valorieat least we'll get to meet00:00
altharaI'll be there Sunday evening through Friday afternoon00:04
altharaI'm am so excited!!!!!!00:04
valorieI'm going down Friday00:08
valoriespending the day/evening/night with my boys, then doing CLS Sat/Sun00:08
valorieprobably leaving Wed. or Thursday00:08
altharaI'm not sure if I'm going to make it to CLS on Sunday, but I registered just in case00:08
valoriedepending on what is scheduled00:08
seattlegauchocan't make it to any of the other events :,(00:18
seattlegaucho... time to drive home ... see y'all later00:18
valoriesee you next week!00:19
Saltvalorie, ping17:32
valoriesalt, pong20:19
Saltvalorie, tell me about this weekend20:21
valorieCLS - free, unconference20:21
valorieat the Oregon Convention center, same place (different rooms) as OSCON20:22
valorieCommunity Leadership Summit20:22
valorieJono Bacon and a few people got it together20:22
valoriewent last year, and it was GREAT20:22
valoriegood party Sat. night last year as well20:23
valoriefree liquor for a couple of hours20:23
Saltprobably won't be making it, portland is a long ways20:59

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