silverarrowhow safe is lubuntu?00:12
silverarrowwould you dare open a link that might be malware?00:12
KM0201silverarrow: as safe as Ubuntu.00:12
silverarrowwell, is that safe?00:13
silverarrowI got this link from a person I know, and something is weird00:13
KM0201silverarrow: lol... i clicked this just to see what happened (nothing did)...  http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j263/IndyGunFreak/virus.jpg00:13
KM0201silverarrow: is it a link you can share? if you're nervous, i'll try it00:14
silverarrowthis one then http://venus-beauty.pl/tnx_you.htm00:14
Kurdistansilverarrow: lubuntu is secure.00:14
silverarrowI think my friend is messed with somehow, stolen email identity00:15
KM0201silverarrow: yeah, it doesn't really look right.00:16
KM0201silverarrow: thats possible.. but that doesn't mean you're infected, it means she is00:16
silverarrowit's her name but her email address is different too00:16
silverarrowI have to let her know00:17
KM0201silverarrow: there's a good example, they've probably gotten your name, out of her address book, and are spoofing her address00:17
silverarrowlets hope it's hers, and not mine00:18
aikInsaanwhat's the best way to run MSie in lubuntu? wine?00:20
aikInsaanand by best i mean easiest and tried and tested00:20
KM0201aikInsaan: why on earth would you do that00:20
aikInsaanas much as i hate ie there are a few web apps i run that only work on IE00:21
aikInsaanthat's why00:21
KM0201aikInsaan: latest version of IE that i know of, that works on Linux, is IE 6, which is severely dated...00:22
KM0201you can run it in playonlinux00:22
Unit193That's a very old and bad/unsupported version00:23
KM0201Unit193: thus my point00:24
KM0201i'm not aware of anyway to make a current IE run in Linux (thankfully)00:24
aikInsaani am not too keen on IE either....gonna find a better alternative00:25
Unit193Looks like a few versions of 8 are barely OK http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=2500:27
silverarrowI have no problem with browsers, for everything except windows update or special microsoft functions00:28
* phillw there are some spoofs available of ffox that allow IE versions to run, but I've not really played with them. I do still code for IE 6 exceptions in my web coding.00:28
phillwUnit193: yes00:30
phillwFfox can interperate IE6 stuff, or at least used to do, I think it has now been dropped in the recent Ffox releases.00:31
phillwaikInsaan: under the WINE system IE6 is rated as silver, which is not perfect but quite resonable. http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?versionId=46900:34
aikInsaanphillw, yeah saw that...giving it a go00:35
aikInsaanlets see00:35
phillwaikInsaan: a small hint... use the rc of WINE, not the stable.00:36
Unit193This one? ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa00:37
phillwthere is 'stable' WINE and the Release Candidate, I've always found WINE issues to be better sourced and responsive using the RC.00:37
phillwaikInsaan: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=313 is the best place on *buntu systems to head for answers.00:39
aikInsaanthanks phillw that's very helpful...will look into em00:39
philipballewcan i run lubuntu on 128 mb of ram?02:30
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stlsaintphilipballew: lol, yes02:31
stlsaintGuest60466: hello02:31
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hoodie-1i'm having issues with a java applet in chromium02:32
hoodie-1i'm running lubuntu 11.0402:32
hoodie-1i have the latest iced tea and jre02:32
hoodie-1the applet works, except most pop-ups02:32
hoodie-1i enabled pop-ups02:33
hoodie-1anyone have any ideas?02:33
stlsainthoodie-1: what applet are you talking about?02:33
hoodie-1anyone here??02:33
hoodie-1the main chat window works...02:34
hoodie-1but pm's don't work02:34
stlsainthoodie-1: that will not be due to lubuntu02:35
stlsainthoodie-1: more than likely the browser has a issue with it02:35
hoodie-1it works in windows, i know that02:36
hoodie-1i tried firefox in lubuntu02:36
hoodie-1no luck02:36
hoodie-1and opera as well02:36
stlsainthoodie-1: seems to work fine for me in chromium02:38
stlsainthoodie-1: did you try chromium in lubuntu?02:38
hoodie-1that's my default02:38
hoodie-1fresh lubuntu install, updated, latest chromium, java jre, and iced tea02:40
stlsainthoodie-1: can you give me the exact package name for the java you installed02:41
hoodie-1ya 1 sec02:41
stlsaintSemitones_tea: hello02:43
Semitones_teai asked a question about how to bring up Grub if holding shift wasn't working02:44
Semitones_teadid anyone answer that?02:44
hoodie-1icedtea-plugin  ... and...02:45
stlsaintSemitones_tea: did you edit grub to show a timeout?02:45
Semitones_teamy cd drive is broken so I can't go in and change it that way02:45
hoodie-1and dependencies for both02:45
Semitones_teaand I think the computer needs an IDE cdrom drive, I don't know if those are still made02:45
stlsainthoodie-1: i dont have that icedtea plugin nor is it in my repositories (official ubuntu ones)02:47
