h00kTry control+tab00:00
h00kIt looks hot!00:01
BUGabundoh00k: -_-' OLD00:01
h00kBUGabundo: NO YOU ARE00:01
h00kBUGabundo: is that on the list to replace alt-tab?00:01
h00kHuh, so, it's just duplicating that feature?00:02
h00kwith nicer-looking icons?00:02
h00kThat seems silly.00:02
h00kBUGabundo: can't be that new, I was just ctrl+tabbing chromium browser windows like...yesterday, I think00:31
BUGabundoahh you said ctrl.. I read super00:31
h00kBUGabundo: :) No, ctrl! Try it!00:33
BUGabundoI'm on lubuntu00:33
h00kI bet it doesn't work ;)00:34
h00kAlt+tab: http://i.imgur.com/jhoPX.jpg, and Ctrl+tab: http://i.imgur.com/caxmR.jpg00:40
BUGabundolooks good00:41
h00kAlso, I have that battery monitor00:42
BUGabundoi share his enthusiasm! i better go to bed! https://plus.google.com/110546133384368429145/posts/QWbCBz8oi6u01:04
straceAnyone else having strange graphical problems with Unity and ATI? (both open source and closed source)01:24
snadgecan anyone recommend a blog or something like that, with commentary about whats happening with oneirc dev at the moment?03:24
snadgei'd like to assist by doing some testing.. and i have been doing so on at least one machine, with some success.. until the past few days, there has been a significant amount of x.org updates, updates to compiz, nux etc03:27
snadgeanyways.. fglrx is refusing to cooperate now, im getting black rectangles all over the screen03:28
snadgei tried the radeon driver, and cant get it to display anything at all03:28
snadgei understand im meant to have a higher competence level to be doing this, and im most likely annoying seasoned devs by "getting in the way" .. but i can figure out quite a lot on my own.. it would be nice to receive some advice, or have someone point out some information that might be able to assist me.. or i could just not do this, and only use natty03:32
snadgereally? ubuntu dev channel is really this quiet? :p03:38
bjsniderit's night03:38
bjsniderpeople often engage in a little-known seldom-used activity called "sleep"03:39
snadgei guess so .. its lunch time here, i forget that the world is spherical, rotates upon its axis and revolves around a giant ball of hydrogen fusing into helium and other heavier atoms sometimes03:39
bjsniderthis activity usually makes it hard to respond to irc messages03:40
ubottuIt's the middle of the night in the US and Europe, and surrounds.  This means that a lot of people are likely asleep, therefore there are less potential people who can answer your question.  Please be patient, and consider asking at a time when more people will be awake.  This is particularly true in the quieter channels.03:41
bjsniderphoronix and webupd8 often have info about oneiric03:41
rwwthere's a factoid for everything :303:41
bjsniderrww, did you write that one for the bot?03:42
ubottunight has no aliases - added by Hobbsee on 2007-05-27 13:30:59 - last edited by Hobbsee on 2007-05-27 13:35:3603:42
bjsniderwho writes these things?03:42
snadgeyeah.. phoronix is great actually.. if it wasn't for phoronix i'd have zero idea about whats happening with fglrx/radeon and vaapi support03:42
bjsniderhobbsee is australian. very strange03:43
snadgeit makes sense to me.. im australian too03:43
snadgeand i guess im the one that message was directed at ;)03:43
bjsnideri suspect a huge conspiracy03:43
snadgeits only us aussies that are up and at them when the US and UK is asleep03:43
bjsnideri figgered03:44
snadgethats how come the english speaking world has been able to dominate the world.. we take it in turns whilst each other is sleeping.. j/k03:44
rwwalso, people in the US that don't sleep properly o/03:44
snadgeit is a conspiracy, canonical was started by a south african who lives in the UK.. a conspiracy of english speaking nations03:45
bjsniderno, it's the cia03:45
bjsnideralways the cia03:46
