tumbleweedtime for us to take part in global jam again http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1011/detail/05:36
Kilosmorning superfly and others08:00
superflymorning Kilos08:00
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:00
* Maaz puts the kettle on08:00
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:04
KilosMaaz, ty08:04
MaazEnjoy Kilos08:04
Kiloshi Kerbero 09:10
Kerberohi Kilos09:10
Kiloshi magespawn 09:21
magespawnhi kilos09:21
magespawni see from my log i was last here a long time ago 09:22
magespawnshould get in here more often09:22
Kiloslol yeah09:22
magespawnhow is it going this fine saturday?09:23
Kilosall well so far ty09:23
Kiloshave you gone to natty09:23
magespawnno my laptop is about 4 years old, but i have got natty running in my internet cafe.09:25
Kilosah. is 4 years old to old for natty then?09:25
magespawnmaybe i am not sure but when i load it down with programs now it struggles, so do not want to try it to have reinstall later09:29
kbmonkeyall is good magespawn and yourself?09:29
kbmonkeyhello Kilos 09:29
magespawnhi kbmonkey09:30
Kiloshello kbmonkey all well?09:34
kbmonkeyja all is good. ate some rusks with koffie.09:35
magespawnreal ouma's or the shop kind?09:36
* Kilos wonders if maaz has replaced his supply09:36
kbmonkeyi have some chores09:36
kbmonkeythe oumas from the shop09:36
Kilosi always loved the oumas buttermilk rusks09:36
kbmonkeyoumas brand09:36
Kilosja man doop n ouma doop n ouma09:37
kbmonkeythe real ouma not around anymore to make those magical rusks09:37
Kilosi saw on the idiot box a while ago there was a whole Ouma's factory on the original farm where she started09:38
Kilosmaybe i mixed up with Mrs Balls chutney09:39
magespawnhey any of the n900 users here today?09:45
Kiloshi jpm 09:48
Kerberohi Kilos09:48
Kiloslol hiya Kerbero 09:49
superflymagespawn: yo09:50
magespawnhowdy all09:50
magespawnsuperfly you have a n900?09:50
superflymagespawn: yes09:50
magespawnwhat os you running?09:50
superflystill maemo 509:54
magespawni see you can dual boot it with android 09:59
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kerbero[pc]android can't phone09:59
kerbero[pc]and i tried meego too09:59
kerbero[pc]that can only phone10:00
kerbero[pc]so i'm on maego too10:00
magespawnthis is what i found10:00
kerbero[pc]at least everything is mostly working in maemo10:01
kerbero[pc]let me check10:01
kerbero[pc]that tutorial seems correct for dualbooting10:02
kerbero[pc]roughly how i did it too10:02
magespawnis it worth the work?10:02
kerbero[pc]as i said, android is awesome10:02
kerbero[pc]it can do everything except for making calls10:02
kerbero[pc]and taking photos10:02
magespawni have been wanting to try it10:03
magespawnno apps for those?10:03
kerbero[pc]there are a lot of apps pre installed10:03
magespawnis skype or similar available?10:04
kerbero[pc]don't think so 10:04
kerbero[pc]maybe one can install it later10:04
magespawni see10:05
kerbero[pc]see that10:06
kerbero[pc]there is way too much hardware that still does not work10:06
magespawnthats a pity10:07
kerbero[pc]nice to play with10:07
kerbero[pc]but not usable for a phone10:07
magespawnmaybe i will give it ago then10:07
magespawndoes the meego allow dual boot?10:09
kerbero[pc]you can dualboot maemo+meego10:10
kerbero[pc]or maemo+android10:10
kerbero[pc]but triplebooting is almost impossible10:10
kerbero[pc]because the two setups use different boot loaders10:10
magespawngoing to try the maemo+android10:11
magespawni want to have a look at android, might be getting a native device later this year.10:13
magespawnthanks for help, never quite sure if info on the net is accurate, nice to be confirmed10:20
magespawnlater all have work to do11:10
superflyinetpro: http://blog.saturnlaboratories.co.za/archive/2011/07/23/building-ubuntu-or-kubuntu-natty-package-choqok-1112:05
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* Kilosm just checking if you all ok15:29
Kilosmmaaz cofee on15:30
MaazKilosm: Huh?15:30
Kilosmmaaz coffee on15:31
* Maaz washes some mugs15:31
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilosm!15:35
Kilosmlo nlsthzn15:35
Kilosmmaaz ty15:36
MaazEnjoy Kilosm15:36
nlsthznHey Uncle Kilosm ...15:43
BarcoAnyone know what happened to the linuxlab.org project?17:44
