update-manager doesn't find anything for me, not even in the PPA.09:10
dpmhi kelemengabor, morning. Since they are full language packs, they need to be created manually, and in that case pitti prefers to test a few of them locally before uploading them to -proposed (if I'm not mistaken, full ones don't go to the PPA first, they are directly uploaded). He's a bit swamped with work this week, so yesterday he asked me if I could do the package build and test myself, but I haven't had the chance yet. I'll be trying to do th09:14
dpmis this morning.09:14
kelemengaborI see09:15
head_victimdpm: as far as the localised images goes, are you looking for people to help build or test or both?10:44
dpmhi head_victim, we're looking for both11:20
head_victimdpm: no worries, I'll poke around a few people from my loco. There's been lots of interest lately in translations (we have 2 of the Hall of Fame from our team alone due to recent efforts)11:21
dpmhead_victim, wow, awesome11:21
head_victimI can help test but have no clue about building. The other 2 I'm thinking of might be able to assist with the building though.11:21
head_victimIt's easy for us though being an english based language. We could almost copy and paste enGB and be fine (we're enAU)11:21
* head_victim waves at sagaci - interested in helping to create an enAU ISO?11:22
sagaci"I can help test but have no clue about building" - same with me11:47
head_victimsagaci: no worries, might see if jaddi knows more than we do :)13:03
dpmhead_victim, we're going to provide some scripts that should make it easy to build the ISOs, that's the whole point of the spec13:30
dpmand provide documentation for them, of course13:31
head_victimdpm: sounds good, I'm trying to use translations efforts to get more of my loco involved in ubuntu in general.13:31
head_victimI held a translation UGJ in the last cycle or so and suddenly I have 2 hall of famers so trying to keep the fires burning.13:31
dpmawesome :)13:32
head_victimIt's one thing they've seemed to pick up well. Unfortunately I have no other experience in other areas of contribution so just working on what I know and hoping others will come along. We're in a bit of a rebuilding phase.13:33
dpmwell, that's the spirit. I'm glad to see the UGJ has produced such an outcome!13:36
head_victimJust wish I could organise more with the same results ;)13:37
dpmwell, we've got a new one coming up soon :)13:37
head_victimI was going to see who organised what in our region and see if we can piggy back some sessions13:37
head_victimVia irc.13:37
dpmhead_victim, you can look at http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1011/detail/ - and if there isn't an event in your region you can register one13:42
head_victimYeah, I've organised someone to run a translation one again but we're a bit thin on people who would be able to organise them in other areas, so was going to try and piggy back on another event for the loco for bugs and things like that13:43
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dpmkelemengabor, I successfully tested the Catalan package locally and I'm building and uploading the natty langpacks now17:02
kelemengabordpm: cool, I'll prepare the call for testing :)17:03
dpmsounds good :)17:03
dpmpitti is not around to ask (normally he does this step) so I'm not sure how long it will take until they're all build. I guess they should be in -proposed some time tomorrow or the day after17:03
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