benonsoftwaregodbyk: Hay Kevin05:07
godbykbenonsoftware: Hey.05:07
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Just got your email. I'm learning Django at the moment and I have made a dozen other websites with HTML and WordPress05:08
benonsoftwaregodbyk: So what do I do to get started helping with ubuntu-manual.org devel?05:09
godbyklet me sketch up a list of things we'll need the site to do for us.  then we can figure out what framework/system would be most helpful to use.  then you can start on the code.05:10
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Thanks, at the moment I perfear the test.ubuntu-manual.org site to the main one05:11
godbykyeah. I think we just never got around to actually *testing* that site.  it might be a good starting point.  I'll have to take a look at it.05:11
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Ok05:12
godbykwe'll definitely want an administration system for the site so that people other than me can post new PDFs and handle other site responsibilities.05:12
godbyk(it's never good if I'm the only one who can do something!)05:13
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Haaa. WordPress is a good back end for that type of thing. We would just need to find a nice template05:13
godbykI'm not sure if wordpress is quite smart enough for what I'd like.05:14
godbykwe do some slightly fancier things with language detection and the like.05:14
godbykmaybe there are enough wordpress plugins that it would work. we'll have to see.05:15
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Yeah. We I thoght that would be the problem05:15
benonsoftwaregodbyk: I'll just be 10 mins. I'm just getting lunch05:15
godbykI'll probably have to head to bed soonish. I have to actually get up earlier tomorrow. :-(05:15
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Sorry, I'm back now05:30
benonsoftwaregodbyk: So at the moment what is the website built with?05:31
godbykthe ubuntu-manual.org site is just some hand-written php code.05:32
godbykI *think* the test site uses Django, but I may be misremembering.05:32
benonsoftwaregodbyk: So do we at one stage want to switch the website to Django?05:33
godbykwe could go with django.05:33
godbykas crazy as the language is, my web host actually works a lot better with php.05:34
benonsoftwaregodbyk: What are the other options at the moment?05:34
godbyk(they don't have mod_python yet, so I think the django stuff runs a bit slower.)05:34
benonsoftwaregodbyk: What is the current host. I **think** it is Dreamhost from a WhoIs05:34
godbykthere are some php frameworks that are similar to django.  see code igniter for an example.05:34
godbykYeah, it's Dreamhost.05:35
benonsoftwaregodbyk: How does the current site get updated/changed? eg a new release?05:35
godbykeach new release of the manual?  I hand-edit a variety of php files.  It's a bit of a mess, currently.05:36
benonsoftwaregodbyk: When is the next release due or when are they released?05:36
godbykI don't recall the date for the next release.  I think it's a month or two out.05:37
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Ah ok. Se what can I do to help with the website dev?05:37
godbykWhy don't you take a look at the test site.  See what's there and if anything appears to be missing or non-functional.05:40
godbykI'll try to make some notes over the next few days of what I'd like the website to be able to do.05:41
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Well first on the test site I can only download the 10.04 2nd edition.But when I click download I get a 40405:42
godbykI think the test site was last updated about a year ago.05:44
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Oh ok then :)05:44
benonsoftwaregodbyk: But when I try to change the lang it is still English05:45
godbykprobably no translations yet.05:45
godbykcan you email me the list when you're finished?05:46
godbykI need to head to bed.05:46
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Ok thanks.05:46
godbykthanks for your help, benonsoftware!05:46
benonsoftwaregodbyk: That's fine. I love building websites :)05:48
benonsoftwareQuestion: Is there some where I can buy the manual as a hard copy?07:12

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