gamerchick02i have a crown.00:07
gamerchick02but i'm the only one who can wear it.00:07
snap-lhttp://www.newscorp.com/news/news_502.html <- Shortest Press Release Ever.02:16
rick_h_snap-l: http://www.walrus-books.com/2011/06/epubdemo3/11:40
WolfgerWhy does NASA keep looking for signs of life on Mars? I say we should be transporting microscopic organisms over there, and see what happens to them when they are set loose.12:09
WolfgerLive? Die? Mutate? Evolve and declare independence from Mother Earth?12:10
brouschWolfger: that's not very environmentally friendly of you12:11
WolfgerIt's very environmentally friendly. I'm trying to promote an ecosystem12:11
greg-gWolfger: didn't you know? Wastelands are supposed to stay wastelands!12:12
brouschfirst we must determine if an ecosystem already exists12:12
WolfgerI mean, if we're going to launch Curiosity to see if Mars can sustain life, what better way of testing than to send some life over and see? Mythbuster this thing wide open.12:12
greg-gok, brousch was actually a better hippy than I there.12:12
brouschgreg-g: but we only have to do this because damned dirty hippies like you would whine if we didn't ;)12:13
greg-gWolfger: well, as a scientist, we know that we would have to send every type of simple organism imagineable, which we can't really find in the wild nor create in the lab, so we wouldn't be able to bust any myth other than "given the species we tried..."12:13
greg-gbrousch: true.12:14
WolfgerSo renamed "Curiosity" as "Noah" and send sufficient samples of every microorganism we can12:14
greg-gsufficient is the hard/possibly impossible word there12:15
Wolfgerthey're microorganisms... they don't take much room :-)12:15
greg-gnot about room, but about getting all of the right combinations of traits12:15
greg-gam I being too serious too early in the morning?12:15
Wolfgergreg-g: sufficient meaning, in this case, "a number that scientists agree should be able to start a viable new culture upon arrival". I don't now how many that is, but I'm sure the dudes who study microbiology do.12:16
Wolfgerbut I think good starting points are to send organisms that already live in harsh environments on Earth.12:17
Wolfgerof course, one problem with this approach is that the long flight through space may/will start them mutating before they reach Mars12:18
Wolfgerbut we can only do so much. Instantaneous transport of material is not yet possible (nor is it likely to ever be, sorry Star Trek fans)12:18
snap-lspent the night at Emergency with JoDee's dad because hefell13:05
Wolfger:-(  Sorry to hear that snap-l13:05
Wolfgeris he ok?13:05
snap-lI know there's no way in hell I can get8 hours of sleep in 2hours, but damned if I'm going to try13:06
snap-lYeah, he's fine13:06
snap-lthey couldn't stop the bleeding because he's on blood thinners13:06
brouschsnap-l: that's rough13:06
snap-lcommon problem13:06
snap-lBut the American House sent him there13:06
snap-las he should have been sent the many times before13:06
snap-l(when he wasn't at American House)13:07
snap-lStill, quite tired today13:08
snap-lDidn't get home until after 5am13:08
brouschdid you bring a pillow?13:10
snap-lto Emergency? No13:10
snap-lTo work? I work from home.13:10
snap-lSo a pillow is a glorious few feet away.13:10
greg-gan all but too tempting few feet away, eh?13:11
snap-lActually not as far as one might think13:14
snap-lGod I really hate the connection manager that ships with the Thinkpad for Windows13:19
brouschwell the obvious solution is13:21
brouschbah, nevermind, you have it bad enough this morning13:21
snap-lSay Ubuntu motherfucker. Say it.13:21
brouschno, now i'm afraid to13:22
snap-lOK, the Internet hasn't blown up. Life still exists on the planet13:22
snap-lAll is well with the world.13:22
snap-land if we want that homeostatis to continue, I shall try to get inanother hour.13:22
Wolfgersnap-l: Ubuntu13:26
greg-gSay 'what' again, I dare you!13:27
Wolfgergreg-g: what13:27
WolfgerI so totally would have been killed by that man13:27
greg-gWolfger: I don't think you are alone in that assessment13:28
Wolfgerthat I would have been killed?13:28
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WolfgerIs it just me, or does anybody else think the typical American is more concerned with the NFL lockout than the debt ceiling?13:32
brouschi'm more concerned with how oracle's lawsuit will impact android13:33
jjesseWolfger you are correct13:35
jjessei could care less about the nfl lockout13:36
jjessethough i don't understand the need for a debt ceiling if we are always going to raise it13:36
brouschheh, that is kind of silly13:37
ColonelPanic001I am very concerned about the status of the Handegg league. Give me my social opiates13:44
