kbmonkeylaptop is toast nuvolari?04:25
kbmonkeyi tried xubuntu on a neighbours laptop, it boots the setup but always hangs at random spots. this thing is ancient, cdrom drive doesnt work, its horrid lol04:25
nuvolarikbmonkey: there's a krrrr sound, an has random pauses without the activity light showing anything05:59
kbmonkeykrrrr? is that the disk making noises?05:59
kbmonkeywith old hw, it helps to reseat cables. they come loose after years of heating/cooling expanding/shrinking06:00
nuvolarikbmonkey: I'm not sure whether it's the disk :P I need to check, It was late and I was tired :P06:02
nuvolarimorning nlsthzn 06:08
kbmonkeyhi nlsthzn 06:09
nlsthznHey nuvolari :) What's up... (alo kbmonkey :D)06:09
kbmonkeysjoe, dont know why i woke up so early, 6am -.-06:09
kbmonkeyhow goes it with all?06:10
* nlsthzn is awake but fuzzy... time for shower me thinks... bbl :)06:10
superflykbmonkey: I walk out my front door at 6am06:20
kbmonkeyused to waking 7am, 1 hour makes a difference when you go to bed between 00 and 01am 06:21
kbmonkeyi have a problem going to bed early, i get stuck reading a book :p06:22
superflyhi milos06:25
=== milos is now known as Guest9999
Guest9999morning superfly kbmonkey and others06:26
kbmonkeyhello Guest9999 06:26
kbmonkeywhat happened to your nick?06:27
=== Guest9999 is now known as kilos
kbmonkeyoh your nick was milos not kilos, it probably changed it for you 06:33
Kilosthe bot open a pw to give a message and i couldnt get awawy from there06:33
superflyKilos: yes, cause you had the wrong nick06:33
kbmonkeyis this on jedirc?06:34
Kilosoh them you stick with maaz06:34
Kilosnow on pc06:34
Kilosme needs an xchat fo fones06:34
KilosMaaz, coffee on06:36
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:36
Kilosin the two profiles i did before i got jed working i made nick milos at one06:38
Kilosnow if i go into profiles i can edit but not save changes06:38
Kilosgrrr some more06:38
kbmonkeyoh deaer06:39
Kilosand also get the option to create new profiles but not delete/remove old ones06:40
Kilosgrrrr some more06:40
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:40
KilosMaaz, dankie man06:40
MaazGroot plesier my vriend06:40
kbmonkeyhmm, i can't install jedirc, my scrolly pointer thingy on phone doesnt work, i cant click the install link :p06:41
Kilosmurphy visiting all of us06:43
kbmonkeygood old uncle murphy06:44
Kilosi see there is a .jar and a .jar file to download i took the top one. whats the diffs or should i get both for all functions06:44
kbmonkeyi think they do the same06:45
Kilosmurphy's law06:45
Kilosas jy kan sukkel , sal jy06:46
kbmonkeythe jad is the application package, and the jar is like a manifest file06:46
Kilosand murphy is an optimist06:46
kbmonkeya manifest tells us extra info about an application, but in j2me (mobile java) apps a manifest isnt always needed06:47
Kilosmake the save button appear?06:47
kbmonkeyi think some phones (liek symbian ones) need the manifest. im not sure. nuvolari is the java guy i think :)06:47
kbmonkeyi only did a little bit of java. i prefer to drink it than write it06:48
Kilosthis 9300i is symbian06:48
Kilosnuvolari, is the java specialist06:48
Kilosunless struggling withs dads pc debrained him06:49
kbmonkeygrrrrr. let me los this phone now. he he06:50
Kilosbut one thing about them. they are very very data efficient06:53
Kiloswould love this pc to be so thrifty06:53
superflyKilos: actually, you're quoting the pessimistic law, murphy's law was slightly different07:05
Kilosthat shows the odds of winning if murphy was an optimist07:06
kbmonkeymurphy's law of Windows: any given program will expand to fill all available memory07:08
Kilosmôre Langjan 07:08
Langjanhi kilos07:09
kbmonkeymore Langjan 07:09
kbmonkeyhow do you get that accent o Kilos?07:09
Langjanand kbmonkey07:09
kbmonkeyek wil ook so o maak07:10
Langjanbobbejaantjies se huh...07:10
Kiloscompose key then shift 6 then o07:10
