Mandrewwill removing programs that im not using helping my computer work better and smother?00:00
terry   Mandrew no00:00
Colin969She gave me a MS Duo00:00
Colin969And not an SD..00:00
StevenRMandrew: probably not.00:00
Colin969Aso DasEi, you reckon i can boot from my Built in Mem Card reader?00:01
DasEiMandrew: rather disabling unneeded services, look at :00:01
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:01
pooltableLinux 3.0 is here how do i know i am useing it?00:01
Mandrewthanks DasEi00:01
StevenRpooltable: uname -a00:01
DasEipooltable: you won't until ppa/compile it, uname -a tells your version00:02
Colin969Aso DasEi, you reckon i can boot from my Built in Mem Card reader?00:02
DasEiColin969: some work , others not, check if it's seen in bios00:02
Colin969DasEi, Cant tell, theres quite a few though. ill hope.00:03
montero61Buenas tardes tengo una consulta , nesesito cambiar el compilador de la version mia de ubuntu00:04
chipmonknautilus network tab shows places that don't exist and not shows places that do00:04
chipmonkdo i have to resintall nautilus00:04
jb007_Maybe a silly question, but where do I register my nick?00:05
Jordan_U!register | jb007_00:05
ubottujb007_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:05
rww!es | montero6100:06
ubottumontero61: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:06
jb007_Thanks, I gave I type "/msg nickserv register <password> <email>" in this textbox here?00:06
DasEijb007_: yes, and comprehensive help is in #freenode, see above given link00:07
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terryjb007_: You can, but you really need to go to the status window to see what your doing.00:07
WolfDogDesignsHey guys. Trying to install Ubuntu alongside Win7 on a new PC. getting the old "(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system." error when trying to boot from cd. Tried 2 different ISO downloads on 2 diff CDs00:07
chipmonkDasei what channel for nautilus help?00:07
terryWolfDogDesigns: What CD burning software did you use?00:08
DasEichipmonk: can ask here00:08
WolfDogDesignserm, Windows Disk Image Burner. .. all I have access to00:08
chipmonkno ans00:08
chipmonknautilus network tab shows places that don't exist and not shows places that do00:09
chipmonkdo i have to resintall nautilus00:09
WolfDogDesignsterry, something else I should use?00:09
terryWolfDogDesigns:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:09
Jordan_UWolfDogDesigns: It sounds like the kernel has problems with your particular CDROM drive. Try installing via a flash drive.00:09
iLogicanyone knows if ubuntu has a pdf reader that supports highlighting?00:10
W43372I'm trying to recover a deleted folder of pictures and I'm having an issue with scalpel recovering it.00:10
WolfDogDesignsJordan_U, dont have one :/00:10
WolfDogDesignsterry, it suggests windows image burner should be fine, ill give it a go with the alternative though00:11
YankDownUnderWolfDogDesigns, Use a CD/DVD cleaner in the drive, try again. If anything, burn a new copy of the ISO at a slower speed to make sure it's done correctly.00:11
Jordan_UWolfDogDesigns: I doubt that using another burning program will make any difference.00:12
chipmonkgood suggestion yank always burn at slowest speed00:12
WolfDogDesignsim dling InfraRecorder which should let me set burn speed. Win Image Burner doesnt let you adjust anything00:13
YankDownUnderJordan_U, SLOWER SPEED...as well, every month you should clean your CD/DVD drive...dust IS the enemy...00:13
Jordan_UWolfDogDesigns: The minimal install CD should work. It needs to grab everything from the internet though.00:13
YankDownUnderWolfDogDesigns, XP CD Burner. Free, always works, small, and just always works. ;)00:13
Jordan_UWolfDogDesigns: Can you be connected to the internet via ethernet while installing?00:14
WolfDogDesignsyeah, its got ethernet connection00:14
Jordan_UWolfDogDesigns: Then the minimal install CD *will* work for you.00:15
W43372Trying to recover a deleted folder. What do?00:15
Jordan_U!minimal | WolfDogDesigns00:15
ubottuWolfDogDesigns: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:15
Jordan_U!undelete | W4337200:15
ubottuW43372: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:15
aikInsaanwhat's the best way to run MSie in ubuntu? wine?00:19
terryaikInsaan: What do you need IE for?00:20
Jordan_UaikInsaan: Wine can only run up to IE6 (and IE7's rendering engine within IE6's chrome).00:20
aikInsaanby best i mean tried and tested00:20
chipmonkthx for the help00:20
aikInsaanas much as i hate ie...there are a few web apps that i use which only run on ie00:21
terryaikInsaan: Best to run IE under MS Windows00:21
Jordan_UaikInsaan: Have you tried changing user agent?00:21
aikInsaani can change user agent for chromium???00:21
cyperbgguys I need help setting SSH with public/private keys - Ive followed different turorials and I always get Server refused our key00:21
cyperbgplease help00:21
terryaikInsaan: Try firefox00:21
xiamxI have a partition created for /home, I want to move all /home files mounted on / to the enw partition, will cp -a work? Do it need to run checksum?00:22
Jordan_U!separatehome | xiamx00:22
ubottuxiamx: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving00:22
terryxiamx: cp -ar will work00:22
xiamxJordan_U, terry, thanks00:23
terryxiamx: You should rename the other one /old-home and then create the fstab entry for separate /home and reboot to see if everytihng is ok before deleting /old-home00:24
uw_hi is anyoen on here familar with netboot?00:24
terryxiamx: But read the info Jordan_U sent you for more details.00:24
xiamxterry, alright00:25
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pooltablehow do i look at the redecuation on the ubuntu software center?00:25
uw_or network installs00:25
pooltablegot it00:26
WolfDogDesignsRight. Im gonna try the new burn. Thanks a lot for the help guys00:26
stercorWhere does Ubuntu set the final PATH variable?  The one that the user uses.00:31
pooltablewhere to find chat about amd fx?00:31
Jordan_Upooltable: "redecuation"?00:31
pooltablejordan u nm i got it00:32
stercorpooltable: #hardware, perhaps?00:32
terrystercor: Are you wanting to add to your PATH?00:33
stercorterry: yes.00:33
pooltablethanks stercor00:34
stercorpooltable: That assumes that AMD is a chip and fx is a part of that chip.00:34
pooltableok what about fluxbox how to comfig it ?00:34
stercorterry: I don't want to do that every time I login/boot.  There must be some place where Ubuntu sets it.00:35
terrystercor: And to see what it now includes:  $PATH00:35
terrystercor: You don't have to do it every time  you boot.  Just do it once.00:36
stercorterry: I have to do it with each new window I open...00:36
DeviceZer0any anyone tell me what the default theme is for unity? I moved my old home folder over and now unity looks all weird and trying to use my old homes theme and settings00:36
terrystercor: What are you talking about?00:37
terrystercor: You need to tell us what it is exactly you are wanting to do.00:37
stercorterry: I need to have the system put an extra directory (actually, two) into the PATH variable on boot-up or login.00:38
pooltablestercor the next new FX 8 core00:38
* stercor know nothing of hardware, only software.00:38
terrystercor: And this is where you have executable files?00:39
stercorterry: Yes.00:39
stercorterry: rc.local?00:39
terrystercor: Why not just put them in /home/stercor/bin   (All of them.)00:39
stercorterry: The executables?00:40
terrystercor: Are you sure it is $PATH options you are after?00:40
stercorterry: Yes00:40
terrystercor: Well then yes, you set the $PATH for executables.  That is all it is for.00:41
terrystercor: So why don't you tell us what it is you really want to do.00:41
stercorterry: I want the system to provide the correct PATH to get to my executables by prepending/postpending the directories on to the PATH variable.  I don't want to do it manually every time I want to use an executable.  That is madness.  Surely Ubuntu has a place to set the PATH variable that the user (any user) uses.00:43
edbianstercor: Put your executables in the correct place00:44
terrystercor: As I just told you;  You do NOT have to do it every time you boot.  Ok?00:44
edbianor at least symlink them iectplace00:44
stercorOh, forget it.  I'll find it myself.  All of the solutions are "Band-Aids" that don't address the problem.00:44
iLogicthe fact that linux has no software capable of making highlights in pdfs makes me sad :(00:44
YankDownUnderstercor, /etc/profile00:44
stercorYankDownUnder: Now we're getting somewhere!00:45
YankDownUnderiLogic, Research before you complain?00:45
iLogicYankDownUnder: I did, actually..00:45
YankDownUnderstercor, Just make sure you make a backup of the /etc/profile before you hose the entire system.00:45
terryas edbian suggest, symlinks are good.  Just place your executables in ~/bin/  and symlink them to /usr/bin or where ever else you want, (that's already in your path).00:45
stercorYankDownUnder: Good advice!00:46
iLogicYankDownUnder: only acrobat reader, and if was previously enabled by acrobat pro which costs a billion bucks00:46
YankDownUnderiLogic, There are always alternatives.00:46
iLogicYankDownUnder: yep, very lame ones.. :(00:47
maumhow can I calibrate touch screen?00:47
maumon ubuntu 11.0400:47
terrystercor: They are not band-aids.  It is the way it's done.  You just don't understand the system.00:47
terrystercor: Have you looked at what you have in your path now?00:48
stercorterry: yes00:48
YankDownUnderiLogic, Ya know, there is something called "Crossover Office" by Codeweavers (www.codeweavers.com) that will allow you to run MS programs in a basically native environment (meaning on linux)00:48
terrystercor: Ok, well what do you need to add to it?00:48
terrystercor: And what do you have against using symlinks?00:49
stercorterry: And I know how to set PATH=blah:$PATH or PATH=$PATH:blah00:49
terrystercor: Then what is the problem?00:49
edbianstercor: Changing the path variable is not the correct solution.00:49
pooltablewhat is the commane to find out what video card i have?00:50
terrystercor: It is a very simple orderly system.  What else do you need?00:50
bazhangpooltable, lspci00:50
edbianpooltable: sudo lspci -k    (I like the -k to tell me what drivers are being used)00:51
iLogicYankDownUnder: yeah.. seems like I'm stuck with pdf x-change in wine, but it's very lame not having one single native app that is able to do such easy task00:51
iLogicYankDownUnder: if not easy, popular..00:51
YankDownUnderiLogic, Then bitch at Adobe for locking down their legalities in such a way as to keep their stuff extremely proprietary.00:51
pooltablebazhang thanks00:52
terrystercor: Just mkdir ~/bin  and put your new executables there.  From that point, you have the option of adding it to your $PATH or symlink to some dir that is already in your path. It is as simple as that.00:52
edbianpooltable: :(00:52
pooltableedbian yes?00:52
edbianpooltable: I helped too :(00:52
pooltableedbian way :(??00:53
* edbian looks sheepish00:53
pooltablesorry edbian thanks00:53
edbianpooltable: it's ok00:53
pooltablesorry edbian yes your is more info thanks00:53
edbianpooltable: Yay! \o/00:54
OogyPoogyHi all. Any recommendations on the best way to share an external Harddrive plugged into my Ubuntu box over a home network (other computers running Win7)?00:56
terryOogyPoogy: samba00:56
edbianOogyPoogy: samba is pretty much your only option.  It is hard to configure though00:57
OogyPoogySamba, eh?00:57
terryOogyPoogy: nfs is great, but is for Linux, (not MS Windows)00:57
OogyPoogyI installed Samba from the Software center, but it doesn't seem to have registered an icon in my menu system00:57
YankDownUnderUm...there ARE NFS clients for MS Windows...(not that they're good, but they do exist)00:57
terryOogyPoogy: You have to configure it.,00:57
OogyPoogyterry: if it changes anything, the external harddrive is formatted as fat3200:58
terry!samba | OogyPoogy00:58
ubottuOogyPoogy: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:58
edbianOogyPoogy: You probably installed the client not the server00:58
terryOogyPoogy: fat32 is fine, doens't matter.00:58
OogyPoogyebian: ahhhh00:58
edbianOogyPoogy: ahh indeed00:59
OogyPoogyOhh, its in the Admin menu00:59
terryOogyPoogy: sudo apt-get install samba00:59
edbianalso that00:59
edbiannobody needs help?!01:01
edbianHow about some wifi cards!01:01
OogyPoogyterry: I think I have both server and client installed. There is a GUI that pops up for "Server Configuration"01:01
terryedbian: I've got mine.01:01
OogyPoogyI guess its as "simple" as adding a Share01:01
edbianterry: :)01:01
edbianOogyPoogy: ha, yeah right.  Are you on the right workgroup?  Is the samba server running right now?  What user's can access the share you set?01:02
OogyPoogyedbian: haha :) Do I not define the workgroup when making the share? I've set up a user/pass for logging in. How can I check to see if the Samba server is running?01:03
edbianOogyPoogy: ps -e | grep samba    will tell if it's running.01:03
OogyPoogyedbian: thanks for that!01:03
edbianOogyPoogy: The workgroup (afaik) is in the config file in /etc/01:03
edbianOogyPoogy: I have never been clear about the users.  Do the windows user names get sent to the samba server or does the server just see 'samba' the local linux user trying to access stuff?  IDK01:04
OogyPoogyedbian: I typed that command and literally nothing happened. just popped up to the next prompt01:04
edbianOogyPoogy: That means it isn't running.01:04
edbianOogyPoogy: ps -e lists all running processes   | grep filters stuff  We filtered for the word 'samba'01:05
OogyPoogyedbian: ahh.... hehe. I guess /.samba?01:05
edbianOogyPoogy: Get it?01:05
OogyPoogyedbian: Oh I see. I do01:05
YankDownUnder"smbd" is what you want to look for.01:05
OogyPoogyYankDownUnder, as the process listed or is that the filename?01:05
edbianOogyPoogy: ~/.samba is the per user config     There is a system config file (for the server) in /etc somehwere01:05
edbianOogyPoogy: grepping for the right filter might help01:06
OogyPoogyoh, i see.01:06
edbianOogyPoogy: That's the process01:06
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, To restart samba, /etc/init.d/smbd restart01:06
YankDownUnderWhen looking for it, try: ps - Ae | grep smbd01:06
OogyPoogyYankDownUnder, thanks! Very much appreciate the help here!01:06
OogyPoogyIs it possible to accidentally have duplicate processes running? I have smbd listed twice: http://pastebin.com/qtSA5zq701:09
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, That's cool. Don't worry. Be happy.01:09
OogyPoogyYankDownUnder, Mr. McFerrin!01:09
edbianOogyPoogy: It likely doesn't matter.  Especially if you plan to reboot01:09
OogyPoogysince you guys are especially helpful, I'll take the opportunity to ask: is there an equivalent Linux/Ubuntu program that tweaks startup settings and cleans unused files like CCleaner for WIndows?01:10
OogyPoogyOr is that not even a necessity by virtue of the Linux architecture?01:11
YankDownUnderIt's not a worry in linux => unless you specifically don't want certain services or programs from starting...otherwise, it's not necessary.01:11
edbianOogyPoogy: They're unnecessary.01:11
iLogicmy netbook has no page up or down keys, anyone knows if there is a way to use function + up and down or something instead?01:11
OogyPoogyAs an off-topic, has anyone seen that crazy 16-year old girl who married that 53 your-old actor? She looks like she's on *major* drugs during her interview01:11
OogyPoogyiLogic, perhaps it can be mapped?01:12
YankDownUnderiLogic, I'd look through the keymappings and keyboard layouts => as well, dig through the Ubuntu forums as I'm quite certain someone with your same machine has ran across the same issue.01:12
iLogicno success so far..01:12
th0riLogic: you can use xev to determine keycodes and xmodmap to fix the issue. Google xmodmap for more details01:12
YankDownUnderiLogic, ...patience is a virtue.01:13
JayBHow do I install the cure font from artwiz to be systemwide? ubuntu 11.0401:13
Carpe|Diemcan somebody tell me whats the latest stable kernel in Ubuntu?01:13
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)01:13
OogyPoogyWhen Ubuntu gets upgraded and Gnome 2 is removed, do you think there will be a way to reinstall it? I really can't get used to Unity for some reason...01:14
edbianOogyPoogy: I'm not sure you'll be able to get gnome2 in the future.  gnome3 definitely.  What you might want to look at is xfce01:14
th0rOogyPoogy: you might want to consider debian at that point01:14
Carpe|DiemSnooffy: i don't see a version on there?01:14
Snooffyyeah sorry:D01:15
* edbian uses Debian01:15
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability.01:15
OogyPoogyth0r, is Debian as user-friendly as Ubuntu?01:15
edbianThat's what he says for stable?01:15
edbianOogyPoogy: no01:15
OogyPoogyedbian: is there a way to emulate the menu dropdown on Gnome 3?01:16
Snooffyit must be there under something..01:16
edbianOogyPoogy: I don't know what feature you're talking about.01:16
Carpe|Diemsomebody give me the output of uname -a on an updates ubuntu system01:16
edbianSnooffy: hahaha01:16
OogyPoogyedbian: so, I'm effectively being booted of Ubuntu if I don't like Unity? Wow.01:16
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, Gnome3. Egads. There *is* a tweak tool that can make Gnome3 nearly like Gnome2...01:16
edbianOogyPoogy: what? no!  You can use gnome3, kde, xfce, or like a dozen others01:16
OogyPoogyedbian: the application dropdown list01:16
OogyPoogyYankDownUnder, how come everyone hates the traditional menu so much? :)01:17
Carpe|Diemuname -a?01:17
edbianOogyPoogy: This: http://www.tuxmachines.org/images/fedora15_gnome3-activities-applications.jpg   ??01:17
szalCarpe|Diem: define 'updated ubuntu system'01:18
OogyPoogyUnity looks like an iPhone Os, but there is no touchscreen!01:18
Snooffylucid though01:18
Carpe|Diemszal: the latest ubuntu release fully updates to the latest kernel01:18
Carpe|Diemszal: i just want to know the newest ubutnu kernel number01:18
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, They don't hate it, they "decided via corporate thought" that it was no longer important - that goes for the Unity team and the Gnome3 team. They're trying to emulate the "smartphone" and "netbook" mentality.01:18
szalLinux zalle 2.6.38-10-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jun 28 15:07:17 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:18
szal@ Carpe|Diem01:18
SnooffyCarpe|Diem: what about this? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html01:19
edbianOogyPoogy: So does gnome3 imo01:19
OogyPoogyedbian: what you posted looks like an iPhone Os too!01:19
OogyPoogyYankDownUnder, but I don't get it. What if you don't use a touchscreen device?01:19
edbianOogyPoogy: I posted gnome301:20
OogyPoogyedbian: so even Gnome is losing the listed menus? Oh no...01:20
edbianOogyPoogy: gnome3 is very new01:20
edbianOogyPoogy: again, look at xfce01:20
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, Well, the apparent corporate paradigm is more important than what YOU think. Apparently.01:21
OogyPoogyGod, why can't they at least keep it like they do in Ubuntu - I use Ubuntu "classic" interface.01:21
OogyPoogyI've tried XFCE, but for some reason, the rendering isn't smooth like the stock Ubuntu setup.01:21
sw0rdfishhey guys how can I take a screenshot in firefox of a very long page in one time01:21
OogyPoogyit looks like windows 3.1 to me.01:21
sw0rdfishget it? like no need to take half then scroll down take another ss01:21
rwwMuch as I dislike the various GNOME user interfaces, can we bring the channel back to Ubuntu technical support please?01:22
YankDownUndersw0rdfish, Why don't you just "Print to file" => choose PDF as the output? Works great, ya know...01:22
OogyPoogyrww: Sorry01:22
apollosixKDE is worth another look. But in unity hide the side bar and run a dock. I know it's a bit mac but the cairo dock kills unity dock.01:22
edbiansw0rdfish: I get what you're asking.  Tough question.01:22
sw0rdfishYankDownUnder, print to file? you say... lol let me try and find that :)01:22
edbiansw0rdfish: Try saving the page and converting it somehow.  That's my best guess01:22
infobitya its a good one as YankDownUnder said save it as Pdf serch on google for help01:22
th0rOogyPoogy: I would love to compare my xfce/debian screenshots with your gnome/ubuntu <smile>01:22
edbiansw0rdfish: Print the file is a great idea01:23
sw0rdfishedbian someone just told me there's a plugin for firefox for that :D01:23
edbiansw0rdfish: there ya go!01:23
OogyPoogyth0r: could you show me? I really want to know if there something wrong with XFCE as I installed it...01:23
OogyPoogyrww: this is technically ubuntu technical support! :)01:23
Quantum_IonHey I'm Barack Obama01:23
apollosixFuck Obama01:24
ubottuPlease take political discussion to ##politics. Thank you!01:24
sw0rdfishQuantum_Ion, hello sir mr president01:24
Quantum_IonI thought I would just interject a little humor01:25
th0rOogyPoogy: pastebin won't handle pix, I think01:25
YankDownUnderAmericans don't understand real humour.01:25
apollosixI have a eee pc and trying to run ubuntu on it it won't shut down. Just freezes on shutdown command?01:25
OogyPoogyth0r: imgur.com?01:25
edbianth0r: OogyPoogy imageshack.us for pics01:26
infobitYankDownUnder, this is not a place for humour01:26
edbianapollosix: What if you sudo shutdown now01:26
YankDownUnderinfobit, HOW WELL I KNOW.01:26
sw0rdfishedbian, my friend found me this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/screengrab/01:26
sw0rdfishedbian, so if you guys wanna add it to ubuttu or something feel free to :)01:27
edbiansw0rdfish: :)01:27
apollosixyou people aren't very nice.....bye01:27
* edbian does not have the authority to edit the bot01:27
OogyPoogyYankDownUnder, You've been down under too long. Not all of us are thick :)01:27
edbianapollosix: bye01:27
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, Spot on.01:27
OogyPoogyedbian: I *just* realized that edbian was an anagram. Maybe I am thick after all....01:28
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, ;)01:28
th0rOogyPoogy: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/684/29pm.png/01:28
edbianOogyPoogy: It's actually just me messing the letters up.  An anagram can be read upside and upside right.01:29
YankDownUnder1/2 anagram...01:29
OogyPoogyedbian: oh, I thought an anagram was a new word resulting from rearrangement, not symmetry. See, I am dumb01:30
OogyPoogyth0r: That actually looks quite nice01:30
runicfoxOogyPoogy, a palindrome is symmetry.  an anagram is rearrangement.01:30
OogyPoogyThere was definitely a rendering problem on my end then.01:30
OogyPoogyrunicfox, so then I was right!01:30
OogyPoogyedbian: stop messing me up! :)01:31
edbianOogyPoogy: he themed the heck out of it.  It does not look like that by default01:31
OogyPoogyth0r: How long did it take you to theme it up all nice like that?01:31
th0rOogyPoogy: I had to untar two theme packages and set up the panels the way I wanted...maybe half an hour01:32
YankDownUnderI'd love to post a screenshot, but hey, it's like 3840x1080 .... ;)01:32
OogyPoogyYank: DO IT!01:32
OogyPoogyth0r: Oh that's not too bad....does XFCE come on the Live CD?01:33
edbianOogyPoogy: It comes on the xbuntu live cd01:33
OogyPoogyI cool - so I'll grab that.01:33
OogyPoogyAnyone use an NAS with Ubuntu?01:34
th0rOogyPoogy: you can just load xfce to your present ubuntu install...no need to get a new cd01:34
edbianhttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/405/screenshothzq.png/   ignore the rage comic01:34
OogyPoogyth0r: How would I do this? Via Synaptic?01:35
tripelbhttp://grigio.org/textmate_gedit_few_steps  is this a good thing to do. I wanted something like "TextEdit" on the Mac.01:35
OogyPoogyedbian: you a redditor? :)01:36
edbianOogyPoogy: No, stumble01:36
th0rOogyPoogy: yes, just load xfce4 and thunar. there are other parts to xfce (xfburn, ristretto, etc) but those two will ge tyou started01:36
edbiantripelb: what do you mean by 'good' ?01:36
OogyPoogyedbian: what DE are you using?01:36
aikInsaanis vmware-server available in the partners archive under  a different name by any chance?01:36
edbianOogyPoogy: http://imageshack.us/f/841/screenshot1gj.png/   no rage comic01:36
OogyPoogyth0r: Thanks, I'll install now.01:36
th0rOogyPoogy: after installing xfce4, log out and at the login screen Session menu choose xfce01:37
OogyPoogyth0r, will do.01:37
tripelbedbian, I was looking for trouble. Not. I wanted to know if anyone has some experience with this. I only want safe stuff. But some more functionality (font styles, sizes - pasting in a pic) would be welcome.01:38
edbiantripelb: I've never used it.  Since it doesn't come from the repos it's a good idea you're asking around though.01:38
mystiquebahey guys, I forgot my nickserv password, how do I restore it?01:38
blackhawkhi,anyone know of an app that could monitor the temps of the cpu,hdd..and so on01:38
rww!lm-sensors | blackhawk01:39
ubottublackhawk: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.01:39
rwwmystiqueba: ask #freenode01:39
mystiquebarww, thanks01:39
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, edbian Here y'all go: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/5001:39
blackhawkthanks :) that was fast :)01:39
aikInsaananyone running vmware on natty?01:39
edbianYankDownUnder: interesting.  A 404 error01:40
OogyPoogyedbian: not seeing the second link01:40
OogyPoogyOh, god damn it. The wife is calling from downstairs.01:40
OogyPoogyWhy can't i just get some alone time?01:40
tripelbmystiqueba, /join #nickserv led me to #freenode so I think that's the place to ask.01:40
edbianYankDownUnder: very meta01:40
OogyPoogyLater everyone, and thank for the help.01:40
edbianOogyPoogy: pardon?01:40
\bMike\bI just accidentally created a new partition table on a HDD I was using. Can I recover or recreate it from the filesystem data that's still on the disk?01:41
OogyPoogyoh, i'm still here...i thought my connection died01:41
cyperbgI still can't make a script run at after Reboot01:41
cyperbgplease help01:41
\bMike\bcyperbg: which script01:41
cyperbgwell it's a custom script01:41
OogyPoogyYankDownUnder, 404 error here01:41
\bMike\bcyperbg: what language?01:42
cyperbgwhicj when executed from Terminal works01:42
OogyPoogyedbian: did my message get cut off?01:42
cyperbg\bMike\b, I'm not sure but it contain If else clauses01:42
edbianOogyPoogy: You didn't get my second link?01:42
cyperbgit's called startmining.sh01:42
OogyPoogyedbian: no, I clicked, but it wouldn't open. I think it was because me connection died. Let me try again01:42
\bMike\bcyperbg: that's a shell script (because of the .sh, not because of if...else - nearly every language has if...else)01:42
edbiancyperbg: bit-coin or minecraft?01:43
cyperbg cyperbg bitcoin01:43
OogyPoogyit won't open01:43
cyperbgedbian I meant01:43
cyperbgit's bitcoin01:43
\bMike\bcyperbg: what is the first line of the script?01:43
edbiancyperbg: You put the script in /etc/init.d   ?01:43
=== bizby is now known as bizbyisaway
OogyPoogyShit. my wife is pissed. bRB01:44
cyperbgYes, I tried that01:44
mystiquebatripelb, thanks01:44
edbiancyperbg: and you ran update-rc.d   on it?01:44
edbiancyperbg: and it starts with #!/bin/bash    ?01:44
cyperbgI don't know what tha is so no01:44
YankDownUnderOogyPoogy, edbian http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/992/2372011screenshot.jpg01:45
cyperbgedbian according to this link I should put my script in /etc/init.d/rc.local  file - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RcLocalHowto01:45
edbianYankDownUnder: I liked 404 error better01:45
edbiancyperbg: that works too01:45
YankDownUnderedbian, Hehehehe...me too...01:45
KM0201YankDownUnder: dual screens for the win!.. :_01:46
cyperbgbut reading that file decription it says: Run /etc/rc.local if it exist01:46
edbianYankDownUnder: you monitor must be 10 feet wide01:46
cyperbgso then which one I put it in?01:46
YankDownUndercyperbg, Just add what you wish in the /etc/rc.local and that's easy enough.01:46
edbiancyperbg: either one01:46
YankDownUnderedbian, Two monitors, 24" each.01:46
cyperbgYankDownUnder I tried, it ain't working01:46
edbiancyperbg: /etc/rc.local is probably easier.  What line are you putting in there?01:46
edbianYankDownUnder: nice01:46
cyperbgedbian one moment I'll tell you01:46
edbiancyperbg: k01:47
cyperbgedbian I put /home/cyper/Autominer/startmining.sh before exit 001:47
cyperbgwould it be better to put:01:47
cyperbgcd /home/cyper/Autominer01:47
edbiancyperbg: no01:47
cyperbgso the first one is not woring too01:48
edbiancyperbg: can root run that script?  cause root will.01:48
cyperbgedbian I run it with sudo01:48
cyperbgit runs fine01:48
edbiancyperbg: mmmm...01:48
edbiancyperbg: do this sudo /etc/init.d/rc.local01:49
cyperbgedbian this script starts mining on my 4 cards, but btw now it started cause I can hear my machine running louder, but there are no screens to attached01:49
edbiancyperbg: Does the bitcoin script start?01:49
econdudeawesomeHowdy all. I'm having a real problem. My updates are all funky with the last kernel update: linux-image-generic, linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic. apt-get and aptitude fail. What can I do?01:49
edbiancyperbg: Ummm, we need a more object test of it running.  Use ps -e | grep mining   or something01:50
cyperbgedbian disgregard my last comment01:50
cyperbgit worked01:50
edbiancyperbg: oh good!01:50
cyperbgso let's try  sudo /etc/init.d/rc.local01:50
cyperbgthe screens worked01:50
edbiancyperbg: ok01:50
cyperbgUsage: /etc/init.d/rc.local start|stop so I'll do sudo /etc/init.d/rc.local stop01:51
cyperbgstart I meant01:51
edbiancyperbg: sure01:51
cyperbgsudo /etc/init.d/rc.local start works01:51
renaldocreativeHello everyone01:51
cyperbgmy script starts01:51
edbianrenaldocreative: hello01:52
cyperbgso why then doesn't it start after reboot?01:52
edbiancyperbg: I do not know.01:52
cyperbgedbian any other ideas01:52
edbiancyperbg: perhaps it is and it takes time for the fans on the cards to spin up01:52
cyperbgI really need this01:52
cyperbgno they spin in a matter of 10-15 seconds - I can hear the difference01:52
econdudeawesomeerrors can be found here: http://pastebin.com/sQXaU8S801:52
edbiancyperbg: reboot and run ps -e | grep mining01:52
YankDownUndercyperbg, Um...did you put your stuff AFTER the "exit 0" or before the "exit 0" in the /etc/rc.local?01:52
YankDownUndercyperbg, Just checking for 'ID10T' errors mate.01:53
cyperbgno worries mate :)(01:53
cyperbgmet me restart and try01:53
cyperbgedbian ps -e | grep mining does not display anything01:55
cyperbgno erros01:55
cyperbgjust a new line01:55
cyperbgYankDownUnder any ideas?01:56
JRWRjoin #ubuntu-server01:56
infobitrenaldocreative, hi whats up01:56
edbiancyperbg: then it isn't running01:56
edbianvery strange01:56
YankDownUndercyperbg, How are you calling this script mate? Are you calling it from the /etc/rc/local?01:56
edbianJRWR: ha01:56
cyperbgsudo /etc/init.d/rc.local start works again01:56
edbiancyperbg: very strange01:57
cyperbgYankDownUnder no the scrips is in my home folder01:57
edbianlg: what is your issue?01:57
cyperbgthe script01:57
lgno thanks01:57
edbianlg: ?01:57
cyperbganyone else?01:58
pieces029Hey I am trying to install a python module to my home directory because I don't have sudo on the system I'm on.  When I do python setup.py install I get an error that the directory doesn't support .pth files.  Can anyone help me with this problem or suggest another way around this?  Thanks01:58
cyperbgI'm stuck01:58
YankDownUndercyperbg, Right - now we're getting somewhere!!! Right - SO, since it's YOUR script in YOUR home dir, what you'd want to do is add it to the "Startup Applications" mate...easy AS! ;)01:58
edbianYankDownUnder: he wants it to run when the system turn on.01:58
cyperbgYankDownUnder I did that but the script has var/log/Autominer.log and it gets access denied01:59
edbianYankDownUnder: And it should it it's in /etc/init.d/rc.local01:59
cyperbgit works - but can't write to the log01:59
cyperbgand it is important to have access to the log01:59
rewatihi there i have broadcom wireless card and installed broadcom sta kernel source from synaptic and restarted my computer still no wireless01:59
edbianpieces029: put the python module source code in the same dir as the program you're writing01:59
cyperbgedbian adding it to Startup appication works - it just can't write to the log01:59
edbiancyperbg: Yeah.  It SHOULD work being called from /etc/init.d/local01:59
pieces029edbian: Ok I'll give that a try02:00
cyperbgedbian you mean /etc/init.d/rc.local?02:00
blackhawklm-sensors applets won't work in unity right?02:01
blackhawkanything else?02:01
edbiancyperbg: put the script in /etc/init.d/ and then run sudo update-rc.d on it02:01
cyperbgok I'll try02:01
cyperbgedbian you mean moving the file?02:02
edbiancyperbg: or copy it02:02
cyperbgedbian I'm going to try something else first: move the log file to the same dir as the script02:03
edbiancyperbg: I'm not SURE it needs to be in /etc/init.d/   but put it there to be safe02:03
cyperbgand then I can add it to Startup and it will work02:03
edbiancyperbg: Just change the permissions of the log file.02:03
edbiancyperbg: But it will only run when you log in then.02:03
edbiancyperbg: where's the other way it starts when the computer starts02:03
cyperbgedbian I login automatically02:03
cyperbgthat is not a problem02:03
edbiancyperbg: Well there ya go then!02:03
cyperbghow do I change the permission to write from user?02:04
\bMike\bcyperbg: chmod02:04
edbiancyperbg: sudo chown you:you /path/to/log/file  would work too02:04
cyperbg\bMike\b I know it's chmod, but I don't know what to write after it02:05
pieces029edbian: so there is c++ files in there as well should I compile those first?02:05
C_Smithokay, my sound system is refusing to respond, I go to change my volume, and I can't, I click on sound preferences, it pops up a windows saying "Waiting for sound system to respond", and it doesn't stop.02:05
cyperbgedbian i'll try02:05
edbianpieces029: Is the module not pure python?02:05
C_Smithanything I can try>02:05
C_Smithmind you, I just updated my kernel to 3.002:05
pieces029edbian: no, its pyopencl, so it's a wrapper to open cl02:06
edbianpieces029: Then you'll have to compile the C++ code.  If it's part of the module.02:06
edbiangotta go!02:06
cyperbgedbian I put it in /etc/init.d02:09
cyperbgbut how do I run sudo update-rc.d02:09
C_Smitheh, screw it, I'll go back to 2.6.3802:09
