OerHeksdigitig, open dolphin, goto the folder, right-mouse > property's and then the [tab] share , this wil run samba00:00
digitigOerHerks: I've made a folder shared, but the Windows machine still doesn't see anything. I suspect it's because the user names are different; is there any way to give access to the Linux files whatever the Windows user names? I have multiple Windows computers in the house and the user names are not the same across them.00:04
yofeldifferent workgroup maybe?00:05
digitigyofel: Well, the case was different. It shouldn't have mattered from the Windows end, but I've made it consistent anyway. Still can't see either machine from the other.00:10
Snooffywhat would be wise size for a swap partition for kubuntu?01:22
Snooffywould 2gb be enough?01:22
wildgooseSnooffy, How much RAM do you have?01:23
SnooffyI guess when you want to use hibernation it should be at least the size of your ram right?01:23
Snooffywildgoose: :D 4GB01:23
Snooffyso 4gb should be fine or it should be a bit more?01:23
Linkmaster4GBs should be plenty01:23
wildgooseNo that should be more than enough01:24
yofeldepends on what you do, if you only need 4G then you don't need swap. But if you want to hibernate you'll need as much swap as you have ram used when you hibernate01:24
LinkmasterMy system originally had a 1.5gig swap, with 1gig of RAM. It hung up occassionally, but now that my swap is 5.8gigs, I have no worries...01:24
* yofel has 8GiB of RAM + 4GB swap - and a totally non-standard system :P01:25
Snooffyok TY01:25
Snooffythe trouble is  that before I left home 2day I've put the system to hibernation, I was in a bit hurry and it ended up with "not enough space 4 swap" or something and did not wanted to shut down. As I was in hurry I had to drastically hit the PWR button on the tower. What will happen when I will come back home and fire it up again? Will there be blood?01:28
frogonwheelsSnooffy: not too much. thanks to journaling file systems :)01:28
LinkmasterI've force powered off my linux system several times, nothing too bad happens. It probably grumbles to itself, but never lets me know about it ;D01:32
SnooffyLinkmaster: lol01:32
Snooffyso it should be fine... as soon as I'll have some time I will change the Partition for swap to 6gb which should to the right job even for hibernation01:33
Snooffygot another one... in natty with vlc even there is "disable screensaver" ticked it still let the scrn saver to take over the screen. I had to disable the scrn saver to be able to watch the whole movie. I found a bug which was exactly like the problem I've got but that was  a few releases back... ideas?01:48
* szal has disabled screensaver and screen powersaving anyway01:49
* Snooffy likes a nice sophisticated screensaver for discrete moments etc.. .:PP01:54
DaskreechLinkmaster: You can screw stuff up pretyt bad though :)01:57
LinkmasterDaskreech: I know, I haven't done it while doing anything[such as updating a package]02:00
* Linkmaster shudders at the thought02:00
DaskreechThat you know of :)02:00
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Snooffyguys, if i will change size of my "home" partition using hte partition manager in kde will i lose data?03:30
Snooffyand can i change swap partition when is the system actually running?03:30
LinkmasterSnooffy: I suggest a backup, and if at all possible, use gparted or the like so that the system is not running. its usually....bad to partition drives that are in use03:34
SnooffyLinkmaster: will do than.. as for gparted can it change the part size not to lose the data?03:36
LinkmasterIf you are increasing it, you're fine, if you're shrinking it..I believe it notifies you when it cant' be shrunk anymore03:37
Snooffyand as for the swap partition, will linux automatically take care of it when i make the partition bigger when it'll be booting or i have to set it up somewhere else?03:38
SnooffyLinkmaster: cheers.03:38
LinkmasterI'm not exactly sure03:38
LinkmasterI don't usually mess with my partitions more then once, and when I do, I do a complete computer reinstall03:39
SnooffyOk i will try it when i get home, there is nothing too important yet, just all the settings of kde and stuff, I've installed it just a few days back so there will be no harm if i would actually bugger it03:41
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custom_I have a problem with remastersys and kubuntu!07:29
custom_can anyone help me?07:29
bazhangcustom_, installed from where07:29
custom_I created both a full back up of kubuntu 11.04 and  a distribution for friends dv07:31
custom_I am getting the following error07:31
bazhangcustom_, remastersys installed from where07:31
custom_bazhang: The 'grub-pc' package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot.07:32
bazhangcustom_, remastersys installed from where07:32