Kilosgaan dit goed daar Langjan 07:10
kbmonkeydankie oom!07:11
Langjanguys can you help please, where do I find the application to force-quit a misbehaving application? 07:11
Langjandit gaan goed met die ou toppie dankie07:12
kbmonkeyLangjan, press Alt+F2 and type 'xkill'. 07:12
superflyLangjan: press ctrl+alt+esc and then click on the advert07:12
kbmonkeyyour mouse will turn into a black cross, click on the window you want to kill07:12
Kilosi just keep trying to close and the force quit comes up on its own07:12
LangjanI used to have an icon to click on - very easy but  dont know where I found it...07:13
Kiloshope thats it07:15
Langjanthanks, will check07:15
=== milos is now known as Guest13813
Kilosm wonders why it does that07:38
Kilosmaybe someone else has that nick07:38
kbmonkeyhave you registered that nick Kilos ?07:39
kbmonkeyyou can do a /msg nickserv info [name]07:39
Langjanthats it kilos, just right click on the panel, then add to panel and force quit. Thanks 07:40
Kiloswill try that kbmonkey 07:46
Kilosoh my07:49
Kilosi find left right arrows moves differejnt channels07:50
Kilosit tells me nickserv- Milos has enabled nick protection07:51
kbmonkeyah, that would change you to guest### unless you identify with your irc password07:51
Kilosnow i gotta work out how to register kilosm07:52
kbmonkeyI just learned that /opt is for installing optional apps :)07:52
Kiloscan one register from here?07:53
kbmonkeyyes you register here. i see you already registered kilos07:54
Kilosmethinks last time i actually went to freenode07:54
kbmonkeysince you already registered, you dont need to register a second nick. you can simply link it to your existing account :)07:55
kbmonkeythat way you log in only once, and can switch nicks at will07:56
kbmonkeybut you can only link nicks that are not owned by anybody else07:56
Kilosok can you see if kilosm is please?07:57
Kilosor how do i link nicks from here?07:58
Kiloslo morgs 07:58
kbmonkeyokay lets check kilos08:00
kbmonkeykilosm is not registered08:01
kbmonkeyso if you want it, you change to that nick (/nick kilosm)08:01
Kilosgotta go off fone first hay08:01
kbmonkeyand then you group it into your current account (/msg nickserv group)08:01
=== Kilos is now known as Kilosm
Kilosmwhat did it do08:04
kbmonkeyhello Kilosm :)08:04
Kilosmhello kbmonkey 08:05
kbmonkeydid you group?08:05
Kilosmi did the /msg nickserv geoup08:05
Kilosmand it said here nickserv: group08:05
kbmonkeythose two nicks now belong to your account, you can use them both08:05
Kilosmoh my08:06
Kilosmty so much08:06
=== Kilosm is now known as Kilos
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:07
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:07
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee asseblief!08:09
Maazkbmonkey: Excuse me?08:09
kbmonkeyMaaz, koffie please08:09
Maazkbmonkey: Go get it yourself!08:09
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:11
KilosMaaz, ty08:12
MaazEnjoy Kilos08:12
KilosMaaz, nasty08:12
MaazKilos: Huh?08:12
Kiloslo |3o|3 08:15
Kilosnlsthzn, wb08:20
nlsthznThanks Uncle Kilos ... how goes the phone IRC'ing?08:21
Kiloshehe its working ty just tried to login on someone elses nick08:21
Kilosmilos belongs to someone else08:22
Kiloslike when i first came on here i was miles08:22
Kiloswithin a week someone had stolen it. then i only learned about the registering nicks bit08:23
nlsthznyup... annoying that08:24
kbmonkeythis mineola sure is tasty.08:25
* kbmonkey apie like sy vrugte08:25
Kiloskbmonkey,  you sure just doing /msg nickserv group and nothing else knows what nick to group where?08:28
Kilosexcuse my ignorance but how does it know to group kilosm to Kilos08:29
kbmonkeyyou need to change into the nick you want 08:30
kbmonkeythen you run group08:30
kbmonkeyit will know because you are logged into your Kilos irc account, right?08:30
Kilosoh and then it sees from where you changed08:30