snadgehes a cia and mi5 agent.. double03:46
snadgewho else here is actually brave enough to dedicate a physical machine to oneiric?03:47
bjsnideryou're talking to sleepers03:48
snadgeand has installed updates in the past few days and uses x :p03:48
nit-witit crashes x like natty03:48
nit-wita reported bug03:48
snadgeim just getting blotchy black rectangle with fglx, and nothing with radeon.. no crashing thankfully03:48
snadgeradeon 6300m03:49
bjsniderfglrx rarely works for long during a dev cycle. they usually update it at the very end03:49
nit-witI finally had to just install fedora xfce, I can't watch a vid03:49
snadgeyeah thats kind of annoying bjsnider ... do canonical devs at least get preview versions of catalyst from amd?03:49
snadgeor have access to an fglrx dev tree?03:49
bjsnideri think so03:50
snadgei'd sign an nda for that :P or slip somemone cash03:50
bjsniderbut if you want working graphics during a dev cycle you have to go with intel or nvidia03:50
snadgegiven that all of my hardware except my netbook uses catalyst.. and i want my netbook to actually work, that makes things tough03:51
bjsnidercatalyst is just a marketing word03:51
snadgefglrx then.. they're kind of interchangeable to me03:52
snadgefglrx is specific to linux.. catalyst encompasses the proprietary driver on all platforms03:52
bjsnideryou did not choose hardware that is as linux friendly as some03:52
snadgeamd are trying to make amends for what is actually ati's doing03:52
snadgeand they have opened up a lot of stuff.. it must be hard work or something03:53
bjsnideropened up what? they haven't released any documentation in years03:53
snadgethey really could be doing better, if nvidia has better support for in development code03:54
snadgeespecially if they want more than just a handful of people to test their driver before its released03:54
snadgeto me.. that tells me that they just dont care03:54
bjsnidernvidia replaces mesa entirely, so in not depending on mesa they can quickly add support for new x-servers and kernels03:54
snadgethe xvba sources just got opened up recently03:55
snadgetoo little.. too late03:55
snadgeand hasn't some of their documentation assisted the radeon driver with new chipset support and limited 3d support improvements03:56
bjsnideryea, back in 2008 it did03:56
bjsnidermy calendar says it isn't 2008 right now03:56
snadgeim just kind of gutted at the moment03:57
snadgewent out and bought an amd based zacate board for my htpc.. which works great under windows.. can get it to work reasonably with natty, with some minor problems03:57
bjsniderbesides, it's really ahrd to code graphics drivers, and documentation alone ain't gonna git 'er done03:58
snadgeupgraded it to oneiric thinking.. well why not, obviously before things are going to get better they're going to get worse.. i may as well follow along out of curiosity03:59
snadgeand now it turns out i can't even help, or follow whats going on.. because i've got no display in X at all, even with the radeon driver.. sigh03:59
bjsniderdid you buy the amd board because it was cheap or something?04:00
snadgeboth value for money, and features.. they're an excellent board04:00
snadgeon paper, its better than atom/ion204:00
bjsniderthe difficulty i have with it is that it's not intel04:00
snadgemost of my stuff is amd04:01
snadgeit may not be technically superior in all areas.. but compared to whatever the intel equivalent is, its usually a lot better value for money04:01
bjsniderthat's like saying you wanted to run the 4-minute mile so you started your plan by intentionally breaking both your legs04:02
snadgei've never personally had a problem with amd cpus.. ati/radeon, is a completely different story04:02
snadgeim sure i could quite happily use nvidia with amd, and enjoy far less problems04:02
