ichbinderPolah: worked now... weird. Thanks for helping.00:00
terry^^ will ignore everything from that particular IP.  You can do that for a range as wel.00:00
Polahichbinder: No problem00:00
[THC]AcidRainsuperoneclick doesnt support droid x200:00
dr_willis[THC]AcidRain:  check it again. i used it on older versions.00:00
dr_willisthey may have an older version archived00:00
[THC]AcidRainwell im actually running a flavor of droid x on a droid x2 device,00:00
dr_willis[THC]AcidRain:  time to ask in #android i imagine.00:01
terrysneakyimp: You dhould go to the security expert you trust for instruction.00:01
[THC]AcidRainoh snap. z4root is working...00:01
sneakyimpterry: thx for rule.  as for said expert, he's very busy (and in wildly different time zone).  i'm under a painful deadline.00:01
[THC]AcidRainor at least it appears.00:01
dr_willisz4root never worked for me [THC]AcidRain00:02
sneakyimpterry:  latin proverb: if there is no wind, row00:02
terrysneakyimp: If it were me, I'd let sshd's config handle what IPs it listens for.00:03
dr_willisdoes sshd support hosts.allow and hosts.deny? or is that so old.. its totally outdated :)00:04
sneakyimpterry: might it happen that one could exploit sshd in that case?   also, is it not more efficient for your machine to have iptables drop the packet before handing it to higher levels of software?00:04
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Loshkisneakyimp: I agree with terry. Using sshd on a non-standard port, and allowing ssh logins via key only is a better way to go...00:06
zykotick9dr_willis, ssh would need to be called from xinetd to work - it's probably a stand alone server - so short answer is NO00:07
dr_williszykotick9:  just rembering the old-skool days :)00:09
TheCyph3rI've got a question about coming up with a terminal command00:09
dr_williszykotick9:  back when you often had to recompile the kernel to get a cd burner working..00:09
zykotick9dr_willis, ahh, brings me back to a simpler... err more difficult, time ;)00:10
TheCyph3rIf I have a folder with, say, 100 files (specifically pictures), and they all have typical names cameras give (xxx-###, etc)...how can I rename all of them sequentially00:10
zykotick9dr_willis, i always hated xinitd BTW, but that hosts allow would be pretty handy.00:11
dr_willisTheCyph3r:  theck out the renameutils command line tools perhaps. :) is one way00:11
dr_willisTheCyph3r:  ive cheated and used wine to run 'bulk rename utilty' also on linux (and i use it all the time on windows)00:11
TheCyph3rdr_willis: is that a download?00:11
sneakyimpDoes anyone here have a good plan for excluding the vast majority of remote IPs for SSH access while permitting some reasonable subnet -- WITHOUT locking oneself out of the machine.  For example, what happens when your ISP gets bought by Comcast?  Or your ISP switches to IP v6?00:12
dr_willis!info renameutils00:12
ubotturenameutils (source: renameutils): Programs to make file renaming easier. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.0-5 (natty), package size 78 kB, installed size 272 kB00:12
sneakyimpLoshki: thanks for your input.00:12
uni4dfxHas anyone been able to connect their Windows Mobile 6.5 device to Ubuntu?00:12
dr_willisi use 'qmv' in the renameutils package all the time00:12
TheCyph3rdr_willis: okay so I have the package, I imagine that it's a command line program that I use through the terminal?00:14
dr_willisTheCyph3r: for example qmv. puts all the filenames in a list in a text editor you set.. edit them how you want, save,exit.. it renames them all.. i do a thing similer to.....00:15
dr_willisqmv -f do -e geany00:15
dr_willisqmv -f do -e geany *00:15
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dr_willis-f do = just show the name to rename to... not both befor/after, -e = use the editor...00:16
dr_willisthen you can do whatever edits you want.. but in your simple case. you may want to track down a more focused tool00:16
TheCyph3rRight, well my thinking was this00:16
jokiAnyone here have experience with conky?00:17
TheCyph3rThere may be 200-300 pictures with names preassigned by camera...the pictures are of book pages, and i'd like to rename them by page #00:17
dr_willisim so used to useng 'bulk rename utilty' on windows.. i always install it via wine.. it can add 001 to 999 to the front of a bunch of files in just a few clicks00:17
dr_willisjoki:  lots of conky docs and examples out there.. and the conky homepage...00:17
dr_willisjoki: state the issue and see who can help.00:17
dr_willisTheCyph3r:  so is the page# part of the existing filename?00:18
dr_willisTheCyph3r:  or are they in order?00:18
Loshkisneakyimp: that's why I think ssh/non-standard port/keyed entry only is the way to go. You can set up and run/test the server using your existing ssh connection, and then enable it when you're sure it works. And it00:18
wookienzubuntu legends. after ,my latest kernel updated pushed out by ubuntu my machine no longer boots to desktop. I get "operaitng in low graphics mode" with no way to fix it.00:18
TheCyph3rdr_willis: They ARE in order, but the existing filename is some randomly assigned name on each...ex: SHF-104, SHF-105, SHF-106, etc.00:19
Loshkisneakyimp: isn't sensitive to the particular ip addresses in use by client or server...00:19
dr_willisso you want to change all 'SHF' to "Our_Florida_Pics_" or similer?00:19
TheCyph3rjust like "Pg 201" "Pg 202" "Pg 203" etc. ad nauseum00:20
dr_willisSO you want to change 'SHF-' to be 'Pg '00:20
dr_willisbut keep the #'s the same.00:20
TheCyph3ryes, and the numbers in the filename need to be changed as well00:20
dr_willisheh.. changed how. :)  that frst part would be easy to do via qmv,00:21
TheCyph3rNope, the numbers too....It takes FAR too long doing it by hand00:21
dr_willisyou want it to start at 001 and end at whatever? or what exactly00:21
TheCyph3rlet me see00:21
dr_willisGeany has 'vertical block' cut/paste features that would make that rather easy also. :) if i can rember how to make bash print 001 to 999....00:22
TBotNikAll, Been fighting a networking problem for weeks.  Opened thread on Ubuntu Forums at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11072877#post11072877 and have 3 other machines I just have to get on my network and inet, because they all are supposed to be sharing a database.  I sure can use some help.00:22
sam555hello all!00:23
sam555what software program does anyone recommend for checking the hard drive on my Ubuntu computer?00:23
TBotNikAll, Looks like the HOWTO that atomicben put out there would work, if I had the "Auto eth0" they are talking about, which I had before the upgrade from 9.10 to 10.0400:23
TheCyph3rdr_willis: Oh wow, brain fart....I'm using my laptop now, but was inserting the SD card into my PC and wondering why the hell the card wouldnt mount!00:23
sam555Does anyone know whether this is any good http://www.howtoforge.com/checking-hard-disk-sanity-with-smartmontools-debian-ubuntu00:23
dr_willisTheCyph3r:  :) or ssh'd to some fileserver.. and wondering why its not got the stuff instgalled.. heh...00:24
TheCyph3rdr_willis: im a newbie... "ssh"?00:24
almoxarifeTBotNik: you have a machine of four on a net, you want it to serve up dhcp to the rest, yes?00:24
dr_willis!ssh | TheCyph3r00:24
ubottuTheCyph3r: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:24
dr_willisTheCyph3r:  somthing you will want learn about. if you have more then 1 ubuntu box.00:25
TBotNikalmoxarife: Yup!00:25
sneakyimploshki:  the machine is already alive on the internet.  the issue now is locking it down.  it's a compute instance at amazon EC2 so I can't ever go plug-in a keyboard to fix the problem.  non-standard port is possible but a port scan would yield the open port quite easily.00:25
almoxarifeTBotNik: the simple setup would be dnsmasq00:25
dr_willis!info dnsmasq00:25
ubottudnsmasq (source: dnsmasq): A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.57-1 (natty), package size 13 kB, installed size 120 kB00:25
TheCyph3rdr_willis: I see....Well im quite aware that i know a percentage of a percentage about Ubuntu, or even linux for that matter >.<00:26
TBotNikalmoxarife: But why do I not have the "Auto eth0"?00:26
dr_willisTheCyph3r:  i can 'ssh' from my android phone to my Ubuntu box.. and irc/update/upgrade/transfer files...  make it play 'Mooooo.wav' to annoy the wife....00:26
almoxarifeTBotNik: auto eth0? because you didn't set it to auto?00:26
jokiI need help setting up conky with a lua script anyone willing to help?00:26
TheCyph3rdr_willis: Ohh, so it's like remote access?00:27
TBotNikalmoxarife: Do I need to send my dhcp config to pb, for you to look at?00:27
FoxxWould any of you know why my wireless would say "device not managed"? I already changed etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf  file to Managed=True00:27
dr_willisTheCyph3r:  thats one blade of the SSH swiss army-kife-tool.. :)00:27
almoxarifeTBotNik: no, don't want to look at it, you want to serve up dhcp, ok, I suggest 'dnsmasq'00:27
cheakoHello, I'm trying to build an app with g++ that includes <string> and ends up with this error: " error: '::fwide' has not been declared" and a tone of others.00:28
TBotNikalmoxarife: Not sure, was working on dhcpd, but my machine has dhcp3-server instead and think maybe something got screwed in the config file00:28
TBotNikalmoxarife: K looking at that right now.00:28
cheakoWhat includes must preq these?00:28
TheCyph3rdr_willis: I see....okay, so the 129 files are names as such: IMGP0176.jpg, all the way to IMGP0303.jpg00:28
almoxarifeTBotNik: maybe, first you need to decide what to use, then you can figure out the bugs00:28
TheCyph3rdr_willis: And the first filename I want to change to "Pg 279" and ascend to "Pg 406"00:29
TBotNikalmoxarife: While I'm in "Synaptic" should I uninstall the DHCPD or DHCP3?00:30
almoxarifeTBotNik: I am guessing there is a reason why the router can't serve dhcp00:30
skutr34Hey, I did a clean install of ubuntu 11.04 and tried to boot and it got stuck on a purple screen.....00:31
TBotNikalmoxarife: dnsmasq-base was already installed but not dnsmasq00:31
TBotNikinstalling now00:31
skutr3464 bit dual boot with Windows 700:31
almoxarifeTBotNik: yeap, you need it00:31
TBotNikalmoxarife: Got my laptop connected to hub, so will know when it is live.00:32
almoxarifeTBotNik: the config file is pretty straight forward, dnsmasq will offer up dhcp, you decide what the net ip range is, the other machines need to look at the machine with dnsmasq for dhcp00:33
skutr34Hey, I did a clean install of ubuntu 11.04 and tried to boot and it got stuck on a purple screen. Can anyone help with this please?00:33
Loshkisneakyimp: In practice, port scanning tcp sockets is quite time consuming as the space is so big. I've found that running ssh on a non-standard port has pretty much stopped all ssh probe attempts. And allowing keyed-access-only pretty much prevents any password guessing. You'll probably want it even if you use the other stuff. See Tips for Securing Your EC2 Instance  http://aws.amazon.com/articles/1233, in particular the "Ditch Those Passwords: Use ss00:34
Loshkih Keys" sections...00:34
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pappa_bearhow do i quit firefox in terminal00:36
dr_williskillall firefox00:36
dr_willismay do it00:37
skutr34Hey, I did a clean install of ubuntu 11.04 and tried to boot and it got stuck on a purple screen. Can anyone help with this please?00:37
dr_willisskutr34:  what video chipset? try the nomodeset option yet?00:37
dr_willis!nomodeset | skutr3400:37
ubottuskutr34: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:37
TBotNikalmoxarife: K installed00:37
pappa_bearirefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.00:37
pappa_bearkillall didnt work00:38
dr_willisps ax | grep firefox, make note of the 'pid'  then 'kill pid'  or 'kill -9 pid'00:38
* pappa_bear is frustrated00:38
skutr34dr_willis: i will try this00:38
dr_willisor carefully try 'xkill' and click in the ofending firefox window00:38
TrentonAdamsdr_willis: I found my sluggish problem00:39
dr_williscarefull with xkill;. :) it can kill the X session if you click wrongly00:39
TBotNikAll, Sorry did not drag right so closed.00:39
pappa_beari can't find the firefox window00:39
dr_willisTrentonAdams:  slugs in the pc? :)00:39
TBotNikalmoxarife: What next00:39
pappa_beartha's why i'm havin' to do it in terminal but i'm a n()()b00:39
Brosephusalready asked this in #apache but my OS is ubuntu: I've got this config in sites-available, site in enabled, main domain works fine but the two subdomains do not: http://pastebin.com/Sd5B38U2, DNS is configured but the subdomains are unreachable00:40
TrentonAdamsdr_willis: lol.  No, remember, the slow keyboard input, bad graphics, etc, after screen saver.  Logout/login fixed it sort of deal00:40
jokiI need help setting up conky with a lua script anyone willing to help?00:40
TrentonAdamsdr_willis: You mentioned seeing that sometimes too00:40
genewitchmy grub.cfg is wrong, when it tries to boot of UUID it fails but if i set it to /dev/sda1 it boots. Any way to fix the UUID thing or should i just stick with the /dev/sda100:40
dr_willispappa_bear:  then try this route --> ps ax | grep firefox, make note of the 'pid'  then 'kill pid'  or 'kill -9 pid'00:40
dr_willisTrentonAdams:  dont think it was me...00:40
pappa_bearpappa_bear@theDen:~$ ps as | grep firefox00:40
pappa_bear 1000 17794 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 S+   pts/0      0:00 grep --color=auto firefox00:40
pappa_bearnow what?00:40
dr_willisone of those first #'s is the PID.00:40
pappa_bearprobably the 1779400:41
dr_willisi just cant rember which. :)00:41
dr_willis1000 may be the user uid. :)00:41
pappa_bearor that 3rd 000:41
zykotick9genewitch, run "blkid" to find the proper UUID, or switch to Labels00:41
dr_willisactually none of them are.. thats the process for your grep command.. :)00:41
zykotick9genewitch, using /dev/sda# should be avoided if possible00:41
Polahpappa_bear: dr_willis: Second one is PID. The column is titled "PID" too (:00:41
TBotNikalmoxarife: You have a HOWTO link on setting this up?00:41
almoxarifeTBotNik: dnsmasq configure dhcp http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/docs/setup.html00:42
pappa_bearokay but what do i do with the pid?00:42
genewitchzykotick9: the blkid reports the same UUID as the one in grub.cfg00:42
dr_willistry ps ax | grep fire       could be the command name is not 'firefox' - i got no X. so cant check00:42
dr_willispappa_bear:  'kill THEPIDNUMBER'00:42
almoxarifeTBotNik: yeap, from the author even00:42
zykotick9Does anyone happen to know how long the timeout is sudo, before it requires the password again?00:42
genewitchzykotick9: mind you i have no idea why it fails, something about root device took too long to respond and it drops to initramfs00:42
Polahpappa_bear: are you trying to kill an instance of firefox?00:43
dr_williszykotick9:  i was thinking 15 min..  i do know its setable00:43
pappa_bearPolah, sry00:43
almoxarifedr_willis: where I can set sudo time?00:43
pappa_bearPolah, yeah, i can't find the window,00:43
BiggFREEUsually it is 10 minutes00:43
zykotick9dr_willis, I found a webupd8 article about setting, but can't figure out a way to test00:43
Polahpappa_bear: ps -A | grep firefox should do it. The first number that shows is the PID. Then you can use kill -9 <PID>00:43
dr_willisalmoxarife:  no idea. :) i do know its setable s omewhere.00:43
Polahpappa_bear; Should give you an output like this 9862 ?        00:00:13 firefox-bin with firefox in red00:44
dr_williszykotick9:  sudo apt-get update... enter password...   then try it again in a few min....00:44
zykotick9Set sudo timeout http://www.webupd8.org/2010/04/how-to-change-sudo-password-time-out-in.html00:44
zykotick9dr_willis, but if i rerun a sudo command won't that reset it?00:44
skutr34dr_willis: my video card: ATI Raedon HD 3200, ATI display adapter (0x9612)00:44
dr_willisit sets it for 15 min after the first initial sudo (or 10 min) i think00:44
dr_willisskutr34:  write that down on a sticker on the pc. :)00:45
omnimoonevening all00:45
zykotick9dr_willis, cool, i can just test to figure it out then00:45
dr_williszykotick9:  perhaps 'watch sudo ls -l'    :) and let it run till it fails?00:45
TBotNikalmoxarife: /etc/resolve.conf hasboth :  nameserver and00:45
TBotNiknameserver  is this good?00:45
dr_willisI dont know that watch can work that way.. but it just came to mind.00:45
zykotick9dr_willis, cool thanks!00:46
skutr34dr_willis: do you by chance know if that chipset needs the nomodeset parameters?00:46
TrentonAdamsdr_willis: Anyhow, I blogged about it just now.  http://blog.adamsbros.org/2011/07/21/ubuntu-sluggish-or-slow/00:46
dr_willisskutr34:  no idea. I avoid ati as much as possible. try it and see.00:46
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skutr34dr_willis: haha, why do you avoid ATI?00:47
jswensenJust installed 10.04 (no 11.04 because I can only get RTAI to build for 10.04).  I can't get gdm to start without "fenagling".  Xorg/gdm seems to start, but it just sits there and the cursor blinks on a black background.  If I mash on CTRL-ALT-F1 long enough the screen goes blank (I think it actually dropped to a terminal because I can blind login and cat something to a file and it is actually there), then use ALT-F8 to get back to graphical display.  Up00:47
jswensenreturning GDM is actually showing up.00:47
almoxarifeTBotNik: no, resolve.conf will reset itself, the change is done elsewhere00:47
dr_willisskutr34:  i normally need nomodeset untll i can get the addational-drivers installed for my nvidia cards00:47
dr_willisskutr34:  they are very poor in their linux support.00:47
jswensenIn constrast, if I start the system without GDM running and just run startx, Xorg starts up fine.  Any suggestions?00:47
skutr34dr_willis: ok00:47
dr_willisskutr34:  i rank them > 'nvidia, intel ...... way down.. ATI..   and NEVER BUY --> sis.'00:47
TBotNikK, where?00:47
dr_willisdoes matrox even exist any more? they would be above sis. :)00:48
skutr34dr_willis: i will try the nomodeset params, then install my additional drivers00:48
skutr34thanks for the help :)00:48
TBotNikalmoxarife: Do I need to create the shell script they suggest and run it?00:48
TrentonAdamsYeah, those sissy sis cards.00:48
dr_willisskutr34:  ive notived if you install with the nomodeset option. It can get added to the /etc/default/grub file - even after its not neded.00:48
skutr34dr_willis: really? that's interesting00:48
ntr0pydr_willis, may i ask what gfx card u currently have in use?00:49
almoxarifeTBotNik: no shell scripts, wait one00:49
skutr34dr_willis: notived?00:49
dr_willisI am on an Nvidia Geforce 6150SE (built into the MB) on this box. I took out my 8800gtsxxx  that was in here.. because i couldent stand the noise. :)00:49
TBotNikalmoxarife: K, just remember I have dhcp3-server instead of dhcpd.00:49
dr_willisLaptop has a Nvidia 360M  (i think), only ati machine i got is a 'slim' cheap pc i got at xmas on black friday for $200 :)(00:50
user234if i'm getting a write protect error on a usb drive that does not have a write protect slider, does that mean it's toast?00:50
dr_willisuser234:  ive seen usb flash go bad that way..00:51
dr_willisuser234:  ive seen brand new ones say a similer error.. even under windows. :) took that one back to the store.00:51
user234dr_willis: thx00:51
HermieneI'm getting the blank screen w/cursor thingy when trying to install, and I've tried the "i195.modeset=0" solution, to no avail. Am I missing something...?00:52
dr_willisStore Manager was looking ALL over that usb flash for a write-protect switch.. ive never seen a USB flash with one.00:52
TBotNikalmoxarife: You looking for HOWTO?00:52
dr_willisnight all...00:52
q0_0phow do i install ubuntu kernel00:52
ntr0pydr_willis, night00:52
almoxarifeTBotNik: dnsmasq is a dhcp server, but you also have another as you mentioned, you need to decide which is the one you want to use, I don't see how both can be used00:53
wookienzwhen i log into gdm i dont have the classic gnome option, only "user defined session or "recovery console" where has it gone?00:53
wookienzclassic gnome tha is.00:53
YankDownUnderHermiene, What about VGA=771 ?00:54
L1nuxRulesq0_0p what do you mean by that upgrade the kernel?00:54
TBotNikalmoxarife: K will uninstall, but have to leave client.  Right?00:54
q0_0pL1nuxRules, yes00:54
q0_0pL1nuxRules, for some reason ubuntu is telling me I dont have a kernel when i boot00:54
q0_0pL1nuxRules, I've chrooted into the system and have access to apt-get00:54
L1nuxRulesq0_0p Im more familiar with yum than apt but sudo apt-get upgrade kernel should do it00:55
HermieneYankDownUnder: I'm on a stationary box. I thought that was just for laptops...?00:55
almoxarifeTBotNik: the client was already there, yes?00:55
q0_0pL1nuxRules, what should I apt-get in specific00:55
L1nuxRulesq0_0p /usr/bin00:55
YankDownUnderHermiene, Give it a go regardless....you can also put in: acpi=off noapic00:56
almoxarifeTBotNik: so why not use the dhcp-server you installed?00:56
q0_0pL1nuxRules, what about /usr/bin ?00:56
L1nuxRulesq0_0p sorry missread apt-get upgrade kernel00:56
L1nuxRulesq0_0p thought you asked for the path to apt00:56
q0_0pL1nuxRules, what is package called00:56
q0_0pL1nuxRules, if i remember something like linux-image00:57
q0_0pL1nuxRules, or linux headers00:57
HermieneYankDownUnder: This is my first time installing Linux... Do I leave the double hyphens "--" alone, or do I delete them?00:57
L1nuxRulesq0_0p linux-image will work with sudo apt-get install00:58
YankDownUnderHermiene, Just a quick question - why are you using the "i195" option in the first place?00:58
user234is there a place where i can download modules for a particular kernel?00:58
L1nuxRulesq0_0p I use sudo apt-get upgrade kernel just to install headers etc00:58
HermieneYankDownUnder: I followed this: http://journalxtra.com/2010/07/ubuntu-fixing-the-blank-screen-on-installation-bug/00:59
YankDownUnderHermiene, Right oh...just checking mate.00:59
q0_0pL1nuxRules, what about this apt-get install linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic00:59
hernythey should combine Software Center and Synaptic into one thingamabob00:59
L1nuxRulesq0_0p yes thats the kernel00:59
q0_0pL1nuxRules, do I need to install headers?01:00
andantinoand call it Synaptic Thingamabob?01:00
HermieneYankDownUnder: Giving it a go...01:00
L1nuxRulesq0_0p the headers and other stuff isnt needed unless you want to compile your own kernel01:00
YankDownUnderHermiene, you can also try adding "xforcevesa" as well...01:00
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L1nuxRulesq0_0p also might be needed to compile from source01:00
q0_0pL1nuxRules, okay makes sense01:00
almoxarifesynaptic works for me, its not sexy but it gets it done01:01
suicidalhey guys01:01
suicidalhow do i join a channel?01:01
herny /join #channel01:01
zykotick9This isn't a support question so technically it's OT but, I gotta share it.  KVM virtualization can easily boot separate physical partitions - so you can be in Ubuntu, and open a VM of your physical windows on another partition (or another GNU/Linux install).  Really cool in my opinion!  I discovered it as a warning on Ubuntu's KVM page.01:01
andantino"/join #channelname"01:01
ntr0pyHow is it possible that a video in VLC looks like it has lover fps on vdpau than regular playback?01:02
suicidalhow do i join a channel?01:02
dualbootahhi everyone01:02
Polahsuicidal: /join #channel01:02
dualbootahi just installed ubuntu01:02
andantinoi mean01:02
dualbootahbut i cant get the World of wracraft installer file to open01:02
dualbootahcan someone help me01:02
dualbootahit says the exe is hidden01:02
dualbootahand i cant freaking fix it01:02
almoxarifedualbootah: exe? like windows?01:03
dualbootahim trying to run it with wine01:03
dualbootahbut now its all screwed up01:03
goodtimetype  /join #channel suicidal01:03
dualbootahnow its completely meesed up01:04
andantinolike if you want to join a room called skallywag you would type "/join #scallywag"01:04
almoxarifedualbootah: did winehq say that game ran in wine?01:04
dualbootah No installer data could be found. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support.01:04
dualbootahyes its the most popular ame able to be ran in wine with no problems01:04
zykotick9almoxarife, WOW does run in wine yes01:04
L1nuxRulesdualbootah the only use of windows is for gaming so use it forget wine or whatever because your emulating so your hardware is being used for more than is needed although windows will use more base resources01:05
dualbootahim only ubunut01:05
dualbootahid like to run it in ubuntu...01:05
thephasedI'm having a tough time removing alsa-base from lucid. apt-get doesn't seem to work because that's not how i installed it initally.01:05
chaddyask in #winehq, maybe, dualbootah01:05
thephasedi really just want to upgrade alsa to 1.0.24 using a ppa01:06
zykotick9dualbootah, have you seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft01:06
L1nuxRulesdualbootah Im hardcore Linux and hate windows but I still use it because its the only advantage windows has over Linux which is down to dev and hardware vendors01:06
genewitchis installing the ATI drivers from the restricted hardware panel the recommended way of doing it?01:06
genewitchor should i get the drivers from ATI01:06
almoxarifedualbootah: google more01:06
rwwgenewitch: You should use Restricted Hardware. The ATI drivers aren't supported by us.01:06
dualbootahi have01:06
dualbootahive tried every solution01:06
dualbootahnothing works01:06
dualbootahim supposed to unhide the exe01:06
genewitchrww: k01:07
dualbootahbut it doesnt owrk01:07
FloodBot1dualbootah: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
zykotick9dualbootah, ask in #winehq then01:07
ichbinder_hello. I need to install sun-java6-jdk and a few weeks ago that still was found in synaptic and installed, when canonical partners was added as repository. Now I installed same ubuntu 11.04 on a different machine today and it can't find sun-java6-jdk anymore, even though canonical partners etc. is the same...?01:07
dualbootahNote that on some WoW DVD's the installer executable is hidden and you need to re-mount the disc with the 'unhide' option. To do this type in a terminal:    sudo umount /dev/cdrom   sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom0/01:07
blade1i need help about kdm theme01:07
dualbootahi tried those commands01:07
HermieneYankDownUnder: The "vga=771" thing didn't work. What was the other thing? (I didn't jot it down.)01:07
almoxarifedualbootah: giving up? that's no fun, get some soda and some pizza, start from scratch01:07
zykotick9ichbinder, did you "sudo apt-get update" after adding partner?  it should be there.01:07
StaticShockis there an appropriate channel for discussing FUSE?01:08
Polahichbinder_: Double check the partners repo is enabled and make sure you updated your package list01:08
YankDownUnderHermiene, "xforcevesa"01:08
andantinodualbootah: juice and salad is probably a healthier option though01:08
andantinojust sayin01:08
HermieneYankDownUnder: Ah, thanks. Will try that.01:09
blade1i need help about kdm!!!01:10
KM0201blade: might have more luck in #kubuntuu01:11
blade1but i have ubuntu01:11
Docnixhello everybody01:11
KM0201blade: so why on earth are you using kdm?01:11
blade1i will other theme01:12
Docnixis there anybody expert with PiTiVi?01:12
ichbinder_Polah: oh man... I shouldn't setup a new system last minute when I need it 9 hours later for a demo... and then forget to reload package list... -.-01:12
ichbinder_Polah: thanks! :)01:12
L1nuxRuleskm0201 hes probably installed a kde aimed app i.e yakuake01:12
KM0201L1nuxRules: that usually doesn't install kdm01:13
DocnixI'd need to export a movie in another standard format than the owner format01:13
L1nuxRuleskm0201 ahh ok01:13
sneakyimploshki: yes of course keyed access via ssh already set up.  no root login, no password, key only.   in fact, only one AllowUsers right now.01:13
AvalessaI know this is a stupid question but is there a specific topic here? :\01:14
L1nuxRulessneakimp one more thing now switch the ssh port ... just for the decryption exploits01:15
PolahAvalessa: Nope.01:15
AvalessaWOuld anyone be able to help me figure out why ubuntu seems to suddenly be rejecting my xbox?01:16
PolahAvalessa: In what way do you mean?01:16
L1nuxRules+1 ubuntu01:17
JRWRUbuntu 10.04 (Linode) - Postfix/Dovecot Issue - Unable to receive emails - When ever i send a email to my mail server, the logs show that the email was received and no errors where found, when i go to check the account, no emails are in the inbox at all - main.cf http://pastebin.com/ARjhCSFC / master.cf http://pastebin.com/KHLRZt4A / dovecot.conf http://pastebin.com/hfKgB6VW01:17
YankDownUnderJRWR, Um...wouldn't that question work better in #dovecot ?01:17
kora-chanhi, i'm using natty on my thinkpad x220 tablet (i7, intel 3000HD). i have a small problem: i can use my external monitor just fine when i use my vga output, but when i connect it to the display port i only get a black screen with a mouse pointer on my notebook and the display itself says no signal. any idea how to troubleshoot?01:17
AvalessaOUt of nowhere I suddenly lost the ability to go on xbox live. I use a wired connection through my ubuntu 11.04 laptop and it worked fine 3 weeks ago (I was idle for 3 weeks) and suddenly my xbox doesn't even connect to my network. I called xbox support and they told me to contact the ubuntu community so here I am.01:18
kora-chanAvalessa: youre using your ubuntu machine to route the xbox to the net?01:18
L1nuxRulesjrwr tail -f /var/log/mailog while your sending a mail to the server then pastebin that01:19
kora-chanAvalessa:  Do you use a switch to connect the xbox and the pc? if yes, are you running a dhcp server on your ubuntu box? you could start by looking if the xbox got an ip and if yes if you can ping it01:20
JRWRl1nuxman: http://pastebin.com/ALqcw0Xb01:20
L1nuxRulesjrwr but really you should be asking in #ubuntu-server01:20
L1nuxRulesjrwr will take a look01:20
kora-chanAvalessa: may seem like a straight forward solution,... if the xbox doesnt find any network i'd also try checking the network cables,.. maybe somethings broken there01:21
robskiiAnyone know their way around joomla? Not having any luck finding life on their channels01:21
L1nuxRulesjrwr what mailbox you sending too?01:22
AvalessaWe tried everything with my router, router settings, and the xbox itself. Nothing hasworked.01:22
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almoxarifeAvalessa: why not connect the xbox to the router?01:22
AvalessaI'm 2 stories above the router01:23
terryAvalessa: Tel us what you have hooked to what.01:23
JRWRl1nuxman: its a virtual mailbox setup, should be going into the jrwr account01:23
almoxarifeAvalessa: ah01:23
AvalessaMy xbox is hooked up to my laptop which is connected to our wifi network01:23
YankDownUnderJRWR, Have you considered checking in the #dovecot channel? Or #postfix for that matter? Oh, and have you setup a "procmailrc" yet?01:24
pappa_bearPolah, that worked thanks01:24
=== jackal_ is now known as Guest82019
L1nuxRulesjrwr theres no errors in the mailing being recieved so its the local delivery thats an issue are all the mail services started? Is the mail queue high?01:24
terry!ics | Avalessa01:24
ubottuAvalessa: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing01:24
=== Guest82019 is now known as Hurray
AvalessaI'm already doing that01:25
JRWRl1nuxman: i found the lost emails, they where in /home/jrwr/maildir01:25
terryAvalessa: Do you have eth0 set to static IP address?01:26
terryAvalessa: First off, is eth0  the network interface that is connected to the xbox?01:26
terryor is it eth1?01:26
daniel__hello would anyone know how to activate a wireless driver that stoped working after i updated from 10.10 to 11.04 my card is a Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN and my computer is a vostro 100001:26
Avalessaeth0 is the connection01:26
terryto the xbox?01:26
pappa_bear pappa_bear@theDen:~$ kill -9 1620001:27
pappa_bearbash: kill: (16200) - No such process01:27
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Have you tried to find out if the right device driver for the wireless is working and activated? (run "sudo jockey-gtk")01:28
pappa_bearPolah, btw, it's the second number01:29
L1nuxRulesjrwr thats your inbox what are you using to retrieve the mail?01:29
Polahpappa_bear: Second number for the way dr_willis told you to do it. It was the first number for the way I told you to.01:29
L1nuxRulesjrwr actually might not be whats the contents of that dir?01:30
almoxarifeAvalessa: you have a wireless connection to the router?01:31
AvalessaMy laptop does, yes01:31
daniel__YankDownUnder, all that did was open additional drivers ive tried that and i marked the bcmwl-kernel-source for reisntalation like the website https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx told me to and nothing has worked what else do u think i should try ?01:31
almoxarifeAvalessa: does xbox?01:31
ZaehlasI have a question, running ubuntu 10.04, server, LTS, fresh install.  WHY would my udev do THIS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/649600/01:32
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Edit the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and comment out the bcm43xx driver, reboot.01:32
pappa_bearPolah, first number = User ID01:32
daniel__YankDownUnder, how do i do that01:33
Polahpappa_bear: Not for my method. ps as shows UID and then PID. ps -a like I said shows PID  and then TTY. No UID01:33
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Um, sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf => comment in front of bcm43xx, save the file, restart the machine01:34
L1nuxRulesZaehlas maybe something to do with the build system01:35
Zaehlaswell, this is crazy, was same build I used before, needed new hard drives, so fresh installed, but it looks luike every time it's booting, it swaps my two network interfaces..  which causes some serious problems, as you can guess.01:36
L1nuxRulesZaehlas they have probablly changed something with the PXE deployment01:36
Zaehlasmeh.  any idea on how to UNDO whatever they changed.  this is crazy.  who has udev specifically rename network interfaces on a whim?01:37
daniel__YankDownUnder, sry im a realy big noob here what do u mean comment in front of bcm43xx01:37
L1nuxRulesZaehlas not familiar with udev or whim01:38
ZaehlasYankDownUnder Comment is like the number sign, usually, hold down shift, hit 3, that symbol means "comment the whole line"01:38
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Put a "#" in front of it like all the other comments in the file.01:38
Zaehlas*sigh*  Maybe I'll reboot another dozen tinmes, and try to figure out what's it doing.01:39
ZaehlasThanks anyway01:39
ocmsRzrhi, I'm trying to get my mic input played through the speakers and I don't have a clue how. I tried enabling the loopback module in pulseaudio but it didn't work01:40
ocmsRzrany ideas?01:40
daniel__YankDownUnder, .# replaced by b43 and ssb.01:40
daniel__blacklist (so here)>bcm43xx01:40
comfortsuiteshow do i reset the desktop,top tool bar, bottom toolbar to default settings?01:41
histo!resetpanels | comfortsuites01:41
ubottucomfortsuites: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:41
comfortsuitesbash: !resetpanels: event not found ??01:42
=== tlab is now known as tlab-away
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Yeah mate. Das it01:42
comfortsuitesdidn't work01:42
comfortsuitessomeone has changed the panel settings and minimized apps are like very very small01:43
SAaCMBOk i got windows installed, i have to update the drivers to be able to use sound and the internet. Heres my question, how do i fix the MBR so that i get Ubuntu as an operating system choice at startup? The installation of windows7 has made it so it only gives me the choice of windows.01:43
=== SAaCMB is now known as Obeyance
AvalessaCAn anyone else help me with my xbox problem?01:43
histo!grub2 | Obeyance01:44
ubottuObeyance: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:44
PolahSAaCM: Boot from a LiveCD/USB and reinstall GRUB01:44
itaylor57comfortsuites, you run the command given by ubottu not the resetpanels command01:44
yellowgtoAnyone have any idea how to unmute mic (So you can hear it) on Ubuntu 11.04?01:44
daniel__YankDownUnder, ok should i earase the blacklist before it and also how do i save it01:44
histoyellowgto: in the sound preferences01:44
yellowgtoI've unmuted that already01:45
yellowgtoUnder the input tab01:45
yellowgtoDoesn't work01:45
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Mate, I never said to erase the blacklist - only to comment out the bcm43xx module and save the file and reboot the machine.01:45
daniel__YankDownUnder, ok i didnt jsut making sure but how do i save the file01:46
ObeyanceOk, i have Ubuntu 9.10 LIVECD. The last grub version i had after upgrading and patching fully to 11.04 i had Grub 1.99. What is the safest method of getting back to that? Would doing the liveCD route be safe?01:46
histoyellowgto: you want to here playback from the mic?01:46
histoyellowgto: you'd have to unmute the output tab as well01:46
YankDownUnderdaniel__, "CTRL+X" saves the file01:46
=== vDubG is now known as vDubG__Gone
yellowgtoI don't have an Unmute tab in output histo01:46
daniel__ok im rebooting thanks hopefully it works01:47
yellowgtoJust left or right slider01:47
histoyellowgto: you should have an output volume for the mic on the playback tab01:47
histoyellowgto: if not you can use alsamixer in a terminal and01:47
yellowgtoPlayback tab in Sound prefs?01:47
histoyellowgto: idk i'm not in ubuntu atm but I know it's there01:48
yellowgtoI have an output tab01:48
yellowgtohisto I thought ubuntu uses pulse audio01:48
yellowgtoNot alsamixer?01:48
yellowgtoI might be wrong01:48
histoyellowgto: alsamixer is a volume control01:48
yellowgtobecause I have Alsa Mixer01:49
