logicwrathtrying to install 11.04 on an older AMD system.. getting flashing cursor after the Mythbuntu screen while booting from the DVD i made. Is this indicitive of a driver issue?00:59
homebrewciderhi there, I have a server running Ubuntu Server, I have installed mythbuntu backend on it. I need a desktop environment right? or can I get by without it?08:25
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James2http://pastebin.com/TiqdbNu0   Im having a problem with playing a file while it is being recorded. seperate frontend/backend thats the log from the frontend, which seems to fail after an 'incomplete frame'. The backend is still recording the program. Any clues on what to look into?20:43
Zinn[pastebin.com] mythfrontend.log - Pastebin.com20:43
thepersonofatownHow can I fix the error, "IOError: cannot write mode I as JPEG" in MythArchive 0.24.0+fixes?21:42
TheHansdoes anyone know how to use a pace tdc779x with mythbuntu?22:24

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