bjsnideri mean i'm sure it's reasonably functional on windows, if that floats your boat04:02
snadgeoh yeah.. i think i mentioned earlier this hardware is excellent under windows 704:03
snadgeand thankfully it dual boots.. its just unfortunate i didnt make it a triple boot for oneiric04:03
snadgeinstead i stupidly chose to upgrade my natty installation.. and part of me would rather wait for things to unbreak in oneiric, than reinstall natty04:04
snadgebecause i can still use windows in the meantime.. or console ;) *shrugs*04:04
daurnimatorhow stable is 3.0rc7?04:12
snadgelinux 3 is very stable04:43
snadgexorg and friends is a completely different story04:44
rwwdaurnimator: about as stable as every other Linux RC. It's not really notable, despite the version bumb.04:44
rwwbump **04:44
daurnimatorrww: I want to use va-api with amd fusion (zacate); its apparently only in 39+ with optimisations in 3.0.05:16
snadgedaurnimator: i love you05:32
snadgei think we're the only two people in the universe who owns an amd zacate platform and want to use it with linux ;)05:33
snadgei had vaapi working fine.. until a few days ago, when something exploded in x.org05:35
snadgeand now i have black rectangles all over my display05:35
snadgeif you have access to pre-release fglrx 11.7 for linux.. now is the time to say so :p05:36
Squall5668Hello, anyone care to give me a hand with an Ubuntu 11.10 box that boots in BusyBox right after the upgrade? At least how i can see what's wrong so i can do reinstalls with chrooting. I can't understand anything in dmesg08:55
Squall5668at least a guide on how to understand the output of dmesg?09:01
ubottudmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.09:02
Squall5668eh, can i output it to a file then? since i can't see anything on the lines i can read, nothing like "Error" or "Warning" :/09:03
antiheroHow would I switch the new unity switcher to be on Alt+Tab not Ctrl+tab?09:27
antiheroSurely the convention would be to have put it on Super+Tab instead of messing with everyone's in-app tabbing?09:28
dr_willisHmm.. cant seem to get the nvidia drivers working.. broke about 2 days ago.12:04
coz_dr_willis,  and I was about to install :(12:06
dr_willisit was working.. then broke about 2 days ago.  tried removing it.. cant seem to get the nv driver going either12:06
coz_dr_willis,  oh man,, always n vidia  but its not unusual at this stage12:09
dr_willisyea. but just seems odd its been broke for 3 days straight now. :) luckly i can irc/znc from the con sole.12:11
dr_willisOne odd bug i noticed.. lightdm kept starting/crashing soo fast it looked like the console was flickering...12:11
dr_willisit never did error out like 'we crashed 100 times in 20 sec.... aborting...' :)12:11
jamesbond2Hi I have question about unity. I don't see any button for reboot/shutdown etc12:14
coz_jamesbond2,  see if  ctrl+delete  brings up the shutdown dialog UI12:16
jamesbond2coz_: that doesn12:17
jamesbond2coz_: that doesn't work for me12:17
coz_jamesbond2,  I was just about to install oneiric  until I heard about nvidia issues,,  unless they changed that keybinding it should have brought the shutdown     dialog UI  up12:18
coz_jamesbond2,  sorry i is crl+alt+delete12:18
coz_jamesbond2,  try that ^^^12:18
jamesbond2i get popup with logout option :)12:19
coz_jamesbond2,  oh darn,  it was changed then,, that's what happens on gnome3  also12:19
coz_jamesbond2,  I havent had anyone give me the command for the shutdown dialog UI  on gnome3  which apparenlty is also on 11.10 now12:21
coz_jamesbond2,  if I find it,, I will let you know :)12:21
jamesbond2thnx coz_12:21
coz_jamesbond2,  this is a partiularly important one for me,, I use easystroke and need to associate that command with a gesture12:21
jamesbond2it's bad that they have removed the button on the panel12:22
coz_jamesbond2,  yeah,, I know12:23
