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sagacihead_victim, much easier to download the .po's and do it manually after we've completed most of the string sets, you'll realise. Since we'll be only changing a couple of words, whereas if we try to do it now, we'd have to fill in the msgstr manually ====== pain10:16
head_victimYeah good idea. 10:20
sagacihead_victim, https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16574911:24
head_victimsagaci: cool I subbed to it11:25
head_victimGood effort with that project btw11:26
sagacihead_victim, is the ubuntu-au logo available somewhere as an .svg?12:03
head_victimsagaci: should be I'll just find it12:05
sagacirighteo thanks12:08
sagacialso is the approval wiki page in a 'freeze' at the moment?12:09
head_victimDepends, completely reorganising or just adding more information? I can probably ask if it's acceptable to change a few little bits.12:11
sagacii guess it's been a while since you've sent the request in.. I was going to add a link to the minutes/log of the discussion to participate in the UGJ12:13
head_victimAh yeah, that wouldn't be an issue, you're just adding supporting evidence as opposed to changing the content12:16
sagaciyeah, I just wasn12:16
sagaci't sure if there was a soft freeze or something12:16
head_victimYeah that's cool, it's probably a good idea to run changes past anyway so if anything is asked about I can be sure what's happened.12:17
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