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hallynSpamapS: i didn't use to have to be.  but i did try 'jenkins:jenkins-slave jenkins-slave:jenkins' as well00:35
hallynSpamapS: but i swear just 'jenkins jenkins-slave' used to work :)00:36
hallynanyway i've obviously messed something up in my env00:36
SpamapShallyn: no there may be a bug I've seen a few complaints that way00:37
SpamapSOH, do you have the lastest ensemble? there was a bug for a while where if any formulas were invalid it woudl report some crazy error00:38
hallynpretty sure i do.  i'm using it from package, not ppa, though00:44
hallyn natty00:44
hallynthink i just need to do it from my other laptop.  Something in my env is not right here00:45
hallynlater though.  gnight00:46
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