Azelphur@popey OMG! Apple have invented software updates directly on the phone! Wow! http://t.co/GjHFlDJ01:34
AzelphurNot sure if serious...01:34
* gord adds belkin to the list of "never ever give money to again ever"08:00
AlanBell333 down 797 up09:14
AlanBellspeed test result in the barley room of the maltings09:15
AlanBell454down in the car park09:17
GreenDancemorning all09:26
GreenDancecan someone whois me please and paste it back to me, thanks09:28
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:36
GreenDancehi brobostigon09:38
danfishGreenDance: 10:38 -!- GreenDance [5ceea84b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.]09:38
danfishmorning btw09:39
brobostigonmorning GreenDance and danfish09:39
danfisho/ even09:40
* AlanBell wonders what to bring for the geeknic tomorrow09:48
brobostigonginger beer :)09:48
AlanBellwe have a meeting tonight at 9PM btw09:48
AlanBelllashings of it!!09:48
brobostigonpimms ?09:50
danfishgin.....lots of it.....drown sorrows etc09:51
danfisha rather powerful anti-gin advert http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1e/Beer-street-and-Gin-lane.jpg09:57
AlanBell"In comparison to the sickly hopeless denizens of Gin Lane, the happy people of Beer Street sparkle with robust health and bonhomie."10:00
AlanBellhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_Street_and_Gin_Lane also a really enlightened attitude to copyright and piracy10:01
* StevenR might be back for the end of the meeting10:09
danfishAlanBell: it's a work of art for many reasons - probably my favorite (but I know diddly-squat about art)10:24
JGJones_when I am ssh'ing into a remote box and I wish to use zenity to send a message to the x session to a logged in user - how do I do this?11:37
dwatkinsJGJones_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=759389&page=2 - the last post on that page works for me11:51
dwatkinsI think you need to set the DISPLAY variable in the same command11:51
dwatkinsFor example:  DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/zenity --question --text "Question"11:52
dwatkinsI don't know how you would do that for an arbitrary user, but if you have sudo access, you can combine that with 'su' as per the example given.11:53
JGJones_ah ok thanks - and how would I find out the active DISPLAY in use?11:54
dwatkinsSee the 2nd page of the thread, JGJones_11:56
JGJones_oh I didn't see that url - thanks dwatkins11:57
dwatkinsI'm not sure that's the most efficient way to find out what display a user is using, and you might want to replace screensa with [s]creensa in order to not find your own result, but it works :)11:57
dwatkinss/result/grep process/11:57
BigRedSin a bash script I'd like to run a command with stdout going to a file and stderr to a variable, is there a simple way to do that?13:16
BigRedSI definitely don't want stdout in the variable or stderr in the file, though :(13:16
BigRedSAll I can think of is to create a wrapper script that directs all stdout to a file, and so I can run that redirecting stderr to the (now empty) stdout and use that in this script13:17
* AlanBell is off to the maltings later to buy some chickens \o/14:30
gordchickens \o/14:33
brobostigonyummy. :)14:34
=== brian is now known as Guest54363
StevenR_hmm. I need to change the port that openvpn listens on at home16:26
StevenR_or sshd16:27
StevenR_can't get to either from here.16:27
StevenR_ok. so actually nothing works apart from web.16:30
BigRedSStevenR_: my sshd listens on 443 for exactly that reason :)16:31
StevenR_BigRedS: not even xmpp, etc work.16:34
BigRedSI'm guessing you're just somewhere behind a particularly restrictive firewall?16:35
BigRedSbut 443 is almost always allowed, 'cause it's the standard port for https16:35
StevenR_BigRedS: I'm at my sister's house, and we think they have some builtin security thing somewhere in the chain16:37
StevenR_BigRedS: it's not too much of a bother, I'll just alter the openvpn to listen on 443 for next time I'm down.16:37
StevenR_or sshd16:38
StevenR_BigRedS: I'm well aware of why it's broken (I've built firewalls/policies that were even more restrictive), I just can't fix it right now :)16:38
StevenR_hrrm. I'll need something that works over udp16:42
ali1234openvpn works over udp16:45
StevenR_ali1234: yes, but I need a udp port that works, i.e. isn't filtered (53 isn't)16:49
StevenR_ali1234: my current openvpn on UDP:bignum doesn't work16:49
scoundrel50awhat is the command you use to connect to another computer using ssh17:43
brobostigonssh user@ip17:43
scoundrel50aah, thank you17:45
brobostigonyes, that simple.17:45
daubersbread in the machine, muffins in the oven. Preparations for tomorrow well under control17:50
daubersTomorrow \o/17:53
penguin42ah, I don't do down to London much17:53
daubersi'm there 3 times in the next week :(17:55
* penguin42 bit too expensive to go down there from Manc just on a whim unless I'm certain and can book in advance17:56