kbmonkeyyes :)08:30
kbmonkeyit will know 08:30
Kilosah gracias08:30
kbmonkeyyou do that from here08:31
kbmonkeyits easier than on the phone08:31
Kilosi did ty but it didnt say anything but group in the reply08:31
kbmonkeyit didnt? what command did you run?08:32
kbmonkey[as kilosm] /msg nickserv group08:32
Kilosthat /msg nickserv group08:33
Kilosyes i did that08:33
Kilosand reply from nickserv was group08:33
kbmonkeyand what did nickserv tell you after you ran that command the first time?08:35
Kilosthats it08:35
kbmonkeyjust group?08:35
kbmonkeyhmm. is there any messages on the "freenode" tab in xchat?08:35
kbmonkeyie messages from the server08:36
Kilos You are now known as Kilosm08:36
Kilos* nickserve :No such nick/channel08:36
kbmonkeylook around 10:02 - 10:0508:37
kbmonkeythe time you ran that command08:37
Kilosthats waht it said at 100308:38
=== Kilos is now known as Kilosm
Kilosmok i try again08:39
kbmonkeywell it must have given you the result somewhere08:39
Kilosmthats better08:39
Kilosm>nickserv< group08:40
Kilosm-NickServ- Nick Kilosm is now registered to your account.08:40
kbmonkeyah that's the one :)08:40
Kilosmlast time it just said group08:40
kbmonkeymaybe nickserv didnt hear you. might be a cousin off Maaz ;)08:40
Kilosmsee murphy here full time08:40
kbmonkeyi got jedirc on my phone with some scrolling tricks.08:41
Kilosmwell done08:41
kbmonkeyit doesnt run, i need to set app permissions for it, but the options cant work without a scroller :p08:41
Kilosmtook me most of yesterday08:42
kbmonkeyyes tricks. i scrolled the web page on the phone up/dn until the link was below my pointer. he he08:42
kbmonkey... if you cant bring mohammed to the mountain...08:42
Kilosmlo Tonberry 08:42
=== Kilosm is now known as Kilos-
=== kbmonkey is now known as apie
apieek wil ook nick names speel08:46
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kiloswas just grouping my tail one too08:47
Kiloshate to have my  tail stolen out under me08:47
=== apie is now known as kbmonkey
Kiloshet jy nou apie ge group08:48
kbmonkeyhe he. remember if you dont use those nicks, they will expire too08:48
kbmonkeyafter 90 days or something,someone else can claim them08:49
kbmonkeyja ek het die apie ook08:49
Kilosyeah but the tail comes everytime there is a connection cut08:49
kbmonkeyit does?08:50
Kilosyes man havent you seen when someone is disconnected and comes back before timeout08:51
Kilosthen they got tails08:51
kbmonkeyha ha!08:51
Kiloslike scar[w]_ 08:51
Kilosnow figure how to make tab complete work on fone08:53
Kilosor maybe its jedirc that cant do that08:53
kbmonkeythat might be a xchat thing08:54
Kilosoh my08:55
Kilosno man08:55
Kilosquassel also does it im sure08:55
Kilosi dont see the fly and the pro not having tab complete08:55
kbmonkeyhmm, jedirc based on jmirc. the docs dont have anything about tab or auto complete08:56
kbmonkeyyou'll have to experiment :D08:56
=== scar[w]_ is now known as brollox
Kiloshiya brollox 08:58
kbmonkeyoh dear Kilos, you are stirring the channel now08:58
kbmonkeyhe he08:58
Kiloshee hee08:58
brolloxhi Kilos09:01
* brollox be trolling09:01
Kilosin disguise09:02
Kiloshi queery 09:11
Kilosi gotta go off. used 1.5m here09:12
Kilosgrrr sure voda crooks09:12
Kiloslater all09:12
Kilosor via fone09:12
queeryhi oom kilos09:16
queeryoh oops09:16
kbmonkeyhi queery :)09:17
queeryhi kbmonkey 09:18
Kilosmhehe @ the oops09:18
queeryok to the neelsie09:21
kbmonkeygotta do some paperwork at the bank, be back later geeks!09:25
inetprogood morning09:33
inetproKilosm: I like your new way of connecting to the channel, nice!09:34
Kilosmlol hiya inetpro10:15
Kilosmmaaz wat eet ons10:32
MaazRys vleis en aartapels10:32
Kilosmmaaz koffie asb10:34
MaazKilosm: What?10:34
Kilosmmaaz koffie please10:34
MaazKilosm: Go get it yourself!10:34
Kilosmmaaz nasty10:35
MaazWell, Kilosm There are times you guys need to be put in your place. :)10:35
