keesapw: the linux in lucid -proposed .. that fixes a regression? when was the regression introduced?01:43
daurnimatorhow stable is 3.0rc7?04:13
apwkees, yes a regression introduced in v2.6.21, but only exposed by a java security update about 5 weeks back11:29
kees.21?? hah, whoa11:33
apwkees, a well old problem, odd that it was exposed all of a sudden ... 11:38
apwkees, i am not aware of any security issue related to it, nor anything other than euca setup which tickles it... but i can't say i've looked very closly11:40
apwkees, bah the update didn't go out anyhow after all that panicing last week over it11:41
keeshm, I guess it shouldn't go to -security. ah well, I'll upfate the bug11:56
keessconklin: hm, I can't change security-signoff from "fix released" to "invalid" for LP 813507 17:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 813507 in linux "linux: 2.6.32-33.71 -proposed tracker" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81350717:10
sconklinhrmph, let me look (and this doesn't mean I'm really here)17:11
sconklinkees: what does it complain about?17:12
sconklinand you're sure you're logged in, right? yesterday some of us got spontaneously logged out and it caused some confusion like this17:12
sconklinI just changed it.17:13
keessconklin: I'm logged in, it literally gives me no options in the drop-down17:13
sconklinIt occurs to me that changing things from fix-released may be one of the special cases that launchpad requires some odd privs for17:13
keessconklin: am I missing some kind of permission?17:13
keessconklin: do you have the ability to flip it? I thought that bug fix was a security regression, but it's not, so it shouldn't go to -security17:14
sconklinI can do it. There are some operations that are reserved for package uploaders.17:14
sconklinI filpped it17:14
keesokay, thanks :)17:14
sconklinI just talked with Allison about permissions challenges like this, I'll ad this to the list17:14
sconklinAnd we're in luck! The workflow bot apparently didn't run while it was set wrong :-)17:15
sconklinit should run in about 4 mins and set that for release - I'll watch until that happens17:16
keesheh, yeah :)17:16
sconklinby the way, if this ever happens again, setting a tag of "verification-failed" on the bug is one sure way to stop anyone from publishing in any case, even if it's not exactly true. It's our big red button17:17
sconklinhmm, it didn't change anything. oh, found a bug in the workflow bot. Ok, I guess I'm 'here'.17:22
sconklinkees: ok, that's fixed, and it did the right thing. That package if ready for publishing. Thanks for flagging me on this17:27
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