earthling_Did you guys download the "base-files" recommended update from Update Manager?  How important is it?00:03
holsteinearthling_: whats up?00:03
earthling_hi holstein00:03
holsteini usually look over the upgrades and take them00:03
earthling_it doesn't have any linked project page00:04
earthling_me too00:04
holsteinlinked project?00:04
earthling_from Launch Pad or CVE00:04
holsteini disable the update manager, and auto whatever00:04
holsteini just run sudo apt-get update, and apt-get upgrade or dist-upgrade when needed, and google what i need00:05
earthling_so you download all the recommended and important security updates?00:05
holsteinearthling_: unless i dont want/need one of them for some reason00:06
earthling_that page is from hardy heron version? that was the last time it was updated?00:07
earthling_I see it has a lot of versions00:07
holsteinit wont change in function00:07
earthling_I'm using lucid00:08
holsteinme too00:08
earthling_it says "essential" so I guess its pretty important00:08
holsteinwell, its essential :)00:08
earthling_yep :)00:09
earthling_have you thought about updating to 10.10?00:09
holsteinhmmm... sure00:09
earthling_I'm happy with lucid, wonder if the next is better00:10
holsteinam i going to?00:10
holsteini might install 11.10 on my netbook00:10
holsteinand i install ubuntustudio testing images often for all versions00:10
earthling_it does seem to slow down sometimes for me, I log out and log in and it speeds up00:10
earthling_I see00:10
earthling_testing images is that like booting from a usb drive?00:11
holsteinwell, it could be... but i need to install them locally to test JACK with audio hardware00:12
holsteinfor the most part, its gotta be on metal00:12
earthling_so its like dual boot system?00:13
holsteinsometimes i can get away with that, but i have a spare box00:13
earthling_do programs need to be closed when I use Update Manager?00:39
earthling_I remember on windows it always said to close programs when installing new programs00:40
philipballewno. you dont00:41
philipballewearthling_, when it is installing updates no closing id required. maybe in some special circumstance, but nothing i have seen.00:41
stlsaintearthling_: he is correct, you can have programs open when installing, now when updating or upgrading a package like say firefox, you will have to restart firefox but that is it00:42
earthling_I see00:43
philipballewbut that is only after you have installed, and only to get the new features/patches00:43
philipballewis there a way when installing ubuntu to select the packages i want to install when installing. I want to have a somewhat minimal. one task install on a old laptop02:16
holsteinphilipballew: you could make your own live CD with something like UCK or remastersys02:16
nlsthznphilipballew: or install minimal without GUI and go from there... easiest way is to install server edition...02:17
holsteinyeah, in the alternate installer theres a CLI only option02:17
philipballewit has 128 mb of ram02:17
philipballewi plan to upgrade soon though02:17
philipballewwant to find the one that will make the computer run fastest02:18
holsteintry http://zenix-os.net/02:19
philipballewlooks intresting02:20
stlsaint+1 for zenix02:21
philipballewnever heard of it02:21
nlsthzncan laso look at bodhi in that case...02:22
philipballewcurrently it has debian cli only on it02:22
stlsaintphilipballew: what does?02:26
holsteinthe lappy with 128 of ram ^^02:26
stlsaintphilipballew: if zenix isnt your fancy you will want to check out lubuntu02:29
philipballewwill lxde run on that little ram?02:29
philipballewmight not02:29
stlsaintphilipballew: lubuntu can02:29
stlsaintphilipballew: feel free to join the #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic channels to chat it up with them02:30
philipballewbut without slowing down all the time?02:30
stlsaintphilipballew: depends on what you will be doing02:30
stlsaintphilipballew: you cannot expect a 2GB ram performance with only 128 mb02:30
philipballewplaying music02:30
holsteinphilipballew: you got 128 of ram...02:30
