rmg51morning JonathanD10:03
rmg51by the way......10:05
rmg51IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE10:05
JonathanDYES IT IS.10:10
JonathanDand I'm going insiane.10:10
JonathanDThe frolikin schedules are missing.10:10
JonathanD"Running an event like this basically comes down to dealing with one crisis after another."10:11
rmg51but you love doing it10:14
rmg51you know you'll do it again next year :-[10:14
rmg51time for me to head out shopping :-/10:15
JonathanDfound the shcedules10:25
jedijfwe have a schedule?10:49
jedijfcream cheese acquired10:54
waltmanbut do you have bagels?11:29
jedijfof course11:29
jedijfat BK btw11:29
waltmanMy train gets into Market East at 8:25. I'll stop for coffee on the way, and should be at BK between 8:45 and 9.11:32
pleia2yay bagels!11:39

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