histoyellowgto: unless something changed recently you should be able to adjust volumes with it01:49
yellowgtoIt must be the headset01:50
yellowgtoDoesn't jive right with Ubuntu01:50
yellowgtoLogitech G93001:50
yellowgtoI have everything unmuted in ALSA mixer01:50
histoyellowgto: i see what you are saying now with the new sound settings01:51
histoyellowgto: let me check something01:51
yellowgtoI downloaded ALSA mixer01:51
yellowgtoFrom Synaptic01:51
daniel__YankDownUnder, still no luck01:53
stercor_What's the average capacity of nodes on VG2?01:53
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Now that you've done that, run "sudo jockey-gtk" again - see what shows up mate.01:54
daniel__YankDownUnder, /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/types.py:44: Warning: g_object_set_qdata: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed01:55
daniel__  return info.invoke(*args)01:55
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Are you typing this in a term: sudo jockey-gtk ??01:56
=== marcelo is now known as Guest47204
daniel__YankDownUnder, yeh it opens up additional drivers and shoots that out in additional drivers it says the broadcom STA wireless driver is working but on my computer the wifi led isnt lit and as far as the networking tool it wont detect it and it worked fine in 10.1001:58
ocmsRzrdoes anyone know how to play mic input through the speakers in 11.0401:59
YankDownUnderdaniel__, Close all that crap up, and open up the Package Manager, search on "backports" => install the backports, reboot, see what goes on after that.01:59
comfortsuitesdon't you need a patch cable to do a NIC2NIC connection?02:00
TheCyph3rIf I have two Ubuntu boxes on the same wireless network, can I transfer data b/w them w/o using an external HDD or the like?02:00
lenovolenovo ideapad y43002:01
dliTheCyph3r, sure, use ssh should be handy, unless the network blocks it02:01
YankDownUndercomfortsuites, IN most instances, the onboard NIC's are automatically configured - so they'll know if it's a crossover connection or not - and fix it automagically...however, it's always  nice to  have a crossover cable handy.02:01
TheCyph3rdli: And how do I do that? I'm VERY slowly learning the whole Linux/Ubuntu thing02:02
comfortsuitesso it is possible to have a IP assigned to a NIC on the other end of a standard ethernet cable in ubuntu?02:02
dlicomfortsuites, auto-crossover is included in all Gigabit NIC, so, unless you have two computers both with 100Mbps NICs02:03
bryhoytHi, I have made a few custom mods to my ubuntu system and suddenly dhclient (dhcp utility, I presume) no longer works. It first complains "error while loading shared libraries: libc.so.6" and on further inspection with strace, it turns out that it doesn't have the permissions to access the libc.so.6 library (when it tries to open it in the first few lines of strace). However, I am very definitely running it as root. What's my problem?02:03
dliTheCyph3r, on both computers, install sshfs02:03
comfortsuiteslaptop is wifi, another laptop is wired into the wifi laptop. how do i bridge the connections so laptop 2 can get an IP ?02:03
daniel__YankDownUnder, ok wicth one there seems to be many different ones linux-backports-modules-net-(then random numbers follows by generic and some are then follow by -pare or they are followed by nattey then generic02:04
ObeyanceWhen i type ( Sudo Grub ) It says Command not found.02:04
dlicomfortsuites, if you only do it once, just connect ethernet cable, manually set IPs for both, and enable NAT(ipmasq) on the one with wifi02:04
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:04
ObeyanceShould i get grub2 or stick with KK grub 1.*?02:05
ObeyanceIm new to linux so i dont know the difference.02:05
dliObeyance, then, choose grub202:06
TheCyph3rdli: Is sshfs run through the terminal? I dont see it in the Applications section02:06
comfortsuitesdli: the laptop with wifi is being assigned it's own IP from a router via DHCP. i want to get the wired laptop and IP from the router. allow a passthrough02:06
dliTheCyph3r, if you want GUI, gnome file manager (nautilus) can do ssh02:06
Disguisedcan someone explain the purpose of .xinitrc? does gdm go looking for that file, or does it just look at the file in the xsessions directory02:07
dliTheCyph3r, open nautilus, go to File->Connect to Server, and supply IP of the other computer, and choose ssh protocol02:07
dliDisguised, no, gdm doesn't read .xinitrc02:08
dliDisguised, if you run the command startx, .xinitrc is sourced02:08
TheCyph3rdli: Which computer should be server? The one supplying or receiving?02:09
comfortsuitesdli: where do i go to enable NAT?02:09
Disguisedwell, im using dwm, and i want to customize the status bar, which reads from stdin i believe02:09
Disguisedso should i create a script, then call that from my xsesion file instead of dwm directly?02:09
=== AnGell is now known as f453
dliTheCyph3r, either way would work, since it's a two-way transfer02:09
dlicomfortsuites, you can try programs like shorewall, or use some simple bash scripts02:10
TheCyph3rdli: okay, so I don't need to supply any passwords or anything?02:13
dliTheCyph3r, you will be asked about passwd, unless you get public keys02:14
TheCyph3rdli: strange...it's saying "Could not display "sftp://xxx.xxx.x.xx/"  Acess was denied."02:15
TheCyph3rdli: The x's are in lieu of the ip02:15
dliTheCyph3r, can you ssh to it in terminal?02:15
dliTheCyph3r, also, on the server side (remote), make sure ssh port is up, test it there: ssh localhost02:16
TheCyph3rdli: Don't know how :(    I'm a total newbie to this02:16
dliTheCyph3r, if it works, try from the other computer: ssh xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx02:16
TheCyph3rdli: "ssh: connect to host localhost port22: Connection refused"02:17
dliTheCyph3r, you need to install the program, sudo apt-get install ssh02:18
TheCyph3rdli: okay, I got sshfs on both from Software Center, didnt know i needed ssh as well :-/02:18
dliTheCyph3r, if it's already installed, try to start it, sudo service ssh start02:18
lunarblazei need to format a drive but i dunno how. terminal command please?02:19
dlilunarblaze, mkfs.ext4 /dev/foo02:19
lunarblazeand then the location right?02:20
TheCyph3rdli: Okay, I just installed ssh on both boxes02:20
tbotnikalmoxarife: Hey...you were helping my friend tbotnik with connectivity...but he can't connect so, I'm trying to help him out02:20
ObeyanceOk i have been following the directions and i have made my way to using the [ Sudo grub-install ] command but i am unsure which /dev/sda to specify.02:21
TheCyph3rdli: do I need to go through the "ssh localhost" setup on both boxes?02:21
tbotnikall: Hey....can anyone help me (and my friend) connect wirelessly with Ubuntu?02:22
ObeyanceWhen i typed [ mount | tail -1 ] it echoed " /dev/sda3 on /media/209380432jf3209 "02:22
TheCyph3ryou can try using Empathy...its an IM service02:22
lunarblazeok, i used this command: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/mini    and got this mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks count02:22
tbotnikall: He has no connectivity...and I'm his "eyes and ears" here02:22
comfortsuitesObeyance: trying to install grub?02:22
tbotnikall: any help would be appreciated greatly....02:23
lunarblazetbotnik: you have network manager running right? what version ubuntu?02:23
tbotniklunarblaze...would you mind chatting privately....this might take some doing....02:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:24
lunarblazeok, i used this command: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/mini    and got this mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks count02:24
tbotnik10.04 version of Ubuntu...the network manager is apparently corrupted....02:24
spencer__release 10.04- trying to get my wireless working. eth0 ok. equipment type is cisco-linksys e1000. The problem is that I can't secure the line. the default works ok.02:25
[THC]AcidRainjust to be sure. superoneclick works on ubuntu right?02:25
CLF1Can anyone tell me why I can't change my USB HD permissions It keeps reverting to "forbidden" and can't seem to see it on network02:25
TheCyph3rdli: Okay I have it figured out....one question though, is there any way to turn off the ssh hosting on the box?02:26
lfenderso im still new to ubuntu but were could i find some cool desktop stuff or widgets like stuff02:26
Monotokolfender, you probably want to look into compiz02:27
lunarblazelfender, have you tried the software center? :p02:27
Logan_!screenlets | lfender02:27
ubottulfender: Screenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have a compositing window manager such as !Compiz Fusion, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/02:27
MonotokoTheCyph3r, to turn off ssh server just run: /etc/init.d/ssh stop02:27
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spencer__release 10.04- trying to get my wireless working. eth0 ok. equipment type is cisco-linksys e1000. The problem is that I can't secure the line. the default works ok. how to secure the link?02:30
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
blottomanI was connected to my work VPN the other day and working.  Left my computer for a bit and when I returned it was locked up.  I rebooted and now I'm unable to connect to the VPN.  The syslog isn't very descriptive.  The only thing I really see in the "VPN Plugin Failed"02:30
blottomanAnyone have any suggestions?02:31
zachlrWhen I first installed Ubuntu, I remember being asked "Don't ask for a password, Ask for a password at logon, or Ask for a password to decrypt my home directory"  Is it too late to enable home directory encryption after Ubuntu is installed and I've been using it?  Where can I find more information about this?02:31
TheCyph3rMonotoko: Very good, thanks!02:32
CLF1Can someone please help me with a problem seeing my USB hard drive on network.  permissions keep reverting back to "forbidden"02:32
MonotokoTheCyph3r, no problem...if you don't need to the server you can uninstall it using sudo apt-get remove openssh02:32
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andantinoa little off topic but are there support rooms for computer brands02:33
MonotokoTheCyph3r, otherwise it will come back on reboot...you can use this to stop it completly though: update-rc.d ssh remove02:33
TheCyph3rmonotoko: Well the isntall i used was "sudo apt-get install ssh"  , so would it be "sudo apt-get remove ssh" ?02:33
comfortsuitesI just did 'sudo update-grub' and I'm not dual-booting, will i see the grub menu now when i boot? and if so how do i reverse what i just did02:34
MonotokoTheCyph3r, perhaps...I can't quite remember at the moment02:35
alazare619im having a problem im on xubuntu but i dont have the shared folders icon can someone help me?02:35
alazare619im trying to setup a few smb shares nothing over the top or complex like virtual directorys (gadmin-samba)02:36
TheCyph3rmonotoko: well, I can try a few things. And if nothing works, I can always come back in here and bug people with my newbie questions :P02:36
MonotokoTheCyph3r, it's all part of the learning process :)02:36
alazare619im having a problem im on xubuntu but i dont have the shared folders icon can someone help me?02:38
alazare619im trying to setup a few smb shares nothing over the top or complex like virtual directorys (gadmin-samba)02:38
TooTallHey everybody check this cool chat room out #theedj02:38
comfortsuitesI just did 'sudo update-grub' and I'm not dual-booting, will i see the grub menu now when i boot? and if so how do i reverse what i just did02:38
lunarblazeok, i used this command: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/mini    and got this mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks count02:39
TheCyph3rmonotoko: I wish there was an "end all be all" book that I could read and just know as much as possible :/02:39
alazare619comfortsuites,  hold down shift02:39
alazare619comfortsuites, to see grub02:39
comfortsuitesim not trying to see grub and im not dual booting02:39
comfortsuitesI just did 'sudo update-grub' and I'm not dual-booting, will i see the grub menu now when i boot? and if so how do i reverse what i just did02:40
alazare619comfortsuites,  update grub.cfg time to 0 and it wont show then02:40
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
alazare619 for some reason i dont have the shared folders icon under start menu > system > shared folders im trying to setup a few smb shares nothing over the top or complex like virtual directorys (gadmin-samba)02:43
lunarblazeim trying to reformat a drive., i used this command: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/mini    and got this mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks count02:44
TheCyph3rNoobish question, but is Nautilus essentially the counterpart to Windows Explorer?02:44
lunarblazebasicly yes :p02:45
TheCyph3rAhh, okay...lol still learning!02:45
lunarblazeheres a cool trick02:45
lunarblazein a console, type gksudo nautilus for unrestricted file access02:46
lunarblazeTheCyph3r: catch that?02:47
lunarblazeim trying to reformat a drive., i used this command: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/mini    and got this mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks count02:47
lunarblazestill cant get this mini card to format -.-02:48
spencer__to answer my own question. use your   for cisco-linksys e1000 browser to make the setup.02:48
TheCyph3rlunarblaze: what does that do?02:48
lunarblazeyou know how some files cant be messed with cause of permissions?02:48
lunarblazethis lets you get around that02:48
lunarblazeopens a window, and the window can modify anything02:49
spencer__to answer my own question. use your   browser to make the setup for cisco-linksys e1000 .02:49
SejmLhello ppl02:49
TheCyph3rIf I'm having that trouble, I'll just end up looking up the terminal commands to move or extract stuff :P02:49
TheCyph3rhelps me learn02:49
SejmLi just installed gnome3 on ubuntu 11.04 and it looks horrible02:49
lunarblazeheres another, use ctr=alt=F7 to get out of this02:49
SejmLany1 usin Gnome shell on ubuntu?02:49
lunarblaze= are plus, sorry02:50
lunarblazenow use ctrl+alt+ F102:50
lunarblazeare you looking for a command?02:50
qin!who > lunarblaze02:50
ubottulunarblaze, please see my private message02:50
lunarblazeim trying to reformat a drive., i used this command: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /media/mini    and got this mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks count02:52
lunarblazecan anyone help with this?02:52
qinTheCyph3r: All (almost) linux is well documented, man is first step to enlightement, man ls, man cd, man cp, man mv, for a starter.02:52
qinlunarblaze: fsck?02:52
chronos00Hello, Does anybody know how to use the VESA video driver instead of the current one, for Ubuntu 10.04 or newer?02:52
ObeyanceWould someone be willing to help me Chroot?02:52
lunarblazeqin: what?02:52
lunarblazeqin: am i using the wrong command?02:53
InternetpcHi....can anyone pl give me the link  to download samba .deb packages  ?02:53
qinlunarblaze: http://linux.die.net/man/8/fsck02:54
Shaba1can anyone here instruct me in xchat02:54
harrumphhi.  i seem to be missing apache2's mod_log_config.  it doesn't appear in either /etc/apache2/mods-enabled  or /mods-available.  any idea?02:54
TheCyph3rqin: Thanks! I'll check all that out02:54
qinInternetpc: I think smb (server and client) is in repos02:54
Internetpcqin : means ?02:55
qinShaba1: /join #xchat or ask precise question, what do you want to do.02:55
=== darkpigeon is now known as soundtrack
Shaba1specifically is it possible to get the multiple channles that one is on into seperate windows rather then tabs at the bottom?02:55
Shaba1Yeah I tried the qin02:55
qinInternetpc: sudo apt-get install samba02:55
TheCyph3r"detach" ?02:55
lunarblazeqin: it returned this The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext202:56
lunarblazefilesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext202:56
lunarblazefilesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock02:56
lunarblazeis corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:02:56
lunarblaze    e2fsck -b 8193 <device>02:56
FloodBot1lunarblaze: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:56
=== ckrailo_ is now known as ckrailo
lunarblazei didnt know there was that much, my bad02:56
Internetpcqin : I want to install samba on a mochine without an internet connection..02:56
Shaba1and nothing showed up02:56
Shaba1Ok I forgot the 302:56
Shaba1# rather02:57
tbotnikall: Can anyone help me with a wireless networking configuration problem?02:57
Shaba1I am use to mirc where you can just type /j xchat02:57
kevvoootechnical help?02:57
lunarblazenvm, ill just use windows to format it02:58
Internetpcqin : what tp do in that case ?02:58
Internetpcqin : to*02:58
kevvoooanyone know how to resolve a grub error im having?02:58
Lal-Ohlalhow do I delete a hidden folder in Ubuntu?02:58
lunarblazectrl+h to see it02:59
Lal-Ohlalthanks mate02:59
Internetpc<Lal-Ohlal> : First unhide a hidden folder by Ctrt+H and delete it normally..02:59
kevvooogrub recover>      anyone??02:59
lunarblazeLal-Ohlal: if it has permissions locked use gksudo nautilus in a command line02:59
tauntaunI'm having trouble getting modifier keys (ALT, CTRL, etc.) to behave consistently across clients, and also to behave in the specific ways I want them to.  (E.g., sometimes ALT is the Escape key).  Does one address this only with xmodmap, or are there also other layers of X (or of the OS) that should be tweaked/set?03:00
nit-witkevvooo, what's up03:00
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Lal-Ohlalhow do i look03:00
kevvoooi deleted ubuntu the other day incorrectly i think, now when i boot up i get a "no such partition" then "grub recover>"03:01
Lal-Ohlalmara wadrega bius lag sabr oka sok ba pake pakhtun hum raozy03:01
TheCyph3rparlez-vous l'anglais?03:01
nit-witkevvooo, what operating systems are on there now?03:01
chronos00Hello, Does anybody know how to use the VESA video driver instead of the current one, for Ubuntu 10.04 or newer?03:02
Internetpcplease tell me where can I download Samba ? I want to install it on a machine without internet..03:02
kevvooowell, originally windows 7, now im just running off of the live cd03:02
qinInternetpc: sudo apt-get install -d samba , will download .deb and you can find them in apt cache.03:02
nit-witkevvooo, so W7 is still there and thats all.03:02
Lal-Ohlalmamma mia03:02
qinInternetpc: You will need same version (number and arch) of ubuntu.03:03
kevvooowell.. yes.. i deleted the partition that ubuntu was on and left the main partition with win703:03
chronos00@qin @internetpc would you need to download dependencies as well?03:03
Internetpcqin : where can I find it ?? pl tell me the path..03:03
kevvoooit was fine until i rebooted03:03
JoAnneThraxHey all.  Did someone say something to me between, say, 5:30CST and 6:45CST on here?  I got a highlight that someone said my name, but it scrolled off my log.03:03
nit-witkevvooo, well grub is of no use with a OS, but we can get W7 up and running.03:03
nit-witkevvooo, sorry without a OS03:03
JoAnneThraxThat would be, like 4.5 hours ago.03:03
nit-witkevvooo, grub needs a linux OS to run basically.03:04
dante123hi all, wondering if it is wise or not to have swap file on internal sd drive (will swap file wear it out prematurely)03:04
dante123this is on a dell mini 903:04
TheCyph3ris there any way to TURN OFF ssh? or do I just uninstall?03:05
dante123with tiny hard drive03:05
Internetpc<chronos00> : Ok03:05
nit-witkevvooo, if you have a windows disc we can restore W7, or install lilo a bootloader that will boot W7.03:05
dante123drive which is really sd card03:05
qinInternetpc: What about: find / -type f -name "*.deb"03:05
kevvoooyeah thats the issue, i never had a w7 disc03:05
qinInternetpc: add proper -atime and you are home03:05
qinInternetpc: With sudo...03:06
FiremanEdJoAnneThrax: You can pull up today's channel log at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/07/21/03:06
TooTallhello everybody03:06
slideI have an remote headless ubuntu server that I would like to backup. Essentially I want to transfer the entire harddrive to my local computer as an image of some sort. How can I do this with the machine running?03:06
dante123any problems installing to internal sd drive and NOT having a swap file (I heard swap will wear the sd drive out)  is that true?03:06
ObeyanceOk im almost done with a CHroot to reinstall grub. Im stuck on unmounting things. It says that /dev and /mnt "Device is busy."03:06
qinShaba1: You mean split window?03:07
Internetpcqin : I am unable to get it03:07
Obeyanceshould i just restart anyway?03:07
JoAnneThraxFiremanEd: Thanks!03:07
Shaba1qin hold on i just spilled03:07
Obeyancebecause after umount commands is sudo reboot.03:07
dante123any problems installing to internal sd drive and NOT having a swap file (I heard swap will wear the sd drive out)  is that true?03:07
upgrdmananyone know of a netbook with a touchscreen other than the dell duo? must be a netbook ... needs to be lightweight with 7+ hours of battery life (which the dell doesnt meet)03:08
ObeyanceOr is it imperitive that i unmount EVERYTHING first?03:08
qinInternetpc: Why?03:08
Shaba1ok I am back03:08
InternetpcI have downloaded the file from "sudo apt-get install -d samba" .Where is it saved ??03:08
Shaba1qin: I mirc there is a button named "tile window"03:09
Internetpcqin :I have downloaded the file from "sudo apt-get install -d samba" .Where is it saved ??03:09
ObeyanceSomeone plz help me, it shouldnt take but a second to answer.03:09
qinInternetpc: /var/cache/apt/archives/03:09
TheCyph3rmonotoko: strange, I'm trying the   /etc/init.d/ssh stop   command, but it didnt work03:09
Shaba1you can press it and all the channel windows that you have open will neatly arrange themselves within the main mirc window03:09
dante123ActionParsnip any problems installing to internal sd drive and NOT having a swap file (I heard swap will wear the sd drive out)  is that true?03:09
Shaba1that is what I am talking about03:09
ObeyanceIm so close to fixing it... i just dont know about this issue.03:09
TheCyph3rmonotoko: I tried adding sudo to it, and it returned something strange03:09
JoAnneThraxOh...it was just spam with a bunch of people's names attached.  How annoying.03:10
Internetpcqin : wait..03:11
Obeyancesooooo close.03:11
ObeyanceAll i need is a yes or no answer and im done and can go on with my business.03:11
pawtracksrbxlI keep geting this error when I try to install something from the app store. It keeps saying  Sorry, the  program "aptd" closed unexpectedly.03:11
pawtracksrbxlIm running the latest version of ubuntu Wubi03:12
qinObeyance: Repeat reall quertion? lsof to see open files, maybe this why it is busy.03:12
qinMy typping sounds like: coffee.03:13
ObeyanceI have completed 13 of 16 steps in a CHroot to reinstall grub. What im having an issue is when i try to umount /dev and /mnt it says that they are busy... But the only thing i have running is the terminal.03:13
ObeyanceThese are the last steps before restarting and fixed.03:13
qinObeyance: /dev what?03:14
Obeyancesudo umount /mnt03:14
Obeyancefor i in /sys /proc /dev/pts /dev; do sudo umount /mnt$i; done03:14
Obeyancegives me the /dev is busy.03:14
tbotnikcan anyone help my friend with a network connectivity issue?03:15
Logan_!away >derp|gone03:15
ubottuderp|gone, please see my private message03:15
mouseto be clear would i be correct in saying that gpartition cannot do FAT16 and therefore i have to partition to a 4mb partition? i'm lost?03:16
mouseit's late03:16
Obeyanceso would it be save to just reboot or do i need to wait for those to not be busy and unmount them?03:16
ObeyanceOr... something.03:16
Logan_rww: ?03:17
pawtracksrbxlI keep geting this error when I try to install something from the app store. It keeps saying  Sorry, the  program "aptd" closed unexpectedly.03:18
Shaba1Ok I just tried to do and update which the software center recommended03:18
Shaba1<Shaba1> will it got all 135mb of 160 mb of downloads and then stopped03:18
Shaba1<Shaba1> it said that it lost data connection03:18
Shaba1<Shaba1> but I am still here and logged on.03:18
Shaba1<Shaba1> Well on the net03:18
FloodBot1Shaba1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:18
qinObeyance: lsof | grep "/dev"; mount03:18
DamnSoGooDi need help, i had a snail SSD, therefore i decided to just install ubuntu into a USB stick, how can i do it properly?03:19
Obeyanceqin, then?03:19
qinObeyance: You can umount them one by one, and find right order.03:19
pawtracksrbxlLittle help please?03:19
pawtracksrbxlI keep geting this error when I try to install something from the app store. It keeps saying  Sorry, the  program "aptd" closed unexpectedly.03:20
onezhi all...03:20
ObeyanceI dont understand what you just had me do.03:20
Shaba1any ideas03:20
Obeyancei had a huge list echo back but i dont know what it did.03:20
onezwhat is USB audio interface work in ubuntu? help me please03:20
qinObeyance: Care to highlight?03:20
ObeyanceIts just a bunch of stuff, want me to pastebin?03:21
qinObeyance: me?03:21
ObeyanceIm new to linux so i dont know much about this, i was just wanting to know if i needed to unmount those drives or w/e before i rebooted to see if grub is fixed =\03:21
ObeyanceYes qin, =).03:22
qinObeyance: If you unmount you will be 100% sure that things are sasy. But reboot _propably_ will "fix" it anyway.03:24
Obeyancek cause its only /dev and /mnt that wont umount.03:24
pawtracksrbxlI keep geting this error when I try to install something from the app store. It keeps saying  Sorry, the  program "aptd" closed unexpectedly.03:25
qinObeyance: What is still in: mount03:25
ObeyanceIm gonna try to just reboot then. If it fails i guess i can always try try again.03:25
ObeyanceThe only thing mounted that i see is the 187GB filesystem which is sda303:26
qinpawtracksrbxl: In terminal: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgarde; sudo apt-get install -f03:26
Obeyanceit wont unmount, says its busy.03:26
ObeyanceSo im guessing that is the reason that /dev and /mnt wont unmount.03:26
ObeyanceAnd say theya re busy.03:26
pawtracksrbxlqin: Thanks03:26
ObeyanceMight be a LIVECD bug...03:26
Justin-homeanybody interested in answering an openvpn config question, running ubuntu server 64 in PM?03:27
ObeyanceIm rebooting anyway. If its all fubared then i will just reinstall the whole lot i guess.03:28
ObeyanceNo data on the drive other then the OS and user settings.03:28
qinObeyance: Finger croseed03:28
ObeyanceGrub is operational... and light purple =\03:29
pawtracksrbxlThe new ubuntu interface is hard to use03:29
Obeyanceyeah i didnt like it either.03:30
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".03:30
ObeyanceJust use the classic03:30
ObeyanceK now to install drivers on the windows OS =S03:31
Logan_!ask | Justin-home03:31
ubottuJustin-home: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:31
onezanyone can help me? what is the best USB 2.0 audio interface work in linux03:32
c0dEae pessoal, alquem sabe como mover um arquivo .php para a pasta do servidor web xampp03:33
stephenthemartyrcan anyone help me or point me to the right place03:34
c0dpelo terminal03:34
rww!pt | c0d03:34
ubottuc0d: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:34
Logan_!pt | c0d03:34
Shaba1Ok I somehow restarted the recommeneded updates03:34
nit-witstephenthemartyr, what are you looking for?03:34
Shaba1its now doing 307mb of updates rather then 165 :(03:34
qinstephenthemartyr: Exactly.03:34
c0dops, mals, pensei que já estava no #ubuntu-br03:34
tianrifichey , I just install ubuntu to my laptop , and there are two OS on my computer now -- ubuntu and win7. after I installed ubuntu, my computer's wireless receiver stopped working. does anyone know how to shoot this trouble ?03:35
stephenthemartyri have ubuntu studio and earlier some kinda graphics x crash happened and now jack had like 100 x-runs in 5 minutes and very high cpu even tho it was fine last night,not sure if this is a good place to ask or not03:35
[THC]AcidRaintianrific: ive AWLAYS had problems out of ubuntu handling my wifi card03:36
mystiquebatianrific: which version do you have installed?03:36
tianrificI have 10.04 installed03:37
iDRINKbLEACHtianrific I have same problem, i am eager to read any posted soutions03:37
dbrunsI'm having trouble using Wine with Ubuntu 11.04.. I've got a Radeon 5870 video card and I'm using the driver that ubuntu recommended.   WHen I try to install SC2 (which is supposed to work very well in wine), I see the windows, but no buttons or animations.    Could this be a driver issue?   Would an Nvidia 9500GT (my other video card) work better with Ubuntu?03:37
tianrificthe wierd thing is when I have only win7, wifi works fine03:38
dbrunsHow is the video Driver in Ubuntu 11.04 configured? I'd like to try the one I downloaded from ATI's site03:38
tianrificbut after I have ubuntu. wifi does not work on either os03:38
computer_hi! I'm using 11.04. In the last month i keep being ask to enter a password before i am connected to the local network at home even though the laptop is set to automatically login on start-up anyone know why his started and how to fix?03:38
mystiquebaI am no expert but I had the same problem and it almost drove me nuts03:38
nit-witstephenthemartyr, I would think you're okay here there is also a #ubuntustudio   channel03:39
dbrunstianrific, are you certain you didn't bump the switch on the side of your laptop to turn wireless on/off?03:39
iDRINKbLEACHtianrific same here I have winxp and ubuntu 11,0403:39
mystiquebawhat I did was to upgrade to 11.04 and then it worked03:39
tianrificI am sure I have the switch on03:39
stephenthemartyrwhat do you mean ok?03:39
TheCyph3ris there any way to verify my freenode pw BEFORE getting in here? :P03:39
TooTallthis is a popular chat room03:39
dbrunsTheCyph3r, what IRC client are you using?03:39
qintianrific: rfkill list03:39
TheCyph3rdbruns: XChat03:40
tianrificseems like the problem I have here is a very common one03:40
nit-witstephenthemartyr, I'm not a admin I assume that your problem is appropriate for this channel03:40
stephenthemartyrok sorry <nit-wit> thanks for helpin03:40
suicidalhey guys, i tried to join my friend's channel, he is on microsoft version of irc, is it possible?03:40
TooTalli am getting sea sick03:41
tianrificqin: what do you mean ?03:41
qinsuicidal: Sure03:41
suicidalthe channel name03:41
suicidalis cyaamigoz03:41
computer_stephen? paul's bro?03:41
dbrunsTheCyph3r, go to preferences, networks, then freenode edit and enter your nickserv pw there03:41
TooTalllots of infomation03:41
suicidali tped /join #cyaamgioz and nothing happened03:41
qintianrific: Command is: rfkill list (to see swiches)03:41
suicidaltyped* , i also did /query cyaamigoz03:41
suicidalwhy wont those work/how do i do it?03:42
TheCyph3rdbruns: thanks!03:42
nit-witsuicidal, #windows03:42
TooTallwhatch this03:42
ubuntududeHow do I update ubuntu03:42
suicidal#windows what?03:42
qinsuicidal: Is you friend on undernet.org ?03:42
nit-witsuicidal, sorry##windows03:42
suicidalidk :(03:42
rwwsuicidal: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu support. For questions about the IRC network in general, please see #freenode.03:42
stephenthemartyrcan anyone help me i have a dual-boot windowsxp/ubuntustudio10.04 and there was some graphics x crash and then after i restarted it acted normal except the screensavers wont run and when i turned on jackaudio to record with ardour and hydrogen drums i had like 100 x-runs but it was working great before the graphics crash,are they related?03:42
suicidalnit-wit: type in quotes what i should do to to join the channel "cyaamigoz"03:42
tianrificdoes any one actually have an answer to my question? or should I try some other channel03:43
nit-witsuicidal,    "##windows"03:43
TooTalltry another channel03:43
ubuntududeHow do I update Ubuntu?03:43
suicidalnothing happened.03:43
nit-witubuntudude, sudo apt-get update in the terninal03:43
rwwsuicidal: "/join ##windows"03:43
mystiquebatianrific: I had to connect to an ethernet cable and then do the update03:43
ubuntududenit-wit: TY03:43
nit-witubuntudude, then sudo apt-get upgrade03:44
tianrificmystiqueba: what kind of update do I have to do ?03:44
csdservertianrific - did you have to tell your router to clone an address in order to communicate with your modem?  you might have to do the same via your edit03:44
dbrunswhat is the firefox addon that lets me trick sites like adobe.com to think I'm on windows so they let me download windows software03:44
tianrificmystique: do I have to do it on both linux and windows ?03:44
TheCyph3rdbruns: perfect, that worked03:44
rwwdbruns: User Agent Switcher?03:45
dbrunsYes thanks!!03:45
mystiquebawith mine, I just upgraded the ubuntu to 11.0403:45
computer_anyone:hi! I'm using 11.04. In the last month i keep being ask to enter a password before i am connected to the local network at home even though the laptop is set to automatically login on start-up anyone know why his started and how to fix?03:45
userHow can I see what type of usb my disks are plugged into?03:45
mystiquebaI have no idea why wifi didn't work on the previous version03:45
Carlossudo apt-get install update-manager-core03:45
Carlossudo do-release-upgrade03:45
stephenthemartyrany help would be oh so much appreciated,although i realize its busy here03:46
tianrificcsdserver: my wifi card doesn't pick up any signals at all . the light is not even on03:46
dbrunsrww, wanted to download photoshop and try it with wine, but it refused to let me since i'm not on windows :(..03:46
csdservertianrific - and it works under you win7 boot?03:46
dbrunstianrific, if the light isn't on.. try switching the wireless switch on the laptop.03:46
tianrificcsdserver: it works on win7 before I install ubuntu03:47
qintianrific: Did you try: rfkill list; lspci; ifconfig?03:47
redgonehey guys, where is the audio device file? /dev/dsp isnt on my system03:47
nit-witcomputer_, right click the network manager icon the edit click on the wireless, and click connect automatically03:47
dliredeyyez, /dev/snd/*03:47
dliredgone, /dev/snd/03:47
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
tianrificdbruns: I turned the switch on , but the light is still off03:47
dbrunstianrific, what model/brand laptop is it03:48
tianrificqin: I didn't try those commands . I don't have those commands on win703:48
qintianrific: /join ##windows03:48
TheCyph3rdli: I've got an SSH question for you now03:48
csdserverIt might be something conflicting in your MBR that causes it to not initialize your device too.03:48
tianrificdbruns: it is lenovo03:48
dbrunstianrific, what model03:48
csdserveror switches something on when it should stay off...03:49
dbrunstianrific, have you tried plugging it in so you can get an internet connection and download the proper drivers??03:50
tianrificdbruns: it is zhaoyang E43L03:50
dbrunstianrific, yeah the wireless drivers won't be included for that one.. so you'll need to connect via ethernet to get them03:50
tianrificdbruns, but did wifi card stop working on win7 too ?03:51
TheCyph3rI've got an SSH question when someone has a chance03:51
stephenthemartyris there another channel where i might be able to get help?03:51
qin!ask > TheCyph3r03:51
ubottuTheCyph3r, please see my private message03:51
dliTheCyph3r, yes, always ask the channel, and do not ask to ask03:52
csdservertianrific - which OS are you letting manage your boot, grub or win?03:52
TheCyph3rI removed SSH to shut it off, then found a script that can shut it off w/o removal. Reinstalled, now I can't run "ssh localhost"03:53
tianrificcsdserver, I used grub03:53
dliTheCyph3r, sudo service ssh start03:53
dbrunstianrific, you may have to play around in your BIOS settings  and see if there is some sort of toggle switch for it03:54
qinTheCyph3r: Have you not remove it? You mean "uninstall"?03:54
chomeis there a channel to discuss lmms?03:54
TheCyph3rdli: Thanks! That did the job03:54
tianrificdbruns, toggle switch for my boot setting ?03:55
TheCyph3rqin: I did an uninstall with  sudo apt-get remove ssh03:55
qinTheCyph3r: No biggie.03:56
csdservertianrific - i'm going to suggest hooking up to a hard link to get updates/drivers etc if you haven't already.  if you have done that then inspect your bootlog and see if it's failing on detection or if it's even logged at all.03:56
TheCyph3rqin: I've been trying to get that fixed for a half hour now >.<03:57
chomeis there a channel to discuss lmms?03:57
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*03:57
chomeim getting good, need some tips03:57
csdservertianrific - did you let ubuntu manage your partition or did you do it yourself?03:57
tianrificcsdserver, I let ubuntu managed my partition03:58
stephenthemartyranyone familiar with a graphics x crash?03:58
tianrificcsdserver, is that bad ?03:58
csdservertianrific, usually not03:59
stephenthemartyror know why it would cause jack to have x-runs?03:59
matoywhy is there a game account?04:01
matoyin ubuntu server04:01
ryty1looking for some help with getting my highpoint rocketraid r640 controller working for install04:03
ryty1I was able to get the driver installed during my last attempt, but I opened gparted and everything froze up04:04
stephenthemartyrhow do i switch channels?04:04
ryty1right now I'm booted using the live cd04:04
ryty1trying to install on this brand new ssd04:04
=== REK is now known as REK_007
nit-witstephenthemartyr, /join (channel)04:05
stephenthemartyr<nit-wit>sorry to be so dumb but where do i put that?04:07
naptasticI'm compiling a custom kernel (which I've done many times before) and am getting a new error: dpkg-gencontrol: error: package linux-image-3.0.0-rc7-rt0 not in control info04:07
nit-witstephenthemartyr, like you were posting04:07
luckysmackmy main desktop is ubuntu natty. which will be the main workstation. Another ubuntu desktop in my living room, and a windows laptop. what would be the best way to setup filesharing between the 3 over the network? i have 2 x 2TB external drives on my main workstation i would like to be able to share with my livingroom computer to play movies off the drive. similarly with the laptop04:08
