rick_h_greg-g: ping00:44
rick_h_biker people, about to get one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Thule-914XT-Roadway-Hitch-Carrier/dp/B000MRH4VO/ref=cm_cmu_pg__header\00:44
rick_h_any reasons I should reconsider?00:44
rick_h_or other brands that are good I should check eout?00:45
_stink_we just bought a Yakima trunk rack, it was between that and Thule01:10
rick_h_ok, yea those two looked like the best brands01:10
rick_h_but wasn't sure since I'm not really a pro01:10
_stink_but you win the research prize, so i don't know that i'm adding much info01:10
rick_h_hah, yea I wish I could turn off the research part of my brain01:10
rick_h_checking out bike locks now01:10
rick_h_wasting my evening I should be working on my talk01:11
rick_h_man, when did it get so easy to chop thick cable locks?01:16
rick_h_all the cable based locks have poor reviews and tons of "my bike was stolen" on them01:17
MilyardoIt's always been easy01:17
rick_h_guess I just grew up securing bikes to trees and such01:18
MilyardoCable cutters wouldn't be cable cutters if the didn't cut right?01:18
rick_h_and the U shaped things are all the rage in the vity01:18
rick_h_yea, I guess01:18
rick_h_figured that they'd have some compression resistant cables or something that your average home depot cutters couldn't do in01:19
rick_h_ugh, ok ordered01:22
rick_h_sucks that the hitch doesn't include the security lock :/01:22
greg-grick_h_: looks good to me. and yeah, get a security pin for the hitch.01:27
rick_h_there he is01:28
rick_h_yea, I paid the extra $$ for the locking pin, guess it's threaded so only works with the same brand hitch01:28
rick_h_for bike lock I ended up getting: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004C94T8401:28
rick_h_what's your lockup strategy? I figure you've got to have a good once since you ride to work and leave it for the day01:29
rick_h_lol http://wn.com/Kryptonite_lock_opened_with_a_pen01:30
greg-gyeah, old school kryptonite's are bad01:31
greg-gso, I use a cable that goes through my rear wheel and then loops up to the U-lock I put through my front wheel.01:32
greg-gthey can still cut that cable and get my rear wheel, but they can't get the front or the frame01:32
greg-goh yeah, just looked at your link, that setup01:32
rick_h_ok, yea I was reading rear vs front locking01:32
rick_h_I'd always thought front since it was easier to take off, but seeing stuff that it's not true01:33
rick_h_and rear is the more expensive wheel to replace01:33
greg-gtrue it is01:33
rick_h_ok, well there went a ton of $$ to secure a couple of old bikes lol01:34
greg-gbut, my thoght process is that people go for the easy stuff, so since my lock up is better than 99% of the other bikes around me, I'm good01:34
rick_h_come on Tues, wheee01:35
rick_h_I find it so funny there's a special NY lock01:36
greg-ghah, nice01:45
greg-geffing NYC01:45
snap-lAn then you see that video of people cutting down a tree to get a bike, and realize that it's all for naught anyway.02:05
greg-gWTF IS THIS $240!?!?!?!?!?! http://www.amazon.com/Wishbone-Bike-Wollemi-Limited-Wilderness/dp/B004E4IFY6/02:16
greg-gAND WTF WOULD A TODDLER NEED BIKE SHORTS?!?!?! http://www.amazon.com/One-Step-Up-Shorts-Sizes/dp/B0058VFLEQ/02:18
greg-gI don't know if I'm cut out for this world of baby merchants.02:19
_stink_greg-g: you aren't02:23
_stink_avoid them02:23
_stink_and don't look at the catalogs that show up in the mail02:24
rick_h_yea, and keep a careful eye on the in-laws02:26
rick_h_grandmothers are horrible02:26
rick_h_and they want pictures of the kids wearing the crap they find02:26
greg-gwe're doing an amazon baby registry, and good lord, some of this stuff02:27
rick_h_oh, sec, let me find that book I got02:28
rick_h_http://www.amazon.com/Consumer-Reports-Best-Baby-Products/dp/0890439869/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b_1 I think it was02:28
rick_h_was really helpful when registering02:28