popeyEvening all!18:26
brobostigonevening popey18:27
* brobostigon has chilli al'la popey's recipe.18:27
diploevening all18:38
brobostigonevening diplo18:38
andres_kaingood evening.18:44
andres_kaina quick question, how do I diagnose what is going on with the sofware centre if the update manager and the synaptic manager work?18:51
brobostigonandres_kain: try apt-get (update/install) manually from terminal.18:52
brobostigon+ sudo in front.18:53
andres_kainreinstalled it through synaptic with no joy, would that have been the same thing?18:54
brobostigonandres_kain: are you getting any error output?18:54
brobostigonfrom terminal?18:54
andres_kainnone. The sofware centre starts up and shudowns fine It's just that it will not install or uninstall anything. ... damn, didn't try terminal... Il'll give it ago.18:55
brobostigonandres_kain: no, try apt form terminal and see if you get any error output?18:55
andres_kainsudo apt-get update updates fine, no error.18:59
andres_kainguess if synaptic works apt-get should be fine?18:59
popeyandres_kain: I cant see where you've told us what the actual problem is?19:00
andres_kainrunning the software-centre from terminal does give me a good amount of warnings...19:00
andres_kainI'll try to back up.19:00
popeyandres_kain: what is the problem you're seeing?19:01
andres_kainI open software centre. choose a program. Click install (or ininstall) and it does nothing. It goes as far as checking dependencies. But that's it.19:01
andres_kainno crashing19:01
popeywhat program are you trying to install?19:01
andres_kainany program19:02
andres_kainuninstalling the same.19:02
popeysuch as?19:02
andres_kainpigeon, skype plugind for empathy, blinken, viking, ... I can try any random you guys can think of.19:04
andres_kainuninstalling shows the same result.19:04
andres_kainnow... confesion...19:04
andres_kainI moved from unity 2D to xubuntu19:05
andres_kainSince it was some sort of mix at the end I started uninstalling unity things that I wasn't using.19:05
popeywhat happens if you run "sudo apt-get install pidgin" ?19:05
popeycan you pastebin the result?19:05
andres_kainIt will probably intall it, as the synaptic works fine. I have pidgen install. but I'll give it a go19:06
popeyok, try something else, cowsay?19:06
popeysudo apt-get install cowsay19:06
andres_kaininstalling fine...19:06
andres_kaininstalled. What is that supposed to do?19:07
popeycan you pastebin the output?19:07
andres_kainndres@andres-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install cowsay19:08
andres_kainLeyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho19:08
andres_kainCreando árbol de dependencias19:08
andres_kainLeyendo la información de estado... Hecho19:08
popeynot paste19:08
andres_kainPaquetes sugeridos:19:08
andres_kain  filters19:08
andres_kainSe instalarán los siguientes paquetes NUEVOS:19:08
andres_kain  cowsay19:08
andres_kain0 actualizados, 1 se instalarán, 0 para eliminar y 0 no actualizados.19:09
andres_kainProcesando disparadores para man-db ...19:09
andres_kainConfigurando cowsay (3.03+dfsg1-3) ...19:09
andres_kainsorry spanish.19:09
andres_kaindon't know what pastebin is. sorry19:09
lubotu3Pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)19:09
popeyok, so your package manager works fine by the look of it19:09
andres_kainyep. synaptic and update manager seems to work fine.19:10
popeysounds like you've removed one or more components that the software center needs19:10
andres_kainso I look up dependencies of software centre and reinstall them?19:10
popeysudo apt-get install --reinstall software-center19:11
andres_kainsorry about the pastbin, I'll have a read.19:11
popeyeveryone does it once19:11
andres_kainI guess you get killed the second time.19:11
popeyjust stern looks and tutting19:11
daubersWe're good at that19:13
andres_kainseems to be doing the same thing that I did with the synaptic package manager. rightclick reinstall.19:15
popeywell, congratulations, its broken, you get to keep all the pieces19:16
* popey hugs Myrtti 19:17
andres_kainyep, done reinstall and still doesn't work. I'll do a reinstall of system, can't show off how cool the laptop is in these conditions.19:19
popeyhave you run software centre from a terminal?19:19
popeyand see any errors when you choose to install something?19:19
andres_kainyep, loads of warnings... I'll have a look.19:19
andres_kain!paste how does it work?19:21
lubotu3andres_kain: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:21
popeyjust go to http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:22
popeyand paste whatever you want to show us there19:22
popeythen give us the url19:22
popeyI'd paste the entire output19:23
popeynot just one line19:23
andres_kainthat is the warning when clickin the button, but before that I get other warnings.19:23
popeythats only a warning though19:23