naptasticI've googled and it seems to have to do with a change in kpkg, config-auto-append, --append-to-version, and the kernel config option for appending version information.04:08
nit-witstephenthemartyr, no problem.04:08
luckysmackive seen multiple articles on how to do it but im not sure of the best way to set it up04:08
naptasticSince that's a lot of variables to independently check, I wonder if anyone here has solved it already?04:08
stephenthemartyris this ubuntu studio channel?04:10
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org04:10
sharestephenthemartyr: #ubuntustudio04:10
ubuntududeis their ubuntu studio wubi?04:11
nit-witstephenthemartyr, it would be /join "#ubuntustudio"   without the quotes04:11
tomek_hi who can recommend me virtualization software for ubuntu?04:12
tomek_i need to run windows programs...04:12
sharetomek_: use Wine or Virtualmachine with VirtualBox04:12
tomek_share:vmware is worse?04:12
sharetomek_: vmware is not free04:13
bladewin programs or games?04:13
tomek_programs,games maybe04:13
bladeif games you can also use playonlinux04:13
nit-wittomek_, can you dual bot it?04:13
TheCyph3rso...is there just a "shoot the shit" channel for ubuntu?04:14
nit-witTheCyph3r, #ubuntu-offtopic04:14
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:14
bladetomek google something called ultimatex04:14
TheCyph3rthanks nit04:14
IdleOneTheCyph3r: Please keep the language clean here and there :)04:15
share!language | TheCyph3r04:15
ubottuTheCyph3r: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:15
nit-witTheCyph3r, no prb.04:15
TheCyph3rSorry :-/ Just been a very longggg week04:15
TheCyph3rnit-wit: Preciate it04:15
rww!ultamatix | blade04:15
ubottublade: Ultamatix is not recommended, supported, or needed by Ubuntu.  Use of this software may cause damage to your Ubuntu install.  Do not suggest its use in this channel. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/99905.html and !automatix for more info.04:15
=== harrumph_ is now known as harrumph
bladeok sorry did not know that04:16
TheCyph3rharrumph: blazing saddles reference?04:16
nit-witso let me04:16
harrumphTheCyph3r: give the governor a harrumph!04:16
bladehow is the new ubuntu 11 4 with dual vid cards on unity?04:17
bladefrom what i have read on unity i am a little gun shy to go to the 11 404:18
nit-witharrumph, for your pleasure.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN99jshaQbY04:18
harrumphnit-wit: :)04:20
bladeno thoughts on unity?04:21
louzerWhen I ran Ubuntu 11.04 CD installer, I cannot see the GUI if I choose to install/use live CD.04:22
IsmAvatarblade: my thoughts are it should have been kept in incubation for another 2 years :-p04:22
louzerCan anyone help?04:22
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
bladeso i should not make the jump to 11 404:22
bladewhat graphics card do you run louzer04:22
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest40477
IsmAvatarblade: If you value Gnome 2, you'd be wise to stick with 1004:23
louzernvidia.. something every high end04:23
=== bill_ is now known as bleh
louzerblade: wait04:23
TheCyph3rnit-wit: I was going to post that!04:23
IsmAvatarlouzer: does it have an actual card, or is it just a chipset that came with the mobo04:23
nit-witlouzer, boot the cd ho;d down the shift at the gui if you get one hit f6 then nomodeset then bot04:24
louzerhi all, i have an actual card GeForce GT 33004:24
louzernit-wit: what does that do04:24
nit-witlouzer, it is a lowgraphics mode04:24
louzernit-wit: thanks04:25
louzerblade: thanks for asking04:25
louzerIsmAvatar: thanks for asking04:25
nit-witlouzer, you will need the nomodeset command on the reboot from the install but in the kernel line, to get you in to install your driver for the card04:25
IsmAvatarLooking for a little help with Flash applications. They tend to show black regions, like the refreshing is all wrong or something. I was wondering if this was a known bug with Adobe flash, and if there was a viable workaround?04:26
louzernit-wit: hmm ok04:26
IsmAvatarblade: yes04:26
louzernit-wit: lets hope the GUI wont look ugly04:26
bladefirefox has an addon for flash help04:27
nit-witIsmAvatar, install the FF addon flashaid, that should get you the latest and cleaned up04:27
bladethat's the one04:27
louzergotta go nit-wit04:27
bladeif your running x64 it works like a charm04:27
nit-witlouzer, good luck04:27
louzerwill be back  if shit happned04:27
IsmAvatarblade/nit-wit, ok, i'll look into that. Thanks.04:27
nit-witIsmAvatar, I think it is flash aid04:27
nit-witspace in the words04:28
bladeyes nit-wit04:28
IdleOne!language | louzer04:28
ubottulouzer: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:28
bladejust do a search in the add on's for firefox04:28
IsmAvatarblade: pretty sure I'm running 32 bit everything. Should have done 64 bit probably, since this is a beast of a computer, so I'm probably just holding it back >_>04:29
bladewhat cpu you run ismavatar04:30
IsmAvataroh, it is 64 bit firefox, according to flash-aid04:31
IsmAvatarblade: you'll have to help me find that info. It's not like I can just type "cpu" in unity and expect to get an answer anymore :-p04:32
bladeare the red messages private?04:32
rwwblade: no, they're in-channel messages that start with your nick.04:32
DamnSoGooDcould somebody teach me how to install ubuntu 10.04 into a sub stick/pendrive?04:33
bladeok thank you04:33
=== ckrailo_ is now known as ckrailo
IsmAvatarDamnSoGooD: from what OS?04:33
bladeismavatar type lscpu in terminal04:33
IsmAvatarlscpu, figures they'd name it something simple like that. First thing I tried was lspci04:33
bladedamnsogood use unetbootin04:34
DamnSoGooDIsmAvatar, ubuntu 10.04 because my SSD is very unpredictable now, maybe it's wore down already04:34
TheCyph3rAre there any advantages of using Nautilus over Thunar?04:34
IsmAvatarDamnSoGooD: there are instructions on the Download page: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download04:35
bladedamnsogood what brand of thumb drive do you have04:35
louzernit-wit: that doesnt help04:35
DamnSoGooDkingston II04:35
bladefile format?04:35
louzernit-wit: nomodset causes the same problem. the installer tries blinks trying to start GUI04:35
louzernit-wit: and fails04:35
bladedamnsogood use unetbootin04:36
IsmAvatarblade: yeah, it says it's x86_64 architecture Intel04:36
nit-witlouzer, not sure beyond that but this is the channel to find out.04:36
bladeismavatar how much ram do you run on there?04:36
louzernit-wit: thanks04:36
DamnSoGooDit's for a live usb not a substitute for a \harddrive04:36
gogetaIsmAvatar: that normaly mean 64 bit04:37
IsmAvatarblade: found it. 5.6 GiB memory, 2x Pentium Dual Core CPU @ 2.5 GHz ea.04:37
bladedamnsogood yes unetbootin will make your flash drive act just like an install CD04:37
DamnSoGooDi'm not asking for making a live USb, what i'm asking is how to install ubuntu into usb drive04:37
gogetaIsmAvatar: dule core is 64bit unless its p3d04:38
IsmAvatarDamnSoGooD: oh, sorry. Disregard me then.04:38
Guest79909IsmAvatar: wow, your devices so stronge.04:38
louzerhi all, does anyone know why would ubuntu 11.04 installer have trouble starting up its GUI when I have an nvidia GeForce GT 330. I tried nomodeset and that did not help either04:38
bladeismavatar yea i would be willing to bet your running x64 ib on all of it04:38
TheCyph3rAre there any advantages of using Nautilus over Thunar?04:39
bladedamnsogood you can also use unetbootin to install it on the pen drive and it will act like a small SSD04:39
gogetalouzer: did you just answer your own question04:39
louzergogeta: how04:39
gogetalouzer: you said will it have issues then said its not working04:39
IsmAvatarblade: I used a 32 bit ubuntu install CD, iirc04:40
bladegogeta he has been in and out of here working on this same problem for some time now04:40
DamnSoGooDblade, but it is still just a live usb taking long to boot, what i want is a permanent install into a USB stick04:40
louzergogeta: yes i did reboot to try to install and now im back04:40
gogetalouzer: your best chance would install it text mode then install the nivida drivers by hand04:40
bladeismavatar are you in 11 4?04:41
=== Guest79909 is now known as bluebird
IsmAvatarblade: yes04:41
louzergogeta: hw to install in text mode04:41
gogetalouzer: if nevu is bugging out04:41
gogetalouzer: alt install cd04:41
bladedamnsogood that is the only way to install on a pen drive that i know of04:41
louzergogeta: at boot prompt?04:41
gogetalouzer: its a diffrent iso with a cli installer04:42
louzergogeta: oh got it04:42
bladeismavatar i am not sure but i think that even if you had the 32 bit it may have upgraded on a update to x64 i think it was 11 4 that i was reading about that was doing that04:42
rwwThere is no way to go from 32-bit to 64-bit without reinstalling, so no.04:42
bluebirdyep, that's truth.04:43
DamnSoGooDok, if that's so, alternatively how can i restore my SSD back to its almost factory condition?04:43
bladeismavatar then you must have used a x64 install04:43
bladedefine "factory condition"04:44
DamnSoGooDto its original state04:44
bladeoriginal state as in file format?04:44
DamnSoGooDyes, and there are still files that I cannot delete04:45
bladewhat os04:45
bladeNix or M$04:45
DamnSoGooDjust file systems that still appears in testdisk04:46
IsmAvatarblade/nit-wit: beautiful. Flash-aid fixed it. Thanks a bunch.04:46
nit-witIsmAvatar, cool.04:46
TheCyph3rAre there any advantages of using Nautilus over Thunar?04:46
bladedamnsogood i understand what you want to do with the drive but what os will you be in when you do the format?04:46
gogetaDamnSoGooD: umm format04:46
DamnSoGooDubuntu 10.0404:47
gogetaDamnSoGooD: are you asking how to totaly dod the drive?04:47
xanguaTheCyph3r: advantages of what¿04:47
tofaMy windows partition has disappeared from grub. Can anyone help?04:47
TheCyph3rxangua: any sort of advantages04:47
gogetaDamnSoGooD: use the dban live cd04:47
DamnSoGooDit just failed04:47
gogetaDamnSoGooD: dban did?04:48
bladedamnsogood system admin disk utility04:48
bladeyou can format to any file format you want from there04:48
nit-wittofa, any activities beforehand, updates in windows or ubuntu...etc04:48
xanguaTheCyph3r: nautilus us a submarine, thunar a hammer, you can destroy submarines with hammerd04:48
xanguaadvantage ;)04:48
nit-wittofa, have you run sudo update-grub in a terminal?04:49
DamnSoGooDit seems to be locked04:49
bladethecyph3r when in doubt install both and try them out.... they are both free04:49
tofaNo I don't think so.04:49
vivekimsitWhich is the best video downloader for ubuntu..?04:49
gogetaDamnSoGooD: dban will kill any data on the drive04:49
xangua!best | vivekimsit TheCyph3r04:49
ubottuvivekimsit TheCyph3r: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:49
nit-wittofa, try the suso update-grub command first04:49
gogetaDamnSoGooD: just rember it destorys all data04:50
tofaAfter it happened I ran sudo fdisk -l in terminal and there is now s star under the boot column for windows.04:50
DamnSoGooDone time, my SSD with unallocated space does not shows its free and unused space in gparted04:50
tomek_anyone can recommend visual HTML editor?04:50
gogetaDamnSoGooD: http://www.dban.org/04:51
DamnSoGooDthen the other time, my SSD won't show up in the boot order04:51
bladedamnsogood in disk utility unmount the drive and delete partition then format.... it will be clean as the day it was made04:51
nit-wittofa, the star is the boot flag04:51
DamnSoGooDwhat would you say about hdparm?04:52
tofaNit-wit, I've run sudo update-grub04:52
DamnSoGooDand testdisk?04:52
bluebirdtomek_: emacs04:52
DamnSoGooDand dban ? they cannot wipe out my SSD04:52
DamnSoGooDand my SSD is still a snail04:53
gogetaDamnSoGooD: shure can just use a single pasa to not have a ton of rights04:53
nit-wittofa,  crun this script and pastebin the generated text file.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/04:53
gogetaDamnSoGooD: or boot a ubuntu live cd sudo gparted delete all partation make new ones04:53
nit-wit* run geez04:53
DamnSoGooDgod! what do you thing about dban? what is a monster bomb? gparted or dban?04:54
gogetaDamnSoGooD: dban is a dod disk gparted will just reformat it04:55
DamnSoGooDdo you know a SSD?04:55
=== jay is now known as Guest57503
gogetaDamnSoGooD: yep have a netbook with one they tend not to be as bad as hdd when it comes to being able to recover data04:56
bladedamnsogood what size of flash drive (ssd) are you using04:56
DamnSoGooDits a 8g internal ata SSD04:56
bladegogeta what's that take of the netbook about 20 pounds lol04:56
gogetablade: eepc 900a its a very light netbook04:57
tomek_who uses virtualBOX?04:57
DamnSoGooDjoin #vbox tomek04:57
bladeit should not be slow then i ran ubuntu 9.10 from my 8gig flash drive for almost a year when it first came out04:57
gogetablade: did say it was04:58
gogetablade: didnt04:58
bladetomek i have used it04:58
gogetablade: the drive itsself is slow but i use btrfs with the whoe fs compressed and its fast04:59
bladegogeta a SSD in a netbook would be much lighter than a HDD or would that not be true?04:59
genewitchmy computer makes really weird noises when i run ubuntu; from inside the case. Like when i hover over an image on a website or open a program04:59
gogetablade: very light abought as heavy as a internel wifi card heh not even a pound05:00
gogetablade: i think the wole laptop is 2 pounds05:00
bladegogeta i have not used a laptop in about 6 years no so light then lol05:01
nit-witgenewitch, sounds possessed you got any holy water.;)05:01
solomonichey i have a question..05:01
gogetablade: and zlib compressed ubuntu install is like 1gb on a 4gb ssd thats very nice05:01
solomonici'm trying to unlock my account05:01
Phr3d13genewitch, sounds like hard drive issues, back up your documents/data and get a new hard drive05:01
solomonici accidently clicked the lock button on the bottom of the " my account "05:01
genewitchPhr3d13: no it's not the drive, i know what that sound is, it's not it.05:01
solomonicany suggestions? i've tried my pw i used to log into my computer, didn't work05:02
genewitchit sounds like the power conditioner circuit05:02
nit-witsolomonic, you don't know your password05:02
genewitchsomething in that area05:02
anon84687676798genewitch: the fan?05:02
solomonici do, but i already had it so iw ouldn't have to use it to login05:02
genewitchanon84687676798: no, no fans, but it does sound close to something hitting a fan blade gently05:02
solomonicand I clicked the lock button on the bottom by accident.05:02
gogetasolomonic: you can boot into single user reovery mode and set a new pass05:02
idlemind324does anyone have any tips for installing 10.04 lts to a usb drive and booting from that usb drive?05:02
genewitchidlemind324: unetbootin... it even has the ability to give persistent storage05:03
solomoniclemme try gogeta05:03
gogetaidlemind324: as a install mediea or as a os05:03
idlemind324genewitch: does it work on ubuntu server05:03
DBordelloIf I wanted to install TO a usb drive just like it was a regular HD, can I put the installation media on USB drive A and then just launch the installation and select USB drive B as the target?05:04
bluebirdidlemind324: i installed on a mobile hard driver.05:04
idlemind324gogeta: i want to use the usb drive (thumb drive) in place of a traditional hard disk05:04
=== lino is now known as lino_
DBordelloidlemind324, that sounds familiar05:04
genewitchDBordello: er, unetbootin will allow you to save files and use the livecd environment permanently.05:04
nit-witDBordello, yes just make sure grub is pointed at the usb you're installing to , that is in the custom setup05:04
genewitchDBordello: you don't want a regular system on a thumb drive05:04
DamnSoGooDsorry, but none here knows :D i've already asked the,05:04
gogetaidlemind324: just slect the usb drive as the install media then as well as tell it to put grub on the usb drive05:04
bladeidlemind you can use unetbootin to do that i ran an os like that for over a year05:05
Guest57503hmm quick question05:05
DBordellogenewitch, why not?05:05
Guest57503i cant watch any videos on my ubuntu05:05
genewitchDBordello: swap will kill the drive itself05:05
genewitchGuest57503: any videos or web videos05:05
gogetaidlemind324: yea unetbootin can also setup a prestent install alot easer05:05
Guest57503like dvd video05:05
idlemind324thanks. i've seen lots of notes on running the desktop os as a live cd on your thumb drive but nothing i was able to find said i could install the server os to it05:05
genewitchGuest57503: you need ugly gstreamer, hold on05:05
bluebirdGuest57503: u have to install media lib.05:05
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:05
DBordelloWhat happens on a live system when it needs to swap?05:05
Guest57503ohhh okay05:06
Guest57503im new05:06
Guest57503to linux05:06
idlemind324so far i've ran through the install but when i install grub to my usb drive (/dev/sda for me) i don't get an error it just hangs after i select boot from usb05:06
tofaNit-wit, Sorry about the delay the internet went down here. Where should I pastebin the textfile?05:06
genewitchGuest57503: in software center do gst-plugins-ugly05:06
nit-witDBordello, that is not true anymore thumbs last longer05:06
DBordellogenewitch, so you think going with a live system with persistent storage is better?05:06
genewitchDBordello: assuredly05:06
gogetaidlemind324: just slect prestent on the options hehe05:06
nit-wittofa, http://paste.ubuntu.com/05:06
idlemind324where do i  get that app gogeta?05:06
gogetaidlemind324: its for windows and linux05:07
gogetaidlemind324: in the repos for linux05:07
=== sabayonuser is now known as sumpygump
ArcademanIs there any other channel besides #ubuntu like #ubuntu-devel?05:07
gogetaidlemind324: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/05:07
Guest57503no media lib came up..05:07
genewitchidlemind324: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/05:07
genewitchidlemind324: that one?05:07
tofanit-wit, here's the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/649692/05:08
nit-witthanks holdon tofa05:08
genewitchGuest57503: search for ugly it's called "GStreamer extra plugins"05:08
Guest57503oh i see it05:08
bluebirdsudo apt-get install libdvdcss205:08
gogetaidlemind324: where it says space to reserve for multi reboots05:08
Guest57503thank you05:09
gogetaidlemind324: set that up and usb mobile distro05:09
genewitchrebooting to windows, talk to you folks tomorrow05:09
DBordelloSo I guess the decision is whether I want a regular installtion or "live" system on my USB key.  Pros/Cons?05:09
genewitchDBordello: the livecd is guaranteed to boot more than once05:09
genewitchDBordello: with no fuss and no grub config05:10
gogetaDBordello: grub tends to have a hart attack when you change pcs usb drive or not'05:10
DBordellogogeta, it will remain on the same machine.  Headless/diskless machine05:10
gogetaDBordello: then you can do nativ no issue05:10
DBordellogenewitch, what does the live system do when it needs to swap out?05:10
genewitchDBordello: crash, but why would it need to swap05:10
jen_hello all05:11
DBordellogenewitch, low on ram?05:11
Guest97451is there any RAM reader software for ubuntu?05:11
genewitchDBordello: you might be better off with a compact flash card, is this a laptop?05:11
bladelmao @ genwitch05:11
DBordellogenewitch, no, desktop.05:11
gogetagenewitch: not true ubuntu has a toram option if you got enough ram05:11
idlemind324ok so i got that app installed05:11
genewitchDBordello: for under $5 you can get a kit to make CF into normal IDE05:11
nit-wittofa, I think you may not be aware of the scroll feature in the grub menu, it shows in the bootscipt in the os-prober. Have you scrolled all the way to the bottom?05:11
idlemind324it's going through the paces atm05:11
gogetagenewitch: so you can load the entire os in ram05:11
genewitchgogeta: right but that's not swap05:11
DBordelloi am a little worried about the amount of ram as well05:12
idlemind324we shall see if it works. i'm interested in doing this to some kind of compact flash if possible down the line. i kind of like how you can buy a dell server with a cf chip them and load the cf up with esxi05:12
genewitchDBordello: use additional thumb drives as swap05:12
tofaYes, I think I have. All the partitions have been accessible before....05:12
genewitchDBordello: mkswap /dev/sd<thumbdriveletter05:12
DBordellogenewitch, why would a CF be better?  Besides being able to be IDE05:12
gogetaDBordello: well if you go nativ you need to install on that system or grub will choke and die05:12
DBordellogenewitch, okay.  Any reason I can't have that all on the same device?05:12
genewitchDBordello: faster, for a start. and it is an IDE drive, so linux loves it more than a USB drive.05:13
tofaNit-wit, I can try booting into windows again and see if works.05:13
DBordellogogeta, that is what I was planning05:13
gogetaDBordello: using a usb drive is fine eyther way just slect it05:13
DBordelloDo the live systems with persistent storage allow package installation, configurations, etc.05:13
genewitchDBordello: you can have it all on the same device but thumb drives aren't that fast to begin with. i dunno, give it a shot, but DD your device from another machine when you're done setting it up05:13
gogetaDBordello: i recomond btrfs with the ssd option on05:13
nit-wittofa, you have 7 kernel sets, it should be there. You have run the update-grub XP would not be there if it was not in the grub menu05:13
genewitchDBordello: yes they allow apt-get (i run backtrack on persistent usb)05:14
tofaNit-wit,  Yes, I think I have. All the partitions have been accessible before....05:14
DBordellogogeta, didn't even think about that.  Any reason why?05:14
gogetaDBordello: sd drives tend to need the same ruleset less writing to the drive longer life span05:14
tofaNit-wit, I'll give it a go then. Thanks for your help.05:14
genewitchgogeta: and swap is lots of writing05:14
DBordellogenewitch.  How does that work?  / isn't saved on reboot, right?05:14
genewitchgogeta: whcih is why i recommend another thumb drive :-)05:14
gogetaDBordello: no swap05:14
genewitchDBordello: yeah, it's persistent05:14
nit-wittofa, to be honest the "I think I have is not enough for me" run the update-grub command and look closely XP will be there I suspect, scroll to the bottom of the terminal05:15
gogetaDBordello: i genrelly dont have any issue running ubuntu without swap on a 4gb ssd05:15
genewitchgogeta: 4gb?05:15
genewitchgogeta: server?05:15
gogetagenewitch: netbook with btrfs ssd and compressed05:15
genewitchi have half a mind to drop ubuntu on an older laptop on a 4gb CF (i have xp on it right now)05:15
DBordellono swap sounds dangerous to me05:15
gogetagenewitch: whole os installed size 700mb hehe05:15
genewitchDBordello: the machine i am talking to you fromhas no swap05:15
genewitchDBordello: and 640mb of ram05:16
DBordelloi can beat that05:16
gogetagenewitch: you have to trick the installer but it works05:16
genewitchDBordello: it means i have to restart a service every day, but other than that, it's cheap.05:16
tofaNitwit, Yes it is there.05:16
gogetaDBordello: well 640mb on a server shouldent be a issue relly05:17
nit-wittofa, so your set, you might clean out some of those kernels05:17
genewitchDBordello: wait, the irsii box is gentoo, no swap. it never crashes anything. the ubuntu box i am ssh'd into is the one that has a service silently die every day05:17
DBordelloSo, if the usb key remains with the same PC, I am hearing that there is no reason not to do a full install, and give er a little swap05:17
bladedbordello just pick up a small flash drive for swap05:17
DBordelloI have a 8gb USB 3.0 drive that I am going to be using. I feel like that should be sufficient05:17
genewitchDBordello: if you do a single thumb drive, make sure you have a straight dd backup05:17
genewitchDBordello: just to save the trouble05:17
DBordellogenewitch, good call05:17
gogetaDBordello: swaping on a sd drive just make it noit last as long05:18
bladedbordello it should be fine that is what i ran 9 10 for almost a year on was a 8 gig flash05:18
genewitchDBordello: and good luck. if it works for you i might try and make a server image that way05:18
tofaNit-wit, I've always been slightly annoyed by the number of options grub gives me to boot into when I start up. How do I clean them out?05:18
genewitchblade: keen05:18
rkj90266can anyone tell me where to find a good linux program that will aggregate podcasts and sync them with a 5th gen ipod? Rhythmbox aggregates but can't sync, gtkpod is not being maintained, banshee crashes my ipod05:18
Ali2000hello all. I have 7300 gs nvidia graphic card ,, i have problem with it. the system do not recognize it , ii have test it on ubuntu 10.04 10.10 and natty , if i change to nvidia 8400 it will be solved?05:18
gogetaDBordello: as  long as you dont mind replacing the drive every few months have at it05:18
Guest97451is there any RAM reader software for ubuntu?05:19
nit-wittofa, I use the easy method there is a app called ubuntu tweak that will do it easily. its not in the repos do you want a link05:19
DBordellogogeta, i see.  I'll give it a shot without swap05:19
tofaNit-wit, That would be brilliant.05:19
DBordelloand see how it feels05:19
genewitchrkj90266: i'm seeing stuff like "install itunes under wine"05:19
genewitchrkj90266: and a few ryhtmbox fixes05:19
genewitchrkj90266: did you get a ryhtmbox database error of any sort?05:19
gogetaDBordello: or get a relly cheap 1gb drive what are they these days 5$ and use it for swap05:20
bladenit-wit i have seen that but have never used it. do you like the results05:20
genewitchgogeta: aka readyboost05:20
genewitchDBordello: 4GB $8 :-D05:20
DBordellogenewitch, true.05:20
nit-witblade, yeah it is the easy gui way, I'm lazy05:20
genewitchi used a $5 thumb drive as swap when i was parsing wikipedia xmls05:20
DBordelloI guess with a live system, it is setup to not be thrashing on the drive.  Would the "liveness" of it start to annoy me if I am installing stuff, etc?05:21
bladenit-wit sounds like what i need then cuz so am i lol05:21
HackNewtonhay friends05:21
gogetaDBordello: couse even if you blow up swap the os will keep running and toss a new one in05:21
rkj90266genewitch yes, i get a whole series of "error: resource not found" messages when I try to sync05:21
HackNewtonwell i am big trouble here05:21
HackNewtoni changed my CompizConfig settings and i lost my complete unity desktop05:21
HackNewtoni cannot access anything at all05:22
rkj90266genewitch i would prefer to have a native linux program instead of itunes, and from what i have read it sounds like itunes is buggy05:22
bladehacknewton what is wrong with loosing unity lol05:22
HackNewtondoes anyone know how to undo those effects ?05:22
genewitchrkj90266: i am looking sir05:22
HackNewtonblade, i cant access anything05:22
gogetaDBordello: but you said a server so your probly  not going to even need swap being your probly not going to be using tons of memery05:23
genewitchrkj90266: it seems like you're having an odd issue, perhaps submit a bug to rhythmbox maintainers?05:23
bladehacknewton log out and log back in before you put your password in at the lower rightish of the screen you can log in with different options05:23
DBordellogogeta, correct05:23
genewitchrkj90266: i'm getting 6 results on google for your exact issue05:23
genewitchand none have a solution05:23
nit-wittofa, here is a web link just run the three commands it will pput it in your update sources list. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tweak-0-5-8-released-with-ubuntu-11-04-support.html05:23
tofaNit-wit, Thanks for your help.05:23
nit-wittofa, no problem.;)05:24
ObrienDaveAli2000: I would try a smaller number first.05:24
HackNewtonblade, dude i am using desktop without effect option and i want my old normal desktop back05:24
jay__videoos still arnt playing..05:24
gogetajay__: cough vlc05:24
bladehacknewton have you tried to log into your ubuntu unity desktop05:24
Logan_gogeta: feel better05:25
HackNewtonblade, yes05:25
gogetaLogan_: yes i always love my video whont play question05:25
bladehacknewton you could also open your package manager and purge compiz05:25
HackNewtonblade, it only shows my DVD drive icon its all05:25
rkj90266genewitch that's discouraging, surprising really that this is as hard as it is05:25
Ali2000any one here know how to run vlc as root ?05:25
genewitchPS i think it should be more apparent that you need to run an apt-get dist-upgrade if it says "packages held back"05:25
gogetaAli2000: madness05:26
=== Guest97451 is now known as napster
Logan_sudo vlc05:26
Logan_or gksudo vlc, I suppose05:26
genewitchrkj90266: i know your feelings, trust me. But the only way to fix it sometimes is to submit a bug to the maintainers so they can get it patched.05:26
Ali2000it show this : VLC is not supposed to be run as root. Sorry.05:26
Ali2000If you need to use real-time priorities and/or privileged TCP ports05:26
Ali2000you can use vlc-wrapper (make sure it is Set-UID root and05:26
Ali2000cannot be run by non-trusted users first).05:26
FloodBot1Ali2000: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:26
genewitchgogeta: maybe he wants to vlc /dev/sda105:26
gogetagenewitch: he should be able to acess read only even on that05:27
genewitchAli2000: you trying to run it as a server?05:27
gogetagenewitch: enough for vlc to work05:27
rkj90266genewitch maybe i will try itunes and wine then05:27
genewitchAli2000: then you don't need root05:27
bladenit-wit in 11 4 compiz and unity are not good friends is that right?05:27
genewitchrkj90266: good luck, sorry i couldn't help more. check back during united states daytime when someone who has one can help :-)05:27
maalacblade: yes ..it has lot of problem based on my experience05:28
Ali2000I am using root account in my ubuntu desktop05:28
nit-witblade, it's a bit contankerous, but I use it.05:28
gogetaAli2000: there is no root in ubuntu05:28
gogetaAli2000: sudo only05:28
HackNewtonblade, anyway you know how to access compize manager trough terminal05:28
genewitchAli2000: ohhhhh.... useradd notroot & passwd notroot & su notroot05:28
Ali2000ok thanks :x05:28
=== DanaG_ is now known as DanaG
nit-witblade, I have the fusion icon in docky to fix it generally.05:28
genewitchgogeta: lies! i am logged in as root!05:29
gogetagenewitch: lol05:29
blademaalac nit-wit i am not running 11 4 and do not know much about terminal commands hacknewton has some problems05:29
genewitchok i have to relog. bye.05:29
gogetagenewitch: you added it didnt you05:29
genewitchsudo shutdown -r now05:29
nit-witHackNewton, ccsm05:29
gogetagenewitch: i just use halt05:29
HackNewtonnit-wit, thanks05:29
nit-witHackNewton, thats what we are here for no problem.;)05:30
bladei can see my first trip here will not be my last05:30
Azerbaijaowhat utility I can be use to intercept system calls called ​​by a process ?05:31
gogetablade: is that a thret05:31
bladegogeta lol it may be05:31
maalacnit-wit: try this one fusion-icon --no-start05:31
bladegogeta my first time ever in IRC05:31
gogetablade: lol if you run linux you spend alot of time on it05:32
maalacgogeta: yes, i agree. it's like when you start a game and you won't stop until you get to the next mission05:32
nit-witmaalac, I set up a launcher in home then dragged it to docky, I forget otherwise how I set it up. If Unity had a legit panel it would be there with options05:33
bladei used linux back in 9 10 now i'm getting back into it05:33
gogetamaalac: more like a mmo where it end even if you got all the endgame loot your helping the noobs05:33
bladegogeta cant stand M$ crashing all the time05:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:34
gogetablade: i cant diss 7 igts rock solid on my 1 machine that runs it my gameing rig05:34
gogetablade: the other 3 pcs are all linux05:34
bladegogeta that is what i built this computer for is 7 lol it seams a bit over powered for Ubuntu but  ..... lol05:35
carllyis anyone still on here05:35
bazhangcarlly, yes05:35
ActionParsnipcarlly: many05:35
Lasersblade: Overpowered -- How?05:35
bazhangblade gogeta chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic Please05:35
bladelasers because i can not get both of my ati cards to work05:36
maalacblade gogeta: let's go to that room #ubuntu-offtopic05:36
blademaalc how?05:36
Lasersblade: Type --> /j #ubuntu-offtopic05:36
bazhang /j #ubuntu-offtopic blade05:36
ActionParsnipBlade: type:      /join #ubuntu-offtopic05:37
gogetaActionParsnip: you live heh05:37
ActionParsnipGogeta: i live.....again     :-)05:37
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
maalacActionParsnip: how do you do that in pidgin05:38
gogetamaalac: pidgin takes standerd irc commands05:38
ActionParsnipmaalac: same as in any client. Type: /me <first person action>05:39
bazhangcarlly, ubuntu support question?05:39
* YankDownUnder drinks beer05:39
maalacActionParsnip: i didn't know that. thanks05:39
YankDownUnderWOW! It works? (sniggers)05:39
ActionParsnipmaalac: e.g.   /me is on the bus to work05:39
bazhangcarlly, this is ubuntu support. did you have a support question05:40
YankDownUnderWell, that answered that question.05:40
mrk1i was playing with samba and accidentally deleted some files and now i have lost the option to share files when i right click05:41
napsterIs there any way to send a row request to a webserver without using a browser at all?05:41
mrk1can anyone please help05:41
ActionParsnipmrk1: reinstall the samba package. May help.05:41
TheCyph3rsudo apt-get remove samba05:42
TheCyph3rsudo apt-get install samba05:42
bluebirdsome one can recommand some funny games in linux?05:42
TheCyph3ris that right?05:42
bazhang!games > bluebird05:42
ubottubluebird, please see my private message05:42
YankDownUnderTheCyph3r, Um...that's a bit drastic...05:42
mrk1the cyph3r i did that to no avail05:42
ActionParsnipTheCyph3r: easier is: sudo apt-get --reinstall install samba       both ways work05:43
YankDownUndermrk1, You can install a Samba configuration too through the Package Manager and that will help you get yourself back on track without deleting/removing Samba.05:43
ActionParsnipMrk1: do you have the same release on another system?05:43
mrk1actionparsnip no i dont05:44
HackNewtoni got restored it :)05:44
ActionParsnipMrk1: do you know which file(s) you removed?05:44
tomek_Anyobody uses Gambas?05:45
ActionParsnipMrk1: i don't use nautilus to share personnally. I've always used smb.conf05:45
mrk1actionparsnip it was in the var folder i was trying to follow some advice from online05:46
ActionParsnipmrk1: if you post the link it may help05:47
tomek_what is good tool for samba configuring ?05:47
mrk1actionparsnip i rebooted my computer and cant find it anymore. im sorry i know i am sounding like an idiot05:48
ActionParsniptomek_: nano is what i use. Eswat and nautilus are ones I can think of quickly05:48
Asterisk_is there an equivalent to the irc ghost command, but for ssh?05:48
ActionParsnipmrk1: you aren't, you're just learning :-)05:49
obeyanceCan someone refer me to a windows support room?05:49
zykotick9If anyone happens to still be around from me asking hours ago, the default timeout for the sudo command is 15 minutes (you can confirm with "man sudoers" and search for timestamp_timeout).  The timer does however reset any time sudo is used so attempting to "test" can be difficult, even the following courtesy #bash failed //  watch -tn1 'echo $(sudo date +"%H:%M:%S")' // however "sudo ls && sleep 16m && sudo ls" reasks for the sudo password.05:49
SiaHow can I see a list of APs?05:49
obeyanceIve been working on getting my lan drivers installed and no mater what i do it wont work.05:49
ActionParsnipobeyance: ##windows05:49
mrk1just found the link05:49
obeyanceThis is in windows*05:49
ActionParsnipSia: sudo iwlist scan05:50
mrk1actionparsnip /var/lib/dpkg/info05:50
Juozasobeyance, ##windows probably05:50
josephpagodahello everyone!  Does anyone know how I can make an ext4 mount point always have a specific uid?05:52
ActionParsnipmrk1: yikes. There is a fix but my browser sucks off of wifi. Marco Braida posts fixes for the packages. Its a list of about 9 commands05:52
mrk1actionparsnip alright thanks a lot! ill try to fix it05:53
ActionParsnipMrk1: search for: marco braida mv cp status apt-get clean old       usually makes it appear. Its in a launchpad question, scroll down a few, you'll see it05:53
loltoanyone try to use dwm and have it not respond to cmds05:55
mrk1hello everyone, my /etc/samba folder got deleted accidentally.. any fixes?05:57
loltosorry, dwm05:57
loltothen window manager?05:57
uw_hi there!  question about netbootin05:57
uw_if anybody has experince in that?05:57
aumhow to install openoffice.org in ubuntu 11.04, i have install the deb files but its giving dpkg error05:58
YankDownUndermrk1, Well, as ActionParsnip had said, you can just do a re-installation of Samba and that should be that...except for the fact that you'll have to re-configure your shares mate...05:58
uw_whats the error aum05:58
bazhanguw_, please ask05:58
Siaok, now how can I connect to one of APs found by iwlist?05:58
YankDownUnderlolto, There was a "dwm" way back when - was kinda like "Presentation Manager" for X - like OS/2 - is that what you mean?05:58
Lasersaum: LibreOffice. Is same.05:58
aumration$ sudo dpkg -i openoffice.org3.3-debian-menus_3.3-9556_all.deb05:58
aum(Reading database ... 163112 files and directories currently installed.)05:58
aumUnpacking openoffice.org-debian-menus (from openoffice.org3.3-debian-menus_3.3-9556_all.deb) ...05:59
aumdpkg: error processing openoffice.org3.3-debian-menus_3.3-9556_all.deb (--install):05:59
aum trying to overwrite '/usr/share/mime/packages/openoffice.org.xml', which is also in package libreoffice-common 1:3.3.2-1ubuntu405:59
wolsLasers: it's not the same05:59
FloodBot1aum: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:59
aumdpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)05:59
YankDownUnderNice flood.... (gads)05:59
mrk1yankdownunder that is the problem i did reinstall but it is not helping because the shares are disabled for some reason05:59
Laserswols: Okay. You caught me. It's not same. :(05:59
loltoYankDownUnder:  i mean the tiling window manager, it shows up as a session option, but all commands to it seem to fasil05:59
bazhanguw_, you mean unetbootin presumably05:59
YankDownUndermrk1, Um...if the shares are disabled, did you not re-create them?05:59
josephpagodaanyone have any ideas on how i could mount my ext4 drive to always make files be 766?05:59
uw_bazhang, i can get the kernel/ramdisk to load on a machine, but when running the install i do not have internet access05:59
josephpagodainstead of 755?05:59
pratzhey guys my friend has windows machine and he wants to connect to my ubuntu box with vnc , but he is unable to connect , (we are on the same network)06:00
SiaI am confuzed in terms SSID, BSSID and ESSID06:00
mrk1yankdownunder that is the problem i am having, i am trying to but the option to do so is gone when i right click on the file06:00
uw_bazhang, i dont really want to set up a mirror.  it seems silly that i should have to because a fully installable system is available via cdrom06:00
bazhang!wifi > Sia please have a read06:00
ubottuSia, please see my private message06:00
YankDownUnder  mrk1 Um...now ya lost me..."Right click the file" -> I don't get it...???06:01
mrk1yankdownunder i used to be able to share my files/folders by right clicking and saying share folder, that option is gone entirely06:02
bazhanguw_, I may have misunderstood, sorry, did you mean 'netboot' as opposed to using unetbootin to install iso to usb stick?06:02
DBordelloI am impressed with the usb LIVE installation.  It appears to be a real install :)  I installed a package, messed with /etc, and rebooted.  It all stayed.06:02
YankDownUndermrk1, Right - so you've done a re-install of Samba - have you, perchance, rebooted?06:02
uw_bazhang, i have the whole cd on the netboot server...how can i get it too look at that (preferably via NFS not HTTP or FTP)06:02
mrk1yankdownunder yes i have and still nothing..im stumped06:03
uw_bazhang, i mean over the network, i dont have a usb key06:03
mrk1yankdownunder i also have killalled nautilys06:03
YankDownUndermrk1, Look, in your Package Manager, there is an admin utiliity for Samba - ya might want to install it, and try this all over again...the other option is to completely remove samba from this machine, reboot, re-install samba, then try again...06:04
bazhanguw_, okay you said 'netbootin' I presumed wrongly you referred to 'unetbootin'06:04
uw_bazhang, it is requsting a mirror (something like us.archive.ubuntu.com)  i would like it too look locally, via the same NFS share that it used to grab other files from.06:05
mrk1yankdownunder alright, ill try that, thanks06:05
uw_bazhang, yes sorry about that.  i met "netbootin'" as a slang for "netbooting", the verb for using netboot06:05
uw_bazhang, i could set up a http or ftp server on this...but its kinda unessary just so the client can pull in files.  the NFS is set up and working properlly, why cant it just keep using that for everything on the CD as normal?06:07
bazhanguw_, I dont know much about the pxe netboot issue, sorry for the misunderstanding on my part06:07
uw_bazhang, ok understood.  thank you for your offering of help though06:08
DBordelloanyway to make the live installation less "live".  Ie, automatically loginging in the consoles.06:09
ActionParsnipDBordello: you can use remastersys to change the image as you desire06:10
=== blade is now known as chu_son
rabbit1how to migrate from ubuntu to windows ?06:11
ActionParsnipRabbit: migrate what?06:11
=== chu_son is now known as blade
rabbit1ActionParsnip: need to install windows, my system is on ubuntu... how to format and install windows ?06:12
DBordelloActionParsnip, i don't need to create a new iso.  Once it is isntall on a usb drive i want it to act a little less "live"06:12
DBordelloit works great with persistent partitions06:12
ActionParsnipRabbit: the windows install cd can delete the ubuntu partitions and install itself as you desire06:13
IdleOnerabbit1: help with installing Windows in ##windows06:13
ActionParsnipDBordello: can you define "less live" please06:14
DBordelloActionParsnip, sure.  Doesn't automatically login all of the consoles.  Remove the default ubuntu user.06:14
KartagisI can't bring ubuntu back from sleep, where can I turn that off? power options?06:15
ActionParsnipDBordello: if you use unetbootin the you are simply transferring the live cd to usb. Updates wi not stick. If you create a persistent install you can add all manner of changes and startup scripts and after a reboot they will not be lost06:17
DBordelloActionParsnip, I used unetbootin with a persistent storage.  It is actually reall impressive.  It behaves like a full install06:18
ActionParsnipDBordello: if you run system updates then reboot you will have to older versions of the apps06:19
DBordelloActionParsnip, oh reall :/  I did notice if i installed a package using apt-get, it showed up upon reboot.06:20
DBordellowhich I thought was nice06:20
DBordelloActionParsnip, i am attempting to run a system from USB.  I am trying to decide if it is best to run it as a live environment, or install to the usb key06:20
KM0201i'm not sure most USB's would have room for a bunch of updates toa persistent install06:20
ActionParsnipDBordello: the squashfs file doesn't get updated :-(06:20
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:21
bazhangActionParsnip, its !usb06:22
ActionParsnipbazhang: i see. The second link looks good to me06:22
DBordelloHmmm, live/full. I woulnd't mind a full fledged installation.06:23
ActionParsnipbazhang: thanks for the tip :)06:23
ActionParsnipDBordello: you can. Ubuntu and windows7 can resize ntfs to make free space to put ubuntu in06:24
beachbuddahhey folks, just installed 11.04 on an asus 900eeepc and would like to pin the system monitor to the tray - any ideas how?06:25
IdleOne!persistant > ActionParsnip06:25
ubottuActionParsnip, please see my private message06:25
ActionParsnipIdleOne: i can't spell, not this early anyway haha06:26
bazhangbeachbuddah, right click keep on tray?06:26
IdleOneActionParsnip: it has the correct spelling also06:27
beachbuddahbazhang, I've only discovered one way to see the various installed apps - when I look at it that way the right click is disabled06:27
ActionParsnipIdleOne: dead handy06:27
DBordelloActionParsnip, that isn't the issue.  This is for a headless/diskless machine06:27
skrmmHello. I have simple bash script which just records audio from mic in and sends it via ftp - in loop, audio files are 2 Mb each. So, I need to run this script after booting. Any ideas?06:28
DBordelloI think I will install from USB A to USB B.  Any suggestions to reduced thrashing to the drive?06:29
ActionParsnipDBordello: ahh i see. Then persistant USB is great. A class 6 SD card will help improve speed06:29
corestormg hey06:31
corestormHow do i clear my DNS cache ?06:31
corestormDoes anyone know how to clear DNS cache ?06:32
skrmmsudo /etc/init.d/nscd restart I guess06:33
glebihanskrmm, does that script have to run in the background or does just have to be run once on boot ?06:33
corestormnot working06:33
skrmmglebihan, background, I'm building something like IP dictaphone06:34
skrmmcorestorm, try sudo aptitude install nscd first06:34
corestormI've done this already06:34
corestormit's not clearing my DNS cache.06:34
glebihanskrmm, in that case you would have to use an upstart job06:35
corestormDoes anyone know what i need to do here ?06:35
skrmmcorestorm, service networking restart?06:36
glebihanskrmm, here is an example of a simple upstart job I made : http://paste.ubuntu.com/649733/06:36
corestormMabie there's a cache on my router ?06:36
skrmmglebihan, Oh, ok, I guess I should rtfm about upstart, thanks06:36
corestormOr some shit06:36
glebihanskrmm, also have a look to other jobs in /etc/init06:36
skrmmcorestorm, maybe there is, who knows. If so - just reboot the router06:38
faLUCE hi. Is there an editor which allows to insert words only if the follow a user-defined grammar?06:40
skrmmfaLUCE, I'm not sure, but seems gedit has feature like that06:46
StepNjumpis there a way to use wpa2 encryption in iwconfig?06:47
bsmith093im so tired of monkeying around with the power management settings. can someone send me a screenshot, or the proper settings, to make a laptop on ac power, onle black and lock the screen after 10 minutes but never do anything else?06:49
bsmith093including hibernate06:49
faLUCEskrmm: I can't find it06:49
StepNjumpok found it. sorry06:50
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=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
skrmmfaLUCE, I'm unable to check exact solution at the moment, I'm using ubuntu server. But - I remember I had to activate some plugin in preferences and then define short words to expand06:52
Guest85791hello everyone06:53
faLUCEskrmm: so, you already tried that?06:54
skrmmfaLUCE, Yes, but few months ago. Do you want something like text expander on Mac? http://www.smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/06:55
Tesseractafternoon all06:56
josephpagodahi Tesseract06:56
skrmmglebihan, what does that -p key mean? PID?06:57
TesseractGot a bit of a problem. just got a new fritzbox in and ubuntu can connect to it but wont connect to the internet06:58
LasersfaLUCE: Autohotkey?06:59
TesseractAny ideas?07:00
LasersfaLUCE: autokey -- Try that.07:01
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phper_Hello. What is the name and path of the image file portable ubuntu uses?07:03
bullgard4phper_: What do you mean by "portable ubuntu"?07:05
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
merseylessAnyone here had any experience with wifi not wanting to work?07:08
phper_it's portable07:08
phper_you can carry it around in a usb, it runs as a windows application07:09
merseylesshe means this: http://lifehacker.com/5195999/portable-ubuntu-runs-ubuntu-inside-windows07:09
Lasers!usb | phper_07:10
ubottuphper_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:10
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merseylessnot quite lasers, it's a ubuntu virtual machine in windows that works in-line with normal windows07:11
Lasersmerseyless: I see it. New thing. :)07:11
Punnais there any way to start a console application with a proxy internet connection?07:12
n00bRXHey Fellas .. I have a total ass dumb question07:12
Punnalike, the connection the console app uses will be going through that proxy (specifically, SOCK5)07:12
Lasers!ask | n00bRX07:12
ubottun00bRX: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:12
n00bRXok, thank you. I won't ask to ask again07:12
n00bRXsomehow I "moved" the active window I was in to the top left of the screen and locked it in place07:12
n00bRXit sucks because I can't read the screen properly, and I can't seem to get it to "appear normal"  meaning that I don't have control of moving it around07:13
n00bRXSo what exactly did I do?07:13
n00bRXThanks ubottu & lasers07:13
csdwifin00bRX, you might have switched workspaces07:13
n00bRXNo, I didn't switch workplaces.07:13
n00bRXas in holding shift, alt, ctrl and then an arrow key07:14
esr_\server irc.irc-hispano07:14
Lasersn00bRX: Hold ALT and try drag the window?07:14
n00bRXI clicked on something with my mouse, and it's like the border around that active window disappeared and locked it to the uppert left side of my active workspace07:14
n00bRXok one second lasers07:14
LasersBorder disappear? You don't have metacity or compiz running07:15
n00bRX I do believe I have compiz running07:15
n00bRXshould I go back into the compfix settings and make sure my borders are turned on.07:15
Lasersn00bRX: Err. Sure. If you were tweaking with compiz settings when that happen, that information might be useful.07:16
n00bRXfor instance lasers, this active xchat IRC isn't giving me the usual min, max and close in the upper left07:16
n00bRXI actually wasn't tweaking compfiz07:17
n00bRXI mean I have in the past, but at this point and juncture I wasn't not in compfiz.07:17
Lasersn00bRX: Try enabling metacity/compiz the way you usually.07:17
n00bRXFor instance, firefox gives me the option to minimize, maximize and then the "x" to close out.07:17
Lasersn00bRX: Open a terminal -- "metacity --replace &&" ?07:17
Lasers"metacity --replace &"07:18
n00bRXLasers, it worked perfectly.07:18
n00bRXI have my "borders" back .. so what did I do exactly?07:19
n00bRXOr where in the help file can you point me so I can go read and learn07:19
Lasersn00bRX: Great. Now you should run that from "ALT+F2" -- So you don't have to close/cancel the terminal.07:19
Lasersn00bRX: I don't know. Something occured.07:19
Lasers!metacity | n00bRX07:19
IdleOneyou stopped compiz and restarted metacity07:20
IdleOnebasically telling metacity to redraw all your GUI stuff07:20
Lasersn00bRX: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager07:20
IdleOnesimplified Idle explanation07:20
n00bRXThanks idleone .. my computer locked up. I had to log out07:22
n00bRXMuch obliged. I will start reading on that.  Thanks again also Laser07:22
n00bRXWhat's up trenth?07:23
trenthI'm having trouble with my WNA3100 USB WIFI card07:24
trenthIn "Windows Wireless Drivers" I click "Configure network"07:24
trenthIt tells me, no network tool found07:24
lartzaForgot to remove my LVM and now server install is hard... what was the command to wipe a drive?07:25
lartzadd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda count=10 ?07:25
n00bRXAwesome .. I had to go in there and change some settings on basic windows management.  Fuck I am retared sometimes ..07:28
n00bRXI am so happy .. I am totally going to do some fappin!07:29
bazhangn00bRX, no cursing here07:29
n00bRXoh sorry man!07:29
bazhang!guidelines > n00bRX07:29
ubottun00bRX, please see my private message07:29
trenthAlright, n00bRX do you think you can help me?07:30
bazhangtrenth, whats the chipset, lsusb if usb, lspci if pci -----> to paste.ubuntu.com please07:31
beachbuddahhey room - just tried to upgrade to natty and I got an error stating I couldn't - I may have unauthorized packages - does that mean that my firefox  has to be downgraded. etc?07:31
trenthIt's a 902007:31
bazhangtrenth, atheros?07:31
trenthDoesn't say antyhing but this07:31
trenthBus 002 Device 003: ID 0846:9020 NetGear, Inc07:31
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
bazhangtrenth, and a search of those codes reveals what?07:32
Veqq_van_WegI have a problem where my keyboard stops working randomly. Sometimes it'll start working again after 5-10 mins... I can still right and left click and everything, but if I try to open a program or menu... nothing happens. I'm using 10.04 also07:32
trenthIt reveals, the ndiswrapper page07:32
trenthI did what it said on the page, iwconfig & ifconfig do not show my adapter though07:32
trenthndiswrapper -l shows my driver, and shows the device as detected07:32
trenthThe GUI of ndiswrapper on the otherhand, when I click Configure Network tells me no network found?07:33
trenth"could not find a network configuration tooL"07:33
envygeeksI was wondering if any of you knew when the next point release for 10.04 is due out this year?07:34
Lasers(but not guaranteed)07:34
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=5f18183c1ec9b931ebd30a4d22549b04&t=1549190&page=3 trenth07:35
popeyenvygeeks: week of July 21st07:35
popeyenvygeeks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule07:35
envygeeksYou know if they cherry picked out the wifi updates to enable new drivers for sta2800?07:35
k10W: GPG error: http://ftp.us.debian.org squeeze Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY AED4B06F473041FA NO_PUBKEY 64481591B98321F907:35
k10what to do?07:36
envygeeksspecifically: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commitdiff;h=b3ba44c6d1633692b45910ee77064e635e2c314307:36
popeyenvygeeks: you can download the iso now to test it and find out?07:36
cruskai239ma shitz be borked yo!!!07:36
bazhangk10, for debian?07:36
bazhangcruskai239, wrong channel07:36
bazhangk10, #debian07:36
popeyin fact it _is_ out https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2011-July/000150.html07:36
cruskai239lol im just kidding07:36
bazhangcruskai239, no cursing here, ubuntu support only07:36
envygeekspopey: impossible right now :P, I'm working on a thin client for the next 2 weeks becuase I'm on the road so I would have to have a CD sent to me >.<07:36
k10i used apt-get update07:37
k10and this error07:37
bazhangk10, its debian, its not supported here07:37
k10k byeee07:37
cruskai239really we doing this? i happened to have helped with one of the language packs07:37
bazhangcruskai239, doing what07:37
cruskai239translations and basic coding07:37
bazhangcruskai239, whats your support issue07:38
cruskai239kubuntu 11.04 32 bit works great except for one slight issue. thing doesnt hibernate07:38
bazhangcruskai239, whats swap and how much ram07:39
cruskai2394 gb of ram07:39
trenthbazhang, it tells me my version of ndiswrapper is 1.55 not 1.5607:39
lartzaHow big does /boot get in ubuntu?07:39
lartzasince it varies what distro07:40
lartza*distro's recommend, I have 32M on gentoo but 100 on Arch07:40
popeylartza: depends how many kernels you have kicking around07:40
popeylartza: mine is about 74MB at the moment07:40
cruskai239no partitioning. the os takes the whole drive07:40
popeylartza: with about 8-10 kernels07:40
bazhangcruskai239, no swap at all?07:40
cruskai23910 gb07:41
lartzapopey: Does ubuntu have a fallback kernel?07:41
lartzaLike a rescue kernel07:41
popeylartza: dunno what that means, I usually leave a few kernels kicking around though07:41
lartzapopey: Like kernel.img and kernel-fallback.img?07:42
lartzaA rescue kernel07:42
popeylartza: no07:42
popeynot by default07:42
lartza50M it is then :)07:42
envygeekswait, ubuntu does have a rescue mode where it drops everything from the Kernel07:45
envygeeksyou should be able to tap esc over and over on 11.04+ and access it07:45
fedyHello does anyone use recordmyDesktop?07:46
onezyes I use recordmyDektop07:49
fedyHOw much ram should I be have install to use it?07:49
=== dvz- is now known as Guest35082
lartzafedy: How much do you have? Won't it work?07:50
onezI dont know, but in my netbook which only 1 GB RAM, it's OK07:50
fedyMy system is only has 514 MB and when I install it slows down my system07:50
fedyso I am guess i got to buy a stick of ram07:50
popeyfedy: i stopped using recordmydesktop because it was too heavy07:51
lartzaWhy do you have to record and what? :/07:51
popeyfedy: http://lwn.net/Articles/452233/07:51
popeythats what I do now07:51
tomek_anyone used sco unix or hp unix?07:52
popeyit records video from screen, and audio from the sound card and from a microphone07:52
fedythx popey07:52
bug2000Something went wrong with my grub after reinstalling the MBR. It trys to load (hd0,0)/boot when (hd0,0) is a boot partition [So the OS loads it as /boot/boot]. How do I fix it? [Grub1]07:52
trenthOn ubuntu 11.0407:52
trenthHow do I make it look like 9.10?07:52
accel_not ranting: is it just me, or does ubuntu 11 seem quite a bit more broken than ubuntu 10?07:52
accel_i recently upgraded to 1107:52
accel_then went back to 10.0407:52
maalachi, need help in reseting bios password on ProBook 6555b? already remove the batter but still ask for password07:55
lartzamaalac: Of course07:55
lartzamaalac: You need to remove the motherboard battery for quite some time07:56
zagibuDapper Drake was the best release, you should go back to that ;)07:56
zagibumaalac: or there might be a reset bios jumper on the board07:56
maalaclartza: how many minutes ? it's not attached to it right now but still not resetting..07:56
zagibuor clear cmos07:57
lartzamaalac: The motherboard battery not the laptop battery?07:57
lartzaAlso try backdoor passwords http://www.tech-faq.com/reset-bios-password.html07:57
onezanyone have suggestion? I wanna buy audio interface for recording.07:57
maalaclartza: yes, that's what i did ..07:57
lartzamaalac: Yea sorry, some people would just probably remove the laptop battery :)07:57
zagibumalaac: also, you shouldn't steal other ppl's laptops07:57
lartzaTo be sure :)07:57
maalaclartza: this is my laptop provided by HP. I just need to enable something on the bios to work on the 64bit virtualization07:58
maalaczagibu: ..this is my laptop provided by HP07:59
sedawkhow do I make a command normally running as root runnable by anyone?07:59
lartzamaalac: Look for the CLEAR CMOS jumper?08:00
lartzaClr, clrpws, passwd, password, pwd, clear08:00
maalacok ...its inside the motherboard right ?08:01
maalaclabelled something like that right ?08:01
dydwhat tool can i use to verify the integrity of an hd?08:01
lartzamaalac: Yes, and the battery can take 15 minutes to 12 hours to clear CMOS :)08:02
lartzamaalac: So jumper is easier if you have one on the board08:02
maalacdo you haveppen to have diagram for this model : Probook 6555b?08:02
lartzawhat motherboard? :)08:02
maalacboard for this laptop ..08:03
csdwifimay have found a minor annoying bug.  Is there anything documented about System Testing locking out if password form is cancelled?08:05
lartzamaalac: http://www.365laptoprepair.com/ebay_images/4069_HP-ProBook-6455b-6555b-Motherboard-613397-001-TESTED_1.JPG08:05
lartzabut the image is pretty small still08:05
lartzacan't really see jumpers08:05
lartzaor labels08:05
aikInsaanwhat partition formats does the EFI bootloader understand?08:06
wasanzyI though cp -rf is suppose to force copy a whole directory? but is not doing so for me, still asking me to override or not, what am I missing out?08:06
aikInsaan*which fs formats does*08:06
maalacok thanks for this.. i'll look for it ..08:06
ChousukeaikInsaan: I think that depends on what drivers it has08:06
aikInsaanChousuke, hmm...i have not clue about bootloaders...any resource you can point me to grasp the basics?08:07
ChousukeaikInsaan: I don't know much about EFI either to be honest; But I think it should usually be able to boot from most common filesystems08:08
accel_grub source code08:08
lartzamaalac: Could be under that damn sticker possibly?08:08
accel_or for osx related, reFIT source code08:08
maalacyes could be..08:09
maalacneed to shutdown and open it up ..08:09
fedypopey: how do u install?08:09
lartzamaalac: Try the backdoor passwords?08:09
lartzamaalac: You need to know what it is AMI, Phoenix etc. (the BIOS)08:10
lartzamaalac: http://www.tech-faq.com/reset-bios-password.html08:10
maalachaven't tried backdoor passwords..08:11
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
dlirithow can I mount an nfs share with specific user/group owning the /mnt/share folder?08:14
ajahfrom synaptic i completely remove grub-pc and grub2 not when start the machine i see black screen file not found and grub rescue prompt how do i fix this08:14
pposajah you need to reinstall grub08:15
ajah ppos any tutorial how to do that08:17
gogetaajah: do what08:17
csdwifiwasanzy - sudo cp -prfv dir1 dir2  - what happens?08:18
ajahgogeta installing grub2 because now  i don`t have grub-pc and grub208:19
daniel__hello i upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 and my wifi card wont work it says its installed in addtional drivers does anyone know how to get it working again08:19
gogeta!grub | ajah08:20
ubottuajah: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)08:20
Mandrewhello is there a safe way to purge unity?08:20
gogetaMandrew: purge?08:21
Mandrewgogeta, uninstall08:21
gogetaMandrew: lol yea run a remix like kubuntu or xubuntu08:21
daniel__mandrew, ha is there a way that they coulda made ubuntu better after the update and not worse lol i havnt found out08:21
gogetaMandrew: or install another window manaer08:21
gogetaMandrew: always the good thing abought linux dont like the defult settings change it08:22
=== Joe_Hunnicutt is now known as jcreek
Mandrewhehe funny guys but the thing is that you have booth gnome and unity installed in ubuntu 11.04 and i dont want unity in the system08:22
Mandrewgogeta, thats what i want and i want ti purge unity ;)08:23
gogetaMandrew: well gnome 2 is gone08:23
gogetaMandrew: 11.10 no fallback to gnome 208:23
Mandrewgogeta, im on 11.04 so i still have gnome208:24
gogetaMandrew: unfortanly in a stock ubuntu the unity is kinda stuck with you08:24
gogetaMandrew: being if you took out the meta package it would take gnome 2 as well08:24
Mandrewnot really cuz in synaptic i can find it but im not sure i can safely uninstall it08:25
gogetaMandrew: you can defently try08:25
gogetaMandrew: but later just simply avoide stock ubuntu08:26
gogetaMandrew: i run xfce08:26
Mandrewgogeta, ok well that was good info ;) well maybe i could try to install gnome2 as well then08:26
gogetaMandrew: run one of the remixes or mint ubuntu based but with any gui you whant bascily08:27
Mandrewi dont like xubuntu nor kubuntu but i really love ubuntu and i dont want to change, just can agree with the stupid decision to use unity08:27
gogetaMandrew: it was cannels personal vendetta agenst gnome 3 is why we got unity dispite the fact gnome 3 can be totaly changed being it uses js08:28
Mandrewgogeta, i like a proper desktop, not this bs with unity :(08:28
Mandrewwhy are they fighting gogeta ?08:29
gogetaMandrew: why im usinf xfce it acts mutch like gnome 208:29
gogetaMandrew: i dunno lol they just didnt like it08:29
gogetaMandrew: the good part sfxe uses gtk3 to so gnome 3 apps also work hehe08:30
Mandrewgogeta, are you using gnome applets in your install08:30
=== erikja is now known as OZ4KK
gogetaMandrew: i have a few apples from gnome but mostly sfce stuff08:30
gogetaMandrew: you probly ran a older xfce with its relly relly crappy theme08:31
vivanovamd64 oneiric new install, installed exported list of packages from another pc, got an error 'failed to load session "ubuntu"' -- how to fix?08:31
gogetaMandrew: or the crap theme ubuntu uses08:31
Mandrewi was running latest xubuntu gogeta08:31
e2I was using the alternate installer and doing a network install when I lost connection, I reconnected but it broke the current step "Select and install software"08:32
gogetaMandrew: yea but if it was years ago its totaly diffrent08:32
e2it doesn't seem to be a lock problem, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place?08:32
jcreekMandrew, When you boot up 11.04, the first screen is your user name. Click on this, and the next screen is for password. Before you enter your password, look at the bottom panel. Click on Ubuntu and a list of desk top options will open. Click on Classic Ubuntu and you will have the Gnome desktop again. Enjoy.08:32
Mandrewthe xubuntu 11.04 gogeta ;)08:32
gogetaMandrew: but i prefer mints xfce mint menu is awsome'08:32
Gunz4MiPPleI have an old nvidia pci card, but Additional Drivers is telling me it wants to install a free driver...08:32
Mandrewjcreek, thats what im doing but i dont want unity in my system ;)08:33
Gunz4MiPPleand nouvoe is already loaded08:33
Mandrewso gogeta your on mints xfce remix?08:33
Gunz4MiPPlece_imut: dont spam on join08:33
gogetaMandrew: well the mint menu is on all there mixes08:34
gogetaMandrew: but yes mint with xfce08:34
Mandrewgogeta, yea i know that ;)08:34
andrewh192wow, things are sorta going crazy on the server aren't they08:34
gogetaMandrew: with gnome and ubuntu blowing up there interface it seems the only sane manager left well lxde as well08:35
jcreekMandrew, You shouldn't be bothered with it again after setting your preference, but this is the last version of Ubuntu to offer that option.08:35
gogetajcreek: 11.10 is gonna be a epic yrainwreck heh being gnome 2 will be gone08:38
lartzaon ira heränny08:39
oCeanGunz4MiPPle: you can report the spam in #ubuntu-ops08:39
Gunz4MiPPleoCean: i dont wanna feel like a tattle tail :P08:40
jcreekgogeta, Linuxmint is great. In many ways I like it better than Ubuntu. The only short coming is that there is no Ubuntu One.08:40
Mandrewaaah well then soon all hope will be lost ;)08:40
gogetajcreek: heh you use that08:41
Rickard_Hi, I have a win 7 laptop and want to install ubuntu.. is it possible to do it when win7 already installed?08:41
gogetaRickard_: yep08:42
Rickard_gogeta, does the ubuntu installer offer this or do I have to do any partiotioning?08:42
oCeanGunz4MiPPle: that's fine too. However we cannot take action if there's no report of what actually happened08:42
jcreekgogets, yeah sure Ubuntu One has 256 bit download rate or better, which is just as good as Amazon and iTunes.08:43
gogetaRickard_: you can do the wubi rought if you do not whant to partation08:43
ajahi`ve successfully reinstall grub2 from live cd but not when i start the machine it show me some prompt sh:grub> what should i do (i don`t have installed grub-pc)08:43
gogetaRickard_: the installer also has some automatic options when it comes installing along windows08:44
tarelerulzWhat is the best dvd authoring software out there ?08:44
=== Wally1 is now known as Wally
Gunz4MiPPlewhich driver for nvidia mx 42008:45
tarelerulzWhat is good dvd authoring software that is open source  for linux ?08:45
Gunz4MiPPleim going to try 17308:45
gogetaGunz4MiPPle: lol lemmie look i got one thats cross platform just forgot the name08:46
gogetaGunz4MiPPle: dvdflick08:47
th3fjonghi ;)08:47
th3fjongi've just installed backtrack again :)08:47
th3fjonglong time no see :P08:48
oCeanth3fjong: this is not the backtrack channel08:48
gogetaGunz4MiPPle: http://www.dvdstyler.org/en/downloads08:48
gogetaGunz4MiPPle: dead simple ones to use08:48
Rickard_Is wubi good enough to work with or is it slow?08:49
Slarttarelerulz: depends on what you're going to do... devede is useful for makeing dvds from existing movies.. but there's not much room for creativity08:49
Gunz4MiPPlegogeta: i appreciate that, but they are already in apt08:49
th3fjongwubi is fine ;)08:49
ajahhow i can boot ubuntu from sh:grub> prompt ?08:49
gogetaRickard_: well the hdd speeds is a bit slower08:49
th3fjongyeah ofc it is :)08:49
gogetaRickard_: other then that its works just fine08:49
tarelerulzSlart , would love to be  creative ,but  they never seem to work.    I get one video that works and the rest mess up.    same with transcoding08:50
th3fjonganyone of you are very in to backtrack ? :)08:50
Slarttarelerulz: you're talking about devede now? you've tried it?08:50
oCeanth3fjong: backtrack is offtopic, try #backtrack-linux08:50
th3fjongoh ok thx ;)08:51
th3fjong* #backtrack-linux :Cannot send to channel08:51
th3fjongwhat do i do ?08:51
th3fjongnever tried that before08:52
samsultry /list find backtrack channel08:52
tarelerulzI have never  devede .   Plus, they are for like one dvd at time.   They take so much time I would  love to make  like 3 iso in row .  Like over night08:52
Slarttarelerulz: I'm not sure if devede has some kind of background engine you can send off jobs to..  but give it a try.. it's point and click, sensible defaults and you should now pretty soon if it's the tool for you08:54
oCeansamsul: it is the correct channel name. Also, to search for channels, you can use /msg alis list ubuntu for example08:54
HapieieIemand nederlands (A)08:54
oCeanHapieie: in #ubuntu-nl08:54
HapieieDankuuu :P08:54
richHi, could anyone share knowledge on git behind proxy server?08:54
oCeanrich: maybe try #git channel?08:55
tarelerulzdvd authoring   and transcoding all see to have the same problem.   it hard to find good one for point and click.   I have 8 core and good video card I would love to try out using the gpu so  could still do stuff08:56
ValrinAny way to get Ventrilo?08:56
antiihmpf.. how come my apt-get update takes ages and everything else works fine on my linux installation, got no problems with browsing the web, its fast there08:56
gogetatarelerulz: dvdflick seemd to be dead easy and everything came out fine08:56
gogetatarelerulz: same for dvdstyle08:56
mang0Is there a way I can move the virtual C drive from wine? I've got two (real) internal HDDs, and I want wine stuff on the other one to what it's on now....08:57
tarelerulzwhat about testing out the iso ?  Is that easy08:57
gogetatarelerulz: tossed it in my dvd player08:57
ObeyanceIs there a Lucid Puppy support room?08:57
icerootmang0: but the folder on the new drive and mount the new drive/partion ton ~/.wine/08:58
ikoniaObeyance: the channel is called #puppylinux08:58
ikoniaObeyance: type "/join #puppylinux"08:58
mang0iceroot: K, thanks08:58
gogetatarelerulz: and i think ubuntu will do a loopback mount on iso files via right click now08:59
ValrinAny way to get Ventrilo?08:59
gogetaValrin: its called managler its vent for linux09:00
tarelerulzSo I don't wast whole dvd-r . I could just play the iso file and  see if it works or not.09:00
ValrinThanks :)09:00
gogetaValrin: http://www.mangler.org/09:00
joshmcgogeta: re tarelerulz in nautilus it's `archive mounter'.09:01
gogetatarelerulz: yep09:01
Senixso, i installed ubuntu side by side with windows 7 and now my windows 7 wont boot.09:02
Senixhow would i fix this??09:02
gogetatarelerulz: and the mount command it pretty smart these days you can just do mount dvd.iso /mnt/cdrom09:02
alex--How to make a script for the terminal that asks the user to fill in a name?09:04
gogetatarelerulz: bascily you can put it in the same folder as  ubuntu uses for real cds so all the apps think a real disk was inserted09:04
Senixalex--: ask in #bash09:04
padi999Dear ubuntu-devs: If you give me a popup, that AN application wants to access the Default keyring, then have the decency to say WHICH application that is. I have 3 popups after each other on every login. And I don't like typing my password 4 times every login. Thanks09:05
gogetapadi999: relly i set my key to unlock all apps09:06
gogetapadi999: once and everything uses it09:06
alex--Senix: can i use ubuntu commands in it?09:06
Senixalex--: any .sh script will run terminal commands.09:06
gogetapadi999: waent that the point in keyring so it didnt pup up 4 times heh09:07
yesitisjustmedoes adobe flash work in wine?09:13
icerootyesitisjustme: why not use the real one?09:13
iceroot!appdb | yesitisjustme09:13
ubottuyesitisjustme: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:13
arthurwiiHi all09:14
yesitisjustmebecause can't use gmail phone with linux browser09:14
icerootyesitisjustme: what?09:15
icerootyesitisjustme: what is a gmail phone?09:16
Infernetyesitisjustme: test with vmware09:16
yesitisjustmedo you use gmail?09:16
icerootyesitisjustme: what is a gmail phone?09:17
Infernetonly mail service09:17
yesitisjustmeoh on gmail it says phone and it lets you use the phone for free09:17
ThinkT510i use gmail, never heard of gmail phone, is it usa specific?09:17
yesitisjustmeis like skype phone but free09:17
mang0How do I search for hidden files?09:17
Slartmang0: filenames starting with a dot09:17
arthurwiigoogle +09:17
mang0Slart: I mean with the file searcher?!09:18
mang0do I just put .wine or whatever?09:18
Slartmang0: I think that will work.. tried it?09:18
yesitisjustmewine can't install msi?09:18
mang0Slart: no, I will now, thankyou. :)09:18
ParkerRyesitisjustme, it can09:18
Infernetyesitisjustme: btw, vmware it's another great soft emulation09:18
ParkerRTry wine start filename.msi09:18
Slartmang0: .wine is normally in your home folder.. ~/.wine    or   /home/<yourusername>/.wine09:19
Infernetyesitisjustme: try it09:19
mang0I'm looking for ..c:blah blah cuz I tried to move it and it didn't work slart :/09:19
ThinkT510Infernet: why not suggest virtualbox?09:19
Slartmang0: ah.. I see09:19
yesitisjustmei installed opera on wine but can't install adobe flash player on wine does wine not able to install adobe flash?09:20
ThinkT510yesitisjustme: you can install opera natively on linux09:21
ParkerRIs there a way to disable my internal webcam? I am trying to use zbarcam with an external manual focus webcam but it keeps activating the built in one.09:21
szalyesitisjustme: srsly, why do you install Opera in Wine?  what's wrong w/ the native Linux version?09:21
Free-manParkerR tape over the eye? :)09:21
techhelper1User: e_imut!~ce_imut@   spammed me (in a pm) with another server to connect to, just letting the ops know it works by joining this channel09:21
yesitisjustmebecause you can't use gmail phone with linux browser it says only for windows when i try thats why09:22
SlartParkerR: you might be able to blacklist the module/driver for the webcam.. and hope the other webcam doesn't use the same module/driver09:22
Wallytechhelper1: try #freenode09:22
oCeantechhelper1: if you want, you can report in #ubuntu-ops09:22
usertechhelper1: HUh?09:22
Free-mantechhelper1 mention ce_imut too for sme thing09:22
techhelper1i meant that person09:23
techhelper1i missed a letter on copying09:23
oCeanFree-man: techhelper1 please stop that discussion here09:23
oCeanFree-man: techhelper1 report problems in #ubuntu-ops please09:23
yesitisjustmeit says adobe flashplayer already installed but the browser flash test does not detect it09:23
Free-manoCean mind-reading is verbooten.09:24
yesitisjustmevmware is better than wine?09:24
ParkerRSlart, ok how would I determine which one it uses and how would I blacklist? grep comes to mind when identifing09:25
Slartyesitisjustme: vmware is different from wine.. better for some things.. worse for others09:25
ThinkT510yesitisjustme: it is different, vmware is a virtualisation solution and wine is a compatibilty layer09:25
ParkerRWIINE has better graphics support09:26
ParkerRCan do the PC games09:26
SlartParkerR: lsmod will give you a list of modules in use.. you could use lsusb to check what the webcam identifies itself as09:26
lartzainit: ureadahead something terminated with status 409:26
lartzaOn boot09:26
SlartParkerR: but it's probably one of 3 maybe 4 drivers.. there aren't that many09:26
yesitisjustmehas anyone installed opera and adobe flash in wine before or maybe only works in firefox?09:26
lartzaand boot is black for quite some time after grub? :S09:27
lartza(Server edition)09:27
ParkerRSlart, ok names :)09:27
