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jbichahyperair: I was wondering if you planned to release nautilus-share 0.7.3-1 in Debian any time soon06:04
jbichasince the version in Ubuntu isn't working, it would be nice to just sync the new Debian version06:06
hyperairjbicha: oh it isn't?06:41
hyperairjbicha: actually i'm waiting for someone to sponsor the upload to debian.06:41
jbichahyperair: oh ok, I didn't realize you needed a sponsor06:42
jbichait doesn't work for me on Ubuntu Oneiric06:42
hyperairi see06:42
jbichabut I built your version and that works! :-)06:42
hyperairwell i'll poke a few people and see if i can get the process sped up.06:42
hyperairbuilt my version from where?06:43
jbichafrom debian git06:43
hyperairah right okay06:43
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Laneywhoops he answered me a few times07:58
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