_stink_greg-g: not that you can't handle it, but if you have any questions about what might/might not be useful, feel free to ask02:28
rick_h_brings up points to look for in the items you buy02:29
_stink_mostly because rick_h_ already has like 50 sources :P02:29
rick_h_yea, _stink_ and I are both just outside most of that stuff02:29
rick_h_well, I am the researcher. My wife loved getting off of the duty for most things02:29
greg-g_stink_: thanks man02:29
rick_h_only thing we got I'd skip around a second time is the high chair02:29
rick_h_all plastic, no padding/fabric next time02:29
rick_h_too damn hard to clean, it's a disaster now after 18mo of use02:30
rick_h_can't toss the cover in the washer since it messes up the padding and won't dry02:30
greg-gI was going to ask if you wanted to give it away :)02:30
greg-gbut nevermind02:30
rick_h_hah!, if you can get it clean welcome to it. We just yesterday started sitting him in his travel high chair full time02:31
rick_h_more like a booster seat since he wants to be at the table with us anyway02:31
_stink_oo, he probably loves that02:31
_stink_at the table like a big kid02:31
rick_h_^^ is pure gold02:31
rick_h_easy to clean, easy to take on the road to family visits02:31
greg-goo, not a bad price02:31
rick_h_yea, one of the best things I picked up02:32
rick_h_not a lot of support for a really little one, but then again we never used the little one support anyway02:32
rick_h_http://www.amazon.com/Graco-1762138-Mealtime-Highchair-Morgan/dp/B004DN4R1I/ref=sr_1_20?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1311388368&sr=1-20 is what we have02:33
rick_h_the fabric gets food all over it and so hard to clean02:33
rick_h_bit better to hold a little one with the over the shoulder harness stuff02:33
rick_h__stink_: had a nice looking one, how is that one holding up?02:34
_stink_yeah, it was an in-law purchase: http://www.gracobaby.com/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=175193802:35
_stink_still using it02:35
_stink_easy to keep clean - we just never used the insert02:35
_stink_didn't put the kid in it until, gosh, 8 months, maybe?02:35
rick_h_yea, and by then they can hold themselves up ok02:35
_stink_but i admit it's up there in price.02:35
greg-gwow yeah02:37
greg-glooks nice though02:37
_stink_just remember that everything involved in food + baby will get disgusting02:37
rick_h_greg-g: http://www.amazon.com/Babybjorn-Baby-Carrier-Air-White/dp/B000CGX7WU/ref=sr_1_4?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1311388648&sr=1-4 is what I got. Worked really well and wasn't too hot02:37
rick_h_when are you guys due?02:37
rick_h_yea, give up having a clean shirt for the first year02:38
rick_h_felt like such a slob, but after going through 3 or 4 a day just give in02:38
_stink_especially snot02:38
rick_h_yea, ours got sick a ton the first year+02:38
_stink_rick_h_: anything new and fun lately with him?02:39
greg-gDecember 8th02:39
rick_h_new day care room, he's going crazy02:39
rick_h_talking up a storm, mostly in baby french02:39
_stink_oh wow02:39
rick_h_swim class is back in session, he's terrorizing the lake02:39
rick_h_by baby french I mean it sounds like french, but ain't english02:39
_stink_you mean French French, or just as a02:39
_stink_was gonna say02:39
rick_h_he has whole conversations, long sentences/etc02:39
_stink_move to Canada02:39
rick_h_just no idea wtf it is02:39
_stink_hahah, yeah02:40
rick_h_wish he would concentrate on the single words02:40
rick_h_but he's started to put together two-word phrases which is cool02:40
rick_h_"up please" coming out better02:40
_stink_when ours does that, we say "did you say <random phrase>?" to which he always replies yes02:40
_stink_doesn't matter what we suggest02:40
rick_h_he's started to learn no02:40
rick_h_"is it bed time?" "nooooooo"02:40
rick_h_drags it out and shakes his head02:40
rick_h_very cute02:40
_stink_"TOO BAD" i bellow02:40
_stink_i am very mean.02:40
rick_h_dad's are supposed to be :)02:41