philipballewi can up it if i decide its worth the 20 bucks02:31
stlsaintphilipballew: if playing music all you will be doing then why even install an entire OS?02:31
philipballewhere is what i wanna do.02:31
stlsaintphilipballew: go with a minimal install, install fluxbox IF you really need gui and use a cli based music player02:32
philipballewhave a machine hooked up to a external hard drive with all my music and play the files from there02:32
philipballewor say ssh into my desktop and just grab them02:32
holsteinyeah, mp3blaster, something ncurses or CLI02:32
philipballewi have csum02:32
stlsaintphilipballew: my suggestion still stands02:33
stlsaintphilipballew: dont even bother installing an entire os02:33
holsteinyou could have speakers hooked up to it, and run a player in screen, connect and reconnect via SSH02:33
philipballewwhat exactly would you do02:33
holsteinor stream as an ssh share or whatever...02:33
philipballewim gonna plug the laptop into my home speakers02:33
holsteinyou dont *need* x for any of that really02:33
philipballewcli would give me some good geek cred02:34
stlsaintphilipballew: do a debian minimal install and just play music, if you go trying to make your music available to others within your home than that 128mb is not going to cut it02:42
stlsaintphilipballew: dont go installing no webserver to allow webinterface playing or nothing like that02:42
stlsaintphilipballew: although having your own streaming music server does rock02:42
philipballewtrue. i can up the ram to 6 hundred somthing02:42
* stlsaint set one up!02:42
philipballewphilipballew, might tonight02:43
* philipballew might tonight02:43
stlsaintphilipballew: if you do you will have to up the ram, i would suggest at minimum 1GB02:43
holsteinand thats not worth it02:44
stlsaintholstein: thats only if a actual music streaming server is setup02:44
holsteinold ram like that can cost more, you could spend 80 bucks getting that up to 1gb02:44
holsteinor more02:44
stlsaintphilipballew: if your staying local than 128 will be fine02:44
holsteini got my eeepc 1.6Ghz with 1gig of ram for $15002:45
holsteinUS ^^02:45
philipballewholstein, how?02:50
holsteinphilipballew: ??02:51
philipballewholstein, the netbook. haha?02:51
philipballewits a good deal02:51
holsteinOH.. used02:51
holsteinim just sayin, you dont want to spend *any* cash on an old laptop02:51
philipballewstlsaint, well good enough for me, ebay has it for 2402:51
holsteinnot when they are bascially giving away atom netbooks these days02:52
philipballewbut not sure if that even worth it02:52
philipballewthey now come with ubuntu pre installed02:52
Semitones_teahello :)02:58
stlsainthey folks would somebody mind giving Semitones_tea a hand02:59
stlsainti believe he has a xorg issue but i must leave02:59
Semitones_teaI got referred here by #lubuntu, I seem to be stuck with a weird xorg issue that keeps me from using my computer02:59
Semitones_teaas stlsaint says :)02:59
stlsaintSemitones_tea: oh hey do you have a usb drive that works? can your computer boot via usb?02:59
stlsaintSemitones_tea: if so that boot a linux live cd, mount your computers hdd, edit your xorg.conf, (first make a backup of it to xorg.conf.old or .bak)03:00
Semitones_teastlsaint, only if I use PloP from a cd, I'm afraid. It is a rather old computer03:00
stlsaintSemitones_tea: oh :|03:00
stlsaintSemitones_tea: are you dual booting this system?03:00
Semitones_teastlsaint, it has two hard drives, but I think only one operating system03:01
holsteinplop is awesome :)03:01
Semitones_teait is03:01
stlsaintSemitones_tea: i dont know what plop is but you need to find a way to get into a livecd/usb03:02
stlsainti must go now, sorry to leave like this03:03
holsteinstlsaint: you can boot a CD with plop on it, and access USB media to boot it03:03
Semitones_teathat's ok, thanks a lot for all your help getting me started03:03
holsteinon older hardare that doesnt USB boot :)03:03
holsteinSemitones_tea: i would try booting an older kernel03:04