LangjanHi guys, howzit? I'm pretty much back to sq 1, my system is running well but is again logging me out if I leave it for a while. 13:58
LangjanLast time, it stopped doing it when I disabled compiz by trying to remove it, do you think I should try to remove it again?13:59
KilosmWait langjan14:02
KilosLangjan, you see maaz in the right side of your xcah14:03
LangjanYes I do14:04
Kilosif you right click on him and open dialogue window14:05
Kilosyou will be able to say google and your question14:05
Kilosand he comes up with links14:05
Kilosbut lets try here first14:05
LangjanSay google?14:06
KilosMaaz, google compiz keeps logging off14:06
MaazKilos: "[SOLVED] Ubuntu 11.04. keeps logging off while playing flash ..." http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1752854 :: "Enable/disable compiz from command line in F14 - FedoraForum.org" http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=259318 :: "Xmonad/Using xmonad in Gnome - HaskellWiki" http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Xmonad/Using_xmonad_in_Gnome :: "Mandriva Forum (en) • View topic - Shape Shifting but no Shadows..." http://for14:06
Kilossee then he gives links to similar probs14:06
KilosMaaz, google compiz logs out consistantlu on ubuntu maverick14:08
MaazKilos: Wow! Google couldn't find anything14:08
Kilosi dont even know what compiz does14:08
Kilosmaybe there is a gnome expert here that can help14:09
KilosMaaz, google how to stop compiz logging out on maverick14:10
MaazKilos: "PPA! | be careful, he might break your display" http://smspillaz.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/ppa/ :: "Ubuntu Maverick Installation Guide - cchtml.com" http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Maverick_Installation_Guide :: "[SOLVED] Maverick Gnome Sort of Locks Up - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613146 :: "11.04 - How do I install the latest version of GNOME 3? - Ask ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/22946/h14:10
Kilosconfluency, do you have an idea on how to block compiz logging langjan out please?14:11
Kilosthere must be settings or configuration somewhere14:14
Kiloswhen here jan you first have to type in maaz but in his dialogue window you start with google14:16
LangjanMeantime I have disabled all the compiz options, hope that helps! Like having a Porsche with no fuel...14:17
Kiloswhat does compiz do. i see it is installed here14:17
LangjanIt has done nothing for me except to cause hassles14:20
Kilosmaybe compiz got hurt with the last episode Langjan 14:20
Kilostry sudo aptitude reinstall compiz14:21
LangjanI was hoping but no luck - lamga14:21
LangjanFrankly I would rathr remove it14:21
Kilosdoes everything work without it14:22
Kilosthen you can sudo aptitude purge compiz14:22
Kilosbut i dont know what it will affect14:23
Kilosi go see in synaptic what compiz is14:23
Langjanyes, as I said it did nothing for me, i don't even know why I installed it - oh yes, it was when we were trying to get my desktop switcher to react to drag and drop, I now know that I need to go to basic graphics to do that. Crazy 14:24
Kilosoh visual affects14:24
Kilosmy compiz installed with ubuntu. i didnt install14:25
Kilos7 packages14:26
Langjanto purge or to reinstall, that is the question (soos Willie Wikkelspies gese het) 14:27
Kilosbut if your system worked without it then do sudo aptitude purge compiz14:27
Kiloswell purge it and if not happy the sudo aptitude install compiz14:27
Kilosreinstall works only if the package is already there14:28
Langjanok will do, thanx14:28
Kilosgood luck14:28
Kiloshey Langjan 14:29
Kilosthere is a compiz channel14:30
Kilosthey should know how to help you14:30
Kilostype in here /j #compiz14:30
Langjanmine is already washing down that channel14:30
Kilosi dunno where all the gnome guys are14:31
Kiloskbmonkey, is jy op gnome14:32
confluencyKilos, Langjan: I don't use Compiz; sorry.14:32
