CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdemultimedia] Philip Muškovac * 125 * debian/ (4 files in 2 dirs) New upstream release, drop kubuntu_libav0_7.diff - applied upstream00:18
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdegames] Philip Muškovac * 128 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release00:19
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdemultimedia] Philip Muškovac * 126 * debian/changelog fix changelog00:20
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/libkdcraw] Philip Muškovac * 11 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release00:33
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/okular] Philip Muškovac * 6 * debian/ (4 files) Merge branch lp:~bambi/kubuntu-packaging/okular, fix symbols file since those symbols aren't arch-specific00:37
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/meta-kde] Philip Muškovac * 10 * debian/ (changelog control) Add breaks for kate-dev and okular-dev and bump breaks on akonadi to 1.6.001:03
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kate] Philip Muškovac * 39 * debian/ (8 files) New upstream release01:21
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/smokekde] Philip Muškovac * 4 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release02:02
CIA-52[ubuntu] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20110723020948-2e3te80ljg7qjz49 * debian/changelog Fix changelog02:09
ScottKJontheEchidna: Kind of hard to tell what package that's a commit for.  Welcome back, BTW.02:15
JontheEchidnahuh, wonder what's different about kdetoys that it doesn't print the name nicely02:16
yofela) I'm using a custom commit hook, b) your local branch is probably called 'ubuntu' and it's not bound to the lp one02:17
yofelif it's bound it should at least print 'kdetoys', not 'ubuntu'02:17
yofelor just rename your local one02:18
JontheEchidnaI named the folder ubuntu manually, since that's what I'm used to02:19
yofelthen branch.nick will be 'ubuntu' unless it's bound to LP02:20
JontheEchidnahow do I do that?02:21
yofelbzr checkout will create bound branches, for exising ones you can use bzr bind lp:...02:21
yofelthen bzr commit will behave like svn commit, i.e. commit directly to LP02:22
JontheEchidnaah, cool02:22
CIA-52[kdetoys] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20110723022355-gteqmfw6etopupj2 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release02:24
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdeartwork] Philip Muškovac * 116 * debian/ (changelog control not-installed) New upstream release, fix syntax in not-installed02:29
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/perlqt] Philip Muškovac * 2 * debian/changelog New upstream release02:49
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/smokeqt] Philip Muškovac * 5 * debian/control fix maintainer02:51
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtruby] Philip Muškovac * 4 * debian/changelog New upstream release02:57
* yofel is off to bed, good night02:58
CIA-52[kdeutils] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20110723031650-eijmu5hlu9drsfql * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release03:16
bambeeI have still the same issue with kate http://paste.ubuntu.com/650496/08:57
bambee(even with the lastest version)08:57
birthdayloggerkubotu: order beer11:12
* kubotu gives birthdaylogger a nice frosty mug of beer.11:12
birthdayloggeroh gawd11:13
birthdayloggerScottK: the systemsettings thread turned into a TLDR thread over night11:14
afiestasmonths ago, somebody from kubuntu told me to talk with somebody at ubuntu-x about XRandR11:27
afiestaswith whom should I talk? :p11:27
birthdayloggerif only I could remember11:30
birthdayloggerafiestas: ScottK told you though, so he will know11:30
afiestasbirthdaylogger: one year older? or it is just one more of your mind tricks?11:32
birthdayloggeryeah, 19 now11:32
birthdayloggerI am getting old11:32
afiestas19 only? oh the suits makes you older 11:32
afiestasdon't wear suits anymore man or you will look like 23 at least11:33
birthdayloggerthat is what I am going for :P11:33
afiestashttp://lh4.ggpht.com/_hlZzgPJTEUM/Sxg6uTz66PI/AAAAAAAAAlk/mfzBfe1rGqc/image%5B13%5D.png for 4.811:34
afiestaswell, but better :p11:34
birthdayloggerbetter is always better :D11:34
CIA-52[blinken] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723114406-cfpoxh8x9m7pse33 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release11:44
bambeekubotu: order birthday package for birthdaylogger11:56