szalyesitisjustme: http://www.google.com/chat/voice/ <- "Requires XP+ / Mac OS X 10.4+ / Linux"09:27
szalthat's what it says09:27
Wallyyesitisjustme: I don't think Adobe supports Wine or Linux :/09:28
lartzainit: ureadahead-other main process (562) terminated with status 409:28
SlartParkerR: uvc something.., gspca, v4l .. those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head09:28
szalyesitisjustme: the download button offers me .deb and .rpm format for download09:28
ParkerRv4l1_compat            10250  2 uvcvideo,videodev09:29
SlartParkerR: here's a thread from ubuntuforums discussion turning off webcams http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129106109:29
yesitisjustmebut on linux i think it says it only works with fedora and opensuse or suse and no other linux only those i think i read09:29
helios__hey all09:30
ThinkT510yesitisjustme: .deb is for debian and ubuntu, .rpm is for suse and fedora09:30
citizen-stigcould i run script in cron every30 seconds?09:30
SlartParkerR: ah.. then it's using uvcvideo .. you can remove that by running    sudo modprobe -r uvcvideo09:30
ParkerRSlart, do i need to rebbot?09:31
SlartParkerR: nope, it should work right away09:31
llutz_citizen-stig: with standard cron, just with some weird scripting tricks09:31
ParkerRI get this with the one I want to use unplugged FATAL: Module gspca_main is in use.09:32
citizen-stigllutz_: thx09:32
ParkerRSo I think that is the one I want09:32
SlartParkerR: and then you'll just have to hope that that other webcam doesn't use the same driver/module =)09:33
ParkerRSlart, well I mean did it unload it or not?09:33
Free-manParkerR get a pm09:33
SlartParkerR: no error messages usually means it worked09:34
SlartParkerR: you can check again with lsmod and see if it's gone09:34
ParkerRI said it said FATAL09:34
ParkerRparker@crunchbang:~$ sudo modprobe -r gspca_main09:34
ParkerR[sudo] password for parker:09:34
ParkerRFATAL: Module gspca_main is in use.09:34
ParkerRparker@crunchbang:~$ lsmod09:34
ParkerRWoo not warning XD09:34
ikoniaParkerR: crunchbang isn't supported here09:34
ParkerRAnd #crunchbang is dead right now09:35
ikoniaParkerR: the channel #crunchbang is the right place09:35
ikoniaParkerR: just because it's dead doesn't mean you get support here09:35
ParkerRI'm already in it09:35
ikoniaParkerR: please try to use the correct channel in future09:35
SlartParkerR: ah.. it's in use.. try removing the other modules listed next to uvcvideo in the lsmod output..09:35
nt1972can anyone tell me are there any ubuntu website show me all the ubuntu command line09:36
szal!commands | nt197209:36
ubottunt1972: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:36
ikoniant1972: you need "generic" linux command line help, such as tldp.org09:36
nt1972but I am looking for the webise09:37
ikoniant1972: you've just been given some09:37
szalnt1972: also see the links at the end of the above mentioned article09:37
nt1972and where can I check ubuntu support which hardware also (desktop)09:38
nt1972in ver ver 1109:38
ThinkT510!hcl | nt197209:38
ubottunt1972: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:38
mang0Uh oh. Guys, I followed a site explaining how to move the wine c drive, and I used the terminal method. I ran these two commands:  mv -v .wine/drive_c media and then ln -sv media .wine/drive_c.09:42
mang0media being the new location09:42
Free-manParkerR ok then, as root, dmesg | less; search within that output for $vendor09:42
mang0I just realised I want it to be /media....how do I undo the commands?09:42
=== UltimediaOS is now known as Markus[uOS]
ParkerRFree-man, wrong place09:42
nt1972the website https://wiki.ubuntu.com didn't help09:42
ikonia!hcl | nt197209:43
ubottunt1972: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection09:43
Dreamscapehey all i've got multiple wifi devices on my laptop which id like to be able to switch between now and then, im currently using Wicd network manager but when i change from wlan0 to wlan1 it doesnt work are there any better wifi managers out there you could recommend?09:43
ThinkT510!info networkmanager09:45
ubottuPackage networkmanager does not exist in natty09:45
ThinkT510!find networkmanager09:45
ubottuFound: network-manager-kde, cnetworkmanager09:45
nt1972what I mean is I am planning to get a new computer and I also know which motherborad is ok for ubuntu!! any website I can type in the motherborad model and tell me ok09:45
nt1972the webiste u give us didn't do that09:46
niklasfiwhat is the easiest way of ensuring that a folder is deleted on logout?09:46
Tech-1gigabyte or asus09:46
ikoniaTech-1: this is nothing to do with #ubuntu09:46
ikoniant1972: you need to look at each component on the motherboard and look at it's linux support capabilities09:47
=== gaurav__ is now known as Guest88871
nt1972I am going to buy the ASUS P8H61-V3 H61 B309:47
Slartniklasfi: there are ways of running a script when a user logs out.. would that work?09:49
frankHi guys09:50
franki have 11.04 and my Chrome browser is lagging after standby (xorg show high load)09:51
frankcan anybody help me ?09:51
niklasfi Slart: would be a good start09:51
Slartniklasfi: hang on a sec09:52
xxmmaanni my system not start error > disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter like this http://www.trucoswindows.com/tutoriales/fotos_windows/tutorial3/foto8.jpg09:52
ThinkT510xxmmaann: what does that have to do with ubuntu09:53
xxmmaanni dont know09:54
frankknow anybody high load on xorg process after resume from standby ?09:54
Slartniklasfi: here are some suggestions.. I would go with the one about /etc/X11/gdm/PostSession09:54
frank(at using chrome browser)09:54
Slartniklasfi: beware that the thread is quite old.. some names might have changed09:55
ikoniaxxmmaann: try ##windows09:55
xxmmaanni have used ubuntu yesterday (5 minutes) when my pc has shutdown and after restart i get this error09:55
Slartniklasfi: here's another thread with another method.. run as the user, not as root http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25293509:56
xxmmaannso i used ubuntu no windows09:56
niklasfiSlart: i just learned that autofs is what i am looking for09:56
ikoniaxxmmaann: sounds like you have deleted your OS on your disk]09:56
Slartniklasfi: ah.. great... always better to use the proper tool09:56
Wallyxxmmaann: sounds like your hard drive is screwed OR your OS is corrputed09:57
xxmmaannikonia: no im on live cd now and i cant see the hdd im my computer09:57
ikoniaxxmmaann: yes, it sounds like you've deleted your operating system09:57
WallyHDD is destroyed.09:57
xxmmaannWally: may be09:57
ActionParsnipxxmmaann: if you run:  sudo fdisk -l    do you see an NTFS partition?09:57
ThinkT510xxmmaann: have you disconnected the harddrive?09:58
WallyWhat sort of computer?09:58
niklasfiChemicalForce: yes we all may help you but not in a private chat ;)09:58
xxmmaannActionParsnip: that command not work09:59
xxmmaannThinkT510: no09:59
xxmmaanni have notdisconnected the harddrive10:00
ActionParsnipxxmmaann: copy and paste it, it will10:00
Wallyxxmmaann: can you see the HDD in the Bios?10:01
ikoniaxxmmaann: are you on an ubuntu livecd currently ?10:01
gurkeeHey. My gnome session hangs, mouse events are not registered anymore. Using strg+alt+F1 I changed to another terminal. How to log out / kill the gnome session from there?10:01
Free-mangurkee do you want to strart x11?10:01
WallyHDD GO BOOM10:01
Free-mangurkee restart10:01
xxmmaannnow im on live cd and i cant see the hdd in the bios10:01
ikoniaxxmmaann: if you can't see the hard disk in the bios - the harddisk has died10:02
gurkeeFree-man, is it that what I want? I thought I need gnome-session-save --force-logout (--kill --silent), but it complains that there is not display available10:02
xxmmaannikonia: yes10:02
xxmmaannbut im not sure10:02
Free-mangurkee i just know howto use a hammer :)10:02
ikoniaxxmmaann: it has, if the bios can't see the disk, you have a hardware problem10:02
gurkeeFree-man, yeah, then tell me10:02
Slartgurkee: try adding    DISPLAY=:0.0  before that command10:03
Free-mangurkee as root, `killall Xorg' then use gnome's cmd to restart10:03
Slartgurkee: so    DISPLAY=:0.0 gnome-session-save --force ...... and so on10:03
Free-mangurkee do slart's first10:03
ChemicalForceI have installed the additional drivers on my ubuntu 10.10 (ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver which is "Radeon HD 4200" but it seems nothing is function correctly I mean as in the 3d support please help me.10:03
xxmmaannikonia:  im not sure because today the first time when i started my computer i saw the hdd in bios but after restart...10:03
ikoniaxxmmaann: then you have a hardware problem10:04
gurkeeSlart, Free-man, thanks!10:04
xxmmaannikonia:  so , what should i do?10:04
Tech-1xxmmaann  check all the cables including power cable to the drive, some times there are lose connections, but thats 1 in a million chance.10:04
dr_willisive had drive cables get 'cut/nicked' by sharp edges on the case. and by a mouse .. once. :)10:05
ThinkT510xxmmaann: buy a new harddrive and restore the contents from a backup (you did make backups right?)10:05
Tech-1it does happen10:05
ikoniaxxmmaann: visit a hardware specialist/repair person10:05
xxmmaannThinkT510: i didnt backup my hdd10:05
ThinkT510xxmmaann: congratulations, you have just learned the hard way why to do so10:06
Wallyxxmmaann: any important stuff?10:07
dr_willishard drives truely are the weakest link in the pc's these days.10:07
newbHi peeps, just bought an internal hardrive and external case, hooked it up to ubuntu 10.04 and its not mounting, how do I check if its being seen by the computer10:07
dr_willisnot counting the 'end user' :)  ive seen more hard drive failures in recent years then any other problems with pcs10:07
ikonianewb: have you put a file system and partition on it ?10:08
ThinkT510xxmmaann: like ikonia suggested, see if a repair specialist can salvage the data from it, if you need it10:08
Tech-1ya dr_willis  especially wd, they are getting a class action suit for their failures10:08
ikonianewb: that's why it's not mounting10:08
engridhello, how do i enable/disable terminal on pressing ctrl+alt+f1-f610:08
newbhow do i do that10:08
xxmmaannThinkT510: i have not any important dada on it10:08
xxmmaannbut i cant use my pc withowt hdd:-(10:09
ikonianewb: open the partition manager tool, such as gparted, put a partition on it and a file system10:09
Slartengrid: there is a setting somewhere for how many of those that are started.. that might be useful.. let me search a bit10:09
intlkleinbluehi, i've generated my gpg/pgp key and uploaded it to public keyservers. i've setup my email client (evolution) to send and sign with gpg/gpg and tested it and it works. what i want to know is how to share my key. i see on some peoples websites on their about page: oh, here is my pgp/gpg key btw: and some listing of letters and numbers which is their key. i've tried to look for a pattern of some sort, but can't figure out what i need to 10:09
ThinkT510xxmmaann: you'll need to get a new harddrive then, you can make do for now with livecd or usb to use the pc without a harddrive10:09
engridSlart, thanks for the response. Do i need to finger around with /etc/inittab ?10:10
xxmmaannThinkT510:  ok:-(10:10
DamnSoGooDActionParsnip, dude can you help regarding a 8gb SSD acer aspire one . I can't install ubuntu or any derivatives :c10:10
dr_willisengrid:  you can make there not be a login there by renaming the /etc/init/tty1.conf  (1-6) files. but I think you can still get to the screens.. just nothing there.10:10
llutz_intlkleinblue: read about "gpg keyserver"10:10
DamnSoGooDdr_willis, ActionParsnip, dude can you help regarding a 8gb SSD acer aspire one . I can't install ubuntu or any derivatives :c10:11
engriddr_willis, thanks ill try that, how about not even switching to a dumb terminal10:11
llutz_intlkleinblue: "ltters and numbers" is the fingerprint of their key10:11
intlkleinbluellutz_: yes, i know what that is. i see my key when i go to pgp.mit.edu and search for my email. however, what do i share?10:11
Slartengrid: I'm not sure.. I'm trying to find that setting.. give me sec10:12
llutz_intlkleinblue: share your public key and spread its fingerprint10:12
intlkleinblueso i share the fingerprint: part llutz_ ?10:12
dr_willisDamnSoGooD:  ive never owned a SSD yet.  If all else fails you could install to a flash drive. then dd the image to the ssd. i guess.10:12
engridSlart, thank you i'll wait while i try dr_willis suggestion10:12
dr_willisI recall some other neat tricks for the consoles. like making htop run on alt-ctrl-f8 and so forth. :)10:13
newbIn my laptop I have a 250gb, I bouth a 500gb hard disk, I want to make a carbon copy of my old hard disk to the new one, how do i do this?10:13
intlkleinbluegotcha, i've shared the fingerprint part10:13
dr_willisor a resce shell/terminal always on alt-ctrl-f9 but i cant rember how i did it..10:13
intlkleinbluebut what do you mean by spread its fingerprint?10:13
DamnSoGooDdr_willis, ouch, if that's so, i shall just install it in a usb stick.. but i can't make a usb act like a normal hard drive :c10:13
xxmmaannmay be some cable but im not sure i have open the pc case for cleaning yesterday but the pc worked some minutes after this , so im not sure10:14
xxmmaannsorry for my english im RO10:14
llutz_intlkleinblue: add it to your mail-signature to let people know "ah thats his key, i can use to verify his mails"10:14
szal!ro | xxmmaann10:14
ubottuxxmmaann: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro10:14
dr_willisDamnSoGooD:  you can do a normal install to a usb, then dd it to a hard drive to clone it over.. i did it from a 4gb flash to a 60gb hd once..10:14
newbhow do i clone one hard disk to another10:14
shomonhi, how can I list the file encoding on a directory of files? I've tried with "file" but it doesn't show the charset...10:15
dr_willisnewb:  dd command CAREFULL use of the dd command...10:15
xxmmaanni aleready tried using#ubuntu-ro withowt effect10:15
newband do I have to partion the new one first10:15
hexacodeanyone know alot about usb viruses? can they infect ubuntu? or do they infect the bios?10:15
Slartengrid: there is a setting in /etc/default/console-setup   you can try changing that10:15
intlkleinbluegotcha, thanks llutz_10:15
dr_willishexacode:  i cant recall any viruses out that 'infect' the bios...10:15
engridSlart, thank you. I'll try to configure with that.10:15
DamnSoGooDdr_willis, i have an ubuntu 10.04 live USB, and an empty USB stick, how can i install it into the usb stick?10:15
newbdr_willis, do I have to partion the new one before I do it10:16
dr_willishexacode:  the usb viruses ive seen are just windows 'take advantage of the auto-run on plugin' feature.10:16
Free-mandr_willis LTNS (diff nick) i've seen bios killed by virii10:16
dr_willisnewb:  if you are dding sda to sdb.. no..10:16
hexacodedr_willis  and thats how irans nuke plant got hacked lol...windows didnt have uac? i cant imagine iranians being that stupid10:16
dr_willisFree-man:  flashing  is differnt then infecting however. :) i recall years ago C64 viruses that could kill your floppy drive.. but thats not quote the same.,10:17
dr_willishexacode:  a Nuke Plant Running Windows? thats scary..10:17
hexacodedr_willis yes they had it i think10:17
hexacodewell...the virus started on a laptop10:17
dr_willisI imagine that Nuke Plant stuff has more Fud and Urban Legands about it then we know real facts. :)10:17
hexacodecan anyone think of any possible way for ubuntu to get infected by usb?10:18
szalhexacode, dr_willis: well, they can't use Red Hat/Fedora because it falls under US export restrictions ;)10:18
dr_willishexacode:  i cant imagine how its possible.10:18
dr_willisszal:  but they could download it theirself... :)10:18
hexacodeszal lol they can use north koreas version of linux10:18
hexacoderedstar OS10:18
newbdr_willis, like this;  dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb10:18
DamnSoGooDdr_willis, how can i install ubuntu into a usb flash drive?10:18
imgreygood day #ubuntu10:19
dr_willisnewb:  are you SURE those are the right disks? also you want a bs=2048   option for speed.10:19
imgreywhat is natty ? testing/stable or unstable ?10:19
imgreywhere I can read about versions ?10:19
szal!natty | imgrey10:19
ubottuimgrey: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110410:19
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
dr_willisDamnSoGooD:  sameas youy do to a normal hd.. boot cd. (or a 2nd flash) tell it to insdtall/partion to the other flash. Be sure grub gets installed to it.10:19
rac_kemelI use Ubuntu 11.04. I update my system, and now i have two kernels. But i can not see the old kernel on Ubuntu-tweak (latest version) to clean it ? Is there any problem on my system ?10:19
llutz_imgrey: stable/testing/unstable is debian, not ubuntu10:19
imgreywhat do you mean current release of ubuntu ?10:19
imgreyI use normal debian10:19
imgreyand ther'a unstable/testing and stable branches10:20
dr_willisrac_kemel:  i wouldent worry about having 2+ kernels.. when you get 10+ then you may want to clean some out.10:20
szalimgrey: Debian and Ubuntu are NOT the same10:20
imgreyI know10:20
DamnSoGooDok thanks doc! :D10:20
dr_willisimgrey:  ubuntu dosent use the same 'method' like that.10:20
imgreydr_willis, nothing to proud of10:20
dr_williswe got the LTS version,, then the non LTS versions that are the  playgrounds10:20
dr_willisimgrey:  whatever.. i find it works well for me.10:20
newbdr_willis, like this;  dd bs=2048 if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc, where sda is the original and sdc is the new one10:21
Sidewinder1imgrey, You might also have a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28operating_system%2910:21
[tla]hi, i tried to release-upgrade from maverick to natty and after the reboot the server has no ssh listener running.  i know the server is up because i can ping it and nmap tells me the ps3media server and tor are running.  the server is headless and has no serial port.  it does have VGA (onboard and additional nvidia card) and a keyboard port.  when i power ir on i see no VGA output so have...10:21
[tla]...no idea what is happening.  advice on best way to proceed please!  thx :)10:21
dr_willisnewb:  the 2 disks are the same size?10:21
imgreyin fact I got an issue with virtualbox on ubuntu natty:10:21
newbdr_willis, no10:21
imgreyKernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)10:21
imgreyPlease install the virtualbox-ose-dkms package and execute 'modprobe vboxdrv' as root.10:21
dr_willisnewb:  or is the sdc biger? if its smalller.. that can be a n issue.10:21
newbsdc is bigger10:21
imgreyit happened on one of programmer's desktop10:21
imgreycould someone tell me what I should do ?10:21
szalimgrey: did you do what it said?10:22
imgreyupdate Ubuntu ? remove it and install debian ?10:22
dr_willisnewb:  after getting the dd done. You will wan tto use 'gparted' to resize the partitions to fill up the rest of the space. or make a new parittion to use the extra space.10:22
imgreyszad, of course10:22
=== madhusudany2k is now known as Madhusudany2k
rac_kemel dr_willis: thank you first. I know that you told me :) . But i will clean the old one from synaptic. But I'm thinking why Ubuntu-tweak does not show me the old one. I will backup my system. I am worying for any problem now.10:22
newbdr_willis, so the terminal code is correct10:22
ajahi have installed grub-pc,grub2 and all staff installed but when i start the machine i see grub prompt and i can boot ubuntu with commands but when i try to boot using grub.cfg  ( configfile (hdX,Y)/boot/grub/grub.cfg ) i failed it echo syntax error invalid command invalid mode auto10:22
imgreyIm installing module-assistant10:22
JimXL[tka] you're locked out?10:22
imgreylets see if it helps10:22
dr_willisnewb:  looks right to me..  thats how i cloned a hd last week.10:22
ajahany help10:23
newbdr_willis, what does the bs=2048 do?10:23
[tla]JimXL: well there is no ssh daemon running so i cant even connect10:23
Madhusudany2kI am getting below error in Ubuntu 11 and X hangs10:24
Madhusudany2k*ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung10:24
JimXL[tla]: and you can't log into the console?10:24
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
nikolamAnyone tried to make mdadm software raid on top of LVM-managed partitions on disks? I would like to have ability of file system snapshots in the future, before updating from LTS to newer releases...10:24
nikolamAnyone installed and using Ubuntu on BTRFS?10:25
newbdr_willis, the thing about dd it doesn't give you a progress percentage10:25
[tla]JimXL: i see no output from the console via VGA and server has no serial port.  i do have serial / usb converter but maybe it is too early in the boot process for it10:25
JimXL[tla]: Does it have a cd/dvd drive?  Usb port that it can boot from?10:25
[tla]JimXL: yes it has a dvd drive10:25
imgreymodule-assistant doesnt help10:25
imgreyany ideas ?10:25
[tla]JimXL: I just dont see why i see nothing from VGA10:25
dr_willisnewb:  ive seen some tools/scripts that can do it.. but ive never really needed it.,10:26
llutz_newb: as user in a 2nd terminal "killall -USR dd" will give you the progress10:26
JimXL[tla]: Perhaps it's not getting far enough10:26
[tla]JimXL: clearly server is actually booting as i can ping it etc10:26
JimXL[tla]: That's true.10:26
llutz_USR1 it is, sry10:26
newbllutz, tks10:26
Hyperbyte[tla], did you try pressing a key while VGA is plugged in?10:26
[tla]JimXL: and some apps are running - just not sshd10:26
JimXL[tla]: if it's getting that far then getty should be running.10:26
dr_willisnewb:  as llutz_  mentioned you could do a 'watch -n 60 <thatcommandhegave>'10:27
dr_willisthat would update evry min.10:27
[tla]JimXL: I dont even see BIOS screen which seems v odd10:27
llutz_newb: if theres only linux + data on the old disk, its faster to copy the stuff using rsync/tar/cp10:27
ThinkT510nikolam: you using btrfs on a production system?10:27
JimXL[tla]; hold the shift key down while rebooting to see if the grub menu comes up.10:27
[tla]Hyperbyte: yes10:27
dr_willisnewb:  rcync/tar/cp would also be faster if the drive 1 is not very full..10:27
newbdr_willis, tks, approximately how long does it take for a 140gb to 450gb  ~?10:28
llutz_newb: just needs some changes in /etc/fstab and grub10:28
dr_willisnewb:  no ide really. i normally do such commands then go to lunch. :)10:28
nikolamThinkT510, No, I am using OpenSoalris/OpenIndiana/Soalris/ZFS on produvction system. Btrfs is not there yet.10:28
JimXL[tla] you have two vga cards?10:28
JimXLor ports10:28
ThinkT510nikolam: oh good10:28
dr_willisover ide/sata i would guess perhaps 2 hrs.. (guessing)10:28
nikolamI would just like to have file system snapshots when updating Ubuntu , with lvm, whatever10:28
dr_willisover usb... well.. overnight. :)10:29
newbllutz, I presume killall doesnt kill the process10:29
dr_willisnewb:  if you forget to use that bs= option. it will take a lot longer10:29
[tla]JimXL: on-board VGA and nvidia card10:29
newbdid it with bs10:29
llutz_newb: killall -USR1  sends the USR1-signal to that process, which will answer with progress-message in ths case10:29
[tla]JimXL: tried shift while booting and nothing10:29
JimXLHave you tried both?10:29
JimXLBoth vga ports?10:30
nikolamThinkT510, do not want to reinstall ubuntu if something goes wrong for update. Only things I know is that Linux LVM have snapshots , there is mdadm for software RAID that I currently use and there os Btrfs still in Beta10:30
[tla]JimXL: yes10:30
JimXLOK remove one of them, it's possible there's a conflict.10:30
[tla]JimXL: it's like it is not bringing either of them up10:30
[tla]JimXL: the nvidia also has HDMi which i havent tried10:30
JimXLIf it's not activating the vga, it's probably not going to have HDMi output.10:31
ThinkT510nikolam: i have no experience with lvm or raid, i just wanted to make sure you were aware btrfs isn't production ready (which you evidently do)10:31
nikolamThinkT510, I think there is one guy who installed Ubuntu from boot on ZFS, using still developing ZFS module for Linux. Only problem was file system permission being flat.10:32
nikolamMeaning, he installed, then copied install on ZFS10:32
ThinkT510nikolam: i assume thats zfs on fuse?10:32
JimXL[tla] silly question, does the monitor have power?  Is the switch on?10:32
JudgeHi there! Since Lucid there have some Daemons switched from /etc/init.d to upstart and it's /etc/init syntax. For managing the Start/Stop - Links in /etc/rc?.d , there were a tool, called update-rc.d . Is such a tool also available for the Upstart - Files?10:32
[tla]JimXL: ok, i see output on the nvidia VGA now.  seems the cable had to be connected before i powered it on for it to use it10:33
nikolamThinkT510, no. native Linux ZFS. Still under development but can be tested10:33
JudgeThis is very interesting, since update-rc.d was very easy to use in scripts and the like.10:33
JimXL[tla] interesting.10:33
[tla]JimXL: see error: /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready / present10:33
nikolamThinkT510, i think there is article from time to time about it on phoronix.com10:33
newbtks guys10:34
JimXL[tla] good deal.10:34
ThinkT510nikolam: i thought there were licsence inompatibilities that prevent you from using zfs nativly on linux (hence the development of btrfs)10:34
nikolamThinkT510, thing is that because of CDDL/GPL licensing differences, module could be compiled on site after install.10:34
nikolamYes, ThinkT510 but noone stops yopu compiling it yourself, or even automatically compile it after install.10:35
ThinkT510nikolam: while this is interesting we better stop, its getting off topic10:35
nikolamThinkT510, nope, I think it is on topic, I need FS snapshots for Ubunut upgrade. :P10:35
nikolamSeek LVM or other solution10:35
[tla]JimXL: oh dear, told it to "skip" and system seems to have crashed now - caps lock unresponsive :(10:36
Phalstaff I am interested in terminal programs -- right now I am using gnome-terminal, but I can't help noticing all the other options.  I would like some input about what to look for in a terminal program.10:37
JimXL[tla] oops10:37
need_helpi'm running ubuntu 10.10 and i have firefox 4 installed - how do i install firefox 3.6 to a separate place, so it doesn't interfere with my ff4 install?10:38
JimXL[tla] it may be related to the nvidia card.10:38
ThinkT510Phalstaff: i'd guess that depends on your usage of the terminal and what shell you want10:39
[tla]JimXL: it's weird can still ping the box and got root prompt after selecting "manual fix" but then keyboard has died again after a few keystrokes10:40
JimXLThere's a bug for that: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/79808610:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 798086 in linux (Ubuntu) "Occasional "The disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present" on system startup" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:40
JimXLApparently it's a timing issue.10:40
JimXLReboot again and it may go away.10:40
HektoRHello guys. is it possible to recover deleted file ? and how ?10:41
JimXLThat's what some have reported.10:41
coz_Phalstaff,  try   terminator10:41
coz_ need_10:41
ntr0pyHas someone got Mathematica 8 to emit any sounds with OSS/Pulseaudio in Natty?10:41
Sidewinder1need_help, That sounds a little tricky; perhaps you could create a different user-name (help_needed?), log-in under that name and install FF 3.6 there. It's be a pain though, you'd have to switch users each time.10:41
PhalstaffI think they all use the bash shell ... I am thinking that if I were to distribute a program I would want a common terminal.10:42
NoahLoL ubuntu.10:42
szalPhalstaff: terminals use whatever shell is the user's login shell (by default, on *buntu it's /bin/dash)10:42
szalNoah: go troll elsewhere10:43
JimXLHektoR: maybe see this http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linuxunix-recover-deleted-files.html10:43
NoahYou know, szal, you should petition ubuntu to support sparc. Even if you're a noob os, if you support sparc, you rock.10:44
PhalstaffThank you szal that is news to me! I will check out what the Dash Shell is all about.10:44
ThinkT510!dash | Phalstaff10:44
ubottuPhalstaff: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash10:44
szalNoah: Sparc is a niche architecture..  if you want Sparc, use Debian or NetBSD or SunOS ;)10:44
NoahAre you down w/ the dash shell?10:44
Noahszal or gentoo =]10:44
Noahor openbsd, or freebsd (old sparcs).10:45
Noahor inferno10:45
Noahor even nextos some sparc10:45
HyperbyteNoah, why are you asking about Sparc if you already know the answer?10:45
szalNoah: just keep in mind that many Linuxen have even dropped PPC support, so don't expect something as exotic as Sparc to be widely supported10:45
szalNoah: but that discussion is off-topic here, feel free to continue in #ubuntu-offtopic10:46
NoahIs there seriously a need for ubuntu?10:46
[tla]JimXL: it seems tty echo is also wrong - "stty echo" gives me normal output for a while then it hangs again.  i think this system is now very sick :(  priority is to get sshd running so i can connect remotely10:47
ThinkT510Noah: maybe not for you, but if your too good for ubuntu why are you here trolling?10:47
JimXL[tla]: start ssh see if it stays up.10:48
coz_for those that want to try an application but not install it ,, or a different version of one already installed,, if they are listed,, you might want to go here   http://portablelinuxapps.org/10:48
JimXL[tla]: you may have to back off of that buggy distro...10:48
SuperLagI've got an Ubuntu desktop box that I've reacently made headless. Are there services I can stop, and thinks I can do to free up resources and make it act more like a server, without going to the length of installing the Server edition right now?10:48
SuperLagrecently, that is10:49
szalSuperLag: you might first of all want to strip it off X & put an ssh server on it (if you haven't already)10:49
SuperLagszal: it's got an ssh server already.10:50
SuperLagszal: does simply making sure gdm isn't starting stop all the stuff that would hog resources for the UI?10:51
JimXLSuperLag: here's what my server has running http://paste.ubuntu.com/649874/10:51
LjLhi, i've generated my gpg/pgp key and uploaded it to public keyservers. i've setup my email client (evolution) to send and sign with gpg/gpg and tested it and it works. what i want to know is how to share my key. i see on some peoples websites on their about page: oh, here is my pgp/gpg key btw: and some listing of letters and numbers which is their key. i've tried to look for a pattern of some sort, but can't figure out what i need to10:51
LjL(the above was a test, ignore please)10:52
JimXLSuperLag: you can compare it to your system and maybe find some things to shut down.10:52
szalLjL: you could've tested in -offtopic or in #test :P10:52
SuperLagJimXL: thank you.10:55
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NGC2068how do I upgrade my ubuntu installation to windows?10:56
ikoniaNGC2068: you don't, they are two different operating systems10:56
SuperLagikonia: don't feed the trolls10:56
JimXLDe\ nada10:56
[tla]JimXL: I think the upgrade is goosed.  sshd will not start.  lsb_release -a still says maverick.  do-release-upgtrade --mode=server fails because the eth0 ip is not set because the dhcp client is gone! argh :s10:56
ntr0pyHow can i get Mathematica 8.0.1 to play Sound in Natty?10:57
JimXL[tla] reinstall time.10:57
mienHi, my server wont start, no errors, no nothing. just a blinking cursuor whith no text. What is more likely, the mbr does not exist or the kernel that my bootloader try to start does not exist?10:57
mieni thought both would give me an error...10:57
ActionParsnipmien: add the boot option, nomodeset10:58
JimXLmien do you see the grub menu?10:58
mienno, i dont see grub.10:58
ActionParsnipmien: also test your RAM10:58
JimXLmien ok when booting hold the shift key down to get the grub menu10:59
JimXLThen do what Parsnip said.10:59
mienk. ill try that. Back in a couple of min.10:59
szalmien: if I read correctly the other day, it's the left Shift key, to be precise10:59
coz_also test hard drive temps.. and if they are near full...yes?10:59
JimXLszal Interesting.  I never knew that.  Thanks for the update.  I've always used it by default.11:00
stercor_How do I set the F1-F6 screens to a higher resolution?11:00
stercor_How do I set the F1-F6 screens to a higher resolution?11:01
szal!repeat | stercor_11:01
ubottustercor_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:01
[tla]JimXL: i have manually config'd the eth0 and can now run do-release-upgrade.  I get *many* "no candidate found for ... package" messages11:02
PhalstaffI would never refer to a change from Ubuntu to Windows (or visa versa) as an upgrade -- but maybe that is just me.11:03
HackNewtonstercor_, can you please explain your question more so everyone here get more idea about it11:03
[tla]JimXL: it then says "you system is upto date.  upgrade will be cancelled" followed by "do you want to start the upgrade"! :s11:03
[tla]JimXL: maybe the apt repository is goosed somehow?11:04
mienJimXL, Left shift key does not give me a grub menu. so i guess mbr is empty or something... but wouldent bios output something like "No mbr found on selected device" or somehting alike?11:04
szalmien: if it boots, then the Grub is there11:04
mienbut it does not boot :)11:05
coz_mien,   are you holding the sift key down?11:05
mienso i guess grub is not there.11:05
miencoz_ yes, and i tried 2 times.11:05
HackNewtonszal, sorry to correct but if you boot there should be some bootloader not* neccessary* grub11:05
mienits so strange. it have worked fine for 2 years and today we hade a ac loss and bam!11:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:06
szalHackNewton: on *buntu, for there to be something other than Grub, that would imply that you installed it yourself11:06
mienHaxkNewton, i suppouse we no one have changed Ubuntu default, so it would be grub...11:06
JimXLmien: are you seeing the bios?11:07
HackNewtonokay ;)11:07
mienJimXL, yeah. I can see bios11:07
mieni figured it would be something with the raid configuration but i thing i have tried every available option :)11:07
JimXLSounds like mbr might be hosed,11:07
szalstercor_: /etc/default/grub -> change GRUB_GFXMODE= to your desired value, then 'sudo update-grub' and reboot11:07
nit-witmien, if that sever is rwo years old I think it is the esc key to pull up grub11:07
miennit-wit, ill try that.11:08
JimXLmien What distro? Version?11:08
frxstremare there any good download managers for Ubuntu?11:08
JimXLfrxstrem: filezilla11:08
szalfrxstrem: define 'download manager11:08
HackNewtonfrxstrem, kget or uget11:09
stercor_szal: What's the format for the resolution?11:09
ActionParsnipfrxstrem: uget and fatrat are 2 I can think of quickly11:09
szalstercor_: <width>x<height> (w/o the brackets)11:09
HackNewtonfrxstrem, i prefer uget though11:10
ActionParsnipfrxstrem: ive heard people go on about jdownloader too11:10
mienJimXL, im not the guy who installed the system but my colleauge told me it was ubuntu 10.4. But its defenitly ubuntu, not very sure about version.11:10
ActionParsnipfrxstrem: I use fatrat on my fileserver :)11:10
frxstremJimXL, HackNewton, ActionParsnip: thanks, I'll check those out :)11:10
stercor_szal: Too easy ;-)11:10
JimXLmien; OK11:11
mienEsc didnt work either11:11
mieni think ima try to boot whith a live cd and reinstall grub to mbr11:11
mienthanks for the help guys.11:11
JimXLmien, sounds like a plan.  Good luck.11:12
daurnimatormy new pc was an optical out; but it doesn't seem to support 5.1 (DTS) in ubuntu11:12
=== hugo is now known as Guest93680
daurnimator(sorry, audio related)11:12
JimXLmien and fsck the  partitions while you have the live cd booted11:12
HackNewtondaurnimator, are you tried changing default audio setting ?11:13
HackNewtondaurnimator, if yes go for additional driver installtion11:13
daurnimatorHackNewton: yeah, theres analogue 5.1 abd digital stereo.11:13
dr_willisI recall a live cd/menu on Ubuntu?  once that had a reinstall grub option.  anyone else recall ever seeing This?11:13
daurnimatorno digital 5.1 :(11:13
daurnimatorHackNewton: any idea what drivers are needed11:13
daurnimatori also don't mind if its 5.1 over hdmi I get11:13
JimXLdr_willis that would be nice.  Haven't seen it though11:14
HackNewtondaurnimator, well there is no all in one solution for your driver you have to see which is your h/w vender. There is utitilites in USC which can help you to install Third party drivers11:15
dr_willisJimXL:  i aware I saw it on a Ubuntu cd once..  I only use Ubuntu,  unless it was some variant.11:16
HackNewtonguys is there any way to enable rpm packages in ubuntu ? (i know it sound stupid :} )11:17
Slart!alien | HackNewton11:17
ubottuHackNewton: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)11:17
dr_willis! alien11:17
stercor_Can/Will someone kick stercor?  I can't logon with that nick because it's already in use.11:17
szalHackNewton: what for?11:17
ikoniastercor_: ask in #freenode11:18
dr_willishmm a space keeps getting adds after I do a!11:18
HackNewtonstercor_, you should have register your nick11:18
szalstercor_: close the other Irssi instance ;)11:18
wolsHackNewton generally you only want to convert the rpm to tgz via alien and install it. never convert it to a .deb unless you want to break your ubuntu11:18
stercor_HackNewton: stercor is registered.11:18
HackNewtonszal, there is no such11:18
stercor_szal: There is only one Irssi instance.11:18
stercor_ikonia: Will do.11:19
wolsstercor_: /msg nickserv help   see "ghost" for example11:19
szalstercor_: there has to be another if it responds to CTCP queries11:19
ikoniastercor_: ask in #freenode for help11:19
HackNewtonwols, thanks i am crystal clear now :D11:19
szalstercor_: ps aux | grep irssi11:19
HackNewtonstercor_, if its yours then just login in it11:19
szalstercor_: if you get more than 1 PID for irssi, you do have another running11:19
szalHackNewton: there is no such what?11:21
