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charlie-tcano images today for anyone15:17
charlie-tcamr_pouit: which bugs do I need to push to get lightdm working for us now?16:40
Unit193Should we test yesterday?16:43
charlie-tcaNOt unless you really want to. I am trying to find where today's images are, since they were built16:47
charlie-tcahm, well...18:53
charlie-tcaXubuntu images are available now for testing. 18:53
charlie-tcaOnly Xubuntu images have been published today, for some odd reason :)18:53
charlie-tcaWe are still trying to publish Kubuntu, Ubuntu, UbuntuStudio18:54
Unit193Thanks for telling. Topic? I'm running dl-ubuntu-test-iso (Doesn't seem to like network shares)19:02
charlie-tcaI was waiting to see if the images are real ;)19:03
Unit193Er... Sorry then19:03
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charlie-tcadon't be. It's fine to remind me to fix thisgs19:04
charlie-tcathings, too,19:04
Unit193Sure, yep19:04
Unit193"Target 88.4% complete." Since yesterday!19:05
charlie-tcaby the way, I got both desktop and alternate images working from the hard drive, through grub219:06
charlie-tcaUnfortunately, the desktop images will only work through the live session, which is broken...19:07
charlie-tcamy images are still syncing. wish I had a fast internet :(19:50
Unit193Mine are all done19:53
Unit193FATAL: Error Inserting ramzswap   something tells me that isn't a good thing...20:36
charlie-tcaheh, I don't think it is20:39
* Unit193 OEM3220:48
PjotrI like the announcement of Xubuntu 11.10 alpha 2: "The developers are working hard to make Xubuntu 11.10 one of the best Linux distributions yet. They are striving to ensure that everything will work for all users, and instead of many changes, are working to ensure the release is very stable and secure."22:12
PjotrI think it would be good if you would position Xubuntu more clearly as the ideal Gnome 2 replacement22:13
Pjotrwhich it is!  :-)22:13
charlie-tcait isn't. That is not the goal, since Xfce and Gnome have never been the same22:13
Unit193There are a few changes (LightDM), but it's mostly going for stable22:13
PjotrOK, but.... as a Gnome 2 user for years, I just love Xubuntu right now22:14
Pjotrmakes me feel at home again22:14
Unit193I'm sure we are glad you liked it! I know I do ;)22:15
PjotrYou guys are producing a desktop environment that rocks. I know for sure that many current Gnome 2 users will feel much happier with Xubuntu 11.10 than with Ubuntu 11.10. Spread the word!  :-)22:17
charlie-tcaPlease don't spread the word that it is "just like gnome2", because every time someone does that, we get hundreds of disappointed users22:18
Unit193charlie-tca: I'm not getting LightDM. Anything I should do before calling this a fail? (sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm restart )22:18
charlie-tcasudo service lightdm restart22:18
charlie-tcait doesn't use init.d anymore22:18
charlie-tcait is upstart now22:19
charlie-tcawhich image?22:19
Unit193I only do 3222:19
charlie-tcalive session is still broke22:19
Unit193This is after install from the menu option22:20
charlie-tcaI can one in vbox and try to reproduce it22:21
charlie-tcawell, no I can't22:21
charlie-tcavbox is not working with the new kernel22:21
charlie-tcalol, gonna be a long weekend22:22
charlie-tcafail it, I will run images this weekend22:22
charlie-tcaI will have to test on hardware until vbox works again in oneiric22:23
Unit193I'll try alt full disk now (OEM fail)22:28
charlie-tcagotta reboot, reinstalling VBox22:33
Unit193Anything you want me to test? Or just anything?22:41
charlie-tcaanything, yup22:42
charlie-tcawe need to test all the images, so if we can get something to work, that would be a good thing.22:43
Unit193Thanks for setting up the GDoc! It's been quite easy to report!  32bit Alternate Entire Disk w/Encryption22:43
charlie-tcaYou are welcome. 22:43
charlie-tcamicahg: anything on java this week?22:56
micahgcharlie-tca: no, I'll send an e-mail over the weekend, I haven't had time to talk to mvo yet22:57
charlie-tcaWell, removed and reinstalled VBox, got it working with the latest kernel, anyway22:59
Unit193Hmmm... I'm going with LVM AND Home encryption, this will be odd (Or is this offtopic?)23:01
charlie-tcaThat should be correct. If you go Encrypted LVM and don't encrypt /home, it fails now23:08
Unit193This is my first time with Encrypted LVM/home23:09
charlie-tcaIt's easy, sort of23:09
charlie-tcaOEM and FreeSoftware are difficult to do, with OEM probably the hardest install of all to get to work23:09
Unit193I'll see if I can run a few more installs after this23:09
Unit193OEM didn't work, but it wasn't hard (But get it to work may be the trick)23:10
charlie-tcaIf you don't shutdown at the right point, or click prepare an extra click, it fails23:11
charlie-tcaand, probably 25% of the time, if you do it right, it fails anyway23:11
Unit193OEM is a bug just like Plymouth it seems23:12
charlie-tcaWhen it works, it is really good23:13

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