* kubotu is running to the corner shop to get a birthday present.11:56
* kubotu slides a birthday cake and a present down the bar to birthdaylogger and gives everyone a nice frosty mug of beer.11:56
kubotuHappy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday birthdaylogger, happy birthday to you!!!! - Wooooho!11:56
kubotuHappy Birthday birthdaylogger :D11:56
kubotuTo your health!11:56
birthdayloggeroh good12:00
birthdayloggerpbuilder is screwing me over12:00
birthdayloggeryofel: did you clean the package tree manually?12:12
birthdayloggeryofel: when you make dbg packages for otherwise single packages, at least use a wildcard in the install file -.-12:19
CIA-52[kanagram] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723121942-j7wy2n074xfuhy6r * debian/ (changelog control kanagram.install) * New upstream release * Use wildcard in install file so we do not need to worry about not-installed12:19
CIA-52[kbruch] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723122434-x897qab83uo701q3 * debian/ (changelog control kbruch.install) * New upstream release * Use wildcard in install file so we do not need to worry about not-installed12:24
CIA-52[kcolorchooser] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723122716-7sli5gm6okq52m2v * debian/ (changelog control kcolorchooser.install) * New upstream release * Use wildcard in install file so we do not need to worry about not-installed12:27
CIA-52[kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723123111-7hf43qtj3388ct07 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release12:31
CIA-52[kdegraphics-thumbnailers] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723124155-7df3biabiev8zt7a * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release12:41
yofelbirthdaylogger: er, ok, agreed. I simply copied the files over from the old packages :/12:43
CIA-52[kgamma] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723124345-5ntxxhhunz60aupx * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release12:43
yofelbirthdaylogger: and did you push kanagram to LP?12:43
birthdayloggeryofel: yes12:44
yofelTree is up to date at revision 6 of branch bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kanagram12:44
yofelno wildcard here12:44
birthdayloggerI wonder if kgetsource should bind by default12:44
birthdayloggeralso we need more scripting12:45
yofelI just checkout, which binds by default12:45
birthdayloggerthose macro packages could be downloaded, changelog'd, control version bump'd and testbuilt all in one go12:46
birthdayloggeralso prepare a source package12:46
birthdayloggerif the build log is ok you just need to dput it12:46
birthdayloggeryofel: kanagram is pushed12:46
birthdayloggeryofel: how do you update a checkout?12:52
CIA-52[kgeography] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723125327-t9pacn53985sxdwy * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release12:53
CIA-52[khangman] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723125603-iv60s4tknjgf8xo3 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release12:56
CIA-52[kig] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723125927-xjj2qlouivn8klzn * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release12:59
yofelbirthdaylogger: 'bzr up' ?13:22
yofelthink svn :P13:22
afiestasbirthdaylogger: ping13:41
afiestasbirthdaylogger: https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/sdk/releaseme/repository/revisions/master/entry/lib/vcs-git.rb 13:54
afiestasgitorious? wtf... 13:54
yofellast changed on "Tue Jul 13 14:15:50 2010" - gitorious sounds right for that date14:07
birthdayloggerafiestas: well, just define a customsrc :P14:09
birthdayloggersee amarokrc14:10
birthdayloggerthat version of releaseme is only in maintenance mode14:10
afiestaswhere cn I find the good one?14:12
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdeadmin] Philip Muškovac * 128 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release14:12
yofelQuintasan_: do you have your qyoto packaging somewhere? or did you junk that?14:19
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdeaccessibility] Philip Muškovac * 112 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release14:20
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/meta-kde] Philip Muškovac * 11 * debian/ (changelog control) Add breaks against libsmokekde-dev14:28
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/korundum] Philip Muškovac * 3 * debian/ (ruby-kate.install changelog control) * New upstream release14:46