cyperbgwhat follows after02:09
C_SmithEdbien isn't here anymore, he has said "gotta go"02:09
cyperbgthere is help, but I can't seem to understand it02:10
C_Smithcyberbg, Edbien isn't here.02:10
cyperbgC_Smith 10x02:10
cyperbgI don't see quits02:10
grendal-primehey what do i need installed to be able to use sftp through the kde file browser?02:11
C_SmithI'm scrolling up just a little bit and seeing that Ebien has left.02:11
grendal-primethougt it was kioserver02:11
C_Smithwell, since I can't get help with my issue, I'll just go back to 2.6.38-10-generic02:12
C_Smithas my kernel02:12
=== gianni is now known as Guest55012
bazhang!es | usuario02:20
ubottuusuario: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:20
Neizer_does any one know if ubunto supports touch screens yet02:20
Neizer_I can't get my stylus to work02:21
wildgooseNeizer, xsetwacom02:24
hamedhi i am xubuntu      In order to run Ardesia you need to enable a composite manager02:26
hamedhow can i enable composite manager ?02:26
wols_hamed: glxinfo |grep direct02:26
wols_hamed: and read http://code.google.com/p/ardesia/wiki/FAQ the section Can I use Ardesia on Linux without a composite manager?02:28
razz11when creating a USB stick with dd to install OS does the USB drive needs to be formatted, or does it matter it's got another OS ISO on it?02:30
wols_the USB stick doesn't need to have a filesystem02:31
DasEirazz11: for the live's being dd'able no need to pre-format02:32
razz11wols_: DasEi: I thought so, dd is at block level isn't it?02:33
razz11wols_: DasEi: also it's got Debian DVD image, if I use a CD image of another OS, will it cause any issues as some of the debian stuff will still be on the USB stick. thats why I was asking whether I need to wipe it first?02:34
tfdevknock knock02:35
DasEirazz11: debian/ubuntu installer commonly need other perequisits, such as formatting to fat and a tool like unetbootin, usb-creator,pendrivelinux02:36
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:36
econdudeawesomeHowdy all. I'm having a real problem. My updates are all funky with the last kernel update: linux-image-generic, linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic. apt-get and aptitude fail. What can I do?02:36
econdudeawesomeerrors can be found here: http://pastebin.com/sQXaU8S802:36
DasEirazz11: other live environments like superGrudDisk2 work just by dd though02:37
alazare619whats the terminal command to create a partition table?02:37
arfbtwnalazare619: take your pick, fdisk || parted, i'm sure there are others02:38
razz11DasEi: just curious, I was going to make a fedora live cd usb to test, wondering do I need to wipe it clean before I write the fedora stuff to the USB?02:39
razz11DasEi: I am just trying to learn how to do this in CLI02:39
DasEirazz11: visit pendrivelinux.com02:40
DasEialazare619: man cfdisk02:40
alazare619how can i setup pureftpd to run as inted02:45
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
daniel_is there a way to use an iso file without burning it to a disc ? maybe a program that tricks my computer into thinking its on a disc02:45
arfbtwnalazare619: add a file for it under the xinetd.d directory, IIRC.02:46
hamedthank you very much i already enabled composite manager02:46
arfbtwndaniel_: mount -t iso9660 -o loop,ro <iso file> <mount point>02:46
alazare619artbtwn it cant be initid as default and not standalone?02:46
DasEi!info usb-creator| daniel_02:46
ubottu'daniel_' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable02:47
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:47
DasEi!info usb-creator02:47
daniel_arfbtwn what would be the mount point?02:47
ubottuPackage usb-creator does not exist in natty02:47
daniel_arfbtwn, what would be the mount point?02:47
martian_Would anyone know of a cross-platform keyboarding/mouse sharing application alternative to Synergy? Synergy is designed to use one computer to control many, when I want to allow many to control one.02:48
arfbtwndaniel_: wherever you like, I think you can also double click from nautilus02:48
Semitones_teahey everyone, is there a way to bring up GRUB if holding shift isn't working? I'm trying to rescue a computer that won't boot normally.02:49
DasEimartian_: just ssh -X in ?!02:49
arfbtwnalazare619: I can't remember the full steps, but you should see other files in /etc/xinetd.d which each describe a service02:49
daniel_arfbtwn, well what im trying to do is i have a game that is in iso form and ur saying all i had to do was double click it and i should be able to play it ?02:49
jribSemitones_tea: boot a live cd and work from there02:49
alazare619yea i got you artbtwn02:49
Semitones_teajrib, my cd drive used to be working, but Bios doesn't detect it anymore. Could it have come unplugged?02:50
arfbtwnalazare619: so you just create a new one for pureftpd, I think you need to disable stand alone in it's conf file though...02:50
DasEiSemitones_tea: you can try to press e on regular kernel and add single to it, that should boot into init 1 , too02:50
bazhang!iso > daniel_02:50
ubottudaniel_, please see my private message02:50
w30Semitones_tea, I get my grub boot to pause by repeatedly hitting the down arrow02:50
Semitones_teaDasEi, at what point should I press e?02:50
Semitones_teaw30, the Grub menu seems to be skipped by default though02:51
martian_DasEi: well, that's not terribly cross platform :)02:51
Semitones_teaotherwise that'd work ;)02:51
DasEimartian_: just ssh -X in ?! martian_: why not ?02:51
daniel_bazhang, ok still confused what to put as the mount point though02:51
=== phlux is now known as Guest39746
bazhangdaniel_, its a windows game? you would need to run it via wine then02:52
w30Semitones_tea, edit your grub config and add a time pause to it02:52
DasEidaniel_: set one manually, aka sudo mkdir /media/iso02:52
martian_DasEi: because if I'm on linux, I can't ssh -X in to a windows machine, or the other way around02:53
DasEiSemitones_tea: see w30, edit /etc/default/grub , remove splash and adjust timeout, then you should see bootmenu (and then also recovery-kernel)02:53
DasEimartian_: us  vnc then02:54
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:54
DasEimartian_: vnc is there both ways preconfigured02:54
flametai1Hey guys I installed Mupen64 and it worked for awhile and all of a sudden poof........It's no longer in Applications, I even edited the menu's looking for the app and it's not in there??? =/ And it's still installed, I've tried uninstalling then re-install but no go, can anyone help me? =/02:55
martian_DasEi: Yeah, I'm familiar with it. It's far from seamless, but it'll work. Thanks.02:55
flametai1Really badly would like to play all of my old N64 games............ =|02:55
bazhangflametai1, installed how and from where02:55
Semitones_teaDasEi, can I do that without a cd rom drive?02:55
flametai1bazhang, Ubuntu Software Center just by clicking install? lol02:55
flametai1bazhang, it was there for about 2 weeks and just poof disappeared o.O02:56
DasEimartian_: it depend on your focus, as in performance/overhead, teamviewer might also do, if non-commercial02:56
bazhangflametai1, mupen64plus you mean02:56
flametai1bazhang, yES.02:56
DasEiSemitones_tea: yes02:57
flametai1bazhang, any idea? =/02:59
bazhangflametai1, try alt f2 mupen64plus02:59
=== bluebaron is now known as pensfan
Semitones_teaDasEi, and without USB too?03:00
flametai1bazhang, Didn't even show up on system monitor =/03:01
DasEiSemitones_tea: yes, sure : gksu gedit /etc/default/grub03:01
Semitones_teaDasEi, I can't get to a terminal though :/03:02
Semitones_teanot even a virtual console03:02
DasEiSemitones_tea: give the timeout say a 10 seconds and leave the line about splash just as =""m safe, sudo update-grub03:02
DasEiSemitones_tea: ctrl-alt-F1 ?03:03
=== Guest39746 is now known as phlux
Semitones_teaDasEi, when I do that, it says "monitor out of range" and I can't even get back to f7 or f8 so I have to hard shut down03:03
wols_Semitones_tea: what videocard and driver is this?03:04
DasEiSemitones_tea: why can't you call terminal ?03:04
Semitones_teaDasEi, no idea, it just sends the monitor out of range03:06
Semitones_teawols_, I believe it is nv, and it is an older AGP 4x card03:07
DasEiSemitones_tea: alt+F2 , sudo init 1 ?03:07
Semitones_teaDasEi, when I boot the computer, I get an xorg error, and then a black screen with a pointer. I never get any further than that I'm afraid...03:08
arfbtwnSemitones_tea: in that case, ctrl+alt+f1 should get you to a terminal?03:08
DasEiSemitones_tea: ah, so that's the whole story, and you can't get to bootmenu, I assume it's least lucid and not an older distro with grub 1 ?03:09
Semitones_teaDasEi, I think it is 10.04, I don't remember if that's lucid03:09
DasEiit is03:09
Semitones_teaarfbtwn, I thought it would, but instead I get "monitor frequency out of range" and I can't even get back to f803:10
DasEiSemitones_tea: well then you will need a life environment to chroot in and fix that graphic's driver03:10
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razz11can dd command be used to create a bootable USB from any distribution's iso?03:10
arfbtwnSemitones_tea: I jumped in at a late point here, but have you specified vga= in your kernel line?03:11
rwwrazz11: no, it depends on how the distribution prepares their ISO03:12
razz11rww: interesting, is there a way to tell if it will work?03:13
tamirhi every one i m noob. how i can real time audio stream ?03:13
DasEiarfbtwn: no way to call grub's menu03:13
ritzzhi y'all... does anyone knows how to control  access to hard drives to other account/users  (besides admin account) ?03:14
rwwrazz11: no idea. I'd probably just try it, or ask the distribution.03:14
=== semitones_blehbl is now known as semitones_
razz11rww: thanks03:14
terrySemitones_tea: Try F703:14
arfbtwnDasEi: v. weird, indeed!03:14
DasEiritzz: fstab and permissions on the mount-dir03:14
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions03:15
terrySemitones_tea: tty7 should be GUI  tty6 should be console03:15
ritzzoh i forgot i mount second hard drive via truecrypt does this apply to fstab03:16
terryritzz: accessing another user's filesystem requires su03:16
TheCyph3rsudo su03:17
terrytimrc:  TheCyph3r su - other-user-name-here03:17
blackhawki did  formate some free space on my HDD for storage as ext4 and when i tried to mount it, it gave me an error and said that only root can mount it03:18
blackhawkwhat should i do03:18
LS1hi, trying to get a broadcom BCM57788 to load with modprobe broadcom and tg3 but still no eth0 showing up, any ideas?03:19
terryTheCyph3r: If I want to access ritzz's filesystem, I would do:   su - ritzz03:19
terryTheCyph3r: And give ritzz's password03:19
TheCyph3rterry: okay cool. I'll remember that if I create other user accounts03:20
terryTheCyph3r: To do it as admin, just do   sudo ls /home/rigzz/   (and give my password) (if (and only if) I am in admin group)03:21
DasEiblackhawk: prefix with sudo and for automatic mounting add it to fstab03:21
=== edge is now known as Guest96892
johnnyonflamei've installed FreeNX on my server03:24
johnnyonflameand ran the setup03:24
johnnyonflamebut I can't seem to be able to log onto the server03:24
johnnyonflame"The session negotiation failed"03:24
johnnyonflame"Error is: Session startup failed"03:25
terryjohnnyonflame: Forgot  your passowrd?03:25
johnnyonflamenah, the password is right03:25
johnnyonflamejust installed NX03:25
blackhawkDasEi sorry but i don't quite understand that.i'm new to this03:25
blackhawkcan you give me the full command?03:25
terryjohnnyonflame: What do you mean, "NX"?03:25
cdavisI used handbrake to format a movie for my iPad, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the movie onto the iPad03:25
DasEiblackhawk: open a terminal ..03:26
DasEiblackhawk: sudo fdisk -l             , which is the new partition ?03:26
terryjohnnyonflame: /join #nx03:26
terryjohnnyonflame: But you should be able to boot to single user mode.  What boot loader does it use?  Grub or Lilo?03:27
johnnyonflamethe system is running03:28
johnnyonflamebut i can create a session on NX03:28
=== Guest96892 is now known as theedge
terryjohnnyonflame: /join #nx03:28
=== theedge is now known as groovEdge
DasEiblackhawk:, which is the new partition ? /dev/sd...03:28
lantis469hey wat's up everybody03:30
testytestyhi lantis03:30
ali1السلام عليكم03:30
ali1هل احد يتكلم لغة العربية ؟03:31
lantis469has anybody here seen the movie "Hackers"03:31
lantis469"Hack The Planet" lol that was an inspirational movie for me03:32
renaldocreativelansis469 yes i03:32
rww!ot | lantis46903:32
ubottulantis469: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:32
renaldocreativeI think they use Unix in Hacker03:33
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:33
Infernetlantis469: hack the planet03:33
flametai1Hey guys....... Having trouble with Mupen64Plus still....... I figured out what my problem was but now I can't get CuteMupen to work on Ubuntu 10.10? =| Can anyone help me?03:33
testytestyflametai1: what happens when you try to get it to work?03:34
flametai1testytesty, Well I installed it all using this tutorial http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1686384 Followed it to the exact, open it up, and nothing happens =| Oh.... I think I might know what the problem is 1 sec03:35
Peddyhow can I simulate XF86AudioLowerVolume being pressed from the terminal?03:35
lantis469use Project 64 nd install it with the windows emulator wine03:36
lantis469or with crossover which is another windows emulator03:36
keithclarkIs there a program that can create a .mpg or other movie format from a directory of date organized .jpeg files?03:37
flametai1testytesty, Figured it out LOL Thank you for replying though :)03:37
testytestyPeddy: amixer sset Master 2- or something like that03:37
testytestykeithclark: yes, mencoder from mplayer is quite good at that03:37
testytestykeithclark: also ffmpeg03:37
Peddytestytesty, that would change the volume, and I have tried that, but I want to actually simulate that keypress (so notify-osd can show volume, etc)03:38
testytestyPeddy: oh03:38
testytestyPeddy: you're using GNOME+Unity?03:38
Peddytestytesty, gnome + gnome shell, actually03:39
SianaGearzhelloes. i installed me new ram and PAE kernel, but PAE won't boot, it hangs -.- the non-PAE kernel still boots OK. how do i determine the cause?03:39
SianaGearzi'm on natty03:39
Peddytestytesty, but it should be standard across gnome. I can use Unity too.03:39
Riginpls help me03:39
testytestyPeddy: it might be, might not =)03:39
testytestyPeddy: should work across X, though: http://www.gentoo-wiki.info/HOWTO_Use_Multimedia_Keys#Setting_up_xmodmap03:39
johnnyonflameWhat's the easiest VNC server to install? (one that doesn't suck much)03:40
testytestyRigin: ...with?03:40
SianaGearzram checked out fine in memtest03:40
Peddythanks testytesty. I'm also looking into dbus calls, there might be one for volume03:40
lsheebapeace= all03:40
testytestyjohnnyonflame: I thought Ubuntu came with one03:40
Riginhow can we install applications in format tar.bz203:40
testytestyjohnnyonflame: check system/admin section of menu03:40
testytestyRigin: usually by compiling them - what application?03:40
Riginpls help me urgent03:40
johnnyonflameI have no GUI atm03:40
lsheebais any1 here expert with linux games from windows?03:40
johnnyonflameit's a VDS03:40
testytestylsheeba: are you looking for an expert, or a solution to a problem?03:41
testytestyjohnnyonflame: vds?03:41
testytestyjohnnyonflame: I like tigervnc03:41
SianaGearzmay i repeat my question or is this useless?03:41
Rigin.how can we compile the application03:41
johnnyonflameVDS= Virtual dedicated server03:41
testytestyjohnnyonflame: but if you don't have a GUI you probably want openssh03:41
johnnyonflamei'm connected to SSH03:41
johnnyonflameand the server have GNOME/KDE installed already03:41
Riginhow can we install applications in format tar.bz203:41
testytestya virtual dedicated server... that sounds oxymoronical03:42
Riginpls help me urgent03:42
lsheebatestytesty, i have a game which is from the IOQuake Engine , the problem is its created from scratch by afriend , and the launcher to start the game is a .exe for windows users , now we only need a launcher for linux so linux users could also play it03:42
testytestyjohnnyonflame: so you need to start the VNC server from console03:42
johnnyonflameit's cheap, and it works just fine for what i want03:42
VastlocyrHow can I send hardware error messages (cannot enumerate usb blah blah) to /dev/null? They make the tty unusable with constant spam. >.>03:42
johnnyonflameyeah, pretty much03:42
testytestyRigin: which application?03:42
Riginits to install new mozilla firefox03:42
testytestyjohnnyonflame: not trying to insult it, it just doesn't make sense in my head03:42
testytestyRigin: which version do you want?03:42
Riginmozilla firefox03:42
wisevoyagerHi, everyone. Is this channel support ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lync?03:42
testytestywisevoyager: for all ubuntu versions and distros, AFAIK03:43
DasEiSianaGearz: ok to repeat half hours wise ; check /var/log/syslog, dmesg, and kern.log, apart also try to install linux-image-server, that also comes with pae03:43
SianaGearzDasEi: thx03:43
johnnyonflameWell, it's basically a virtual machine03:43
lsheebai can send u the launcher and u can change the paremeters to be in the linux language with the same procedure because the engine runs both in windows and linux , quake files are like that when u have quake installed in windows u just copy the quake files and add a launcher and walla but i cant find a person who has this knowledge of this case03:43
testytestyRigin: well for starters, you don't want to use a tar.bz203:43
johnnyonflamein a box full of other servers03:43
wisevoyagertestytesty: thanks bro!03:43
testytestyjohnnyonflame: that part I get03:43
johnnyonflameso, what didn't you get?03:44
testytestylsheeba: what does the launcher do?03:44
testytestyjohnnyonflame: how it's dedicated03:44
Riginyes i need03:45
johnnyonflameIt's just sold like that, it's not really dedicated03:45
SianaGearzDasEi: well dmesg apparently only remembers the current session, not the one which doesn't boot. i'll go check the rest.03:45
Riginbut i don't know to process with tar.bz203:45
lsheebathe launcher starts the engine thats all , the engine compatibility can run in linux also if the launcher is available03:45
johnnyonflamethe only dedicated thing about it is that it runs what i want and only what I want on it03:45
testytestyRigin: you don't need the tar.bz2, there are binaries03:45
DasEiSianaGearz: dmes will also report a broken start, and where it hangs, dmesg > dmesg.txt of better scrolling03:46
Riginthen how can we devolop the application mozilla03:46
keithclarktestytesty, perfection, thanks03:46
testytestyRigin: oh you got it from mozilla.com ?03:46
testytestykeithclark: youtubeing, are we? =)03:47
lsheebatestytesty, i got default linux games installed in my desktop like warsow and nexuiz , is their a way to see how the launcher works by editing it ? forexample nexuiz launcher offcourse inside it has a paremeter saying fs_game  < nexuiz directory engine > , i want to change that to IOQuakeXbeta Directory Engine > so then it will be able to launch the game thats all03:47
Rigina new version with browser id03:47
lwizardlwhat would you say would be the best version of Ubuntu (not exactly the Xubuntu, or kubuntu) such as 6.04 etc for using to recover files from old machines ? think like win98-xp based computers03:47
SianaGearzDasEi: i simply piped it into less :P03:47
testytestylwizardl: I'd use http://www.sysresccd.org/ personally03:48
keithclarktestytesty, no, just combining still pics of a surveillance cam03:48
testytestylwizardl: if I had to pick an Ubuntu variety, I'd pick one with a lighter desktop than GNOME or KDE03:48
testytestykeithclark: you surveiller you03:48
keithclarktestytesty, gotta watch03:48
testytestykeithclark: I think there are easier ways if you just want to watch03:49
testytestymplayer can probably play them directly without manually combining them03:49
Riginpls help me03:49
testytestyRigin: relax03:49
=== Nalo is now known as CptNaloZ^
keithclarktestytesty, and they are?03:49
cactusfrogi keep getting this error when i try to edit a file http://pastebin.com/GSK8kcKh03:49
lwizardltestytesty, yeah I have looked at sysrec before. I was looking at the xubuntu because of how low the overhead system requirements that are needed. I'm just looking for a distro version to keep on hand for older machines. Like the system I was given today to do some repairs on seems to only have about 64mb of ram03:49
testytestyRigin: inside the tar.bz2 is a tar file, inside the tar file is a directory, inside the directory is a Firefox install you can run03:50
SianaGearzDasEi: oh! apparently the kernel and a whole bunch of services booted just fine. maybe it locked up when starting x.org03:50
lsheebaok Rigin  u want to install a developer mozzile based browser for developer purposes ? or u just want the updated mozzilla firefox installed on ur ubuntu ?03:50
testytestyRigin: extract with the following command: tar -xjvf foo.tar.bz203:50
testytestyhe just wants a 5.0.1 binary03:50
testytestykeithclark: perfectly good question =)03:50
testytestykeithclark: http://www.noah.org/wiki/Mplayer_notes#Play_a_sequence_of_images03:51
DasEi!bootoptions | SianaGearz , or maybe reconfigure xorg03:51
ubottuSianaGearz , or maybe reconfigure xorg: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.03:51
josuehi, someone know how to configure kate to connecto with xampp?03:51
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:51
testytestyjosue: do what?03:51
SianaGearzDasEi: maybe it's of relevance that i'm running the edgers xorg for the 275 nvidia driver, because the 270 is badly broken -.-03:51
lsheebaisnt firefox 5.0 installed by default in ubuntu 11.04?03:51
keithclarktestytesty, a nice gui would be awesome for that command03:51
testytestykeithclark: GUI shmui03:51
xangualsheeba: if you have all the updates, yes03:51
Riginthank u03:51
SianaGearzDasEi: i am always nomodeset03:51
josuekate use a mysql extension to connect to mysql, but I have mysql on xampp03:51
Riginthank u testytesty03:52
josueso not the same03:52
keithclarktestytesty, I can live in cl03:52
DasEiSianaGearz: could be, maybe try a common xorg first (empty, reconfigure)03:52
=== testytesty is now known as fenugreek
=== CptNaloZ^ is now known as Nalo
onelinerok how can i fill a bug report?03:52
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:52
SianaGearzthanks DasEi03:52
josueUnable to connect to database.03:52
josueCan't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) QMYSQL: No se ha podido conectar03:52
cactusfrogso i take it no one has seen "(gedit:24307): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: No such file or directory03:52
cactusfrog" before?03:52
onelinerwhat would be the package name for the software center?03:52
Rigini have 1 more doubt03:53
bladeanyone any good with ati from the command line?03:53
Riginwhere do we execute this tar -xjvf foo.tar.bz2 command03:53
lsheebaas far as i know , no more need in using terminal because most packages are ready in default blade03:53
keithclarkRigin, from the directory from which yo which to uncompress the target file03:54
lsheebaterminal is just for people who wants things in  a linux feeling to feel the linux03:54
bladelsheeba that's what i thought also but from what i understand the only way i can enable both of my vid cards would be with the aticonfig -- commands in terminal03:54
ritzzso sorry03:55
Riginpls help to excecute the command03:56
ritzzphone call03:56
Riginof aticonfig03:56
lsheeba+chmod x+u03:56
tomek_I need easy to use and understand samba configuring tool .Any propositions?03:56
lsheebai think03:56
lsheebawat is the file type?03:56
keithclarkfenugreek, no03:56
=== Nalo is now known as SirNaloZ^
nighti called getpid() method in different thread in same process , i found thread id is same , why03:57
lsheebajust /sh file.run03:57
ritzzok this is my process mount via trucrypt as admin my hard drive but if i log in into family account hard drive shows in desktop and also it's contents i want to block access of familoy account to that hard drive03:57
lsheebaritzz, u can give access in the control center03:58
nightAPUE said : in linux thread is a special process ,so there are different pid03:58
lsheebaman this is insane , i come here to ask for help them im pulled to back o'l days03:58
mgriffinhi, how can i disable booting into graphical mode in natty?03:59
mgriffini tried several things so far, such as update-rc.d remove gdm, chmod -x /sbin/gdm, setting /etc/init/gdm.conf to stop on 0123456 and commenting out the start, added keyword 'text' to grub04:00
bc81hello.  i'm wondering if there is some way to update calibre on maverick meerkat.  the version installed is 0.7.18, and i'd like to update to a newer version of calibre without having to upgrade ubuntu.04:00
mgriffinbc81: looked for a PPA?04:00
ritzzcontrol center?04:00
mgriffinritzz: my keyboard and mouse are not working in gui currently04:00
lsheebamgriffin, at start up , just logoff now and choose ur desktop environment on the bottom cornor04:00
mgriffini guess i should have specified that ;)04:00
bc81mgriffin: yes, but i cant find one for maverick, maybe i'm overlookinng something?04:00
mgriffinnot sure04:01
ritzzoops sorry was answering with a question to my own question  ;)  sorry04:01
Riginhow can we connect to a remote computer04:01
ritzzat mgriffin04:01
lsheebabc81, if theirs dependencies in updated libc's then u got to update those so u can update ur calibre04:01
lsheebaRigin, get teamviewer www.teamviewer.com stress/free worry/free04:01
wols_lsheeba: calibre is a pure java app04:01
Rigini know with team viewer. with out teamviewer can we proceed04:02
Riginwith utility in ubuntu04:03
wols_Rigin: english please?04:03
lsheebawols_, im helping him out , its the same case scenario procedure , computer minds work in the same trivia , no complications from the new generation folks who speak with fantasy , i speak it clearly04:03
wols_Rigin: there is vino already installed in ubuntu. it's a VNC server like teamviewer04:03
lsheebaRigin, yes through the ubuntu utility , fiddle around , its not rocketscience =)04:03
Rigin"Conneect to server "04:03
xanguabc81: you can compile04:03
wols_lsheeba: you talk simply crap. go and sleep. ircing while drunk is bad for you04:03
bc81xangua: ok i will try to.  thanks04:03
Rigincan u demonstrate04:04
lsheebaRigin, go to google news read about what scientist speak about memory loss and memory problems , u need to work urself out m804:04
mgriffinso any guesses on disbling gui boot if you cant use gui due to mouse/kb not working? (i can however init=/bin/bash)04:04
wols_lsheeba: please stay on topic for ubuntu support04:04
Rigincan u demonstrate by accessing my computer04:04
yagoomgriffin, what kind of mouse/keyb is it, bluetooth?04:04
mgriffinyagoo: it is a laptop, and they are built in04:04
yagoomgriffin, what model04:05
mgriffini think ill just blow away the xorg conf and see what that does04:05
mgriffinlenovo s1204:05
wols_Rigin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC04:05
mgriffinsee, what happened was, that the thing lost power doing a dist-upgrade04:05
lsheebaplease dont offend people wols_04:05
lsheebai am a muslim and i am in Emirates , theirs no alcohol in the city im in , im living in Khalifa Bin Zayed City04:05
yagoomgriffin, on maverick beta, ur laptop is at least mentioned ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks )04:06
lsheebao wols_  do u have any idea of game launchers for linux? i have 1 for windows , we need that converted for windows and not just used for wine , the game engine is compatible with Linux and Windows04:06
rwwlsheeba: As wols_ said, #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support, not fitness discussion.04:06
yagoomgriffin, is anything in the usb plugged in when u installed or boot?04:06
a111lsheeba, Dont they have it in hotels04:06
KM0201Rigin: another way, if you're trying to help someone who cant access their router to open ports, is to set up a reverse connection (you open ports on your router, and allow them to connect to you, but you see their desktop_)04:06
a111or resturants04:06
lsheebanot on this city a11104:06
yagoomgriffin, so u lost power while doing an upgrade.. that explains everything..04:06
bladeany one here able to help with some terminal commands for aticonfig04:06
mgriffinyagoo: yeah.04:07
yagoomgriffin, just bak up ur stuff from /home and do reinstall04:07
mgriffinyagoo: yea...04:07
wols_!tell Rigin about pm04:07
ubottuRigin, please see my private message04:07
Riginany please demonste me by accessing my system04:07
lsheebablade, u got to go to x11/etc/xorg.conf04:07
a111DeezeNuts, this is not  /g/tv04:07
lsheebai did some stuff of that 5 years ago04:07
DeezeNutsa111 who are you04:07
bladelsheeba,  i understand that04:07
DeezeNutsI came here to ask a question04:07
yagoomgriffin, lesson learned.. always use ac adapter power when doing upgrades04:07
yagoomgriffin, nothing we can do..04:08
wols_mgriffin: reinstall xorg04:08
yagoomgriffin, reinstall everything..04:08
bladelheeba i do not need help finding this i need someone that understands the commands better than i04:08
KM0201yagoo: unfortunatel, that should be common sense bt... thats not so common nowdays04:08
lsheebajust ask man theirs people here who's been using ubuntu since dapper04:08
mgriffinKM0201: well, it was for a friend, who forgot the charger04:08
mgriffinand well, you know, things happen04:08
DeezeNutsdoes anyone know where Ubuntu's keymaps are kept? trying to set up BACKSPACE + ENTER as a delete button04:08
bladehey nit-wit good to see ya again04:09
mgriffini can fix this.. i just wanted to understand the boot process04:09
yagoomgriffin, well tell ur friend he's doomed... there's corruption all over the place including the filesystem..04:09
mgriffinit seems that perhaps gdm is not used at all...04:09
KM0201mgriffin: well, you should've told her no charger no upgrade.... seriously.. you had no idea how long it would take, so why would you attempt it on battery, knowing you could run out04:09
mgriffinyagoo: naw, i have faith in xfs04:09
wols_mgriffin: dpkg -l |grep -v ^ii04:09
lsheebabackspace + enter is this possible DeezeNuts04:09
yagoomgriffin, only thing u can do is tell him to backcup /home and reinstall the OS04:09
nit-witblade, thanks, I had to install fedora xfce my natty and oneiric crash x constantly04:09
yagoowols_, the machine lost power..04:09
wols_DeezeNuts: in X?04:09
mgriffinyagoo: you are silly, i can fix this, just wanted some hints on the boot process, but thanks for the sentiments04:09
yagoowols_, there's filesystem corruption.04:09
ritzzi dont want to be a nusiance but is there any more info on how can i control access to hard drives mounted via truecrypt with control center04:09
DeezeNutsI don't know lsheeba, I just need a delete shortcut for Ubuntu04:09
DeezeNutsIt doesn't have to be BACKSPACE + ENTER04:10
wols_oh, xfs. yeah, using xfs on a notebook is a stupid idea04:10
yagoomgriffin, well good luck.04:10
mgriffinthanks, anyway...04:10
bladenit-wit, ewww i really do not like the look of xfce .... it reminds me of something.... not sure what04:10
mgriffinso is gdm used in this version at all?04:10
lsheebaDeezeNuts, click on start > search > type shortcut04:10
wols_mgriffin: still stands: fsck and the reinstall X04:10
mgriffinwols_: no thanks.04:10
wols_mgriffin: gdm is used in every ubuntu04:10
mgriffinoh X04:10
mgriffinwols_: why can i chmod -x gdm and end up in gui?04:11
wols_DeezeNuts: this in X?04:11
daurnimatoranyone know a ppa with newer kernals?04:11
yagoo"<mgriffin> see, what happened was, that the thing lost power doing a dist-upgrade"04:11
DeezeNutsnot sure what you mean by X04:11
DeezeNutsUbuntu 10.10?04:11
yagoo^reinst X is not good enough.04:11
DeezeNutsIm on a CR-48 btw04:11
wols_DeezeNuts: X = X11 = the GUI you are using04:11
bladenit-wit, still working on the dual head issue but getting closer i think04:11
DeezeNutsits gnome04:11
mgriffinyagoo: apt-get install -f was pretty happy, i just cant get upstart running in single user to start network04:11
wols_DeezeNuts: xmodmap then04:12
DeezeNutshow can i get to that04:12
yagoomgriffin, dpkg -C04:12
mgriffinto be more precise i did 'apt-get upgrade' with new version of apt list, but now need to do the final pass with dist-upgrade04:12
wols_DeezeNuts: man xmodmap  for starters04:12
ByteWizWhich utility is best to convert .chm files to .pdf ?04:12
yagoothat's pretty much all04:12
rwwmgriffin: fyi, that's also not the supported method for upgrading to a new version of Ubuntu.04:12
mgriffini am sure it isnt04:12
mgriffinbut i am not here to debate that04:12
wols_mgriffin: what happens if you try to run ubuntu normally. where do you end up exactly?04:13
mgriffinwols_: in x, logged in, with a firefox icon visible but out of reach, now response when i hit keys or move mouse, whether builtin or usb04:14
DarkStar_hey can i change the audio output port , like to send Front sound from the Center sound port04:14
mgriffinit seems irqbalance is not ^ii i will try fixing that04:14
mgriffinbut i bet it is just some xorg conf breakage04:14
mgriffini just want out of the gui, but not in single user mode04:14
wols_mgriffin: ctrl+alt+f1 no work?04:14
mgriffinwols_: right, i can bang on the keyboard until it falls asleep04:15
blackhawkis working on a ntfs partition slow or it's just the normal,and would there be any problems to make my storage partition a ntfs one to share it between windows and ubuntu?04:15
mgriffinwith usb keyboard, capslock does nothing with led04:15
HyperlingI have a folder which has some files and folders accidentally locked into root-only access, how do i undo this? :(04:15
mgriffink, ill remove the service restart from irqbalance.postinst04:16
mgriffinand rsyslog..04:17
lsheebaHyperling, access sudo nautilus , then right click that folder and change its attributes04:17
xangua!gksu | lsheeba Hyperling04:17
ubottulsheeba Hyperling: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)04:17
* Cydd unzips pants04:17
DasEiHyperling: to access as regular user : sudo chown -r $USER /path/to/folder or see man chmod, ask if unsure as this affects all subfolders in this path (and all files)04:17
lsheebasorry xangua thanks for the update im from dapper days04:17
alazare619i have no idea why but im about to throw my laptop, no matter what i do i cant get smb or ftp to work right if i login with my main user account on the pc i can browse folders (SOME) on ftp but no matter what i cant do a dang thing with smb....04:18