stlsainthoodie-1: i do have the 6-jre installed but thats it and i can access that site just fine02:47
hoodie-1do pm's work?02:48
stlsaintSemitones_tea: you can edit grub thru the live install02:48
stlsainthoodie-1: one sec02:48
stlsainthoodie-1: ah on second view i see the plugin02:49
stlsainticedtea one, it must ask me to run though02:49
stlsainthoodie-1: how are pm's performed?02:50
stlsainthoodie-1: so how do you know they do not work?02:51
Semitones_teastlsaint, I can't see how to do the live install though without a cd drive02:51
hoodie-1when i try to send a private message, no little window loads02:51
stlsaintSemitones_tea: ok your asking how to get to grub which means you have a distro installed yes?02:52
hoodie-1i got a little pop-up window from the parachat software once, but it was just an informational message02:52
stlsainthoodie-1: how do you try sending private messages?02:52
hoodie-1double-click on a nickname, or right click and select 'send pm' or however it's worded02:53
stlsainthoodie-1: are you in there right now? what is your nick?02:53
hoodie-1i'll go02:53
stlsainta pm window popped up for me just now02:54
hoodie-1what os/browser?02:54
stlsainthoodie-1: ubuntu 10.04/chromium02:54
hoodie-1i tried to find lubuntu 10.04, but it was kinda hard02:55
stlsainthoodie-1: honestly i dont understand the point of that room02:55
hoodie-1so i gave in and got 11.0402:55
stlsaintrandom non-sense is all i see02:55
hoodie-1there's a different room02:55
stlsainthoodie-1: lubuntu 10.04 is on the main downloads page02:55
hoodie-1'over-25' it's usually called02:55
Semitones_teastlsaint, yes, what happens is the Lubuntu splash screen pops up for a second, then I get an "startlxde not found, falling back" type error, then nothing except a pointer.02:56
Semitones_teastlsaint, if I try to access a virtual terminal, the monitor says "frequency out of range" and I can't switch back to f8 either02:57
stlsaintSemitones_tea: that sounds like a xorg issue02:57
stlsaintSemitones_tea: i must leave for now but if you join the channel #ubuntu-beginners they will be able to continue helping you02:58
stlsaintSemitones_tea: just explain what is going on02:58
Semitones_teaok thanks02:58
stlsainthoodie-1: i would suggest putting lubuntu 10.04 on a usb drive or a install medium and try it live with that site02:58
hoodie-1what url do u have for 10.04?03:00
stlsainthoodie-1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu#Downloading Lubuntu03:02
hoodie-1yea i think i'll give 10.04 a try03:11
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semitones_ok this is the error I was getting: x session: unable to launch "startlxde" X session -- "startlxde" not found; falling back to the default session. (okay)03:45
semitones_for educational purposes, anyone have any insights to what might have been going on?03:45
KevBroI cant get  lubuntu to work from a flash drive on my computer ? it just sits loading and then quits after a while06:12
KevBrocould any one give me some advice on how to get it to work ?06:13
KevBrowhats the command to load the gui ?06:15
KevBroi tried that06:18
KevBrosays not found06:18
KM0201welll, there's the problem06:19
KevBrowhat should i do ?06:19
Unit193Not startx in this case06:19
KevBronot ofund06:19
Unit193What is the current text on the screen? Do you see "busybox"?06:20
KevBro(initramfs) _06:20
KevBrothere was a message earlier but i hit help to try and find the commands06:21
KevBrohold on ill restart it06:21
Unit193Yikes! Like this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/whiztech/blog-ukxb-01.png ?06:21
KevBroit comes upwith a screen and askes me english ... and then askes if i want to try lubuntu without installing .. click it ... then loading06:22
KevBroafter a while it has a big paragraph of info ... hld on ill tell you what it says06:23
KevBroit does say busy box06:26
KM0201yeah, busybox is bad.06:26
Unit193Do you know what CPU you have?06:26
KevBro........ init: line 7 : can't open udevadm settle- timeout of 180 seconds reached, the event queue contains: / sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7.........................................................06:27
KevBroceleron D 3.2 ghz single core06:28
Unit193Do you have fast internet/uncapped?06:28
KevBrowhatd you mean ? i have a wifi card for it06:29
bioterrorcan you leech as much as you can without extra payments?06:29
KevBroand someones internet :\ haha06:29
KevBrono payment06:29
KevBroIm trying to set up this old comp to hook up to my tv so i can watch hulu and stuff06:30
KevBroi bought it at the university for 30 bucks ... but it has no HD so i need to use a flash drive06:30
KM0201man, stealing wifi, and using it to watch hulu, bet your neighbors love you.06:30
KevBroI have a 8GB flash drive in there and a usb wifi dongle06:30
bioterrorin finland it's loaning and our gov have free'ed it :D06:31
bioterrorit's legal to "borrow" wlan06:31
KevBroehhh i doubt the notice ... their wifi name is set as netgear .... i dont think they are toooooo computer savy06:31