Kilosty confluency 14:33
Langjansomething else, since 10.10 my open office is taking forever to open, in spite of all the tweaks that used to work. Any suggestions?  14:33
confluencyLangjan: if you don't mind removing it entirely, have you just tried disabling it?14:33
* confluency scrolls up14:33
Langjanconfluency, neither do I (from now on)...thanks14:33
confluencyCompiz is a compositing manager; it's just there for prettiness.  You can disable it without breaking anything; whenever I use Gnome I usually do.14:34
confluencyIf you go to the appearance configuration, the last tab is something like "desktop effects".14:34
Langjankilos, I have run the purge command but compiz still shows on my system? 14:35
confluencyYou can choose "none", "some" or "lots".  Choosing none will disable compiz.14:35
confluencyYou shouldn't need to uninstall stuff!14:35
confluencyLangjan: I think in Maverick Compiz is what makes the workspace switcher drag and drop stop working (unless you set up something in compiz).14:36
Kilosoh my. purge normally cleans up14:36
confluencyLangjan: what do you mean by "shows on your system"?14:36
confluencyWhat exactly did you do?14:36
LangjanOK so I have unticked all the options in compiz and I have run the purge command (it does not seem to like going away!) so I will see what happens 14:36
confluencyWhere did you untick the options?14:37
confluencyDid you try just disabling compiz?14:37
LangjanBy shows on the system I mean if I go system/preferences compiz settings manager shows, that is where I unticked the options 14:39
confluencyAnd what was the purge command you tried?14:39
confluencyAnd what does dpkg -l | grep compiz say?14:40
confluencyLike I said; you shouldn't need to uninstall anything.  You can disable compiz completely in the appearance dialog.14:40
confluencyDid you try doing that?14:40
LangjanI ran sudo aptitude purge compiz14:41
Langjan| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend14:43
Langjan|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)14:43
Langjan||/ Name           Version        Description14:43
Langjanun  compiz         <none>         (no description available)14:43
confluencyOK, so you probably uninstalled some part of compiz and not the rest.  There are several compiz packages.14:43
Langjanii  grep           2.6.3-3        GNU grep, egrep and fgrep14:43
LangjanNo packages found matching /.14:43
confluencyI think you forgot the | there.14:43
confluencyDid you try disabling compiz?14:43
LangjanI did /, where do I find the vertical stripe? 14:45
LangjanHow do I disable compiz?14:45
KilosLangjan, just copy and paste the commands14:45
confluency<confluency> If you go to the appearance configuration, the last tab is something like "desktop effects".14:45
confluency<confluency> You can choose "none", "some" or "lots".  Choosing none will disable compiz.14:45
LangjanFor some reason it will not copy and paste...14:46
confluencyThe pipe (|) should be on the same key as \.  So hold down shift.14:46
Kiloscontrol c will copy14:46
confluencyForget the dpkg command; you uninstalled the compiz package and not the handful of compiz-related packages, which id probably why you still have random bits of compiz.14:47
confluencyI suggest selecting to copy and middle-clicking to paste; ctrl-c means "cancel" in some terminals so ctrl-c and ctrl-v don't always work.14:47
confluencyI suggest that you either reinstall the compiz package or find all the compiz-related packages too and uninstall all of them, so you don't have *half* a compiz install.14:49
confluencyYou shouldn't need to uninstall compiz; you can just disable it.14:49
* nuvolari learned not to mess around with X too much14:49
Langjanok thanks, I will see what happens now, hopefully the problem is solved 14:50
Kilosmy synaqptic shows compiz installed but i dont see compiz anything in system preferences14:51
Langjanyou probably need to install the settings manager from the options14:52