custom_I installed remaster sys by adding the repository from the remastersys website and then  sudo apt-get update  / install remastersys07:33
bazhangcustom_, check their documents then?07:33
custom_For Karmic, Lucid and Newer with grub2 - version 2.0.13-1 and up07:33
custom_# Remastersys07:33
custom_deb http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/repository karmic/07:33
FloodBotK1custom_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:33
custom_I tried - I couldn't find anything about the error - I will keep looking - I have found stuff on google about it but nothiing that helps me07:34
custom_it says couldn't find grub-pc on install07:34
bazhangcustom_, did you try installing grub-pc then?07:35
custom_trying to figure out how and if there are different versions - which would I need07:36
bazhang!info grub-pc07:36
ubottugrub-pc (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version). In component main, is optional. Version 1.99~rc1-13ubuntu3 (natty), package size 900 kB, installed size 2720 kB (Only available for any-i386 any-amd64 any-powerpc any-ppc64 any-sparc any-mipsel i386 kopensolaris-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc ppc64 sparc mipsel)07:36
custom_that doesn't tell me where to get it07:39
zakei am male08:51
zakeand you08:51
FloodBotK1zake: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:51
bazhangzake, kubuntu support question?08:52
ashwinhow to to create a hidden file?09:03
bazhangashwin, for what purpose09:04
ashwinto hide a script09:04
kosmonauthi! everytime I start KDE, there is a dialog asking me to set up a mobile connection. I do not have a mobile09:04
kosmonautI want to get rid of that message window, but I have no idea how to09:05
ashwinbazhang: like hidden files in home folder09:06
bazhangashwin, why would you need to hide a script?09:06
ashwinbazhang: I just not want to see it in my home folder09:07
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bazhang!it | zizobike09:30
ubottuzizobike: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:30
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tobagohabe vor 10 tagen krdc installiert und eine verbindung zum server desktop (ubuntu) aufbauen können (hat alles super geklappt). danach habe ich dort avahi (für macbooks) konfiguriert und nun kommt keine verbindung mit dem kubuntu client (krdc) mehr zustande.09:53
tobagodie fehlermeldung lautet "Server nicht gefunden". kann es sein, dass avahi da was zerbröselt hat?09:54
well_laid_lawn!de | tobago10:11
ubottutobago: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:11
ct529I am really upset by all this kworker cpu overload .... grrrr!11:14
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tgr_I can't get networking working. I have a computer running kubuntu plugged into my router/modem, which seems to be working ok because I can connect to the internet. All of the other computers on the network are running MS Windows and are connected to the network by WiFi. The Windows machines can all see each other, but the Linux machine can't see anything and none of the Windows machines can see it. What do I do?11:58
mediaworkshouldnt there be a /var/log/messages file on ubuntu?   if not what happened to it?13:20
mediaworkand if yes >(13:20
tsimpsonmediawork: yes, there should be13:38
tsimpsonmake sure syslogd (or rsyslogd) is running13:40
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yofeltsimpson: IIRC we dropped messages and put everything into syslog now14:13
yofelmediawork: look in /var/log/syslog14:13
tsimpsonwell my syslogd has /var/log/{syslog,messages,daemon.log,kern.log,debug,auth.log,mail.log,mail.info}14:14
yofelhm, I have no messages file here, lemme check14:15
tsimpsonI'm on LTS though, so...14:16
yofeloneiric here, and the only mention of messages in the config files is commented out14:16
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homehow do you remove the "recently used" tab in kubuntu kde 11.04 in the main menu?15:44
homehow do you remove the "recently used" tab in kubuntu kde 11.04 in the main menu?15:51
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BluesKajhome, you could use the classic menu style, but otherwise i have no idea15:56
DarkriftXIsnt there a special way to kill and restart dbus-daemon?  know killing it without restarting it at the same time is not fun at all16:01
tsimpsonDarkriftX: "sudo restart dbus"16:04
DarkriftXoh, i thought just the dbus-daemon had to be restarted16:04
tsimpsonthat will restart the daemon16:05
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DarkriftXwow, that worked but not nearly as smooth as whatever I did last time16:12
DarkriftXkde freaked the hell out for a few seconds16:12
tsimpsonyah, it really doesn't like dbus going away16:12
