krakrjakSo is Natty a bad Ubuntu release or the worst Ubuntu release?21:24
kwadrokenot sure, I switched to Lubuntu21:37
kwadrokewhy? having problems?21:38
krakrjakWell there is at least one HUGE showstopper that cost me a couple of days.21:43
krakrjakNatty cannot boot (even though it's grub2) from a mirrored boot.21:43
krakrjakso if you want an mdadm raid1 for /boot to store kernels and boot loader you can do that.21:43
krakrjakYou just can't actually get it to boot.21:44
krakrjakIt's a bug in the version of grub they pulled post squeeze release from Debian.21:44
krakrjakwhen the debian tree is the most volatile.21:44
krakrjakUnity is also crap.  Thankfully I'm a KDE SC user so no biggie there.21:45
kwadrokethen hopefully there will be a patch soon21:45
krakrjakweyland is not as stable as the xorg servers.21:45
krakrjakThe bug is marked as critical and has been since before the release and there is no patch yet.21:46
kwadrokeI switched before unity came out21:46
kwadrokegrab a deb from debian maybe?21:46
krakrjakUnity is nifty and I've heard that Unity+Compiz is actually quite nice to use.21:46
krakrjaknot possible when you can't boot21:46
krakrjakI punted and made two partitions and instead of RAIDing them wrote some hook scripts to sync the partitions when new kernels are installed.21:47
krakrjakAlso the version of arno-iptables that was sync'd from Debian post release is also broken and the ipv6 support just doesn't work.  Works in Debian squeeze just fine on dual-stacked hosts.21:48
kwadrokeis it hardware or software raid?21:48
kwadrokeoh, yeah mdadm21:49
krakrjakthat really doesn't mean as much as it used to.  mdadm raid can be hardware raid now.21:49
krakrjakthey added support for the integrated intel controllers to manage them under mdadm.21:49
krakrjakalso many of the HP controllers can be managed with mdadm now.21:49
krakrjakHow's Lubuntu?21:50
kwadrokeonly times I messed with it was for software raid21:51
kwadrokeworks pretty well more me. the grub issue would still exist on it too since it's based off of ubuntu21:51
kwadrokeI got tired of the gnome bloat21:52
kwadrokelxde is a lot lighter weight21:52
krakrjakoohh and one more bug.  Was fixed with an update last week.  haskell-platform wasn't installable.21:52
krakrjakI've heard that lxde is nice.21:52
krakrjakI'm just too hardcore KDE to go to anything else these days.21:52
krakrjakClementine instead of Amarok.21:53
kwadrokeI left kde back in the 3.5 days21:53
kwadrokewhen ubuntu 5.04 came out21:53
krakrjak3.5...  that's too bad.  You got to miss out on the broken 4.0/4.1/4.2 releases.21:54
krakrjak3.6,7,8,9 were all good solid releases and when I really fell in love with KDE.21:54
kwadrokeonly reason I used kde was that's what Knoppix used at the time21:55
krakrjakI switched to it from blackbox/afterstep/gnome 1.x21:55
kwadrokeand there wasn't a whole lot of differences between kde & gnome at that time21:56
krakrjakI liked those, but they lacked the tweakability.21:56
kwadrokekde had tweakability21:56
krakrjakI hear that from a lot of people, but I find gnome to be limiting in that you can't change the behavior of the gnome-shell without modifying code in many cases.21:56
kwadrokebut that eventually made me want to switch to something simplier21:56
kwadrokenever used gnome shell21:57
kwadrokeI got tired of customizing when I have several pcs, so gnome felt like a better fit21:57
kwadrokeI can do a lot of customizing with lxde/openbox if I want21:58
kwadrokeI got to the point of basically building my own lxde21:59
kwadrokebut it started overlapping too much so I just converted it back21:59
krakrjakI have found that I just need to make the customizations and replicate my .kde directories that have configurations I want to the systems I'm using KDE on.22:00
krakrjakThat works out well and fits the model I use for my skel22:00
kwadrokegood idea22:01
krakrjakI just keep a git repo of program customizations and pick the parts I want for target systems.  So I can do the customizations once and have then anywhere I want.22:01
krakrjakWell, I'm going AFK for a bit.  Time to leave work.  TTYL22:02
* krakrjak waves22:02
kwadrokemost of my systems are for different things so that wouldn't work for me22:02
kwadrokeyeah, I'm out too. gota go to LR22:02
krakrjakit might for just shell customizations.22:02
krakrjakhave a safe trip22:02
kwadroke?me waves back22:02
* kwadroke waves back22:02
kwadrokecya later22:02

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