SpamapSbcsaller: sweeeeet00:00
SpamapSbcsaller: curious, why are the config options not part of the main metadata.yaml ?00:00
bcsallerSpamapS: I don't think there is a strong reason, but for example when you look at a packages metadata its different that looking at what it might put in /etc/ to tune it 00:02
SpamapSYeah I think I like it better this way actually00:02
SpamapSmetadata could get out of hand fast if everything about the formula went into it00:02
SpamapSbcsaller: so... this is going to force a move toward a general direction that I think will become common to most formulas..00:12
SpamapSbcsaller: it appears that most hooks pretty much just need to update a local store of relation settings and config settings..00:12
SpamapSbcsaller: and then run a regeneration script.00:13
bcsallerSpamapS: vs data scoped at the service, you're talking about scoped to the unit?00:13
SpamapSI'm just thinking out loud mostly.00:14
SpamapSI like the way I did it with memcached.. with an include.. basically when memcached relations in mediawiki change, you just regenerate the memcached settings..00:14
SpamapSbut some services don't have includes..00:14
SpamapSSo for those, each hook just has to store some data locally ... "facts" if you will, and then regenerate from a template that queries said facts.00:15
bcsallerSpamapS: what example are you thinking of that shouldn't apply to all units of a service?00:16
SpamapSErr, we are totally on different pages00:17
SpamapSI'm talking about how hooks work together to configure the service.00:17
SpamapSbcsaller: FYI, adding config options is actually pretty fun.. the formula feels far more useful with them.00:38
* SpamapS signs off for the weekend.00:38
bcsallerSpamapS: thanks, have a good one 00:39
RoAkSoAxfwreade ok so.bootstrap and deploy work and needs 2 fixes will email u later im not home03:17
RoAkSoAxfwereade  ^^03:17
hazmatfwereade, tests that need external factors are functional tests03:36
hazmatSpamapS, we're around 98% last i checked, which is a while ago granted03:37
SpamapShrm.. very confusing06:03
SpamapSso if I have a default value for an option, it should be considered optional06:04
SpamapSbut I get06:04
SpamapSInvalid options specification: options.wiki-title.validator: required value not found in /home/clint/src/principia/principia-tools/formulas/mediawiki/config.yaml06:04
SpamapSThat seems rather broken06:04
_mup_Bug #814974 was filed: config options need a "file" type <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/814974 >07:09
_mup_Bug #814977 was filed: ImportError when running ensemble-make-image <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/814977 >07:11
_mup_Bug #814987 was filed: config-changed hook is retried on 'resolved' even when --retry is not passed <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/814987 >07:44
SpamapSbcsaller: reminder, the next upload to Ubuntu is Tuesday.. would be great to have the deploy bits in there too. :)07:52
hazmatSpamapS, is there a bug filed for the default value should be used for required values?12:33
* hazmat goes back to setting up his new laptop12:46

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