rick_h_dads, wtf I'm becoming the guy my english teacher warned up about02:41
_stink_it's ok, Friday evening pass02:41
rick_h_hah, thanks02:41
rick_h_how's your guy? He's got to be enjoying the outside time these days02:41
_stink_yeah, lots of bike rides, etc.02:42
_stink_playing with the 8 year old girl next door02:42
rick_h_nice, how do you guys bike with him?02:42
_stink_rick_h_: http://www.ibertinc.com/02:42
_stink_got one at REI02:42
_stink_and it is nice02:43
greg-gman, I am getting sucked in here, research research research02:43
rick_h_greg-g: sorry, I didn't save a spreadsheet02:43
_stink_took it to Mackinac Island and all02:43
rick_h__stink_: oh, interesting02:43
rick_h_hadn't seen those before02:43
greg-grick_h_: hah, no worries :)02:43
rick_h_what are you checking out now?02:43
rick_h_greg-g: &&02:43
rick_h_bah ^^02:43
greg-gcarriers: apaprently this one is better for hwen they are heavier: http://www.amazon.com/Ergo-Carrier-Black-Camel-Lining/dp/B0010PW3A4/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1311388975&sr=1-102:44
rick_h__stink_: I went for the trailer. Figured the one cool thing is it's got room for two, so we can hit the store on bike and he can carry the groceries back02:44
_stink_rick_h_: for sure.  i think we will get one of those eventually02:44
rick_h_greg-g: well I was very happy with the bjorn I linked.02:44
rick_h_very light, I was the one that used it mainly02:45
_stink_you know, we didn't wear him for long02:45
rick_h_handy to work aorund the house and carry him02:45
rick_h_and for some of those long nights02:45
_stink_we have a bjorn and a mobi wrap thing02:45
_stink_didn't use them a whole lot02:45
rick_h_yea, I mean it only goes to 20lbs I think?02:45
_stink_sounds right02:45
_stink_and ours was/is a CHUNK02:45
rick_h_I used it a ton, but for just a few months in a row02:45
rick_h_it was so nice though, to be able to clean the house/etc and just sling him up in it02:45
rick_h_or go on walks with him that way02:45
* greg-g nods02:46
rick_h_but yea, it's only useful for a little bit from my point of view02:46
rick_h_since we didn't put him in too young, they had to be xxx tall to be in it to start with02:46
greg-goh, huh02:46
_stink_the wrap is probably more versatile that way02:47
_stink_some people use them until the kid is like 1002:47
_stink_i only partially kid02:47
_stink_we didn't use ours too much02:47
rick_h_yea, I mean by the time they're crawling you'll probably stop02:47
_stink_because the kid is punching you in the face to get down?02:48
rick_h_8mo ish maybe? Should have written stuff down more02:48
rick_h_because by then you can put them on the floor and get the work/etc done02:48
rick_h_and they just crawl around chasing you instead02:48
_stink_then they learn to walk, so they chase you around02:48
rick_h_and go stroller vs carrier for walks/outside02:48
_stink_and push you away from the counter in the kitchen to get attention02:48
rick_h_yea, then all #@$@# breaks out02:48
rick_h_pull on your legs02:48
_stink_lately ours like to scold the cats02:50
_stink_when they get near his toys, or jump up on the table02:50
rick_h_greg-g: other tips, the stoller/car seat combo is priceless02:50
_stink_"no no maizey.  no no."02:50
rick_h_http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000VQT4XC/ref=wms_ohs_product_T2 as well since you're having a dec kid02:51
_stink_yes for sure02:51
_stink_100x better than getting them super bundled02:51
_stink_just kind of bundle + that02:52
rick_h_yea, tuck a blanket over them and that and you're good02:52
greg-gjust realized, we'll be in SF so, we'll probably be good without it :P02:52
rick_h_well I mean it's still 60's and such right?02:53
rick_h_could probably t-shirt it and that, big thing is winter wind02:53
rick_h_but yea, SF...what is winter in SF02:53
_stink_a few clouds02:53
greg-gsome rain02:53
_stink_greg-g: ok, i'll try to refrain from unsolicited advice, because we all do it differently02:57