DarkriftXwindows jumped all over the place, minimized, maximized, errored out, all my icons in the tray went all 1998 on me16:13
DarkriftXbut, my load is dropping from 6 (dualcore) to 1.3, so its better16:13
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gigenieksHi all!17:05
Graf_WesterholtHi, gigenieks.17:06
gigenieksJust to clarify - I have shrinked via Disc Management (in Win7) C: partion to leave Kubuntu 37GB of "unallocated space" read some posts in Ubuntu Forums and17:06
gigenieksI'm going now install Kubuntu 11.04 64bit17:07
gigenieksi need to choose "install alongside" it will pick that "unallocated space" right?17:07
gigenieksnot manually17:07
Daskreechgigenieks: \o/17:08
DaskreechYes that should work17:08
gigenieksMeaning it wont suddenly think to divede my Windows 7 partion ..17:08
gigenieksinstead take "unallocated space"17:09
tsimpsonit shouldn't, but it will tell you what it's going to do before it actually does it17:09
tsimpsonso just read carefully :)17:09
gigenieksahh then good17:09
gigeniekswill go install!17:09
gigeniekswish me luck :)17:09
tsimpsongood lucK17:10
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DarkriftXis there an easy way to hide a window that is also easy to unhide it?17:28
DarkriftXI want to leave something open that I dont want my kids to get into if they get on my computer17:28
Graf_WesterholtDragnslcr, lock the PC.17:32
DarkriftXI can lock it but others need to access it sometimes17:32
Graf_WesterholtThat is no problem.17:32
DarkriftXI just need some stuff to stay open and they always close my stuff17:32
DarkriftXI know I can create them another profile, but thats too advanced for htem17:32
tsimpsonyou can have more than one user logged in at a time17:32
Graf_WesterholtYou can lock you session and they can start their own session.17:32
DarkriftXif I can just hide one window so it doesnt show on taskbar or as a window, that would be great17:33
DarkriftXor even if it showed on a different desktop only17:33
Graf_WesterholtThat is possible, DarkriftX.17:33
Graf_WesterholtYou can set that in the Window-Options.17:33
DarkriftXI am not trying to REALLY hide it, just make it less visible so they are less likely to close it when they are closing their own (its a chrome window)17:34
DarkriftXthey open chrome, browse the internet opening 10 more windows, then close them all. and the one I have left open gets closed17:34
DarkriftXit annoys the hell out of me17:34
tsimpsonput it on another "desktop"17:34
DarkriftXI will try that, my taskbar currently shows all desktops windows so I will have to check the settings17:35
Graf_WesterholtDarkriftX, press Alt+F3, go to „Advanced → Special Window settings“.17:35
Graf_WesterholtOn „Preferences“ select „skip taskbar: force“.17:35
Graf_WesterholtThat's it.17:36
DarkriftXoooh, I was able to change taskbar to show only current desktop and move it to desktop 217:36
DarkriftXnot sure why I only thought of that when I asked17:36
Graf_WesterholtDarkriftX :)17:37
DaskreechDarkriftX: Throw it into an activity and turn off the activity17:43
Daskreech4 solutions to one problem ^_^17:44
DarkriftXI just figured there might be a cli method to do it, but hte one I tried works17:45
Sweorc_Stepparhi there.17:50
Daskreechha ha you were specficially looking for a CLI way to do it?17:50
Daskreechthere are two17:50
Sweorc_Stepparhate to interrupt; when you have a second i have a quick question17:54
Graf_Westerholt!ask Sweorc_Steppar17:56
home_no other networks stored in this Quassel IRC17:56
Graf_Westerholt!ask | Sweorc_Steppar17:56
ubottuSweorc_Steppar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:56
home_and this network is just for linux. not good for chat17:56
Sweorc_Stepparhaving trouble locating and running ark17:57
DaskreechSweorc_Steppar: alt+f2 -17:57
Daskreechtype ark17:57
Daskreechhome_: Add a new network?17:58
Daskreechhome_: or join #offtopic17:58
DaskreechSweorc_Steppar: did that work?18:04
Sweorc_Stepparit brought up ark but shortly thereafter bugged out.18:07
Sweorc_Steppari'll play with it and see what i can do18:07
Sweorc_Stepparthank you18:07
DaskreechSweorc_Steppar: bugged out is crashed? Or isn't doing what you expect?18:14
Sweorc_Stepparcrashed yes18:15
Sweorc_Stepparbut its on an old laptop and i may have unknowingly done something.  not sure.18:15
DaskreechSweorc_Steppar: well try opening konsole and then type ark18:19
DaskreechIf it crashes it will tell you why. You can pastebin it here if you can't understand it18:19
Sweorc_Steppari've already closed it out.  i'll try again later.18:19
Sweorc_Stepparthank you though18:19
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gigenieksAnybody here?18:26
Graf_Westerholt!ask | gigenieks18:26
ubottugigenieks: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:26