jamesbond2i have the solution12:31
coz_ooo cool12:31
coz_jamesbond2,  what is it?12:31
jamesbond2those packages are needed12:31
coz_jamesbond2,  those are the commands?12:31
coz_jamesbond2,  ah12:32
coz_jamesbond2,  interesting they are not already installed12:32
coz_jamesbond2,  perhaps at release they will be12:32
jamesbond2coz_: i hope so12:34
coz_jamesbond2,  did you install them, yet?12:34
jamesbond2coz_: Yes and it's working12:35
coz_jamesbond2, with the same keybinding?12:35
jamesbond2that is still only log out option. But the desktop show now the shutdown button12:37
coz_jamesbond2,  then there has to be a keybinding / command to bring it up12:37
BUGabundoh00k was right13:00
BUGabundoctrl tab is over writing every other app13:00
BUGabundoI can't use Pidgin anymore or Chormium13:00
BUGabundoif anyone has *any* idea on how to remove ctrl+tab shortcut in unity/gnome3 PLEASE let me know! its USELESS like this13:32
dr_willisthat would be a ccsm setting/plugin i think13:33
dr_willisI cant even get to X right now.. :)13:33
BUGabundolet me check so13:34
dr_willisI recall compiz having like 4 differnt 'plugins' that could do that alt-tab stuff..13:35
dr_willisdiffernt eyecaney/look was the main feature of them i recall.13:35
BUGabundoTHANK YOU13:36
BUGabundoits the Unity plugin shortcut13:36
BUGabundoh00k: ^^^^^^^13:36
BUGabundonot its not13:38
BUGabundoits disabled and still doesn't change it13:38
dr_willisdisable all of them? :) disable compiz?   Reconfigure the warp drive!13:53
dr_willis(watching startrek right now....)13:53
daurnimatorsnadge: sadly I do not; any progres on your end?14:01
sudiptacan anyone share some desktop-screenshots of gnome shell with me?14:26
dr_willisI cant even get 11.10 to boot to X at the moment. :)14:27
sudiptanatural...still in alpha :)14:28
snadgedaurnimator: i gave up and have been trying to fix an unrelated performance issue in xbmc14:32
snadgei was going to try out unity-2d with fglrx.. to see if that worked14:32
snadgeto see if its just a problem with compiz/nux14:32
daurnimatorsnadge: I tried to give up but i seem to have lost all my windows discs+isos >.<14:35
BluesKajHow now brown cow , what's new with you ?14:50
BluesKajdr_willis, :)14:50
snadgei've nearly cracked this xbmc issue though.. so i have renewed enthusiasm, this could be my first useful patch :p14:50
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BluesKajsnadge,  which xbmc , the stand alone or the build ?14:53
dr_willisPlaying with my 'boxee' box today.14:55
BluesKajthere's more than 2 xbmc versions , now when I think about it14:56
dr_willisthen the boxee spinoff.14:56
dr_willisgot boxee and xbmc both on the PC in the front room. wife tends to perfer xbmc.14:57
BluesKajtried it for a while..found it too cluttered , and the menus are clunky , went back to vlc14:58
BluesKajxbmc that is14:58
dr_willisit has themes.. it also does 100x things then vlc does. :)14:59
dr_willisboxee seems to do more things then xbmc does even.15:00
dr_willisCoolest trick i learned for VLC, boxee, and xbmc is to use my android phone as a remote. :)15:02
bjsniderthere's no shortage of media center apps for linux15:04
BluesKajwe just wanted a player that plays the media without too much fuss15:05
snadgeBluesKaj: its a mysql database performance issue with any version of xbmc15:09
snadgewell i think only 11.0-pre which is latest git version has mysql support15:09
snadgemost people dont use the mysql database option15:09
snadgebut it becomes of use if you wish to share the same media collection amongst multiple clients15:10
oncahi. how can I install gnome as it is in the oneiric-desktop-amd64.iso liveCD15:10
BluesKajyeah, I tried the git version, but it had too many undefeatable default options like subtitles in foreign languges that couldn't be turned off15:11