popeyyou could just reinstall everything you get on a base install with "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^"19:24
popeywhich should put anything back that you removed19:24
popeynote the ^ at the end19:24
andres_kaineven if it's xubuntu?19:25
popeyyou said it was ubuntu19:25
popeyand you install xfce?19:25
andres_kainxubuntu desktop when I had unity2D running, so that I could choose at start up. one sec afk19:26
popeyah, misunderstood, sorry.19:27
popeyDunno anything about xubuntu, sorry.19:27
Myrttipopey ♥19:29
andres_kainno worries, It's my mess. I'll dig around, Thought it was something simple that I was missing. Thanks for your help!19:30
andres_kainJust a note, previously software-centre worked OK with xubuntu. I think I uninstalled unity and unity2D and that created a mess.19:33
popeygood work :D19:33
andres_kainyep. I guess there is a reason the xubuntu-desktop is not in the software-center and why it seems synaptic will be removed from the default install. Keeping fools like me from making a mess.19:36
andres_kainapt-get install xubuntu-desktop seems to be doing something.19:37
brobostigonthere might be package inconsistencies between the metapackages?19:38
andres_kain... ummm maybe? it's installing 38Mb of missing libs of some sort...19:39
andres_kainomg, this stuff is really clever.19:39
andres_kainI can actually read the stuff coming out and it's all completely understandable. I'm at awe.19:41
brobostigonandres_kain: that is what it was doing underneath software center.19:41
andres_kainI was in high form a moment, but It's a fail in the end.19:43
andres_kainOK I'll keep looking.19:44
brobostigoni frequbetly have an inconsistant system. i have 11.04 with gnome3 teams ppa. and then debian sid apt-pinned to debian experimental. it makes for some interesting experineces.19:44
BigRedSbrobostigon: how stable is vanilla sid?19:45
BigRedSI'm wondering about 'upgrading' from testing19:45
andres_kaincheck my mail as well... geeknic tomorrow?19:45
brobostigonBigRedS: very so. on its own. mostly.19:45
brobostigonBigRedS: however some packages in unstable need to packages from experimental to complete.19:46
BigRedSah yeah, I remember that from before. But I'm rather conservative in most of my software choices, I'll probably not be doing that very much19:46
BigRedSsid is still Gnome 2?19:47
brobostigonBigRedS: i am using gnome3/gnome-shell, i havent tried gnome2 in unstable.19:47
BigRedSah, fair enough. how's gnome3?19:47
brobostigonBigRedS: stable mostly. except something today broke something, to stop it from starting fully.19:48
BigRedShmmm. Well, given that I'm only getting round to upgrading every few months at the minute, that shouldn't happen too frequently to me...19:50
brobostigonso i am in gnome3 fallback mode.19:50
brobostigonBigRedS: just be very careful, and dont aptitude dist-upgrade without making notes, do, aptitude safe-upgrade.19:54
BigRedSyeah, I used to use sid, I'm used to expecting breakage :)19:55
BigRedSthat's why I'm pondering upgrading, I'm getting a bit bored of testing Just Working19:55
andres_kainThanks alan for organizing the sci-fi and geeknic!19:55
brobostigonBigRedS: and my onlu option was to use unstable + experimental, i don think testing and experimental would work, in truth.19:57
BigRedSallegedly it'll work for experimental's gnome319:58
BigRedSbut I'm not looking to try that, really19:58
brobostigoni wouldnt try it either,19:58
AlanBellevening all, just going to have a quick meeting over in #ubuntu-uk-meeting to go over geeknic plans for tomorrow and talk about the reapproval20:01
andres_kainlol having fun with the omg ponies notification style...20:01
AzelphurIs there any place in the UK you can get decent built to order laptops, preferably Asus or MSI20:23
BigRedSSurely if they're asus or msi they're not built to order?20:24
AzelphurBigRedS by BTO I mean that I can change the specs before ordering20:25
AzelphurI can find them in the US for example, where you can set the laptop you want, and then set what you want inside it20:25
gordAzelphur, lenovo :)20:25
BigRedSyeah, dell and lenovo both let you change the specs20:26
Azelphurkinda erring away from dell20:26
BigRedSyeah, I would20:26
Azelphurmaybe lenovo though :)20:26
BigRedSI erred away from dell to lenovo20:26
BigRedSand I'm not quite as prostelytic as gord about it, but nearly :)20:26
gordtime to change random settings on my router until it randomly starts working again20:27
Azelphurdo lenovo do gaming laptops at all/20:28
BigRedSI play games on my thinkpad...20:29
Azelphurminecraft :D20:29
BigRedSI don't think they do anything with half of maplin taped to the outside of it, which is normally how I spot a 'gaming' machine :)20:29
gordeh, i'v never seen a good gaming laptop anyway, just find a good laptop20:29
gordlaptops just can't deliver enough power to the gpu to really be classed as "gaming"20:30
