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niceeehow can I tweak unity that it always shows the window menu and next to it the title?15:38
cdsouthanHi can I ask a question ?16:21
cdsouthanMy rather ancient machine has upgraded to 11.04 but I cant seem to change the Gnome desktop to Unity16:24
pavolzetorhi, how could I make header that looks same like in ubuntu one control center?17:09
pavolzetorbecause I have similar layout17:09
pavolzetoror like in empathy in oneiric17:11
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ejathi .. how to restore unity environment to its default  ?20:26
ejatanyone ?20:27
Daekdroomejat, run unity --reset in a terminal20:48
DaekdroomIf you want to reset the Launcher shortcuts, you should run unity --reset-icons instead20:49
DaekdroomYou can also use both parameters at the same time, I think20:49
ejati got the screen flicker when i want to log in to normal ubuntu20:49
ejati got like that when i want to login with unity environment20:51
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