snadgeyou press t to turn subtitles off :p15:11
BluesKajsnadge, ^15:11
dr_willisonca:  it should be that way by default. If your 3d drivers are set to work with Unity.15:11
snadgeim compiling xbmc from source for what i want to do.. packages are a bit useless15:11
snadgeim contributing to upstream.. ubuntu can wait :p15:12
BluesKajsnadge, odd , that was my first try ...didn't turn anything on or off15:12
BluesKajT that is15:12
snadgei havn't seen that myself.. perhaps its a bug with a specific video or subtitle format i dont know15:12
oncadr_willis, I understand, but say I'm trying to mimic on another instillation ?15:13
snadgeit might be encoded into the video itself15:13
snadgeplay it with mplayer or something else ;)15:13
BluesKajmaybe the version had too many flaws , I was running natty bets at the time ..integration was obviouslt iffy15:13
oncavlc ftw15:14
snadgeahh things have changed since then.. if you tried it again, it would probably work15:14
dr_willisonca:  on a differnet ubuntu version?15:14
snadgeit compiled on natty without issues for me.. and oneiric as well, when it wasnt broken that is15:14
oncadr_willis, uhm, naw, gentoo.15:16
* onca *squirms*15:16
dr_willisonca:  good luck with getting unity on gentoo.15:16
oncaunity ..15:16
BluesKajwell, I'm sticking with VLC anyway ...it passes the digital audio like I set it up , relatively simple and direct15:16
ubottuUnity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to GNOME; see !classic.15:16
oncathat's a new one to me15:16
oncadocumentation here I come.15:17
oncathank you dr_willis.15:17
oncaalright if I stick around?15:17
BluesKajhow's the state of nvidia drivers on X with the new 3.0 kernel release ?15:34
penguin42BluesKaj: Ther earen't any big changes in 3.0 (except the number)15:35
BluesKajpenguin42, let me rephrase that..how's the kernel source support for nvidia ?15:37
Ian_Corneatm I can't install nvidia current via jockey15:38
dr_willisIan_Corne:  dont work here either...15:38
BluesKajpenguin42, I'm on natty and thinking of upgrading , but my last try broke X15:38
dr_willisNo nvidia for me.. for now. been patently waiting. :)15:38
* yofel has nvidia working, but installed by apt-get15:39
penguin42Intel works fine :-)15:39
yofel275 *does* support kernel 3.0 in any case15:39
yofelmy last issue with nvidia was udev/initrd related15:39
BluesKajyofel, how did yo fix that15:41
yofelI worked around it by forcing nouveau out of the initrd, but the bug is fixed by now15:41
penguin42hmm - not exactly stable at the moment :-(16:02
Ian_Cornehad to apt-get install nvidia-current --reinstall16:02
Ian_Cornebut it works now16:02
snadgeim testing this xbmc database performance patch :p16:03
snadgeif it works and gets accepted that will be a defining moment hehe16:03
antiheroHow do I redefine the new Ctrl+Tab behaviour in Unity to be on Alt+Tab?16:05
dr_willisantihero:  that would be a compiz plugin setting i imagine16:12
antiherodr_willis: cool16:13
dr_willisI dont even see a nvidia 275 version yofel  :) I was using nvidia-current a few days ago.. then broke about 2 days back16:13
antiherodr_willis: Hmm, changed the logical options, has made no difference. I'll try reinit16:15
dr_willisive seen compiz quirks in the past where changes in ccsm dont take affect till you relogin/out16:16
Ian_Cornedr_willis: I'vegot 275.09.07-0ubuntu4 installed atm16:17
Ian_Corneand it works16:17
antiherodr_willis: Nope, just done that, even restarted GDM16:18
dr_willisI dont even see that version # Ian_Corne . just 96 and 17316:18
antiheroI do like the new switcher, just wish it replaced alt tab16:18
antiheroah, got it now16:19
dr_willisHad to use a biger hammer?16:20
antiheroIt just worked this time, when I had the old switcher enabled it asked to steal the hotkey and I said OK16:22
antiherothis switcher is much faster and nicer16:22
