nUboon2Agejtatum are you coming to UH:MV tonight?01:34
nUboon2AgeUbuntu Hour: Mountain view is in the house! jtatum, aayditya, pleia2, jyo, Ubuntulo_, phillipballew, Shakata|Home, mpontillo,jyo, gueriLlaPunk, MarkDude, YokoZar,broder01:55
nUboon2Agecrashsysystems ^01:56
philipballewenjoying the ubuntu hour in sacramento!02:04
nUboon2Agetonight castro street in Mountain View is blocked off so you HAVE TO TAKE A DIFFERENT SSTREET if you are driving. you could park north of Central and walk if you are coming via Alma/02:06
nUboon2AgeCentral and if you're coming from El Camino take a side street02:08
nUboon2Agephillipballew how's UH:Sac going?02:09
jtatumthat drive was terrible02:09
pleia2I know jyo was planning on coming and he's driving02:09
philipballewnUboon2Age, oh you know... well i'm here.02:10
jtatumcentral was awful02:11
* MarkDude is packing to leave for CLS in morning02:23
MarkDudeJust rented car, and am going to pick up02:24
* philipballew thinks MarkDude is gonna have fun...02:26
nUboon2Agepleia2 jyo just made it. ;-)  He gave me a little penguin which I'll photo and upload and upload to FB02:45
pleia2aaah yay it's an he.net penguin!!02:50
pleia2I am jealous :)02:50
nUboon2Agei uploaded the pinguin photos to FB03:02
nUboon2Agejames jtatum is laughing at me because i just barely heard of GoglePlus03:05
pleia2it's the new shiny thing!03:05
nUboon2Agei guess i'll have to check it out03:07
nUboon2Agerdoes anyone know about how diaspora is going03:08
pleia2it's still invite only03:08
nUboon2Agepleia2 , jyo says he'll try to get you a pinguin too. ;-)03:11
pleia2is he working over there now?03:12
nUboon2Agehe's working at Hurricane Electric03:14
pleia2woohoo, congrats jyo!03:14
nUboon2Ageokay UH:Mountain View has left the building.  ;-)   Good night  y'all03:32
jyopleia2: Yes, I will try to get you a penguin asap.04:31
nUboon2Agephilipballew how was it?05:03
philipballewsomeone here might know this, if I want to set a static local ip for a server whats a good address to give it?05:55
jtatumit has to be in the range of the network06:00
jtatumwhat's your router (gateway addr) and subnet mask?06:00
philipballewi need to remember the command to see that. if something i think06:01
philipballewnvm ill just do ifconfig06:03
philipballewhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/649714/ jtatum06:04
jtatumok. this shows your IP and subnet mask. see them?06:05
jtatumthe gateway you can get by running route06:05
rwwI'll put a dollar on it being though ;)06:05
philipballewits gonna be a little higher. if i beleive. its a weird setup at the house im currently at06:06
jtatumusually a good bet rww :)06:07
philipballewi have 2 other routers with default 1.106:07
philipballewthen i put ddwrt and changed them all up06:07
philipballewroute ^06:08
jtatumphilipballew: that machine looks like it has no gateway addr - so no internet connection06:08
jtatumis that even the … hmm06:09
jtatumi'm feeling confused :)06:09
philipballewi saw that tocrap!06:09
philipballew\thats from my laptop06:09
jtatumthat says wlan0, but the output of ifconfig said eth006:09
philipballewi had the wrong tab06:09
jtatumah ok :)06:09
philipballewi had the tab with ssh running i forgot to go back to. haha06:09
jtatumthought maybe i gave some bad advice06:09
philipballew^the real route06:10
jtatumthat shows the gateway as "home" - so ping home would reveal the addr06:11
jtatumyou need to pick a number that the router is unlikely to give out via dhcp. (assuming you don't just exclude it right now)06:12
philipballewphilip@philipserver1:~$ ping home06:12
philipballewPING home.gateway.2wire.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.06:12
jtatumso if it's indeed, i usually go for the high side, like
jtatumooh! look at that rww, you would have lost the buck06:12
philipballewhaha and i was gonna use this guide to change it to static http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-ubuntu-server-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address/06:13
jtatumwell, you've gathered a lot of that info now. you have the gateway addr, the subnet mask06:15
philipballewwhat about the brodcast and network?06:16
jtatumi think i see the broadcast in your ifconfig :)06:16
jtatumand the network seems to be in route :) (line 2)06:16
philipballewah, i know that... brain fart. haha. time to get some vi goin. its my editior of choice06:17
jtatumgood deal :)06:17
philipballewthanks for the info jtatum06:19
jtatumany time06:19
jtatumgood on you for doin' some experimenting :)06:19
philipballewnow i think im gonna see how odd of an address i can give it06:19
philipballewtinkering never hurts06:20
jtatumcan always try to ping it first - although no ping reply is not a guarantee that the addr is free06:27
philipballewi might see if i can stop my router from assigning it06:37
nhainespleia2: hey, is it hot enough for you over there?20:27
philipballewnhaines, perhaps san fran has made her not used to the rest of the country! haha :)20:34
sn9it has that effect20:35
nhainesIt's going to be in the 90's this weekend.20:35
philipballew90's in sac as well20:36
philipballewit was in the 70's here last week, people were pitting their uggs back on and i ran into people from the bay telling me they cant stand this heat as 73 was too hot20:37
philipballewwhenever I install ubuntu it asks if i want to use lvm, what would a reason for using that be? is there a reason a home user needs it?21:03
pleia2nhaines: it's horrible :)21:05
* pleia2 hides in hotel room21:06
philipballewpleia2, the hotter the better!21:07
pleia2crazy person!21:07
* philipballew wishes he knew something besides 100 dagree summers21:08
pleia2it's down to 99 w/ heat index of 11121:08
pleia2from 104/120 :)21:08
philipballewhows the humidity?21:08
philipballewthat is pretty bad21:09
philipballewat least a dry heat like ca you dont have to feel like you just took a shower21:09
* pleia2 nods21:10
pleia2ah, the northeast :)21:10
philipballewi go to n.e. every few summers to visit relatives. its a nice place. cool accents and people in the part of the country your in21:11
pleia2it's wicked hot here!21:11
philipballewhttp://zedomax.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/solar-cap.gif  here, this will solve your troubles!21:13
pleia2haha :P21:14
nhainesphilipballew: typically, if you don't know why you would run LVM, you don't want to use it.21:38
nhainesBut it's used for combining hard drives together to make one volume for various reasons.21:38
pleia2also nice if you need flexibility in partition sizes (growing and shrinking) and it's nice for VMs21:43
philipballewwell i'm just re-installing xubuntu.21:45
philipballewpretty simple21:45
philipballewi'm gonna hook it up wirelessly and setting up ssh. never done that before. should be the same21:46
kdubgo is a pretty cool language22:50
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