RenatoSilvajelmer: hi01:40
jelmerRenatoSilva: hi02:27
RenatoSilvajelmer: hi. I've merge from trunk, tests passed ok. Just the diff a bit weird02:28
jelmerRenatoSilva: sorry, I think I miss context?02:32
RenatoSilvajelmer: sorry, https://code.launchpad.net/~renatosilva/bzr-email/mail-customization/+merge/6893202:33
jelmerRenatoSilva: ah, thanks02:39
jelmerI'll have a look tomorrow02:39
RenatoSilvaok thanks02:39
aminpyhttp://dpaste.com/575029/plain/ <- can anybody help me?04:33
aminpyhow can I run this command -> bzr branch lp:openerp <- with ssh?04:51
maxblp: Will automatically translate to ssh once you've set your launchpad username with "bzr lp-login"05:06
aminpymaxb, how can I set my launchpad username with ...?05:09
aminpysorry I'm new in bzr05:09
maxbRun 'bzr help lp-login'05:10
aminpymaxb, I dont find anything, can you tell me what command should I use?05:23
aminpyhttp://dpaste.com/575126/plain/ <- can anybody help me?07:42
spivaminpy: upgrade your bzr; there's a problem with an HTTP proxy, but upgrading bzr will avoid the issue.07:42
spiv(As a tangent, you probably don't need to be running bzr as root)07:43
aminpyspiv, how can I upgrade bzr in debian?07:47
aminpyspiv, my bzr version -> 2.1.207:48
vilamaxb: I just realized that 2.3.4 included the fix for NoFinalPath import failures08:44
vilamaxb: All the involved packages had a pending lock (almost all of them in their updates/.../oneiric branch) which I broke08:45
vilamaxb: I've requeued them all and they are processing right now08:45
vilamaxb: gnome-orca succeeded \o/08:48
vilamaxb: paramiko succeeded \o/08:49
vilamaxb: some failed with AppendRev..Violation, so it's a net progress anyway ;)08:53
vilamaxb: gwibber succeeded \o/08:57
vilaI can enjoy my vacations now :)08:57
AuroraBorealisso, anyone know how to get bzr explorer working on lion?09:19
AuroraBorealisor...bzr in general09:19
AuroraBorealishttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-mac-installers/+bug/731391?comments=all fixes it if anyone is interested!10:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 731391 in Bazaar Mac Installers "bzr: ERROR: Couldn't import bzrlib and dependencies. Please check the directory containing bzrlib is on your PYTHONPATH. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/bzr", line 102, in <module> import bzrlib ImportError: No module named bzrlib" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:25
jelmerhi AuroraBorealis10:26
jelmerAuroraBorealis: have you tried the fix suggested by griker?10:47
AuroraBorealisi did.10:49
AuroraBorealisand it worked.10:49
jelmerAuroraBorealis: any chance you can mention that on the bug report?10:52
jelmerit seems like at least two people confirmed the issue and the fix, so I'll set the status back to confirmed10:52
AuroraBorealisyeah i'll do that10:52
jelmerI don't have a Mac OS X machine to verify, but hopefully this is enough info for d0xx to fix it.10:52
AuroraBorealisstill not sure what the issue is (that the default python version is different then 2.6?)10:52
AuroraBorealisand just commented.10:54
jelmerAuroraBorealis: it seems that bzrlib is installed to the python2.6 directory, while bzr uses the default python10:55
jelmerand the default python has changed to python2.7 in lion10:55
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jimisI have a huge diff that I want to commit little by little. Do you know of some tool to interactively pick the changes I want?15:09
jelmerjimis: you can shelve the changes you don't want and commit bits at a time ("bzr shelve") ?15:10
jimisjelmer: you mean apply the huge diff, shelve, and then unshelve selectively?15:16
jimishow would I do the last part?15:17
jelmerjimis: I'm not sure if you can selectively unshelve, I usually selectively shelve15:21
jimisjelmer: in that case can I commit only the shelved bits, ignoring working dir state?15:26
jelmerjimis: I don't think there is anything to do that at the moment15:37
jimisI am now looking for some generic tool to cherry-pick changes from a diff15:42
LeoNerdI wrote a tool for that at my first job.. A filter for a patch that outputs another patch. say yes/no per chunk.. It did some rewriting of line numbers too, to account for absent chunks16:27
LeoNerdSadly I didn't get to keep it though16:27
jelmerjimis: perhaps there's something in diffutils16:28
maxbI find (insert your favourite editor here) and recountdiff do just fine16:47
jimisIs there a problem with launchpad vcs-imports?18:02
jimislp:gcc hasn't been updated for some time now18:02
jelmerjimis: yes, it's being worked on19:38
jelmerhi mgz19:38
vilajimis: emacs diff-mode is the perfect match for the 'cherry-pick changes from a diff and VCS-independent'20:52
vilajimis: you can split hunks, kill one, apply/revert one, you name it, with or without saving intermediate states into files20:53
jelmerhey vila20:59
jelmervila: shouldn't you be on holiday ? ;-)20:59
vilajelmer: ;) Don't tell my girlfriend she thinks I'm ....20:59
vilajelmer: I am, I just had a look on the NoFinalPath failures as a last juicy fruit ;)21:00
vilaAnd on that: bye all !21:00
jelmervila: Have a nice vacation!21:00
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luksjelmer: ping21:20
jelmerluks: hi21:23
jelmersorry, didn't realize you were still in here too21:23
luksjelmer: I'll merge the patch and move the project to ~bzr21:23
jelmerluks: thanks21:24
luksso that you guys have full access to it21:24
maxbjelmer: Hi, could you push your latest bzr-fastimport upload to alioth?21:39
jelmermaxb: done21:48
* maxb is reviewing recent Debian ACCEPTED emails for ~bzr ppa updates21:48
lifelessjelmer: I have to run, but for the lp patch, look at recipe manifests that capture the same data AFAICT22:42
jelmerlifeless: thanks for the review22:46
jelmerlifeless: that would be the SourceRecipeData table I think22:46
jelmer(which can capture the branch and revision data)22:46
mgzjelmer: I'm still mystified as to how you get the failure in the selftest-xfail-msg mp23:15

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