orangeninjaarrg, how come ALT - 1 is not taking me back to the server screen in irssi?01:37
orangeninjaahhh got it with alt arrow....01:38
Unit193What terminal? I bet the terminal is using that key and you can change it01:43
orangeninjaI am using xubuntu on this old desktop01:44
cyberangerorangeninja: that could be why05:22
* cyberanger is using terminator, no issues05:22
* Unit193 uses xfce-terminal05:24
* cyberanger wonders why05:27
Unit193Eh, Not the best terminal, but it "works"05:31
cyberangeryeah, kinda felt bloated to me05:36
cyberangerof course this coming from the guy that runs xorg rather selectively05:37
chris4585personally I lurve gnome-terminal05:50
chris4585most gnome desktop apps I just love, excluding eog and tomboy05:50
* cyberanger didn't expect that from chris458505:54
* cyberanger guesses it05:54
cyberangers due to knowing he's an openbox fan05:54
chris4585yes, well gnome-terminal is just what I've always used, same as gedit, so I love those so much05:55
chris4585anything else is either wow way too advanced or meh lacking05:55
Unit193Almost sounded like canthus1305:55
chris4585I'm using openbox right now happily with awn and some crappy drivers on 11.10 :D05:55
cyberangernano, terminator, simple05:55
cyberangercrappy driver, sounds right05:56
chris4585otherwise I'd be on gnome3 if possible05:56
chris4585but because ubuntu just LOVES nvidia sooo much I have to wait until the nvidia drivers are available for the newer kernel05:56
* chris4585 rants05:57
cyberangerchris4585: yeah, ubuntu has taken my Sig & shot itself in the foot with it05:59
chris4585does not compute05:59
cyberangerwhich, ubuntu shooting itself in the foot, or the psudo-html06:00
chris4585well I just wish they would get off all this unity nonsense and just switch to gnome3 like everybody else06:01
chris4585the only thing from unity I remotely love is the maximized features that go into the panel06:02
orangeninjayeah.... figured xubuntu would be best for this old AMD 3100+ with 512 MB PC3200 ram I got from parnets for free....HA!06:08
orangeninjaI am going to buy an AGP card to get my ole' P4 back up and running with ubuntu or some other type of linux full time.06:09
orangeninjastill have the newest core i7 920 with 6 GB ram running windows vista.... I pay games on steam so iam still holding on....06:10
Unit193But with Vista? Not 7 or XP?06:11
orangeninjaLOL! I have not had bad probelms with vista....06:46
orangeninjabut I may not be the power user you guys are.06:46
orangeninjasorry, attempting to play EVE Online while I am typing here too.......HA HA!06:47
DmitriyArkadeyevЯ не должен был, что вторая бутылка Столичная07:31
DmitriyArkadeyevЯ предполагаю, что я не могу пить, как я сделал в Московском университете.07:31
Unit193Питьевой снова? Это не хорошо, кибер-рейнджер07:33
DmitriyArkadeyevИ если говорить русским, это не закончится хорошо.07:35
cyberangerWell, that's working, lol07:37
Unit193What is it?07:37
Unit193Я полагаю, что вы говорите по-английски07:37
DmitriyArkadeyevПереводчик плагин для IRC07:39
Unit193It was worth a shot07:39
cyberangerA Translator Plugin for IRC07:39
orangeninjaLMAO, I don07:39
orangeninja't hasve a translater07:39
cyberangera little quirky still, but it's fairly accurate07:40
Unit193Теперь, если я могу найти один для Irssi07:41
cyberangerorangeninja: basically I said I shouldn't have had a 2nd bottle of Stolichnaya and that I can't drink like I could back at Moscow University07:41
cyberangerthen Unit193 said, drinking again cyberanger, or something like that (as I said, quirky, and my russian is limited)07:42
cyberangerand so on07:42
cyberangerUnit193: lol07:43
orangeninjaLMAO! goood one cyberanger !07:43
cyberangerthat one I picked up without the program, lol07:43
orangeninjaI have had me some George Dickel tonight so I am actually a little druck07:44
orangeninjahow in the hell do you spell druck... there it is,.... lol07:44
DmitriyArkadeyevand I said it via a russian name, adding to the humour07:44
Unit193As you could tell, I used Google translate and my little bot07:44
cyberangerUnit193: your little bot07:44
Unit193orangeninja: Drunk?07:45
cyberanger(and yeah, I could tell babelvista or google translate, kinda rusty07:45
