cyberangerand if it's got full windows 7, getting full debian should be just as easy01:58
wrstyes you would think cyberanger and much quicker :)02:20
cyberangerwrst: I want a phone with a hardware keyboard, an ssh client, and some fun applications10:51
* cyberanger suddenly remembers he's typing this on his T-Mobile G210:51
wrstcyberanger: I thought that phone was interesting with the atom processor, that opens up a lot of possibilities11:45
linuxman410wrst what was the opensource network like faceebook they were creating13:45
wrstdispora linuxman410?13:46
linuxman410wrst thanks13:46
wrstno prob linuxman410 how are you doing?13:47
linuxman410wrst doing ok13:48
wrstgood linuxman41013:55
linuxman410wrst you doing ok13:55
wrstyep doing well linuxman410 looking at a new synth/keyboard put out by roland... and drooling13:56
linuxman410wrst why do you play music13:57
wrstyes I attempt to some linuxman41013:57
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
Unit193But what about Google+? ;)15:46
cyberangerUnit193: open source network15:47
cyberanger!= google+15:47
Unit193Hence the wink :D15:47
wrstgreetings Unit193, cyberanger15:49
Unit193Howdy, wrst and cyberanger15:49
* cyberanger yawns15:49
wrstlate night?15:49
Unit193Always is15:49
cyberangerwrst: no sir, we;ve been up since the crack of noon sir (McHale's navy Reference)15:51
cyberangerno, just a litte worn, and bored15:52
cyberangerdoing things that gotta get done, nobody said they'd be fun, or something new15:52
cyberangerjust repetitive15:52
wrstcyberanger: well its something to do :)15:54
cyberangeryeah, a chore that has to be done15:54
cyberangerthis is nearly as fun as doing taxes15:57
* cyberanger realized right after he said that, he was talking to an accountant, hrm, how about as fun as....windows?15:58
Unit193As running updates when it's XP SP0?15:59
cyberangerUnit193: was thinking mre just keeping ME running, but that'd qualify16:01
Unit193My granpa has that computer :/16:02
XpistosHey er body16:04
* cyberanger waives to Xpistos16:08
* Xpistos waves back at cyberanger16:09
Unit193Howdy cyberanger, welcome back22:30

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