mgriffinhow do you 'start' upstart?04:18
alazare619im using file expert on my android phone to try and acess the shares / ftp04:18
mgriffini am sure i need to mount some proc/sys stuff first04:18
bladealazare619,  samba has a gui now04:18
lsheebaalazare619, yes samba is GUI'ed =)04:19
coz_night all04:19
=== SirNaloZ^ is now known as erfefcd
jack^_can somebody explain the following output to me? i am able to ping freenode, and nslookup freenode, but telnet gives 'unknown host'. wtf . http://fpaste.org/rcRN/04:19
alazare619blade,  i realize this but thats what im using...04:19
alazare619blade, it wont let anything acess idk why...04:19
alazare619blade,  only way ive even got some things networked was through ftp and it wasnt even working properly04:20
mgriffinoh well. ill keep banging on it, rsyslog and irqbalance are now ^ii but no mousey04:20
bladealazare619, as far as i know samba's gui is the best one as for ease of use04:20
ryty_has anyone tried linux 3.0 yet in Ubuntu?04:20
bladealazare619, not sure why it would not work not really many settings to it04:21
Hyperlinglsheeba xangia DasEi: Thanks guys :)04:21
JayWalker_Is there a way I can disable my internet connection, but not my local network connection or the connection of other computers on my network?04:21
lsheebanp =04:21
alazare619blade,  i know this its confusing when i try and login from file expert using my android phone to my smb share it says cannot acess this folder...04:21
ryty_JayWalker_, remove your default gateway04:21
wols_JayWalker_: yes. don't set a defaultroute04:21
lsheebaalazare619, try with opera browser in ur android04:22
DasEiJayWalker_: seperate nics ? else can use hosts aloow btw deny or iptables04:22
alazare619can opera open smb?04:22
wols_alazare619: no. it's a webbrowser04:22
=== erfefcd is now known as SirNaloZ^
alazare619lsheeba, thats what im thinking im trying to acess smb ... from my android phone and nothing is seeming to work right04:22
wols_alazare619: need better problem description to be able to help04:23
lsheebaalazare619, can u access ur files from ur LAN computers.>?04:23
JayWalker_how do I remove the gateway/don't set a default route?04:23
jack^_can somebody explain the following output to me? i am able to ping freenode, and nslookup freenode, but telnet gives 'unknown host'. wtf . http://fpaste.org/rcRN/  only happens on one machine in my house. O_O04:24
ryty_JayWalker_, to remove, sudo route del -net default04:24
JayWalker_and what when I want to have the internet connection restored?04:25
alazare619wols_,  heres the thing ive been attempting an smb share for awhile now from my laptop to my android phone the laptops ip is (in the network) the android phone is (in the network) ive installed samba went to system then samba and added a folder04:25
alazare619for the sake of making it easys wols_  the folder name was /home/alazare619/sd card backup04:25
ryty_JayWalker_, sudo dhclient3 eth004:25
bladelsheeba, ok now i feel like an idiot.... the part i could not get around with the aticonfig.... i was not doing sudo command lol04:25
alazare619wols_,  added a user called smbuser for smb shares added that folder to allowed list blam04:25
alazare619wols_,  added the share on file expert an app for the android phone all the info04:26
lsheebawe all been their blade04:26
wols_alazare619: what command did you run on android to mount the samba share?04:26
alazare619wols_,  says the folder cannot be accessed when attempting to login to the smb share04:26
ryty_JayWalker_, be aware, this removing of default route is not persistent across reboots04:26
alazare619wols_,  just used file expert off the android market04:26
JayWalker_oh ok04:26
wols_alazare619: try to mount the share on your ubuntu then04:27
bladelsheeba, thank you for not taking that opportunity to rub my face in it =)04:27
JayWalker_that's good :p04:27
lsheebablade, np=04:27
alazare619wols_,  you mean mounting user name smbuser pass smbpass?04:27
wols_alazare619: yes04:27
wols_alazare619: preferably in a cli tho04:28
wols_alazare619: you can also check your samba logs for errors04:28
lsheebaalazare619, use opera browser , some browsers wont be able to connect to forexample my router , i cant access it from my nokia browser phone , i have to use opera04:28
alazare619wols_,  i dont know the terminal all that well gimme a sec04:28
wols_lsheeba: samba doesn't work with webbrowsers fyi04:29
lsheebahe havent explained hes precise problem efficiently i had to grasp hes puzzles04:29
lsheebaany1 here knows programming , Thankyou in advanced if u reply04:30
rwwlsheeba: programming in which language?04:31
wols_!anyone | lsheeba04:31
ubottulsheeba: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:31
rosstaylori can't get videos to play on ubuntu 11.04 please help04:33
wols_rosstaylor: which videos exactly?04:33
lsheebai have a game launcher made for windows , it uses the same engine compatibility in running in linux forexample the game Quake3 , if u have it installed on ur windows drive u can just copy the files and add the Linux Quake3 launcher to execute it on the FS_Gamepath of < Quake3 > Dir in linux04:33
rosstaylorwols: not youtube, just regular videos04:34
lsheebai'd like a launcher for linux to do so like The string can contain $DESTINATION which04:34
lsheebawill be replaced with the installation destination.04:34
rosstaylorwols: i think it's flash04:34
lsheebapostexec (no default, mustBeString)  any1?04:34
bladerosstaylor, what type of video like avi mgp what?04:34
wols_rosstaylor: youtube is flash. regular video are other formats like avi, mkv, mpg, etc. so what is it?04:34
rosstaylorhow do i check04:34
wols_rosstaylor: tell us what file or url you want to watch04:35
bladerosstaylor, right click on the file and hit properties04:35
wols_lsheeba: your description doesn't make much sense at all04:35
rosstaylorit's flash04:35
wols_rosstaylor: what is the file extension?04:35
lsheebaany1 has a launcher ready which i can just edit the destination to the game that requires launching! is that enough clarity04:36
rosstaylorbut it's flash 10.004:36
wols_lsheeba: we call that a "shell". like bash. just run it inside your xterm04:36
lsheebawols_, thats why i need a gaming industry | Programmer expert04:36
xanguarosstaylor: do you hav restricted-extras installed , or tried with vlv ¿04:36
wols_lsheeba: no you don't04:36
wols_rosstaylor: is the video on a website?04:36
lsheebai tried running it with /sh and i renamed the .exe to i386.run LOL i know i thught im living a dream!04:36
rosstaylorxangua: i did install the restricted extras04:37
wols_lsheeba: ever used WINE? that's the only way to run windows executables in linux.04:37
bladerosstaylor, are you using 11.4 x64 ubuntu04:37
rosstaylorwols: they're on random websites04:37
lsheebai know , but this game can run in linux just requires a launcher only04:37
lsheebato launch the engine ,04:37
rosstaylori have this version installed You have version 10,3,162,29 installed04:38
bladewols_, they are flv files04:38
Riginhi i want to know which file is taken to wxecute04:38
wols_lsheeba: no. the "engine" must be ported to linux. the engine is a binary program which runs under Windows or WINE _only_04:38
rosstaylorthe latest version is
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:38
lsheebaok my ubuntu center is lagged =/04:38
wols_Rigin: "wxecute" is what?04:39
bladerosstaylor,  open firefox and go to the tools/addons and search for flash aid04:39
Riginexecute which file from the package04:39
wols_Rigin: from what package?04:39
bladerosstaylor, install flash aid and it will fix your flash problems04:39
Riginmozilla firefox04:40
=== cypha`` is now known as cypha
wols_Rigin: why do you want to run this special firefox version?04:40
lsheebawols_, the engins is ported to linux bro , the engine is quake IO , open source , Quake1 Quake2 + Quake3 is ported for linux , but requires a launcher , the launcher in loki's installer will install it automatically however , if i do so i will still not be able to edit that launcher to read fs_game path quakeX  , any idea if u have a launcher ready i can just edit the fs_gamepath04:40
Rigini need to update my mozilla firefox04:41
wols_Rigin: why?04:41
Riginto new version04:42
A-KO^Howdy. with 11.04 I'm having trouble getting the Nvidia drivers to work. It says the driver is activated but not in use. The driver is set to "nvidia" in xorg.conf, but but glx gears aren't working properly. 7600GT, bit older. And xrandr doesn't work properly but don't have the error off hand at the moment. Any help?04:42
wols_Rigin: that doesn't answer my question why you need to update your firefox. please answer it04:42
xangua !fx5 | Rigin04:42
ubottuRigin: Firefox 5 is available in Natty/11.04 as an automatic update. If you would like to install it in an earlier release, you will need to use the following unofficial and unsupported !PPA: http://pad.lv/ppa/mozillateam/firefox-stable/04:42
wols_A-KO^: check your Xorg.0.log why it doesn't load04:42
* rww facepalms04:43
rosstaylori installed flash aid but it didn't wokr04:43
lsheebawols_, QuakeX files is exactly like Quake3 files , if u have it installed on ur windows , u can copy paste it in ur Linux and put in the launcher made for Linux and it will run the game becasue the pak files can read both ways in linux/windows , the thing i really need is the same thing , a launcher but editing the parameter destination to QuakeX/baseq3 instead of Quake3/baseq304:43
A-KO^wols_: according to Xorg.0.log, the module is loaded and not throwing an error.04:44
bladerosstaylor, did you run it?04:44
bladerosstaylor after install?04:44
wols_A-KO^: please paste the log and the output of glxinfo please04:44
rosstaylorblade: how04:44
A-KO^wols_: whole log or will grep nvidia work?04:44
wols_A-KO^: whole log please. from glxinfo the first few lines are enough04:45
bladerosstaylor, on your firefox ... right side and the end of your menu bar you should see the flash icon it's red.... click on it04:45
lucas49what is the name of the messaging system Linux? example, shows empathy when someone connects to the msn. would dbus?04:45
wols_blade: why do you assume he has no flash installed already?04:45
xangualucas49: notify-osd04:46
xanguathe litle black pop ups04:46
lucas49xangua: yes04:46
bladewols_, i dont assume he has no flash installed i think it's the 32 bit and he is on a 64bit system is my guess and that is a known issue for flash04:46
wols_xangua: and these are using what protocol to do their magic?04:47
lsheebaok i think i have a work around figured out thanks wols_  just by talking to u my ideas came together thanks for ur communication04:47
lucas49xangua: thanks04:47
xanguawols_: '¿¿04:47
Niluhisto, i am facing issues after upgrading to 10.10 ...04:47
bladewols_, the 32 bit will work just the wrapper is not the right one and the way i want about fixing it was to use flash aid and have helped 3 others since to do the same04:47
rosstaylorok that worked, thank you!04:47
rosstaylori love you all04:47
lsheebail get the quake3 installer linux version installed , make 2 copies of quake X folder , steal the launchers of the quake3 and renaming X to 3 , and editing parameters of the engine pakpool04:47
bladerosstaylor, your welcome04:48
bladewols_, 4 now04:49
wols_blade: going outside the packaging system randomly is a stupid idea. just guess what happens after the next aptitude upgrade04:50
fugdacopzbad idea04:50
root_Hello,Every One04:50
amanforindiathere is a problem with my mic configuration04:50
fugdacopzroot_, that msg was directed towards you04:50
root_I'm from China.04:51
wols_root_: he means using IRC as root user is very dangerous04:51
amanforindiathere's a lot of disturbance04:51
bladewols_, well i would hope that since it's a known issue and that fix came right from adobe they will have it fixed by then04:51
amanforindiawhat to do?04:51
root_This is VM04:51
obscurant1sti am using thunderbird as my email client. I have reached the maximum email I can in the server. So is there anyway to download all of them as a bckup?04:52
A-KO^wols_: http://pastebin.com/sEPw0jZP < for all intents to me it looks like it's working...04:52
wols_obscurant1st: depends on the server and what protocols it offers. thunderbird can use pop3 or imap04:52
TheCyph3rI'm sure they're all saved to a folder within the Thunderbird folder04:52
root_What'are you from?04:52
wols_A-KO^: it is working. what makes you think otherwise?04:53
xanguaroot_: this is an ubuntu channel support only, do you have a support question'¿04:53
wols_root_: do you have ubuntu support related problems? this channel is not a normal chat channel but for ubuntu tech support only04:53
root_Oh,I don't have question,sorry04:54
obscurant1stwols_, yeah imap. but how can I download all the emails?04:54
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdhi all the text in webpages opened with mozilla does not appear any more04:54
YankDownUnderroot_, Did you know that by logging onto IRC as the "root" user, you have just opened your system up to hijacking - and as well, it's actually rather rude to do anything online as "root" ??04:54
A-KO^wols_: http://pastebin.com/sTfmKLas04:55
YankDownUnder...thought so...04:55
A-KO^you know04:56
A-KO^I Just log on as root and change irrsi's conf ;)04:56
wols_A-KO^: normal. nvidia drivers don't support xrandr. nvidia-settings or such to configure multiple monitors and such04:56
bladesome little kid is sitting at a computer with tears in his little eyes now... that was so mean04:56
A-KO^ahh wols_04:56
A-KO^hm okay.04:56
YankDownUnderA-KO^, Mate, until you actually realise the danger, go right ahead...however, beware...04:56
th0rYankDownUnder: is that another ubuntu-ism?04:57
A-KO^YankDownUnder: I am fully aware of the ideas of separation of privilege.04:57
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdhi i run ubuntu 10.10 with Firefox 3.6.18 and all the text in webpages such as google does not appear any more, it isnt there. there's white rectangles instead. help?04:57
A-KO^thanks wols_ for the help04:57
A-KO^wols_: essentially we're trying to run an entire system in portrait mode--and a lot of stuff hates it04:57
YankDownUnderSome lessons are harder learned - especially when you have a system that has been compromised along with all the user data that's on that system. AND you're the one that's liable for it.04:57
wols_LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: looks like you are missing fonts04:57
xangua!fx5 | LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd04:58
ubottuLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: Firefox 5 is available in Natty/11.04 as an automatic update. If you would like to install it in an earlier release, you will need to use the following unofficial and unsupported !PPA: http://pad.lv/ppa/mozillateam/firefox-stable/04:58
rwwxangua: What does that have to do with anything?04:58
wols_rww: if something is broken, install a new version! fixes everything. AND cures warts!04:59
xanguajust giving the oportunity to update his fx rww04:59
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdwols_: yesterday i added some fonts, but i didnt delete any, so what do i do?04:59
xanguaand see if the problem persist04:59
rwwxangua: I'd prefer it if you did actual diagnosis instead of recommending that someone upgrade to an unofficial, unsupported PPA.05:00
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: do you get no fonts in firefox?05:00
LasersLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: PrintScreen. I love me some screenshots.05:01
YankDownUnderLasers, http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/992/2372011screenshot.jpg05:02
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdActionParsnip: hi, exactly. I mean there's "file, edit, view" etc but for example if i go to google, there's no search botton or "web, images" etc05:02
LasersYankDownUnder: Android.vbox? o.O05:03
YankDownUnderLasers, Yeah...Android x86 in a box...(sucks, but it's fun to muck with)05:03
LasersYankDownUnder: Ah. Cool. I like your Mac. ._>05:05
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: I've heard of this on launchpad but i have no idea exactly what the fix was. I was something to do with font rendering settings either in ubuntu or in firefox. I don't use firefox so can't comment there but there is in ubuntu. You could have a play and/or try find the post as a different user or pc05:05
YankDownUnderLasers, Gnome2 + compiz + emerald + Cairo-dock = "Nearly Mac"05:06
ActionParsnipPeople still use emerald? Yikes05:06
Niluhello, am having issues after upgrading to ubuntu 10.10 ... apparently, when i log in as normal user, opening any app results in flickering of the window, but if i log in as root, it starts to fork file managers infinitely, and that opening any other app results in infinite fork of the app ...05:06
YankDownUnderActionParsnip, Yes. BTW, it's a recent compile. Ha.05:06
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdActionParsnip: yeah, i would do that but the thing is I can't read it :D05:07
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: use a different user, it may help05:07
iDRINKbLEACHHello, I just installed 11.04 on my desktop and when it restarted it stayed stuck n "Boot from Cd :"05:08
atc3030|TICKEDi have an ubuntu server that got hacked and im looking to redo it. however, i want it more secure. could you guys please direct me to where i need to go?05:09
iDRINKbLEACHI have two harddrives, I installed it on a brand new drive sdb0, does it have to install the boot on sda??05:09
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdActionParsnip: i only have this computer and it won't work from another user05:10
ActionParsnipYankDownUnder: sure but the code you compiled is 3 years without an update. Its unmaintained05:10
jack^_iDRINKbLEACH, no05:10
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: make another user....05:10
atc3030|TICKEDi have an ubuntu server that got hacked and im looking to redo it. however, i want it more secure. could you guys please direct me to where i need to go?05:10
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdActionParsnip: i did, it won't work.......05:11
YankDownUnderActionParsnip, ;) ...well, suits *my* particular purposes, eh? Hehehhe05:11
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdActionParsnip: thaz the first thing i tried05:11
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: your OS can store thousands of users. Did you really think a new OS would only support one user??05:11
iDRINKbLEACHjack^_ I inserted cd rom and restarted my computer and it went directly to ubuntu05:11
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdActionParsnip: are u reading what i said? o_O05:11
vikapiiDRINKbLEACH: will it get fixed if in bios, u change the 1st boot device to from sda to sdb??05:11
jack^_iDRINKbLEACH, if you're trying to boot to your cdrom, you'll need to adjust the bios to boot from that media05:12
Niluandyl, also the update manager is gone ...05:12
ActionParsnipYankDownUnder: your call. Emerald is very dead05:12
ryty_has anyone had luck with the Marvell 9128 raid chipset?05:12
ryty_aka Highpoint RocketRaid R64005:12
atc3030|TICKEDno one can help me?05:12
nit-witiDRINKbLEACH, you might run this script and pastebin the generated text file for more information. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/05:12
nit-witiDRINKbLEACH, info for us to help you.05:13
iDRINKbLEACHjack^_ I didn't even add new drive to boot order, it goes from CD rom to drive 0 (the original drive c:\)05:13
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: you may need to manipulate gconf from tty1. I cannot read while i type, the input UI covers all the screen05:13
ActionParsnipLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: are all browsers affected05:13
wols_atc3030|TICKED: did you run a php based website on your server05:14
YankDownUnderActionParsnip, http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/ubuntu-11-04-fix-enable-emerald-themes-for-compiz-fusion-window-borders-title-bars/05:14
jack^_iDRINKbLEACH, what're you trying to do exactly? boot from cdrom? if so, you need to set the bios to boot from cdrom. if not, point it at your boot disk. hard disk 0 for sda and hard disk 1 for sdb05:14
atc3030|TICKEDapache file repo and starting a website in html/php05:14
ActionParsnipYankDownUnder: I've used emerald dude.05:14
vikapijack^_: will it work if boot order is changed from sda to sdb in bios??05:15
vikapijack^_: he might ve installd the boot loader in the sdb..05:15
iDRINKbLEACHnit-wit can't do pastbin, the computer that I am installing 11.04 has no wifi, ubuntu does not recognize my card yet.05:15
YankDownUnderActionParsnip, I'm a die hard. Until there's an easier to way to setup "shading" a window with a roll of the mousewheel, I'll stick with it...05:15
wols_iDRINKbLEACH: yes grub needs to be installed to the harddrive the BIOS boots from first. this is usually /dev/sda05:16
jack^_vikapi, the machine will need to boot from whatever disk has the grub installed to the MBR05:16
jack^_iDRINKbLEACH, ^05:16
nit-witiDRINKbLEACH, okay, but that script will seperate the wheat from the chaffe, use a thumb  to transfer from that computer be creative.05:16
ActionParsnipYankDownUnder: your call dude. I use openbox. Does it with doubleclick :)05:17
ActionParsnipYankDownUnder: could suggest the functionality on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com05:18
iDRINKbLEACHwols_ jack^_ nit-wit In the "allocate drive space" screen I should selecte "/dev/sda/ ATA ST3160812AS (160 GB)" thatis my original "C;\)05:18
YankDownUnderActionParsnip, There is a way to do the exact same thing by using gconf-editor to change the gwd settings...05:18
jack^_iDRINKbLEACH, ok. if you selected sda as yoru boot drive, it will boot from that drive o_O05:19
iDRINKbLEACHwols_ jack^_ nit-wit In the "allocate drive space" screen I should selecte "/dev/sda/ ATA ST3160812AS (160 GB)" thatis my original "C;\) Under the "Device for boot loader installation"05:19
iDRINKbLEACHjack^_ it will boot from sda but all the "stuff" can be on sdb?05:20
wols_iDRINKbLEACH: are you installing ubuntu on a usb drive on a netbook?05:20
jack^_iDRINKbLEACH, sure05:20
wols_jack^_: if /boot is on /dev/sdb and is a removable usb device, he will get problems, no "sure" there...05:21
jack^_wols_, what?05:21
iDRINKbLEACHwols_ I am installing on a desktop from cd rom05:21
wols_iDRINKbLEACH: sda and sdb are internal drives?05:22
iDRINKbLEACHjack^_ I tried doing that and it prompter "no root file system is defined" "Please correct this from the partitioning menu"05:23
jack^_the only problem i see with boot being on a flash drive is that if you remove it you'll lose boot05:23
wols_jack^_: you lose your bootloader too. which is kinda bad...05:23
iDRINKbLEACHwols_ yes, sda 160gb, and sda internal 1tb05:23
jack^_wols_, indeed05:23
_leifDoes anybody know how to distinguish an Ubuntu Server installation from a Desktop one (from the command line). I guess they differ in their package source lists...05:24
wols_!fixgrub > iDRINKbLEACH05:24
ubottuiDRINKbLEACH, please see my private message05:24
llutz__leif: they don't, just different default packages05:24
wols__leif: they don't. only difference is what packages you install. in short, not possible to distinguish (one can easily install ubuntu server and then later install X and gnome on it)05:25
iDRINKbLEACHwols_ sdb is divided under several partitions. /dev/sdb, /dev/sdb1 (ext) 50000mb, /dev/sdb2 swap 3999mb, /dev/sdb7 ext4 99998, and /dev/sdb8 ext4 20251505:26
xiaohdtutany body here?05:26
iDRINKbLEACHubutto thanks05:27
_leifllutz_: Thanks. The difference is 3-year vs. 5-year support though, so I wonder how the package manager recognizes that.05:27
iDRINKbLEACHisn't ubuttu a bot??05:27
iDRINKbLEACHi mean ubottu05:27
Logan_!thanks | iDRINKbLEACH05:27
ubottuiDRINKbLEACH: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:27
rahuldoes anyone know how to launch Citrix Xen App for 11.0405:27
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rahulI have a lenova laptop, installed Citrix ICA client with lib05:29
rahulbut when I try to connect remotely via Mozilla to the office, Citrix Client "Plugin" does not launch05:30
iDRINKbLEACHwols_ I guess what I really need is instructions on how to install 11.04 on a two harddrive system.05:30
alazare619anyone know what window manager / desktop enviorment linux mint debian edition is?05:30
iDRINKbLEACHubottu I am reading the article but I don't see how this helps during an initial install process05:32
ubottuiDRINKbLEACH: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:32
iDRINKbLEACHdoes the boot partition have to be in sda???05:34
lsheebasadly i am upset05:38
nit-witiDRINKbLEACH, how old is the computer is the second drive a slave?05:38
FIreflyUm - can anyone help me? I need to save the contents of tty1 - I ran an fsck on my disk, and it printed a whole list of errors - most of which ran out of screen, but i'd like to save it so i can post on the forums. I tried screendump, but it only saves the visible part of tty1. How do I save the whole thing?05:39
lsheebai tried running the game it with the diffrent launcher the game screen was black i had alot of work in background , i clicked CONTROL ALT F2 , ps aux to find the process to kill it but sadly the list was long!!!!!! i had to restart gdm by sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart , now everything the way i was multitasking was gone!!!!!!!! thats the big MARK for Linux problem in the market !05:39
lsheebaif it was windows Control alt delete is suffice05:40
DreamubuntuI have install ubunut 11.04 succesfully05:40
iDRINKbLEACHnit-wit dell e521 about 4-5 years old. new 1tb drive is slave05:40
Dreamubuntubut i want move the bar in left how can i do that ?05:41
nit-witiDRINKbLEACH, is that where ubuntu is05:41
Logan_Dreamubuntu: You can't move the dock in Unity.05:41
lsheebaoh man , Linux will die if they dont have a magical solution like control alt delete , ( CTRL + ALT + F2 ) is not the answer to the world!05:41
lsheebaps aux the list goes on and i cant scroll up in the VN dialog ( AKA ) CMD screen05:42
andresmhso I am getting this error when doing apt-get update W: GPG error: http://downloads.skewed.de maverick Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 04C66126D3E6284005:42
Dreamubuntuso any way to hide it05:42
iDRINKbLEACHnit-wit do I have to install "/boot" on sda (c:\ master) and put all other files on the sdb (the new slave drive) Originally I tried to install everything on sdb (slave)05:42
Dreamubuntuand add panel in down05:42
Dreamubuntulike old ubuntu05:42
nit-witlsheeba, I guess the large hadron collider better close now.05:42
lsheebaim getting a hardon to windows05:42
DasEiandresmh: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys   04C66126D3E6284005:43
DreamubuntuGuys Any way to delte or move bar in unity05:43
DasEiandresmh: then update again05:43
lsheebaprivate message me il be away if u got an answer!05:43
lsheebathis is absurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:43
andresmhwhere did you get that hexcode DasEi ?05:43
lsheebaafk now...05:43
DasEiandresmh: the string ? errm, your post ?!05:44
DreamubuntuAny Way To Hide Or Delete Bar In Unity ?05:44
andresmhah doh05:44
Dreamubuntuor move it05:44
andresmhi was following the instructions here it is not here http://projects.skewed.de/graph-tool/wiki/GraphToolDownload05:44
sondubuntu 10.04.3 server here... will grub "work" with LVM on top of Raid1 or do i need a non-LVM boot partition ?05:44
nit-witiDRINKbLEACH, generally ubuntu will boot from the drive it is installed from, but it has to be able to be first in line in the bios or a key promprt to bring uop the boot menu. A sslave wont go first. You could trandfer the ubuntu to the sda and put the grub in its mbr.  Do you have a windows setuo on sda if so hyou could use easybcd probably, which will run on visya and W7 not XP.05:44
nit-witbad spelling sorry.;(05:45
Dreamubuntuany helpz05:45
nit-witDreamubuntu, the top panel?05:45
Dreamubuntuno the bar05:46
Dreamubuntuin unity05:46
Dreamubuntualso i want add thing in top panel ican't05:46
nit-witDreamubuntu, on the leftside?05:46
Dreamubuntuit's not like old ubunut05:46
jcreekdreamubuntu, re-boot your system. The first screen is your i.d screen. Click on it. The second screen is to enter your password. At the bottom of the screen you will see , Ubuntu. click on Ubuntu and a menu will pop up. Click on Ubuntu Classic. This will set your desktop to Gnome, untill you change it.05:46
nit-witDreamubuntu, when you boot in there is a classic desktop option in the bottom bar after you choose the user05:46
csdserverDreamubuntu, don't reboot, just log out05:46
ActionParsnipLogging onto freenode is quick today. Like it :)05:47
Dreamubuntubut can i remove unity ?05:47
Dreamubuntufrom ubuntu05:47
iDRINKbLEACHnit-wit I am running winxp, In the "allocate drive space" window I assigned and allocated all the partitions on sdb. On the bottom of that window it has a drop down window for "Device for boot loader installation" should I leave that on "/dev/sda/ ATA st3160812As (160GB) (the master)?05:47
csdserverwhy would you want to?  it takes up like 500k of data05:47
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: unity 2d is going to replace classic in oneiric, just so you know05:48
jcreekDreamubuntu, that will do away with Unity.05:48
nit-witiDRINKbLEACH, now we are getting into an area I wont touch without the bootscript.05:48
Dreamubuntuunity suck05:48
Dreamubuntuidon't like gnome3 and unity05:48
Dreamubuntuold gnome is good05:48
DasEiDreamubuntu: taste, but lucid is :05:49
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)05:49
ubottuLTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project05:49
Dreamubuntuiknow but's it hang all time05:49
ActionParsnipiDRINKbLEACH: if that is you normal bootable drive then i'd say yes.05:49
Dreamubuntuubunut 10.04 is slow in my computer05:49
iDRINKbLEACHnit-wit it hit the "install" button. worst case scenario, I re-format the drive in winxp and start over, wish me luck.05:49
DasEiDreamubuntu: lucid hangs ? ever checked the logs for reason or used a newer kernel ?05:50
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: then use a different desktop environment. There is more than gnome05:50
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, install grub to both drives, at the start /dev/sda and /dev/sdb05:50
Dreamubuntuhow can i install openbox ?05:50
nit-witiDRINKbLEACH, okay good luck.05:51
ActionParsnipDasei: lucid desktop is eol when Natty is eol05:51
Dreamubuntualso there any way to hide unity bar ?05:51
nit-witI think.05:51
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: install it like any other application05:51
iDRINKbLEACHActionParsnip thanks05:51
yagoonit-wit, if you're not sure.. just say you're not sure.. very simple :)05:52
DasEiDreamubuntu: sudo apt-get install openbox05:52
iDRINKbLEACHyagoo how do I put it on both drives05:52
Dreamubuntulike sudo apt-get install openbox05:52
nit-wityagoo, shrug05:52
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, what part are u in the installation?05:52
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: unity settings are in ccsm05:52
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, if u cant do both now.. just do the master boot drive then..05:52
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, is linux spread across the two drives?05:52
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: exactly, or use software centre05:52
Dreamubuntuccsm ?05:52
iDRINKbLEACHI just selected a username and password and it is "saving installed packages...."05:52
Dreamubuntuwhere is that ccsm05:52
iDRINKbLEACHyagoo I just selected a username and password and it is "saving installed packages...."05:53
Dreamubuntusorry guys for stupid question05:53
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: press Alt+F2 and run it.05:53
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, linux is very flexible.. you can spread linux partitions any way you want.. but since you're new.. it would be easier to stick with one drive05:53
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: its a new OS to you so its understandable05:54
Dreamubuntuyes it's like a new os05:55
iDRINKbLEACHyagoo thanks, but is is okay for loader to be on SDA and everything else to be on SDB?? also is loader = GRUB2??05:55
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, linux is very flexible..05:55
mcurranunity is garbage05:55
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, you just need to place grub first stage into /dev/sd<Master>05:55
mcurranugliest default desktop i've seen yet05:56
thewarren1I m totally new05:56
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, which is the first drive bios boots into ?(/dev/sda ?)05:56
Dreamubuntuccsm now work05:56
ActionParsnipiDRINKbLEACH: grub2 is the default bootloader. You can use anything else if you can install it (flexibility again)05:56
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, then it would be /dev/sda since its the first drive to boot from bios05:56
mcurranalways install grub to native linux installed partition and change active partition as necessary, always best05:56
bladewith the aticonfig --initial command i get this message: Found fglrx primary device section05:56
blade Unable to find any supported Screen sections05:56
Dreamubuntuccsm not work05:57
yagoomcurran, linux doesn't use the "active" partition flag05:57
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: install compizconfig-settings-manager05:57
mcurranyes it does05:57
yagoomcurran, show me the document link.05:57
iDRINKbLEACHyagoo Houston we may have a problem, Ubuntu is spinning but nothing is happening, 3-4 minutes and no files are installing. ans yes bios is looking for cd first than sda05:57
yagoomcurran, so you're wrong.05:57
Dreamubuntuok then05:57
mcurranyour telling me if you set your windows partition active and grub is installed on a second partition that grub will still boot?  your nuts05:57
mcurranbooting an active partition has nothing to do with linux it's your bios kid05:58
nit-witmcurran, thats haow mine is set up yagoo is correct.05:58
yagooiDRINKbLEACH, well if cd is booted into you should um choose shutdown or try using bios 'esc' key to bring up menu at the very least05:58
ActionParsnipMcurran: it doesn't, grub loads from mbr then boots the partitions from there05:58
