renaldocreativeHello everyone01:51
coz_ have to break for a bit , be back later18:06
codepalcan anyone tell me which ubuntu system fonts, if disabled, will break my system?22:50
coz_codepal,  mm22:50
coz_codepal,  havent looked into that,, well hold on22:50
coz_Ubuntu fonts,,sansm,,  monospace are pretty much default right now22:51
coz_codepal,  if you right click the desktop   change desktop background and click the fonts tab22:51
coz_codepal,  there is an application name   font-manager    this will list all fonts on the system and allow temporary disabling of fonts22:52
coz_they can also be catagorized into sets/groups  and entire sets can be disabled22:52
codepalcoz_, just installed a font-manager from google code.22:53
codepalI think it's slightly better, hopefully, than the built-in one.22:53
coz_codepal,  welll is it named   "font-manager"22:53
codepalI'm using 10.04, with it. - yup!22:53
coz_codepal,  ok then yes it is probably the best font manager i have used on linux22:54
coz_codepal,  with that ,, as I said, you can disable fonts on the fly22:54
codepalI've tried fontmatrix...22:54
codepalunfortunately development isn't very up-to-date on that project...22:54
coz_font-manager is the best22:54
codepalyeah, I managed to screw my Opera fontcache somehow with it.22:55
codepaland Firefox.22:55
coz_my opinion ,, howeve because of its options I find it very useful22:55
codepalright, any chance you've got a couple of font collections to share?22:55
coz_codepal,  I have a small set of fonts I always install hold on22:55
codepalI'm just starting to categorise my system installed fonts, then I'll drop my own in.22:56
coz_codepal,    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/myfonts.tar.gz22:57
codepalcoz_, very kind of you, thanks!22:57
coz_let me now when you download that so I can delee it22:57
codepaldowned - thanks!22:58
coz_codepal,  once you put them into the directory you want ,, generally /usr/share/fonts/truetype   , do you have the command to regenerate the font cache?22:58
codepalapparently I can also do it via font-manager... awesome!22:59
codepal"Reset cache and reload application" - bottom right corner.23:00
coz_yep :)23:00
coz_you can also just double click a font and it will have an "Install" button there23:01
codepalI've got the latest font-manager, which are you using?23:02
coz_let me check23:03
codepalcool, we're on the same page then.23:04
coz_codepal,  I doubt there is a better manager  I have tried them all,, and since I love fonts I had to find one that did just about everything I need and this one does23:05
coz_especially the ability to disable fonts on the fly23:05
codepalcoz_, just outta interest, what kind of design / projects are you involved with?23:05
codepalyeah, that's neato23:05
coz_codepal,  compiz   cairo dock23:05
codepalpredominately coding / theming?23:06
codepalor both?23:06
coz_codepal, right now only  graphics23:06
coz_codepal,  I do the ccsm icons,,,compiz textures,, splash screen, and 3d animated cube models,, on cairo dock mainly themes23:06
codepalcool coz_ !!23:08
codepalI'm trying to tidy up some ugly slideshows I did for a client.23:08
coz_codepal, excellent23:08
codepalI've been told they're currently late 90's style....23:09
codepalI'm probably a bit rusty23:09
codepalI'm jumping back into the game, was trained at a newspaper & commercial print business.23:09
codepal1 old Mac with Photoshop and QuarkXpress on it.23:09
codepaland then IBM's with Photoshop & Quark.23:10
coz_codepal,  cool,, photoshop is almost always required:)23:10
coz_I havent used quark express more than once that I can recall23:10
codepalyeh? - I was hoping gimp would replace it on my box...23:10
coz_codepal,  well sort of yes and no likely23:11
codepalOS don't let me down...23:11
coz_codepal,  most of my graphics work is done in inkscape  a vector application23:11
codepalnice, latest?23:11
coz_other than the 3d animations  mostly inkscape  ,, well the latest in ubuntu repositories ,, I got tired of compiling the most recent :)23:11
coz_takes way too long ,, about an hour23:11
codepalright, fair enough.23:12
coz_inkscape  0.48 r976023:12
coz_that was put out in march 22 of this year23:12
coz_so not the actual development version23:12
coz_I believe the current is 0.48.123:14
codepalclose enough23:16
codepalI was gonna try compiling GIMP 2.8 on ubuntu 10.04....23:16
coz_codepal,  mm not sure if it will,, I didnt realize 2,8 was available yet23:16
coz_2.8 rather23:16
coz_codepal,  if so it should have the single window mode which is very cool23:17
codepaldependencies might be a little difficult, libbabl is the problem.23:17
codepalI have 2.7 installed, and it has the single window mode..23:17
coz_codepal,  if on ubuntu there may be a ppa at some oint23:17
coz_codepal,  yes it does  but not premanent default23:17
codepalunfortunately there is no way to set single as default23:18
coz_2.8 is suppose to be able to have single window mode as a default23:18
coz_which is what I am waiting for23:18
coz_but as I said ,, I generally always use inkscape23:18
codepalwhich ver of ubuntu is your default?23:18
codepalah, right23:18
codepalI downgraded for my wacom.23:18
codepalsince it's serial23:19
codepalI was using 11.0423:19
coz_oh ok because i have wacom here23:19
codepalnice - use it much?23:23
codepalI've only just got one, it's old A3 - intous223:23
coz_codepal,  I do for fine work, but in inscape I use the mouse23:24
coz_codepal,  wacom is good regardless of age :)23:24
codepalyeah, that's what I reckon.23:24
codepalI love it.23:24
codepalunfortunately it's not USB.23:24
coz_codepal,  yeah that I understand23:25
coz_I wonder if it can be converted23:25
codepalI'm hoping as the wacom driver matures, and more people complain about the dropped support....23:27
codepalthat we'll get that serial support back.23:27
codepalI'll learn my lesson, stick to LTS, and watch developments23:27
coz_codepal,  yeah lts is generally the best way to go...unless you enjoy experimenting with some new things23:28
codepalI love experimenting23:28
codepalit's the best way to learn new things.23:29
codepalI'm a little bit of coder myself, just learning python @ openhatch.org23:29
codepaldone a bit of compiling / patching / search for dependencies, so it doesn't scare me..23:30
codepalcoz_, nice talking to ya, and thanks for the fonts!23:30

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