vdemedesMy Ubuntu 10.10 became read-only unexpectedly, how to fix it?11:22
HackNewtonszal, i mean there is no such special thing to do11:22
vdemedesI tried to reboot, but it does not boot11:22
=== look is now known as Guest98994
vdemedesjust hangs in initramfs11:22
HackNewtonszal, just want to know possibility11:22
vdemedesI get console and every line begins with "initramfs>"11:23
ActionParsnipvdemedes: try booting to liveCD and fsck-ing your partitions11:23
wolsvdemedes: by running fsck on your / filesystem11:23
vdemedeswhat should I run exactly?11:23
szalHackNewton: even thinking of that usually implies a (potential) use case ;)11:23
vdemedesfsck with what options?11:23
ActionParsnipvdemedes: man fsck    is a good start11:23
coz_vdemedes,  when that initramfs shows up,, did you try typing  "exit"  after about 5 seconds to see if it boots to the desktop?11:24
HackNewtonszal, :)11:24
vdemedescoz_: nope11:24
=== stercor_ is now known as stercor
vdemedesbetween, if I installed Windows 7 after Ubuntu(still exists) and I want GRUB menu to appear on startup. I should boot into LiveCD and run "sudo update-grub"?11:24
szalvdemedes: usually 'fsck /dev/insertDeviceNodeHere' will do & it'll autodetect the filesystem; if it doesn't, however, you might want to invoke the specific filesystem checker, e.g. 'e2fsck' for ext2/3/4 partitions11:25
coz_vdemedes,  the only reason I ask , is that on my system,, with scsi drives,, it does the exact thing,,   I have to type exit then ajust rootdelay in grub11:25
HackNewtonvdemedes, it will not work11:25
vdemedesHackNewton: why? what should I do?11:25
wols!tell vdemedes about fixmbr11:26
vdemedesIf I want to make Ubuntu and Windows accessible from GRUB menu11:26
ubottuvdemedes, please see my private message11:26
HackNewtonvdemedes, because Windows dont like Linux too much so it does not let you to install grub11:26
daurnimatorHackNewton: sorry, not finding anything; what data would help you help me?11:26
ikoniaHackNewton: that is nonsense11:26
HackNewtonikonia, its true , if not you give reason why big company like MS does not let grub install ?11:27
ikoniaHackNewton: Microsoft does not stop grub from being installed11:27
vdemedeswols: thanks!11:27
vdemedesthanks everyone!11:28
HackNewtonikonia, well let it be its long debate11:28
ikoniaHackNewton: no it will not.11:28
kodezvdemedes: how did you install your OS?11:28
dr_willisos-prober tool has issues finding the windows installs at times it seems11:30
vdemedeskodez: Windows or Ubuntu?11:30
daurnimatoranyone able to help with my digital audio problem?11:30
kodezvdemedes: both. which one did you install first?11:30
coz_daurnimator,  I think that may depend on the issue itself,,, what is going on?11:30
daurnimatorcoz_: i can't get 5.1 out over HDMI or optical. (steero works)11:31
vdemedeskodez: Ubuntu(usual install), divided HDD into partitions(one for Ubuntu & swap, one for Windows), installed Windows 711:31
vdemedeskodez: that's all11:31
dr_willisthere are bios-anti-virus setting that can block mbr apps11:31
coz_daurnimator,  ah ok,, have you checked in either or both  #alsa and #pulseaudio channels?11:31
=== jeremy is now known as Guest6135
vdemedesbetween, I forgot to mention, that filesystem became read-only and no free space11:32
daurnimatorcoz_: nope; doubt #alsa would help11:32
coz_vdemedes,  oooo11:32
coz_daurnimator,  well they probably can however,, dont hesitate to ask in #pulseaudio,, i would think they have more resources to work with11:32
daurnimatorcoz_: i've idled in #alsa for a year or so; its mainly about how to code with alsa libraries ;)11:33
coz_daurnimator,  understood11:33
vdemedesok I'm gone11:33
kodezvdemedes: please install windows first and ubuntu last. this is because windows doesn't recognise any file format except ntfs or fat11:33
coz_read only and  full disk?/11:33
dr_willishard disk failure detection. can make them remount read only11:34
coz_dr_willis,  for sure,, as well as high temps11:34
tiresiashello all11:34
tiresiastrying to install a canon printer:    http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/plain-9970211:35
Guest6135this dual boot issue has been discussed here before. track the page http://ubuntu.searchonirc.com/?d=2011-07-13-1311:35
tiresiasthe libcupsys2 package is needed so i downolad it and then:   http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/plain-9970311:35
tiresiasany idea?11:35
g4how can I list currently installed packages from command line. dpkg -l seems to also list formerly installed packages11:35
dr_willis!info libcupssys211:36
ubottuPackage libcupssys2 does not exist in natty11:36
ikoniag4: no, it lists current packages11:36
ActionParsnipvDubG__Gone: also only install Windows to a portion onf the space rather than 100% which is default11:36
jribg4: dpkg -l | grep '^ii'11:36
tiresiasubottu, i now, i downloaded the .deb11:36
ubottutiresias: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:36
dr_willis!info libcupsys211:36
ubottuPackage libcupsys2 does not exist in natty11:36
ActionParsnipvDubG__Gone: wrong target, sorry11:36
ActionParsnip!find cupsys11:36
ubottuFound: cupsys-driver-gutenprint, libcups2, libcups2-dev11:36
g4jrib: thanks!11:36
jribg4: if you have aptitude, you can also do: aptitude search '~i'11:37
dr_willishmm. windwe why a cups lib would not ne included. unless its version specific11:37
g4jrib: ok, thanks again!11:37
dr_willisive learned to not buy canon printers for linux machines. ;)11:38
Phylockdr_willis - buy a brother, they have support11:38
coz_that should be an ongoing "motto" for linux  dont buy cannon11:38
SwedeMikeyou learn always to check support before buying.11:39
dr_willisthats what i got now.11:39
tiresiasdr_willis, sure but it's my parents printer ;)11:39
ActionParsnipcoz_: or kodak11:39
coz_HP  epson  are good11:39
coz_ActionParsnip,  for sure11:39
ActionParsnipcoz_: canon is getting better, as are lexmark11:39
=== ||ll||ll|| is now known as Tibi77
dr_willistiresias:  that lib seems to be in the repos.11:39
SwedeMikeI have a nice story about my oki laserprinster, which had support in windows up to xp, then they stopped developing drivers, so around I stopped running XP on any machine at home and switched to win7, now all of a sudden ubuntu had gained support for it. that was nice.11:39
coz_tiresias,  try sudo apt-get install -f  to see if it fixes any of this11:39
tiresiasdr_willis, the name changed to libcups2 so maybe is it possible to fix by creating a link?11:40
dr_willisunless its some weirdly specicic lib for just that driver11:40
szalActionParsnip: really?  Lexmark used to be an absolute no-go on Linux11:40
tiresiascoz_, ok i try11:40
ActionParsnipszal: yeah they seem to be getting better, still not 64bit though11:40
jribmy old canon worked perfectly, just plugged it in and ubuntu detected it automatically and set it up.  It's probably best to check linuxprinting.org on a specific model11:40
szaltiresias: what model exactly?11:40
dr_willistiresias:  that implies the code using the old lib name is well.. old. that guide may be outdated11:40
* ActionParsnip sticks to HP11:40
* szal too11:40
* coz_ likes epson11:41
tiresiasszad, mp21011:41
[diablo]Hi... I have two proxies ...one which is our corporate http proxy, plus I have a local socks proxy running. I would like to make totem use the socks proxy, but I can not see any options to do this.. anyone know how please?11:41
* HackNewton too likes HP11:41
coresi have a question11:44
andrewh192we are listening11:44
coresis there anyway to modify the installatoin disc to deploy a custom /etc/skel directory11:45
coz_cores,  you could use remastersys to creat your own revision I believe11:45
mienEasiest way to install grub to mbr with a live cd? Is it to mount my old system to some dir and make a chroot or is there any smart utiliy?11:45
dr_willismien:  with the right grub command you dont need to chroot11:46
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:46
szaltiresias: http://www.canon-europe.com/Support/System/Search.aspx?TcmUri=tcm:13-738151&SearchType=3 (32bit only; there's a way to install on 64bit though that I don't recall off my head)11:46
coresi want to know how ot do it mnanually11:48
shomonhow do you find out what character set a file has?11:48
PhylockAny new fixes for laggy windows when draging with mouse? I have tried both disable vsync and mouse polling interval. I use ubuntu 11.04 64bit, ubuntu classic+compiz, nvidia driver version 275.1911:48
tiresiasszal, same problem with this one ... :/11:49
miendr_willis. Thx11:49
coz_Phylock,  out of curiosity,, is this a clean install ofubuntu  or an upgraded system?11:50
Phylockcoz_ - clean11:50
wokyHello. I'm trying to use VirtualBox in latest Ubuntu. There is currently no vboxdrv driver. There is no /etc/init.d/vboxdrv. virtualbox-ose-dkms in linux-headers-generic are installed. Where's the problem please?11:50
codehotterhello. How do I create a virtual interface on ubuntu? (I do not want to add an ip alias to eth0, I need a seperate virtual interface)11:51
iceroot!upstart | woky11:51
ubottuwoky: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:51
coz_Phylock,  I have noticed this occurs with compiz git,, video memory gets filled and things begin to lag big time at leas on a dual monitor system,, blaming the nvidia driver mainly,,, let me check hold on11:51
dr_williswoky:  how did you install vbox?11:52
coz_Phylock,  one thing is to open ccsm and check which refresh rate has been assigned11:52
wokySo I did 'start vboxdrv' and it says it's unknown job11:52
Phylockcoz_ - it is a dualmonitor setup, can i install an older version of compiz?11:52
wokydr_willis: apt-get install virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-dkms11:53
dr_willisPhylock:  ive seen guides on downgradeing compiz11:53
shadyzgeekhey who is ready naw11:53
coz_Phylock,   well, not sure that is going to help,,  I would check refresh rate under general options  ,, untick  "Detect refresh rate"  which will enable the refresh rate slider  and play with that,, another thing,, is to open ccsm / prreferences and reset to defaults11:53
coz_Python132o,   or   in terminal   compiz --replace & disown11:54
shadyzgeekGud morning11:54
wokyonly files with name 'vboxdrv' are in /usr/src and /var/lib/dkms11:54
ThinkT510shadyzgeek: need help?11:54
coz_Phylock,  are you using a lazer mouse by chance?11:54
Phylockcoz_ - yep11:55
wokyiceroot: <flame>copared to systemd, upstart sucks</flame> :P11:55
coz_Phylock,  ah I am reading some issues with lazer mouse being the cause of the issue11:55
szalwoky: systemd doesn't look like being ready for prime time just yet -- just read the opensuse-factory mailing list ;)11:55
coz_Phylock, let me link you to the bug report   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/764330  scroll down to Phhil Doroff  post11:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 764330 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Move window annoying slow with compiz" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:56
wokyszal: I'm using it in my home PC, no problems so far11:56
coz_Phylock,   I would read through all the posts  there as well11:56
Phylockcoz_ - ill do thanks11:57
Deeslneed some help in here...11:57
Deesltryng to install Ubuntu 11.04 on a Lenovo B560 laptop. The wifi does not work, tells me that its disabled by a hardware switch.. Although the switch is actually on and the bluetooth is being detected. I have already removed acer_wmi module. Unable to figure out further.11:58
Deeslplease help11:58
wokySo I did 'dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-ose-dkms' and vboxdrv suddenly appeared ...11:59
codehotterI solved my problem by installing 'tunctl' from the uml-utilities package, created a tap device, which does what I need.11:59
mienDeesl, have you checked if there is some on/off in bios?12:00
ActionParsnipDeesl: if you run:  sudo rfkill unblock all     does it work12:02
Deeslmien: its on.. I have done that12:02
DeeslActionParsnip: I have tried rfkill but as per the manpage rfkill does not work on hard blocks12:03
Deeslmy network interface is hard blocked12:03
shadyzgeekis it true that wireless card does not work in virtualbox12:04
ActionParsnipDeesl: what is the output of:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a     Thanks12:04
DeeslActionParsnip: hang on12:04
ActionParsnipshadyzgeek: its seen as a wired NIC in virtualbox, it will work12:04
ParkerRshadyzgeek, the wireless card is not what is used in virtualbox12:04
=== arazilla is now known as blurose
ParkerRshadeslayer, it makes a virtual network adpater that bridges with the physical one you have installed12:05
=== blurose is now known as blurose_
ParkerRaetas, morning12:05
DeeslActionParsnip: lsb_release says no LSB modules12:06
shadyzgeeko.k  so Action u mean it always works12:06
ParkerRshadeslayer, yes12:06
Deesland lshw says the network is disabled12:06
Deeslits a broadcom 4313 BTW12:06
Deesland the STA module is installed12:06
shadyzgeekshadeslayer it bridge the Lan but not the wirelwss12:07
ParkerRshadeslayer, it will bridge to whatever the active network connector is on your computer12:07
Deeslrfkill says brcmwl-0 is hard blocked and ifconfig -a DOES show the eth1 interface12:07
szalParkerR: nick tab fail :P12:08
ParkerRYep XD12:08
ParkerR* shadyzgeek12:08
mmanhi, i have a script that i want to make start at startup. The problem is, i need to add arguments to this script. For example: ./script.sh start   how can i make that command run at startup?12:08
wols!tell mman about rc.local12:09
ActionParsnipDeesl: ok then:   cat /etc/lsb-release12:09
ParkerRmman, startup applications12:09
ParkerRSystem > top menu > startup applications12:09
DeeslActionParsnip: its natty 11.0412:09
ActionParsnipmman: is it for after your user logs in?12:09
ParkerRDon't remember the name of the top menu on that12:09
ActionParsnip!broadcom | Deesl12:09
ubottuDeesl: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx12:09
mmanits for the ubuntu server and it has to be as root12:10
shadyzgeektried but failed ParkerR12:10
ActionParsnipmman: add it as a line in /etc/rc.local12:10
ActionParsnipmman: add it above the exit 0 line, you can add any command you like and it will run as root12:10
ParkerRshadyzgeek, what? Installing virtualbox?12:11
shadyzgeekno a shadeslayer12:11
mmanActionParsnip, /root/tomcat5.5/bin/catalina.sh start   as easy as that?12:11
shadyzgeekon a virtualbox12:11
ActionParsnipmman: that's fine, just add an ampersand at the end or the boot will hang12:12
ActionParsnipmman: /root/tomcat5.5/bin/catalina.sh start &12:12
ThinkT510shadyzgeek: what are you trying to do on virtualbox?12:12
szalshadyzgeek: lol, shadeslayer is a nick in here ;)12:12
mmanActionParsnip, that line was already there and nothign happened:P but ill add it12:12
ActionParsnipmman: storing applications in root's home isn't terribly organised12:12
shadyzgeekden think i was misinformed12:12
=== LittleFool`off is now known as LittleFool
shadyzgeekthanh  slaz12:13
wokyI'm trying to install Oracle10gXE but I ran in strange dependency error. Here are the details: http://pastebin.com/tCZCC91i12:13
wokydpkg thinks  2.13-0ubuntu13 is less than 2.3212:13
wokydpkg thinks  2.13-0ubuntu13 is less than 2.3.212:13
mmanActionParsnip, its just a script that runs an app in other location12:13
ParkerRwoky, that cannot be fixed easily12:14
mmanActionParsnip, nop, it still doesnt run12:14
wokyParkerR: why? why --force-* doesnt work?12:14
ActionParsnipmman: was it above the exit 0 line?12:14
ParkerRwoky, because tons of packages depend on libc6 so updating it breaks everyting else12:14
ParkerRAnd you have an unusable system12:15
mmanActionParsnip, yes.  MAYBE it has to run after the boot12:15
wernerdevHey everyone.12:15
wokyParkerR: but the version in Ubuntu is 2.13-0ubuntu13 which is cleary higher than 2.3.2 isn't it ?12:15
wokyeven --force-all doesn't work :/12:15
wernerdevI hope someone can give me some quick help with Netatalk 2.212:15
ParkerR2.3.2 > 3.13 afaik12:15
ActionParsnipmman: yes, the script is called at boot time12:16
mmanActionParsnip, actually that is the only line i have above the exit 012:16
dr_willissome apps may require specific versions od libs. ;(12:16
ActionParsnipmman: except the usual comments ;)12:16
wokyParkerR: I don't think so12:16
wokylemme check12:16
wernerdevAnyone running Netatalk 2.2 beta?12:16
mmanActionParsnip, yup except the usual commens12:16
MysteriousManQuestion: hi any one know gtkmm here?12:16
dr_willismman: what does the script do? pastebin your rc.local12:17
wolswernerdev, MysteriousMan: ask your real questions12:17
wernerdevThanks to OS X Lion I had to update to Netatalk 2.2 for TimeMachine to work again.12:17
mmandr_willis, it starts tomcat12:17
wokyEven if it was higher than current version, why --force-all don't force it ?12:17
wernerdevUpdate went fine except for that it's slow upon first connection...12:18
ikoniawernerdev: this channels for ubuntu support, we don't support netatalk or mac os here12:18
ActionParsnipwernerdev: that's Apple for you12:18
wernerdevWell my thought was: Netatalk runs on Ubuntu12:18
wernerdevSo maybe there is something known about 2.2 beta 412:18
dr_willismman:  it could be its getting ran befor networking is fully up. try a 'sleep 30' above the command in rc.local - no & at the end. to make it wait 30 sec12:19
mmandr_willis, http://pastebin.com/Gx8m6VqJ12:19
wernerdevBut I will look somewhere else then...12:19
ikoniawernerdev: it does, but you're not using it on ubuntu , so use the net talk support resources or the apple ones12:19
wolswernerdev: if there is, check the bugtracker12:19
wolsikonia: you sure he isn't running his netatalk on ubuntu?12:20
ParkerRwols, no he said on Mac OS X12:20
ikoniawols: he said he was running it on mac and thanks to lion had to upgrade, that gave me a bit of a clue12:20
wolsnetatalk doesn't run on OSX12:20
mmandr_willis, nop, still doesnt work12:20
wernerdevNo people, I am running Netatalk on Ubuntu Server :)12:21
wernerdevI'm not that stupid :P12:21
wolsikonia: do you know what netatalk is? it lets linux talk to OSX machines. mainly used for time machine. e.g. that OSX time machine can backup onto some ubuntu harddisk storage for example12:21
wernerdevUsing it on my Ubuntu NAS server.12:21
dr_willismman:   could be it needs to be ran with different enviroment/path settings, or some other quirk.  cd to the dir where the script is at then run it perhaps.12:22
ikoniawols: yeah, it was just the wording12:22
ikoniawernerdev: my apologies if I missunderstood12:22
wernerdevNo problem12:22
DeeslActionParsnip: I reinstalled the STA driver12:22
szalMiss Understood? ;)12:22
mmandr_willis, still on the rc.local?12:22
Deeslbut it still tells me that the interface is disabled by a hardware switch12:22
MysteriousManhow to change the size and the color of label ??12:23
wolswernerdev: but as you can see, hard to get help for it here. some OSX channel or better yet, netatalk support place is probably best. too specialized a questinn. you could also check the ubuntu bug DB12:23
dr_willismman: yes.  or make it run some other script that does the cd, then sleep thenruns the command.. perhaps log the errors to a file also12:23
wols!tell Deesl about rfkill12:23
fulchi, i would like to install xen 4 on ubuntu but i do not see it in any repository12:23
Plotcitizen__Wasup wesside, I iz ere wiv none oder than my main men!12:23
Plotcitizen__Ubuntu help!12:23
kiriloshello i need some help setting up /etc/fstab for a ntfs partition.i used rw and umask=000 options and i still cant run a .sh file.thans12:24
Plotcitizen__So tell me, how many windows features are in Ubuntu?12:24
ikoniaPlotcitizen__: please try to talk in English12:24
wolsDeesl: use rfkill12:24
wernerdevwold: Thanks, I had a quick search but there is no Netatalk channel as far as I know. But thanks. I'll look somewhere else indeed.12:24
* szal smells a troll12:24
wolsPlotcitizen__: you want to stop and behave right now. do you have a ubuntu related support question? a real one?12:24
Deeslwols: rfkill does not work with hard blocks12:24
Deesland szal in case you think this is a troll, I can post screenshots12:25
Plotcitizen__No, I'm here for an interview.12:25
szalDeesl: I'm not talking about you12:25
* Deesl apologizes12:25
ikoniaPlotcitizen__: this channel is for ubuntu support, if that's not something you need please don't take the channel offtopic12:25
ThinkT510!find xen | fulc12:25
ubottufulc: Found: libc6-xen, libjaxen-java, libjaxen-java-doc, libxen3, libxen3-dev, aide-xen, autopkgtest-xenlvm, convirt, dtc-xen, dtc-xen-firewall (and 15 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xen&searchon=names&suite=natty&section=all12:25
DeeslI am wondering if this is actually a damaged hardware...12:26
MysteriousManQuestion : how to change the size and the color of gtkmm label ??12:26
ThinkT510fulc: if xen 4 isn't there, there might be a ppa of it somewhere12:26
fulcit's not there :)12:26
fulci'll try looking for a ppa then12:27
Deeslbut its hard to believe since its just a rfkill switch... :-S12:27
DeeslWTF :(12:27
ActionParsnipDeesl: do you dual boot?12:27
LasersDeesl: I don't think it's a damaged hardware. I think it's just frustration dealing with rfkill / software switch / hardware switch. I went through one myself.12:27
mmandr_willis, didnt work with cd. mmm let me show you what the script does: http://pastebin.com/MxSrVt4t12:27
DeeslActionParsnip: no I dont12:28
dr_willismman:  a neat trick i use is to run apps on their own console  so i can see error and logs    see   http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/openvt.1.html12:28
DeeslActionParsnip: this laptop came with freedos... and I decided to put on Ubuntu12:28
DeeslActionParsnip: the only hardware kill switch is the once I can see at the front.. and it controls both WIFI and Bluetooth and since the bluetooth is being detected, the switch is definitely in "ON" state12:29
dr_willismman:  i wonder if theres not some env variables not.set when ran from rc.local12:30
DeeslActionParsnip: brcmwl-0 still reports as Hard blocked12:30
mmandr_willis, thats what i also though. Maybe it has to run AFTER boot12:30
AdamT_Good morning.  I need some help with my web server (samba).  I entered a new web address into httpd.conf and set the port and everything, but I can't get it to show up in teh browser... any ideas?  Is there somewhere else I need to enter information?12:31
wolsAdamT_: something is not right. samba is not a webserver for starters12:31
DeeslAdamT_: webserver != samba AFAIK12:31
wolsand httpd.conf is pretty much empty last I checked12:31
wolsAdamT_: grep -r -i listen /etc/apache2/12:32
dr_willismman:  rc.local is the last service to start.  so with the sleep it is the last... but  rynning from rc.local may  have differedt path and other settings then the users bash shell does12:32
wonderworldhi i am looking for a tool that can resize batches of images graphically (frontend for imagemagick or something like that)12:32
AdamT_Yeah, I'm not real sure what I am doing... the person before me set this all up.12:32
DeeslAdamT_: what is that you are trying to achieve?12:33
MysteriousManQuestion : how to change the size and the color of gtkmm label ??12:33
kitchewonderworld: why not just use imagemagick considering that it is a gui program also12:33
mmandr_willis, yup, as you said!! this is what the log says: Neither the JAVA_HOME nor the JRE_HOME environment variable is defined12:33
mmanAt least one of these environment variable is needed to run this program12:33
ActionParsnipDeesl: is this a loaptop? If so what model?12:33
AdamT_our domain has different sites put up like, it.domain.com, mail.domain.com etc... and I want to add another instance for a new ticketing system I am implementing.12:34
DeeslActionParsnip: this is Lenovo B56012:34
wonderworldkitche: is it, whats the name of the imagemagick gui?12:34
wolsAdamT_: then you did it totally wrong. run the command I showed you above12:34
AdamT_ok one second12:34
dr_willismman:  export them in rc.local i guess.  or source whatever sets them first12:34
AdamT_wols: i got port 80 and 44312:35
wols!tell AdamT_ about paste12:36
ubottuAdamT_, please see my private message12:36
AdamT_I'm not real sure how to copy the text... its all terminal and virtual12:37
ActionParsnipDeesl: sudo apt-get -y install linux-firmware fw-cutter12:38
ActionParsnipDeesl: sorry b43-fwcutter12:38
phper_Hello. How do I upgrade my ubuntu? I have 8.0412:38
ThinkT510!upgrade | phper_12:38
ubottuphper_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:38
szal!eol | phper_12:39
ubottuphper_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:39
[tla]hi. failed natty upgrade. trying to install openssh-server and get "no instrallation candidate".  apt-get update runs ok.  ideas?12:39
Phylockcoz_ - Thanks a lot, it solved my problem. Switched from "mouse" driver to "evdev" in xorg and no more lagging.12:39
Deeslokay.. but is b43 not supported on 4313?12:39
bazhangphper_, see the eolupgrades link12:39
ActionParsnipDeesl: sure12:39
coz_Phylock,  excellent :)12:39
DeeslActionParsnip: you still want me to install fwcutter?12:39
wols[tla]: apt-cache policy12:39
AdamT_wols: were you just wanting the ports?12:39
daurnimatorstill not having any luck with 5.1 dihgital audio output12:40
ActionParsnipDeesl: no, install . trying to install openssh-server and get "no instrallation candidate".12:40
ActionParsnipActionParsnip> Deesl: sorry b43-fwcutter12:40
tristan3199uscan i add transparancy to the panel slide down menus??12:40
[tla]wols: ok, i can run that.  what am i looking for?12:40
newbim trying to use gparted to resize a partion, but I am getting an error msg12:41
wols[tla]: for the whole output12:41
tristan3199usim using natty narwhal12:41
ActionParsnipnewb: is the partition mount which you are trying to resize?12:41
ThinkT510newb: are you resizing a partition you are currently using (mounted)12:41
szalnewb: what error msg?12:41
newbThe partition could not be unmounted from the following mount points:12:42
szalActionParsnip, ThinkT510: don't guess & ask proper evidence before giving advice :)12:42
faLUCEhi, do you know if is there a text editor in which I can insert words in real time through a script ?12:42
newbIt is not my main had drive12:43
ActionParsnipnewb: i suggest you resize in the livecd, be sure the data you need is backed up in case of catastrophe12:43
tristan3199usim just looking to add a basic compiz setting i bet, i want my panels to have 40 percent transparancy... anybody able to help???12:43
ActionParsnipszal: true, but 9 times in 10 its the cause12:43
icerootfaLUCE: why not using "cat filename >> file-to-add"12:43
DeeslActionParsnip: did you see my last message?12:43
skrmmI've added upstart job which starts executing my simple script for recording audio(arecord) in infinite loop, but first iteration of the loop gives me broken file. In boot loog I see this ALSA lib confmisc.c:768:(parse_card) cannot find card '0'12:43
newbbut how do i do it with gparted12:44
[tla]wols: all the output is pointing at natty releases but lsb_release -a reports maverick still.  is it because it thinks it is still running maverick so will not use the natty repos?12:44
ActionParsnipDeesl: I can't see it, sorry12:44
AdamT_wols: where should the config be for the web addresses if not in httpd.conf12:44
faLUCEiceroot: because I want some more complex scripting, like: insert at a specific linenumber, move cursor etc.12:44
szalnewb: again, use a live CD12:44
ActionParsnipnewb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/ResizingPartition12:44
[tla]wols: i am on a serial console so can't paste apt-cache output12:44
wolsAdamT_: /etc/apache2/sites-available/ normally. has NOTHING to do with an IP or Port at all. and man a2ensite to enable the site(s)12:44
elzoogI am having trouble installing the game Braid.   Can anyone help?12:45
tristan3199usnewb.. what are you trying to accomplish.. a duel boot.. just a storage partition.. ?12:45
ActionParsnipnewb: same method, just in liveCD12:45
DeeslActionParsnip: I asked, considering this is a BCM4313 which is not supported by b43, will b43-fw-cutter be of any use?12:45
icerootfaLUCE: vim, emacs, sed12:45
kitchewonderworld: sorry about that try display to see if that works12:45
icerootfaLUCE: all of them can do that12:45
wols[tla]: you need a natty main repository12:45
dmdevoteehi. i have ubuntu 11.04. i installed the package "startupmanager" to manage the boot of the installed OS, but the changes made are not applied. anybody haves a idea about what happens?12:45
newbI copied my hard drive to a bigger hard drive, now there is unallocated space hence I want to resize the new harddrive12:45
ActionParsnipDeesl: seems to be supported by STA12:45
phper_I don't understand, how do I upgrade my 8.04 ubuntu, what command I run?12:45
iceroot!eol | phper_12:46
ubottuphper_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:46
wolsnewb: boot from a LiveCD and resize from there12:46
DeeslActionParsnip: yes it is...12:46
icerootphper_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:46
tristan3199usdmdevotee: isnt startupmanager to let you choose what programs start in ubuntu??? thats not your grub..12:46
ActionParsnipDeesl: sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source; sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl; sudo modprobe wl12:46
Deeslstrangely, another B560 works perfectly...12:46
Deesljust this one12:46
wolsphper_: you can upgrade to 10.04 I guess12:46
newbbut I am now booting from my old hard drive so the new one is extra at the moment so it shoulddt be a problem12:46
Piciiceroot, phper_: 8.04 is still supported on the server, so update-manager and do-release-upgrade should work just fine to upgrade to 10.04.12:46
wolsnewb: then unmount it and do it12:47
phper_newbie why I can't upgrade to 11.04?12:47
newbhow to unmount12:47
tristan3199uscan anyone tell me how to add a transparency to my ubuntu 11.04 panels???12:47
[tla]wols: i have 4 * natty/main lines for amd64.  2 have the en_GB translation and the line starts with "500".  The other two start with "-10"12:47
newbin the termina;12:47
dmdevoteetristan3199us i don't understand what are you saying. i only know that in ubuntu 10.10 worked12:47
icerootPici: ah yes, they didnt move the 8.04 repo yet because of the server-edition. thanks for the hint12:47
wolsphper_: cause you can't leave out in between versions. your 8.04 is a LTS so you can upgrade to 10.04 LTS and from there to 10.10 and from there then finally to 11.0412:47
tristan3199usi have natty narwhal..12:47
tristan3199uswhat ever number that is..12:47
szalphper_: because that's not supported as in 1 step; what is supported is 8.04 -> 10.04 -> 10.10 -> 11.04, and in that case a reinstall is faster12:47
tristan3199uswols: ?12:47
wolstristan3199us: no I cannot. and natty is 11.0412:48
DeeslActionParsnip: still nothing... it still says disabled by hardware switch12:48
ActionParsnipphper_: reinstall will give a cleaner OS too12:48
ActionParsnipDeesl: is there a key shortcut to press and enable the device?12:48
dmdevoteetristan3199us i only want to windows start at first option. is there any software that works in ubuntu 11.04 to manage grub=?12:48
phper_newbie ok, I am new at upgrading, what is the command I need to input in my terminal to upgrade to 10.04?12:48
ActionParsnipDeesl: have you rebooted since installing the driver?12:48
mang0once I've sudo su 'd in terminal, how do I get out of root? (without shutting terminal)12:48
Picimang0: exit or ctrl-d12:49
ActionParsnipDeesl: you may want to blacklist b43 and ssb12:49
mang0Pici: ctrl-d did it tahnkyou12:49
DeeslActionParsnip: yes there.. is and that is enabled as well... I believe the key shortcut is a software block and it is toggling correctly as reported by rfkill12:49
wolsdmdevotee: edit /etc/default/grub. there you can select which one to start by default. after that, run update-grub12:49
newbhow do i unmount12:49
NebzCan/will someone help a noob manually nvidia drivers on 11.04 that I downloaded from nvidia's website? =/12:49
DeeslActionParsnip: the laptop has been rebooted and b43 and ssb is not even loading12:49
wolsnewb: umount <mountpoint>12:49
[tla]wols: do those lines sound ok?12:50
ThinkT510Nebz: why aren't you using the nvidia driver in ubuntu?12:50
szalphper_: did you actually bother to read the webpage we've been giving you?12:50
wolstlyu: useless information since not enough given12:50
NebzI am, but apt-get won't pull the latest12:50
newbhow do i find the mountpoint12:50
NebzEven after I added the nvidia repo12:50
wolsnewb: "mount"12:50
dmdevoteewols, is there any software to do this?12:50
phper_szal: I am trying, but I don't get it very well12:50
wolsdmdevotee: yes. a text editor12:51
SlartNebz: Ctrl+Alt+F1, log in, sudo sh /whever/you/put/it/NVIDIAblablabla   clicketiclicketi.. reboot and you're done12:51
dmdevoteei mean any software like startupmanager12:51
Nebzthx Slart!!12:51
SlartNebz: oh, you might want to uninstall the nvidia driver from the repos first12:51
NebzHmm, ok.12:51
NebzFrom terminal I suppose?12:52
salathey i have a 265ram pc. do i have to consider something or can i just plug some more ram in the ram free ram slots?12:52
ActionParsnipDeesl: that's cool, does dmesg give any clues?12:52
wolssalat: ##hardware12:52
ActionParsnipDeesl: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan   do you see access points?12:52
[tla]wols: i am on serial console.  what exactly do i need to tell you for it to be useful?12:52
wolssalat: ubuntu has no problem if there is suddenly more RAM than before12:52
wolstlyu: if you are using the default main repo of ubuntu. that's where openssh-server is in12:53
wols[tla]: ^^12:53
vikapiis there a way tat we can forcefully logout a user in gdm/kdm @a particular time of the day??12:53
wolsvikapi: cronjob12:53
dmdevoteein that file appears: GRUB_DEFAULT=6, but in fact, the first option is selected when i reboot12:54
vikapiwols: can u explain??wats the command in cronjob for gdm/kdm?12:54
mmandr_willis, just added the variable to the rc.local but still doesnt work. Still same problems here is my new rc.locale  http://pastebin.com/76Sxp3H612:54
[tla]wols: i have"http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu natty/main amd64 Packages"12:54
wols[tla]: and apt-get update works for it?12:54
wolsmman: rc.locale is wrong12:55
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdhi i run ubuntu 10.10 plugged my 32gb usb pendrive in and it won't mount it giving an output error about superblocks, that's the dmesg output http://paste.ubuntu.com/649943/ plz help i have important work files on it, thanks12:55
[tla]wols: yes but get "no apt-get update12:55
NebzSlart should I disassociate the nvidia repo or just uninstall the current driver?12:55
jschoolcraftcan you specify the user to run a process as in an upstart configuration?12:55
wols[tla]: hub? that's gibberish12:55
Punnadoes turbo boost work under ubuntu?12:55
mmanwols, sorry typo but its rc.local12:55
wolsPunna: it's hardware, so yes it works12:55
jribdmdevotee: are you sure you've run "update-grub"?12:55
wolsdmdevotee: and run it with sudo?12:56
wolsNebz: both12:56
faLUCEiceroot: do you mean that I can open a document with vim and send commands to the editor instance?12:56
dmdevoteewols: yes12:56
AdamT_wols: When I use a2ensite i have the options of default and default-ssl.  Default is already enabled12:56
jribdmdevotee: pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg12:56
[tla]wols: sorry, wrong keyboard.  yes, update runs with no errors.  upgrade says 15 packages are kept back - one of them is update-manager-core12:57
vikapiLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: does it have data in it??12:57
szalslacker_nl: ping12:57
newbon my hard drive there is dev/sdb1 & dev/sdb2 how do i combine them, this is an external hard drive12:57
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdvikapi: like i said i do have important work data on it12:57
ThinkT510newb: you don't, they are two seperate partitions12:58
Joupinewb, delete sdb2 and extend sdb1 but save data first. Gparted will do12:58
gerhow can i backup files in ubuntu?12:58
phper_I get this: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core Reading package lists... Error! E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ar.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_hardy_restricted_binary-i386_Packages E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.12:58
ThinkT510newb: you could copy the contents over and delete the empty one then resize the other12:58
gerand how can i use l dap12:58
gerldap mean12:58
xendrasmy package manager is behaving abnormally http://pastebin.com/nRuDFDDF   My /etc/apt/sources.list file is pasted here http://pastebin.com/kbKBW2KC12:58
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xendrasplease help me out12:59
Guest76605sudoers what is ommand?12:59
szalphper_: did you add the old-releases sources to your sources.list?12:59
jribxendras: run « sudo apt-get update »12:59
newbthere is a key sign on the gparted by sdb1, hence it is locked not sure how to change this12:59
jvgelixendras: what is this line deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu natty main1?13:00
phper_szal: I don't know how to do that13:00
wolsAdamT_: < AdamT_> wols: where should the config be for the web addresses if not in httpd.conf < wols> AdamT_: /etc/apache2/sites-available/ normally.13:00
icerootfaLUCE: you can send directly something into the document with sed13:00
jvgelixendras: why does it have a 1 in the end?13:00
szalphper_: it's described in the page13:00
wolsAdamT_: it's there you add the site and only if added, THEN you can run a2ensite13:00
faLUCEiceroot: I need to move cursor too13:00
NebzWols: thx13:00
phper_szal: so the error can be handled then?13:00
icerootfaLUCE: have a look at #vim or #emacs13:01
szalphper_: most probably yes13:01
wolsAdamT_: and apache2 does not care at all about a "new IP". it listens by default on all interfaces13:01
faLUCEiceroot: too much complicate . I would prefer some editor gui friendly, like gedit or kate13:01