* cyberanger si so drnuk07:45
orangeninjaLOOL, yep that's mit Unit193 !07:45
orangeninjahope I dont lose another ship......LOL! yall ever played EVE online?07:46
orangeninjaWell,l  it is pretty fun if you are winning. I just lost several million ISK. Sorrk for my drunk typing tonight. any of yall coming to the NLUG linux fest later today?07:50
cyberangerorangeninja: not from the wrong side of chattanooga (and the gas pump, for that matter)07:51
cyberanger3.659 seems to now be avg. worse where Unit193 I'd bet07:51
Unit193The LOWEST is 3.6807:52
orangeninjacyberanger: you come to nashville I will give you some gas momnet07:53
cyberangerorangeninja: For my truck, that's $87.2907:57
cyberangerway more than I would ask for07:57
Unit193Do you have pics of the truck?07:58
cyberanger(332 Mi at about 14 MPG, it might get better than that, but I'd have to plan for the worst)07:58
cyberangerUnit193: perhaps, lemme see07:59
cyberanger1988 Ford F-150, 5.8L V807:59
cyberangerI've actually been getting better, 16 MPG, but past two weeks it dipped to 14 MPG08:00
orangeninjaI'll give 30.0008:01
orangeninjabut that is just a 1/4 of the trip....08:01
Unit193cyberanger: I'd invite you to our thing, but it would be pointless08:02
cyberangerorangeninja: yeah, I've met with nlug members before, and soon enough I won't be limited to this truck08:03
orangeninjaWell if I go, it will be my first time at an NLUG linux fest08:03
cyberangerbut can't do it in this truck08:03
cyberanger(if I were to go anywhere today, I'm obgliated to something in Chattanoonga first anyhow, told them the same issue, gotta keep gas in the tank)08:04
cyberangerUnit193: if your thing were happing in about a month & a half or so, might not be pointless08:05
cyberangerI like going WV to PA, but this trip sounds like it already invloves OH08:06
cyberangeryeah, or early October08:06
cyberangerorangeninja: the nlug guys are great, I'm hoping to get a cycle to get there more often08:07
cyberangerUnit193: I've gotta deal with chicago first, a one week temp job, and that's pending for middle to late sept.08:08
cyberangerafter that I plan to head straight in that directon08:08
orangeninjawell, I am going to try to go tomorrow... same city and all..08:09
Unit193cyberanger: It was mostly joking, but it would be cool to see what type of creeper you are in person08:09
cyberangerorangeninja: it's in 9 hours, 50 minutes08:10
cyberangerUnit193: creeper, heh, the creepiest08:10
cyberanger(poor reference to achemed the dead terrorist there)08:10
cyberangerUnit193: http://postimage.org/image/17doq4m6c/08:13
Unit193cyberanger: Я получил это все настройки!08:13
cyberangerOne for irssi? (I shut it down, on another rig now)08:14
Unit193Хех, не плохо!08:14
Unit193Мне нужно, чтобы отключить это сейчас08:14
orangeninjaLOL cy08:15
cyberangerLol, my russian was never too good, but I understood that08:15
orangeninjawhere you at? 9 hours/08:15
cyberangerorangeninja: Chattanooga, Plus 30 miles up I-75, Cleveland, TN08:15
cyberanger166 Miles from Vanderbuilt (a better drive in the Dodge Intrepid & Mercury Sable I had, and a buck cheaper per gallon, for nearly double the milage per gallon too)08:16
cyberangerunless I have enough gas to make it to chattanooga & back, then I'll be at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, Chattacon has a meeting (I've worked computer gaming the past three years)08:19
orangeninjaWell, if you can't, you cant. bro.... and Unit193 where do you live>08:19
cyberangerand I can already see it's unlikely08:19
orangeninjaI am going to Chattt with family first of September08:20
Unit193orangeninja: Ohio :D08:20
cyberangerorangeninja: yeah, I can already see I've only got one trip to chattanooga I can afford, and job hunting in town08:20
cyberangerand that one trip isn't this one I want, but testing for a TSO position with the TSA (take what you can get :-/)08:21
orangeninjawarp drive active.... lol. well like I said. I am kicking arounf the idea of going to the local 1/4erly linux fest just I dont know a sole.....lol08:24
Unit193cyberanger: http://scripts.irssi.org/html/gtrans.pl.html08:24
orangeninjajust like yall only a few chats, but you guys 10x more than them....lol08:25
