nhandlerAlright, thanks to Dave, the Fridge is now located at fridge.ubuntu.com rather than ubuntu-news.org. Old ubuntu-news.org links should still work, but WP will now give us nice fridge.ubuntu.com links03:32
NRWlionphilipballew: its 7.15 am on a sat ... and my cell woke me up :/ just a stupid call from s1 with wrong number :(05:23
philipballewwhere you live?05:25
NRWlionphilipballew: Northrhine-Westphalia GER05:28
philipballewcalifornia myself NRWlion05:33
NRWlionnice 2 know ^^ ever dreamed of visiting the states... but financials, you know?05:34
philipballewfor sure. well if you are ever in ca and need a cheep place to stay hit me up and you can have a floor05:38
NRWlionphilipballew: thx man ... appreciate05:40
philipballewNRWlion, how old are you?05:40
NRWlionphilipballew: 2705:41
NRWlionphilipballew: so if i download it and send it via icq/msn wouldnt work either?05:41
philipballewsent what?05:42
NRWlionit == pidgin installer for windows05:42
philipballewi use xchat!05:42
NRWliondamn.. need more caffeine :D05:44
NRWlionsorry philipballew wc05:44
philipballewi just went to duch bros!05:46
philipballewcocanut mocah05:46
philipballewyou probably dont know what that is though? NRWlion05:48
* NRWlion shakes head05:49
philipballewits a coffee place. like starbucks05:50
philipballewheard of that?05:50
NRWlionbut hey, gotta be afk for a while05:51
NRWlionneed some stuff to do05:51
NRWlionhave a good one every112:32
pleia2nhandler: the major things with UWN this weekend is reviewing the links in the google doc to make sure they're ok, and then asking for summary writers12:39
pleia2I shared the doc that has email addresses of people to contact when we're ready for summaries12:40
pleia2if you handle this I'll cycle back monday to see if we're missing anything12:40
* pleia2 off to conference12:40
NRWlionhey pleia will assist tonight12:40
NRWlionhave a good one!12:41
pleia2thanks :)12:41
nhandlerpleia2: Should be good. I'll go back and add any missing links I see. I am planning on sending out the email early this afternoon (my local time)12:52
NRWlionnhandler: ping me if you need summaries. will keep my connection alive even when i am not in chan here12:53
* nlsthzn is in the file making them editas20:03
NRWlionhey there20:08
NRWlionnlsthzn: u there?20:13
nlsthznNRWlion: Hello20:14
NRWlionnlsthzn: sorry, wrong one *shame*20:14
NRWlionnhandler: u there?20:14
nlsthznok... you don't have to talk to me :p20:16
NRWlionnlsthzn: come on, u know that i LOVE to talk to you20:17
NRWlionbut with respect on your condition today i just wanted to give u some rest20:17
nlsthznNRWlion: :)20:21
nlsthznIn the blog sphere - === Set up F15 PV DomU at Xen 4.1 (kernel 3.0.0-5-generic) Dom0 on Ubuntu Oneiric ===20:26
nlsthznhttp://bderzhavets.blogspot.com/2011/07/set-up-f15-pv-domu-at-xen-4.html I have no idea how to sum this up... above my pay grade :)20:26
nlsthznMan... this flu has me fuzzy... so glad someone will re-check all that has been done...20:27
NRWlionif this is already above yours than its three times higher then mine :D20:58
NRWlionok, enough computing for today21:15
NRWlioncu tomorrow21:15

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