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ScottKdoko_: What should I include in a bug about an ld segfault to make it useful?16:57
penguin42ScottK: Have you got a core/full back trace/what exactly do you need to do to trigger it?17:07
ScottKpenguin42: I can tell you how to replicate it.  The build log just says "collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]"17:07
penguin42ScottK: Fun, if you can get a core/ full back trace that would be nice, but if it's fully repeatable on a package build it's not too bad - if you've got the lines from the build log showing exactly which call to ld/gcc caused it to seg that would be nice17:09
ScottKSure.  I'll file a bug explaining the details and then point you at it.17:09
penguin42is it x86?17:10
ScottKpenguin42: Yes.17:13
ScottKpenguin42: Bug #81514117:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 815141 in binutils (Ubuntu) "collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault] with koffice" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81514117:14
ScottKIt failed on i386.  I didn't upload an update anywhere, so no idea what other archs it fails on.17:14
penguin42ScottK: Don't suppose you have the package version for binutils do you?17:25
ScottKpenguin42: It's whatever's in oneiric17:25
penguin42ScottK: I just apt-got the source to binutils and line 2544 is a comment, so I'm surprised it's getting an assertion fail there!17:26
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ScottKIt hasn't changed in two weeks, so I'm sure that's the version used.17:36
penguin42hmm curious17:37
penguin42oh, I really should reread your bug18:35
* penguin42 installs libqtwebkit-dev and tries again18:36
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Viper550Is any particular version of virtualbox recommended for 11.10 A2?21:23
broderis conflicts+replaces sufficient to deal with a conffile moving from one package to another?23:05
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