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/ksnapshot] Philip Muškovac * 8 * debian/ (changelog control) * New upstream release * Fix Vcs links to point to the right branch15:51
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
ScottKafiestas: Yes.  Talk to RAOF.16:28
ScottKbirthdaylogger: Yes.  It's long and painful.  We still don't have consensus, so we aren't changing yet.16:28
JontheEchidnabirthdaylogger: happy b-day17:14
birthdayloggerJontheEchidna: cheers :)17:45
JontheEchidnawould be nice to have KDE tarballs in .xz17:48
CIA-52[kiten] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723174922-fsjamlm791tnazzn * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release17:49
birthdayloggerJontheEchidna: how so?17:49
birthdayloggerlp doesnt support it anyway17:49
JontheEchidnaoh :/17:49
yofelbirthdaylogger: it does17:49
birthdayloggerare you sure?17:49
yofelsince like a month or 2 ago17:49
birthdayloggerah, groovy17:49
JontheEchidnadunno why ubuntu would have backported .xz support to 10.04 otherwise17:49
yofelbirthdaylogger: we use xz in neon ;)17:50
birthdayloggerJontheEchidna: drop a mail to kde-release then17:50
birthdayloggeryofel: did you drop a mail about proper licensing?17:50
birthdayloggerto kde-core-devel17:50
birthdayloggeryou should ver much :P17:50
birthdayloggerwho is going to blog about 4.7.0 and the advantages of macro tarballs?17:50
yofeland we both know that a) you know more about proper licensing than I do b) people actually listen to you ;)17:51
birthdayloggeryofel: yes but I am not the spiritual leader of the ninjas :P17:52
birthdayloggeralso you just need to drop like "mates, here is like the rule of thumb for proper licensing: including flipping license copies"17:52
CIA-52[kubuntu-dev-tools] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723175256-w3zx9rd6w20za34d * bin/kgetsource make kgetsource checkout rather than branch as to avoid stuff not being pushed17:53
yofelbtw, looking at cia-clients. can you guys set 'cia_send_revno=1' /somewhere/? as thos commit hashes that cia prints are nonsense17:53
yofelbirthdaylogger: true too... will do so later17:53
* birthdaylogger demands bug filing against cia-clients17:53
birthdayloggercp: cannot stat `data/edict_kanjidic_licence.html': No such file or directory17:54
birthdayloggerdh_installdocs: cp -a data/edict_kanjidic_licence.html debian/kiten/usr/share/doc/kiten returned exit code 117:54
birthdayloggermake[1]: *** [pre_install_dh_installdocs] Error 217:54
yofelwas going to do that, but got stuck at trying to understand what that fu***** script does17:54
* birthdaylogger waves fist17:54
birthdayloggerafter I created a new copyright file the kiten upstream decides to pull in the new shit that is CC17:55
birthdayloggerflipping shite17:55
yofel    use_revno = config.get_user_option('cia_send_revno')17:55
yofel    if use_revno is not None and use_revno.lower()[:1] in ('t', '1'):17:55
yofel        revspec = revno17:55
yofel    else:17:55
yofel        revspec = revid17:55
birthdayloggeryofel: what should I use for long version with CC-BY-SA?17:57
yofelgood question... I can't find that installed anywhere. Copy the whole one?17:59
birthdayloggerthat'd be epic18:00
yofelOtherwise, this field should either include the full text of the license(s) or include a pointer to the license file under /usr/share/common-licenses. This field should include all text needed in order to fulfill both Debian Policy’s requirement for including a copy of the software’s distribution license (§12.5), and any license requirements to include warranty disclaimers or other notices with the binary package.18:02
yofelfrom dep-518:02
CIA-52[kdewebdev] Jonathan Thomas <echidnaman@kubuntu.org> * echidnaman@kubuntu.org-20110723180457-5plsysluht05x4h4 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release18:05
birthdayloggerepic shite18:21
birthdayloggersomeone who is bored should ake that readable eventually18:21
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdenetwork] Philip Muškovac * 152 * debian/ (4 files in 2 dirs) * New upstream release - Drop kubuntu_05_make_old_symbols_reappear_and_fix_building.diff, applied on upstream - Bump kde-sc-dev-lastest to 4:4.7.018:22
CIA-52[kiten] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110723182319-uuoea2uneezivblb * debian/ (kiten.docs changelog copyright) Update dict licensing (now CC-BY-SA-3.0)18:23
birthdayloggerQuintasan_: no 4.7 packaging for you? :(18:26
birthdayloggershadeslayer: ping18:26
birthdayloggeryofel: plz apply for kubutnu dev18:34
birthdayloggeror kubuntu if you like18:34