Kilosnuvolari, do you use compiz?14:52
Langjanwhich is what I need to reverse to not see the settings...14:53
Kiloslol. mine is working so i leave well enough alone14:53
Kiloswell display works fine without seeing compiz in prefs14:54
Kilosold saying. dont fix what isnt broken14:54
Langjanleave well enough alone14:54
Kilosbut you dont have the choice14:55
Kilosit must be a little thing if it worked before14:56
Kilosoh no. you installed it to fix the desktop thing hey14:56
nuvolariKilos: I do oom, well, I think I do14:58
nuvolariI use what's default14:58
kbmonkeyhi Kilos, no i'm not on gnome14:58
nuvolariand whatever openbox runs14:58
Kilosyeah my default added compiz without the settings option14:58
Kilosty kbmonkey 14:59
Langjankilos, you get the settings option by selecting it in main menu14:59
Kilosi not gonna fiddle. mine is working without settings visible15:01
Kilosek bangjan15:01
nuvolarieerder as dooie jan of jammerjan15:01
Kilosis you system working with it killed now Langjan 15:02
Langjanok but you have the settings option you are just not showing it - gogga maak vir baba bang!15:02
kbmonkeyi suspect if you try remove compiz, it will also try remove ubuntu-desktop, that wont be too good15:02
Kilosha ha15:02
Kiloseina ja kbmonkey 15:03
kbmonkeybest to leave it turned off for now, get to know the system first :)15:03
Langjanveryting is working normally kilos, except that hopefully it will not log me out when I go to dinner15:03
Kilosgood lets hope15:03
Kilosotherwise we go beg the compiz peeps for help15:04
Langjanthe only thing not working is desktop extra effects, which I don't need15:05
KilosLangjan, the other office prob you can try sudo aptitude reinstall those packages15:06
Langjanwhat packages?15:06
Kilosmost likely will download a few k to get things right again15:06
kbmonkeysay that just ticked something in my head -- if compiz logs you off randomly, you should check the log ving a Porsche with no fuel... i think?15:07
Kilosmethinks openoffice but i not sure15:07
Kiloslol kbmonkey 15:07
kbmonkeyi say this because compiz uses your graphics. that uses more power, and makes more heat. my gfx card starts humming core if its in use15:07
kbmonkeyso that said, it may be an overheating or underpowering issue too15:08
KilosLangjan, open system admin synaptic package manager15:08
Kilosin the top little window type in15:08
kbmonkeyi seen some crazy strange problems from underpowered machine, stuff you would never ever expect15:08
nuvolaribah. anyone with a google music account?15:08
kbmonkeywow hulle mors nie tyd nie15:09
nuvolarikbmonkey: since may15:10
nuvolarionly available on linux now15:10
nuvolariand only in the US :'(15:10
KilosLangjan, openoffice15:10
Kilosthen you can see if the packages got - in or not15:10
kbmonkeyooO is known to take a while some times ;P15:11
Langjanok am running oo reinstall15:11
kbmonkeyAbiword is tiny, but only word processor. opens all the files open office writer does15:12
Kiloshehe i have only used office to open a ppview file\otherwise i dunno what its here for15:15
* nuvolari suffers from withdrawal fsymptoms15:16
kbmonkeyhe he. if I want to write, I use text files :p15:16
Kiloslol from what nuvolari 15:16
nuvolarirgh. lag.15:16
* nuvolari gets a dictionary15:16
nuvolari(withdrawal symptom) any physical or psychological disturbance (as sweating or depression) experienced by a drug addict when deprived of the drug. 15:17
kbmonkeyoh dear15:17
kbmonkeyMaaz, administer medicine15:17
Maazkbmonkey: Excuse me?15:17
Kilosah you a druggy with no merchant near15:17
kbmonkeyhmm, what's this duel mode in Maaz15:18
nuvolariKilos:I need a drug I never had before15:18
kbmonkeyMaaz, define Maaz 15:18
Maazkbmonkey: Maaz, wood; wooden15:18
nuvolariMaaz: define llama15:19