orangeninjawhat is that mess Unit193 ?08:25
Unit193That's the irssi script for gtranslate08:26
cyberangerorangeninja: it's possible pace_t_zulu will go08:26
Unit193I think he may use weechat though08:26
cyberangerUnit193: I do, and the script I'm working on ties into a local database08:27
cyberangerI've rewritten that little peice since that database isn't here, to temporally use google voice08:28
cyberangerbut I've tied it into an irc proxy, instead of the client08:28
orangeninjayEAH  I want to do it.... I just don't know a sole in person and I broke my damn laptop... I cracked the lcd on my laptop falling asleep the other night... $140.00 min to fix that.... I am on this crappy old desk top right now...08:29
cyberangerorangeninja: ouch, that hurts (esp for the laptop)08:31
orangeninjayep, damn thing fell off the couch arm when I dozed and cracked]08:33
orangeninjawish I had some pizza08:52
cyberangerorangeninja: lol08:58
cyberangerI think I saw a UFO, it was definately a flying object, and I couldn't identify it09:01
cyberangerI think that is the best TV line lately09:02
cyberangera rerun of Monk (I think, looks like monk)09:03
cyberanger88 East Nationwide Blvd09:06
cyberangerColumbus, Ohio 4321509:06
cyberangerUnit193: ^ I thought it was elsewhere, that's actually not that far09:06
cyberangerI mean, considering I was thinking Cleveland out of habit09:06
cyberangerunfortunately still about 8 hours, but far enough in advance to do something09:08
Unit193At this address: Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Suites ?09:09
Unit193400 North High Street09:09
cyberangerthat address09:10
cyberangerpresuming somebody didn;t mess up09:10
Unit193This is what I got http://maps.google.com/maps?q=88+East+Nationwide+Boulevard,+Columbus,+OH&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=43.983628,93.076172&z=1609:11
cyberangeryeah, same here, after looking09:12
cyberangerso somebody did mess up09:12
cyberangerby about 150ft09:13
cyberangerand with their parking, that address might be closer to the lot, I suppose09:13
Unit193I was a little confused09:13
cyberangeractually, it looks like google messed up09:13
cyberangerlook at the map, only thing on that side of the street is two hotels, one is the OLF hotel09:14
Unit193This is what I want to see http://www.ohiolinux.org/schedule.html09:14
cyberangeracross the street is two restraunts & a car rental co.09:14
cyberangerah, yeah, this is doable, 20 minutes from the greyhound (I knew this area was a little too fimmilar, had a 2 hour layover last trip, walked to max & erma's there, right across the street, 13 months ago)09:16
Unit193Now will we be able to make it...09:17
cyberangerno amtrak though, eh, that stinks (old habit, I like a few ways out, I guess it's my inner-spook)09:18
cyberangeridk if I can too, but looking into it further, plausable09:20
Unit193Let me know as the date gets near09:20
Unit193Holy crap, it's 5:3009:20
cyberangeryep, 0530 EDT09:21
cyberangerthat's why I took the trash out when I did, the truck usually is around now09:21
Unit193I should get some sleep around now...09:25
cyberangershould, maybe, question is, will you? ;-)09:27
Unit193!sleep returns "I've heard rumors about this "sleep" you  speak of..." in my bot09:28
cyberangerfor once I found a time when amtrak is better & cheaper than greyhound, and chicago's two airports don't even beat it (hard to do considering how cheap the fares are to chicago, I guess everyone is buying one way out)09:30
cyberangerChicago IL to Erie PA09:30
cyberangerand they changed the time, it's not getting in so bloddly early anymore09:30
cyberanger(the problem with not affording any trip, big or small, for me is It feels like a sane guy in restraints at an aslyum, I love to travel)09:33
Unit193That's good, no sane person likes the morning, except to stay up and greet it (Or do I have that backwards?)09:33
cyberangerhard to say, I'm a night owl that has never worked nights (I've done some 72 hour non-stops, that was a bugger)09:35
Unit193Да, я думаю, что я собираюсь спать09:40
Unit193Er... I think I'm going to sleep now09:40
cyberangerUnit193: enjoy09:44

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