mhall119popey: we don't always get a 40403:34
doctormonhandler: Thanks!04:55
doctormoGot a number of good results.04:55
duanedesignnigelb: your blog is looking good12:18
nigelbduanedesign: Thanks :)16:53
duanedesignnigelb: i saw your tweet today and went to your blog and noticed you had done some work on it since last time I was their16:56
duanedesignnigelb: made me want to work on mine some :)16:56
nigelbduanedesign: my blog being on jekyll helps. I know exactly where the classes are etc since I wrote most of it from scratch16:56
paultagyo doctormo17:07
paultagduanedesign: ping17:07
paultagsorry duanedesign17:07
paultagI meant doctormo17:07
paultagbut howareya there duanedesign :)17:07
duanedesignpaultag: i am good.  Settling into my new job17:43
nigelbgreg-g is famous!19:56
nigelbI mean, more famous than normal.19:57
greg-gnigelb: :)20:41
czajkowskigreg-g: had ye been planning it privately20:43
czajkowskigreg-g: or just decided that week, yup gonna get married this week20:43
greg-gczajkowski: we had the marriage license in hand, but we weren't able to find a day within the month (when our license expired) to go to the judge to elope. So we just sent out a tweet one night and did it the next day :)20:49
czajkowskiso the judge came to ye?20:53
paultagHello, World!22:02
paultagduanedesign: what's new?22:10
duanedesignpaultag: started work at canonical few weeks ago. Working on Ubuntu One. It is awesome22:12
paultagduanedesign: woo :)22:13
duanedesignpaultag: you and martin have fuun today?22:14
paultagduanedesign: sitting downtown right now, I'm checking out the lab he's been working on, laughing about SABDFL's blog post22:14
* duanedesign goes and looks22:15
paultagHaha, it's silly. Oh perception.22:19
duanedesignpaultag: do you read identi.ca22:19
paultagduanedesign: I have an identi.ca but I don't sit on it, no22:19
greg-gczajkowski: sorry, was in a coffee shop and left. Actually no, my coworker, who is a minister in the Universal Life Church, performed the ceremony.22:21
duanedesigngreg-g: funny you mention that. i was just talking to my friend about that today (she is a minister in the Universal Life Church)22:38
cjohnstonIt didnt work23:02
duanedesignnope :(23:02
duanedesigntrying to get notifications working for irssi over ssh23:03
* cjohnston has irssi push to prowl to phone23:05
cjohnstonjcastro is in GA23:09
duanedesignnice, irssi on your phone23:15
cjohnstonnot irssi.. just notification of ping/msg23:16
duanedesignaha. still that is nice23:17
nhandlerI have the prowl thing. I've also been toying with irssi-proxy so I can use some of the ios irc clients with my irssi (it works better than trying to use the ssh clients)23:24
nhandlerduanedesign: What script are you using and what problems are you having?23:25
duanedesignhello nhandler23:43
duanedesignnhandler: i was trying http://fluidmotion.dyndns.org/zenphoto/index.php?p=news&title=irssinotifypopupviassh23:43

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