yofelkubutnu sounds nice acutally ^^18:35
yofelbirthdaylogger: need more uploaders?18:35
yofelI'll finish the wiki then18:35
birthdayloggerwell, debfx is crazy for uploads anyway :P18:36
yofeldidn't he say he doesn't want to upload anymore? ^^18:37
birthdayloggeryeah, well, I also do not want to code....18:37
yofelah, and here I was wondering why you're packaging ^^18:38
birthdayloggerI also do not want to package18:38
* birthdaylogger would be perfectly happy with getting wasted and mind dump all the time18:39
yofelhm.... what do I like least in kubuntu...18:39
birthdayloggerdrunken grumpy upstream developers18:40
yofelthat's not kubuntu :P18:40
yofelalthough today I'm more annoyed at gnome than kde18:41
birthdayloggerare you sure18:41
* birthdaylogger perhaps should be more grumpy in here18:41
birthdayloggerthe 18:42
birthdayloggeropensuse does!18:42
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:42
yofelbirthdaylogger: still too short? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/PhilipMuskovac/KubuntuDevApplication18:51
* birthdaylogger demands nakkid pictures18:52
birthdayloggeryofel: if you showed me that page with me not knowing anything I'd say you lack vision :P18:53
birthdayloggernot that this were a requirement for kubuntu-dev, just saying18:53
yofelI *know* I'm not good at setting up wiki pages :/18:54
yofelelse I would probably blog more too18:54
birthdayloggerthat is what I figure18:57
birthdayloggeryofel: you should get wasted and write down your thoughts on kubuntu and stuff18:57
* birthdaylogger is now writing about distro QA despite being in a drunken state of mind18:57
birthdayloggerall thanks to Daskreech :P18:57
* Daskreech bows18:58
DaskreechMore mead sir?18:58
yofelhmpf, I'll rewrite it in a few hours then18:58
* Daskreech hugs yofel in a totally neon fashion18:59
birthdayloggeryofel: well, it is good as it is, just saying ... if you want to impress me then you'd rather write an insanenly long para on why you think distro QA sucks and what we coudl do about it than a couple of bullet points of yay and nay18:59
birthdaylogger(just an example that is)18:59
* yofel hugs Daskreech back :)18:59
yofelwell, IMO our problem with distro Q/A is: 1 bug triager (part-time), ~0.5 iso-testers, 6(?) active devs19:00
yofeloh, and missing JR19:01
* birthdaylogger cries every night in bed :(19:01
nigelbbirthdaylogger: its your birthday?19:02
yofelit is19:02
nigelbI may get kicked for this, but its worth it.19:02
nigelb _   _    _    ____  ______   __  ____ ___ ____ _____ _   _ ____    _ __   __19:02
birthdayloggerFWIW also it is saturday19:02
nigelb| | | |  / \  |  _ \|  _ \ \ / / | __ )_ _|  _ \_   _| | | |  _ \  / \\ \ / /19:02
nigelb| |_| | / _ \ | |_) | |_) \ V /  |  _ \| || |_) || | | |_| | | | |/ _ \\ V / 19:02
nigelb|  _  |/ ___ \|  __/|  __/ | |   | |_) | ||  _ < | | |  _  | |_| / ___ \| |  19:02
nigelb|_| |_/_/   \_\_|   |_|    |_|   |____/___|_| \_\|_| |_| |_|____/_/   \_\_|   19:02
birthdayloggerepic :D19:03
nigelbbirthdaylogger: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're probably spending your birthday parading around in a black suit :P19:03
birthdayloggernigelb: cheers mate19:03
* birthdaylogger hugs nigelb19:03
* nigelb hugs birthdaylogger 19:03
* birthdaylogger is actually wearing a gray suit today :P19:03
birthdayloggerblack T though19:04
nigelbI was close!19:04
rbelembirthdaylogger, happy birthday!!! :-D19:04
birthdayloggerrbelem: thx :)19:05
DaskreechWith a purple belt19:05
* rbelem hugs strongly birthdaylogger 19:05
* birthdaylogger suffocates ^^19:06
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/pykde4] Philip Muškovac * 7 * debian/ (changelog control) New upstream release19:10
yofelQuintasan_: ping ping ping19:10
yofelbirthdaylogger: a couple atoms more visions https://wiki.kubuntu.org/PhilipMuskovac/KubuntuDevApplication, though there' still more to be done19:32
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: happy birthday :)19:37
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: and pong19:37
birthdayloggershadeslayer: thx, go do packaging :P19:37
birthdayloggerpoor ol' yofel is going crazy from all the packages19:37
nigelbNightrose: heh, world's a small place. I realized that someone in Mozilla I know went to university with you (Fred Wenzel)19:37
* yofel thought birthdaylogger wanted him to write his -dev application in a crazy state ~.~19:38
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: i be doing un-interesting things like reading plasma API19:38
Nightrosenigelb: hah - the funny thing is i didn't know him until he went to mozilla19:38
