scott-workastraljava: ping11:55
holsteinscott-work: maybe we can hang on sunday?13:01
holsteinim free in the afternoon... see if you can get connected to mumble and whatever else we need13:01
scott-workholstein: sure, i think i can do that, the family is doing some stuff on friday and saturday, but i should be free on sunday13:24
scott-workholstein: i'm presuming you are expecting just to test things and not really record proper?13:25
scott-workoh, and holstein, you rock too!13:25
astraljavascott-work: pong14:53
astraljavascott-work: Sorry, moving this weekend. Catch ya on your Sunday evening?14:53
astraljavascott-work: Closing the desktop now. :)14:54
scott-workastraljava: sure, sure...sorry you ahve to waste your weekend moving 14:54
scott-workmaybe it's a good thing though, i wouldn't mind moving if i was getting a more suave place ;)14:54
holsteinscott-work: hehe... you rock sir!14:56
holsteinyeah, just a mumble and technology test14:57
holsteina proof of concept day14:57
holsteinthats really the hard work14:57
scott-worki'm going to mail a computer to someone with ubuntu studio on it :)14:57
holsteingetting connected, and making it happen14:57
holsteinscott-work: nice14:57
charlie-tcaubuntustudio images for today spinning now19:15
scott-worki wonder if they will work this time?  not just the spinning and having viable images, i mean that i wonder if these will actually install :(19:23
scott-workthanks for keeping us updated charlie-tca :)19:23
charlie-tcaGot to hope, I saw they fixed the bug from alpha1 or 2 about the seeds19:27
charlie-tcaOf course, got to have an image to see if it works, too.19:29
charlie-tcaGot a studio 64 image for today, at least19:36
charlie-tcaokay, we got both images for today. I haven't had time to see if they work, though.19:40

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