dmdevoteesomebody knows an alternative to the package "startupmanager" that works in ubuntu 11.04? thanks13:02
icerootfaLUCE: emacs has a gui13:02
icerootfaLUCE: gvim also13:02
AdamT_wols: ok in sites available I have default and default-ssl, in a sites enabled folder I have 000-default.  will seeing the code shed light at all?13:02
jribdmdevotee: if you don't answer question and provide info when asked for it, we can't help you.13:02
ActionParsnipxendras: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/cmake-curses-gui   it's in the universe repo13:02
spyvingen1have some problem im all new to ubuntu. The first thing is that i cant get my second display to be rotated. And the other thing is when i first started ubunto i got like a start menu with evering opon and after restart i only come to a serchbox and shortcut menu when pressing the ubuntu bottun i want it like a start menu can i change that?13:02
wolsAdamT_: no. I told you you need to add the config file for the new site apache needs to serve pages for13:02
ActionParsnipdmdevotee: is it for a graphical desktop?13:02
dmdevoteejrib but i don't want to edit files, i want a software to do it easily13:03
dmdevoteeactionparsnip it is ubuntu 11.04 desktop13:03
wolsdmdevotee: then you either write it yourself or you pay someone to do so13:03
ActionParsnipdmdevotee: all that app does is make normal .desktop files in ~/.config/autostart13:03
ActionParsnipdmdevotee: works in ANY DE13:04
jribdmdevotee: I see. I don't know of such a program.  But /etc/default/grub provides an option per line; I don't really see how a gui could make it any simpler13:04
wolsActionParsnip: he's talking about grub default selection (so far), nothing about autostart. he must be confused13:04
spyvingen1actionpasnip was thet ment for me?13:04
jvgeliI am using mavericks default kernel 2.6.35 but i am using and AMD Fusion APU. I've read that fusion only has support on the .38 kernel version. Am I missing alot? or should I upgrade even if kernel .38 is giving me issues?13:04
AdamT_wols: I think this is set up differently then you are thinking.  there are not config files in sites-available13:04
ActionParsnipdmdevotee: what do you want to edit?13:04
bazhangjvgeli, thought you were using natty with oneiric kernel13:05
dmdevoteeactionparsnip windows 7 to be loaded first instead of ubuntu13:05
wolsAdamT_: there are two files in there default and default-ssl, right?13:05
oCeanAdamT_: there should be. That is the directory for the definition of your vhosts13:05
wolsAdamT_: maybe you should start again and tell us exactly what you need to do13:05
mmanhow to export environmental variables?13:05
wolsmman: export to where/what?13:05
wolsmman: env > file.vars  for example13:05
jvgelibazhang: had to remove it. Too many issues. very very unstable.13:05
alazare619im on xubuntu and im trying to share some folders over smb but im missing shared folders under applications system any ideas?13:05
faLUCEiceroot:  I know, but they are not user friendly13:06
mmanwols, no, i wan to use them in rc.local13:06
bazhangjvgeli, then upgrade to natty if you want that kernel13:06
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ActionParsnipdmdevotee: cd /etc/grub.d; sudo cp 30_os-prober 30_os-prober_backup; sudo update-grub13:06
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_hi i run ubuntu 10.10 plugged my 32gb usb pendrive in and it won't mount it giving an output error about superblocks, that's the dmesg output http://paste.ubuntu.com/649943/ plz help i have important work files on it, thanks13:07
ActionParsnipnot that13:07
wolsmman: and I want a pink pony13:07
AdamT_I took over this position about 2 months ago.  Someone set up our webhost server and I am trying to learn/change some things about it.  Right now we are hosting several sites from this server and I want to add another site.  We have sites like it.domain.com, wiki.domain.com etc... and I want to add a new one called support.domain.com13:07
ActionParsnipdmdevotee: cd /etc/grub.d; sudo mv 30_os-prober 08_os-prober; sudo update-grub13:07
xendrasjrib: ActionParsnip: thank you ..It worked !!13:07
wolsmman: any variable you want to use there you have to set yourself first basically13:07
ActionParsnipdmdevotee: that'll do it :)13:07
ActionParsnipxendras: wtg13:07
alazare619im on xubuntu and im trying to share some folders over smb but im missing shared folders under applications system any ideas?13:07
mmanwols, ok13:07
jribxendras: note jvgeli comment about "main1" though.  I noticed that too and I have not heard of such a section13:07
mmanwols, didnt know that13:07
jvgelibazhang: thats the problem, Natty doesnt play well with my APU.fglrx is slow, i get freezes on startup if i am on battery and my wifi and bluetooth is softblocked even if my hardware switch is on. I dont get these things on Maverick. I just upgraded to Natty as they say that Fusion is only supported by kernel .3813:08
wolsAdamT_: whoever managed your apache2 before is a moron and didn't set up vhosts the way he should have. so your first order is to find out how he mangled it (that is if default and default-ssl are the only entries in /etc/apache2/sites-available/)13:08
szalLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: tried to fsck the stick?13:08
DeeslActionParsnip: interesting stuff, I just pulled out the hard disk from a working B560 and put it in this one.. and guess what, wireless stopped working13:08
wolsAdamT_: however, I doubt you can competently manage the server before learning quite a bit13:09
Deeslso.. there is nothing wrong with the installation...13:09
Deeslthe OS installation I mean13:09
jvgelibazhang: kernel .38 has more issues than kernel .35 i think.13:09
ActionParsnipDeesl: weird13:09
wolsDeesl: how did you call rfkill again?13:09
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_szal: will i lose the data like this? plus i dunno how to do it13:09
Deeslnow why the hardwre switch is not working is the question...13:09
Deeslwols: rfkill unblock all and rfkill unblock id13:09
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: you will never lose data as you will have a backup of your important stuff, right?13:09
Deeslbut afaik, rfkill does not matter hardware blocks13:10
wolsLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: you might, but if you do, the data was corrupted in the first place. do a backup if you can beforehand13:10
AdamT_wols: those are the only 2 files in sites-available.  Inside the httpd.conf file there is the definition of each site with the servername and document root using <virtualhost *80>13:10
Deeslunless I am going completely wrong...13:10
AdamT_thats why i believed that was where i should put it13:10
Deeslam I right is assuming rfkill does not matter for hardware blocks?13:10
wolsAdamT_: ok, he mismanaged your server :(13:10
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_ActionParsnip: right... nope!13:10
AdamT_wols: haha love that XD13:10
wolsLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: then it's high time before you do anything possibly data destroying13:10
stercorWhere is the file containing the deb and deb-src lines?13:11
oCeanAdamT_: what are you running? lsb_release -a13:11
wolsAdamT_: basically you can either do a quick fix and set up a virtualhost the same way he did, or fix his mess which will take longer of course13:11
DeeslAdamT_: okay, each unix admin is different... the server he sets up tells his character13:11
oCeanstercor: /etc/apt/sources.list13:11
pythonirc1012I used apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) to install kernel headers, vbox Guest Additions still complains that the correct kernel headers are not installed. What am I doing wrong?13:12
stercoroCean: Thanks!13:12
AdamT_running ubuntu 9.10 karmic13:12
oCeanAdamT_: that's and eol version13:12
AdamT_wols: i did set up a virtual host like he did, but cannot get it to display.  was wondering if I needed to set up something elsewhere as well13:12
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_ActionParsnip: basically i gave this pendrive to a colleague and he used it on a windows machine with ext2soft (i think it's called like this) itz a software to read ext formatted hard drives from windows, i guess he just unplugged it without closing the software first, what could have happened? i have no backup of that stuff, help plz13:12
wolsAdamT_: restarted apache2?13:13
AdamT_wols: yes, and the server several times13:13
szalLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: all data you don't have backups of isn't important :P13:13
wolsAdamT_: and your DNS server resolves the new subdomain too?13:13
B166ER Hey I just installed Archlinux, I'm now doing running speaker-test, but how do I stop this program13:13
AdamT_wols: eh let me re-check real quick13:13
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: possible data corruption13:13
szalLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: plus, handling ext2/ext3 on Windows is highly unstable in my experience13:14
wolsB166ER: wrong channel13:14
B166ERHow to stop speaker-test13:14
szalB166ER: -> #archlinux13:14
oCeanAdamT_: your 9.10 is no longer supported. You have to upgrade first. Specific httpd help can be found in #httpd channel13:14
bazhangB166ER, this is ubuntu support13:14
B166ERI know but apparently I can not post in that channel for reasons I don't understand13:14
B166ERFirst time I use IRC13:14
szal!register | B166ER13:14
ubottuB166ER: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:14
aetasAdamT_, whats the problem?  I missed it, sorry13:14
bazhangB166ER, #freenode for that13:14
MrNthDegreeB166ER, you need to register your nick I think13:14
B166ERok thx!13:14
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_ActionParsnip, szal: ok so what do i do?13:14
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: slap your friend and educate them is a good start13:15
AdamT_one sec, checking dns settings13:15
mang0Argh! Firefox just WON'T uninstall. I've used the package manager, and I've tried using the software center13:15
mang0it won't go away13:15
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_ActionParsnip: sorry but i dont have time for sarcasm13:15
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_what do i do?13:15
mang0How do I totally get rid of it?13:15
ActionParsnipmang0: what is the output of:  sudo apt-get --purge remove firefox13:15
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: you may be able to use foremost to see what it can recover, why don't you have a backup13:16
ActionParsnipmang0: use a pastebin to host the text13:16
Deeslwols: missed my last question?13:16
wolsLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_: I told you long ago what to do. feel free to ignore it even longer13:16
alazare619im on xubuntu and im trying to share some folders over smb but im missing shared folders under applications system any ideas?13:16
wolsDeesl: yes. but: there is a soft and a "hard" rfkill setting IIRC13:17
wolsDeesl: but unblock all  should have catched it afaik13:17
aetasalazare619, system => administration => samba13:17
Deeslwols: okay....13:17
Deeslso ... bad hardware...13:17
Deeslunanimously accepted?13:17
wolsalazare619: smbclient -L <local ip>13:17
wolsDeesl: no. personally, I'd try a windows from anywhere first13:18
wolsand use the lenovo software they provide to enable wlan13:18
mmanwols, symbolic links have to be redifined in rc.local?13:18
mang0ActionParsnip: sorry, here http://www.pasteall.org/2341513:18
wolsmman: no13:18
mmanwols, thnks13:18
wolsmman: symlinks are a filesystem thing and work always as long as the kernel works13:18
mang0ActionParsnip: looks like it want's to install epiphany. I already have opera and I don't want another browser...13:19
mienI try to restore my grub installation on a raid 1 system. I tried to boot with ubuntu livecd and mount the dist to do a grub-install but since grub install requires a /dev/sda on the ending i cant do that from the livecd cuz /dev/md0 does not exist. any soulutions?13:19
ActionParsnipmang0: then run:  sudo apt-get --purge remove epiphany-browser; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove13:19
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd_ActionParsnip: fsck worked, fixed my prob, i got the files now13:20
Deeslwols: okay... so install windows.. and say its working ... then where do we troubleshoot?13:21
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wolsDeesl: basically you enable it in windows, reboot to linux and pray it then works (which it usually does)13:21
Deeslwols okay.. thats a hell of a hack :D13:22
wdpHey. I haven't used Ubuntu before, so I'm not sure whether that is normal behaviour; I'm used to source-based linux distributions and I'm using linux for more than 14 years (I just want to point out, that I'm not an unexperienced user, so also "difficult" aproaches might be helpful to me). I just compared a plain Ubuntu installation with Lunar's. In X11 when I move the mouse very fast my lunar gives me at maximum a cpu usage of 8% for XOrg (no nautilus t13:22
wdphere, xfce4). The Ubuntu gives me 20% cpu usage for XOrg and 20% cpu usage for nautilus (gnome). I did some things to the Ubuntu Install (putting /tmp to tmpfs, replacing getty with fgetty, setting noatime for the partitions except for home, where i use relatime, such stuff) and the cpu usage went down to 11% for XOrg and 11% for nautilus.13:22
aetaswols: is this just to turn on his wifi card?13:22
wolsDeesl: it sucks but that's ACPI for you13:22
ActionParsnipwdp: which video chip are you using?13:22
Deeslso I need to *get* a copy of windows :D13:22
wdpAs far as i know, this shouldn't happen. That usage should be between 1 and 10% at most. Also I'm wondering why it's happening for "nautilus" also, that's just a file browser, why is it getting a load when i move the mouse?13:23
wdpActionParsnip, plain install, ATI KMS i guess.13:23
dr_willisi have had wireless switches turn off in linux. but i had to boot to windows to turn wireless back on.. i think a later update fixed that quirk for that laptop. i just never ever.. use that switch ;)13:23
ActionParsnipwdp: nautilus also draws the desktop icons, its not just a file browser13:23
wdpActionParsnip, i checked glxinfo | grep render - it's not Software Rasterizing.13:23
wolswdp: makes no sense. if you move your cursor and it causes load it's most probably X or one of its drivers (e.g. 3D driver needing lots of CPU)13:23
tomek_I need antivirus software for linux . Any recommendations ?13:23
szalwdp: custom build vs. generic build, I guess13:23
wolsszal: not that much13:23
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renaldocreativetomek try CLAMAV13:24
wdpi see.13:24
mmanis there a way to "test" the rc.local without rebooting the server?13:24
szalwols: well, 8% vs 11% is not that much of a difference, if you ask me13:24
mang0ActionParsnip: I uninstall firefox, and epiphany installs, I uninsatall epiphany and firefox installs ;__;13:24
dr_willistomek_:  why do you need it..13:24
tomek_for security purposes13:24
dr_willistomek_:  you do relize its jusg going to scan files for windows viruses..13:25
renaldocreativetomek you don't have to worry about viruses, adware, etc13:25
wdpszal, depends. Those 11% alone would be okay, but i get 11% for nautilus and 11% for XOrg - means 22% of the cpu are used just for moving the mouse.13:25
tomek_yes, windows13:25
mmantomek_, i use mcafee command line, good in my eyes13:25
dr_willisand do little for 'security' theres several av tools for linux, clamav is in the repos13:25
wdpHowever; Is there something i could do, to improve that? Are there alternatives for nautilus? Would using a propritary driver fix that issue?13:25
wolsszal: 8% is too high from the start imho13:25
dr_willisthere are av live cds out there also.13:26
wolsszal: and this was after doing some shit that has no real bearing on the mousepointer too13:26
mang0Deesl: I have some copies of legit windows if you want one...very, very old though haha13:26
ActionParsnipmang0: uninstall both at the same time13:26
mang0ActionParsnip: how?13:26
alazare619aetas, got it  samba wasnt installed in synaptic reinstalled and found the icon thanks13:26
wolstomek_: you don't need AV software13:26
MurdockHi all13:26
mang0sudo apt-get remove epiphany, firefox?13:26
aetasalazare619, np, glad you got it working13:26
ActionParsnipmang0: sudo apt-get --purge remove firefox epiphany-browser; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove13:26
wolsmang0: XP is still usable for what he needs to do13:27
=== engrid is now known as sundar
dr_willisDeesl:  windows has some legit/legal free rescue isos you can get also. but not sure about drivers for wireless in them.13:27
howlymowlyhi poeple..   short question:  since yesterday or so I always get a message:  WARNING: untrusted versions of the following packages will be installed!  when using aptitude   I also can not use the "software-center" anymore13:27
mang0wols: k13:27
alazare619aetas, had me stumped tho why the hell isnt samba installed by default in xubuntu or any xfce distro now?13:27
mang0ActionParsnip: k13:27
howlymowlyany idea what hapened?13:27
ActionParsniphowlymowly: can you give  a pastebin of the output of:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade     (close software centre etc first)13:27
dr_willisalazare619:  its not default in ubuntu either.13:27
wdpActionParsnip, or any idea how to debug what's causing that?13:27
mienis there any way to boot the live cd with raid support?13:27
=== engrid is now known as sundar
aetasalazare619, not everyone uses it.  actually I very rarely use it13:28
alazare619dr_willis, it use to have the shared folders icon tho that would install it thats missing too13:28
ActionParsnipwdp: not sure, seems a bit weird, it the RAM healthy?13:28
mang0ActionParsnip: It's still not working. Now it wants to uninstall epiphany, not install firefox, but install 200mb of other stuff I don't want13:28
wolsmien: there must be or you couldn't have installed onto your raid13:28
szalwols: I have X running at somewhere between 7 and 10%, occasionally spiking to 15%, and moving the mouse pointer in circles doesn't do much to increase that (5% at worst)13:28
mienwols, thats right, do u know how i can do it too? :)13:28
dr_willisalazare619:  i can access windows sharew without it.. and if i set up a share it asks to install samba13:29
wolsmang0: is there any reason you can't just install ffox and remove epiphany afterwards?13:29
szalwols: and that is after 5 days of uptime13:29
wolsmien: since I don't use a raid, n :)13:29
mang0wols: I don't want firefox13:29
mang0or epiphany13:29
wdpszal, see, here it's differently. X idle is 0-1% cpu. Moving the mouse is nautilus 11-25% and XOrg 11-20% :)13:29
aetasmien: software or hardware raid?13:29
wolswdp: gnome/unity?13:29
wdpi just installed ubuntu LTS13:29
wdpand did an update. i guess unity is not installed.13:30
wdpjust gnome.13:30
mienaetas, software13:30
* szal blames Gnome13:30
alazare619at login screen you can make it so you dont load unity by choosing gnome classic wdp13:30
mienaetas, i would like be able to mount /dev/md013:30
wolsmang0: show us the exact output of your command or it's not possible to help you (imho). and chances are you must have some browser or other installed due to dependencies. and no opera doesn't count since it's not a properly made .deb13:30
mang0wols: I installed opera from a .deb13:31
aetasmien, this is linux kernel software raid or what?13:31
mang0but okay, I'll pastebin13:31
wolswdp: my suggestion is to use a light environment without any 3D rendering or such13:31
wdpalazare619, there just gnome and gnome (secure mode or something, got it translation)13:31
wolsmang0: read what I wrote13:31
mang0wols: ah13:31
ActionParsnipwdp: http://digitizor.com/2010/05/10/how-to-install-unity-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/13:32
mienaetas, what i want is to have /dev/md devices recognized, i dont know much about raid...13:32
wolsmang0: is your diskspace really so precious that you need to save the 10MB or so ffox/epiphany uses?13:32
wolsActionParsnip: I doubt he wants to13:32
wdpwols, mhm. Yeah. guessed so. I was just hopeing that anyone here would have an idea how to configure nautilus differently for example. Like not updating the desktop in realtime or something.13:32
ActionParsnipwols: why?13:32
aetasmien, Im basically asking what you used to set the raid up13:32
wolsActionParsnip: read the log13:32
alazare619wdp,  odd you could install xfce desktop enviorment that doesnt have unity then remove gnome then no more unity, unity hates my pc for some odd reason13:32
wdpalazare619, heh. Thanks so far :)13:33
aetasmien, see if this helps at all http://www.jeffsplace.net/node/1413:33
mienaetas, default presets for raid 1 in the ubuntu installation13:33
ActionParsnipwols: I'm not following you13:33
mang0wols: well not really, but I'd rather not have them. Just annoying. Lol. http://pastebin.com/2Mcan6Kq ActionParsnip <----13:33
aetasmien, ok yeah, try the directions on that website.  it obviously detected it since it has the device13:33
wolswdp: experiment: use a very basic driver (VESA?) and see if the same happens. imho it's probably something like transparency or such that fscks up. you know, the "fancy stuff"13:33
wdpActionParsnip, people report, that "removing" unity would help in my case, as unity is not even installed, installing it would cause the opposite effect.13:33
wdpActionParsnip, thats, what he means.13:34
alazare619wdp,  what kind of graphics card are you running by chance?13:34
wdpsome odd onboard ati graphiccard. just a sec.13:34
mienaetas, thx alot! exactly what i was looking for13:34
aetaswdp, is this one of the shared ram onboard cards like laptops have?13:34
aetasmien, np, it work?13:34
Joupimang0, As ActionParsnip wrote, you need a browser which is a proper .deb13:35
wdpaetas, yeah. i can add ram in the bios. currently its set to auto (32mb)13:35
mienaetas, soon we will se :)13:35
wdplemme guess, that's causing it? :)13:35
wolsmang0: or you fake one via equivs13:35
Joupiin this case it wants to install konqueror ;-)13:35
mang0wols: ?13:35
* wdp forgot about that.13:35
mang0Joupi: bother.13:35
alazare619wdp,  ok what wols said is kidna right expecept afaik vesa is just for intel have you tried applications > sstem > hard ware drivers ? and installed the proprietary ati drivers for your card?13:35
wolsmang0: apt-cache show equivs13:35
zerium1having some issues with Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS and php's ftp package... ftp_nlist is simply not working13:35
wdpalazare619, vesa is for nearly every graphiccard :)13:35
aetaswdp, those aren't full graphics cards since they share the ram.  if you throw 3d effects at them they usually cause higher cpu/mem usage than fully hardware ones13:35
wolszerium1: does a normal ftp client work?13:36
zerium1wols: yes and so does php from my mac13:36
wdpaetas, i disabled effects; and i dont think theres a lot 3d needed to draw a moving mouse cursor. or?13:36
zerium1same code, same connection13:36
KrenairCan you upgrade kernel 2.6.32-33-generic to 3 on Ubuntu 10.04?13:36
alazare619wdp hmm i havent read about vesa in awhile13:36
zerium1i thought it was that my tmpdir wasn't set but I set it in my path and still not working13:36
aetaswdp, was this always this way or did it start at some point?13:36
wolswdp: normally mouse cursors are hardware cursors (even on IGPs), but maybe it chose a software cursor for some reason?13:36
Anthony__Hello everyone.  Can someone help me create a new database13:37
Murdockhi moreno13:37
ActionParsnipKrenair: yes but we cannot support you then as you will be using a 3rd party kernel13:37
wolsKrenair: what for?13:37
aetasAnthony_, care to be a bit more specific?13:37
szalKrenair: there's not even a stable release of kernel 3.0 yet13:37
KrenairActionParsnip, 3rd party kernel...?13:37
wdpaetas, i never used ubuntu before; so i can just compare with different distributions. On those i never used gnome, so i can only compare with xfce4. And thus.. all my comparisations are somehow fail. However; this is a "fresh" install of ubuntu LTS. Downloaded the iso today, installed today. Updated today.13:37
Krenairszal: https://plus.google.com/102150693225130002912/posts13:37
ActionParsnipKrenair: there is a kernel ppa, use it at your own risk. I suggest you simply wait for oneiric to be released and use that (or use the alpha 2)13:37
ActionParsnipKrenair: yes, not maintained by the ubuntu team13:38
wolsKrenair: basically, anything but the ubuntu made kernels is unsupported. including using a kernel from a different ubuntu version, tho there are reasons why this sometimes is needed. what is your reason for kernel 3.0?13:38
wolsKrenair: there might be a solution for your problem without changing kernels13:38
KrenairActionParsnip, Linux is not maintained by the ubuntu team13:38
aetaswdp, ok that helps.  hrmm...lemme think if there's something else to try13:38
Krenairwols: I do not have a problem, I want to try out the latest kernel version.13:38
szalKrenair: that's (1) upstream and (2) 11 hours ago; last package I saw was 3.0-rc713:38
Anthony__aetas: I need to create a new database on our server, for a ticketing system i am installing13:38
wdpaetas, i can provide additional information if useful. like lspci, glxinfo, xorg log. dmesg.13:39
wolsKrenair: ah, SNS syndrome then13:39
Krenairwols, SNS syndrome?13:39
wasanzyhi all, I have a mod_perl web site running on centos, and I want to migrate the site to Ubuntu, but in centos the site directory is in /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/13:39
Krenairszal: 3.0-rc7 is a release candidate13:39
KrenairI am talking about 3.013:39
dydwhen i open an mp3 i can use the slide to move forward/backward...13:39
wolsKrenair: <dpkg> Shiny New Shit Syndrome is a serious disorder, which usually breaks out into an epidemic every time something new is released.  If you have SNS, ask me about <backports> and <ssb>; these are better options than upgrading to <testing> because it is a <moving target>.13:39
moreno_somebody help me?13:39
dydusing totem movie player13:39
wols!tell moreno_ about ask13:39
ubottumoreno_, please see my private message13:39
ActionParsnipKrenair: yes but the kernel tried and tested for the release is packaged by the ubuntu teams, if people start using kernels not ntended for their release then they are on their own13:39
MurdockExcuse me what Can I use ubuntu?13:39
zerium1wols: any idea?13:40
ActionParsnipMurdock: your question doesn't make sense13:40
wolsMurdock: please rephrase your question13:40
coz_Murdock,  can you explain that differently? I am not sure I understand13:40
h00k!language | wols13:40
ubottuwols: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:40
pauldutot71_hello All,13:40
wolszerium1: no. but a strong suggestion: stop using ftp. it's evil.13:40
aetaswdp, I know you can change the mouse poll interval and also if the polling rate is set high it will start sucking up cpu.  on vanilla ubuntu this is changed in CompizConfig Settings Manager but I'm not sure on there13:40
moreno_I can hack alien starship whit ubuntu?13:40
zerium1wols: if i had that option i would... clients13:40
wasanzyI don't have that directory in my ubuntu, so my question is, under which directory does mod_perl sites resides? the site is written in pure mod_perl not cgi13:40
ActionParsnipmoreno_: sure13:40
bazhangmoreno_, no13:40
wolsmoreno_: no. only macs can do that. now stop trolling and ask your real question if you have one13:41
aetaswdp, that likely isnt going to be the root cause but it may alleviate some of the symptoms while you find the problem13:41
wdpaetas, hm. yeah. i know how to change the polling rate at the boot loader. as its an usb mouse.13:41
jambronggabungnya gmn?13:41
wdpmight be a try worth.13:41
wolszerium1: sftp ftw13:41
zerium1wols: yeah gotta connect to this shitty windows box13:41
Anthony__aetas: i just want to create a new database for a ticketing system I am installing13:41
wolswasanzy: under /var/www like any other website13:41
oCeanAnthony__: your 9.10 ubuntu version is no longer supported13:42
wolszerium1: there are ssh servers for windows...13:42
h00k!language | zerium113:42
ubottuzerium1: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:42
alazare619ok afaik my samba shares are all up and going now can someone point me in the right directory for a nice gui for a easy ftp server gadmin suites hate me13:42
shomonmight be good not to keep it in var/www so as to confuse the script kiddies13:42
aetaswdp, whats the general load on the system right now?  I know if you have no other apps running, it will let X suck up more especially if the poll rate is higher13:42
aetasAnthony_, that doesn't help man, there's many different database systems13:42
MurdockWhere Can I find a guide for ubuntu?13:42
wdpaetas, second, im collecting infos.13:43
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:43
bazhang!manual > Murdock13:43
Anthony__aetas: a mysql database13:43
ubottuMurdock, please see my private message13:43
aetasAnthony_, is mysql server installed?13:43
oCeanAnthony__: you have to upgrade first13:43
Anthony__aetas: yes13:43
wasanzywols: I know in centos, the documentroot is /var/www/html/ but still, that was not the path mod_perl was using, is it not some kind of special directory for perl?13:43
wasanzyjust asking though13:43
MurdockWho is ubottu?13:43
ActionParsnip!ubottu | Murdock13:43
ubottuMurdock: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots13:43
MurdockI know now xD13:44
aetaswasanzy, perl doesnt have a special directory, although people will use cgi-bins usually13:45
wolsaetas: mod-perl too?13:45
Tweakyhi. i seem to have lost the volume control speaker icon in the unity top bar.. any ideas how i can get this back?13:46
wasanzyok, but am using mod_perl not cgi13:47
bazhangTweaky, what about installing indicator-applet-complete13:47
aetasyou just have to make sure you configure it correctly13:47
aetaswhat are you trying to do?13:47
dhruvasagarHi, I have a weird problem, my cdrom was working fine previously, but lately, when I put a cd in, after sometime it just ejects...can someone help me diagnose what the problem might be ? I have an optical drive13:47
Tweakybazhang: it is already installed13:48
bazhangTweaky, what about re-adding it13:48
JanusmanI'm about to migrate to a new machine, and I have already done sudo dpkg –get-selections > installedsoftware ... but some of those packages are from different repositories than what /etc/apt/sources.list say. Should I just copy over /etc/apt/sources.list.d ??13:49
Tweakybazhang: im not very framiliar with unity.. how can i do this?13:49
dhruvasagaranybody ?13:50
joe_9Nautilus shows my secondary hard drive when I boot into Ubuntu, but applications cannot access it until I've opened the drive with Nautilius. How can I make the drive accessible without having to open it in Nautilus?13:50
aetasjoe_9, its probably using fuse13:51
ActionParsnipjoe_9: add an entry in /etc/fstab13:51
wasanzydo we please perl, python and c channel, as in programming or scripting lang?13:51
aetaswdp, you still here?13:51
wdp_buntuaetas, lspci: http://pastie.org/2254074 dmesg: http://pastie.org/2254107 glxinfo: http://pastie.org/225411213:52
Pici!alis | wasanzy13:52
ubottuwasanzy: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*13:52
wdp_buntuaetas, just one sec, doing XOrg log .. :>13:52
aetaswdp_buntu, found something that may or may not help13:52
wdp_buntuhm i guess xorg.log is not useful; no errors, no warning.13:53
aetaswdp_buntu, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/linux/+bug/55865713:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 558657 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) "mouse usage causes Xorg CPU usage to spike, and mouse pointer becomes less responsive" [High,Triaged]13:53
wdp_buntuaetas, thanks, lemme take a look13:54
aetaswdp_buntu, go there and search for....HWCursor first and then "magazine.redhat.com"13:54
aetasshould get you to the right comments...those look like they may help13:55
wdp_buntuyeah well you mean setting hwcursor to false.13:55
wdp_buntuin xorg.conf.13:55
thrillERboyHi, Guys I installed ubuntu with wubi, now when I enter ubuntu from the boot menu, I see an error message: No WUBILDR and then grub prompt appears, I have some important files inside ubuntu. Please help.13:55
aetasthrillERboy, they're not gone so calm down ;)13:56
* thrillERboy is worried13:57
wdp_buntuaetas, i'll try a bit around. im sure something of the stuff will help. I'll let you know if i was able to solve the issue.13:57
thrillERboyFirst thing I'll do after getting ubuntu back up, is installing Dejavu :D13:57
alazare619can someone point me in the right directory for a nice gui for a easy ftp server gadmin suites hate me13:58
alazare619direction not directory13:58
aetaswdp_buntu, cool, Im interested to see what helps13:58
MrUnagiwhats the easiest way to transfer a mail server from os x to ubuntu13:58
dr_willisthrillERboy:  it is possible to mount the wubi disk file and access things in it. from a live cd.  i dont use or reccomend wubi at all.13:59
wdpalazare619, ftp SERVER or CLIENT? just to make sure13:59
alazare619server wdp13:59
alazare619ive tried proftpd with gadmin gui but i could not get it running right13:59
wdpno idea about gui there; i'm using pure-ftpd and proftpd, they're quite nice and easy to configure, without gui.13:59
wdpmaybe take a look at pure-ftpd's documentation.14:00
aetasthrillERboy, did you just install this or is it an old install?14:00
thrillERboydr_willis: I don't have a live cd now. I can I burn one now?14:00
alazare619ill check them out without the gui i just dont want to have to hand edit 10k .config files you know :P14:00
dydguys i have an empty 250 hd that is all unallocated14:01
thrillERboyaetas: I've using this with ubuntu and win7 for like 3 months14:01
dydwhat should i do in order to use it to store data?14:01
thrillERboyaetas: I did a bad shut down today and now the grub menu appears :(14:01
dr_willisthrillERboy:  you can make them with windows . yes.14:01
aetasthrillERboy, probably trashed the filesystem14:01
thrillERboyaetas: you mean all files are gone?? :/14:01
dr_willisdyd: partition it, format it, mount it..14:01
aetasthrillERboy, do you have a rescue cd / live cd?14:01
aetasno, it means its unclean although its possible you could have done damage but not that likely14:02
dhruvasagarHi, I have a weird problem, my cdrom was working fine previously, but lately, when I put a cd in, after sometime it just ejects...can someone help me diagnose what the problem might be ? I have an optical drive14:02
dhruvasagarHi, I have a weird problem, my cdrom was working fine previously, but lately, when I put a cd in, after sometime it just ejects...can someone help me diagnose what the problem might be ? I have an optical drive14:02
dyddr_willis: it's good to make 1 big partition? ext what? ext2-3-4?14:02
thrillERboyI'll prepare one now. aetas dr_willis . Will be back in a moment14:02
thrillERboythanks* :)14:02
dyddr_willis: i mean only 1 big partition14:02
dr_willisdyd: depends on your neeeds. ext4 should work fine14:02
aetasthrillERboy, here's a relevant thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1639198 in case you don't come back14:02
alazare619dyd,  if its for storage ext3 or 4 if its a main drive i prefer ext2 as its quicker and has less redundancy and writes to the drive but thats just my personal prefrence14:03
thrillERboythanks aetas. I'm buring cd now :)14:03
aetasthrillERboy, so does windows still boot?14:03
dydalazare619: since it's for storage i'll use ext4, thank you14:04
dyddr_willis: thank you14:04
thrillERboyaetas: yes, I can boot inside win714:04
=== ok is now known as jimjix2
aetasyou said this was on a separate hard drive right?14:04
dr_williscan wubi go on a drive other then c:?14:05
Sidewinder1thrillERboy, Some suggestions prior to burning: Md5sum the iso image to make sure it's perfect, then burn at the sloooowest speed.14:06
bazhangMicroBot, hi14:06
connie Censortron14:06
=== connie is now known as Censortron
thrillERboythansk Sidewinder1 would have missed tat :)14:06
aetasthrillERboy, do you still have your ubuntu and wubildr directories in the windows partition?14:06
wdpaetas, could you do me a favour? please check with top what xorg and nautilus do when you do nothing (cpu usage) using gnome terminal. then move the mouse very fast, what cpu usage do you get for xorg and nautilus? Then stop top and type in xterm -ls & then exit and in the opened xterm do top again and move the mouse again, what cpu load for nautilus and xorg?14:07
=== toggles_ is now known as toggles
Satisfiedis Firefox 4 available for ubuntu yet ??14:08
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins14:08
iceroot!ff5 | Satisfied14:08
ubottuSatisfied: Firefox 5 is available in Natty/11.04 as an automatic update. If you would like to install it in an earlier release, you will need to use the following unofficial and unsupported !PPA: http://pad.lv/ppa/mozillateam/firefox-stable/14:08
thrillERboyaetas: I have some files inside winboot directory inside windows partition namely wubildr wubildr.mbr wubildr.tar etc14:08
aetaswdp, one sec14:08
aetaswdp, nothing is X at 11% and nautilus at 2%, very fast is X at 15% and nautilus at 10%....checking the last14:10
aetaswdp, no real difference on the second command14:11
arkanabarwdp, default config of conky will show top 3 entries in top in most DEs -- not sure about unity & Gnome shell, though.14:11
aetasthrillERboy, ok, hrm14:11
=== fx is now known as Guest64265
aetasthrillERboy, ok so you are starting win7 and then ubuntu or what?14:12
cdavisHello, in Natty my trash is showing empty even though I see files in ~/.share/local/Trash/files14:13
thrillERboyaetas: I can't understand your questions, sorry :) I'm inside windows now. To burn Ubuntu CD14:14
nyuszika7hcdavis: Hi, are they hidden files?14:14
DeeslActionParsnip: further updates... the wireless card does not work in Windows 7 as well14:14