Maaznuvolari: Llama \Lla"ma\, n. [Peruv.] 1. (Zool.) A South American ruminant ({Auchenia llama}), allied to the camels, but much smaller and without a hump. It is supposed to be a domesticated variety of the guanaco. It was formerly much used as a beast of burden in the Andes, and is also kept on some ranches in the United States. [1913 Webster]  2. The fleece of the llama[1], a fine, soft wool-like hair. [PJC], llama n 1: wild or domesticated15:19
nuvolarione line?15:19
nuvolariok, I'm off15:19
kbmonkeyciao nuvolari 15:20
Kiloscheers nuvolari 15:22
Kiloslo nlsthzn 15:22
Kiloskbmonkey,  you dunno15:23
Kilosyou can fight a duel with maaz15:23
Kilosi dunno how but watched others before15:23
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos :)15:25
kbmonkeyah, should we try?15:25
kbmonkeyMaaz, I duel kilos to a duel15:25
Maazkbmonkey: What?15:25
kbmonkeyMaaz, I challenge kilos to a duel15:26
Maazkilos: The gauntlet has been thrown at your feet. Do you accept?15:26
KilosMaaz, accept15:26
Maazkbmonkey, Kilos: The duel shall begin on the stroke of 17:27:00 SAST (in 47 seconds). You may clean your pistols.15:26
Kilosno fair i dunno what to do man15:26
kbmonkeyMaaz, draw my sword15:26
Maazkbmonkey: Did I say go yet?15:26
* kbmonkey cleans gibs of sword15:26
Maazkbmonkey, Kilos: ready ... aim ... fire!15:27
kbmonkeyMaaz, shoot15:27
Maazkbmonkey: *blink*15:27
KilosMaaz, fire15:27
MaazTRAGEDY: Kilos shoots before drawing his weapon. Luckily, it was only a flesh wound15:27
MaazVICTORY: Kilos bleeds to death15:27
kbmonkeyoh my!15:27
KilosMaaz, draw15:27
MaazKilos: You may only draw a weapon on the field of honour15:27
kbmonkeyso that's what duel does. 15:27
KilosMaaz, announce invites to kilos funeral15:28
MaazHear ye, hear ye! invites to kilos funeral15:28
kbmonkeyI'll bring the sugar, Maaz you have the koffie15:29
kbmonkeyMaaz, announce and bring your own cups!15:29
MaazHear ye, hear ye! and bring your own cups15:29
Kilosdoesnt aptitude purge remove all dependancies as well15:33
kbmonkeyim not sure15:36
kbmonkeyno, it removes config and data too15:36
Langjankilos, before you drift off, I have re-run open office from synapticpmgr and checked the "run faster" tweaks, but it still takes about 20 seconds to open a document...15:36
Kilosoh my15:37
kbmonkeyare these just word documents Langjan ?15:37
kbmonkeytry abiword, see if that is faster.15:37
Langjanwhat is abiword? Find in applications?15:38
kbmonkeyits a light weight word processor that can do whatever OO writer does15:38
Kilosmy documents open with gedit15:39
Langjanthanks will try abiword15:39
Kilosoh thats not installed by default anymore15:39
kbmonkeyyou will have to install abiword. by itself its 1.5 megabyte, its pretty tiny.15:39
KilosLangjan, are they fancy documents15:39
Kilosor just text15:40
Langjanno kilos, just text15:40
Kilosthen sudo aptitude install gedit15:40
Kilosthen you can right click and open with gedit15:41
Kilosor set then to open with gedit with a double click15:41
LangjanI do use gedit but it is very basic15:42
Kilostext is basic15:42
Kilosi not an office person so dunjno15:42
Kilosdunno either15:42
Langjanwill try abiword, but cannot understand why Open Office has to be slow on 10.10 when it ran perfectly on 10.04.15:43
Kilosok we ask maaz15:43
LangjanI need some extras like fonts, Afrikaans symbols etc15:43
KilosMaaz, google why openoffice opens files so slow on maverick15:44
MaazKilos: "[ubuntu] OpenOffice Open/Save extrmely slow - Page 5 - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1512422&page=5 :: "How to install Oracle's OpenOffice.org 3.3.0 RC in ubuntu ..." http://www.unixmen.com/linux-tutorials/1263-oracles-openofficeorg-330-is-released-with-installation-instructions-for-ubuntu-fedora-centos-debian-linuxmint :: "Bug 112546 – Long load/save times in Ubuntu 10.04 - OpenOffice.org" http://openoff15:44
Kilosthats the prob then. you need kantoor15:44
Kilosoop kantoor15:45
Kiloslmga skuus man15:45
kbmonkeyOO got acquired by oracle, I think all new distros using LibreOffice now instead15:49
