* Rhonda sighs at bug #7029613:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 70296 in wesnoth (Ubuntu) "Can't join official multiplayer games" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7029613:19
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Laneythat is a low number16:24
Laneyand yeah, backporting new stable releases to lts is probably a good idea16:25
RhondaLaney: I though won't do backports to hardy, it's EOLed for non-server stuff already. So I am _really_ wondering what "the wise" is complaining about.16:29
artfwodoes the revu workflow still apply for new packages?17:08
ScottKYes, although very few people review them.  Getting new packages in via Debian is what's recommended.17:08
artfwowell, i have an ubuntu-specific package for https://launchpad.net/indicator-cpufreq17:09
artfwoasac contacted me earlier about it with proposal for including it into oneiric, so is it okay to stick with revu for that specific package?17:10
artfwoalso, the current PPA build is actually native package, should i better repackage it as a tarball + debian.tar.gz instead?17:11
ScottKYes and yes17:15
artfwothanks ScottK17:18
jtayloreach time I update my chroot there is a new gcc update o_O is 4.6 so buggy?17:55
rippsI've been building gmpc for the gmpc-trunk ppa for years. Now it recently added appindicator support, but adding libappindicator-dev to my control causes builds to fail for lucid and maverick. How do I prevent the Launchpad autobuild from wanting to install libappindicator-dev in those older distros20:05
rippscan someone explain how to use | more effectively in the debian control file. I was trying to use it prevent older versions of libappindicator-dev from being used, but just using libappindicator-dev (>= 0.3) |, is just causing the launchpad autobuilds to complain.20:33
jtaylorautobuilders always take the first20:35
jtaylorbuilds must be deterministic20:35
rippsjtaylor: so I can't use the same control for all distros just beacuse libaappindicator is too old in lucid and maverick?20:36
jtaylorcdbs has so far I know some support for variable control files20:37
jtaylorbut I'd just make a branch in your vcs20:37
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