mcurrannot if you don't overwrite your mbr05:58
yagoo"<yagoo> mcurran, linux doesn't use the "active" partition flag"05:58
yagooread that again young one.05:58
* yagoo ignores the troll05:59
mcurrangrub is a bootloader, mbr is a bootloader, a bootsector is irrelevant and your bios selects the active partition05:59
KatronixSerfHi all, is there an easy way to change ubuntu desktop to ubuntu server?05:59
yagoo!ops mcurran trolling05:59
ubottuyagoo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:59
mcurranget it right people05:59
Dreamubuntuican't install compiz-setting-manager05:59
Dreamubuntuit's give me error05:59
Dreamubuntusimple-ccsm not avilable06:00
rwwyagoo: "is wrong" and "trolling" are not synonyms.06:00
iDRINKbLEACHyagoo I clicked on the the box and it is running through a series of packages so I will let it run. It is 2:00am here and I am spent. will let this run and visit it in the morning, thanks for your help (all of you) and goodnight!06:00
=== vsshva is now known as VEndix
ActionParsnipKatronixSerf: if you add the bootoption: text    then no GUI will run. Same thing. If you have no need for GUI apps then uninstall xorg and the rest will be removed when you run: sudo apt-get autoremove06:01
mcurranit's always comical to come to this channel and listen to people who think they know, and are totally out there.06:02
rwwmcurran: offtopic cynicism to #ubuntu-offtopic, please :)06:02
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: are you fully updated?06:02
ActionParsnip!info compizconfig-settings-manager06:03
sbeckIs there a way to send emails in kmail at a given time instead of just "later"? What I mean is the behaviour you can get in thunderbird by using this addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/thunderbird/addon/send-later-3/06:03
ubottucompizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.4-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 1181 kB, installed size 5756 kB06:03
semitones_hey I just installed lubuntu, but I'm getting an error when I boot up: "error: out of disk. grub rescue> _" what can I do?06:03
KatronixSerfActionParsnip, thanks06:03
Dreamubuntuido logout but ican't see any other window manger06:03
IdleOnesemitones: install grub06:03
emmancan not get zoneminder to work on ubuntu, no video, need help06:04
Dreamubuntuwhats problem i install openbox how can i lunch it /?06:04
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: make sure you enable universe repo in software centre06:04
jcreekDreamubuntu, Just re-boot.06:04
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: log out, click username then select session in the bottom bar06:05
semitones_IdleOne, I just installed, shouldn't it already have grub2?06:05
Jaded-JacobHas anyone ever had any problems with 'always on top' mode with VLC PLayer on 64bit ubuntu?06:05
mcurranI can't even get VLC to run06:05
KatronixSerfActionParsnip, would that be put into the boot.cfg file?06:06
ActionParsnipJaded-Jacob: always been fine the few times i use it06:06
mcurranplus gnome and amd64 don't play nice with vlc, particularly it's mozilla plugin or any mozilla plugins for that matter06:06
ActionParsnipKatronixSerf: would what?06:06
IdleOnesemitones: indeed it should but maybe something went wrong during the grub install...looking at a forum post about it now06:06
IdleOnesemitones: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133173006:06
ActionParsnipmcurran: or just firefox in general ;-)06:07
semitones_IdleOne, thanks buddy06:07
xgt001hello i installed lxde in ubuntu 11.04... does lxde come with a dock by default?? as the openbox configuration does show some settings for dock06:07
KatronixSerfActionParsnip, the bootoption: text06:07
semitones_I'll try the chroot method if it will let me06:08
Jaded-JacobI'm just about to reinstall ubuntu, but can't decide whether to use kde/gnome/LXDE06:08
Jaded-JacobI know how to switch between them, but I'd rather not have to.06:08
IdleOnesemitones: might be a fix on post #1206:08
lucas49i getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/650432/ with pynotify + pyqt06:08
ActionParsnipKatronixSerf: you never edit grub.cfg that file is generated. It even says not to edit it in the file06:08
Dreamubuntunow  i in openbox06:09
Dreamubuntui want to delete unity windows manager06:09
Dreamubuntualso all other windows manager06:09
Jaded-JacobNice, I like *Box window managers as well06:09
ActionParsnipKatronixSerf: you add them in the quotes with:  quiet splash    in /etc/default/grub   then run:  sudo update-grub06:10
Jaded-JacobActionParsnip: Cheers man, they must have fixed the bug since I last used it06:10
lucas49anyone know why?06:10
xgt001does lxde have a dock by default?06:11
ActionParsnipxgt001: it uses lxpanel which is like gnome panel. A light dock example would be wbar06:11
kleanchapHow do I add more apps to the apps bar on the left?  Do the icons shrink in size or do I need to create a another apps bar?06:12
DreamubuntuActionParsnip, How Can I Delete Other Windows Manger06:13
ActionParsnipkleanchap: you can drag from dash or rightclick running apps to tell them to be kept06:13
sbeckIs there a way to send emails in kmail at a given time instead of just "later"? What I mean is the behaviour you can get in thunderbird by using this addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/send-later-3/06:13
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: its an app like any other. I've never removed it myself so not sure what else it will also remove. I suggest caution06:14
ActionParsnipDreamubuntu: i use lxde+openbox+unity2d. Unity2d can easily be pulled out but i'm not sure how interwoven unity is06:17
DreamubuntuActionParsnip ,, i need to configure OpenBox06:18
DreamubuntuNo Thing In Menu06:18
DreamubuntuCan give me any links06:18
Dreamubuntuhelp me for that ?06:18
uw_hi is anyone here familar with netboot (clients being ubuntu variety)06:19
uw_netboot as in pxe as some people call it06:19
ubuntuguesthi is there a way to backup my home folder folder from a live cd ?06:20
aureianimusso after running normal updates, it now says i don't have the required hardware for unity, how do i discover the culprit and roll back the specific package?06:21
ubuntuguestI can backup everything as root from the live cd but the permissions of every file changes to "root",06:22
ubuntuguestI am accessing the drive from a live cd now.06:22
ubuntuguest(btw I have a 3rd drive to backup the files to, but my problem is that it changes the permissions of all the files to root, which I do not want)06:23
xgt001aureianimus: did u install xorg updates or kernel updates?06:25
aureianimusxgt001, i don't think so, but i don't know where to check that. Also, i'm running bumblebee, which i think updated the nvidia driver, so big chance that's it06:26
xgt001aureianimus: yes most likely, so u have to reinstall the nvidia driver06:27
jcreekUbuntuguest, Try backing up your home folder to another flashdrive. You are stuck with root because you are running from a live disc.06:27
xgt001aureianimus: most likely the video driver has failed to build against the newer kernel06:27
aureianimuscan i just force it back a version with synaptic?06:27
ubuntuguestthanks j06:27
ubuntuguestthanks jcreek06:27
ubuntuguestnot sure what happened to this harddrive,06:28
ubuntuguesta bad connection caused the comuter to freeze then Ubuntu didn't want to bootup06:29
semitones_well I can get into the live cd and install grub, but when I boot I still get grub rescue06:29
semitones_oh well06:29
ubuntuguest(bad connection on the Harddrive)06:29
semitones_a task for tomorrow06:29
jcreekUbuntuguest, you are welcome. Tell me are you able to create files and save them in a live flash drive without any problem?06:29
ubuntuguestI am backing up to a 3rd drive06:29
semitones_gnite IdleOne06:29
ubuntuguestcopying everything as root user06:30
compaqaluien usando etterap06:35
gerehow can i send message to another pc in terminal using ubuntu06:38
yagoogere, man talk06:39
geretnx yagoo06:40
yagoogere, there's also "wall"06:40
yagoogere, use "mesg y" "mesg n" to turn on/off06:40
tripelbis / my home directory? I want  to find .bashrc  it is no there06:43
KM0201"/home" is your home directory06:44
tripelboh wait, it's not I see home in there06:44
DeezeNutshaving trouble installing firefox 5.0.1 on ubuntu06:44
KM0201"/" is your root directory06:44
yagootripelb, is the "root" of the filesystem.. the word "root" can also mean the "superuser" (superuser home is /root)06:44
tripelbKM0201, looking again06:44
IdleOnetripelb: nano ~/.bashrc06:44
ZykoticK9KM0201, almost /home/USERNAME is your home directory, or ~ for short.  tripelb06:44
KM0201ZykoticK9: well, yeah, good point06:45
gere@yagoo how can i use man talk?06:45
tripelbright zykes-06:45
yagootripelb, "/" is not "/root" (just to be sure i'm saying this :)06:45
tripelbright ZykoticK906:45
yagootripelb, but "/" is "root of the filesystem"06:45
KM0201yagoo: no, but its the root filesystem.06:45
yagooKM0201, too late.06:45
KM0201i'm slow on the uptake tonight06:45
tripelblifehacker has these nots how to get ubuntu hints.06:46
IdleOnegere: you would need to install "talk" apt-cache show talk06:46
tripelb"there's not root in ubuntu" tripelb recites the chatachism06:46
DeezeNutsI don't know how to install this tar.bz2 file06:46
DeezeNutsI forgot06:46
DeezeNutsfor firefox 5 on ubuntu06:46
yagooDeezeNuts, .tar.bz2 can only be extracted..06:47
yagooDeezeNuts, unless whatever that's in them needs furthering reading.. maybe there's a thirdparty insatller within06:47
AmivitHow do i route all traffic in ubuntu through tor ?06:47
yagooDeezeNuts, just use ark..(gui for extracting tarballs)06:47
ubottuFiles with ".tar.gz", ".tar.bz2" or ".tgz" extensions are compressed archive formats, similar to ZIP files. See !tar for extracting them. Some of these files contain programs in source code form; see !compile for getting them to run.06:47
DeezeNutsthank you vagoo06:48
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression06:48
DeezeNutsgnome it is06:48
tripelbhelp again. this says to add "ubuntu-server-tip " to the last line in my .bashrc but I dont think that's right (any more?)06:48
jcreekAmivit, Have you installed Vidalia?06:48
* yagoo says if u have gnome apps as a preference but need to run KDE apps it's not problem-- except the kdelibraries would be installed-- hence you can run KDE apps on the gnome desktop06:50
Amivitjcreek, yes, but i dont want to configure specific apps to use the socks proxy, i want to globally route everything through Tor if thats somehow possible?06:50
AmivitTo avoid any lleakage06:50
yagooAmivit, you want to tunnely a torrent app?06:50
yagooAmivit, those apps should have a socks proxy setting..06:51
Amivityagoo, No, I just want the piece of mind of wether i will use skype, messenger, my browser or whatever software it should be, that it is through the TOR06:51
tripelbI did this -->  sudo apt-get install fortunes-ubuntu-server  <-- what did that do?06:51
AmivitLike a transparent gateway i would ugess its called06:51
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl06:52
yagoo(use /msg ubottu if u need more query)06:52
tripelbIs that good info if you want to become a Tor bridge?06:52
yagoono idea..06:52
yagooi've heard of tor before but never dwelved into it06:52
yagoonever used it..06:53
tripelbyagoo, ZykoticK9 idleone thanks for the basic help.06:53
AmivitI dont see how that bot can help me since my request is a bit specific06:53
ZykoticK9tripelb, "fortune" is a cli app that displays little messages (ususally when you log in), in this case, about ubuntu-server06:53
gere@IdleOne thank you06:54
yagooAmivit, if u read it.. "Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's"06:54
tripelbZykoticK9, ok how can I remove what I just did then?06:54
ZykoticK9tripelb, "sudo apt-get remove fortunes-ubuntu-server" will uninstall it?06:55
Amivityagoo, but i dont have issues with what to install. I just want to know if it's possible to route 100% everything through tor transparantly to the apps running in the system.06:55
jcreekAmivit, I installed Vidalia last week, but haven't set it up yet. However, I ran it in Windows XP and all of my communications then went through it. It was slow, but secure. I am going to Tor and get their advice.06:56
yagooAmivit, if install successfully, you should meet up with others who use TOR, you should be asking the other dude :p.. Tor is not a main thing i reckon06:56
tripelbZykoticK9, seemed to work, thanks. (first uninstall)06:56
tripelbAmvit, I'm no expert but I think that's what tor does.06:57
yagooI wouldn't trust tor for doing my online banking06:57
tripelbamvit, I just tried something and I think it's your preferred destination!! /join #tor06:57
Amivitjcreek, but after installing didnt u still have to coinfigure your browser etc., to use the proxy? Thats what I want to avoid. I want to somehow route everything through the proxy whether it be with iptables, or setting up a seperate computer and using that as the default gateway on ubuntu or something like that.06:58
Amivitthanks tripelb06:58
yagooAmivit, i already answered that. You need to setup your apps. Those apps need to have that 'proxy' option..06:58
yagooAmivit, this is the basic nature of a proxy server. The client's proxy settings need to be setup.06:59
yagoowith-tor or not-tor.. proxy is proxy06:59
yagoo(and if there's no proxy option with the app.. it's still possible to proxy the client but difficult to do so with other external helper tools)07:00
AmivitI think I understand now, thanks.07:01
namelessinseatlewhat is an alternative to flashget for linux?07:01
yagoonamelessinseatle, booblashget :P07:01
namelessinseatleI need to download a file that's around 2GB07:02
yagoonamelessinseatle, list of software flashget site:wikipedia.org (google)07:02
yagoothat was the google 2nd result .. pretty good uh :)07:03
not-really-humani'm gonna be running Ubuntu in a VM (downloading now).  is Ubuntu much slower in VMWare07:03
jcreekAmivit , Yes, but it gave me a problem. Here is the thing for me. I have Firefox 5. When I ran it in Firefox before it was compatible. It is not in Firefox 5. Previously I jus went to mozilla add-ons and downloaded  Privoxy, Tor Button, and Vidalia . I had to change the proxy settings but I could get these at Privoxy site. Now I have to figure out if I  should  use Firefox or Chromium.07:03
* yagoo namelessinseatle is lost in seattle07:04
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noobishCan you drop to a root shell in the ubuntu-server cd like you can in the alternate desktop cd? I need to setup swraids on top of swraids and the curses partition editor only allows configuring physical devices as raid components...07:06
kaiyinhow can i backup a list of all packages on the system for the purpose of restoration?07:07
=== erikja is now known as OZ4KK
ZykoticK9!clone | kaiyin07:07
ubottukaiyin: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate07:07
not-really-humani'm about to try linux for the first time in years07:09
not-really-humanin a VM only, though07:09
ZykoticK9not-really-human, just FYI, but Unity won't work in VMWare07:10
not-really-humanhow comes07:10
sbeck3d acceleration07:10
ZykoticK9not-really-human, VMWare's 3d support is poor07:10
not-really-humani see07:10
not-really-humani guess i can run Gnome though07:10
not-really-humani wonder whether compiz willw ork07:11
not-really-humanwill work07:11
ZykoticK9not-really-human, no compiz07:11
not-really-humanoh.  never mind07:11
ZykoticK9not-really-human, FYI #2 VirtualBox has some support for both07:11
sbecknot-really-human, why don't you try it from the live cd?07:11
not-really-humani'm not sure that i have any spare CDs07:12
not-really-humanand it'd be nice running it at the same time as windows07:12
sbeckAh, okay-07:12
Byananyone here have suspend working with fglrx?07:12
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not-really-humandamn, ubuntu is compressed from 16GB to 800MB07:14
adurodeadoubt it07:14
adurodeaand even if it were thats not the greatest...07:15
not-really-humanyou can doubt all youw ant07:15
adurodeatheres been video/audio compression of up to 10k:107:15
adurodeaprobably more07:15
adurodeahow is it compressed 16GB to 800MB?07:15
not-really-humani wasn't aware there was a competition07:15
noobishyes, it is possible to drop to shell in ubuntu-server install and skip steps07:16
skp-btHello All !!!07:16
celthunderi don't think it's compressed either but who knows07:17
celthunderskp-bt: hi07:17
bladeneed some help understanding the xorg.conf file07:19
bazhangblade, did you write one?07:19
bladebazhang, i used aticonfig -- and it did07:19
bazhangblade, whats the question07:20
bladeok a short rundown i have 2 ati cards both with a monitor finaly got them to both show up but now if i try to change anything in cccle it wacks out so i need to edit my xorg file so i can tell it what monitor is on what adapter07:21
surajHello guys, I am having a problem in my HP-DV7-4285dx laptop with ubuntu, in my touchpad right click doesn't work at all. I have tried 10.04, 10.10 and currently running 11.04 but still the same result.07:21
bladebut i dont know enough about the xorg file to do so07:21
surajdoes anyone know what might be the problem?07:21
jcreeksuraj, have you tried to plug in a mouse and see if it does not work?07:23
bladebazhang, http://pastebin.com/UEvdU2mX so you can see what i see07:24
skp-btplease tell me how to fix the problem with the updating of ubuntu 10.04 on 1107:27
kenneth_Okay, I have to ask... how did I get here?07:28
nit-witskp-bt, the problem is?07:28
bazhangkenneth_, what distro07:28
bladekenneth_, one ckick at a time?07:28
kenneth_I couldn't tell you.  I'm enrolled in a week long linux class and I have been struggled this entire time trying to figure all of this out.07:29
bladeanyone know enough about xorg.config to help me tweak some settings?07:29
bazhang!upgrade | skp-bt07:30
ubottuskp-bt: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade07:30
skp-btCan not update hangs sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:30
bazhangskp-bt, dist-upgrade does not do that07:30
bazhangskp-bt, pastebin the actual errors to paste.ubuntu.com07:31
MACscrhow can i install firefox 4 on my natty system? i already uninstall FF507:31
bazhang!dist-upgrade | skp-bt07:31
ubottuskp-bt: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.07:31
Yukinorohhelp! I can't get sound from a game that uses alsa07:32
ZykoticK9Yukinoroh, what game?07:32
bladebazhang, did you have a chance to look at that file?07:32
YukinorohZykoticK9: mugen07:32
Yukinorohfor linux07:32
ZykoticK9Yukinoroh, have you tried "pasuspender mugen" if mugen is the executable name?07:33
YukinorohZykoticK9: I just tried, doesn't work... looks like these suspenders made the trousers fall as well07:34
bazhangblade, yes, but I use only intel and nvidia, wont be much help to you sorry07:34
skp-btok I just Sach video card from the sis mirage 3D graphic07:34
insmoddoes anyone know a msn client that can do webcam amsn cannot anymore07:34
Yukinorohit says "Initializing sound...failed to init hardware."07:34
bladebazhang, no matter07:35
bladebazhang, what i need to know has nothing to do with ati... i need to move some settings is all07:35
LinuxManwhy is wine so buggy? barley works!07:35
YukinorohI tried padsp as well, no result07:35
ZykoticK9Yukinoroh, try "padsp mugen"07:35
Yukinorohwell the game gives OSS, ALSA, ESD, or AUTO as options for sound, but none work07:35
Yukinorohtried them all07:35
bladebazhang, such as position of monitors to tell them what adapter to be on07:37
skp-btThank you all, I fixed the problem07:37
ZykoticK9Yukinoroh, there's a post in ubuntuforums that suggests trying "alsamixer" and enabling everything.  I got nothing, best of luck.07:38
insmodYukinoroh; run aoss then app07:39
insmodYukinoroh; eg aoss gtick07:40
YukinorohZykoticK9: I don't have much in there07:40
Yukinorohinsmod: no result07:40
insmodYukinoroh; is it installed07:40
Yukinorohinsmod: yes it is07:40
Yukinorohwell maybe I can try to set it on OSS other than AUTO07:41
bladeneed help tweaking settings in xorg.conf07:41
insmodYukinoroh; then it has to be pulseaudio07:41
Yukinorohinsmod: no result with aoss either07:41
insmodYukinoroh; then it has to be pulseaudio07:41
no_facemorning, could anyone tell me the package name for the deb installer that comes with ubuntu 10.4 please07:42
YukinorohZykoticK9: I have master, pcm, s/pdif and beep in alsamixer, master and pcm are 100%, I can't do anything with S/PDIF and honestly I don't think beep can have an effect...07:42
kenneth_How do I verify that CUPS is running?07:43
nit-witno_face, gdebi07:43
Yukinorohinsmod: I guess so, how can I troubleshoot that?07:43
no_facethank you nit-wit07:43
nit-witno_face, no prob.07:43
ZykoticK9kenneth_, "ps aux | grep cupsd"07:43
bladeneed help tweaking settings in xorg.conf07:43
insmodkenneth_: login to the webinterface07:43
ZykoticK9Yukinoroh, sorry, i have no idea.  good luck.07:43
insmodYukinoroh; ps -aux |grep pulseaudio07:44
insmodYukinoroh; is it there07:44
trismegistusAre there devs/contributers of ubuntu here? If there are I just wanted to tell you thanks for the awesome work on the OS!07:45
YukinorohWarning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See http://procps.sf.net/faq.html07:45
Yukinoroh1000      3245  0.1  0.1 359444  6264 ?        S<sl 12:54   0:21 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog07:45
Yukinoroh1000      3249  0.0  0.1 115836  3936 ?        Sl   12:54   0:00 /usr/lib/pulseaudio/pulse/gconf-helper07:45
Yukinoroh1000      5304  0.0  0.0  93552  1064 pts/0    S+   16:44   0:00 grep --color=auto pulseaudio07:45
insmodYukinoroh; that's it then now use pavucontrol - a gui to control it07:45
ZykoticK9insmod, see that first warning line in Yukinoroh flood?  Don't use - with ps07:45
bladeneed help tweaking settings in xorg.conf07:46
CompiHi everyone, I am new to Ubuntu. Running Ubuntu Studio 11.04 and need some help. I installed Qtel as per the instructions on the internet but need some help with the sound for Qtel.07:46
lsheebaoh man , Linux will die if they dont have a magical solution like control alt delete , ( CTRL + ALT + F2 ) is not the answer to the world!07:47
ZykoticK9blade, provide more information, your request is far to broad.  good luck, i think it has something to do with ATI so I won't help.07:47
Yukinorohinsmod: what should I check for in pavucontrol ?07:47
lsheebai tried running the game it with the diffrent launcher the game screen was black i had alot of work in background , i clicked CONTROL ALT F2 , ps aux to find the process to kill it but sadly the list was long!!!!!! i had to restart gdm by sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart , now everything the way i was multitasking was gone!!!!!!!! thats the big MARK for Linux problem in the market !07:47
bazhanglsheeba, thats more than enough07:47
bazhangCompi, what precisely is qtel07:48
lsheebaim upset! bazhang07:48
llutz_lsheeba: its not linux fault if you're going to kill the wrong stuff07:48
lsheebaall my multitasking is gone07:48
bazhanglsheeba, take complaints to the appropriate channel07:48
insmodYukinoroh; run the prog then look at output devices07:48
CompiBazhang, Qtel is an amateur radio softwarew package for Echolink.07:48
trijntje_oneiriclsheeba, what you want to do is entirely possible under linux07:48
lsheebawhy cant i scroll to processes when im at CTRL ALT F207:48
bazhangCompi, ham radio?07:48
bladeZykoticK9, i am running ati yes but it really dont have to do with ati... i just need to change some settings in xorg.conf i have both vid cards working now but need to move some settings so i have the right monitor on the right card07:49
CompiBazhang, Thats correct.07:49
Yukinorohinsmod: I have internal autio analog stereo, both (front and right) are 100%07:49
trijntje_oneiriclsheeba, just typ top next time it happens, probably the game will be at the top of the list07:49
rudrahaving problem with wireless please help07:49
ZykoticK9blade, sorry i don't help with ATI stuff.  Good luck.07:49
lsheebai want to know which rat process requires me to kill , and with control alt f2 is not GUI and writing it , ok to me is ok , but when my PC is hanged on black screen because the game crashed , how can i just control alt delete and end task like in windows07:49
bazhang!wifi | rudra07:49
ubotturudra: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:49
insmodYukinoroh; is your other prog running07:49
Yukinorohah no, wait I'll run it then07:50
bladeZykoticK9, ty07:50
Compibazhang, Thats correct.07:50
lsheebathis is the only problem in linux in this world , if this is resolved linux can be a real competition!07:50
trijntje_oneiriclsheeba, if you know the name of the program you can just kill it wiht killall progname07:50
bazhang!ot | lsheeba07:50
ubottulsheeba: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:50
lsheebaMajor Issue Problem why the hell this is still kernalized07:50
rudraim unable to detect wireless networks in 11.0407:50
Compibazhang, may I post a link to the project here?07:51
bazhangrudra, please give a ton more details07:51
RomanceHello, may I add more space to the partition for my Ubuntu. I made a dualboot on my pc XP / Ubuntu. i don't want to reformat.07:51
bazhangRomance, using gparted live cd?07:51
Yukinorohinsmod: yes it is now, but no change07:51
bazhangCompi, sure, please do07:51
rudra<bazhang> i'm unable to detect any wifi networks07:51
glebihanRomance, do you have a live CD ?07:51
rudra<bazhang> im using natty07:52
insmodYukinoroh; now look at playback07:52
lsheebaps aux the list goes on and i cant scroll up in the VN dialog ( AKA ) CMD screen i know how to kill process through terminal , ive been using linux since dapper! , this is absurd to the extent that this is not resolved in 10.10 as they said 10 out of 10 ? waaaat? i thought the dream of linux is real after ive been away from feisty fawn for 3 years07:52
bazhangrudra, thats the same exact info.07:52
Compibazhang, here is the link to the project: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/svxlink07:52
RomanceNo, i don't have live CD.07:52
rudra<bazhang> ok you ask me07:52
bazhangRomance, gparted live cd. 60mb iso07:52
rudra<bazhang> like any questions07:52
glebihanRomance, then get one and use gparted to resize your partitions07:52
Yukinorohinsmod: I have mono, at 100%07:52
RomanceOkay, so it won't reformat right?07:53
insmodYukinoroh;not muted07:53
bazhanglsheeba, please tone it down07:53
lsheebaimagine some1 who has this kind of situation imagnie this ! , omg a business / corporation / school , University ! ? whoa man just WHOA!07:53
Yukinorohinsmod: no it's not muted07:53
bladecan anyone point me to where i can find some help with understanding the xorg.conf file please07:53
trijntje_oneiriclsheeba, take it elsewhere. If you have been using linux since dapper you should have no problem killing a process07:53
insmodYukinoroh;what does it say it is running ALSA?07:53
Compibazhang, I get audio from Qtel but no mic audio into it. Don't know what I am missing. it looks like I need to install some sound driver or something but it gives me a error..07:54
Yukinorohinsmod: well I set it on auto... should I try it in ALSA? OSS? ESD?07:54
rudra<bazhang> what info should i giv07:54
bazhangCompi, what about checking in terminal alsamixer07:54
aussie114hello, is there a terminal command to restart your mouse services, some things I do lock up my mouse and I want to fix it without restarting my computer07:54
bazhangrudra, chipset, driver, installed how and from where07:54
llutz_lsheeba: if one runs weird stuff, like games or whatever on business machines, he already has other problems. an now stop it here, take your blahblah to #ubuntu-offtopic please07:54
glebihanRomance, be careful while doing it, but gparted will allow you to resize the partitions without reformatting07:54
rudra<bazhang> should i give you lspci?07:55
Romanceaussie114 : detach your mouse and attach it back?07:55
Compibazhang, I did that, problem is that I am unable to find what the install refers to.07:55
bazhangrudra, to pastebin07:55
lsheebain windows Ctrl alt delete is Suffice! end tasking a process .exe , ok ive been tampering with this since along time , any1 can help me with this problem i got i have a game thats ported both for linux and windows , a customized IO Quake ( running QuakeX ) , the launcher is made in windows , but not in linux , so i tried the unified warsaw game launcher , edited it to read the fs_gamepath quakeX folder baseq3  ( Engine Dir ) , then the game s07:55
lsheebatarted on black screen! need help m807:55
insmodYukinoroh; easier just stop pulse audio -- should work then07:55
rudra<bazhang> ya just a sec07:55
aussie114romance: tried that07:55
Yukinorohinsmod: how do I do that?07:55
Compibazhang, in the link: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/svxlink/wiki/InstallationInstructions07:55
Compibazhang, in the link you will see the audio instructions07:56
bazhangCompi, hang on, busy right at the moment07:56
bladecan anyone point me to where i can find some help with understanding the xorg.conf file please07:56
Compibazhang, Ok.. thanks..07:56
insmodYukinoroh; pulseaudio -k07:56
Compibazhang, standing by...07:56
Yukinorohinsmod: no effect07:56
rudra<bazhang> http://paste.ubuntu.com/650476/07:57
bazhangCompi, please direct your questions to the channel, with as much info as possible07:57
insmodYukinoroh; no idea07:57
Yukinoroh^^; I've been on this for about a week07:57
YukinorohI'm about to give up07:57
Compibazhang, excuse my ignorance, how do I do it.. NooB here :)07:58
insmodYukinoroh; kill gui at boot install fluxbox reboot and startx with fluxbox in .xinitrc -- should work then07:59
kenneth_Yukinoroh, if it makes you feel any better I've been struggling with this linux xlass I have to take and nothing that the text book or what my instructor has said makes any sense.07:59
glebihanCompi, did you have a look at the Ubuntu specific installation instructions ? https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/svxlink/wiki/InstallSrcUbuntu07:59
Yukinorohanyways I have to go soon08:00
YukinorohI have an appointment08:00
Yukinorohthanks for the help08:00
Compiglebihan, I did, let me look at it again and then I can tell where I got to..08:00
Compiglebihan, I completed that section without any problems..08:01
Yukinorohthanks a lot, good bye :)08:01
Compiglebihan, the sound files not is my issue..08:01
Compiglebihan, no luck with that at all...08:01
Killeranybody here? need some help08:02
bladecan anyone point me to where i can find some help with understanding the xorg.conf file please08:02
rudra<bazhang> any luck?08:02
wildbat!anyone| Killer08:02
ubottuKiller: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:02
wildbatblade: man xorg.conf08:03
bazhangrudra, is this a usb dongle? try lsusb if so08:03
=== takashi is now known as Guest49653
bladewildbat, i know how to edit it what i dont know is what settings i need to change for sure08:04
=== Soo is now known as Duro
Killeri have installed ubuntu 11.04 in my PC... it's connected to my 32inch LCD tv through HDMI... but ubuntu is showing it's a 95" inch monitor... how do I change the monitor type?08:04
rudra<bazhang> no its not usb08:04
bladewildbat, i have just got my 2nd vid card working but the monitor is not acting the way i want it to08:04
=== mang0 is now known as mang0|OUT
Killeri have installed ubuntu 11.04 in my PC... it's connected to my 32inch LCD tv through HDMI... but ubuntu is showing it's a 95" inch monitor... how do I change the monitor type?08:05
Compiglebihan, I am unable to get this part sorted under Post install stuff... I quote: "There are no audio level controls in SvxLink server nor Qtel. The levels must be adjusted with an external tool like aumix, kmix, alsamixer or whatever your favourite mixer is. I usually use the command line alsamixer application. Start one of the mixers and locate the controls to use for adjusting the levels. The output level is adjusted using the two sliders Pcm and Vol08:05
Compi. The input level is adjusted using the Capture (sometimes called IGain) slider, not the Mic or Input (line-in) slider. The latter two are used to adjust the monitoring level of the two inputs. Set these two to zero. Select to use either the microphone or the line-in input. Set the Pcm, Vol and Mic/Input sliders half way up. Adjust the levels according to the instructions below. "08:05
bladewildbat, for example both monitors are position "0 0" and are on different cards08:06
trijntje_oneiric!hi | Erik_dc08:06
Erik_dcit seems Xchat allways joins this chatroom while i like it to load another one by default08:06
Compiglebihan, I can not find the Igain / capture slider..08:06
Erik_dcany idea where to find the settings?08:06
Killerthere is no xorg.conf inside /etc/X11/08:06
greystermornin all08:06
bazhangErik_dc, then change the autojoin: xchat menu network list edit server remove from autojoin list08:06
ZykoticK9Killer, not by default, but if you create one - it will be used08:07
bazhangErik_dc, what distro08:07
Erik_dcubuntu 11.04 6408:07
Erik_dclet me see08:07
KillerZykoticK9: how?08:08
bazhangErik_dc, then its called ubuntu servers, really freenode though08:08
Erik_dcfavorite channals?08:08
bazhangErik_dc, edit ubuntu servers, it will bring up a nother menu08:09
wildbatblade: i am no expert in it sorry ;p ~08:09
Killeri have installed ubuntu 11.04 in my PC... it's connected to my 32inch LCD tv through HDMI... but ubuntu is showing it's a 95" inch monitor... how do I change the monitor type?08:09
bazhangErik_dc, separate them with a comma  #chan1,#chan2 thus08:09
Killerhow do i generate a xorg.conf file?08:09
Erik_dcok, got it set08:09
celthunderKiller: X --configure08:10
Erik_dcbrb to test08:10
Erik_dcthank you08:10
celthunderKiller: might be X -configure08:10
glebihanCompi, does the "Capture" control appear in amixer ?08:10
Erik_dcok, that did the trick08:10
bazhangErik_dc, good news08:11
Erik_dcjust change favorite channals, thanks a lot08:11
bazhangErik_dc, there is also the channel #xchat just a fyi08:11
Erik_dcanother question :) is this the place to come with ubuntu problems?08:11
bazhangErik_dc, yep08:11
Erik_dcfantastic :)08:11
MGandTLor the ubuntu forums if you want to refer back to it.08:12
ubottuAskUbuntu is a support resource that offers non-realtime support by the community! Can't get your problem fixed on IRC? Try AskUbuntu! - http://askubuntu.com/ You can discuss AskUbuntu in #ubuntu-stack08:12
Compiglebihan, Yes, I quote:"Simple mixer control 'Capture',008:12
Compi  Capabilities: cvolume cswitch cswitch-joined penum08:12