tumbleweedthe distros "forked" (maintained a patchset for) OO ages ago. When LO arrived, they switched to that15:51
tumbleweedit would be nice if LO could merge back into OO, but licencing incompatibilities may make that impossible15:51
kbmonkeySnowflake's chance in hell LO would merge back into OO. Oracle is a devil amongst FOSS now15:52
kbmonkeystrange to see it, but people miss Sun :)15:52
tumbleweedOO is moving to apache.org. I think oracle couldn't care less about it any more15:56
kbmonkeyso they just jumped in to cause a stir, and then f****ed off again. wow, talk about tactless16:00
kbmonkeysorry. they upset me >_>16:00
tumbleweedwell, they bought sun, and that included openoffice. I don't know if they wanted it (and were upset by LO) or not, but AFAIK most of the people the had working on it have been laid off.16:03
kbmonkeyI guess in the big business, there will always be casualties :)16:04
kbmonkeyglad I got out of the big business environment, I wouldn't want to live like that. 16:04
kbmonkeygimme a farm to grow my own electrons and shell scripts and I'm happy16:05
Kilosuh oh jan crashed16:14
Kiloshi Kerbero 16:15
tumbleweed18:48 < jono> folks, Mark Shuttleworth is doing a quick Q+A in #ubuntu-classroom on Freenode - ask questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat - go and ask him your questions!16:49
Kilosyou arent there tumbleweed 16:54
Kilosis mark - jono16:54
marcogKilos: mark is sabdfl16:56
Kilosah ty marcog 16:56
Kilosnlsthzn, ^^16:56
marcogself-appointed benevolent dictator for life16:56
nlsthznJono is the community manager and Mark is the top dog :)16:57
Kiloscan one ask there if the nexy release can be more 3g modem friendly16:58
Kilosor if usb-modeswitch can be incorporated on the cd16:58
tumbleweedthat's not the kind of question that he could usefully answer16:58
Kilosoh ty16:59
tumbleweedtalk to Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre if you are interested in such things16:59
marcogthat was pretty short and he didn't really say much17:01
nlsthznsucks I missed it...17:02
tumbleweedthere are logs17:04
tumbleweedhe's also talking at debconf next week, if you want to catch the live video17:04
Kilostumbleweed, where do i contact Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre17:06
Kilosim sure we lost quite a few peeps because of 3g not working17:06
tumbleweedit works beautifully, just not out the box :/17:07
tumbleweed(I'm on 3g now)17:07
tumbleweedKilos: some googling should turn up his e-mail address / irc nick17:07
Kilosyes so am i but a newbie gives up if he cant get connected17:07
tumbleweedas I understand it, usb-modeswitch is expected to go away at some point17:08
tumbleweed(superseded by something else, just can't remember what)17:09
Kilosas long as it is installed with the basic ubuntu then its fine17:10
Kiloseish voda sucking again tonight17:33
Kilos1 bar connection17:34
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:50
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:50
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:54
KilosMaaz, ty17:54
MaazEnjoy Kilos17:54
Kilosnight all. sleep tight. see ya morrow18:24
LangjanSeems like the way to go is to accept and adapt to libre office or to use abiword. No use kicking against the spines ((is dit reg vir skop teen die dorings?) 19:02
Symmetriasomeone found a bug in apple batteries that could potentially let a hacker remotely blow them up20:43
Symmetriathats pretty funny20:43
Symmetriaand it could be more than just apple notebooks20:44
highvoltageSymmetria: link pls!20:44
Symmetriaheh basically you can take over the firmware of the chip that controls the battery20:46
Symmetriaand once you have that, lol, you could do some interesting crap20:47
Symmetriayou gotta wonder though if they can do that to apples how many others can they do it to, my bet, a lot of them20:48

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