* birthdaylogger kicks yofel for spoiling reasons to make people work19:38
birthdayloggershadeslayer: you can surely run a testbuild of kdeaccessibility while reading19:38
yofelshadeslayer: go do packaging19:38
Nightrosenigelb: so we've never actually met - just emailed19:39
nigelbNightrose: ah, still. :)19:39
nigelbNightrose: second time this week people from different worlds intersect19:39
yofelQuintasan_: PING19:40
shadeslayersure, lets see19:40
nigelbyofel: haven't you been pinging him every few minutes? :)19:40
Nightrosespeaking of which... - i need someone to help me with a website for an awesome book19:41
yofelno, that's only my 3rd time19:41
Nightrosepointers welcome19:41
yofelfor design ask sheytan19:41
nigelbwhat kind of help? :)19:41
shadeslayeri just need to figure out how to fix this : http://cl.ly/051T2j3h0U0T0D3w3G0u19:41
nigelbI can help with anything dev19:41
Nightrosenigelb: pm19:42
yofelshadeslayer: how did you manager that?19:42
shadeslayerno idea19:42
shadeslayerapparently i just need to scroll to the top of the list19:43
yofelshadeslayer: just move the window back? they're not locked19:43
yofelwait, it auto-removes itself from the window o.O19:43
shadeslayerdude, i can't move it back, there was no proper handle to grab that window :P19:43
yofelalt+move doesn't work?19:43
shadeslayerno, i accidently clicked that button which autoremoves it19:43
shadeslayeri've yet to figure out how to use this trackpad19:44
nigelbshadeslayer: dude, you use apple now?19:45
shadeslayernigelb: new macbook pro etc19:45
* nigelb unfriends shadeslayer :P19:45
shadeslayerstill in the process of setting it up19:45
shadeslayeri did manage to boot kubuntu but then i couldn't upgrade to lion, so now i have to do everything all over again after upgrading to lion19:46
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: whats wrong with kdeaccessibility ?19:49
birthdayloggerit aint packaged for 47019:49
shadeslayeruh, sure does look like it is19:50
shadeslayer|| kdeaccessibility || yofel || ppa/bzr  ||19:50
birthdayloggerperhaps my head is misleading then19:50
birthdayloggershadeslayer: find something that is not packaged then :P19:50
yofelstill ton of stuff to do19:50
shadeslayeroh hmm .. have to import my gpg keys now19:50
rbelembirthdaylogger, i need some help with the pandaboard19:50
* yofel notes birthdaylogger can leave some comments on his wiki whether it's finished or not19:51
yofeldo I need to schedule the meeting btw. or..?19:51
birthdayloggerrbelem: ask ye question and I shall answer it with a song19:51
birthdayloggeryofel: dude, I like wrot19:52
birthdayloggerThis leads us to the all deciding question: "who in the name of Kent Beck can create quality patches in a distribution then?", and the answer: "the original upstream developer but not a packager or distribution tool developer".19:52
birthdayloggerI need a cig now, I am all scared about that19:52
* yofel wonders it he stopped understanding the world or the world birthdaylogger19:52
birthdayloggeryofel: your wiki was finished before too, but if you meant ot ask whether it now impresses me ... no :P19:52
shadeslayercnd: poke19:52
cndshadeslayer, hi19:53
birthdayloggeryofel: also that quote will make all the more sense once my QA blog post goes live19:53
rbelembirthdaylogger, :-D19:53
shadeslayercnd: hi! i was trying to use Quassel with the macbook pro's touchpad and for some weird reason in kubuntu the scrolling of the chat list on the left is inverted19:53
cndshadeslayer, can you check to see if "ginn" is running?19:54
cndps aux | grep ginn19:54
rbelembirthdaylogger, i'm not able to boot an image. it is always going to initramfs busybox19:54
shadeslayercnd: sorry, i had to uninstall kubuntu, will check once i install it again19:54
cndshadeslayer, ok19:55
birthdayloggerrbelem: what image do you try to boot?19:55
birthdayloggeralso are yu sure your disk is in order? like I can imagine zcatting to a partition rather than the drive ^^19:56
birthdayloggerwhich of course would not work19:56
rbelembirthdaylogger, i tried headless, ubuntu-netbook, kubuntu-mobile19:56
shadeslayerrbelem: was the error in initramfs "Could not find live system" or sth like that?19:57
rbelembirthdaylogger, i mounted the images and copied the files19:57
birthdayloggerrbelem: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/11.04/release/kubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-desktop-armel+omap4.img.gz19:57
birthdayloggerrbelem: http://omappedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_flashing19:57