ColonelPanic001How can I be expected to live without watching a bunch of millionaires play a game?13:44
Wolfgerbrousch: are you under the illusion that you are a typical American in this respect?13:48
WolfgerOK, Python question for anybody except rick_h_: What's the best gui to use? Tkinter, just because it's built in? Or something else? I will want the end product to be cross platform and distributable without non-Linux people having to install other packages (Linux people have no problem with this, due to our awesome package managers!)14:00
* rick_h_ wonders how I got to be excluded from python questions14:01
Wolfger(...and I only exclude rick_h_ because I don't want to hear anything about using CLI instead of gui... not because I don't value his opinion)14:01
rick_h_wxpython for simple stuff, going all the way to pyqt if you're doing a real app14:02
Wolfger"real app"?14:03
rick_h_so if you're just sticking a ui in front of some script/etc I'd just add wxpython as I think it's easier to get into14:03
rick_h_but I don't know it would scale up well for something larger14:03
WolfgerI basically want to write an IRC client (from the gui perspective, identical)14:03
rick_h_with a side note that I've had limited experience14:04
Wolfgeris there any FLOSS IRC client written in Python I could steal from?14:04
rick_h_no idea, gui irc seems a bit crazy to me :P14:04
brouschwith any gui other than tkinter you will have to install something extra, or go through the pain of trying to package it14:07
brouschesp on windows14:07
brouschyou need python+wxpython, or python+pygtk all in one installer, or python+pyqt14:09
brouschbecause, remember, windows doesn't even come with python14:09
WolfgerWindows sucks. :-p14:13
Wolfgeris there any built-in package creator for Python, to distribute Py apps on sucky OS's14:14
brouschkind of14:15
brouschrick_h_: are you actually using the google music manager?14:27
brouschmine complained that flac is not supported, now it won't upload anything14:27
rick_h_brousch: no, I14:34
rick_h_m in the amazon boat14:34
rick_h_but figured I'd share14:34
rick_h_the article says it supports flac and ogg by transcoding them to 320kb .mp3 and uploads those14:34
brouschyeah, now it says the servers may be overloaded14:34
brouschall those linux geek uploading their music14:35
rick_h_we tend to have good bandwidth14:35
rick_h_need it for those iso's and updates :)14:35
Wolfgertoo much to learn :-p14:57
WolfgerI need the plug-in learning, Matrix style.14:58
* Wolfger knows kung fu14:58
Wolfger(not really)14:58
brouschneed to learn python, then the gui toolkit, then how to distribute it14:58
rick_h_google doodle is kind of cool today14:58
rick_h_yea, welcome to programming :)14:58
jjesseits pretty nice14:59
rick_h_next we'll make you a DBA, then a deployment wizard, and finally see if we can melt your brain with some scaling tricks using async, eventual consistancy, and message passing :)14:59
Wolfgerstart learning Python, then somebody says stfu&c and I say yeah, sounds good, oh wait, now I'm learning Tk. No, wait, wx...15:00
WolfgerI could just make it a cli app that virtually nobody would use... :-p15:00
brouscheverything is a webapp now15:01
Wolfgerbecause I think the overlap between people who use Twitter and people who use CLI is very small... add in the circle of people who would find my app useful, and I might be the only one in that Venn15:02
Wolfgerwebapp sucks15:02
Wolfgerthen I would have to host it15:02
brouschoh, it's some kind of twitter app?15:02
brouschyou're supposed to use adobe air for those15:03
WolfgerTHC: Twitter Hastag Chat15:03
Wolfgerfor that segment of the Twitter population that treats a hashtag almost exactly like an IRC chatroom (but have no idea what IRC is)15:03
brouschsounds like a plugin for pidgin15:04
WolfgerI came up with this idea about a year ago, and got some people excited that I might actually do it15:04
Wolfgerand then like a chump I dropped it on the floor15:05
Wolfgerswept it under the rug15:05
Wolfgernow I'm feeling the urge to code (though not necessarily stfu)15:06
Wolfgerugh... s/Hastag/Hashtag/...15:06
brouschwrite the cli version then slap on the gui15:07
Wolfgerthought about that... not sure how well that would work. I think I might be causing myself more pain doing it that way15:07
ptenhoopen_brousch: +115:08
ptenhoopen_rick_h: +115:08
jrwrenits sad that this channel is most active during business hours.  so much lost productivity :)15:08
Wolfgerjrwren --15:09
brouschwho peed on your wheaties this morning?15:09
jrwreni just wish I got more done in a day.15:10
brouschah, i thought you were admonishing us for being less productive15:11
Wolfgerrick_h_: google doodle is downright bizarre today15:12
rick_h_yea, interesting/different15:16