_stink_i can't resist this one thing02:58
rick_h_http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002WD5R1K was awesome02:58
_stink_we ended up swaddling ours for quite a while, for naps and nighttime02:58
greg-greally, all advice is helpful02:58
_stink_and these were easily the best we found: http://www.adenandanais.com/shop/classic.aspx02:58
_stink_we have 8 of them, and they are still his 'blankies'02:58
rick_h_yea, swaddling is wonders sometimes02:59
rick_h_though ours went through that phase quickly02:59
_stink_that's good02:59
_stink_ours didn't.02:59
rick_h_but I promise he slept better some nights with it than without02:59
_stink_ours punched himself in the face over and over again02:59
rick_h_yea, I think he was crawling/etc more because he only took to it for a bit. Most of the heavy swaddlers were a bit late to that03:00
rick_h_but it's just a little bit03:00
_stink_yep, that's ours03:00
_stink_late to roll, too03:00
rick_h_http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BW51UQ :)03:01
rick_h_http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BQKWHE great gate, have two of them now03:01
rick_h_going through my amazon order history lol03:01
rick_h_actually suprising little, we made out like bandits from the showers/etc03:01
greg-gyeah, I'm hoping this registry will help :)03:02
rick_h_oh, go to mom to mom sales03:02
rick_h_they're like every freaking weekend03:02
rick_h_and gold mines for used items03:02
rick_h_we got a $150 pack and play that looks never used for $3003:03
rick_h_still use that thing to change diapers on03:03
greg-gwhoa, are they a thing?03:03
rick_h_yes, very real, and something I wish we had discovered earlier03:03
_stink_i am scared of those03:03
rick_h_thing of a garage sale with nothing but mom's selling their stuff03:03
_stink_mostly because i imagine 500 insane mothers03:03
greg-gok, we don't understand diapers/duo wraps/diaper covers/etc03:03
greg-g_stink_: you're probably right03:04
rick_h_greg-g: we went through it all, just went disposable pampers03:04
rick_h_when you look at it all, they're about equal environmentally03:04
rick_h_and the ability to just toss when done is good03:04
rick_h_yea, we only went to a few of them03:04
rick_h_but we got some great stuff each time03:04
_stink_geez, i have never even seen a duo wrap before03:04
rick_h_especially clothes, they wear them for such a short time03:05
greg-gwhat are diaper liners?03:05
rick_h_and they're expensive03:05
rick_h_for the bins03:05
rick_h_they make these fancy garbage cans that seal in the diapers03:05
rick_h_we have a pair, but ones that take normal kitchen bags03:05
rick_h_definitely a must have03:06
rick_h_though we still took out the messy ones out to the trash in the garage vs in the bin03:06
_stink_we have the same diaper bin as that03:07
_stink_and we just keep piling the poop in it until it is unbearably smelly.03:07
_stink_then i cross myself and take it out. :P03:07
rick_h_yea, it really helps03:07
rick_h_I always hope the wife fills it first03:07
rick_h_like taking the last bit of the ice tea means you have to make more03:07
_stink_it's over flowing, but just keep stuffing them in03:08
rick_h_"oh, this last one will fit in there for sure, just have to rock it back/forth and make room"03:08
rick_h_lol, you're about to build a whole new definition of gross03:08
rick_h_man, it's ashame you're heading out to CA03:09
rick_h_you could just borrow most big stuff, swings, pack and play, car seats, etc03:09
rick_h_I mean even if we were to have a second, you'd be out of the stuff before ours came along03:09
rick_h_http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Precious-Planet-Whale-Tub/dp/B0018Z8CN8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311390605&sr=8-1 really liked that03:10
rick_h_http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3336550 get a pair of those03:10
greg-gyeah :(03:10
rick_h_if you guys know how you're going to deal with feeding and need any advice let us know03:12