Kilosevening all of ya17:49
BarcoHi Kilos, have you ever of the linuxlab.org project? 17:50
Kilosnope Barco 17:50
Kiloswhats it about17:51
BarcoI'm looking to help a rural school set up a lab. They source old PC's for terminals and provide for the use.  17:51
BarcoI'm looking for 486-P2 for the job 17:52
Barcomost companies send these to e-waste. 17:53
Kilosi have a 486 and bits and pieces of a few others17:54
Kilosand a p3 i normally use for spare here17:54
Kilosbut you will need someone that knows hardware and bios to get them going17:55
Barconot much of a problem as I have it background. Just a newb in the Linux realm 17:56
BarcoBeen setting up my lab and was thinking about how usefull edubuntu would be for rural schools I've visited as a youth worker 17:57
Kiloswwhere are you?17:58
BarcoI'm in Bloemfontein. you?17:58
Kilosactually try pc shops that do upgrades for people, they normally got a few old pcs when the upgrade companies17:59
BarcoHmm, quite a way off. I'm gonna do that.  18:00
Kilosmust be lots in bloem18:00
Barcoquite a few but the larger companies send everything to ewaste. 18:01
Kilosor do most peeps there still use the abacus18:01
BarcoMost are a bit behind Gauteng lol 18:01
Kilosjust speak to a few i am sure you will find some18:02
BarcoFinancially the Free State is not affluent but we got the meat ;)18:02
Kilosnuvolari, ping18:02
BarcoI'm gonna give it a shot. 18:03
Kilosyeah its worth a try18:03
Kilosi actually got started here from a guy that stayed close by that did upgrading for people18:04
BarcoMight end up buying terminals by the kg lol 18:04
Kiloshe gave me a lot of bits and pieces to sort through before he dumped them18:04
Kilosits just hard work sorting what is still good and what not18:05
Barcowondering if recyclers will take  a buyback offer befor they melt them ;) 18:05
Barcoagreed. Might be able to teach some learners to help 18:06
Kilosgo for it18:06
BarcoI'll search for a few guys to help locally. 18:07
Kilosmaybe look in your local papers for guys offering pc repairs18:09
Kilosthey mostly know each other18:09
Kilosand the smaller businesses normally have private guys do pc work for them18:11
Kilosthen you can just promote ubuntu at the same time18:11
Barcosounds good, I'll do that. 18:17
KilosMaaz, where is nuvolari 18:22
MaazKilos: nuvolari is no Sir :-P18:22
KilosMaaz, tell nuvolari Het jy gewen met pa se rekenaar seun?18:23
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell nuvolari on freenode18:23
Kilosnlsthzn, you dropped me18:23
Kilosheat packages didnt come and we heading for even bigger cold in next few days18:23
nlsthznKilos: oh... was racking my mind for a second there... it did arrive... it would have been much worst than it is now ;)18:24
Kiloshee hee hee18:24
Kilosthe whole Drakensberg and Lesotho getting snow for the next few days18:25
* Kilos shivers18:25
Kiloseish those dates and camel steaks have addled your brain18:28
nlsthznmust be this flu... :'(18:29
nlsthznsuffering through night shifts this way is not nice at all...18:31
Kilosnot enough action or what?18:31
nlsthznjust feeling very bad18:35
nlsthznwell, good luck with the cold... snugle up warm... 18:42
Kilosty nlsthzn  i gonna crash soon too18:42
Kilossleep tight18:43
nlsthznnight :)18:43
Kilosnight everyone still up. sleep tight and warm18:48
nlsthznsuperfly: just read your blog... chokoq is awesome19:49
superflynlsthzn: cool21:35
superflyit is pretty cool, just got some annoying bugs at times21:35
nlsthznsuperfly: can't add a comment on it cause I don't have an account though...21:35
superflynlsthzn: bug you can register ;-)21:35
nlsthznbut chokoq 1.1 has been out for a while... I installed it on openSUSE months ago when I got login issues... 21:36
* nlsthzn has so many accounts all over the place he can't keep track anymore21:36
superflynlsthzn: yeah, it's been out a while, but there are no updates in Ubuntu/Kubuntu for it22:34
nlsthznsuperfly: well, the way you explained it on your blog it looks pretty easy to make a package for Ubuntu :)22:35
superflyIt's not a proper package, but it's a convenient way to keep your system intact while compiling and installing a new version of whatever software it is that you require22:36

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