bobweaveranyone know alot about kde menu and how to keep it the way that I want to after making a live dvd of my kubuntu18:27
gigenieksOK I just checking, dont know this IRC thing... I am in Live CD going to install, but need some clarification...18:27
gigenieksJoined with Quassel client18:27
gigeniekshere is my problem:18:27
Daskreechgigenieks: Cool18:27
gigenieksexplained as good as I could18:28
gigenieksCan someone check that link and answer me? :)18:28
DaskreechYou did well18:28
gigenieksyou mean post?18:28
Daskreechyou have space allocated and would like to know how to proceed18:28
Daskreech have you ever used Linux before?18:28
gigenieksI would upload images too (1 image = 1000 words ) but dont know "mount thing" yet18:28
gigenieksI used Ubuntu a lil few years ago18:29
bobweaverjust use guided with multi os18:29
bobweavergigenieks: just use guided with multi os18:29
gigenieksWhat you mean? I'm confused18:30
Daskreechgigenieks: You can use Guided or Manual either will work. Which would you like to use18:30
bobweaverare there three options18:30
Daskreechgigenieks: If you choose guided it will have an option to use empty space18:30
gigenieksThere is no guides there is only 2 options:18:30
gigeniekssee my post18:30
gigenieksnstead I have 2 choices:18:30
gigenieksGuided - use entire disk18:30
gigenieksI understand that I have to choose18:31
bobweavertry and re-install ubiquity and up date to see if that helps18:31
gigeniekswhich partion type should I use "primary" or "logical"18:31
bobweaversudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubiquity18:31
Daskreechbobweaver: It's a live CD :)18:31
Daskreechgigenieks: what happens when you click on Guided ?18:31
bobweaverubiquity is the installer18:31
bobweaverit dont matter that it is live18:32
bobweaveras long as you have internet connection18:32
gigenieksIt shows graphically that entire hard disk would be for Kubuntu (which I dont want)18:32
gigenieksI need dual-boot18:32
DaskreechI know just saying it's a pretty big fail if the live CD doesn't ship with a proper way to install :)18:32
bobweaverif there is only two options then ubiquity is messed up18:32
gigenieksthats why I have to go for "Manual"18:32
Daskreechgigenieks: ok let's do Manual then18:32
gigenieksbut as In that post18:33
DaskreechClick on the empty space and make a logical partition18:33
Daskreechhow much RAM do you have?18:33
gigenieksI understand I need divede "unallocated space"18:33
gigenieksin / partion (kubuntu)18:33
Daskreechok and you put aside 30+ GB?18:33
gigenieksand swap partion18:33
gigenieksI shrinked Win7 partion18:34
gigenieksjust confused about choosing18:34
gigenieksprimary or logical18:34
bobweavermake your kubuntu partition the root one18:34
Daskreechgigenieks: I can explain if you like but it's not that interesting18:35
bobweaverso it knows where to boot right ?18:35
gigeniekswhen I tried to do "manual"18:35
gigenieksi have option called:18:35
gigenieks Location for the new partion:18:35
gigenieksshould I left it as it is18:35
gigenieksin beginning18:35
gigeniekswouldnt it mess up my Windows?18:35
gigenieksor something18:35
Daskreechgigenieks: No18:35
bobweaverI hate to cut you all of again but -did you check the md5sum of the cd18:36
DaskreechFor the partition the beginning is where the Windows one ends18:36
bobweaveror usb sorry18:36
bobweaverkubuntu md5sum18:36
Daskreech For the bootloader Linux Will overwrite Windows' bootloader but will add a menu entry so you can just select it at start up18:36
gigenieksbobweaver, yes I did (everything is FINE with Live CD!)18:36
gigenieksjust dont want mess someting18:36
Daskreechgigenieks: It's all fixable :)18:37
bobweaverweired that ubqiuty is acting like that18:37
gigenieksSo I make both partions as "logical" (no need for primary?)18:37
olovi42hellow, anybody for helping me?18:37
Unit193Swap size is normally the same as RAM size18:37
bobweaverolovi42: whats up18:37
gigenieksleft "location for the new partion"18:38
gigenieksas it is beginning (in both / and swap)?18:38
Daskreechgigenieks: Right18:38
gigenieksand lastly what about18:38
olovi42well, I'm chilean new user for ubuntu and i need certain hel18:38
gigenieksi can set on dev/sda18:38
Daskreecholovi42: No idea. Do you need a backrub? A hot meal?18:38
gigenieksand dev/sda118:38
bobweaverolovi42: tell us what is going on please18:38
Daskreechgigenieks: sda works18:38
gigenieksAs i understand sad would work18:39
gigenieksand dual-boot would work18:39
gigenieksat least it should work18:39
Daskreechgigenieks: Correct18:39
gigenieksok will go try, anyway I have Win7 USB repair if something happens to Windows...18:40
olovi42well, i need a help for using "compiz" that no function in my ubuntu 10.10...18:40
bobweaverolovi42: ubuntu or kubuntu18:40
gigenieksahh, and swap I should set exactly "1024MB" right?18:40