stlsaintSemitones_tea: ok well you need to get into that live environment and mv xorg to a backup or rename it basically03:04
holsteinyou can also try the recovery kernel03:04
stlsaintso then you will not have a xorg.conf but instead you will just have xorg.conf.bak then reboot03:04
stlsaintholstein: cannot get grub03:04
holsteinyou'll want to do what stlsaint suggests before breaking the current xorg03:04
holsteinthats odd03:05
holsteinSemitones_tea: in that case, i would test the hard drive03:05
holsteinmaybe run fdisk03:05
stlsaintSemitones_tea: post the error you were getting03:05
stlsaintit has xorg written all over it03:05
Semitones_teaok hold on I'll go start it03:05
holsteinfor all this stuff, you'll need a live CD though03:05
Semitones_teathe cd drive worked until not long ago03:05
stlsaintalright im out03:06
Semitones_teaalright, thanks stlsaint :D03:06
Semitones_teaholstein, do you think the cd drive could be misconfigured in BIOS?03:06
holsteinSemitones_tea: if you cant boot some live media, you'll have a very challenging time03:06
stlsaintSemitones_tea: is this a laptop of desktop? (i think desktop as you said two drives)03:07
Semitones_teait is a desktop, a Gateway P303:07
holsteinso you're only a couple bucks away from an optical drive03:07
Semitones_teaoh awesome :D03:08
Semitones_teawhere can I get one?03:08
holsteinthey are cheap new03:08
philipballewnew egg?03:08
holsteinbut, i see them at the charity shops all the tiime03:08
holsteinSemitones_tea: if you were near me, i literally have a stack you could go through03:09
philipballewi have one... but shipping defeats that purpose03:09
philipballewi am in ca myself03:09
philipballewebay has good ones03:10
holsteineh... id just keep an eye on the charity shops03:10
Semitones_teaok I'll see what I can find03:10
Semitones_teaany IDE optical drive will work?03:10
holsteinif you are looking in the righ trash can, you'll find one ;)03:10
philipballewit helps if you know that guy who fixes everybody's computers. he'd have some03:11
Semitones_teahold on, I'm going to restart and tell you the error message03:11
* philipballew wished i wasnt that guy03:11
CLF1IT's all good!03:12
semitones_hey so how do I disconnect the IDE ribbon from the cdrom drive?03:21
semitones_I have another one I can slide in03:21
holsteinstlsaint: just carefully really03:22
holsteintry and pull it out straight, and all at once, so you dont bend the pins03:22
philipballewhold the sides03:22
holsteinbut, if its bad, you can learn from a mistake on it ;)03:23
semitones_i can't really get a good grip :p03:23
holsteini just yank it out03:23
holsteinbut, i have IDE cables, and extra drives03:23
philipballewwhere you get them holstein ?03:24
semitones_pulling on the ribbon seemed to work :P03:25
holsteinphilipballew: i strip dead machines03:25
holsteinyeah, comes in handy03:26
semitones_well i swapped in a new cdrom, bios still says it can't detect a cd rom03:30
semitones_maybe the bios is wrong?03:30
holsteinsemitones_: ive seen them where you can set the IDE channels to auto03:30
holsteinyou'll want that03:31
holsteinits challenging because all the bioses are quite different03:31
semitones_ok this is the error I get: x session: unable to launch "startlxde" X session -- "startlxde" not found; falling back to the default session. (okay)03:32
holsteinsemitones_: so, you are getting to grub then03:32
holsteinyou might just have it hidden03:32
philipballewhold shift03:32
philipballewor press after bios03:32
holsteinyeah, you should be able to hit control+alt+F203:33
holsteincontrol+alt+F7 should get you back where you are03:33
holsteinbut, that might get you a terminal window you can work in03:33
semitones_"ide controler" was set to primary, I changed it to "both"03:33
holsteinsemitones_: thats not too bad03:33
semitones_still not getting to grub, virtual terminals still don't work03:33
semitones_trying to boot again with 'both'03:34
holsteinsemitones_: you wont see LXDE errors like that unless you are getting in03:34
holsteinat least, thats what i think...03:34