Compi  Capture channels: Front Left - Front Right08:12
Compi  Limits: Capture 0 - 1508:12
Compi  Front Left: Capture 8 [53%] [12.00dB] [off]08:12
FloodBot1Compi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:12
Erik_dcmaybe this is than also a good place to say tank you to all the ubuntu people? im using it now for nearly 2 years and love it. I recoomand ubuntu to everyone i see08:13
CompiFloodBot, Thanks.08:13
Erik_dchave a good day everyone08:13
trijntje_oneiricErik_dc, good day to you too08:14
Erik_dcgeniet van je weekend trijntje :)08:14
trijntje_oneiriclol Erik_dc ;)08:14
soulis77-SEHi all. What is the difference between: dig @localhost example.com and dig example.com ?  I get error when using @localhost but not the other one.08:14
llutz_soulis77-SE: @localhost queries "localhost" (your machine"08:15
llutz_soulis77-SE: so no dns running locally?08:15
soulis77-SEllutz: That is what I'm trying to set up. I think...08:16
=== cypha`` is now known as cypha
llutz_soulis77-SE: "sudo lsof -i :53"08:16
=== the-lark_ is now known as the-lark
=== the-lark is now known as Senix
glebihanCompi, your capture device is muted, try "amixer set Capture toggle"08:17
soulis77-SEllutz: Lots of nsd info...08:17
=== Senix is now known as the-lark
=== the-lark is now known as Senix
soulis77-SEllutz: One example row:  nsd     20415  nsd    4u  IPv4 106497382       UDP *:domain08:18
jnsl_when i try to sudo sshfs i get connection reset by peer.. if i try with out sudo it works! I have copied my ssh folder to root, thinking this was the issue, but now i can ssh with root and sshfs is same error08:18
llutz_jnsl_: don't use ssh(fs) as root08:18
jnsl_llutz_ but i want to mount the drive in /meida/<name>08:19
Compiglebihan, Thanks, is this right? http://paste.ubuntu.com/650484/08:19
glebihanCompi, yes should be ok08:19
Compiglebihan, Thanks heaps!08:19
glebihanCompi, you're welcome08:19
llutz_jnsl_: just make sure to be in group fuse08:19
Compiglebihan, I am going to try Qtel and give feedback.. One minute..08:19
insmodjnsl_: why not just sudo mount08:21
llutz_jnsl_: sudo chown <you> /media/<name>08:21
jnsl_llutz_ can i add root to fuse? i tried usermod -a -G fuse root08:21
llutz_insmod: because it's sshfs08:21
insmodllutz, insteed of that08:22
jnsl_<llutz i did chown on the folder, same error ;( im not sure if its a permission thing?08:23
llutz_jnsl_: "sshfs user@host:/path /media/<name>" as user08:24
Compiglebihan, The mic is still not working. no incoming audio.08:24
soulis77-SEllutz: Do I need the dns for localhost?  My VPS provider have dns server for me but.. ?08:25
jnsl_llutz_ thanks i was missing user@08:25
llutz_soulis77-SE: you need a dns, but it doesn't have to run on your local machine08:26
soulis77-SEyes but the dns for the localhost is that special? Or what is dig @localhost   used for?  Newbe...08:27
glebihanCompi, could you try with some other app (like gnome-sound-recorder) ? this way we'll see if the issue comes from Qtel or something else08:27
Romancesoulis77-SE: you can make your own DNS server on your VPS or use free dns services (eg: www.freedns.afraid.org)08:27
Compiglebihan, Ok.. I will try that..08:27
Greysterjus having a look around?08:27
soulis77-SERomance: I have DNS from afraid.org  but the localhost is that dns for MY server ?08:28
soulis77-SEsorry from* my server that is08:28
llutz_soulis77-SE: "dig @localhost"  is senseless if you don't run your own dns locally. "@host" just specifies what dns-server to query08:28
Romancesoulis77-SE: apparantly you can't even remote to your VPS localhost, you still need the IP instead. so. yeah.08:29
llutz_soulis77-SE: "dig @ example.com"  to query google-dns08:29
milen8204I need English - German and German - English dictionary, any Ideas for one?08:29
Greysterseen enough for now and shall try and learn a little more about irssi08:30
soulis77-SEllutz: No errors when doing that.08:30
bazhangmilen8204, online?08:30
milen8204bazhang, no a program08:30
llutz_milen8204: ding, wgerman, wngerman08:30
llutz_!info ding08:31
ubottuding (source: ding): Graphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6-2ubuntu1 (natty), package size 91 kB, installed size 396 kB08:31
llutz_^^ milen820408:31
milen8204llutz, thanks I will try house08:31
soulis77-SEWhen I use mail or something will that affect the @localhost. I'm going to use some/all of the following Postfix, Procmail, Courier or sendmail. Will it08:32
majdekalelhi guys i have strange problem >>>> i can't open facebook website ???08:32
majdekalellook like a dns problem ???08:32
majdekaleli can open it using proxy  ....08:33
llutz_soulis77-SE: just make sure to have access to at least 1 nameserver (dns). it does not have to run locally (on localhost).08:33
wildbatmajdekalel: what about other website? are you blocked from facebook ~like china do .08:34
Compiglebihan, I found that in recorder it did not record at all. There I messed with the controls and found the correct line in selection.. I tested Qtel and all is now working as required. Thanks Heaps for all the help!! Much appreciated..08:34
majdekalelno i can access other websites08:34
glebihanCompi, you're welcome08:34
CompiHave a great day everyone..!!08:35
majdekaleleven when i use ping command with facebook website i have no respond ...08:35
llutz_soulis77-SE: the dns-nameserver being used by default, are listed in /etc/resolv.conf08:35
majdekaleli can access just over proxy server ..08:35
majdekalelso is it a dns problem ??08:35
wildbatmajdekalel: dig facebook.com?08:35
majdekalelnothing !!!!08:36
majdekaleldig facebook.com gives me nothing !!!08:36
wildbatmajdekalel: use as your dns then08:36
majdekalellisten ping facebook.com and give me the ip08:37
chaddyhello bryan_08:37
majdekalelyou did that or what ???08:38
majdekalelsomeone please ping the facebook.com and give me the ip ???08:38
chaddydns by irc?08:38
bryan_how many ip does one have ?08:38
wildbatmajdekalel:  PING facebook.com ( ; are you at work which your IT department firewalled?08:38
majdekalelits not working08:39
majdekalelno i dont have firewall08:39
majdekalelit is open connection HSPA+08:39
soulis77-SEllutz: So if I have my VPS providers dns in sesolv.conf But I set up my DNS and domain name with afraid.org. Then I should add the afraid dns name to the file...08:39
bazhangmajdekalel, why the proxy08:39
majdekalelwhen i use the proxy server i can access facebook.com08:39
majdekalelbut without proxy i can't08:40
bazhang!enter | majdekalel08:40
ubottumajdekalel: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:40
majdekalelok ok im so sorry08:40
=== LittleFool`off is now known as LittleFool
wildbatmajdekalel: traceroute and see ~ what happen, may be ~08:40
majdekaleli tried that too and nothing !!!08:41
majdekaleli were using facebook normally and the chat disconnected without any reason !!! and then i tried to open it but nothing !!!08:42
yelp14hello #Ubuntu!08:42
yelp14I was hoping to get some basic help on setting sshfs08:42
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS yelp1408:43
yelp14yeah I've been using goodle08:43
wildbatmajdekalel: cotact your ISP ~ it is not ubuntu problem ~ :>08:43
yelp14I'm connecting with my server by using the publicIP -p PORT#08:44
yelp14If I understand correctly, its supposed to look like 'sshfs user@host:directory mountpoint'08:45
yelp14I guess I'm confused on what to put in the user@host spot, cause i'm getting the error 'missing host' returned08:46
llutz_yelp14: what was you exact command?08:47
nullQuestion:  Why does 'parted -l /dev/sdc' not list the partition types i define (the column is blank,) while 'fdisk -l /dev/sdc' correctly list them as partition type id's 83 and 82?08:47
=== fairuz1 is now known as fairuz_
yelp14llutz: 'sshfs [publicIP] -p [port]: /home/dir /home/dir'08:48
yelp14with the first dir being the dir on my server and the second my mount point08:48
llutz_yelp14: sshfs -p port# user@ip.adr.of.server:/home/dir /home/dir08:48
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
yelp14llutz: thanks! But I got this error message 'fuse: bad mount point `/home/anarchy/Videos': No such file or directory'08:51
yelp14but that is the correct dir :(08:51
llutz_yelp14: mkdir /home/anarchy/Videos08:52
llutz_yelp14: it needs to be owned by your user08:52
yelp14thats the server side dir08:52
yelp14I guess I don't understand..08:52
llutz_yelp14: serverside? you don't add spaces between host:/path08:52
yelp14maybe that's my problem. one second08:53
bladeneed help with xorg.conf settings please just need to understand what some of them mean08:53
llutz_yelp14: if you have a space after :, it IS your problem08:53
bladeneed help with xorg.conf settings08:56
bladeanyone understand the xorg.conf file?08:56
yelp14llutz_: Thanks man! I got it worked out!!08:56
SwedeMike!ask | blade08:57
ubottublade: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:57
bladeSwedeMike, i have been asking the question all night08:57
SwedeMikethen ask the question again, not asking if someone knows xorg.conf08:58
yelp14llutz_: this is so cool! is it possible to do this through the use of putty on a windows machine as well?08:58
llutz_yelp14: uuh, no idea if windows/putty supports sshfs, you'd better ask allmgihty google. sry08:58
yelp14alright! thanks bud. Have a good night, and some good karma your way for your help :)08:59
bladei have 2 monitors 2 video cards, i have both showing up now but i still cant use the second monitor, it is down to tweaking the xorg.conf file now and i do not understand what all of it is for... so i need to know if someone will look at the file and see if they can help me find the problem.... should i go on?08:59
Lasersblade: /j #xorg09:00
bladeLasers, thank you09:00
Lasersblade: Np. Good luck.09:00
bladelol i guess nobody on the xorg channel09:04
rxbiianyone know a way to watch Netflix movies on ubuntu, without a copy of windows?09:04
yelp14rxbii: you find out, you let me know09:04
bladelook for moonlight i think that's what it is called09:04
yelp14llutz_: what's the best way to unmount? 'fusermount -u mountpoint' ??09:05
insmodblade: i know xorg09:05
bladeinsmod if i post the xorg.conf file will you please look at it and see if you see what i am doing wrong?09:06
llutz_yelp14: yes09:06
insmodblade: here is the thing09:06
Slartrxbii: not sure how old or accurate this is http://how-to.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_watch_Netflix_(Watch_Instantly)_in_Linux09:06
wernerdevHey everyone, I am stuck compiling Netatalk with Zeroconf...09:06
wernerdevconfigure: error: Zeroconf installation not found09:07
wernerdevCant find out which package to install...09:07
bladeinsmod, yes09:07
insmodblade: ubuntu overwrites it and I am not an ubuntu guy to tell you what -- so even if it works it wont --- that said is it nvidia?09:07
gogetaheh this is awsome09:07
wernerdevOr do I manually have to download it from the web somewhere?09:07
moocowDo we need to shorten all URLs, even http://paste.ubuntu.com/?09:07
bladeinsmod, ati09:07
moocowAnyway, ubuntu needs better graphics :P09:08
gogetamoocow: lol if anything it needs less09:08
insmodblade:ati sucks at linux support -- if you were on debian ya09:08
yelp14lol moocow09:08
moocowwell this is trying to take over windows, right?09:08
gogetainsmod: ati sucked it linux amd does not09:08
moocowif you show ubuntu to someone they will think, 'is this 10 years old?'09:09
bazhangmoocow, got a support question?09:09
moocowbazhang: no, I'll quit now09:09
yelp14learn to customize linux moocow... people are very impressed when I show them my computer09:09
yelp14and I"m a freaking noob.09:09
bladeinsmod,  both cards and aticonf is what will over wright  the file on here and that will only happen in cccle or terminal09:09
gogetainsmod: even the ati oss driver is 70% and there own is pretty mutch as good as nivida09:09
bladeinsmod, i have all of it working other than just tweaking a few settings in the xorg file09:10
insmodgogeta: nvidia all the way there propriatary driver rocks09:10
gogetainsmod: well you said ati sucked they used to suck09:10
moocowthe video is messed up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbR5CtFVJVo&feature=player_embedded#t=47s09:11
wernerdevOk got it working... Needed to install Avahi-dev for --zeroconf to work...09:11
bladeguys really i'm not up for the debate on all this.... i built this computer for M$ 7 so i got what i got.... now i just want to use it09:11
gogetabtw you server guys would love this finc program its pidgin for cli09:11
Senixhow can i install libgtk-1.2 on Ubuntu? apt can't find it in the repos09:12
bladeinsmod, would you be willing to look at the xorg.conf file for me please09:12
bizbyAnyone here use a 4th gen ipod shuffle in ubuntu?09:13
bladeinsmod, my second monitor (on second vid card) is acting like a mirror but will not show any open windows or anything just the desktop09:13
insmodSenix: it's at 3 you will just have to harlink  the .so file09:13
insmodblade: you have it set for 2 desks beteer -- drag a file over09:14
bladeinsmod, i think it has something to do with the position "0 0" on both monitors09:14
GOMIhow do i delete xcfe or xubuntu because i only use gnome09:14
bladeinsmod, i dont understand what you mean09:15
bizbyGOMI, try sudo apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop09:15
insmodblade: is it gnome?09:15
bladeinsmod, yes but i also have the option for kde and xcfe09:15
GOMIbizby, oke ill try09:16
bladeinsmod, i would like to stay with gnome tho09:16
insmodblade: they all default to 4 desktops -- just in your desktop make it one09:16
GOMIbizby, it says its not installed ?!?  weird09:16
bizbyI guess it depends on how you installed it. Sorry, I don't know09:17
bladeinsmod, how09:17
GOMIthe mice icon thats xfce  right09:17
TBotNikAll: Trying to set up inet bridging and using HOWTO: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BridgingNetworkInterfaces  I have to reverse the configs as I get my inet signal via wlan0.  I've written up my attempts on this at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11076068#post11076068  and I need a review of the cAll: Trying to set up inet bridging and using HOWTO: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BridgingNetworkInterfaces  I have to reverse t09:17
Senixhow do i add the 9.10 repos in 11.04?09:18
insmodblade: i use fluxbox sorry09:18
bladeinsmod, mint is based off ubuntu also09:18
bladexorg should be the same09:19
CQhello, I have a GPG question ... i neeed to  import an old private key into my current setup, but gpg --list-secret-keys ./secring.gpg tells me gpg: error reading key: secret key not available ... any ideas?09:19
InfernetSenix: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list09:19
insmodblade: ah right click panel and remove desktops09:20
SenixInfernet: it seems that deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jaunty universe is gone09:20
insmodblade: workspaces that is09:20
bladeok done09:21
bladeinsmod, done09:21
SenixInfernet: i have my sources.list up09:21
insmodblade: restartx09:21
InfernetSenix: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade09:21
th0rSenix: are you aware that using 9.10 packages in 11.04 is a very bad idea?09:24
icerootwhat is the common way to tell my x-server that i want qwertz instead of qwerty? creaste /etc/X11/xorg.conf and set it there? or is there another way?09:25
Senixth0r: i just need libgtk1.209:25
bladeinsmod, same09:25
insmodblade: k show me xorg.conf09:25
ritzzhi everyone when im trying to mount a folder in cryptkeeper after giving my password a meesage pop up saying "The encrypted folder could not be mounted because the mount point is not empty" yesterday everything was ok any ideas what can be wrong?09:26
wols_ritzz: read the error message. have you checked your mountpoint?09:26
ritzzwhere i can read a error message?09:27
ritzzand where to check for mount point?09:27
wols_ritzz: you just pasted the error message!09:27
wols_then READ it for a chnage09:27
ritzzbut i dont understand09:27
bladeinsmod, i know that my res needs to come up on the 2nd monitor but right now i just want it to not show like a mirror ... and it only mirrors the desktop not any open windows or programs on it09:28
ritzzwhat it means not empty09:28
wols_where in your filesystem did you mount this cryptkeeper thing?09:28
wols_means: not empty. some file or such is there right now09:28
ritzzin ritzz folder09:28
ritzzi have 2 oder public folders09:28
insmodblade: xinerama is off09:28
bladeinsmod yes09:29
ritzzand the ritzz private isnt mounted09:29
ritzzim sure of that09:29
bazhang!enter | ritzz09:29
ubotturitzz: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:29
ritzzok sorry09:29
insmodblade: why09:29
bladeinsmod in xrandr it tells me that my 2nd monitor is not connected09:29
insmodblade: Xinerama is an extension to the X Window System which enables multi-headed X applications and window managers to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display.09:30
bladeinsmod, i dont want to run it like that even mirrored would be fine for now but it's not really mirrored09:30
bladeinsmod, i understand that but i know i can also run this without it09:30
aum___i have configured apache its working fine in "localhost" it also has static ip and its also working, but in the LAN its not working though i can ping that ip from other computer...09:31
insmodblade: you wanted my help -- you are on your own09:31
bladeinsmod, what i want to change is how both monitors look like they are on one device [0] -009:31
bladeinsmod, i do want help.... you asked why i had it off09:32
ritzzinteresting i had a dvd when i take it away from pc now shows that encrypted folder it's mounted09:32
insmodblade: set it on then try09:32
bladeinsmod, i have tried to turn it on but it locks up untill i get the monitors to show up on different devices09:33
bladeinsmod, that is why i need help to modify the xorg09:33
bladeinsmod, i do not understand all the settings in xorg09:33
insmodblade: then it's working the other params are wromg09:33
bladeinsmod, right like i said in xorg it shows both monitors on one card09:34
insmodblade: here is what i would do09:34
bladeinsmod, i do not know what to change that value to09:34
bladeinsmod, ok09:34
insmodblade: use one monitor save the xorg then use the other save as xorg1 -- look at files and edit xorg.conf with the same parameters09:35
ritzznow  umounted but the key icon in the notification area disapear...something is messing with cryptkeeper the only appl installed recently is ubuntu control center09:35
bladeinsmod, will ubuntu auto reconfigure xorg if i take out the dedicated card?09:36
insmodblade:  should09:36
bladeinsmod, in the section "monitor" what is the option "position" "0 0" for?09:37
insmodblade: reboot or use live cd09:37
insmodblade: how far of center you are09:37
bladeinsmod, what part tells the computer what monitor is on what device?09:38
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest26221
gogetablade: how bad you brake the pc today heh09:38
bladegogeta, i think i have it almost fixed lol09:38
insmodblade: Identifier09:38
Night-hacksi see odd behavior in my machine each month !109:39
bazhang!details | Night-hacks09:39
ubottuNight-hacks: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:39
Night-hacksmy ram becomes full while im doing what i do every day09:39
bladeinsmod, the section "screen"  viewport.09:39
Night-hacksi think it must be related to Cron09:39
Night-hacksmy system is swapping right now !!!09:39
ritzzhow to remove ubuntu control center?09:40
ritzzi dont needed anymore09:40
bladeinsmod, can i pm you09:40
insmodblade: kinda tied -- sure09:40
Lasersritzz: Find out the name of the package and remove/purge it.09:40
ritzzsudo apt-get --purge remove ucc this will be more than enough?09:42
Night-hacksi dont see anything odd in "top" !09:42
wildbatNight-hacks: try htop  then more user friendly09:43
Night-hackswildbat: no different09:43
Night-hackswildbat: just i dont know who is eating my RAM !!!09:43
Night-hackswildbat: while im doing nothing !!!!09:44
ritzznow i remove ubuntu control center but cryptkeeper keeps disapearing when mounting the folder and now i have to unmount via terminal09:44
wildbatNight-hacks: sort by memory.09:44
ZykoticK9!atemyram | Night-hacks09:44
ubottuNight-hacks: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html09:44
Night-hackswildbat: i do09:44
ActionParsnipNight-hacks: top can tell you, just organise it by ram09:45
Night-hacksActionParsnip: i've sorted by RAM !09:45
ritzzanother question why when i mount a folder with cryptkeeper other users/accounts on the pc have access to this folder on the desktop (im admin user?09:46
th0rritzz: you have a problem with the mount point for cryptkeeper. From previous messages my guess is you are mounting it to the same place as the dvd09:46
wildbatNight-hacks: how many RAM you have?09:46
ritzzhow can that happen if the dvd is the cd rom?09:46
ritzzthis problem just happen few hours ago09:46
Night-hackswildbat: it's 1G, and it's always 50% in use09:46
Night-hackswildbat: but now it's 90% in use !!09:47
yugiohfan2011I'm sort of an old hand at Visual Basic for Microsoft Windows, and I'd like to know if there's something similar for Ubuntu, specifically for GNOME.09:47
ritzzthanx everyone have to go09:48
ActionParsnipNight-hacks: ok!09:49
wh1zz0Hi guys.. Okay now I just downloaded and installed Sun VirtualBox and I'm trying to install WinXP on it. It keeps telling me FATAL: No  bootable media found. So here I am thinking that it's the CD or my drive, I test by placing the CD in another person's PC and it reads09:49
Night-hacksyugiohfan2011:  do you know python ?09:49
wh1zz0 immediately, I test my drive by nserting Spartacus movie and it automounts on my ubuntu (natty). So why can't I get this working , am I  missing something? How can I get this VirtualBox to boot this XP cd? Please help09:49
ActionParsnipwh1zz0: did you set the CD to be used in the virtualbox config?09:49
soulis77-SEWith the ln command. Can you view all added links somehow? I want to move my phpmysql ln...09:50
wh1zz0I didn't come across anything like that during the wizard09:50
wh1zz0I think I'm missing something..09:50
ActionParsnipwh1zz0: its part of the config of the virtual system09:51
wh1zz0Is there a way to specify it now even after I finished the wizard?09:51
ActionParsnipwh1zz0: yes, click the vbox then click the settings button09:51
ActionParsnipwh1zz0: it's under the storage option09:52
Spookyok, then. is anyone in here active?09:53
wh1zz0ActionParsnip: Oh thank you!.. I see it now.. But do I need to tick the check box for "passthrough"?09:53
Spookyalso, hello.09:53
ActionParsnipwh1zz0: not sure there dude, try it. You can't break anything09:54
wh1zz0Lol.. okie09:54
trijntjeSpooky: yeah, lots of people ;)09:55
Spookyi hope some of them are nerds, because i have a nerd problem. and im not nearly nerd enough to handle it on my own. :(09:55
Spookyalos, i overused nerd.09:56
Sidewinder1!ask | Spooky09:56
ubottuSpooky: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:56
anurag_need help with wifi setup on natty narhwal please09:56
fairuz_anurag_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo :)09:57
wh1zz0ActionParsnip: Okay I just tried it again and I ge tthe same error. No bootable media found. System halted.09:57
ActionParsnipwh1zz0: i'd ask in #vbox dude09:57
oCeananurag_: best is to describe your situation, hardware/issues/what you have been trying so far09:58
Spookyfair enough. after installing cheese and camorama and also some video4linux thing, i cannot seem to get my logitech cam to work. with cheese, itll flick the image up for like, a second, but then nothing. any suggestions?09:58
anurag_naa aint that simple its a very specific case09:58
anurag_yea awrigh ocean09:58
=== bizy is now known as Brian
=== Brian is now known as bizy
anurag_so i read that brcm80211 is installed in the natty kernel and i did not need to install drivers for wifi not make it work and sure enuf i din the wifi worked right after i setup natty for dual boot alongside win 7 on my dell m101z but the wifi conked off after a couple of reboots i mean it doesnt detect any networks , a day ago i was not aware of brcm being included in the kernel and i accepted and installed any and all the wifi driver packages that came10:05
anurag_ my way, due to the same prob i then reinstalled the 11.04, since the after the failure for the second time i tried looking for the cause and this is what i've been able to get to after i 'dmesg' there is a line in the code which says 'brmc80211 in staging directory and you have been warned' i get the concept of staging directory and all but what the heck am i supposed to do sure dont wanna go back to lowly windows10:05
anurag_those are all my probs for 3 days i've been at it and have not been able to figure out10:07
tomodachianurag_: that was way to much text for any sane person to read. Keep it short!10:07
tomodachianurag_: so its a testing driver. Not much to do really10:07
anurag_dude thats 3 days work for me10:07
anurag_yea but it works right after install of natty10:08
tomodachitohtori_: get a usb wifi card untill its considered as "stable"?!10:08
anurag_which means ther must be sthing inth updates which puts it in the staging dir as to what i dunno10:08
tomodachipossibly you can find some bleeding edge source of the driver on broadcoms page and compile that one for your kernel instead10:08
anurag_tried nothin ther10:09
tomodachiif you do a reinstall.  track what packages change maybe?10:09
tomodachiand just exclude installing the one that you think messes things up10:09
tomodachiprobably kernel updates10:09
Oorties"Before running nautilus, please create these folders, or set permissions such that nautilus can create them". How can I set permissions from command line that nautilus can do that?10:10
anurag_3 thats what 1 thought too but ther way too many o em10:10
anurag_how do i chk which ones are kernel updates10:10
tomodachiOorties: use the command chmod and chown10:10
OortiesRunning Natty on X86-64. I must have deleted my home folder, this is the scenario. It was a ordinary file between my other files not hidden not ./ so I thought this is strange and I deleted It, and that is where my woes began, Logging in I get this:-1st screen:- could not update ICEauthority File/home/user//.ICEauthority.  2nd screen:- There is a problem with the configuration server (usr/lib/libconf2-4/gconfig-sanity-check-2exited with status 256)  3rd scree10:10
Oortiesn _:- nautilus could not create the following required folders:/home/user/desktop/home/user/nautilus, Before running nautilus, please create these folders, or set permissions such that nautilus can create them. I can only run with command line. Help would be greatly appreciated, just remember please I am a noob.10:10
OortiesRunning Natty on X86-64. I must have deleted my home folder, this is the scenario. It was a ordinary file between my other files not hidden not ./ so I thought this is strange and I deleted It, and that is where my woes began, Logging in I get this:-1st screen:- could not update ICEauthority File/home/user//.ICEauthority.  2nd screen:- There is a problem with the configuration server (usr/lib/libconf2-4/gconfig-sanity-check-2exited with status 256)  3rd scree10:10
Oortiesn _:- nautilus could not create the following required folders:/home/user/desktop/home/user/nautilus, Before running nautilus, please create these folders, or set permissions such that nautilus can create them. I can only run with command line. Help would be greatly appreciated, just remember please I am a noob.10:10
tomodachiOorties: stop spamming please10:11
OortiesRunning Natty on X86-64. I must have deleted my home folder, this is the scenario. It was a ordinary file between my other files not hidden not ./ so I thought this is strange and I deleted It, and that is where my woes began,10:11
tomodachiOorties: chown user:user /home/thefolder10:11
lv_Someone can take oorties into a private lol10:11
Oortiessorry tomodachi that was not the intention10:12
tomodachiread my instructions further up. They will make you the owner of that folder10:12
anurag_ok any with bcm4313 brodcom can tell me what drivers to use pleas????10:13
anurag_cmone guys i need help10:14
trijntjeanurag_: put bcm4313 in software centre10:14
anurag_how do i do that10:14
anurag_which software centre10:14
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx10:15
trijntjeanurag_: go to the ubuntu software centre, and type in 'bcm4313'10:15
ZykoticK9Oorties, if tomodachi's command fails try "sudo chown -R USERNAME:USERNAME /home/USERNAME"10:15
TBotNikall: Need to setup eth0 with dhcp3-server to run local network.  Who know how?10:15
anurag_u mean the synaptics package manager10:15
tomodachiZykoticK9: thanks for correcting me10:15
ZykoticK9tomodachi, not really a correction, IF yours fails10:16
trijntjeanurag_: no, what version of ubuntu are you using? Do you have a bar in the top and bottom, or at the top and left of the screen10:16
anurag_just on top i am using 11.0410:16
anurag_natty narhwal10:16
trijntjeanurag_: then just hit the super/windows key and type in "software", without the quotes10:17
tomodachiTBotNik: install  the package. then edit the configuration file under /etc/dhcpd.conf they have some examples you can uncomment. Then just start the service10:17
anurag_sorry that was dumb10:17
anurag_yea got it10:17
anurag_i've tried all those drivers10:18
TBotNiktomodachi: Hey tried all that and never worked so need more of a step-by step, with debugging, sorry10:18
tomodachiTBotNik: check your logs for an error message10:18
trijntjeanurag_: how did you try them?10:18
tomodachior / and post your error here10:18
anurag_what am i supposed to edit10:18
tomodachiif short enough10:18
OortieszykoticK9 both don,t help on your suggestion say invalid user10:19
anurag_i din edit dhcpd but i installed all those packages earlier and blacklisted brcm80211 and cfg80211 and mac8021110:19
ZykoticK9Oorties, you need to replace USERNAME with your actual username!10:19
trijntjeanurag_: I recently installed ubuntu on a laptop with a broadcom card, I didnt edit anything. Just install the package (only the correct one!), reboot and presto10:19
OortiesI did10:20
anurag_thats the thig which one is the correct one10:20
ZykoticK9Oorties, then "your" user doesn't exist10:20
rigvedhi everyone10:20
th0rOorties: if you deleted your home folder as you stated earlier then you have major problems to work out10:21
ZykoticK9Oorties, paste the command you actually entered10:21
rigvedcan anyone tell me how to add support for playing .webm videos in Ubuntu 10.04?10:21
Sidewinder1Oorties, To open nautilus with root priv., in command line type gksudo nautilus, enter password and go from there; can't help with the ICE stuff sorry.10:21
Mononofuwhy does the alternate install cd keep looking for a cdrom? oO (I'm trying to install from usb)10:21
tomodachith0r: not really that bad. recreating the folder and you should be good to go.10:21
th0rtomodachi: that was actually more to the benefit of the folks trying to help him <smile>, just to make sure they didn't spin their wheels10:22
TBotNiktomodachi: /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf is blank10:22
=== pooky_ is now known as Pooky
Sidewinder1Mononofu, Have you configured your bios to boot to usb?10:22
tomodachiTBotNik: did you empty it? i installed this package 1 week ago. containted examples for me10:22
TBotNiktomodachi: You have URL to good HOWTO?  Tried about 20 so far and none have worked.10:23
MononofuSidewinder1: I'm referring to the installation itself10:23
rigvedi tried to compile from source (ffmpeg 0.6) and then i was able to play .webm videos, but then i could not play .flv videos. so now i have followed this to get back .flv videos to play: bug 54315710:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 543157 in gnome-codec-install (Ubuntu) "Totem can't locate codecs h.264 and mpeg4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54315710:23
tomodachiTBotNik: privmess you an example from my dhcpd10:23
MononofuSidewinder1: I can select language and stuff, but then it starts looking for the (non existant) cdrom10:23
TBotNiktomodachi: Had to uninstall it yesterday after it crashed my inet.10:23
OortiesSidewinder1 it says warning **cannot open display10:24
rigvedbut now i cannot play .webm files. any help would be appreciated?10:24
Oorties"Before running nautilus, please create these folders, or set permissions such that nautilus can create them". How can I set permissions from command line that nautilus can do that?10:24
ActionParsnipOorties: use chmod10:24
Sidewinder1Oorties, With all of the problems that you mentioned, perhaps it's time for a reinstall?.... Just use a LiveCD to back up any other data that's still on the drive.10:26
om26ermy touchpad starts to do very weird things and have to restart my system10:26
om26erit will only move up and down and the click on the touchpad starts to act as right click10:26
rigvedre-phrasing my question: is there any way to use ffmpeg 0.6 in Lucid? currently, Lucid uses ffmpeg 0.5 by default (from repos)10:27
ActionParsnipom26er: what model is the system?10:27
wols_rigved: backport10:27
om26erActionParsnip, eepc 1215p10:27
OortiesI cant get into the system thats my problem, can only work from command line10:27
OortiesWhat will happen if I have to re-install natty, will I still be able to recover some of the lost files with a program like extundelete or is it gone for ever?10:28
wols_Oorties: chmod to change permissions on the commandline10:28
cybervolfei cant connect my internet with wifi adhoc, how to resolv it ?10:28
wols_Oorties: no10:28
rigvedwols_: by enabling it from the software sources? but that will tend to break a lot of right?10:28
xiaqOorties: Try this `sudo chmod -R u+rw ~`10:28
cybervolfei cant share it?10:28
ActionParsnipom26er: can you give the output of:10:28
rghose@Oorties: you need to login as root that has permissions on /home10:28
wols_rigved: no. by compiling it yourself by backporting it from a newer version of ubuntu10:28
ActionParsnipom26er: lsb_release -d10:28
ActionParsniprghose: root login is default disabled10:29
ZykoticK9xiaq, careful! that will change permissions on /root instead!!! Oorties10:29
rigvedwols_: ohh...ok. thanks! i'll try that10:29
om26erActionParsnip, Ubuntu 11.0410:29
xiaqZykoticK9: I think (s)he could log in with his own account in the command line10:29
om26erActionParsnip, is there a kernel module that I could reload so that the system thinks I rebooted?10:29
ZykoticK9xiaq, sudo translates to the root user!10:30