bobweaverok what do you want it to do18:40
bobweaver3d desktop18:40
bobweaverfire on screen18:41
bobweaverwater drops18:41
Unit193gigenieks: That's how it normally works18:41
bobweaverfirst open your terminal and type in18:41
bobweaverolovi42: lspci | grep VGA18:41
bobweaverand use paste.ubuntu.com18:41
bobweaverlets make sure that your video card can handel it18:42
gigeniekswish me luck18:42
gigenieksbye for now18:42
olovi42ok, ok, be calm i do that, please sorry i am a chilean...18:42
bobweaverit is all good take your time18:42
Unit193gigenieks: Good luck and come back soon! (With no errors I hope)18:42
gigenieksI will either way if all is good or not just to say how it went ;)18:43
Daskreecholovi42: That's ok :)18:43
olovi42ok, it's say: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. P4M890 [S3 UniChrome Pro] (rev 01)18:44
bobweaverolovi42: siguiente, pulse Alt + F2 y escribir sináptica y pulse ENTER18:45
bobweavertell me when you are there18:45
olovi42ok,take a minut....18:45
olovi42it's say me that I cann't use this it is imposible to find it18:47
bobweaverok go to system--admin-->sysnaptic package manager18:48
olovi42i wold be how a root?18:48
bobweaver]enter pass word will it open18:48
bobweaverwhat about root18:48
bobweaverwe will be using super user (sudo )  not root for this18:49
olovi42that i will be a root for enter?18:49
bobweaverif you have ubuntu software center open close it18:49
olovi42sudo su?18:49
bobweaverbecause you are changing programs18:49
bobweaverok go to system--admin-->sysnaptic package manager18:50
bobweaverenter password and it should open18:50
olovi42ya ok i put in on...18:52
bobweaverolovi42: open terminal and enter sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-backend-gconf compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-core compiz-dev compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-gnome compiz-plugins compiz-plugins-extra compiz-plugins-main simple-ccsm18:54
bobweavercopy and paste that in the terminal18:54
bobweavertell us if you get any errors18:54
olovi42ok waitplease.18:55
bobweaverthen reboot I will be back in 20 min at tops18:56
olovi42E: No se pudo bloquear /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Recurso no disponible temporalmente)18:56
olovi42E: Imposible bloquear el directorio de administración (/var/lib/dpkg/), ¿está otro proceso usándolo?18:56
olovi42well, I am here now19:09
Graf_Westerholt!ask | olovi4219:11
ubottuolovi42: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:11
Graf_WesterholtHow can we help you, olovi42? :)19:11
olovi42well, I need help with a "Compiz" in my ubuntu 10.1019:12
Daskreecholovi42: Anything more specific?19:21
olovi42yes, it is no function for me in any way19:21
olovi42I dont have "Kubuntu", i have "Ubuntu"19:25
olovi42for me is very difficult in english, i prefer in spanish, if there are any channel in spanish i agree19:26
tsimpsonolovi42: #ubuntu-es19:27
olovi42ok,very thanks you19:27
olovi42bob I am waiting for you19:28
bobweaverdid you enter what I told you in the terminalo19:28
bobweaverdid you enter what I told you in the terminal *19:28
olovi42E: No se pudo bloquear /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Recurso no disponible temporalmente)19:29
olovi42E: Imposible bloquear el directorio de administración (/var/lib/dpkg/), ¿está otro proceso usándolo?19:29
bobweaverclose synaptic and ubuntu software center and try again19:29
Unit193Sometimes UpdateManager does it too19:30
olovi42E: No se ha podido localizar el paquete compiz-plugins-extra19:31
olovi42E: No se ha podido localizar el paquete compiz-plugins-main19:31
bobweaverok need to add the repos19:32
bobweaverabre el centr ode ubuntu, y luego ve a editar, software sources,  y luego te aseguras de que todos estan checados con una palomita19:34
bobweaverluego cierra todas las ventanas y abre la terminal y escribe: sudo apt-get update19:35
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
olovi42ya voy, uqe alegria...en español,jajaja... vuelvo19:36
bobweaverthen try to do the code that I gave you earlier19:36
olovi42E: No se pudo bloquear /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Recurso no disponible temporalmente)19:38
olovi42E: Imposible bloquear el directorio /var/lib/apt/lists/19:38
bobweaversudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-backend-gconf compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-core compiz-dev compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-gnome compiz-plugins compiz-plugins-extra compiz-plugins-main simple-ccsm19:39
bobweaverusa eso19:39
olovi42it is no nothin to do it19:39
olovi42wait please...19:39
bobweaversi lo pones k yo puse en el canel, lo va a funcionary19:39
bobweaversorry spanish not that good19:40