BlazeixI'm a big fan of calders15:25
BlazeixI'd also like to be on the team who develops these doodles.15:25
Wolfgernormally you can make out the "Google" inside the doodle, but I don't see it at all here15:44
jjessecan you make it "spin" in a way that shows it?15:44
Wolfgeroh, sure, let's just waste *more* productivity.... :-D15:44
Wolfgeryou'll make jrwren get nothing done at all today15:45
Wolfgerwtf? http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1107/quidditch.college.campus/content.11.html15:50
brouschquidditch seems silly until we get flying, self-propelled, AI-controlled balls15:52
Wolfgerno, no, no... aside from that15:52
Wolfgerwtf is coming out of her shorts?15:52
brouschdoes a human act as the ball?15:53
Wolfgereven if we accept quidditch, that's just inexplicably weird15:53
brouschshe is sparkly like the little ball15:53
brousch"in Muggle Quidditch the Snitch is most often a neutral player, usually dressed in all gold, sometimes adorned with wings"15:55
jjessewow thats silly15:55
Wolfgerbut what is the brown thing flying out of the snitch's short? That's just wrong.15:56
brouschyou probably have to grab it15:58
brouschheld in place by flexing of her buttocks15:58
WolfgerI was in the process of typing "that makes sense" until you threw in that last comment15:59
snap-lWolfger: Python GUI? wxpython16:02
greg-gok, this may be a dumb question, but are there any service providers that all you to use a 4g capable phone on their 3g network (eg: virgin mobile)16:32
jrwrenallow you?16:32
greg-gwell, like, some providers don't let you use any phone other than the ones they sell, right16:33
jrwreni would think they all do. i've never heard of a 3g fon that doesn't fall back to edge if there is no 3g16:33
greg-gwell, my thinking is this: buy a 4g phone full price, but get a 3g (eg: virgin mobile) plan for a month or so, and maybe switch over to a "grown up" plan later with 4g service16:33
greg-g(virgin only has 3g service, not 4g)16:34
rick_h_the problem is that the phones only work per service for the most part16:35
rick_h_they're built with specific freq. bands16:35
rick_h_and they just don't run on the bands of the other networks16:35
rick_h_4g is the same way, ATT and verizion 4g phones run on a sub-section of the 4g spectrum16:35
Wolfgeruh... hmm...16:36
rick_h_so even though they'll finally have sim cards, you can't take a Verizon 4g phone over to ATT because the radio isn't build for those bands in the spectrum16:36
WolfgerI could be completely wrong, but I thought all carriers in the US used one of two bands16:36
rick_h_they uses ranges in the bands16:36
rick_h_the band is say xxx-yyy and verizon will use x00-x66 and att x67-x99 kind of thing16:37
rick_h_Verizon’s LTE network operates in the upper half of the 700 Mhz range (746-787 Mhz), while AT&T’s operates on the lower half (704-746).16:37
rick_h_and then that article brings up that the 4g isn't carrying voice calls yet16:37
Wolfgerre: quidditch... friend of mine came up with a brilliant suggestion just now. Instead of holding the brooms between their legs and running around, they should be "flying" unicycles around the field. Mount a broomstick on it for looks if you like...16:40
greg-grick_h_: oh wow, that's stupid. But, I guess I saw that coming16:41
rick_h_yea, this is why I just go contract. Only tmo has a price cut if you buy your own phone16:42
rick_h_but it's not like you can get a phone and carrier hop16:42
rick_h_it's all a very tied system16:42
jrwrenzomg, unicycles would be awesome!16:42
greg-gdamn, my plans are foiled!16:42
greg-grick_h_: thanks for the reality check.16:42
rick_h_basicaly start with the carrier that works in your area and then find the phone you want amonth them16:43
* greg-g nods16:43
snap-lWel, you're also dealing with carriers that have ben slow to upgrae their systems as well16:52
rick_h_yea, it's a freaking mess16:53
snap-lEsp since Verizon uses CDMA16:54
* greg-g grumbles17:03
rick_h_greg-g: you've done good to stay out of this long heh17:04
snap-lgreg-g: This video should help you transition to your new phone service: http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/9477417:07
snap-lApparently these video was created before the invention of the zero17:12
greg-gsnap-l: thanks :)17:23
rick_h_lol, awesome. I think I've got that disease Wolfger17:41
Wolfgeryeah, it reminded me of your rant about part time devs...17:42
Wolfgerthere are those that want to know enough to get/keep a job, and then there are those that just want to know more and more and omgitneverends17:43
rick_h_it is tough though, there really is a never ending set of skills to get from just writing a script to scaling up some large service17:46
rick_h_and it's hard to know enough about each step/level17:46