rghose@Oorties: Reinstall should be too drastic a thing to do...10:30
TBotNiktomodachi: No router on this network.  If I had that why would I bother setting up dhcp as server?10:30
xiaqZykoticK9: No, expansion of ~ happens in the shell. Try this yourself.10:30
wols_rigved: do you know how to backport a package?10:30
ActionParsnipom26er: can you give the output of:  sudo apt-get -y install pastebinit; clear; lsmod | pastebinit10:30
xiaqZykoticK9: Do this `sudo echo ~`10:30
ActionParsnipom26er: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks#Asus_Eee_PC_1215P   says it works fine10:30
wols_TBotNik: so you have your own internet? all by yourself?10:30
rghose@Oorties: do a mkdir /home/<username>, where <username> would be the username you use to login...10:31
Oortiesxiaq it says no such file or directory10:31
tomodachiTBotNik: because most "routers" there ary many reasons. But if you dont then its fine :)10:31
rghosecopy stuff from /etc/skel into that folder10:31
rghoseand then chown <username> /home/<username> as root10:31
ZykoticK9xiaq, sorry you're correct.  I just used "sudo ls ~" and it showed my user's ~ not root's10:31
xiaqOorties: As rghose says your home directory may be accidentally removed...10:32
om26erActionParsnip, yes it does say that but I have the problem, its ubuntu certified and still :/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/650528/10:32
rigvedwols_: correct me if i am wrong. i'll download the source code for newer version from packages.ubuntu.com and compile it (configure, make and make install)10:32
xiaqOorties: What's output of `ls /home` ?10:32
xiaqOorties: Or if you can't do that `sudo ls /home`10:32
ActionParsnipom26er: what stuff says isn't useful. If its broken then it's broken :(10:32
wols_rigved: you download it with apt-get source, yes but then you create a .deb package from it with dpkg-buildpackage and install it via dpkg -i package.deb10:32
ActionParsnipom26er: sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sleep 2; sudo modprobe psmouse10:33
wols_rigved: and you need to understand what to put in sources.list too10:33
c0mrade_How to update the kernel and all the tools in linux?10:33
Oortiesrghose:- says cant create directory10:33
bazhangc0mrade_, upgrade to what10:33
Sidewinder1xiaq, I think he said earlier that he accidentally deleted his /home directory.10:33
wols_c0mrade_: apt-get install <new kernel package name>10:33
rigvedwols_: ok. can you tell me what to put in sources.list?10:33
TBotNiktomodachi, wols_: Inet comes in from wlan0, but haved to get dhcp server running first then will try bridging.  If I can get the network running the other 3 servers will write in shared folders that the network, on the wlan0 side already sees and so data will go thru.  Yeah messy but will do until I fix with full bridging.10:33
ActionParsnipom26er: did you go into mouse settings andenable two finger scrolling10:33
xiaqSidewinder1: I joined later than that ;) thanks10:33
wols_rigved: a deb-src line for a ubuntu repo with the version of ffmpeg you want to use10:34
Sidewinder1xiaq, I suggested a reinstall...10:34
TBotNikDLink card configd with Atheros driver and does not want to run bridging right now10:34
om26erActionParsnip, 2-fingers scroll is disabled and thanks for the command, the next time it happens i'll see if that solves the issue10:34
om26erActionParsnip, if modprobe thing does that is it then an issue in the driver or the hardware?10:34
TBotNiktomodachi: Do I need to set eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces with static ip, for dhcp server.  Most HOWTOs say yes?10:35
Oortiesxiaq comand not found on sudo l/s saya no such file or directory10:35
rigvedwols_: i understood about giving it a specific ubuntu repo part. how do i tell it to use only the ffmpeg source package from there?10:36
c0mrade_Because I want to update the aircrack-ng tool.10:36
wols_rigved: you don't. you just only download the ffmpeg source and nothing else10:36
ActionParsnipom26er: you may need a boot option on the module10:36
xiaqOorties: Create another user in the command line, or you may just do a fresh install like Sidewinder1 said...10:37
xiaqOorties: s/install/reinstall/10:37
rigvedwols_: ok. and this will not affect my other *-dev packages?10:37
om26erActionParsnip, what does that mean ? :)10:37
ActionParsnipom26er: try adding: options psmouse proto=exps   to /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf   then rerun the modprobe based command I gave earlier. May help10:37
wols_rigved: I talk about SOURCE. source doesn't come in package form10:37
ActionParsnipom26er: you can load modules with extra options, makes them behave differently10:37
rigvedwols_: ok. thanks for your help! i'll try this in a few minutes10:38
rghose@Oorties: run whoami and report what user you have logged in as10:38
om26erActionParsnip, also the issue just happened and reloading worked :)10:38
Oortiesxiaq:- s/install says no such file or dir10:38
om26erActionParsnip, now giving the above a try10:39
tomodachiTBotNik: yes10:39
tomodachiat least i do10:39
xiaqOorties: I meant substituting my previous sentence ;) that's vi10:39
ActionParsnipom26er: it will as it removed the module and reloads it ;)10:39
OlotilaHello, my /home folder is full, how do I get more space to it? There is room in hd.10:39
Oortiesrghose"- johan10:40
Sidewinder1Olotila, Use Gparted to expand your partition.10:40
Sidewinder1Olotila, System--> Administration--> GParted.10:41
ActionParsnipom26er: you could try simply adding to /etc/rc.local   to unload then load the driver just before login, may help10:41
rghoseOlotila: remove unused stuff from /var/log/10:41
rghoseOlotila: try removing the old kernel logs (sudo rm /var/log/kern.log*)10:41
ActionParsnipom26er: then you wouldn't need the psmouse.conf file, but try with. It's all worth a try10:41
rghoseOlotila: and (sudo rm /var/log/syslog*)10:41
OlotilaI'll try gparted, there is only 11,4 MB to begin with10:42
ActionParsnipom26er: basically you will be fighting that module until it plays nice, also make sure you enable the multitouch thing I mentioned earlier in mouse options10:42
om26erActionParsnip, so I should try to add options psmouse proto=exps to /etc/rc.local ?10:42
om26erahh kk10:43
Joshunhi. could someone please tell me what is the easiest way to access an ubuntu machine over the internet through SSH.10:43
wols_Joshun: access in what way?10:43
dr_willis Joshun ssh to the ip.....10:43
th0rJoshun: you need to install the ssh server first10:44
Joshunbut the internet ip is the routers ip10:44
dr_willisuse a dynamicdns serbice if the ip chsnges10:44
Joshunand the computers unique ip is only for the local network10:44
Sidewinder1Olotila, Make sure that you back-up first. :-)10:44
Joshunhow would you go about connecting to it then?10:44
dr_willisJoshun:  port firawding setting on the router10:44
Joshunyou cannot just ssh into your internet ip address because that is the router's ip10:45
om26erActionParsnip, adding psmouse.conf makes cursor less sensitive it seems is that normal?10:45
dr_willisJoshun:  yes you can... via port forwarding10:45
om26er*adding to10:45
soulis77-SEI'm having an issue with hostname . Is this the forum?10:45
Joshuni'll set up port forwarding and see if that works then10:45
Sidewinder1soulis77-SE, Yes10:46
TBotNiktomodachi: So what am I mssing, still can not make this work10:46
dr_willisi port forward port 7777 for rxample to box 1. port 22.10:46
dr_willisport 7778 is to box 210:46
wols_soulis77-SE: this is the forum if you have this issue under Ubuntu10:46
Joshunit doesn't work (ssh
soulis77-SEOk, I have a VPS server and the hostname is set to xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.se  (long name).  I use echo xxxx.mooo.com > /etc/hostname to change it.10:47
dr_willisyou dint have firwarding set rught then. use a custome port10:47
ZykoticK9dr_willis, BTW you where correct the other night about sudo timing out after 15 minutes, but you can't test using a watch command, the timer resets each time you run sudo.  I ended up using a sleep command to test it.  Thanks for your input however.10:47
wols_soulis77-SE: you don't put a FQDN into /etc/hostname10:47
wols_soulis77-SE: what you did is utterly wrong. what do you want to accomplish?10:48
Joshun<dr_willis> - i've set up port forwarding here - http://imagebin.org/16441810:48
Joshunbut it still doesn't work10:49
Joshunwhen you do ssh
soulis77-SEI just want to set it up correct. I have had some issues since the hostname is numbers.vps.fsdata.se and the hostname -f  is only numbers10:49
rigvedwols_: is this line correct to add to my lucid install: deb-src http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maveric-updates main multiverse10:49
wols_rigved: why maverick updates and not just maverick?10:50
wols_rigved: but if ffmpeg is in maverick-updates then that's fine10:50
rigvedwols_: any is fine with me. i just need ffmpeg 0.6 to play .webm files10:50
th0rJoshun: do you have the ssh server installed and running?10:50
Joshunyes it is running fine10:50
Joshunworks under the local network10:50
Joshunbut not over the internet th0r10:51
antivirtelhello! How does that card/transformer called, with what I can use a GDI printer under UNIX (I needed for ubuntu, but it is usually made for Mac)?10:51
rigvedwols_: so, maverick or maverick-updates? i just thought that the updates will give me more stabler version? just a thought...10:51
wols_rigved: just try it. dunno if ffmpeg is in m-updates. you will find out tho10:52
wildgooseJoshun: Do you have an option to manually set the ports being forwarded?10:52
TBotNiktomodachi: Wrote this up at:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11076068#post11076068  I had found a HOWTO on bridging, but working with mordy on #linux was not able to make it work.  last attempt I manually entered: "ip addr del dev wlan0; brctl addbr br0; brctl addif br0 wlan0; brctl addif br0 eth0; ip addr add dev br0" @ cmd line and that took me down and had to reboot, so still totally stumped on this10:52
Sidewinder1!printer | antivirtel10:52
ubottuantivirtel: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows10:52
Joshunwildgoose - see here: http://imagebin.org/16441810:52
rigvedwols_: i checked it via packages.ubuntu.com. it's there. okk. so trying maverick-updates. then i'll get the source10:52
wildgooseJoshun: I saw that, which is why I asked.10:53
wols_rigved: -t maverick in your apt-get source line btw10:53
soulis77-SEwols_:  The default setup in the hostname file is: xxxx.vps.fsdata.se and nothing else.10:53
Joshunthat has been manually set though10:53
Joshunssh is port 2210:53
dr_willisJoshun:  i set mine up so i ssh to   'ssh theip.of.my.router port 7777' it forwards port 7777 to the ssh server10:53
antivirtelSidewinder1 I have a Konica Minolta bizhub 211, what is unsupported under Linux: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159059210:53
dr_willisI dont just forward port 22 -> 22. i use a custome port# going to 2210:53
rigvedwols_: what does the -t option do?10:54
Joshunwhat would be the ssh command for that10:54
antivirtelSidewinder1 I want to know that thing's name!+10:54
Joshunand how would you set it up in homehub310:54
wols_soulis77-SE: answer my question: what do you want to accomplish. and no, a FQDN in /etc/hostname is bad10:54
vanquish349i am so confused, i press alt-f2 and put it xkill and press enter and the x for cursor doesnt come up10:54
sbeckvanquish349, kde ?10:55
wildgooseJoshun: man ssh10:55
dr_willisssh has a -p port# option........10:56
ZykoticK9rigved, the -t tells apt/aptitude what repository to install from10:56
dr_willisif you use dyndns you can set up a nice name..  and ssh yourdyndns.org -p 333310:56
Sidewinder1antivirtel, If your printer is unsupported, it probably won't work in linux; that is the manufacturer's fault!10:56
dr_willisassuming the router forwards port 3333 to the right box.10:57
vanquish349sbeck: ?10:57
Joshunwildgoose - is this the right command? ssh -R 7777:
antivirtelSidewinder1 yeah, I know, but I want to check that card's price on ebay!10:57
oCeanJoshun: I think your ssh forward does work10:57
wols_Joshun: first, manage to actually login to your ubuntu before doing port forwarding10:57
rigvedZykoticK9: ok. thanks10:57
sbeckvanquish349, kde or gnome?10:58
venolhello, I have little problem with mailgraph, I have mail server Postfix 2.7 on ubuntu 10.04 with amavisd-new, spamassassin, and clamav to filter bad email. I Start my server for 3 hours and make some email to send to another domain, and then I'm use mailgraph to monitoring my postfix server. But for 3 hours, Why I see graph on mailgraph for last week is more than last day? sent Item for last day I see is 193 message, But for last week is 218...10:58
Joshunwols_ it logs in fine over the local network, i just want to port forward10:58
oCeanJoshun: really, it works10:58
jonohi all10:58
=== jono is now known as Guest7870
soulis77-SEwols_ I had issues with mail server behfore and it had problems with the hostname (only numbers). But to be honest I'm following a step by step instruction for setting up my ubuntu 10.04 vps server to use with Drupal.10:58
Joshuni have forwarded port 7777 to port ssh, so what would be the ssh command to connect to it?10:58
vanquish349sbeck: ubuntu 11.04 unity10:59
Deeslhello. trying to setup IPSEC using Racoon. This is the error I get http://pastebin.com/8LViJu4L Can someone help me understand what is going wrong here?10:59
Guest7870i want to ask about LTSP, anyone can help?10:59
ActionParsnipJoshun: ssh -X -C user@host -p 777710:59
ActionParsnip!ltsp | Guest787010:59
ubottuGuest7870: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project10:59
oCeanJoshun: your setup was already correct - i could connect (and still can @ port 22)10:59
wildgooseJoshun: It works, try again.10:59
wols_soulis77-SE: In /etc/hostname the ONLY thing in there is the actual hostname. NOTHING else. and I can't see how this is relevant for drupal10:59
wildgooseoCean, Joshun: I can ssh to port 22 as well11:00
Guest7870can i integrate it to a Wind*ws11:00
wols_soulis77-SE: the network is resolved via hosts, dns or whatever else nsswitch.conf defines.11:00
oCeanwildgoose: Joshun I've been trying to tell that for a while now :/11:00
sbeckvanquish349, sorry. I tried unity and immediately switched to kde11:00
ActionParsnipGuest7870: should be ok11:00
Joshunssh: Could not resolve hostname 7777: Name or service not known11:00
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sbeckSo I can't help here.11:00
vanquish349sbeck: i hate it to but i dont want to have to reinstall linux again11:01
Joshunjoshua@joshua-laptop:~$ ssh
Joshunthat just gets stuck with a cursor11:01
Guest7870or there's any technology like LTSP that can run in multiple platform11:01
wols_vanquish349: just cause you don't like a certain DE doesn't mean you have to reinstall the OS...11:01
ActionParsnipJoshun: ssh -X -C joshua@ -p 777711:01
=== Guest7870 is now known as demian
oCeanActionParsnip: it's still @ port 22 - connecting at 22 succeeds just fine11:02
JoshunActionParsnip - still gets stuck11:02
Joshunmaybe its just because its a homehub 311:02
Joshunand they suck11:02
ActionParsnipoCean: I see11:02
oCeanJoshun: no11:02
ActionParsnipJoshun: did you change the port forward in router?11:02
vanquish349wols_: how else do it then11:02
Joshuni did, see the screenshot11:02
oCeanJoshun: I've been trying to tell you that the forward is OK (not 7777, but still default port 22)11:02
vanquish349i have only just gone from windows to ubuntu so i dont know much11:03
ActionParsnipJoshun: then reboot you router, see if it helps. Cheap home grade routers need rebooting11:03
oCeanJoshun: the fact that you cannot connect from your local network might be a setup/routing issue, or even some firewall issue at the hub11:03
wols_vanquish349: do what?11:03
Joshuni'll reboot the router and see if that helps11:03
wols_!classic | vanquish34911:03
ubottuvanquish349: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".11:03
oCeanJoshun: your machine can now be reached from all of the internet at port 22 !11:03
demianstill confuse11:03
vanquish349wols_: thanksyou11:03
soulis77-SEwols_: I'm following http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx-ispconfig-2-p3   I have set the hosts file, next is to do the "echo server1.example.com > /etc/hostname" and restart  hostname.11:04
ActionParsnipJoshun: there is no description of the port number there, it only says SSH, which by default will be port 2211:04
dr_willisone good reason to not use port 22 by default. :)11:04
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=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
wols_soulis77-SE: and what is your actual problem you need help with?11:05
dr_willisif you have more then 1 box. you could set up for example port 7128 to go to machine   port 7129 to go to and so on.11:05
demianI want to build a computer lab for student so that they can learn11:05
OlotilaI seriously crashed ubuntu11:05
demianthe problem is the software11:05
Olotilagot kernel panic11:05
Olotilai got pic i took with camera, what is the easiest way to share it?11:06
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.11:06
Olotilai dont understand the stuff in it11:06
demianyou know they still used a microsoft word, powerpoint, excel11:06
wols_demian: do you have a ubuntu related question?11:06
demianyes i do11:07
demiani want to build a server with ubuntu11:07
vanquish349demian: that is a statement not a question11:07
razz11how to check the progress of this command #dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/<drive> bs=4096?11:07
soulis77-SEwols_: I got problems with postfix since the myhostname was a number11:07
wols_razz11: you can't11:07
demianand LTSP11:07
staccerswtf, its like a bug or something.. im trying to upload a picture from ubuntu, in ubuntu it tells me the picture is the right way, but when im uploading it it not the right way.. i change the alignment in ubuntu but no change there.. what to do..or what do u think the issue is?11:08
ActionParsniprazz11: sadly you can't, you can heck its status in the output of: top11:08
wols_demian: I still don't see a questionmark anywhere. use your enter key less and write it in a single line please11:08
wols_staccers: define "right way"11:08
no-name-does ubuntu / linux have good driver support for ATI graphics cards?11:09
wols_no-name-: yes11:09
staccersWols_ uhm, the alignment is right in ubuntu, when im uploading it, it gets the wrong alignment, i change the alignment in ubuntu, but no change when im uploading it.11:09
no-name-the one I am getting is probably a HD677011:09
no-name-ok cool11:09
wols_staccers: what is an alignment in the context of an image file?11:10
demiancan each computer in a thin client have a wind*ws look like? and run a software like word procesing11:10
demiancause the student still use that software11:10
staccersWols_ image file, a picture of my dog.11:10
demiansorry for a bad english11:10
staccersdemain yes.11:10
razz11ActionParsnip: I am running this command from a live USB image to my internal hard drive, I don't see my hard drive light flashing11:11
demiancan anyone show me the demo :D11:11
ActionParsniprazz11: hmm, i'd check top, see what's shaking11:11
wols_demian: if you want to run LTSP, the students cannot run word and excel11:11
ActionParsnipdemian: check youtube11:11
demianif i install it on a server?11:11
lv_demian: you can run windows inside virtualbox11:11
wols_demian: they cannot, period.11:12
lv_demian: google virtualbox11:12
venolhello, I have little problem with mailgraph, I have mail server Postfix 2.7 on ubuntu 10.04 with amavisd-new, spamassassin, and clamav to filter bad email. I Start my server for 3 hours and make some email to send to another domain, and then I'm use mailgraph to monitoring my postfix server. But for 3 hours, Why I see graph on mailgraph for last week is more than last day? sent Item for last day I see is 193 message, But for last week is 218...11:12
staccersdemain http://ubuntu.online02.com/node/1411:12
lv_venol: maybe reading the graph wrong. check the output of /var/log/maillog or such deriviate11:13
demianeither i install a windows look like on a server, a client computer can't run it?11:13
Gartralhey all, im having trouble with a Bluetooth radio, 90% of the time it works fine, but once in a while, like now, it keeps turning on and off rapidly.. it's an atheros but i dont remember the modle number11:13
venollv_:Thanks for your reply.11:13
amanforindiahello all11:13
dr_willisdemian:  if you need a linux desktop that looks similer to  the classic windows 95, thats doable..11:13
ActionParsnipdemian: you can use tsclient from ubuntu to connct to windows terminal services, you will obviously need to buy the number of licenses you require for the server11:14
wols_demian: you can't run Word/Excel on a Windows look-a-like but only on real Windows11:14
venollv_: I make sure installation is correct, But I don't know how mailgraph works. Maybe do you know ? thanks for  your advance11:14
bsmith093uptime lists two users , both the same name?11:14
amanforindiawhat to do about bad mic quality??11:14
razz11ActionParsnip: dd is definitely stressing the CPU, so there is no way to check if it's writing data to the disk?11:14
demiani mean use the wine11:14
staccersdemain but, to run software made for windows, u need to run it trough Wine11:14
wols_staccers: WINE doesn't work so well for recent MS Office versions11:14
ayakawhich music play can read cue file?11:15
wols_demian: how old is your word/excèl?11:15
wols_demian: too new. see appdb.winehq.org11:15
dr_willisa cue file is just part of a combo (cue/bin) files that show how things are to go on a burnable disk. Vlc I belive can play cue/bin files...11:15
staccersamanforindia lower microfone boost or outbound to 0 and step it up intill you got the quality you want.11:15
dr_willisor you can convert to iso.11:15
Gartralayaka: VLC can, but Cue files require a large Wav which is a direct dump of a cd11:16
ActionParsniprazz11: not to my knowledge11:16
demiani know but the curriculum use it11:16
staccerswols_ true.. but there is allways a solution :) openoffice with MS skin ;)11:17
ayakaGartral, not I want a music player which can classfy music and flac and ape also use cue11:17
demiansorry just for sure11:19
JmoeyActionParsnip: is this right - http://imagebin.org/16442111:19
demianwhether all the applications and views that exist on the LTSP server can be used on client computers11:19
Jmoeysorry my nick has changed from Joshun to Jmoey11:19
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
ActionParsnipJmoey: you need to put the 7777 in the port range on that page dude, I'd hunt around for a manual on your router to see what it expects11:20
demianany suggest?11:20
JmoeyActionParsnip - i did and i clicked 'Add' - which is why it is in the list11:21
Olotilahere is pic11:21
Olotilathe first 2 things are not important atm11:21
JmoeyActionParsnip - it is in the list as 'TCP777722'11:21
Olotilabut the stuff after run-init is11:21
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
Olotilamy /home is still full11:21
Olotilagparted will not start11:22
OxymoronDoes anyone know what SOnos player is?11:22
Olotilagparted says11:22
OlotilaInhibit all polling failed: Only uid 0 is authorized to inhibit the daemon11:22
Olotilai am in failsafe mode now11:23
wols_Oxymoron: google does. therefore: ask google. we only know what ubuntu is and don't care about the rest11:23
wols_Olotila: fdisk -l ?11:23
Olotilalol, thanks someonewierd :D11:23
Gartral!google | wols_11:23
ubottuwols_: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.11:23
g0t_Results for | wols_ on Google:11:23
g0t__Results for | wols_ on Google:11:23
g0tResults for | wols_ on Google:11:23
FloodBot1g0t_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:23
FloodBot1g0t__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:23
wols_Gartral: is Sonos Ubuntu?11:23
Gartralwols_: no cle11:23
Oxymoronwols_: lol xD I need help b ecause Google does not have the answer. I want Sonos Player Desktop COntroller work on Ubuntu ;)11:24
blinkLinux kernel 3 is out, what difference would it make for me to update??11:24
wols_Gartral: that's the reason why you should be quiet11:24
dr_willisi recall some home media server device called a sonos....11:24
Gartralwols_: now your just being rude11:24
wols_dr_willis: yep11:24
* wols_ puts Gartral on ignore11:24
demianhmm ...11:24
wols_blink: none. update is not supported either11:24
Olotilamy disk has lots of space11:24
Oxymorondr_willis: Do you know how to make the desktop controller work on Linux? Wine does not even start the Windows binay file and I cannot found a native Linux binary vrsion? :S11:25
wols_Olotila: it's not the space that is the problem but that your kernel didn't find sdd and sde me thinks11:25
GartralOlotila: open a terminal and type df -h, what's the result?11:25
dr_willisOxymoron:  a sonos remote controller? no idea..11:25
dr_willisOxymoron:  it may not be doable.11:25
Oxymorondr_willis: Uhm kind of. I have it on my iPhone and Windows. But I cannot make the ********** thing work on Linux.11:26
wols_Olotila: I suggest you ask the folks who sold you the hardware11:26
ActionParsnipOxymoron: the windows binary is of no value to you.11:26
wols_Oxymoron: ^^11:26
OxymoronActionParsnip: I saw someone said Wine could make a old version of it work ...11:26
ActionParsnipOxymoron: run: lsusb    the output will show the ID of the USB connecter it talks to, you can use that to find guides11:26
rachealwhenever i am booting my laptop and selecting ubuntu 10.10 i get init ureadhead main process (268) terminated with status 5 and then a violet screen occurs which never dissapears.. pls help me solve this11:26
Olotila/dev/loop0            5,6G  4,5G  780M  86% /11:26
Olotilanone                  3,0G  744K  3,0G   1% /dev11:26
Olotilanone                  3,0G  208K  3,0G   1% /dev/shm11:26
Olotilanone                  3,0G   88K  3,0G   1% /var/run11:26
FloodBot1Olotila: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:26
Olotilanone                  3,0G     0  3,0G   0% /var/lock11:26
OxymoronActionParsnip: It is not by USB ... it is wifi controlled.11:27
ActionParsnipOxymoron: so what is this "desktop controller"?11:27
OxymoronActionParsnip: Though you maybe could tell me how to make HDMI output work instead? :P11:27
wols_!private | soulis77-SE11:27
ubottusoulis77-SE: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:27
dr_willishdmi is just plug and play here for me.. :)11:28
OxymoronActionParsnip: The Sonos Desktop Controller is able to index all music collection, play, change media channel, volume and so on for all Sonos devices in the wifi network ;)11:28
ActionParsnipOxymoron: I'm not too good on sound11:28
demiani found it11:28
OxymoronActionParsnip: HDMI is about video and sound ;)11:28
soulis77-SEHi, Going to type following for postconfig:    postconf -e 'myhostname = server1.example.com'    Should I use the full hostname I get when typing "hostname" or should I use what I get when typing hostname -f ?`11:28
demianis it wine?11:28
rachealwhenever i am booting my laptop and selecting ubuntu 10.10 i get init ureadhead main process (268) terminated with status 5 and then a violet screen occurs which never dissapears.. pls help me solve this11:28
ActionParsnipOxymoron: i know what it is, i'm just no good at gettng sound through it11:29
Oxymorondr_willis: Not for me, nothing happens on my screen. I think the problem is Intel integrated graphics or old nvidia circuit ... But on Windows it works out of the box xD11:29
OxymoronThere is no signal at all to my TV.11:29
OxymoronAnd in monitor multiple screen settings it not found at all.11:30
dr_willisif its a laptop theres that fn-XXX key that can toggle displays11:30
Oxymorondr_willis: Toogle displays? And what more than fn button?11:31
dr_willisis it a laptop Oxymoron ?11:31
racheal_ whenever i am booting my laptop and selecting ubuntu 10.10 i get init ureadhead main process (268) terminated with status 5 and then a violet screen occurs which never dissapears.. pls help me solve this11:31
Oxymorondr_willis: I have some kind of dual link, so I can switch graphic card. But I am not sure how it works.11:31
Oxymorondr_willis: Yes it is a laptop11:31
dr_willisdual link? Is this a laptop? or what exactly?11:31
Olotilai could now try to get more space to /home, how do i do it with gparted?11:31
wols_Oxymoron: read up on vgaswitcheroo11:32
wols_dr_willis: optimus11:32
Oxymorondr_willis: Laptop and dual link graphics or something like it.11:32
dr_willisOptimus dual GPU New Laptop.... Good Luck....... :)11:32
Olotilathat is when this started, /home got full11:32
dr_willisI havent even seen one of those in person yet..11:32
demianmr wols_ any suggest? :D11:32
OxymoronI am using Asus UL30VT if that say somethings11:32
soulis77-SEHi, Going to type following for postconfig:    postconf -e 'myhostname = server1.example.com'    Should I enter the full hostname at myhostname I get when typing "hostname" or should I use what I get when typing hostname -f ?`11:32
dr_willisOlotila:  You can use gparted to resize existing partitions and merge  unallocated space into it.11:33
dr_willisOlotila:  unless the freespace is at the far end of the drive.. if so. that may take some mpore work.11:33
ActionParsnipOxymoron: apparently the 1.3 version of wine makes it work but really badly11:33
Olotilai got 17.79 GiB free space11:33
Gartralhey all, im having trouble with a Bluetooth radio, 90% of the time it works fine, but once in a while, like now, it keeps turning on and off rapidly.. it's an atheros but i dont remember the modle number11:34
dr_willisOlotila:  free space where.. You may want to pastebin the output of 'sudo fdisk -l' for the channel to read11:34
OxymoronActionParsnip: Really, the beta version?11:34
OxymoronThis is the nVidia hybrid settings for my grpahics: http://pastebin.com/JwvtSrf611:35
ActionParsnipOxymoron: yeah the wine ppa has it11:36
Olotilait is bloody big paste, it will flood this channel11:36
ActionParsnipOxymoron: remove the version you have now, install wine1.3 then run the app, may help. There is a toll free number to call for support too (check website)11:37
OxymoronActionParsnip: I think it is in repisotiroies as well ;)11:37
Olotilathis is also in finnish, can i somehow make it in english?11:37
OxymoronActionParsnip: Isnt there any live support? :D I hate phone support xD11:37
dr_willisPhone isent live?11:38
=== keponx is now known as sogepp
Sidewinder1!pastebinit > Olotila11:38
ubottuOlotila, please see my private message11:38
dr_willis'If you are using linux, press 1' --> 'we dont support linux. have a nice day, click...'11:39
OxymoronActionParsnip: But I dont understand, when I install wine it installs a lot of packages. But when I remove wine it does not remove the other packages? :D11:39
GartralOxymoron: apt-get autoremove11:39
Oxymorondr_willis: Hahah lol ... I meant live chat support :D11:39
coffiemanhey guys , i can't share my internet connection through wifi adhoc, any solutions??????????????11:40
coffiemani am using ubuntu 10.0411:40
OxymoronGartral: Yea, but it should automaticly remove it when I remove the app itself. Related packages ...11:40
OxymoronOnly one way solution, not bothways xD11:40
coffieman i am using BCM43224 802.11a/b/g/n wifi card11:41
=== sogepp is now known as supergen
racheal_ whenever i am booting my laptop and selecting ubuntu 10.10 i get init ureadhead main process (268) terminated with status 5 and then a violet screen occurs which never dissapears.. pls help me solve this11:41
OxymoronBtw I must lol one thing. My wifi only works when starting the desktop. BUT when I go to recovery mode in network version, I cannot connect to internet wifi? :D How the *** should I be able to fix things then?11:43
Jmoeyracheal_ - try sudo rm /var/lib/ureadahead/pack11:43
coffiemansorry i am using ubuntu 10.1011:43
GartralOxymoron: the reason it doesn't is because you're removing a metapackage, you should try removing te wine-data package ;)11:43
coffiemanplz help me geeks11:43
racheal_jmoey : try from where?11:43
Jmoeyfrom a command line11:43
coffiemani am new to ubuntu11:43
racheal_jmoey : i dont get any commandline11:43
racheal_Jmoey : i dont get any commandline11:44
OxymoronActionParsnip: Thanks for tiping regarding Wine 1.3. You know why 1.3 works but n.2? :Pot 111:44
Jmoeyracheal_ - go into the terminal. If you are using gnome2 then do Applications>Accessories>Terminal. Under unity click the ubuntu logo and type terminal11:44
Jmoeythat is if you are using unity11:44
OxymoronGartral: Hmm, but meta or not it should be remove all related.11:44
racheal_Jmoey : i told right, i am unable to even login11:44
Jmoeyracheal_ - log into a tty (control-alt-f1) and run dmesg | less11:45
Jmoeysee if there are any errors11:45
GartralOxymoron: there's method behind that madness: sometimes another application could use libs or other parts of a program, even if the main program isn't there11:45
ActionParsnipOxymoron: wine is a weird creature, your app obviously needs the extra features. I suggest you contact the Sonos guys to get them to make a Linux client. They make an android one, so why not :)11:46
wh1zz0Please guys, what do I press when my computer enters suspend mode. when ever it does, my caps locks and lock buttons keep flashing and I don't know how to resume my machine back.. So I usually press and hold the power button till it goes off (which is bad for the machine). Please what do I press to resume each time it suspends?11:46
racheal_Jmoey : i cant login so how will i press control alt f1?11:46
Jmoeyracheal_ do it anyway11:46
Jmoeyyou don't need to login to do it11:46
OxymoronActionParsnip: Hehe I think people already did. But they know most people using Mac OS or Windows and they are focus on paying customers I guess .... But sure I can ask. Took a heck long time for SPotify to make a QT client :P11:46
racheal_its not possable unless i login or something11:46
Jmoeyits a system-wide shortcut11:46
OxymoronActionParsnip: The Sonos controller works pretty well I must say :)11:47
Oxymoronin wine11:47
racheal_Jmoey : ok i will try11:47
Gartralwh1zz0: the flashing Lock lights indicate there was a BIOS halt.. the best thing to do is disable S1 in BIOS and try again, if that doesn't work, don't suspend11:47
Jmoeyrachael_ - if that doesn't work do alt+sysq+r11:47
OxymoronGartral: Well, then they check if the package is related ONLY to the removing package or not :D11:47
Jmoeyand then do control alt f111:47
Sidewinder1!reisub | wh1zz011:48