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olovi42yes but it say me that not find compiz-plugin-estra, an compiz-plugin-main19:41
bobweaverok open ubuntu software center and go to EDIT-->Software sources then click on the otherr software tab then look at pic19:42
olovi42where are you from, bobweaver?19:42
olovi42wait I go...19:43
home_where history of webpages are stored in kubuntu ?19:43
olovi42no I said hwere are you from...19:44
olovi42but what country in europe19:44
olovi42it's many...19:44
bobweaverthe states19:44
home_are nigerian scum ?19:45
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:45
olovi42I'm sorry please...19:46
home_253 users here. That means that only 253 users use kubuntu ? the rest just know how to use it and have no questions and are genuises ?19:46
bobweaverolovi42: http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/1786/snapshot1ok.png19:47
bobweavermake sure it looks like this19:47
Graf_WesterholtNo, home_. The others only do not know this chan. ;)19:48
yofelhome_: not all 253 are looking at this chan right now, there are far more kubuntu users in the world, and which browser are you using?19:48
olovi42ok I will go thank you very much for all your comments, bye bye.19:48
home_yofel:  I am using firefox19:48
yofelthen look in the firefox history for the history fo webpages. The browser configuration itself it kept in ~/.mozilla/<profile>/19:49
yofeler, ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/19:49
home_so there is not history or stored web pages in kubuntu like windows ?19:49
yofelwhat's the windows way to store them again?19:50
olovi42I do all you sayed me but I need to reboot, will you wait me?19:58
[Lazydog]hello, i a=m having an issue with screen resolution under kubuntu on a vm.  it will not display over 1024x768 when others do 1028x1024.  how can i fix this issue?19:59
home_I am having an issue with lifecam camera cinema and linux kubuntu 11.04. I get the video right but no audio at all.20:03
home_I mean no microphnoe capability at all.20:03
home_Any good internet downloaders that accelerate your internet speed?20:06
home_like internet download manager for windows20:06
yofelthere's kget from a KDE point of view20:07
home_should I use rekonq as better than firefox ?20:07
home_yofel:  does it integrate with firefox?20:07
yofelnot really, for firefox I use the downthemall! add-on20:08
home_for firefox there is another one called fire download20:10
home_something for rapidshare storing vip password and downloading multiple files at once ?20:14
home_is there any book to learn the commands in ternimal ?20:20
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro20:21
yofelwould be one starting point20:21
yofelusually every command has a manpage 'man <command>' or prints some help with -h or --help20:22
home_yofel: do you use the terminal ?20:22
yofela lot20:22
home_are you turkish ?20:23
yofelnope, german20:23
home_who is turkish originally?20:24
Graf_Westerholt!tr | home_20:26
ubottuhome_: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.20:26
home_I am not turkish20:26
home_I am christian20:26
home_yofel: have you finished something in the computers ans software environment ?20:27
Graf_WesterholtSorry, home_. You asked for turkish.20:27
Oxymoron I try again with HDMI. Have someone else tried to fix HDMI output from ubuntu? How do you search for bug search it? I googled and found a earlier bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/722501, I have exact same laptop ulvt with nvidia G21020:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 722501 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[g45] GMA 4500MHD on UL30Vt doesn't support HDMI output" [Undecided,Expired]20:28
home_and my lifecam is not supported.20:29
home_I hate to say this but, when skype and camera do not work then linux users say I don't use skype and they don't have web camera. When you say HDMI output is not working in linux they say I don't use HDMI output. When you say something is not working in linux the don't use it ALL BY COINCIDENCE ! If you wou;dn't be able to drink water using linux then these guys don't drink water at all. If there are problems FIX THEM ! We switched to20:31
home_Linux don't dissapoint us.20:31
Oxymoron  home_: hha :D20:33
home_we have 2011 , come on linux people make it work.20:34
home_we fly rockets to the moon and we can't find a way to make a stupid lifecam web camera work in linux ? these guys are bored.20:35
Graf_WesterholtMaybe you can fix it and make it work, home_.20:35
home_I cannot fix it on my own20:36
Oersome hardware just doesn't work, wich lifecam do you have ?20:38
home_Oer:  lifecam cinema20:38
Oerand your mic does not work, did you check alsamixer ?20:39
Oerterminal> alsamixer20:40
Oerand press F4 Capture20:40
Oerand maybe F6 for different soundcard drive20:40