aetasthrillERboy, how do you start ubuntu normally?14:14
Deeslso... bad hardware... unanimously accepted now?14:14
cdavisnyuszika7h: no, they are not14:14
arkanabaraetas, a moment.  thrillERboy , are you wanting to install Ubuntu to its own partition?14:15
aetashes burning a rescue cd14:15
aetasso he can get his files mainly14:15
aetasalthough he probably should install it on its own14:16
OxymoronHi, I wondering. How do I get HDMI output working. It seems like my TV get some kind of signal, but its just black on the screen.14:16
thrillERboyaetas: Normally window boot menu appears, I'll select ubuntu in it, then grub boot menu will appear, now when I select Ubuntu only grub CLI appears. I guess kernal is not loaded.14:16
JakeBwellHey people occasionally when running an application my task bar gets stuck in view even when I have a maximised browser it stay in screen blocking the view of the browser14:16
JakeBwellrunning ubuntu 11.0414:16
JakeBwellany ideas14:16
thrillERboyarkanabar: I would like that, but I have only one partition now, I have tonnes of files to backup inside windows and ubuntu :(14:17
aetasthrillERboy, I don't understand why it needs wubi then, you should be able to run it on its own without it14:17
dhruvasagaris there a way to find out if my cdrom drive (hardware) is broken ?14:17
OxymoronAnd then I wonder, if its possible to install some kind of  acceleration divers for my laptop? I have dual link with Intel something integrated and some kind of crappy Nvidia ...14:17
arkanabaraetas, I think thrillERboy wants to rescue some files from his wubi install14:17
thrillERboyarkanabar: exactly14:18
aetasyeah, I told him to make the cd :)14:18
W4RH4WKi want to encrypt my file system. is it save to use an encrypted LVM when install ubuntu /debian with a complex password or is it easy to break this kind of encryption14:18
* thrillERboy burning cd now14:18
wolsOxymoron: sure it is, tho you will have probelms if you use the proprietary nvidia drivers14:18
wolsW4RH4WK: it's not easy to brak14:19
Oxymoronwols: Why? :)14:19
aetasthrillERboy, so you have it installed into a boot image on the windows partition?14:19
arkanabarthrillERboy, go to nonags.com and search for archiving tools, see if you can find one to open up your wubi files.14:19
wolsOxymoron: cause the nvidia drivers are proprietary and don't work like linux drivers should work. nouveau does14:19
OxymoronW4RH4WK: Why do you encrypt in the first place?14:19
Oxymoronwols: Well, does nouveau works some kind of stable then or is it unusable as earlier? :P14:20
NoReGreTi'm having trouble with suspending the system, it just freezes with a black screen, so i read somehwere to use "acpitool", that worked by suspending, but waking up is failing with the same black screen, any solutions? i'm on HP DV6 with dual GPUs14:20
arkanabarOxymoron, encryption is generally a good idea, ESP on laptops.14:20
thrillERboyyes aetas14:20
Oxymoronarkanabar: ESP?14:20
cdavisnyuszika7h: I installed the cli tools and emptied the trash. Then I tested by deleting something and it now shows up. Perhaps somethign just got out of whack.14:20
W4RH4WKOxymoron, i am working with critical data on my laptop, and if i lose my laptop ...14:20
arkanabarOxymoron, sorry.  especially.14:20
thrillERboyarkanabar: do you recommend any specific tools?14:21
OxymoronW4RH4WK: Just curious, what kind of critical data? :)14:21
aetasthrillERboy, ok then yeah, you should try to boot into the rescue through wubi and fsck the partition14:21
nyuszika7hcdavis: Or the file you moved to Trash was a hidden file - those aren't displayed in Nautilus by default.14:21
arkanabarW4RH4WK, you may prefer an OS that encrypts the entire disk, eg Mandriva or fedora.14:21
thrillERboyaetas: meaning inside grub> menu?14:21
cdavisnyuszika7h: I don't believe so, there were about 30 files listed in the files directory.14:21
Oxymoronarkanabar: Its easier not to encrypt anything ... Even if you do, its not worth it as it can be forced anyway.14:22
W4RH4WKOxymoron, mainly patient data, dossiers and stuff like this14:22
nyuszika7hcdavis: What do you mean?14:22
thrillERboymy ubuntu files are inside (hd0,msdos3)14:22
aetasthrillERboy, you would hop into the rescue cd at that point, yeah14:22
MrNthDegreewho needs to encrypt the whole disk?14:22
OxymoronW4RH4WK: Aha I see :) Well if anyone even would like the information they could hack your computer anyway :P14:22
nyuszika7hIf you use `ls -a', or you have `ls' aliased to `ls -a', it's possible that it always shows hidden files.14:22
W4RH4WKOxymoron, yes of course, i am aware of this fact. But that's another topic...14:23
wolsarkanabar: ubuntu can do this too14:23
cdavisnyuszika7h: Within ~/.local/share/Trash/files I could see there were about 30 files listed. However, when opening the trash can the spinner spun for about 3 minutes and eventually dispalyed nothing at all14:23
OxymoronAnyone able to help meout with my HDMI output problem?14:23
W4RH4WKOxymoron, i am afraid of losing my laptop, somebody finds it and starts to blackmail me14:23
thrillERboyaetas: unknown command: fsck14:23
OxymoronW4RH4WK: In other words, I dont see any reason for encrypt it. And if you must, encrypt USB stick or something, and work on only that ;)14:24
wolsthrillERboy: "sudo"14:24
OxymoronW4RH4WK: Why would anyone bother to blackmail a private person? :P14:24
DamnSoGooDhow can i install a downloaded app?14:24
bazhang!ot | Oxymoron14:24
ubottuOxymoron: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:24
aetasthrillERboy, where are you at this point?14:24
wolsDamnSoGooD: depends on the format it come sin14:24
arkanabar@all, encryption is required of anyone storing confidential data, eg medical professionals, lawyers, therapists.  @wols, ubuntu encrypts /home.  fedora and mandriva encrypt EVERYTHING.14:25
Oxymoronbazhang: Yeah I guess I go off topic :P14:25
W4RH4WKOxymoron, well, why not, cash is always a good approach14:25
samethi, i use ubuntu desktop edititon, but my system be laptop edition after update, how to back desktop edition14:25
thrillERboyI'm in grub> prompt aetas14:25
dr_willisDamnSoGooD: what app. and filename14:25
DamnSoGooDit is a tar.gz format, it is network manager i will install in a lxde ubuntu14:25
wolsarkanabar: read what I wrote. and google "ubuntu LUKS pre-boot"14:25
aetasthrillERboy, ok, one sec14:25
bazhangsamet, choose classic14:25
jattyou encrypt home but what if your private key gets lost?14:25
wolsDamnSoGooD: don't14:25
thrillERboywols: sudo only matters If i'm inside the OS. I hope14:25
bazhangDamnSoGooD, get from the repos14:25
OxymoronW4RH4WK: I am not going further in this topic. But I just say, dont be so paranoid. You could even be dead by a meteorite tomorrow xD14:26
bazhang!classic | samet14:26
ubottusamet: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".14:26
wolsthrillERboy:  < thrillERboy> aetas: unknown command: fsck14:26
GalaxorBanshee just became unresponsive.  I killed it.  Now there's a defunct Banshee process.  When I try to start a new one, it just hangs there.  No output on the console, no windows open.14:26
DamnSoGooDmy lappy has no connection, thats why i will install network manager offline14:26
thrillERboywols: I'm in grub prompt wols sudo won't help. I'm in nobody's land :(14:26
aetasthrillERboy, can you try the instructions here? http://www.omaregan.com/?p=58314:27
GalaxorI ran it with --debug and I got this:  [1 Debug 10:26:43.082] Bus.Session.RequestName ('org.bansheeproject.Banshee') replied with InQueue14:27
arkanabarDamnSoGooD, did you download a .tar or a .deb file?14:27
W4RH4WKOxymoron, i think you are right and i am just to paranoid... i will install encrypted LVM anyway... at least it doesn't cost me anything14:27
aetasthrillERboy, or do "ls -l" from there14:27
wolsthrillERboy: "ls"14:27
OxymoronW4RH4WK: Truecrypt ;)14:27
DamnSoGooDa tar.gz14:28
W4RH4WKOxymoron, can i use truecrypt for a system partion or do i have to create a single encrypted partiton / container on my fs14:28
jnsl_Hey guys! I'm trying to mount a folder with sshfs, it works if i don't use sudo (if i use sudo i don't have permissions for the dir i'm trying to mount), however i would like to mount the dir in /media/ and for this i need sudo! argh14:28
wolsW4RH4WK: no you cannot. you can use LUKS for it tho14:29
aetasjnsl_, so change the permissions or add that user to the group for that directory14:29
W4RH4WKwols, ok, ty... i think i once read about LUKS in a gentoo manual or so..14:29
aetasjnsl_, or mount it somewhere that user has access and link it into media14:29
wolsjnsl_: show us the command and output for the time when you try it with sudo, cause this doesn't sound right14:29
thrillERboyls -l shows partitions and its info aetas14:30
jnsl_okay 1sec14:30
aetasthrillERboy, ok, try the few lines on that website.  I think that will fix it14:30
W4RH4WKjnsl_, adding a line to fstab allows you to mount / unmount as normal user14:31
aetaswols, I wonder if hes trying to mount it without providing the ssh user and since hes sudoing to root, it tries to log him in as root14:31
jnsl_"sshfs jn@myserver:/var/www /media/myserver" this give me "read: Connection reset by peer"14:31
aetas...how did you jump from that to permissions problems?14:32
faLUCEis there a text editor which I can control through scripts? for example: I can implement a script that writes "foo" in the text editor, or that moves the cursor14:32
jnsl_err with sudo that one14:32
W4RH4WKjnsl_, this would be my line in fstab> sshfs#w4rh4wk@xray:/    /mnt/xray   fuse    rw,noauto,user,noexec,sync,reconnect,fsname=sshfs#w4rh4wk@xray:/    0   014:32
jnsl_if i dont use sudo and mount in my home folder it works14:32
wolsjnsl_: you didn't use sudo above either14:32
wolsand a connection reset by peer has NOTHING to do what user runs it locally14:33
jnsl_wols wopps that was a spelling mistake, sorry, that was with sudo14:33
Deeslnow for the next laptop14:33
jnsl_i will try fstab it14:33
aetasthat won't help right now14:33
thrillERboywhat is the latest kernal version for ubuntu I updated 2 days ago. end its with .10 and starts with 2.614:34
[tla]faLUCE: emacs commands are written in a lisp style language that you can extend / reuse as much as you like.  may be overkill for what you want though.14:34
LasersfaLUCE: vim?14:34
CloudAche84I have 3.0. something or other14:34
LasersfaLUCE: I mentioned autokey. Don't know if you got it.14:34
aetasjnsl_, I think its probably the ssh key problem14:34
thrillERboyor many be starts with 2.8 I'm not sure, but, I'm sure it end with .1014:35
grendal_primeanyone here use nagios?14:35
aetasjnsl_, can you try and sudo ssh (not sshfs) into that server with the same line and tell me what it does?14:35
jpdsgrendal_prime: #ubuntu-server might be a better place to ask.14:35
faLUCELasers: autokey was for another question14:35
grendal_primewe got this guy that is continually dinking around with various monitoring apps.14:35
grendal_primeok thanks14:35
wolsthrillERboy: packages.ubuntu.com knows14:35
jnsl_aetas permission denied public key14:35
dr_willissudo ssh? im not sure that will work14:35
shomonhow do I get apache to automatically load index.htm files when it gets to directories without an index.html?14:35
jnsl_so sudo dosent have the same key as my user14:36
aetasjnsl_, bingo, there you go.  you have public key security setup but root doesn't have the public key that you gave your user14:36
aetasfix that problem and it should work fine14:36
LasersfaLUCE: Was autokey what you were looking for?14:36
aetasit should be in your ~/.ssh/known_hosts  you can just copy it from that user14:36
=== snimavat is now known as sn
jnsl_ok, i ask dumb now but is it ok to give sudo my ssh keys?14:37
aetaswhat do you mean?14:37
aetasit just puts them in root's known_hosts files and is probably more secure than having them in your user actually14:38
jnsl_okay i will try that, thanks :)14:38
aetasnp :)14:38
BluebirdShaosomebody can tell me how to smooth my display font.14:39
tsimpsonshomon: it should be load index.htm if it can't index.html (and some other extensions)14:39
shomonI thought that too14:39
BluebirdShaohow to configure the font in linux.14:39
shomonit loads the directory listing14:39
tsimpsonshomon: do you have the "dir" module enabled?14:39
shomonno idea.. will check...14:40
tsimpsonshomon: you should have /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dir.load if you do14:40
=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
elijahWould it be bad to use the dd command with a block size of 64m ???14:40
shomonthanks tsimpson will check14:41
elijahdd is just so slow with the default bs=51214:41
dr_williselijah: once you get over 4mb i think you see no gain and may loose speed14:41
dr_willisi thought default was 1k14:42
elijahI am getting 9MBps with dd running at bs=512, both drives are on esata and can handle way more than that.14:42
dr_willisbs=2048 is about all i use14:42
jaaaaaaaaaaackhi people, i have a question.Am i banana?14:42
elijahdr_willis: Do you know what badwidth you get when you use bs=2048?14:42
dr_willisthere is a point od dim inishing returns with b==14:43
p33./configure && make of ffgtk gives error: "no capi20 found". How to solve this ??14:43
dr_williselijah: im always using it for usb. so thats my bottleneck i imagine14:43
elijahdr_willis: Is it bad or less accurate to use a larger block size?14:43
E3D3How can I make archives when right-clicking in/on a directory with Dolpin ?14:43
wolsp33: is there any capi library in ubuntu?14:43
aetasp33, don't you think you should start with "apt-cache search capi20" ?14:43
dr_williselijah: i recall over 4mb is pointless. from my research ages ago14:43
aetasdr_willis, I imagine it would depend on the system you run it on14:44
aetasewww browser IRC14:44
elijahdr_willis: Hmm, using bs=16m bumped it to 16MBps but bumping it to bs=32m still keeps it at 16 MBps14:44
elijahdd is just slow on this machine, something has to be a bottleneck14:45
p33wols, aetas, downloaded libcapi from here: http://tabos.org/ffgtk/download.php14:45
=== maxim is now known as Guest79959
p33and compiled into ffgtk/libcapi/14:45
aetasp33, its in apt...why?14:45
wolsp33: that's now what you were asked or told to do14:45
BluebirdShaois there anyone here who experts linux font. I wanna configure it.14:45
aetasuse your package manager first or you're going to likely screw your system up if you install something you shouldn't have14:46
dr_willisBluebirdShao:  clarify the problem/question14:46
p33aetas: because it's written here http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/FritzBox/ffgtk/Kompilieren14:46
NoReGreTi'm having trouble with suspending the system, it just freezes with a black screen, so i read somehwere to use "acpitool", that worked by suspending, but waking up is failing with the same black screen, any solutions? i'm on HP DV6 with dual GPUs [Lucid]14:46
BluebirdShaodr_willis: how to install a new font in linux and then is there need to configure it.14:47
p33can't I just bind the ffgtk/libokapi into ffgtk?? cause for sudo, I ll have to wait ...14:47
aetasp33, be careful with instructions on websites that don't contain dates, but ok14:47
SterileWhen I try to install Empathy, I get "Package dependencies cannot be resolved" and a  list of packages... how to I fix that??14:47
p33date: 13. Juli 2011 um 13:16 Uhr14:47
mang0Have any of you guys used ableton live with ubuntu 11.04?14:48
aetasdo you not have root access to this system?14:48
p33not right now14:48
p33in some hours yes, but would like to install it now14:48
dr_willisBluebirdShao: i just copy mine to .fonts dir for my user14:48
Titanoboa4im trying to install ubuntu for the first time and at like 70% a popup says "Bootloader install failed. Sorry, an error occurred and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location." Then my options are to 1.choose a different device to install the bootloader on. 2.continue without a bootloader. 3. cancel the installation. obviously i want the first option but idk how.14:49
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/14:49
aetasgive it a try then but understand it may complicate things down the road....atleast you probably don't have permission to any directories it might hurt though14:49
dr_willisbrb. lunch14:49
wolsp33: "bind"?14:49
aetasit likely won't break anything in the least14:49
wolsp33: what does your configure log say?14:50
aetasI think he means link but you can't never tell14:50
wolsaetas: btw, he cannot use the libcapi20 in ubuntu14:50
p33wols: "No package 'capi20' found. Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you14:50
p33installed software in a non-standard prefix."14:50
aetasyou mean the one in the package manager or the one from that site?14:51
wolsp33: that's not what is in the log is (or at least there is a lot more)14:51
p33on the site14:51
wolsaetas: he cannot use libcapi20 from the repos14:51
Titanoboa4anyone know?14:51
aetasinteresting....just looked14:52
BluebirdShaodr_willis: in my home dir, i just found .fontconfig, may be it is.14:52
wolsp33: I'd suggest you go to ircnet in channel #fritzbox but your choice14:52
dr_willisBluebirdShao:  make a .fonts14:52
phper_good evening14:52
phper_many thanks14:52
aetaswols, whats the problem with libcapi20-3?14:52
BluebirdShaodr_willis: well, i will take a try.14:52
p33wols: http://pastebin.de/1786114:52
p33wols: #fritzbox is empty14:53
dr_willismkdir .fonts    cp foo.ttf .fonts14:53
wolsaetas: this is for a special german router not for some usual linux software using capi14:53
aetasp33, yeah its trying to run capi20 command and doesnt find it so it shows that14:53
wolsp33: no it's not. I said ircnet14:53
antivirtelhello! I want to backup my mails to a CD. I've used Thunderbird. What is the best format of e-mails to bacup that to a CD?14:53
aetaswols, can you read german?14:54
wolsaetas: I am german14:54
Titanoboa4hi.  im trying to install ubuntu for the first time and at like 70% a popup says "Bootloader install failed. Sorry, an error occurred and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location." Then my options are to 1.choose a different device to install the bootloader on. 2.continue without a bootloader. 3. cancel the installation. obviously i want the first option but idk how. any ideas?14:54
aetaswols, so yes? ;)14:54
wolsaetas: and I have the same router14:54
TBotNikThanks to all who helped me recover my internet last night!14:55
wolsaetas: same family, but that small difference isn't relevant14:55
shomonoh so you're the guy who took my internet!14:55
Titanoboa4or at least direct me to a good site for help14:55
aetasTitanoboa4, can you give us an overview of how you're installing?  What hard drive, if you have other OSes installed, etc?14:55
Titanoboa4might take a min, typing on phone14:56
aetaswols, yeah Im working off a general knowledge, I couldn't read anythign on there unless I fed it through google translate14:56
aetasoh jeez14:56
BluebirdShaodr_willis: thanks, man.14:56
wolsTitanoboa4: no internet access via live CD?14:56
aetasprobably can't fix it while he talks to us14:56
Titanoboa4what do you mean?14:56
aetasTitanoboa4, as in boot an Ubuntu live cd and use IRC on that14:57
wolsTitanoboa4: you have a ubuntu live cd. is there no network access with that?14:57
gribouillehow can I know whether my system uses the proprietary drivers for my graphics card ?14:57
LasersPsydoll: synaptic is GUI front-end.  aptitude is CLI front-end. So basically, aptitude (or apt-get) is a CLI version of synaptic.14:57
wolsgribouille: glxinfo|less14:57
arkanabarTitanoboa4, if you're installing from an Ubuntu live environment, some menu somewhere should include a web browser and a chat program -- most likely Epiphany.14:57
mystiquebahey guys, is there a ubuntu alternative to itunes?14:58
gribouillewols, glxinfo gives the following error : X Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)14:58
mystiquebaI have banshee but it doesn't come with already configured radio stations14:58
wolsgribouille: then Xorg.0.log shows the driver name14:58
Titanoboa4i have no idea. i somehow managed to open control center, whatever that is14:58
aetasmystiqueba, apt-cache search shows rhythmbox, tried it?14:59
wolsTitanoboa4: what is your normal internet connection (aside from your current mobile)?14:59
Titanoboa4100mbit/s if thats what you mean14:59
mystiquebaaetas: does it come with music or do I have to search for them?14:59
antivirtelI want to backup my mails to a CD. I've used Thunderbird. What is the best format of e-mails to bacup that to a CD?14:59
arkanabarTitanoboa4, that's a configuration utility.  I'm fairly well lost in Ubuntu since they went to Unity, and use lubuntu, myself.15:00
aetasmystiqueba, you want something linked to something like the iTunes music store?15:00
wolsTitanoboa4: I more mean how you connect your PC you install ubuntu on to the internet15:00
kongo_86question guys... how can i check the logs in my system... well more like what logs should i look at...15:00
cisshi, i'm running into some serious issues with grub on ubuntu server lts 10.04.2. system hangs shortly after boot, no messages, no log entries. keyboard input gets drawn, though. if i rename /boot/grub/grub.cfg, i can at least get to the grub console.15:00
kongo_86my laptop ubuntu 10.04 x64 keeps freezing15:00
mystiquebaaetas:  yes.  or a system where I don't have to go looking for radio stations or places that already stream songs15:00
kongo_86completely locks up and i have to hard shutoff15:00
wolsTitanoboa4: trying to determine if you can use the live CD to access the internet since you seem unable to know that yourself15:00
cisshow can i debug this further?15:00
Titanoboa4oh. burned a cd (ubuntu 11.04) from another computer and booted that15:01
arkanabarkongo_86, can you describe what you're doing when your laptop freezes?15:01
wolsTitanoboa4: have a nice day15:01
gribouillewols, the log file says : "NVIDIA dlloader X Driver  260.19.06  Mon Sep 13 06:37:13 PDT 2010" and "NVIDIA Unified Driver for all Supported NVIDIA GPUs". is it ok?15:01
Titanoboa4wols: :o ?15:01
wcchandler_workAfter 1 week of solid use of Unity in my work environment...  I like it. :)  I'm definitely more efficient.15:01
Titanoboa4sorry for being so slow....15:01
kongo_86arkanabar: well this time i was running vmware workstation.. running BT5.. i have and i5 with 6GB RAM15:01
wolsgribouille: so you are trying to use nvidia but messed it up somehow. "nvidia" is the proprietary driver15:01
dualbootahi installed wow but i cant find it15:02
hichamatI wonder if I can extract .zip file with gzip ?15:02
gribouillewols, why is it messed ?15:02
dualbootahwhere is the c:\programfiles folder in ubuntu15:02
wolsgribouille: cause glxinfo doesn't work15:02
arkanabarkongo_86, next time, see if ctrl-alt-f1 will bring you to a console login.  if so, sudo init 6 will reboot you.15:02
wolsdualbootah: does not exist15:02
aetasmystiqueba, may not be a perfect solution but have you tried iTunes under wine?15:03
th0rdualbootah: if you are running it in wine, then c drive is in ~/.wine15:03
dualbootahwheres that tho15:03
Titanoboa4wols: if i continue without bootloader will i be able to access internet(thus irc) and add bootloader later?15:03
wols!fhs | dualbootah15:03
ubottudualbootah: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier15:03
gribouillewols, I didn't do anything special. ubuntu messed it up by itself15:03
dualbootahwheres the ~/.wine15:03
arkanabardualbootah, you have to enable show hidden files in your file manager.15:03
helihi does anyone know how to runas in uuntu?15:03
dualbootahooh ok15:03
helisudo  runs as root15:03
dualbootahi cant find the show hidden files tho15:03
wolsTitanoboa4: we cannot know. you will be able to boot from live cd and install the bootloader. but if you can use internet from that depends on how you access the internet15:03
aetasmystiqueba, yeah it looks like ryhthmbox has a store attached to it15:03
arkanabardualbootah, then it is in /home/yourusername/.wine/drive_c/Program Files15:03
helibut if I want run program as  other user15:03
kongo_86arkanabar: i tried it all the way tru f1215:03
Piciheli: sudo -u otherusername15:04
kongo_86its just completely locks up15:04
dualbootahthe .wine is hidden15:04
wolsheli: sudo can run as any other user too15:04
dualbootahi need to unhdie it but idk how15:04
TBotNikantivirtel: Haven't done that, use migration assistant for backup and sync, but think there is a backkup and/or export add-in, so check there.15:04
Titanoboa4wols: well yeah i can access internet15:04
wolsdualbootah: you can't. and you don't need to either15:04
arkanabarkongo_86, yeah, obviously it does.  I'm gonna guess you can't even change your capslock setting.15:04
gribouillewols, how can I solve the problem?15:04
gilrezhello everyone!15:04
dualbootahwols its not there it must be hidden15:04
mystiquebaaetas:  ok, I'll install it now and see15:04
lostcowboyHello, I have this problem in 10.04 where on the login screen/gdm when switching users or from a fresh start/restart has half the screen as black with a magnified mouse of a sorts, and also, it accepts my password and authenticates, yet throws me back to the login after doing so about 3 times before finally letting me into my desktop. What gives?15:04
kongo_86arkanabar: ding ding NOPE!15:05
fabianhjrI am trying to install Ubuntu on an external 3TB drive. It fails at the end telling me it cannot install GRUB. After searching it has to do with the WD Advanced Format that is lying about being 512 sectors instead of 4K. Also during the installation it only shows me 1/8 of the capacity that is really there while Disk Utility shows me the "real" capacity.(11.04-Natty)15:05
arkanabardualbootah, you will just have to go through every menu in your file manager.  I could tell you if it was PCManFM, but you're probably using nautilus15:05
wolsTitanoboa4: then connect to the itnernet now instead from your phone and pastebin the output of fdisk -l15:05
wdpaetas, ok. i know now whats causing it.15:05
dualbootahoh i got it!15:05
wolsTitanoboa4: rather, sudo fdisk -l15:05
dualbootahi just had to hit control h15:05
aetasTitanoboa4, it sounds like the install failed so you will likely need your LiveCD in there every boot basically15:05
wolswdp: what?15:05
aetaswdp, yay, what?15:05
kongo_86arkanabar: so are they any logs i can look at?15:05
kongo_86see what cause it15:05
heliok ut when i use sudo -u username progam then i dont see gui15:05
arkanabarkongo_86, you've gone well past the limits of my knowledge.15:05
wolsgribouille: dpkg -l |grep nvidia for a start15:06
Titanoboa4wols: well im inthe middle of the installation, how am i supposed to connect?15:06
* arkanabar doesn't fool around with virtual machines.15:06
helianyone know this?15:06
dualbootahyou supposed to add some sort of opengl line to the wow config.wtf file for it to work on ubuntu graphics?15:06
kongo_86arkanabar: no prob!! thanks for your hlep15:06
dualbootahdoes anyone know what line it is15:06
thrillERboyaetas: I can't find my linux kernal? where can I find it?15:06
aetaswols, Im not sure hes actually on a live cd, this may be an actual install CD15:06
arkanabardualbootah, go to http://ofwineandwarcraft.blogspot.com15:06
wolsdualbootah: wow needs a commandline switch for opengl IIRC15:06
wdpaetas, i'm used to play fast paced ego shooters, so i'm having gaming-mouses from razer here. I changed the mouse polling rate to 1000hz (which is quite fine on my other box) and it causes 50% xorg cpu usage and 17% nautilus usage in ubuntu.. that made me think "wtf". However, on the back of my mouse is a switch for 1000hz and one for 125hz. i just put that switch to 125hz and all is fine. maximal cpu usage at xorg droped down to 8%15:06
=== faz_ is now known as faz_meeting
arkanabardualbootah, also, search "Linux" and "Wine" at wowhead and wowwik15:07
wolsTitanoboa4: finish the install and come back with the live cd. we can then (hopefully) fix your bootloader15:07
Titanoboa4will do15:07
aetasthrillERboy, ls /boot15:07
wdpaetas, and im still able to set the hz value in linux manually. No idea whether the mouse uses it, tho.15:07
gribouillewols, the installed packages are: nvidia-173-modaliases, nvidia-96-modaliases, nvidia-common, nvidia-current, nvidia-current-modaliases, nvidia-kernel-common and nvidia-settings15:07
dualbootahi found a perfect link15:07
wdpaetas, wols so basically.. even if it sounds totally weird, it was the mouse/usb's fault.15:07
arkanabardualbootah, one more thing, check out WoW in appdb.winehq.org15:07
wolsgribouille: what does Xorg.0.log say?15:07
aetaswdp, thats what I was thinking.  only reason I ran into this is because I have one too and I've had to change the windows polling rate for other mice in the past15:08
wdpthats quite weird, isn't it :>15:08
thrillERboyaetas: ls /boot returns a empty line :(15:08
Titanoboa4*arnold voice* i'll be back15:08
wolswdp: no. it's the usb/mouse driver's fault imho15:08
aetasyou should be able to change the usb polling rate from the computer and override the mouse's though15:08
aetasthrillERboy, well thats a good sign15:08
aetasthrillERboy, hrm15:08
wdpyup did that. seems to work, and cpu usage is still at 5% when moving. So i guess theres something wrong with the driver or the mouse.15:09
aetasthrillERboy, can you run fdisk from within there?15:09
Rothamd/j #mises15:09
gribouillewols, a lot: it is 286 lines long15:09
wdpso well, next time someone comes with similar issues, ask em which  mouse they use heh.15:09
wols!tell gribouille about paste15:09
ubottugribouille, please see my private message15:09
yyI have a question.. What can I do to restore deleted files on ext3 partition? I know the file name (nohup.out) and some of its content15:09
thrillERboyunknown command: fdisk15:09
aetasit can happen on any mice if they change the mouse poll rate, you can do it on normal mice too15:10
wdpjust difficult to realize that. you're looking for a problem with xorg (your GRAPHICAL stuff) and it turns out it was the mouse.15:10
thrillERboyaetas: unknown command fdisk :(15:10
gilrezI was wounding if anyone would be able to help me or point me in the right direction! I installed XAMPP and mysql will not start. Need help!15:10
wdphowever guys. Thanks a lot for your help. :)15:10
aetasthrillERboy, hold on a sec15:10
aetaswdp, np, glad you're fixed15:11
wolsgilrez: installing xampp was your first mistake. remove ALL of it. install apache, php5 and mysql from ubuntu repos15:11
aetasthrillERboy, what about "find /boot/grub/stage1"15:11
__kazador__hola buenos dias15:11
jaime_muy buenas tardes15:11
kongo_86anyone else that can help15:11
szal!es | __kazador__, jaime_15:12
ubottu__kazador__, jaime_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:12
mystiquebaaetas: thanks for the recommendation.  Apparently, ryhtmbox was already installed - it just has way too few radio stations or free music... :(15:12
gilrezThanks Wols I do that!15:12
__kazador__alguien usa LUBUNTU 11.0415:12
thrillERboyaetas: unknown command find15:12
aetasmystiqueba, you can try iTunes under wine if you want, I run some applications under it successfully15:12
kantorHello I have an ftp server (vsftpd) And I want to share two directories from two separate paths. I tried to do this with symbolic links but is not working. Is there any possibility to share directories from separate sources, paths?15:12
gribouillewols, you can see the contents of Xorg.0.log at http://paste.ubuntu.com/650034/15:13
aetasthrillERboy, this is within the grub menu right?15:13
wolskantor: hard link?15:13
kantorwols, I wanted to create hard links, but the ln command tells me that hard links are not possible for directories15:13
wolsgribouille: line 141 ff. you are missing nvidia's libglx15:14
moesianhis is it possible to remove the password prompt for a specific user? I want to remove the prompt for the postgres user15:14
aetasthrillERboy, actually do "ls -l /"15:14
gribouillewols, what package should I install?15:15
wolskantor: check vsftpd config file if you can enable symlinks. tho they have been security holes in the past for ftp. do you REALLY need a ftp server? if so, what for?15:15
jaime_kantor hard links is posible, do you try make hard links in other filesystem ?15:15
mystiquebaaetas:  thanks again.  I'll try to install wine then15:15
wolsgribouille: dpkg -l |grep nvidia  please pastebin the output this time15:15
thrillERboyaetas: "1270 wubildr.cfg" this is the only line that gets returned15:15
gribouillewols, ok15:15
kantorjaime_, wols I found a solution, bind mounts15:16
engrxyzanyone here for a hint on how to have a colored shell on ubuntu?15:16
gribouillewols, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/650038/15:16
kantorjaime_, this is the ln output if I try to make hard links to directories: ln: `/media/mydir/': hard link not allowed for directory15:16
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aetasthrillERboy, Im wondering if your wubi files have gotton trashed15:17
aetasthrillERboy, can you replace those files in your win7 install?15:17
thrillERboyyes aetas I have access to those files from windows15:17
thrillERboyHey anybody running ubuntu under wine? If so please check your ubuntu install directory, and tell what is inside "install" directory,15:17
Dainocè qualcuno per una info?15:18
thrillERboyaetas: inside my ubuntu/install/ directory I have only one huge file. .fuse_hidden000000040000000115:18
Pici!it | Daino15:18
ubottuDaino: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:18
Dainook sorry15:19
thrillERboyaetas: I guess ubuntu files got locked during bad shutdown somehow15:19
aetasthrillERboy, meaning your drive is gone?15:19
aetasthrillERboy, you still have your image right?15:20
thrillERboyI only have that one file.15:20
aetasthrillERboy, what about in just ubuntu dir?15:20
thrillERboyaetas: It should have all files inside it I guess15:20
aetasthrillERboy, no it installs it into an image file15:20
gribouillewols, do you see anything?15:21
aetasthrillERboy, can you grab the working_wubildr files from this thread?  try those but backup your current ones too15:21
wolsgribouille: basically nvidia-current is installed and your glx module should be there fine. maybe reinstall it, apart from that I dunno15:21
aetasthrillERboy, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140060815:21
thrillERboyaetas: Inside ubuntu dir there are install/ Ubuntu.ico unistall-wubi.exe and winboot/15:21
jaime_kantor, it's true, but you can to try with this options: -d, -F, --directory15:21
jaime_kantor, it's true, but you can to try with this options: -d, -F, --directory15:21
aetasthrillERboy, hrm15:21
jaime_sorry i'm repeat15:22
gribouillewols, can all the nvidia drivers be installed with apt-get?15:23
=== altin_away is now known as altin
szalgribouille: all supported versions, yes15:23
aetasthrillERboy, is that fuse_hidden file the size of a CD or DVD?15:25
aetasall quiet on the #ubuntu front15:27
gribouillewols, I reinstalled nvidia-current, but there are errors15:27
szalgribouille: what errors?15:28
thrillERboyyes aetas its 685MB15:28
__kazador__alguien habla SPANISH15:28
Pici!es | __kazador__15:28
ubottu__kazador__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:28
szal__kazador__: not here15:28
gribouilleszal, update-alternatives: avertissement: création de /usr/lib32/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 abandonnée car le fichier associé /usr/lib32/nvidia-current/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 (du groupe de liens gl_conf) n'existe pas.15:29
gribouille/usr/lib32/nvidia-current/ is empty15:29
aetasthrillERboy, Im really sorry man but if you can't find your image which I hear should be in C:\ubuntu\disks then I think you're at a standstill.  I would try a Windows NTFS restore program to see if it can locate your disk files and restore them15:29
wolsgribouille: LANG=C <apt-get command to reinstall nvidia drivers>   that will give us english error messages15:30
szalgribouille: then you clearly did something wrong15:30
szalgribouille: e.g. not running w/ privileges (though that should've aborted earlier in the process)15:30
gribouilleszal, I just removed the package and reinstalled it15:31
thrillERboyOkey aetas Thanks, So my disk image should be inside C:\ubuntu\disks right?15:31
wolsgribouille: have you ever had drivers from nvidia.com installed?15:31
gribouillewols, I don't think so. why?15:31
szalgribouille: btw, what card are we talking about?15:32
aetasthrillERboy, yeah...your best bet is to try the NTFS restore which I have gotten to successfully restore files before, especially if its not been that long since it went missing.  after that do a chkdsk on that drive as well15:32
gribouilleszal, nVidia Corporation G84 [Quadro FX 370]15:32
OlotilaWHere can I find audio or video tutorials for ubuntu?15:34
xanguaOlotila: youtube¿15:34
Olotilaso that I can listen to them for example in car?15:34
thrillERboyThanks a ton aetas. You're super helpful. I already have a few filerecovery programs on my desktop, will also try NTFS Restore. Thanks a ton. I can't thank you enough :)15:34
aetasthrillERboy, I wish I had a better answer for you but usually a bad restart doesn't do that much harm these days so I think a restoration will be successful atleast.  If it restores but doesn't boot, you can atleast pull the files out of it15:36
Olotilagoing through youtube atm, but any other sites/sources`?15:36
thrillERboyaetas: you means windows system restore?15:36
aetasthrillERboy, NTFS restore that image, then you can probably mount/open it with something and get your files even if it won't boot15:37
chriswranyone know if adobe flash is in the repos?15:37
szal!flash | chriswr15:37
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.15:38
gribouillewols, you can see the installation of nvidia-current in english here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/650055/15:38
Biaxs76buona sera a tutti voi15:38
thrillERboyOkey going to try it. I'm browsing from cafe and have my laptop with me. Now I have to move. Thanks a ton. aetas bye bye :)15:38