KM0201KevBro: how fast is their connection?06:32
KevBroill bet its comcast they probably have 11mb dl with 15 initial boost06:33
KevBrothats the deal i sisnged up for .. but i havent paid my bill so im using theirs06:33
KevBrosomething liek that06:33
KevBrowhy does it matter though i cant even get a gui to load ...06:37
KevBrolet alone get the wifi card to work yet06:37
KevBroany suggestions ?06:39
bignono1am using lubuntu 11.04 on a fujitsu siemens esprimo laptop and having a problem with the touchpad ,it is working ok except when i open a folder i canr open click any icon inside,please help07:24
bignono1if i click an icon on the desktop it will open tho but icons inside a folder need to be opened by right click and choosing open or by the keyboard07:26
bignono1thanks anyway07:45
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bignono1how can i put an icon on the desktop?13:40
phillwbignono1: if you right click it, you will the option 'add to desktop'13:47
phillw*will see the*13:47
EagleScreenI installed Kubuntu in one PC, it was a few slowly, then I decided to instal LXDE by installing lubuntu-desktop metapackage and all its dependencies, the result was an usable LXDE enviroment but without the Lubuntu default arkwork, it has LXDE upstream artkwork instead13:53
phillwEagleScreen: when you boot, is there the option to select kubuntu / lxde / lubuntu? From memory (and I could well be wrong), you get the option for lxde and lubuntu. Ensure you select lubuntu.14:06
EagleScreenlubuntu will apply the lubuntu arkrowk? I will check it later14:07
phillwit should do. I have seen this discussed before, but cannot fully recall what was said. No doubt one of the support guys has a better memory than me :)14:08
EagleScreenthen what is Lxde one added for?14:09
EagleScreenhas it any sense?14:09
phillwI think it comes in when you add lubuntu to an existing installation.14:09
phillwI'm just looking through my logs now to see if I can find the discussion on it.14:10
EagleScreenanother question: how to create an applicatio launcher on the desktop?14:11
phillwapplication launcher is discussed in depth at the thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149298014:16
EagleScreenso I must copy an edited .desktop file14:23
EagleScreenI hope lxde implememnts an easier way to add a laucher to the desktop14:26
semitones_hey everyone14:29
semitones_I installed lubuntu yesterday, but I can't get boot to come up, all I get is boot rescue14:30
semitones_I read on ubuntuforums that sometimes old bioses can't boot kernels off of a partition bigger than 8gb14:30
semitones_so I guess I'll make a boot partition. Does anyone know how to move /boot to a new ext2 partition, and then tell the operating system that it lives there from now on?14:31
phillwsemitones http://tekguru.wordpress.com/2007/09/04/howto-moving-boot-to-its-own-partition/14:42
phillwlooks like that's what you're after :)14:43
phillwalthough we use ext4 these days (that was written pre ext4)14:44
bignono1phillw: when i right click i dont get add to desktop14:56
phillwbignono1: which icon do you want to add?14:57
bignono1i only get to change the desktop and wallpaper14:57
bignono1any icon14:57
phillwbignono1: you right click on the launch icon of the app you want to add... Use the start menu to get to the application you want, then right-click on that.14:58
bignono1when i right click on a program on the meno nothing pups out14:58
phillwtry using your mouse to.. Start, Office and then highlight AbiWord. Once AbiWord is highlighted right click on it.15:02
phillwwhich version of lubuntu are you using?15:04
bignono1and ran the updates also15:04
phillwI am at a loss, I've just fired 11.04 up and it works fine for me :/15:06
bignono1maybe my synaptics update manager needs some fixing15:06
phillwthat functionality has nothing to do with update manager.15:07
bignono1idk when i was using ubuntu everything was ok15:07
bignono1and running off lubuntu cd is somhow better than the install15:08
phillwI can only guess the install did not fully work.15:09
bignono1shuoldnt i get some warnning in that case?15:10
bignono1thanks anyway phillw15:12
bignono1i'll keep trying15:12
bignono1phillw: got it now after a reboot15:26
phillwbignono1: good... I'm still very puzzled though!15:26
bignono1but one thing is missing tho , clicking on an icon will not open it , must use the keyboard after highlighting15:27
bignono1using touchpad , lapy15:27
phillwhmm, again, odd. works fine for me (also on laptop with touch-pad)15:28
bignono1where is the folder to set the touch pad ?15:28
bignono1it is not in /etc15:29
bignono1i can close a window , restore and minimize  tho15:30
phillwI don't know, I ave never had to alter any settings for my touch-pad.15:30
semitones_do you think I should report a bug in the installer?15:38
semitones_to keep people from making the same mistake i did15:39
semitones_installer should check for old bios and big hard drive combination15:39
phillwsemitones does it work now?16:12
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