rick_h_erica went through the whole range of stuff and wishes she had done things differently03:12
_stink_yeah, that was the source of the most stress for us03:12
_stink_wanted to breast feed, didn't work.03:12
rick_h_yea, and erica wanted the super high tech special pump and wouldn't get it again03:12
rick_h_but also wishes she had let me feed sooner, etc03:12
rick_h_the dr brown bottes I thought were ok, glad we got that dishwasher accessory for it03:13
rick_h_actually, I can probably send you off with a bunch of those if you wanted03:13
rick_h_I bought more than we ever used03:13
rick_h_I thought we'd want to have more so we didn't have to constantly clean them, but you do it anyway03:13
rick_h_and we hardly used the smaller ones03:13
_stink_well, it's fun inundating greg-g with baby info, but it's bedtime.  later guys03:13
rick_h_yea, should head myself, night _stink_03:14
greg-gg'night _stink_ !03:14
greg-gthanks rick_h_ Lets talk more later, at least until the other people in here tell us to shutup :)03:14
rick_h_yea no problem.03:15
greg-gwould love those bottles. I03:16
greg-g'll bring you back your charger and we can chat/etc03:17
rick_h_sure, let's set something up after pyohio03:17
rick_h_I'll scrounge and see what I can sneak out :)03:17
brouschdamn, i missed all the baby talk last night11:17
brouschCarriers? front baby bjorn carrier http://the-rousches.smugmug.com/The-Chronicles-of-The-Rousches/2008-04/7987967_YrHb2#281425368_RAkdA11:20
brouschStroller? make sure it's tall enough for you. if it's too short it will hurt your back11:21
brouschDiapers? get one of the sealing things, but get in the habit of tossing poopers outside11:21
brouschand don't get lazy. if you overstuff them they really stink11:22
brouschMilk? my wife had a pump that she liked.11:23
snap-lnice discussion last nighr14:06
greg-g:) g'morn14:07
snap-lalso this ssh cliebt doesnt do the auto correction on thr iphone, so youre getting all of the typos wgolesale14:07
greg-gman, stayed up way too late looking at stuff14:07
greg-gyay, I love typos14:08
snap-lstarting to get more rral, eh?14:08
snap-loh, we need this and this and...14:09
greg-gyeah, and stuff that I don't even think of14:09
brouschi wouldn't buy anything until after you move, otherwise you have to drag it all with you14:09
greg-gbrousch: yeah, for the most part.14:09
snap-ltrue dat14:09
brouschbah, all you need early on is diapers, wipes, milk14:09
greg-gwe're going to use a friend's SF address for the deliveries of our wedding/baby registry14:10
greg-gand then, if we do find anything good while here, just throwing it in the POD14:10
brouschgood idea14:10
snap-lwill they ship pods avrpss country?14:12
greg-gsnap-l: yeah, they'll ship'em anywhere really14:15
brouschdo you have a place lined up in SF?14:19
greg-gnot yet. posting a housing ad today14:27
greg-ga "hey, live with us and lets find a great place to live" craigslist (and other places) ad14:27
MilyardoI have here a legacy application where the original developer used floats as the primary key for users22:15
MilyardoHe must be the biggest dick ever22:16
brouschdoes that even work?22:24
MilyardoI would have never thought so22:26
Milyardoor at least22:26
Milyardothe DB wouldn't let you22:26
rick_h_so he used floats, but they all must be int values23:25
rick_h_you should be able to just alter the column type recasting the values23:26
rick_h_I mean, it's not like any sequence will go up by .0001 or anything23:26
brouschhm, now that i think about it, ordering in our foxpro-based program is with floats23:31
brouschi don't think indexes are though23:32
brouschgeeker wife23:41
brouschshe refuses linux so she can play games, then gets infected with malware every 6 months23:42
brouschi caught her just before she was about to use the CC to buy something23:42
brouschshould i beat her with a stick larger than or smaller than my thumb?23:43

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