ubottuwh1zz0: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key11:48
GartralOxymoron: that was an old behavior, but some packages don't request a lock on dependencies right, so that feature was dropped11:48
OxymoronBAH Q4wine is not support version 1.3 ...11:48
OxymoronGartral: Why not fix those packages instead of drop the feature? :P11:49
=== bsdboy is now known as Deesl
OxymoronSo now, how do I fix hdmi for this hybrid grpahics: "http://pastebin.com/JwvtSrf6"11:50
Night-hacks is there anyWay to understand Kernel Memory usage ?11:51
wh1zz0Gartral:  I only clicked on it once to see what the suspend does.... and since then when my pc is idle it just does that instead of the normal loc screen11:51
blinkybflash is extremely slow here! how can i fix that? ram is fine, plus am only running firefox to watch youtube.11:51
Oxymoronblinkyb: You remove flash ;)11:52
OxymoronYoutube should support HTML5 video ...11:52
Jmoeyblinkyb - enable/disable hardware acceleration11:52
Sidewinder1!flash > blinkyb11:52
ubottublinkyb, please see my private message11:52
GartralOxymoron: that's not helpful11:52
Jmoeyfor flash that is11:52
Gartralblinkyb: try youtube.com/html5 and see if that improves performance11:53
blinkybJmoey I disabled that already11:53
PyraineI am having a problem which is probably going to take more than a single line to explain.. what do?11:53
wh1zz0ubottu: But that would still reboot right??11:53
ubottuwh1zz0: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:53
Gartralwh1zz0: you can change that in power settings11:53
OxymoronPyraine: Explain the prob first ;)11:53
wh1zz0Yes I set it never to suspend11:54
wh1zz0So I wonder why it keeps doing that11:54
OxymoronPyraine: Write everything ;)11:54
Jmoeyblinkyb - try using another web browser e.g google chrome - google chrome has an intergrated flash plugin11:54
jribPyraine: explain the problem in one line.  Include details in a pastebin11:54
OxymoronPyraine: If it is code to explain, use pastebin ;)11:54
Sidewinder1wh1zz0, Yes, reisub will force a reboot but it's MUCH better than holding the power button.11:54
OxymoronPyraine: www.pastebin.com11:54
PyraineWell, to try make it as basic as possible, my laptop is only playing audio out of the subwoofer as opposed to the stereo speakers11:54
Olotilacan i change ubuntu language to english?11:54
Jmoeyblinkyb - what graphics card do you have?11:54
wh1zz0Please how can I disable suspend totally.. It's really annoying as I keep losing my data11:54
PyraineI made a post on the forums about it, but that got pushed back to page 2 overnight with no replies11:56
coffiemanplease help me guys????????///11:56
dliwh1zz0, did you try power manager?11:56
Sidewinder1wh1zz0, Have you tried System--> Preferrences--> Power Management?11:56
OxymoronI have one question, if one grpahic circuit is defect or Asus made a huge mistake with hbrid grpahics, which freezes computer once in a while. Not yet any freeze in Linux as it seems hybrid not even work in Ubuntu. Is it possible to work it out or do I have to yell at Asus in the phone and say how incompetent they are and give me a new laptop? :D11:56
jribPyraine: has this always happened?11:56
wh1zz0Yea.. I just checked everything again and set it to never and hibernate11:56
Pyrainejrib: While using this laptop yes11:57
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
jribPyraine: maybe play with alsamixer or pavucontrol11:57
oCeanOxymoron: that has nothing to do with ubuntu11:57
wh1zz0It set it before .. and anytime my pc is idle it just locks the screen11:57
Gartralwh1zz0: hibernate is NOT suspend! those are two different functions11:57
wh1zz0But today dunno why it keeps suspending11:57
wh1zz0Yes I know they are different11:58
wh1zz0I mean... I never had it on suspend11:58
Pyrainejrib: in Windows I have a similar issue, in the audio preferences when choosing the output I can choose one that is stereo speaker or one that is sub woofer11:58
OxymoronoCean: Are you sure? :P Maybe ubuntu does some graph-fu and jump over the problem of grpahics? :P11:58
wh1zz0That's why I keep wondering why it just does what it likes11:58
jribPyraine: see if either of those two programs offer you a similar option11:58
Pyrainejrib: however on here, in the sound preferences I can only choose sub woofer, the other option is muted11:58
oCeanOxymoron: drop it please11:58
OxymoronoCean: Alright, goes offtopic :P11:59
coffiemanhey how to share Internet connection through wifi adhoc??????????????????????????????11:59
oCeancoffieman: please calm down11:59
coffiemanoCean:hey why these guys are not helping12:00
coz_coffieman,  you have to remember that people here are volunteers12:00
oCeancoffieman: describe your issue (detailed, your hardware, what have you tried etc) in single line. Then wait.12:00
Olotilathanks Sidewinder1 !12:01
Olotilahere it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/650566/12:01
coz_coffieman,  they will help when they can,,, the people here are bright,, knowlegeable, and more than willing to help,, they also work,, have families, and if the baby needs a diaper changed,,,well you get the picture :)12:01
coffiemanoCean:i need to share the net connection through wifi adhoc,but i can't? i have ubuntu 10.10 and wifi card BCM43224 802.11a/b/g/n with driver wl012:02
oCean!ics | coffieman have you seen this12:02
ubottucoffieman have you seen this: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:02
Pyrainejrib: I just had quite an extensive play around with the applications you suggested, but they're literally as useful as the Sound Preferences in this scenario.12:06
Olotilaso my user id is "ohto", and usage for folder "ohto" is 100%12:08
Olotilamax size is 383,6 MB12:09
dr_williswe got a comma in the wrong place there?12:09
Olotilawhy is it so small and how can I increase the size?12:09
dr_willisor is that a decimal point? max size = 386 mb?12:09
dr_willisthis is a wubi install or a normal install?12:09
jiltdilHow do I scan my Linux system for rootkits, worms, trojans, etc.?12:10
OlotilaFilesystem is 29,9GB and free is 18,8GB12:10
bazhangjiltdil, rkhunter chkrootkit12:10
ZykoticK9jiltdil, rkhunter is one option12:10
Alien_goexcuse me can I use the  alien starship whit ubuntu?12:10
jiltdilbazhang:Zykotick9:is it s/w12:10
bazhangjiltdil, yes of course12:11
ZykoticK9jiltdil, yes, and both should be in default ubuntu repo12:11
ActionParsnipjiltdil: rkhunter can scan a system12:11
MrShukenHi people :D12:11
Olotilabut when i look at Properties of folder "ohto", it says free space 768,1MB12:11
Olotilai dont get it12:12
Sidewinder1jiltdil, You may want to have a look at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=510812 If you haven't already.12:12
goodtimeis there anyway to get World of Warcraft to work on Linux12:12
dr_willis!appdb | goodtime12:12
ubottugoodtime: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:12
wols_goodtime: yes. see appdb.winehq.org12:12
Sidewinder1jiltdil, It's a few years odl but still valid.12:12
Alien_goGo MrShuken12:12
Sidewinder1old, even. :-(12:12
bazhangAlien_go, actual support question?12:12
heng0hello. the touchpad on my netbook is broken (acer). the cursor just jumps around in the upper corner when i try to use it. I think this is a udev problem as it works in debian squeeze, any suggestions?12:13
Alien_goexcuse me can I use the alien starship with ubuntu?12:13
bazhang!ot | Alien_go12:13
ubottuAlien_go: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:13
wh1zz0Please guys, help me. it just happened again12:13
coz_wh1zz0,  what has happened again?  I apprenlty wasnt here for your first posting about it12:13
wh1zz0Screen just goes blank and the two buttons start blinking.. and even when I pressed Aft PrntScreen and then REISUB.. nothing happens12:13
wh1zz0My machine keeps suspending12:14
wh1zz0And I set it not to in power management12:14
dr_willissure its not just crashing....12:14
wh1zz0Not crashing .. just goes on suspension. It never happened before until today when I decided to click on it to see what it does.. Ever sinc ethen, each time PC becomes idle it just enters suspend mode12:15
wh1zz0And I have to press and hold my power button to reboot.. I keep losing my data12:15
wh1zz0Please how can I disable suspension totally12:16
wh1zz0I hate it12:16
=== Alien_go is now known as Windows
bazhangI_L_Microsoft, support question?12:17
freddy__I have an ubuntu server that runs raid1. One of the disks have failed and now I want to change it. But when I change it I cannot boot! So I suspects that my something is wrong with my grub. If I go into grup and fires off 'find /boot/grub/stage1 ' I get (hd0.0)(hd1,0). Does this mean that I have grub installed on both drives ?12:17
ThinkT510wh1zz0: can you take a screenshot of your power management settings?12:18
bazhangI_L_Microsoft, this is ubuntu support. did you have a support question?12:18
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Okay one sec12:18
dlifreddy__, raid1 means images12:18
I_L_MicrosoftNo, i'm here to listen.12:18
heng0hello. the touchpad on my netbook is broken (acer). the cursor just jumps around crazy. I think this is a udev problem as it works in debian squeeze, any suggestions?12:18
I_L_Microsoftsorry for bad english :P12:19
freddy__dli: ok - not sure what you mean by that ?12:19
WindowsWhat i can use the windows programmers on ubuntu?12:19
bazhangWindows, wine12:19
bazhang!wine | Windows12:19
ubottuWindows: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:19
dlifreddy__, you can boot from either one12:19
SomeoneWeirddrink lots12:19
wdp_buntuhey. i'm having a little bit trouble with an ati card in Ubuntu (started with lts 10.04, upgrades to 10.10, upgrades to the newest also, the problem is in all three versions) -> While showing the login or shutdown screen i'm getting some flickers, when i start music in rythmbox i get flicker as soon as the visualization is started. Glxgears causes no flicker. disabling Compiz doesn't help.12:19
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdhi ubuntu 10.10 firefox 3.6.8 cant visualize any text on the browser, tried with other browser but nothing. even tried to make a new user but also from that one nothing changes. help (i dont even have a way to search this on the web to find a workaround cuz i cant read anything)12:19
bazhangWindows, /join #winehq12:19
goodtimehow do i unistall with the terminal12:19
bazhanggoodtime, remove what12:19
Windowsbazhang thank you12:19
bazhanggoodtime, sudo apt-get remove packagename12:20
telxtanyone does know a good iptc-editor for linux?12:20
bazhang!apt-get > goodtime12:20
ubottugoodtime, please see my private message12:20
freddy__dli: ok - but this is what I cannot do in practice ... so I need to somewhat find out why... you tell me that the the reason cannot be grub ?12:20
wdp_buntui already searched on the web, tho people report to have that problems with fglrx; i'm not using fglrx i'm using ati kms ^^. It's an RS690 [Radeon X1200 Series]. Anyone any idea?12:20
I_L_MicrosoftWhat is bettere, OpenSUSE or Ubuntu?12:21
I_L_Microsoft*is better12:21
ActionParsnipI_L_Microsoft: both and neither12:21
wdp_buntuI_L_Microsoft, wrong question. What is better, a car or a motorcycle?12:21
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdhi ubuntu 10.10 firefox 3.6.8 cant visualize any text on the browser, tried with other browser but nothing. even tried to make a new user but also from that one nothing changes. help (i dont even have a way to search this on the web to find a workaround cuz i cant read anything)12:21
ThinkT510!poll | I_L_Microsoft12:21
ubottuI_L_Microsoft: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.12:21
bazhangI_L_Microsoft, #ubuntu-offtopic for that12:21
telxtanyone does know a good iptc-editor for linux?12:21
ActionParsnipI_L_Microsoft: which is better, blue or red?12:21
bazhangActionParsnip, lets move on please12:22
ActionParsnipI_L_Microsoft: I_L_Microsoft its a nonsensical question12:22
ActionParsnipbazhang: done12:22
freddy__dli: just seems that if I change the bad disk, grub does not start up, if I change the good disk, grub starts up but cannot find anything to boot ..12:22
wh1zz0ThinkT510: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/263/screenshotcao.png/12:22
goodtimeok ty ubottu12:22
I_L_MicrosoftWhat's the difference?12:23
bazhangtelxt, what does apt-cache search iptc say12:23
bazhangI_L_Microsoft, wrong channel for it12:23
dlifreddy__, get a livecd, recreate the the raid112:23
ActionParsnipI_L_Microsoft: this is support only, the guys in #ubuntu-offtopic will surely help12:23
freddy__dli: sry ... it is the other way around... if i start up with the bad disc.. grub starts up but cannot find anything to boot, if I startup with the good disc grub does not start ...12:23
dlifreddy__, your /boot or /, which one on raid1?12:23
ThinkT510wh1zz0: thats for the battery tab, that looks fine, is it the same for the ac power tab? do you use it off the mains too? (i use my laptop off the mains all the time)12:23
freddy__dli: dont remember ... how can I see that ?12:24
wh1zz0ThinkT510: that's from the battery preferences12:24
I_L_Microsoftmannaggia alla madonna12:25
wh1zz0ThinkT510: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/808/screenshot1qx.png/12:25
telxtbazhang, i know there are some editor for linux, but it must fit my needs, so iam looking for someone to give me some tips12:25
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdo non si bestemmia12:25
wh1zz0So you see everything .. there's no suspend set anywhere12:26
work123456anyone know gambas the basic editor?12:26
dlifreddy__, what do you have? livecd or grub cli?12:26
work123456or using it12:26
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdI_L_Microsoft swore against the vergin mary, i'm an atheist, but u cant do that, out out!12:26
ThinkT510wh1zz0: yeah, that looks right, you don't close the lid do you?12:26
wh1zz0Not at all12:26
oCeanLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd: please drop it12:26
freddy__dli: I have a grub cli (connected from putty at the moment )12:27
ThinkT510wh1zz0: i can't see why it would suspend unless you told it to on purpose (but you said it happens for no reason)12:27
bazhangLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd, stop that12:27
wh1zz0ThinkT510: But each time my machine becomes idle it just goes into suspend mode instead of the normal lock screen mode.. which really baffles me and annoys me to a point I really want to disable suspend totally.12:27
dlifreddy__, what do you mean grub cli and putty?12:27
redfoxhi. is is possible to have a password cache when im using ubuntu and winbind in a windows domain? i want to use the same useraccount no matter if im in a domain or not12:28
Xaseronis it possible to watch a blueray movie with the ubuntu livecd?12:28
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdoCean: drop what? i just dont like ppl insulting, even if im an atheist, and that's what he did, in italian when he wrote this "<I_L_Microsoft> mannaggia alla madonna"12:28
freddy__dli: I run a ssh connection to my server via putty (terminal program) and when logged into the server via that, I can start grub from cli.12:28
coz_Xaseron,  you got me on that one :)  I have no idea12:28
Windowsredfox windows is my nick xD12:28
bazhangXaseron, mplayer has had bluray for a while now12:28
wh1zz0ThinkT510:  Cuz anytime it goes into suspend I end up losing all data.12:29
wols_Xaseron: no it's not12:29
coz_Xaseron,  although , without the codecs installed I doubt it12:29
ThinkT510wh1zz0: how is your battery power when it does suspend? (or are you using it from the mains?)12:29
dlifreddy__, so, you can boot up, right?12:29
redfoxWindows: your fault :-P12:29
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdoCean: he swore against the virgin mary12:29
wols_bazhang: and it can get to the video despite the DRM?12:29
wh1zz0Yes, from mains.. And my battery is fully charged12:29
Windowsredfox I'm sorry i'm spanish12:29
bazhangLoRd_UnDeRwOrLd, last warning12:29
ZykoticK9bazhang, i don't think mplayer with the non-free codecs is going to be available on the LiveCD is it?  Xaseron12:29
coz_LoRd_UnDeRwOrLd,  oo guy, not the place for that kind of posting12:29
freddy__dli: yes if I have the faulty drive and the nonfaulty drive into the machine, I can boot..12:29
ThinkT510wh1zz0: hmm, then i'm stumped, sorry i can't help anymore12:30
Olotiladr_willis, this is wubi install12:30
Olotilaseems to be the reason for problems12:30
bazhangZykoticK9, wols not sure, though he could dl the libdvdcss2 package its small12:30
WindowsWhat is the spanish channel?12:30
ThinkT510!es | Windows12:30
bazhangWindows, #ubuntu-es12:30
ubottuWindows: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:30
wh1zz0Usually once I unplug my batter cord from the power supply it goes into lock screen mode (which I don't also like, but I'm not complaining about this).. Now, when I unplug it goes into suspend12:30
LoRd_UnDeRwOrLdbazhang: you're not getting me dude, i was asking some OP to kick him out for what he wrote12:30
OlotilaCan I move this installation to somewhere else, so that this would be native os?12:30
Olotilawithout windows virtual disk mess?12:30
dlifreddy__, cat /proc/mdstat12:30
wols_bazhang: no it could not. there currently is no linux bluray player. at all.12:30
ionitehi. anywhere here?12:31
charasWhile sharing a folder I get this error 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: share name sushi is already a valid system user name"12:31
bazhangionite, hi12:31
dlifreddy__, and cat /proc/mounts12:31
freddy__dli: md0 : active raid1 sda1[0] 234372160 blocks [2/1] [U_]12:31
wols_charas: that error is pretty self explanatory12:31
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
freddy__dli: I have disabled the sdb112:32
ioniteHi.  I am running Windows XP Pro.  However I would like to switch to UBuntu 11.04.  Can I choose to format my C drive after Ubuntu installation is completed?12:32
wols_ionite: you can12:32
charaswols_: Using any other name gives this error "'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Memory allocation error."12:32
dlifreddy__, can you attache a new disk without removing anything12:32
ZykoticK9ionite, are you installing from CD or from inside windows (Wubi)?12:32
wh1zz0ThinkT510: thanks for trying to help... BUT is there a way I can save my work or resume my PC when it suspends?12:33
wols_wh1zz0: what laptop is it?12:34
wh1zz0if there is please share so that I don't keep losing my data and I can manage the issue12:34
wh1zz0Dell Vostro 131012:34
=== juk is now known as Guest2924
ioniteZykotick9: I am installing from WUBI and it's now D/Ling from torrent for other files.12:34
bazhangXaseron, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD12:35
freddy__dli: I'm afraid I cannot, there are no more slots in the machine (dell) and dell wants the old faulty drive back..12:35
bazhangXaseron, the issue is the "live cd"12:35
ZykoticK9ionite, if you installed using Wubi you CAN NOT delete windows, Ubuntu is actually inside windows.  wols_ it's important to find the Wubi cases ;)12:35
wols_wh1zz0: don't run any GUI (no X) and try to suspend and resume there12:35
merdal0rd frocio spione12:36
freddy__dli: its a dell  poweredge t10012:36
wh1zz0wols_: I don't understand12:36
wh1zz0You mean.. I should enter ttyl mode?12:36
wols_ZykoticK9: agreed. but can't I simply forget that wubi exists? much better to ignore all unpleasantries like this piece of garbage12:36
wols_wh1zz0: I mean you should shut down X (and gdm)12:36
ioniteZyk:  How do I install ubuntu in such a way that I will be able to format my C drive before installation?12:36
ZykoticK9ionite, from CD or USB12:37
ioniteUSB what's the min space required?12:37
ThinkT510wols_: with respect, that isn't how you are meant to enter and exit suspend mode12:37
ionitezyk: from CD meaning I am required to write a CD out?12:37
wols_ThinkT510: why not? you press fn+f3 and it better enters suspend. no matter if under X or console12:38
ZykoticK9ionite, yes, or write the CD to a USB drive (there is a USB Creator or Unetbootin)12:38
wols_sorry. fn+f412:38
ionitezyk:  USB, can it be an external HDD?12:38
wh1zz0I'm not running ubuntu server edition.. I'm running 11.04 (natty)12:38
wols_wh1zz0: doesn't matter12:38
wh1zz0So how do I shut down x and gdm?12:38
ZykoticK9!tab > ionite12:38
ubottuionite, please see my private message12:38
ThinkT510wols_: you shouldn't have to shut down X to do that, it should work from the gui12:38
ZykoticK9ionite, you can install from or install to an external USB.12:38
wols_ThinkT510: ever heard of something called "bugs" in software?12:39
wh1zz0I thought you meant pressing ctrl alt f212:39
ionite!tab > ionite12:39
ubottuionite, please see my private message12:39
nothingspecialwols_: Fn F4 does not sleep m laptop from console12:39
wols_ThinkT510: first law of troubleshooting: reproduce the problem with the most simple setup you can12:39
wols_nothingspecial: but it does (if he's configured it right) for ThinkT510's12:39
ZykoticK9ionite, if you want to get a factoid you can type "/msg ubottu foo" to get it privately12:39
nothingspecialwols_: but it does running X/gnome12:40
=== bsdboy is now known as Deesl
ionitezyk:  should i continue to chat with the bot or u?12:41
wols_nothingspecial: you don't get the point. read what I wrote above again please12:41
ThinkT510wols_: true, that is a good principle, thanks12:41
sktn07how to install ubuntu 11.4 in my netbook?...i use hp n550 @1.50GHz12:41
=== psycho_oreos is now known as tuxsavvy
wols_sktn07: use a usb stick12:42
bazhang!unetbootin | sktn0712:42
ubottusktn07: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:42
wh1zz0sktn07: Use USB stick12:42
ymasoryhi all. a certain disk of mine keeps failing as i write to it, turning into a read-only file system. yet 'mount' says 'type ext4 (rw,commit=0)'. what's going wrong?12:42
wh1zz0Okay guys.. is there a way I can resume after it's suspended?12:43
nothingspecialwols_: "why not? you press fn+f3 and it better enters suspend. no matter if under X or console"12:43
wols_wh1zz0: magical bullets don't exist12:43
wols_nothingspecial: and?12:44
ionitehow do i install from USB?12:44
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:44
wh1zz0Whew.. this is driving me nuts12:44
bazhangionite, use unetbootin12:44
ThinkT510wh1zz0: in my case it should just be a case of lifting the lid, or press the suspend buttons again12:44
wh1zz0Once I leave the PC for a few minutes it's going to happen again12:44
nothingspecialwols_: not from m console, but it does from X12:44
ZykoticK9ionite, i second bazhang's unetbootin suggestion12:44
nothingspecialmy, dodgy y key12:44
OlotilaMy problems are because of wubi-install, I will reinstall witout it12:44
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
Sidewinder1ionite, You may wish to have a look at this: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php12:45
OlotilaLoopmounted Virtual Partition Manager might help, but seems unlikely12:45
wols_nothingspecial: do you own a thinkpad?12:45
wh1zz0Whew.. okie I just uplugged my battery cord and it didn't suspend.. :DDDDD12:45
wh1zz0I hope it doesnt happen again.. okie thanks guys. back2work12:45
sktn07ubottu: but which version to download which will sportable for my netbook (hp N550 @1.50GHz)?12:46
ubottusktn07: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:46
wh1zz0Yeah right.. you are intelligent12:46
wh1zz0Nice script.12:46
wols_sktn07: the normal ISO of ubuntu is fine for you12:46
nothingspecialwols_: yep, just tried Fn F4 now from console, nothing. Anyway, weather it does or not, doesn't help much and I'm not in the mood to argue12:47
ThinkT510wh1zz0: if you want to you could change the power setting to not suspend on low battery (which is why i asked earlier what your battery was like when it suspends)12:47
wh1zz0sktn07: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download ... Just follow this.12:48
coz_wh1zz0,  is the screensaver activated?12:48
wh1zz0sktn07: And when it says chose installation method, select USB stick and click show me.12:48
ionitehow do i use Unetbootin ?12:48
Titanoboawols_: i've tried many things since yesterday & i'm installing ubuntu 11.04 still won't work, though now I can use firefox from the LiveCD just fine. I've tried installing and re-installing countless times and there's a new (random it seems) error every time.12:49
coz_ionite,  it is pretty self expanatory,, is it opened?12:49
wh1zz0coz_: Nah, I didn't enable screensaver, is it enabled by default?12:49
sktn07which link should i go for  ubuntu 11.4 http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download  ?12:49
wh1zz0sktn07: Go for the recommended12:50
ZykoticK9wh1zz0, not only is screensaver on by default, it's set to lock by default...  annoys me ;)12:50
coz_sktn07,  you can also use this   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:50
wh1zz0ZykoticK9: Ouch12:51
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Did you Md5sum the ISO, and then burn at the slowest speed?12:51
dassoukiis tehre a good recent read on flight sim games12:51
wols_nothingspecial: I just tried on mine. works fine in console (debian tho, but whatever debian can do, so can ubuntu).12:51
wh1zz0ZykoticK9: Is there no way to disable this?12:51
TitanoboaSidewinder1: that's greek to me :< I followed the instructions on the ubuntu page as well as i could and used infrarecorder or what it's called12:51
ZykoticK9wh1zz0, in screensaver settings12:51
sktn07i want to download the torrent...which one is best?12:51
TitanoboaSidewinder1: should i try to re-do it and lower the speed (and how do i do that?)12:52
Lasers!torrent | sktn0712:52
ubottusktn07: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P12:52
Sidewinder1!md5sum | Titanoboa12:52
ubottuTitanoboa: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:52
bazhang!torrents | sktn0712:52
wh1zz0ZykoticK9: Okie checking it out now12:52
ubottusktn07: Natty can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/natty/desktop/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/natty/server/ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/12:52
Titanoboaokay Sidewinder1 i'll report back when i've tried it12:52
wh1zz0ZykoticK9: HAHAHAH.. thank you so much... I see everything now12:53
huntHi, I've got a Radeon X 1600 graphics card and compiz doesnt work, documentation says that 3D is supported with this card I'm on 11.04, can someone help?12:53
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, I would md5sun the ISO, then perhaps, reburn at the slowest speed and reinstall. If you stlii get the same errors, then try Lucid Lynx 10.04.12:54
wols_hunt: pastebin your Xorg.0.log12:54
wh1zz0ZykoticK9: Now I increased the time.. and disabled screensaver.12:54
Titanoboawaitwait, no way i'll remember that. save it for when i come back after trying the md5sum thing12:54
wh1zz0ZykoticK9: Thanks. :)12:54
ZykoticK9wh1zz0, glad to help12:54
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Infrarecorder should have a parameter for you to set the burn speed.12:55
huntwols_: just a second I'm actually on another machine right now, brb12:55
gwelymernan hi um anyone here know of a server or a channel where doctors hang out?12:56
hiatusnot really ubuntu related, but can anyone assist me with my router?12:56
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, I'll be back in 10 min.12:56
wols_hiatus: #netwokring12:56
wols_hiatus: #networking12:56
wh1zz0Anyone got a free link to WinXP iso file?12:57
wols_wh1zz0: don't do that12:57
wh1zz0For VM12:58
wols_doesn't matter for what. STOP!12:58
wh1zz0wols_: Do what ?12:58
wh1zz0Oh sorry12:58
jiltdilis there no GUI of  chkrootkit12:58
wols_wh1zz0: ask for people to commit copyright infringement for you. now go away12:58
wols_jiltdil: no there isn't. it's a commandline program12:58
huntwols_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/650594/12:59
wh1zz0wols_: Don't take it the wrong way12:59
oCeanwh1zz0: drop that discussion now12:59
jiltdilhow to scan using it please tell the command12:59
wols_jiltdil: man chkrootkit12:59
wols_hunt: all looks fine to me. why do you think you have no 3D support?13:00
wdp_buntuDisplayPriority not working with ati kms?13:00
wols_hunt: did you make a xorg.conf btw?13:00
huntwols_: No, I did not.13:00
wols_hunt: then line 108 http://paste.ubuntu.com/650594/13:01
=== ok12345 is now known as knownBetter
wols_hunt: then line 108 [    15.142] (EE) Failed to load module "fglrx" (module does not exist, 0)  is a bit strange. but it loads radeon as it should after that just fine and all the config seems to be right too. so what is your actual problem?13:02
huntWell my problem is that I can not start compiz, everytme I do compiz --replace just the wallpaper is visible and everything else disappears13:03
cairnewhere can i find the folder for the jre and jdk in ubunutu 11.04?13:03
huntwols_: but I read that this card should have 3D support, so I would like to have that13:03
wols_glxinfo |grep direct13:03
wols_hunt: ^^ run that13:03
Titanoboalol, i don't even know how to open terminal. is that ubuntu symbol in the top left (11.04 UI) what i click to open terminal?13:04
huntwols_: it says direct rendering: yes13:04
wols_hunt: congrats you have 3D support13:04
huntwols_: yay13:05
wols_hunt: you do know that compiz is awfully old and not really needed or used anymore? e.g Ubuntu Unity cannot even work without 3D support13:05
huntwols_: but unity does use compiz, doesnt it?13:06
wols_so is there any special reason why you want compiz?13:06
ZykoticK9hunt, yes, unity uses compiz13:06
Titanoboanvm found it >_>13:06
wols_no it doesn't. it uses composite, the underlying X module compiz and many other modern WMs depend on13:06
Warrior`i have a file with several comma seperated words...how to replace commans with newlines?13:07
ZykoticK9wols_, i'm pretty sure Unity does infact use Compiz.  I could be wrong...13:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
huntwols_: I want to use classic mode with desktop effects, I do need compiz for that don't I?13:07
wols_ZykoticK9: compiz is a window manager, right?13:07
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Please look here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php  It'll give you many "How-to s" for just about anything you'd like to do in Ubuntu.13:07
ZykoticK9wols_, Unity does use Compiz.  They re-wrote the origional, using mutter to use compiz.13:08
ActionParsniphunt: any effects needs compiz13:09
ActionParsniphunt: just disable the unity plugin13:09
huntActionParsnip what makes you believe it would run then?13:10
oCeanWarrior`: try cat yourfile.txt | sed 's/,/\n/g'13:10
ActionParsniphunt: what would run?13:10
huntActionParsnip: compiz13:10
philwireI'm having trouble with minidlna, it stops responding after a few minutes, however the process still runs. I have to kill it to make it appear again.13:11
huntActionParsnip: I believe this is a driver issue, its not like I could start compiz with unity, compiz just doesnt work (correctly)13:11
ActionParsniphunt: you can add a startup item to make it run13:11
Sidewinder1wh1zz0, I answered your question, above, in PM.13:12
huntActionParsnip: radeon.modeset=1?13:12
huntActionParsnip: what startup item do you mean?13:14
wols_hunt: is there any special reason you want to run compiz?13:14
huntwols_: yes, I want to have effects like transparency etc13:15
wols_*sigh* you already do. ever stared very very hard at unity?13:15
huntwols_: what? I do not run unity13:16
huntwols_: I'm in ubuntu classic without effects right now13:16
wols_hunt: and can you run unity?13:17
AlexDevilLXAny Default Volume up/down hotkey?13:17
coz_hunt,  and you want effects...yes?13:17
dr_willis!info minidlna13:17
mediaworkim wondering where my /var/log/messages   file is?13:17
ubottuPackage minidlna does not exist in natty13:17
coz_hunt,    open a terminal ,,,    compiz --replace & disown13:17
wols_mediawork: it better be in /var/log13:17
huntwols_: no I can not, unity as well as just ubuntu classic leaves me with a blank wallpaper with my cursor on ti13:18
huntwols_: so thats why i think this is a driver issue13:18
mediaworkwols_:  nope nothing...13:18
wols_hunt: I mean just running unity. not trying to use compiz inside it. cause if you can run unity, you have 3D support and there is no issue. as the glxinfo output can very much attest to. but sinec you know better I wish you luck in rewriting your driver. good day13:19
mediaworkwols_: http://pastebin.com/bukxLaMk13:19
coz_wols_,   Unity relies soley on compiz13:19
mediaworkwols_:  my version is 11.0413:19
mediaworkwols_:  and just installed... really fresh... an no messages file ?13:20
Titanoboaty Sidewinder1. Now I finally got mom off the windows machine, going to try to MD5Sum13:20
coz_wols_,  you cannont have Unity without compiz unless you install Unity2d13:20
wols_coz_: what do you think "unity" is? considering Unity doesn't use compiz as its window manager, something in your statement seems wrong to me13:21
coz_wols_,   Unity does use compiz as the window manager13:21
wols_above ZykoticK9 said it uses mutter13:21
coz_wols_,  you cannot have Unity and not have compiz13:21
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Did you check out the psychocats web-site?13:21
LasersUnity is written as a plugin for Compiz. Unity2D is for metacity.13:22
AbhijitSidewinder1, i came late. just wanted to know for which issue you are referring psycocat website?13:22
wols_hmm. what is the minimum diskspace for 11.04?13:23
Abhijitwols_, 4gb approximately13:23
huntwols_: does the glxinfo output mean that my driver has 3D support or my gpu?13:23
wols_hunt: it does13:23
Laserswols_: 5GB according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements13:23
coz_hunt,   which video card do you have,,, in terminal    lspci | grep -i vga13:24
huntcoz_: its a radeon X 160013:24
Sidewinder1Abhijit, Just about anything a relatively new ubuntu user wants to know. :-)13:24
wols_Lasers: I doubt this statement. unless ubuntu grew more than 1GB in a year13:24
coz_hunt,  this may be a bit old      Compiz requires at least a Radeon 7000 (or M6). For 7000 to HDxxxx series cards, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. HD* cards are also supported by the proprietary "fglrx" driver.13:24
Laserswols_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)#System_requirements13:24
AbhijitSidewinder1, do not refer that how to remove k/u/xubuntu article on that website. it breaks it13:25
coz_hunt,  so according to t hat i would assume it should work13:25
wols_coz_: a radeon 1600 is anything but old13:25