Azelphurhalf a maplin ;)20:30
mgdmI've heard the phrase "driven through Halfords with glue on" to describe cars with spoilers/stickers/all that nonsense on20:32
mgdmbut not that for gaming machines, I like it :)20:32
penguin42maplins isn't like it used to be :-(20:33
BigRedSI did get it from another car description - "half of halfords on top, half of maplin underneath"20:33
mgdmheh heh20:33
gordthe ubuntu start up theme starts getting annoying ;) someone design a new one20:35
gordthe more cow bell and clown noises the better20:35
BigRedSevery time I hear it I think it's windows booting for some reason20:35
gordnah windows either likes to sound like it was an achievement just booting up, or that you are being serenaded into the gates of heaven20:36
mgdmI think that when a machine boots it needs to play track 1 of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack20:37
gordif it were up to me, they would all play sledgehammer by peter gabriel. in full20:37
mgdmGood choice20:38
gordif the boot up splash can reflect the music video, then +120:38
mgdmI had the wrong video in mind there, New Order's True Faith instead of the real one20:38
mgdmso I imagined a splash screen of people slapping each other20:38
gordthat would also be acceptible ;)20:39
mgdmin fact, actually, there's a good drum sample at the start of that track :)20:39
penguin42heck, I wish there was a decent way to filter the high bandwidth guys out of a stream on g+20:39
mgdmunfollow them? :)20:40
mgdmwhatever the phrase is20:40
penguin42well I could block them, but that also stops letting them commenting on my posts - which I don't mind; it's just I don't need that level of updates20:40
BigRedSdecircle is probably less inelagant20:40
gordwell i pressed enough buttons and magically the wifi works for some of my devices. i guess that is good enough till the new ap arrives...20:41
BigRedSmy network manager requires that sort of voodoo at the minute20:41
gordpenguin42, put them in the "high bandwidth" circle20:41
gordthen don't read that circle20:41
penguin42gord: But I tend to read all circles; I want to be able to read all but a high bw circle20:42
dwatkinspenguin42: I had the same trouble, I ended up just blocking the more verbose people20:42
mgdmI don't do much with G+20:43
mgdmI have loads of followers for some reason, though20:43
dwatkinsA whole bunch of people found me through the retro gaming community, I think they just added everyone.20:44
mgdmI get the same impression, most of the folk following me are PHP devs20:47
mgdmor something along those lines20:47
daubersAnniversary weekend away booked21:06
BigRedSis Oneiric going to be an LTS?21:10
lubotu3LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)21:11
BigRedS(and why does my google fu not help me find an answer to that)21:11
daubersOneiric+1 is LTS I think... (2 years isn't it?)21:11
BigRedSaha, cool21:11
BigRedSYou're more sure than I am so I'll take you as authoritative21:11
daubers12.04 according to wikipedia :)21:12
daubersSo oneiric+121:12
BigRedSthere I was assuming the ubuntu wiki was the place to go for that info :)21:12
BigRedSyeah, exactly21:17
BigRedSthat's where I thought it'd say it21:17
AlanBellit does say LTS is normally every two years21:17
brobostigonHazRPG: i need a chat, when you come round please.21:18
BigRedSah yeah.21:18
BigRedSI should probably have rtfa...21:18
AlanBellit is pretty likely that 12.04 will be LTS, but not totally inconceivable that it might not21:19
BigRedSi just did a bunch of finds and they all failed to find anything21:19
AlanBellif gnome releases move about or something21:19
BigRedSas long as it's not oneiric I'm fine :)21:19
AlanBellit isn't :)21:19
AlanBellPerfect Penguin maybe21:20
BigRedSi've just found one of my scripts is very broken in oneiric, but it only needs to work on debians and ltss21:20
AlanBellso for those coming tomorrow there may be significant tube disruption21:20
daubersThe TFL site will direct you around the disruption if needed21:24
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AlanBellif parking is resident permit holders mon-fri does that mean it is free parking at the weekends?21:33
czajkowskiok annoying21:35
czajkowskiI pined a tab yesterday21:35
BigRedSAlanBell: sometimes21:35
czajkowskiand have since unpined it21:35
czajkowskibut on start up it's still there each time21:35
BigRedSdepends on the council. I think you're going to camden, but I don't know what they do.21:35
AlanBelllooks like there might be parking in the streets behind the library21:43
AlanBellpopey: pick you up 9:30 ish?21:46
* daubers ehads to bed22:10
daubersshall see peeps tomorrow :)22:10
brobostigongood night daubers o/22:11
brobostigongood night everyone aswell, sleep well.22:12
popeyBigRedS: you're fast on the -users list :D23:31
popeyAlanBell: ugh! Yeah, I guess so ☺23:31

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