semitones_sweet now it finds the cd rom :D03:35
semitones_holstein, that's why it's so weird that I can't get a virtual terminal!03:35
holsteinsemitones_: i think you have grub hidden03:36
semitones_I think so too03:36
holsteinhit the shift key while booting like philipballew says03:36
semitones_holding shift is supposed to start it, but that hasn't been working03:36
holsteinafter the bios splash just start tapping it03:36
holsteinyou can boot a live CD and unhide it03:37
semitones_I got the live cd to start though, so I'm going to unhide it that way03:37
holsteinsemitones_: you need to *not* mess around too much in there03:37
semitones_is chroot still the preferred method?03:37
holsteini dont think this is a serious issue03:37
holsteini think you could do more damage than good trying to mess about too much03:37
semitones_holstein, how does reinstalling lubuntu from the live cd sound to you :p03:38
holsteinsemitones_: fine, a little overkill though03:38
semitones_doesn't solve the mystery I'm afraid, but I'd be happy with it03:38
holsteinIF reminstalling is an option, then, i would try some more serious things before you wipe03:39
semitones_holstein, ok how about unhiding grub first03:39
holsteintry unhiding grub, and going to recovery, and making a differnt user account03:39
holsteintry checking for ugrades03:39
holsteinif you're OK reinstalling, then, you really cant break anything too bad...03:40
holsteinmost folks freak about reinstalling...03:40
semitones_I don't think there's much on this hard drive, so I'd kind of like a fresh start actually03:41
philipballewwould take less time03:41
holsteinyeah, id mess with it a bit for educationaly purposes... in case it comes up again, but not too long03:41
holsteinsemitones_: good luck03:43
holsteinphilipballew: o/03:43
* holstein is outty... GN all03:43
semitones_gnite holstein, thanks a bunch :D03:44
philipballewif i'm copy a bunch on my desktop over ssh from my laptop. while the files are copying, can i exit ssh session or while that stop the copy prossess?03:54
semitones_does my hard drive absolutely need two jumper pins for it to be the master one04:00
philipballewdo you only have one?04:00
semitones_it is all the way on the right04:00
semitones_well I had two hard drives04:01
semitones_but I took out the old one that was "master"04:01
semitones_now the BIOS doesn't know I have any hard drives04:01
philipballewcan you change the bios?04:02
semitones_ hold on i'll try04:02
philipballewnever done this before myself04:02
semitones_philipballew, hey looks like it is installing fine now. Thanks for all your help!05:08
philipballewsemitones, no problem! what did you do?05:10
Semitones_teaI just had to restart and enter bios setup a few times05:14
Semitones_teaI don't know if I changed anything really05:14
Semitones_teait's installing lubuntu right now05:14
Semitones_teaI'm trying to convince my dad that lubuntu will be easier for my aunt to use than windows 9805:15
philipballewwhat does your aunt need to do?05:18
Semitones_teatype letters and print them, as far as I can tell05:19
Semitones_teano internet05:19
philipballewwell libre office can do good then right?05:20
Semitones_teahe thinks that she'll run into problems and nobody where she lives will know how to fix them05:21
philipballewyou can fix it though?05:26
philipballewsemitones, ssh, remote desktop?05:26
Semitones_teano internet :p05:40
Semitones_teabut yeah I could help them over the phone05:40
philipballewwho doesnt have internet05:46
quiXotichow can i tell if i'm running unity or the older version?05:54
Error404NotFoun1about ubuntu05:55
philipballewquiXotic, open a terminal and type:05:57
philipballewlsb_release -a05:58
Error404NotFoun1   or just hit system about ubuntu lol05:58
philipballewbut hes running unity most likely05:59
philipballewsystem is not an option05:59
Error404NotFoun1if he has tool bar on right its unity lol05:59
philipballewbut i was gonna  let him figure that out!06:00
quiXoticokay i did and it said no LSB modules are available06:01
quiXoticand no i dont have the tool bar on the left06:02
