RAOFIntruiging.  linux-image-3.0.0-6 fails to bring up the panel on the dell.\04:29
RAOFOh.  Because I somehow thought passing “video=LVDS-1:d” to the kernel was a good idea.04:34
ricotzbjsnider, hi i saw you updated the nvidida package :) -- but did you used the right files? http://de.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/275.21/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-275.21-no-compat32.run and http://de.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/275.21/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-275.21.run05:59
RAOFi965: Apply a homebrew workaround for GPU hang in OGLC api-texcoord.  :)06:01
RAOFLooks like 3.0.0-6 does *substantially* better on the dell 6420 - it's currently failing to fall over running glxgears, unity, and doing a full piglit suite.07:07
apwRAOF, not helpful08:00
apwRAOF, the fix seems sane enough, so i suspect we can take it if we have a clean patch08:03
RAOFIs the patch currently sitting on the ML not clean enough?  It's like 2 lines.08:04
apwRAOF, probabally, i was only holding off cause of the whining about comments08:04
scoundrel50ahi, is there somebody around that can help with Ubuntu 11.04 problems, of no backlight.10:11
scoundrel50aWhat I need is somebody on here got me to install the Oneiric RC1 kernel, I want to uninstall it, and install instead, the latest kernel of 11.04, to see if the backlight problem has been fixed.10:12
scoundrel50aCan anybody help please?10:13
scoundrel50ais anybody here?10:44
bjsniderricotz, yes, i messed that up. oh well, they'll just have to do without.15:15
ricotzbjsnider, you should be able to delete the packages and reupload a new one after  a while15:19
ricotzif might take a time until you can upload a new orig.tar15:20
bjsnideryeah i think it's at least a week, and most of the changes were to nvidia-settings anyway15:27
ricotzbjsnider, a week?15:28
ricotzi think it is about 3 hours15:29
bjsniderbefore source papckages are deleted?15:30
bjsnideri've already deleted everything, so i will wait a few hours and test your theory15:31
bjsnideri was more concerned last night with sending in the new nvidia-settings, but it had not been uploaded anywhere at that time. i haven't checked today15:32
ricotzyeah, the packages are a bit hidden :\15:33
ricotzbjsnider, http://de.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/nvidia-settings/nvidia-settings-275.21.tar.bz215:34
bjsniderwhy is everything on the german site first?15:35
ricotzi dont know ;)15:35
ScottKbryceh: It looks to me like x11-common recommending xdiagnose is causing gtk3 to get pulled onto the Kubuntu CD (where there is just no room).20:25
ScottKDo you mind if I change that to suggests?20:26
ScottKThen if there's room on other images they can seed it directly.20:26
brycehScottK, sucky for kubuntu.  Oh well, I'll take care of it20:29
ScottKbryceh: Thanks.20:29
brycehScottK, how come you only notice it now?  it's been a recommends for a while20:29
ScottKBecause this is the first time I've started to care we're oversized.20:30
brycehScottK, can you show me a log file that indicates gtk3 got pulled in?20:30
ScottKbryceh: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/kubuntu.oneiric/desktop-common20:30
brycehScottK, and do you know of any bug reports open about this issue?20:31
ScottKbryceh: Nope.  Just found it.20:31
brycehScottK, there you go, done.  no X diagnosing for kubuntu :-)20:39
ScottKbryceh: Thanks.  I'll add it to the metapackage we use for the DVD so at least people that install it that way will have it.20:39
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