rick_h_and that's not even considering things like languages/db tools that are just plain better for some jobs than others17:46
snap-lWelcome to programming. It's a journey, not a destination17:47
brouschgreat, now you guys don't have to watch my pyohio presentation17:53
rick_h_why is this?17:53
brouschyou already have all of the conclusions17:54
snap-lWolfger: Why do you read programmers.stackexchange.com? :)17:57
snap-lIt's like the biggest programmer rathole out there.17:57
snap-l"What color is your bellybutton lint?"17:57
Wolfgerbecause sometimes it's fun to read that rubbish and make fun of people :-)17:58
snap-lWe are artists. Our profession is a form of art. What do you think about it?17:58
rick_h_well he's got one part right18:01
rick_h_I mean I didn't take this job because I was facinated by 'market research'18:01
snap-lRight, and I couldn't give a fuck about the auto industry.18:02
rick_h_I took it because I had the chance to develop in python, to spread python to others, and hopefully do some interesting things along the way18:02
rick_h_right _stink_ ?18:03
snap-lSee, this is the kind of meta discussion I care about18:04
_stink_rick_h_: just recovered after power outage, what'd i miss?18:05
rick_h_nothing, caught you coming back and figured i'd point you out :P18:05
rick_h_power problems? You've been on/off today it seems?18:06
_stink_rick_h_: naw, this time it was DTE coming by to replace the meter18:06
_stink_took the day off18:06
_stink_so happen to be home18:06
rick_h_ah, gotcha18:06
_stink_to reset my server18:06
_stink_good stroke of luck, because i'd be pissed if i were at work and the server went out18:06
_stink_oh, and earlier was AT&T fixing my router.18:09
Wolfgerrick_h_: right... who cares about customer happiness? ;-)18:13
snap-l_stink_: Yeah, DTE replaced our meter a while ago18:13
Wolfgerjust stfu&c18:13
snap-linteresting watching them in action.18:14
WolfgerI have a comic in my cube. The gist of it is: Getting paid is objective #1, surviving to spend that pay is objective #2. Customer satisfaction, therefore is #3... or maybe #5.18:15
snap-lWolfger: That's about it18:15
snap-lI loved that slogan at Ford" Quality is Job One"18:15
snap-lunfortunately, outside of the auto industry, nobody knows what Job One means18:16
snap-lit's not the first priority, it's the first car off the line.18:17
Wolfgerwhich nobody in their right mind wants to own!18:18
snap-lUnless you're a collector, but generally speaking the ones that I've talked to want the last one off the line18:18
Wolfger"You can better car drive than I"... I loathe German grammar sometimes.18:21
WolfgerIt's like talking to Yoda.18:21
Blazeixsweet, I just received my spotify invitation.18:22
BlazeixI just signed up on Wednesday; that was pretty quick18:22
snap-lJust sent this to my parents:18:35
snap-l Superstition, half-truths and hysteria have many forwards, but the truth goes unnoticed on some website out there.  -- Martin Luther, if he had e-mail.18:35
rick_h_http://www.zurb.com/article/569/super-awesome-interactions-with-jquery-ta kind of cool video on web design stuff widox Blazeix _stink_18:35
snap-l(After they had sent this to me: http://www.factcheck.org/askfactcheck/print_did_fdr_promise_that_social_security_would.html)18:35
Blazeixsnap-l: ooh, cool. I've been finding jquery ui kind of awkward at work, definitely going to watch that.18:39
rick_h_yea, it's not for query ui the libary, but just ui interaction design/etc18:39
Blazeixah. they mention jquery ui in the summary, but looking over the notes it's more general stuff. still cool though18:42
rick_h_jquery ui is kind of annoying18:42
rick_h_though really anything is I guess18:42
Blazeixso far I've been pretty impressed by ext.js18:53
rick_h_I got annoyed with them back when they did their relicensing bit18:54
Blazeixstill trying to wrap my head around their mvc js api, though18:54
rick_h_I've not checked them out in a while18:54
Blazeixah, what did it used to be? The free for GPL seems pretty cool18:54
rick_h_yea, I did a project for my last job when it was all open, then they did the split license and since it was commercial was kind of annoying18:54
rick_h_had to look at redoing18:55
rick_h_that and that damn infinite scroll table ugh18:55
jrwrenanyone make bitcoins19:42
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snap-lThose crazy wst-Michiganders.21:25
Blazeixthis is a neat plugin: http://harvesthq.github.com/chosen/22:48
rick_h_yea, was checking that out22:49
rick_h_a good select is hard to come by22:49
rick_h_but it still misses my one feature I loved from the yui2 auto complete22:49
rick_h_hitting tab should select the current completion option22:50

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