h00kProtip. When you have a motorcycle, don't accidentally order pizza for pickup.17:50
CheeseheadClass earlier today on how to get a LoCo approved/re-approved: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/07/22/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t16:0019:56
h00k*useful Tip* Every time you run any event, write up a report on it, and even take a photo, this will help you when it comes to your application as this shows us and tells us how active you are19:58
Cheeseheadh00k: <czajkowski> B) Had a team meeting each month - publish the minutes of the meting to a wiki page20:00
CheeseheadI can do the publishing if somebody else (nudge) will hold the meeting.20:00
h00kI'll hold one if people attend!20:01
CheeseheadI'll show up.20:02
CheeseheadDepends if I'm in town, of course. Out of town == limited network access20:03
CheeseheadI might just attend to make cryptic, almost-on-topic, (not rude) comments20:06
Cheesehead"Say, that seems like a great way to arrange it" while nothing is being discussed, etc.20:07
* Cheesehead noticed that ubuntu-ie has a great Wiki header at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Toolbox/Wiki/Menu , and is wondering if anyone wants to steal^H^H^H^H^H design one for us20:20
CheeseheadLater this afternoon, I'm scouting downtown MKE locations for the Sept 2 Ubuntu Hour.20:21
CheeseheadI'll set it up downtown around 18:00 - no contrary feedback so far.20:22
CheeseheadI want to see how busy they are Friday after work.20:22
mikeputnamsee also #devmad for you madison developers20:58
h00kthe...this one?21:00
h00kOr, the whole header in general.21:02
h00kCheesehead: ^21:11
h00kI can work that21:12
Cheeseheadh00k: Whole header in general.21:17
CheeseheadThe WI flag adapted to the U logo might turn out a bit...uh...21:18
CheeseheadWierd.  There. I said it.21:18
h00kCheesehead: the header wiki syntax is in that pastebin above21:20
h00kI can work that with relevant info into ours.21:20
Cheeseheadh00k: I looked at how they did it before I suggested it. Nice bitesize 1-hour project for any lurkers who want to learn wiki skills.21:26
Cheeseheadh00k: You could ask at the meeting if anyone's interested in contributing it.21:27
CheeseheadIt doesn't need to be done today.21:27
CheeseheadIf you do everything, how can anyone else contribute?21:28
mikeputnamor conversely if you don't do it yourself no one will21:32
mikeputnamdepends on the context21:32
Cheeseheadmikeputnam: But if nobody will take on such a simple contribution, then is it really a group with common interest?21:45
* Cheesehead rubs his hands. Talking meta-smack can be fun...21:46
CheeseheadWell, sure it is...but is it a LoCo team?21:51
* Cheesehead wonders why he's answering his own silly meta-questions with more of his own silly meta-questions. He should stop that.21:53
h00kNo, it's true, but it has been a lot of what mikeputnam said23:34
Cheeseheadh00k: Agreed. I've been part of that problem - I dropped off the radar for *four years*.23:45
h00kCheesehead: it happens :)23:46
CheeseheadBut now I'm back and do what I can. Just back from scouting a few locations for an Ubuntu Hour.23:48
CheeseheadI figure I'll keep up the reports and try the UH for 12 months.23:48
CheeseheadAbout 8 months in, I'll start pestering the list for a padwan.23:49
CheeseheadAnd then turn to other Ubuntu-related interests for the next 12 months or so.23:49
CheeseheadRecon report: Success. As hoped, both candidate locations were open, and mostly empty.23:51
CheeseheadGood parking, easy transit and bike access.23:52
CheeseheadI must choose between the Starbucks and the Panera on the same block.23:52
CheeseheadI'm leaning toward Starbucks, as the attendee 'I-must-buy-something' perception will be cheaper. Just a cocoa or a muffin instead of a whole meal.23:55
* Cheesehead is torn - he *likes* Panera sandwches...23:55
h00kPanera, I've heard of tha tplace.23:56
h00kNever been to on23:56
CheeseheadThey're both just chains.23:56
CheeseheadThey both just happen to be in the most convenient location.23:56
h00kI could do one at a local coffee-shop here, actually.23:57
h00kThere's one that's decent23:57
CheeseheadThe place *I* would prefer is probably inconvenient for everybody else.23:58
h00kAnd they have Wifi23:58

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