gnomefreakis anyone else having issues with fglrx drivers?16:56
yofel!info nvidia-current | dr_willis17:17
ubottudr_willis: nvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 275.09.07-0ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 29079 kB, installed size 85284 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)17:17
yofelsee, 275 ;)17:17
jakempStill getting lag on my touchpad on my Lenovo T420 that wasn't there on 11.04.17:20
yofelno lag on my t51017:21
dr_willisHmm. nvidia-current installed a differnt version here.17:21
dr_willisI just update/upgraded17:21
yofeldr_willis: what does apt-cache policy nvidia-current say?17:22
dr_willislet me check17:22
dr_willisthere we go.. seems to be 275 now.17:22
dr_willis 275.09.07-0ubuntu4 017:22
dr_willisI just checked that like  an hr or so ago.17:23
dr_willisinstalled and rebooting.. brb17:35
dr_willisHmm. nvidia still fails to load.17:54
dr_willisInstalled: 275.09.07-0ubuntu417:54
dr_willis(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!17:55
dr_willisFATAL: Module nvidia not found.17:55
yofeldr_willis: what does dkms status say?17:56
dr_willisnow thats.. interesting.. 2 differnt versions..17:57
dr_williswillis@CowBuntu:/etc/X11$ dkms status17:58
dr_willisnvidia-173, 173.14.30, 3.0.0-5-generic, i686: installed17:58
dr_willisnvidia-current, 275.09.07, 3.0.0-6-generic, i686: installed17:58
dr_willisbut one is for the older kernel if i read that right.17:58
dr_willisremoveing the 173,and current, and reinstalling curent.17:59
dr_willisdkms status returns nothing now.18:00
yofelhm, is nouveau loaded? (check lsmod)18:00
dr_willisdosent seem to be18:02
dr_willisnvidia-current installed..18:02
dr_willis dkms status18:02
dr_willisnvidia-current, 275.09.07, 3.0.0-6-generic, i686: installed18:02
dr_willisand i am using that kernel. :)18:03
dr_willistime to reboot and see i guess.18:03
coz_ have to break for a bit , be back later18:06
cjohnstonI'm trying to install the propriatry wireless drivers, however when I do I get an error saying look at /var/log/jockey.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/650742/ any ideas?18:09
trismcjohnston: do you have the linux-headers package for your current kernel installed? I see a post on ubuntu forums that suggests that error is a result of the headers not being install when you try to activate the driver with jockey18:17
cjohnstontrism: http://paste.ubuntu.com/650752/ it looks like it18:18
dr_willisyea. got X going now.18:54
penguin42anyone having problems with windows+number not working on unity this week?18:59
dr_willisHmm. not working at all here19:01
dr_willisshows text in some little search box at the bottom right here...19:01
penguin42oh I don't get a search box, they just don't do anything19:05
dr_willisnot sure that the box is .. little text entry field at buttom right19:06
dr_willisactually when imn in this termiunal window. i dont even get that..  the text goes here19:07
penguin42nod that's what I'm seeing19:07
dr_willisthe #'s appear over the icons. but text goes here19:07
dr_willisif i open a file maanger window. and do it.. the text appears in a little box at the bottom left of the filemanager window19:08
dr_willissame as if i was not holding the win-key19:08
dr_willisso basically i can say.. yes. the win-key seem,s to do nothing other then make the #'s show on the icons...19:12
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antiherodr-willis: I get that - I pres winkey+# and nothing happens21:39
dr-willisthey sort of fovus a lot pn keybord shorycuts in unity. sort of counterintuitive at times21:40
dr-williswin key is getting used for too many tjings.21:41
penguin42I guess it's not doing much otherwise22:12
BluesKajupgraded to Oneiric , but desktop effects sttings are still ignored , I see22:27
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