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persiaScottK: That's not a class of error I've seen before, unfortunately.02:29
ScottKOK.  Thanks.03:49
rbelemrsalveti, ping20:38
rsalvetirbelem: pong20:38
rbelemrsalveti, :-)20:39
rbelemrsalveti, i need your help20:39
rbelemrsalveti, i ve been trying to boot ubuntu in the pandaboard20:39
rsalvetirbelem: sure, what's up?20:40
rbelemrsalveti, but it always end up "ALERT!  /dev/mmcblk0p2 does not exist.  Dropping to a shell!"20:40
rsalvetirbelem: what image are you using?20:40
rbelemrsalveti, ubuntu 11.04 headless20:40
rsalvetirbelem: is this happening at your first boot?20:40
rsalvetifirst boot should do the disk resize20:41
rbelemrsalveti, yup20:41
rsalvetiafter that it doesn't point the disk as mmcblk0p220:41
rsalvetibut with the uuid20:41
rsalvetirbelem: could be your card is corrupted20:41
rbelemrsalveti, i fscked it20:41
rsalvetiby the way you're writing the file, or even the sd card that's not that compatible with panda20:41
rbelemrsalveti, i tried one kingmax and one kingstone20:42
rsalvetirbelem: how are you writing the image file?20:42
rsalvetirbelem: did you check the md5 from the image file?20:42
rbelemrsalveti, i did not check20:43
rbelemi will check it now20:43
rbelemrsalveti, it matches20:44
rbelemrsalveti, i tried the bash -c zcat methods20:44
rbelemrsalveti, but it was gerating corrupted fs20:45
rsalvetirbelem: try just with dd20:45
rbelemrsalveti, then i dd20:45
rbelemfailed too20:45
rbelemrsalveti, i manually created the filesystem and mounted the image partitions20:46
rbelemrsalveti, but it did not boot20:46
rsalvetirbelem: try grabbing the 11.06 linaro image20:46
rbelemi'm downloading it right now20:47
rsalvetirbelem: https://wiki.linaro.org/Cycles/1106/Release20:47
rbelemrsalveti, the LEBs?20:49
rsalvetirbelem: yes20:49
rbelemnice :-)20:49
rbelemrsalveti, two hours of download21:11
rsalvetirbelem: ouch21:11
rsalvetirbelem: you can grab the nano image21:11
rsalvetihold on21:11
rsalvetirbelem: http://releases.linaro.org/platform/linaro-n/nano/latest/21:11
rsalvetiwith http://releases.linaro.org/platform/linaro-n/nano/latest/hwpack_linaro-panda_20110629-1_armel_supported.tar.gz21:12
rsalvetiit's a very basic image, but at least you can check if your board is working properly21:12
rbelemrsalveti, thank you very much :-)21:12
rbelemrsalveti, now it is better. it will take 10 min21:13
rbelemrsalveti, do i need to pass a binary image to linaro-media-create?21:32
rbelemrsalveti, or i just need to pass the hwpack?21:34
rbelemah! i got21:36
* rbelem downloads nano-n-tar-20110628-1.tar.gz21:36
rbelemrsalveti, chroot: failed to run command `linaro-hwpack-install': No such file or directory21:53
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rbelemrsalveti, i found the problem23:37
rbelemrsalveti, scratchbox :-P23:37

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