birthdayloggerdo that19:57
rbelem/dev//mmcblk0p2 does not exists19:57
rbelemdropping to shel19:58
birthdayloggerah yeah, you need a specific partition layout!19:58
birthdayloggersomething vfat as first partition with initramfs and uimage, then swap, then rootfs19:58
rbelembirthdaylogger, first partition is the vfat and second ext319:59
birthdayloggeranyhow, just zcat the preinstalled to a sd and it shoudl work19:59
rbelemlike in the images19:59
rbelemi will try one more time19:59
ScottKyofel: For CC-BY-SA you need to put the full copy in debian/copyright.20:01
yofelk, that's what he did20:02
shadeslayeryofel: i managed to arrive at the same situation again20:31
shadeslayerand alt+move doesn't work20:32
rbelembirthdaylogger, it is always ending up in "ALERT!  /dev/mmcblk0p2 does not exist.  Dropping to a shell!"20:37
KRFbirthdaylogger: happy birthday!20:38
birthdayloggerKRF: thx20:38
KRFmy niece got one year old today, too :)20:39
birthdayloggerrbelem: what does fdisk say about the sd?20:39
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kmplot] Rohan Garg * 6 * debian/changelog Fix release to UNRELEASED20:50
* yofel stops wondering how to impress birthdaylogger and tries to package perlkde instead20:59
rbelembirthdaylogger, first is vfat and second ext3 :-(21:00
rbelembirthdaylogger, i' m downloading linaro images21:00
birthdayloggerrbelem: you must be doing something wrong :P21:01
rbelembirthdaylogger, no idea what is wrong21:01
rbelembirthdaylogger, i manage to boot the verification image21:02
rbelemto check if the board is ok21:02
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shadeslayerhuh, kstars does not pickup libindi-dev21:12
shadeslayerno surprise there21:12
ScottKPlease pull kde-workspace from bzr before uploading to the archive.  There's additional changes there.21:22
shadeslayerquestion, is it appropriate to find a certain package by calling pkg-config via EXEC_PROGRAM in CMakeLists.txt?21:28
birthdayloggerwho be hanging out on the google plus?21:28
shadeslayeri've never seen this 21:28
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: i see you're hanging out with markeuy21:29
shadeslayermarkey ...21:29
markeyshadeslayer: I can invite you to G+21:30
shadeslayeri'm already there21:31
markeyshadeslayer: so join us21:31
shadeslayerbut, i'm too sleepy to do anything21:31
markeygot a webcam and mike?21:31
shadeslayer EXEC_PROGRAM(${PKGCONFIG_EXECUTABLE} ARGS --atleast-version=0.8.0 libindi RETURN_VALUE _return_VALUE OUTPUT_VARIABLE _pkgconfigDevNull ) .... hahahaha21:34
birthdayloggershadeslayer: so whats with the g+21:40
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: i'll be pulling a rodrigo all the time, just going to bed21:41
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: still 21? :P21:44
shadeslayerah, yes21:44
shadeslayermy bad21:44
birthdayloggerwhy 21?21:46
birthdayloggerthat aint even making sens21:46
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: i just spit out the first value that came to my mind21:47
shadeslayerbirthdaylogger: http://paste.kde.org/100609/raw/ << plz review once21:50
birthdayloggershadeslayer: drunk21:57
* tazz wonders if he is in markey's circle...21:58
* tazz dosnt see any hangout invites.21:58
markeytazz: search for Mark Kretschmann, my profile is public22:00
tazzmarkey: i know who you are, i follow you infact.22:01
markeycool :)22:01
tazzyour most recent post was "KDE - Amarok - Birthday Party in Ulm""22:01
markeytazz: well then join our hangout22:02
markeywe're drunk, it's fun22:02
tazzmarkey: i dont see a hangout invite.22:02
markeyI made it Public22:03
markeyjust add me to your Circles22:03
tazzmarkey: you are already in my "kde" circle.22:03
markeythen you should see "Mark Kretschmann is hanging out"22:04
tazzdont see it, i am on your profile right now. "nada"22:04
markeytazz: I've just added you to my circles22:04
tazzyup i see it now.22:05
tazzdamit alsa... /me is having issues with my mike.22:07
markeytazz: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio22:07
birthdayloggerPA is the solution22:07
markeyfixed it for me22:07
markeynot kidding22:07
birthdayloggersudo apt-get install pulseaudio22:07
ScottKStuff I uploaded on Thursday finally getting built on powerpc \o/22:15
markeytazz: what's going on?22:16
ScottKBTW, krosspython is off the CD as of the next time we get a CD build done.22:16
ScottKNeed to talk to didrocks about dropping the gtk deps off of appmenu stuff like I did with gtk2-engines-oxygen.22:17
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