CIA-37wubi: evand * r227 diskimage/src/wubi/backends/ (common/backend.py win32/backend.py): Extract the .tar.xz file and expand it using resize2fs.07:23
CIA-37wubi: evand * r228 diskimage/src/wubi/backends/win32/backend.py: Use run_command instead of subprocess.call07:39
CIA-37wubi: evand * r229 diskimage/blobs/7z.dll: Add missing 7z.dll for xz decompression support.08:45
CIA-37partman-basicfilesystems: cjwatson * r910 ubuntu/ (72 files in 4 dirs): merge from Debian 7116:11
CIA-37partman-basicfilesystems: cjwatson * r911 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 71ubuntu116:17

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