home_yes I did something like that and then i found a solution on some forums that alsamixer sucks and when you remove it then it will work but it doesn't20:40
home_so it's removed now20:41
Oerso you have no music at all ?20:42
home_apparently the sound of my system works just fine20:42
home_I can listen to songs etc.20:42
Oxymoronhome_: This is why I have problem to like Linux, most ex ternal products does not work. Mostly its not because of the devs, its because of a *** company market jailing their API with patents and closed source.20:42
home_only that I cannot adjust the sound through kubuntu now but only from my speakers20:42
home_Oxymoron:  these companies work for Bill Gates20:43
Oxymoronhome_: Steve JObs as well ...20:44
home_once these devices work very easily and without effort at all sudently the whole planet earth will switch to Linux and Bill Gates will commit suicide.20:44
Oerpls stay ontopic20:44
home_why do you think Bill gates bought skype ?20:44
home_ok I will stay on topic20:44
Oerre-install alsa will do20:44
OxymoronIn my utopic world every single like device should work with same API. So developers only need to program ONCE general drivers that work for every single graphic card for instance, or MPplayer, smartphone or whatever.20:44
home_is it the alsamixer gui I have to download again?20:48
home_or the alsamixer for gnome ?20:48
OxymoronBut for now I am trying to quirk HDMI to work. A simple video/audio connection wants to send output to my TV,20:48
home_good luck for this simple task20:48
home_try to use youtube and you may find you are the only one in this planet trying to find it out20:49
OxymoronI cannot found  any drivers or nvidias website for G210M x64 system, and I tried proprietary drivers, do not work either.20:49
OxymoronEven if video would work, it seems audio will be my next problem.20:50
OxymoronI have googled and I do not find anything useful, not even on forums.20:51
home_these problems should be ok until 204520:53
home_you may want to try linux at that time in the future20:53
OxymoronWindows have no problem find the EDID output directly, and that before it even have logged in to the desktop ...20:54
home_I wanted to use linux because I travel a lot and I don't want them to check my hard drive and notice that I have pirated windows21:01
home_now I am sure I am clean21:01
BluesKajhome_,good move21:02
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BluesKajhome_, is this your first experience with linux ?21:03
home_BluesKaj:  yes it is21:03
home_I find it convenient for the way I use it.21:04
BluesKajhome_, well if you have any questions , fire away21:04
home_and all this free software that come readily with the kpackagekit21:04
home_I had some unsolved questions but it's ok21:04
home_I urge my friends to start using linux after my interaction with it.21:05
home_but they are afraid.21:05
BluesKajhome_, yes , there's a bit of configuring involved for wifi and audio on laptops , but mostly everything works right from the start.21:09
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home_If I ever had a laptop I would use ubuntu inside21:13
home_unfortunately I pay for the pre-installed windows.21:13
home_I guess I won't be able to find customised from scratch21:13
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home_any flash downloader that uses my max connection ?21:42
home_not just a flash downloader without the speedy capability21:42
home_I have 2mb per sec and with that linux thing it's going 102kb/sec21:43
BluesKajhome_, are you on ubuntu or kubuntu?21:43
stevethepirate_Does anyone know where the scripts are for horos?21:43
stevethepirate_in kde4?21:43
FloodBotK1stevethepirate_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:45
BluesKajopen the kpackagekit and install ,  kubuntu-restricted-extras. It has the flash and java and media codecs required for most webmedia content and audio and video codecs21:45
stevethepirate_BluesKaj: who you talkin to foo? :D21:45
stevethepirate_Does anyone know where the scripts are for horos?21:46
BluesKajstevethepirate_, for wall paper or splash21:49
stevethepirate_BluesKaj: both21:49
stevethepirate_BluesKaj: I would like the scripts only21:50
BluesKajstevethepirate_, sorry , no idea21:50
home_I managed to make LIfecam Cinema work with kubuntu YES21:56
home_microphone and video together.21:56
sorush20hi, I';m unable to change permissions on my mounted ide drive 300gb samba shared to a mac. book pro.. I use chmod 777 -R /media/drive and chown user:group /media/drive but I still when I go into dolphin I can't see the settings being applied..21:57
home_I guess that Kubuntu is more heavy than ubuntu11.0421:59
BluesKajhome_,  it depends on your number of applications22:03
home_I guess older laptop have no chance to have kubuntu11.0422:04
BluesKajhow old , home_ ?22:05