quiXotictrying to get the launcher working, mainly06:02
philipballew" lsb_release -a" without quotes06:03
philipballewwhats not working?06:03
quiXoticdid, same msg06:04
quiXoticthe launcher is the only thing i've noticed/wanted. looking at it on the ubuntu site06:04
philipballewwhats your desktop look like now06:05
quiXotictask bar is on the bottom, show desktop button the left side, workspaces/trash on right06:06
quiXotictop sections looks the same as other screens ive seen06:07
philipballewdo a screen shot and email it to me.06:12
philipballew ill tell you alot06:12
quiXoticoops, just logged out and saw ubuntu classic was selected, selected unity and now i have what i want :)06:13
philipballewthats good!06:13
Error404NotFoun1unity blows06:14
philipballewi like it06:14
quiXoticactually i like it a lot better06:14
quiXoticand ive seen it for about 35 seconds06:14
philipballewi like how i can accsess the terminal quicklt06:17
Error404NotFoun1       so do i06:20
Error404NotFoun1i hit a button06:20
Error404NotFoun1on docky06:20
quiXotici just used ctrl alt t06:22
quiXoticbut then again i love my keyboard shortcuts06:22
philipballewhas anyone ever herd of a way where i can power things on and off via my computer08:32
philipballewlike my lamp next to my computer, i wanna turn that on and off via my desktop08:33
ina_Running Natty on X86-64. I must have deleted my home folder, this is the scenario. It was an ordinary file between my other files not hidden not ./ so I thought this is strange an I deleted It, and that is where my woes began, Logging in I get this:-1st screen:- could not update ICEauthority File/home/user//.ICEauthority.  2nd screen:- There is a problem with the configuration server (usr/lib/libconf2-4/gconfig-sanity-check-2exited with status 256) 3rd09:51
ina_ screen _:- nautilus could not create the following required folders:/home/user/desctop/home/user/nautilus, Before running nautilus, please create these folders, or set permissions such that nautilus can create them. Help would be greatly appreciated.09:51
Sidewinder1ina_, I can't really answer your questions, sorry... You might want to ask in #ubuntu, there's a lot of knowledgeable folks there.09:54
ina_Thanx Sidewinder09:55
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brian_ Hi. Newbie here to Ubuntu and gobsmacked at how good it is. One problem I cannot seem to solve though. I have an Acer Aspire laptop and a 17" monitor attached, in portrait mode for documents. When I start the laptop, the menu offering win7 or ubuntu opens on laptop screen and when I click on ubunti it changes to 2nd monitot and laptop stays blank. I went into monitor settings and got resolution and orientation on15:03
brian_ 2nd monitor15:03
brian_<brian>  correct but the laptop remains stubbornly blank. nothing I change seems to make a difference. Any ideas? Cheers15:03
zacharyI need help installing a tar.gz. Anyone got any useful knowledge?17:50
Abhijit!compile | zachary17:52
ubot2zachary: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)17:52
nit-withttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo  step 217:53
Abhijitzachary, general way is to extract it then do ./configure, make and make install17:53
zacharyI've successfully extracted, but when i try to make it says makefile not found17:54
nit-witzachary, what is the tar.17:56
nit-witzachary, here is a specific link that might help, http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=8427417:59
zacharyHmm. That ought to do it. Thanks very much.18:00
* suprengr apologises... won't be comong to platform 9 3/4 after all _ firm sacked a colleague this week & guess who they now expect to cover this w/e [guess you'll have to wait till another day to see this ugly face ;D]19:35
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stevethepirate_Does anyone know where the scripts are for horos?21:47
duanedesignahh, the kdm theme?22:23
stevethepirate_yes - wanted scripts that pertained to horos :)22:24

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