BluesKajif there's sufficient memory and hdd space , kubuntu can run well, 1G RAM will suffice, it won't be fast with several apps open at once , but useable22:07
home_1GB ram I have now22:08
home_maybe I better make it 2GB it may go faster22:08
home_it's a 2002 original IMB netvista.22:08
BluesKajHDD ?22:10
home_I bought it 70 dollars and it's used. For office use only22:11
home_with Windows 7 it goes fast. it's partitioned. With Kubuntu I face some laginess22:11
BluesKajhome_, make sure you run the updates in the package manager or terminal22:12
home_it's fully updated22:13
BluesKajperiodically as well22:13
home_everyday I check for updates22:14
home_BluesKaj:  what is the command for updating the system through the terminal ?22:14
BluesKajsudo apt-get update , then once you that , sudo apt-get upgrade , or you can run them sequentailly with one command . sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade22:16
home_E: Malformed line 59 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse)22:17
home_E: The list of sources could not be read.22:17
BluesKajhome_, alt+f2 , copy and paste : kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list , the line will be shown at the bottom of the page as you scroll down , find line 59 and place a # in front , to stop apt from reading it ...copy and paste the line here , so we can look at it.22:22
home_couldn't find it22:27
home_that nothing. I am bit tired. thanks22:27
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home_hi again22:40
home_I can't set another wallpaper that I want22:40
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gigenieksYes, but something went wrong with Windows... It seems that I need to do23:11
gigenieksCHKDSK /R /F23:11
gigenieksKubuntu installed (writing from it) GRUB too, just cant boot in Windows :(23:12
gigenieksI am a lil angry because23:12
gigenieksI was writing post in kubuntu forums23:13
gigenieksbut all time i spent writing and editing is lost23:13
gigenieksbecause Kubuntu default browser crahsed 3x :@23:13
gigenieksI though i saved my post in text file, but when I opened it23:13
gigenieksit was empty23:13
gigenieksgrr... 1h wasted :(23:14
Daskreechgigenieks: what is Windows doing?23:14
gigenieksI will explain later more clearly in kubuntu forums23:14
gigenieksnow I wan to just relax (chat) hehe23:14
Daskreechok :)23:15
gigenieksDaskreech, are you only one online?23:17
DaskreechYes My evil plan is fulfilled23:17
Daskreech I'm dispatching my troops now to investigate how you got on the net23:17
gigeniekslol :D23:18
gigenieksbtw, in IRC there is no smileys or emotions, right? Just pure text?23:18
Daskreechemoticons are just text23:18
Daskreechignore the use of icons in the name ^_^23:19
gigeniekssorry, did not understand your last sentence23:19
Daskreechicons are images23:22
Daskreech emoticons should be images of emotions23:22
Daskreechbut they are jsut text23:22
Daskreechsoooo bad name?23:22
DaskreechLike Windows?23:22
FloodBotK1Daskreech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:22
DaskreechEasiest thing in your structure that can break?23:22
gigenieksHow long are you using Kubuntu?23:23
Daskreechsince 6.1023:24
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gigenieksHave you tried Xubuntu?23:24
Daskreechnot recently23:25
gigenieksthis is my fathers PC23:25
gigenieksmine is older23:25
gigeniekswill use Xubuntu23:25
gigeniekslighter desktop interface23:25
gigenieksDaskreech, how long it was when everything worked as you wanted?23:28
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Daskreechgigenieks: Umm most things work as I want them23:30
gigenieksfor example: now I have trouble with Kubuntu web browser (it crashes quite often), dont know anything about plugins (to get mp3 etc) playin, installing ....23:30
DaskreechThe stuff I want broken is broken23:30
Daskreechgigenieks: install kubuntu-restricted-extras23:30
DaskreechWill install all your mp3 stuff etc23:30
gigenieksbtw do you do programming or something like that on Linux?23:31
gigenieksfor school or work23:31
phaniHi.. I am using Lucid 10.4 and I moved a couple of menus around and then hit SAVE. A dialog box appears, with the title "Updating System Configuration". any ideas on how to fix it ?23:45
gigenieksthis all is so new!23:47
Daskreechgigenieks: :)23:54
DaskreechI do programming for linux23:54
Daskreechphani: That should be ok23:55
phaniDaskreech: thank you but is there a way that we can find why its keep on doing in loop ? i saw few threads but didn't find any update23:55
gigenieksIm going to study IT.. and I already found alternatives for programs that I will need in Windows23:56
Daskreechphani: oh that's not supposed to happen >_>23:56
gigenieksFree Pascal; Lazarus; Saga23:56

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