coz_wols_,  no I meant the readout may be old13:25
wols_at least for compiz and such13:25
coz_not the card13:25
huntcoz_: how do I know which driver is currently in use?13:25
wols_hunt: radeon is in use, as seen in your Xorg.0.log13:25
coz_hunt,    for ati I am not sure,, I have absolutely no experience with ati13:25
Titan_windowsSidewinder1: i still haven't MB5Sum'd13:26
coz_hunt,   but the driver should already be installed,,,  you are in classic,,yes?13:26
Titan_windowsjust finally got a hold of the windows machine13:26
Sidewinder1Abhijit, With all due respect, did you even look at: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php13:26
huntcoz_: yes, classic without effects13:26
coz_hunt,  ok open a terminal13:26
* mediawork going to linux kernel to solve an ubuntu problem13:26
coz_hunt,     compiz --replace & disown13:26
coz_hunt,   that will allow compiz to start  as well as pushing into the background for you to close the terminal, h owever,, leave the terminal opened for error readouts  just in case13:27
AbhijitSidewinder1, i am talking about the how to remove the kde/gnome/xfce articel on that website. this is warning. i have tried it. it breaks. its upto you if you sill want to use(=break)  it13:27
Titan_windowsSidewinder1: at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#MD5SUM%20on%20Windows it says to get Cygwin. Is that really necessary?13:27
Titan_windowsseems time demanding13:27
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Sidewinder1Abhijit, What he was asking had nothing to do with removing anything; unless I missed something, which has been known to happen, occasionally.13:28
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wols_Titan_windows: no. there are many md5sum programs for windows. any will do13:28
Titan_windowswols_: so clicking on "Download and install winMD5Sum" will do?13:28
CaptainQuirkMy PC under ubuntu froze twice in a row in the last 30 minutes13:28
CaptainQuirkI had to reboot13:28
CaptainQuirkthe first time, I got a set of nasty error message when booting13:29
Sidewinder1Abhijit, You may wish to advise the site owner of that. I'm sure he'll amend or warn, if he knows.13:29
CaptainQuirkthe second time, It did'nt reboot13:29
hunt_coz_: yeah so basically the same thing, just the wallpaper and cursor13:29
CaptainQuirkthe third time, I could select the OS in grub but it kept on rebooting each time13:29
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CaptainQuirkI try to fix the MBR with supergrub disk13:30
hunt_coz_: although the cursor changes depending on where its at, so the windows seem to be still there but invisible13:30
coz_hunt,   ok  hit alt+F2  type in gnome-penel13:30
coz_hunt,   gnome-panel13:30
CaptainQuirkit seemed that the program hanged on the reading of the grub files13:30
hunt_coz_: gnome-panel is loaded, I restarted via REISUB13:30
AbhijitSidewinder1, okies13:30
coz_hunt_,  ok so you have access to applications etc?13:30
CaptainQuirkI tried to launch a live session with a cd but it wouldn't start correctly13:30
hunt_coz_: yes13:30
coz_hunt_,   ok  did you install compizconfig-settings-manager ?13:30
hunt_coz_: back to classic mode again13:31
CaptainQuirkI get crc error : system halted13:31
hunt_coz_: well I can...13:31
dr_willisCaptainQuirk:  crc error = bad cd/optcal disk/media. or could be a ram issue13:31
coz_hunt_,  install it13:31
hunt_coz_: ok, done13:31
Sidewinder1CaptainQuirk, Fix MBR is usually done with the win. emergency repair disk, I think; it's been a while.13:31
coz_hunt_, ok now open that either  from the  system/preferences menu or in terminal or alt+F2     ccsm13:31
CaptainQuirkI don't have a dual boot, I don't need any win thing, I think. Super grub disk should do the job13:32
coz_hunt_,  you will probably notice that not much is enalbed at this point13:32
hunt_coz_: right.13:32
Sidewinder1CaptainQuirk, I'm not reading fast enough; sorry... :-(13:32
dr_willisCaptainQuirk:  a normal ubuntu live should do the job of reinstalling grub also. if you use the right commandline commands.13:32
coz_hunt_,   what you need to do is take a look at the list of cateories  on the left,,  you want to start with the window management category,, if you want ,, move to the #compiz channel and I can walk you th rough a solid basic compiz setup13:33
CaptainQuirkdr_willis, yeah ok, but how can I access the command line from the live CD13:33
Titan_windowswols_: woah, how do i know which one is the corresponding hash? :/13:33
PolahCaptainQuirk: Just open a terminal, command line right there.13:33
bazhang!hashes | Titan_windows13:33
ubottuTitan_windows: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.13:33
Titan_windowsyeah i have that open13:34
CaptainQuirkPolah, a terminal from where ? I cannot launch the live session13:34
Titan_windowsam i supposed to know which one i have :/ i just downloaded the "main one" so to speak.13:34
Edlerhey guys general question13:34
wols_Titan_windows: you know which ISO you downlaoded so you can easily compare13:34
Edlerin shared webhosting environnements13:34
Edlerhow can a php script (control panel), create webhosting accoutns13:34
Edlerdoesn't apache need root permissions for that13:34
PolahCaptainQuirk: Probably a bad disk, should shift during booting from the disk and select "verify integrity" (or something similar to that) from the menu it gives you. If you can't even get to that then you should probably redownload the image and reburn it.13:35
Titan_windows*facepalm* thx wols_13:35
oCeanEdler: there are various ways, but it has nothing to do with #ubuntu. You may try #ubuntu-offtopic13:35
SilverZI'm absolutely new to linux and ubuntu and I could use some help13:35
Edlerokay thanks13:35
Titan_windowswols_: ok so now that i know that the ISO isn't corrupt, should i also check my CD? can it be done the same way?13:36
PolahSilverZ: Ask away, we'll help as we can13:36
CaptainQuirkPolah, look at what I said, I have a "crc error" when I try to launch the live session and I experienced problems before that13:36
Titan_windowswols_: I bring the cd to the windows computer, click send to winmd5sum and compare with the hash?13:36
CaptainQuirkIt has nothing to do with my CD, I'm quite sure of that13:36
alex--aetas: pm13:36
SilverZpolah: thank you, I just updated a macbook to ubuuntu 10.4 lts, all was working fine until it did the auto updated and after restart it stated "kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block13:36
PolahCaptainQuirk: I didn't say launch the live session, I said to verify the disk integrity. Titan_Windows: You'll want to do this too to verify disk integrity. Hold shift while attempting to boot from it and select "verify disk integrity" or a line similar to that from the menu that drops down.13:37
PolahCaptainQuirk: If you can't even get to the menu, I suggest getting another disk or USB.13:37
Titan_windowsPolah: Liluo alright13:37
bazhangDarkfd, ?13:37
Titan_windowsPolah: alright.13:37
Titan_windowsbrb then13:37
Darkfdbazhang, pong13:38
Sidewinder1SilverZ, You updated to 10.04 from which version?13:38
CaptainQuirkI have the menu allright, but since I had some strange behavior of the OS, I don't think the cd 's faulty13:38
bazhangDarkfd, what does that have to do with ubuntu support13:38
PolahCaptainQuirk: If you can get to the menu then verify integrity to check if it is the disk or not.13:38
SilverZmax os x ...something i forget which version it was, it was an old laptop sitting in my closet that had died and i tried to revive it with ubuntu13:38
Titanoboaif i'm running from the LiveCD, linux should crash when i take out the CD right?13:38
PolahTitanoboa: Not instantly, but it'll fail when you try to do something.13:39
DarkfdSorry.  Pasten into wrong channel. Nevermind.13:39
ActionParsnipTitanoboa: i believe it will just ask for the cd13:39
Titanoboaok, might aswell close this for now then13:39
Sidewinder1SilverZ, So, you didn't upgrade? You did a fresh install?13:39
CaptainQuirkPolah, I get the following error message : invalid compressed format / system halted13:39
PolahSilverZ: I can't help you with that personally, perhaps someone else can; hang around for a while and wait.13:39
SilverZyes i did a fresh install13:39
SilverZok thanks13:40
Sidewinder1SilverZ, And after the fresh install you got a kernel panic?13:40
duelleHi there, my shortcuts for copy & paste seem to be "corrupted". If I copy "Test", the pasted String ist "`jm". In terminal I can still copy correctly via middle mouse.13:41
SilverZno the initial install went fine13:41
SilverZthen after it did the auto update and restarted i got the kernel panic13:41
PolahCaptainQuirk: You said you can get into the system but it doesn't function properly. Have you tried accessing another TTY (Ctrl+Alt+F1-F6) rather than the default graphical one?13:41
SilverZnow when I start the computer it just brings up the kernel panic message13:41
ActionParsnipduelle: i advise you install parcellite, it solves everything :)13:41
motzthe mouse arrow just stopped. what should I do?13:41
duelleActionParsnip: Does it fix the shortcuts etc or ist it "just" a gui for clipboard?13:42
ray9naHi. I've got Lucid on a netbook. How do I set up Evolution so I can just use the calendar? It wants me to give it an email address.13:42
Sidewinder1SilverZ, Try booting to LiveCD and have a look at the hard drive... See if anything "jumps-out" at you.13:42
Lasers!info parcellite | duelle13:42
ubottuduelle: parcellite (source: parcellite): lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-1 (natty), package size 44 kB, installed size 368 kB13:42
CaptainQuirkPolah, I never said I could get to the system13:42
SilverZhmmm, i don't even know what i would be looking for13:43
CaptainQuirkI can see the live CD menu, but that's all13:43
Lasersduelle: It keep a list of all clipboard records so you can preserve many clipboards.13:43
Titan_windowsPolah: i can't find anything like that at all. I'm probably not doing it as you described13:43
SilverZi'm brand new to linux, I don't know what a "kernel panic" implies13:43
Sidewinder1SilverZ, Neither do I; it may be a hardware issue since you said the machine was old.13:44
slim_gazaHi guys I need your recommendation here. I am a student and I have 6 months to dedicate on a single technology. Which would you recommend I do, should I focus on improving my use with django or contributing to pypy? thanks guys13:44
duelleActionParsnip: Ok, just installed it. But the String displayed by parcellite seems still to be corrupted.13:44
PolahCaptainQuirk: You said it was acting strangely. I assumed that meant you could reach it but it was malfunctioning. The problem seems to be a malfunctioning disk. Checksum your ISO and redownload it if necessary and reburn the disk or create a LiveUSB13:44
oCeanslim_gaza: you can try #ubuntu-offtopic, this is ubuntu support channel13:44
humehi... I have a server and a client, both running ubuntu 11.04, but with different times set. Both run ntpd. What might be wrong? (how can ntpd give different times...?)13:44
slim_gazaoCean, okay thanks13:45
jiltdil<Sidewinder1>something issue related with ur grub i think13:45
ActionParsnipduelle: parcellite is a great paste manager, Linux needs the source app you are pasting from to be open to paste from it. Parcelite solves this well13:45
CaptainQuirkPolah, No, I said it was acting strangely before I was shut out of it13:45
PolahTitan_windows: When you put the disk in, hold shift during boot and it should give you a menu. One of the options (near the bottom, I think) is "verify disk integrity" or "check disc data" or something along those lines, I can't recall exactly.13:45
SilverZyeah I'm thinking it might be a RAM issue, I knew this laptop has had RAM issues in the past13:45
knoxyHi all.. I've 2 internet links (eth1 - 201.63.x.x and eth2 - 189.111.x.x) ... How can I do to make a balance-rr? I'm reading one article, but I dont understand the configuration of bond0 in interfaces file.. What IP I need to input to bond0? the ip of eth1 or eth2? font: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding13:45
Abhijithow to know which ports are open ? how to open the closed ones? i have lamp installed13:45
ThinkT510hume: they are not in different time zones are they?13:45
humeboth set to Stockholm, Sweden. difference is 5-10 minutes13:45
Titan_windowsPolah: I tried that (if you mean inserting the disc on the windows machine), and no menu came up at all13:45
Sidewinder1jiltdil, I have no idea as I have never had the pleasure of "kernel-panic", thank the deities/13:46
PolahTitan_windows: You need to shut down and boot into the disc, not just put it in while running Windows.13:46
Titan_windowsOh :/13:46
duelleActionParsnip: Sorry didnt get your point i think. If I copy "daemon" the resulting string displayed by parcellite is something like ´jm and a following special char13:46
Titan_windowsshould I rather do it on the other machine then?13:46
humeThinkT510, both set to Stockholm, Sweden. difference is 5-10 minutes13:46
Titan_windowsthe one i'm trying to isntall linux one13:46
AbhijitTitan_windows, if you want to test then you use vitual machine13:46
CaptainQuirkPolah, the supergrub disk I'm using to try to fix the mbr doesn't work either.13:47
duelleSo in which way can parcellite help to solve that problem13:47
PolahTitan_windows: Put it in whichever machine you're aiming to install or run Ubuntu on.13:47
ThinkT510hume: odd, sorry i can't think of what might be wrong13:47
oCeanAbhijit: sudo netstat -tulpa will show your listening processes at various ports13:47
SilverZthank you all for the help, take care13:47
PolahCaptainQuirk: I can't help you with that, perhaps try asking in #grub and telling them what error that's giving you.13:47
ionitei got an error when booting from my USB from bios.  It reads: Com 32R Image error 800113:47
AbhijitoCean, ok13:47
Titan_windowsPolah: so practically: start comp, press F8, select the CD, press enter and start holding shift?13:47
Titan_windowsuntil a menu pops up13:48
PolahTitan_windows, yes that should do it. Although, by default the machine will boot from the CD if there is a bootable disk present, at least it should do.13:48
jiltdilAbhijit: netstat -nlptun for locally13:48
humeThinkT510, got any idea on workaround? can I manually set a time-shift on the client? that sticks between reboots13:48
CaptainQuirkPolah, I think I could use any CD I want, it wouldn't work because I fear that my problem is hardware related13:48
ThinkT510hume: the only other thing i can think of is if they are set to different ntpd servers13:48
Abhijitjiltdil, thanks13:49
CaptainQuirkI'm just trying to narrow things down13:49
ThinkT510hume: sorry, i have no experience with that13:49
ionitecan anyone help me with my Error 8001. COM 32R Image error?13:49
PolahCaptainQuirk: If you're getting the same error then perhaps.13:49
ray9naHey, everyone. I'm trying to set up Evolution just so I can use the calendar function. I don't want it pulling in email. What's a good work-around for that? I'm using Lucid if that's relevant.13:49
jiltdilAbhijit:anytime :)13:49
Polahionite: If you were to give us some context of what's giving you that error.13:49
CaptainQuirkPolah, not the same error per se, but an impossibility to access the hard drive13:49
uboontuIf I don't check to format existing partition(in which I want to install Ubuntu), will my data on that partition be saved?13:50
ionitei'm booting from USB SD drive and the installation wont proceed.13:50
CaptainQuirkCan I force a root terminal session to make a fsck ?13:50
jiltdilionite: from bios menu select boot from usb13:50
Polahuboontu: Ubuntu will overwrite things it needs to etc. I'd back up the data you need to keep to be sure.13:50
ThinkT510uboontu: you thinking of using an existing /home partition with a new install?13:50
uboontuPolah, so it should not delete everything? I already did backup13:51
uboontuThinkT510, I already have Ubuntu on existing partition, and I want to do fresh install on it13:51
uboontuThinkT510, and I wanna know if my data in /home will be saved13:51
CaptainQuirkPolah, Can I force a root terminal session to make a fsck ?13:51
uboontuCaptainQuirk, yes13:52
duelleActionParsnip: Lasers : Is there any possibility to reset the shortcut settings to default? Or to control whether they are correct? Couldnt find copy/paste anywhere in keybind-settings13:52
CaptainQuirkuboontu, when and how ?13:52
ThinkT510uboontu: if it is a seperate partition you could choose to save it and not format it, but if it is part of your / partition its a little more tricky13:52
uboontuCaptainQuirk: I just answered your question13:52
uboontuThinkT510, I did not get anything so I will just format it :-D13:53
CaptainQuirkuboontu, I just got "yes"13:53
SoGooDhow can i make a small sized live ubuntu ISO? the one with only a web browser, a file manager, a network manager a media player and all essential system files :D13:53
Polah_ionite: Does it boot into the Live session at all?13:53
stercorWhat's a recommended firewall for Ubuntu?13:53
Polah_!minimal | SoGooD13:53
ubottuSoGooD: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:53
ThinkT510uboontu: i suppose you could back it up and then overwrite the /home partition from the fresh install with the backup (just be careful of usernames and installed applications)13:53
oCean!ufw | stercor13:53
ubottustercor: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.13:53
dr_willisSoGooD:  theres prob. some ubuntu-varants that allready do that.13:53
wh1zz0It just happened again13:54
SoGooD i need to do that because i got my SSD dead, and all i have now is a 2gb usb stick for my netbook13:54
CaptainQuirkuboontu, I would like to know if there's a way from the grub menu to launch a root session13:54
Polah_stercor: Ubuntu comes with one built in, you can use ufw to configure iptables to define access.13:54
wh1zz0I noticed that it happens when I unplug my battery from power supply13:54
ThinkT510wh1zz0: is this the 3rd time now?13:55
Sidewinder1stercor, Regarding security, you may wish to peruse: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081213:55
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Yeah13:55
uboontuCaptainQuirk, oh sorry. I dont know13:55
wh1zz0And I lost every thing again13:55
dr_willisSoGooD:  you can set up a live/peristant save on a 2gb. but that will be tight. You can get a very useable tinycorelinux setup in 2gb13:55
alex--Are there any tutorials to secure a server?13:55
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jiltdil<CaptainQuirk> single usermode13:55
ThinkT510wh1zz0: when you showed me your settings last time it was set to suspend on low battery13:55
wols_CaptainQuirk: yes. kernel parameter: init=/bin/bash13:55
jiltdil<CaptainQuirk> Are you talking about this13:55
wh1zz0Not at all13:55
wh1zz0It wasn't13:55
Sidewinder1wh1zz0, I sent you a PN, did you get it?13:55
ThinkT510wh1zz0: it was13:55
wh1zz0In fact.. it was set to hibernate13:55
SoGooDwill that load up my wifi ccconnection?13:55
Sidewinder1PM, even.13:55
ActionParsnipduelle: its a dedicated app for copy / pasting so should handle it better, it also has history so you can paste past things (multiple clipboards)13:56
wh1zz0Sidewinder1: Not at all13:56
SoGooDdr_willis, will that load up my wifi ccconnection?13:56
Sidewinder1wh1zz0, Should I try again?13:56
wh1zz0Sidewinder1: A PM you meant?13:56
wh1zz0Yes try again13:56
alex--Are there any tutorials to secure a server?13:56
Sidewinder1Stand by.13:56
CaptainQuirkwols, you mean I have to edit the command ( pressing 'e' ) in the grub menu ?13:56
wendellHey, I just installed Ubuntu 11.04... first off it wouldn't boot so i had to do nomodeset and second when i logged in it said i couldnt run unity but i have run it before13:56
wendellplease help13:57
wh1zz0ThinkT510: It was?13:57
wols_CaptainQuirk: yes13:57
Titan_windowsPolah_: nope, no such menu appeared. I held shift from the moment i booted the CD until the "Try Ubuntu"/"Install Ubuntu" screen appeared13:57
dr_willisSoGooD:  with the  wifi drivers.. should.13:57
ThinkT510wh1zz0: sorry, hibernate, but to me thats the same thing13:57
Guest90727i am here13:57
wh1zz0Nopes.. there different13:57
Polah_alex--, that would depend on what type of server you want to secure.13:57
duelleActionParsnip: Ok, but even parcellite shows those strange strings. So it doesnt really solve the problem. Is there any possibility to reset keybinds/copy/paste back to default settings or to review those settings?13:57
ActionParsnipwendell: are you fully updated13:57
ActionParsnipduelle: very weird13:57
Polah_Titan_windows: Left shift? I recall someone having trouble before by holding right shift13:57
wh1zz0hibernate just shuts it down and resumes from where ever it was13:57
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alex--Polah_: i mean a list that says: change ssh port to 545345413:57
ThinkT510wh1zz0: regardless, hibernate powers off your machine13:57
ActionParsnipduelle: not sure where the setting is stored tbh13:58
alex--that kind of things13:58
Polah_alex--, here might be a good place to start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security13:58
wendellActionParsnip: I haven't run Update Manager yet i literally just installed and am installing additional drivers13:58
Titan_windowsPolah_: i can try again with left shift... or i could just go straight ahead to burning a new CD at a lower speed and try that13:58
wh1zz0ThinkT510:  BUt this suspend just puts my machine to a standstill while the two lights keep blinking.. and there's no way to resume13:58
wh1zz0.. unless I power off13:58
alex--Polah_: thx13:58
Polah_Titan_windows: Try left shift.13:58
ThinkT510wh1zz0: you can tell i don't use suspend or hibernate13:58
Titan_windowsit takes so much time tho :/13:58
Titan_windowsfine. brb13:58
wh1zz0This thing it really killing me13:58
SoGooDhere's my idea, i will make a live usb, uninstall all unwanted packages, make a clone of the live usb after removing those packages. will that work?13:59
wh1zz0ThinkT510: How did you do that?13:59
ThinkT510wh1zz0: do what?13:59
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Or you don't use X at all?13:59
dr_willisSoGooD:   you mean do a normal install to usb...13:59
wendellActionParsnip: should update fix most if not all of the issues?13:59
wh1zz0ThinkT510: How did you disable hibernate and suspend?13:59
wendellActionParsnip: updating*13:59
Polah_alex--: I don't see anything about changing the SSH port in the SSH section there, but to change it edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change the first line from "port 22" to "port <port you want to use>", save it and then restart the ssh service13:59
ThinkT510wh1zz0: look at your power settings, you have it set to hibernate on low battery14:00
alex--Polah_: make it harder for attackers to see which port i'm using14:00
SoGooDyes, i will install just into a usb stick, that's why i need to trim off its size14:00
duelleActionParsnip: Now im a bit confused. It works correctly now. But im not sure how long this will last. do you know the terminal command for copying text to clipboard and paste from clipboard?14:00
Polah_alex--: They can't see which port you're using. You might get connection attempts on port 22, which is why you should change it to something else so it'll just refuse SSH connections.14:00
CaptainQuirkwols_, I try to do it, but the computer reboots automatically14:01
alex--that's what i mean14:01
alex--i should change it from 22 to sth else14:01
wh1zz0So what should it be instead of hibernate..?14:01
alex--but isn't there a guide like that?14:01
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Cus I see only 3 options there.. shutdown, hibernate and suspend14:01
Polah_SoGooD: Don't get the normal ISO and then trim it down, get the minimal ISO and then build upon that to get what you want. Of course, depends on how much you plan to be adding/removing. If you're only going to remove a small amount then perhaps the normal ISO and then trimming would be more efficient.14:01
ThinkT510wh1zz0: look at the options in the drop down list14:01
Feriushi folks. have any one of you tried to run ubuntu 11.04 on machine with intel i7-2630qm with sandy bridge technology and Nvidia gt540m?14:01
wh1zz0ThinkT510: yEA.. Just looked at it again.. I have just those 3 options14:02
CaptainQuirkI think I'm screwed ...14:02
ThinkT510wh1zz0: you don't have a nothing option?14:02
Polah_alex--: I just told you how to do it. Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change the first line (non comment) from port 22 to port 2350, for example. Or any port number you want really (within the range of ports, that is). Then save it and restart SSH14:02
SoGooDPolah_ : here's my problem, i got two laptops, the other is dead the other is what i'm using now.14:02
alex--Polah_: i mean a list which says: change port 22 to sth else, change port 21 to this and that, not only for ssh, but for all14:03
wh1zz0ThinkT510: At all14:03
ThinkT510wh1zz0: my options are nothing, suspend, shutdown and ask14:03
wols_CaptainQuirk: could be a bad disk or only bad files (like the kernel). can't say from here14:03
terryPolah_: alex-- AND, after you switch to a non-standard port, you could go a step further and set an iptables rule to block all port 22 traffic from outside.14:03
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Jesus.. Lol.. for real?14:03
ThinkT510wh1zz0: yup, using xubuntu14:03
SoGooDif i will use minimal iso and build it through the net, it can't be because my internet is only for a single machine14:04
Titan_windowsPolah_: same again. when exactly is the menu supposed to pop up? D:14:04
ThinkT510wh1zz0: i prefer xfce14:04
Polah_terry: alex--: Outside the IP ranges you want, else you wouldn't be able to connect to the SSH server anywhere.14:04
alex--terry: is there any way to let the attacker think i dont exist?14:04
Polah_Titan_windows: Pops up on your screen instead of loading the live session.14:04
alex--i mean: that the server doesn't says: hey i'm alive14:04
terryalex--: you can also block port 11314:04
Titan_windowsPolah_: so it's supposed to pop up before the try/install menu?14:04
Titan_windowsthen it failed14:04
Polah_alex--: Refuse unauthorised connections via iptables.14:04
CaptainQuirkwols_, well it would not explain why the live CD won't launch a live session14:04
terryalex--: And others  but mostaly 11314:04
alex--terry: is there any way to let the attacker think i dont exist? when you try on port 22, but the server just keeps itself quiet, so the attacker thinks: server is down14:04
Titan_windowsmy gut tells me to just try to burn a new CD14:04
Polah_Titan_windows: Yes, holding shift during boot should cause it to pop up.14:04
alex--is there any list which service uses whcih port?14:05
CaptainQuirkwols_, could it be ram related ?14:05
Titan_windowsPolah_: maybe my computer is too old for that or something?14:05
terryPolah_: What i'm saying is to block port 22 specifically.  That way, the hacker sees "filtered"14:05
Titan_windowsPolah_: it's from 1999...14:05
Polah_Titan_windows: Doesn't depend on the computer, depends on the disc you have.14:05
wh1zz0Whew.. Please is there anyone here using ubuntu (natty) who has the "Do nothing" option in power management preferences?14:05
terryPolah_: Since your not using port 22 anyway, it doesn't matter.14:06
Titan_windowsPolah_: well since i know the iso isn't damaged, i can just assume the disc is and i'll make a new one at the proper speed14:06
wols_CaptainQuirk: could be too. run memtest to check14:06
Ace2ohi guys,  is it better to use aptitude update or apt-get update?14:06
CaptainQuirkwolfric, Polah_ , I have an impressive number of errors in the memtest14:06
wols_Ace2o: doesn't matter. same14:06
SoGooDdr_willis: will this work? i will boot a live usb and plug in another usb stick where i will install ubuntu. Then, i will uninstall all the packages i don't want before i will install to that other stick.14:07
ThinkT510wh1zz0: i'm curious, can i see a screenshot of your dropdown list (i never use gnome or unity)14:07
Polah_Ace2o: whichever on you prefer.14:07
wols_CaptainQuirk: new mobo or new DRAM or new CPU in your future. congrats (I guess...)14:07
dr_willisSoGooD:  you dont 'uninstall' stuff from a live usb14:07
CaptainQuirkwols_, Polah_ , well, the problem is that I just bought a new one14:07
wols_CaptainQuirk: lower your settings. relax timings, lower the clock for your memory14:07
Polah_CaptainQuirk: Have you tried booting with alternate RAM?14:07
Ace2owols_,  is upgrading the same too?14:08
wols_CaptainQuirk: could be only one stick of your several is bad.try to change around14:08
CaptainQuirkPolah_, how do I do that ?14:08
wols_Ace2o: pretty much. is mostly a matter of choice14:08
Polah_Ace2o: You can't upgrade your system through apt, unless you mean just upgrading packages in which case again, whichever on you prefer to use.14:08
Ace2oi've read articles where they prefer aptitude over apt-get and it just confuses me14:08
CaptainQuirkPolah_, oh, you mean opening it and changing the ram14:08
Polah_CaptainQuirk: Find some alternate sticks of RAM and replace the ones in your computer with them and trying again14:09
wh1zz0Okie.. I think I've found a solution, I'll just go through it. http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/06/enable-do-nothing-when-laptop-lid-is-closed-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/14:09
Polah_CaptainQuirk, if you have more than one stick, try booting with just one in and then if that fails try with just the other.14:09
CaptainQuirkPolah_, I'll start by that yes14:09
Polah_CaptainQuirk: Hopefully only one of the sticks will be malfunctioning, in that case.14:09
ThinkT510wh1zz0: seems like a silly feature to not include14:10
Ace2ook, so from what I understand i can update the repositories either way but only upgrade using "aptitude" right?14:10
Polah_ Ace2o: Upgrade packages or your OS version?14:10
wols_Ace2o: no. you can upgrade using either. or by using synaptic, or yet another libapt based program14:10
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Lol.. Why would that be totally forgotten14:10
Ace2ojust security and packages14:10
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Jeez14:10
Polah_Ace2o: Either one can upgrade packages. apt-get upgrade14:11
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Well, there must be a reason14:11
ThinkT510wh1zz0: things like that explain why i don't use unity or gnome14:11
anli_Where do I find gtk+ in synaptic?14:11
anli_Searching for gtk+ gives me a billion of blind hits14:11
wh1zz0ThinkT510: So what do you use? KDE?14:11
CaptainQuirkPolah_, Well, it seems to have done the trick but the thing is two months old14:11
ThinkT510wh1zz0: xfce14:12
wh1zz0Ahh okie14:12
ThinkT510!xubuntu | wh1zz014:12
ubottuwh1zz0: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels14:12
CaptainQuirkPolah_, I have four slots on my motherboard, two are yellow and two are black14:12
Myrtti!google | test14:12
ubottutest: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.14:12
dr_willis!info olvwm14:12
g0t__Results for | test on Google:14:12
ubottuolvwm (source: xview (3.2p1.4-25)): OpenLook virtual window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version (natty), package size 199 kB, installed size 488 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 arm armeb armel hppa i386 hurd-i386 kfreebsd-i386 m68k mips mipsel powerpc s390 sh3 sh4 sparc)14:12
g0t_Results for | test on Google:14:12
g0tResults for | test on Google:14:12
FloodBot1g0t_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:12
wh1zz0ThinkT510:  Can you do me a screenshot of how desktop looks?14:12
wh1zz0Or lemme use google14:13
Ace2ocan anyone tell me what is safe-upgrade?14:13
CaptainQuirkPolah_, is there any chance that they are supposed to be for different kinds of sticks ?14:13
ThinkT510wh1zz0: i customise it a bit from the default look (i'm in arch at the mo but same setup for xubuntu)14:13
Polah_CaptainQuirk: Alternating colours? Probably just for better aesthetics/ease of seeing them14:13
Incarus6anli_, what exactly are you looking for?14:14
Polah_CaptainQuirk: Perhaps you could return the faulty stick under warranty if it's only two months old. Depends how long the warranty you got on it is/was, of course14:14
CaptainQuirkPolah_, ok, then I'm going to add two 512 sticks to cover for the 2go loss until I get a new one14:14
SoGooDdr_willis : isn't that possible?14:15
Polah_Ace2o: I imagine it performs the same as apt-get's dist-upgrade. It only upgrades packages suitable for your distribution (I believe that's how it functions), useful if you aren't running the latest version of Ubuntu14:15
CaptainQuirkPolah_, Yeah, I will probably do that. If the memory test failed, is there any chance that it's for other reason ?14:15
ActionParsnipAce2o: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=893793 may help14:15
Titan_windowswhat speed should i burn it at then14:15
anli_Ah, I have gtk+ devel, but not the newest14:15
CaptainQuirkoverall temperature or anything else ?14:15
anli_configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 2.1214:15
Titan_windowsnot Maximum obviously but14:15
Polah_CaptainQuirk: Try running the test again to see if it passes or gives you more errors.14:16
ThinkT510wh1zz0: just uploading now14:16
Titan_windows24x, 12x, 6x, 3x?14:16
Ace2ogreat! thanks guys.14:16
Polah_Titan_windows: Most discs have their most suitable speed printed on the front14:16
ThinkT510wh1zz0: http://imagebin.org/16446414:16
CaptainQuirkWell, more errors than 150 000 at 60% of the first test run ... I doubt it's achievable !14:16
dr_willisSoGooD:  you do an install to the 2nd drive.. then boot it.. and remove stuff.14:16
Titan_windowsPolah_: 48x speed compatible, but the last CD obviously didn't work14:17
Titan_windowsso 24x should be safe, right?14:17
Polah_Titan_windows: Theoretically. I guess we'll find out soon enough.14:17
dr_willistry 1x speed :)14:17
Titan_windowsPolah_: no other settings i should be aware of?14:17
wh1zz0ThinkT510: :D hmm really looks good..14:17
Titan_windowsusing infrarecorder14:18
anli_Is it safe to install gtk+3.0 in my ubuntu?14:18
anli_will dev be included?14:18
Polah_Titan_windows: I'm not aware of any specific settings of burning discs except variable speeds.14:18
Titan_windowsso all settings default, and speed lowered14:18
thrillERboyHi, what is the best software for mounting iso and disk images?14:18
wh1zz0ThinkT510: who knows, perhaps maybe it's the bugs in unity causing most of my problems14:18
carl_Hi, I've just switched over from windows 7 which I found too slow to ubuntu. I used firefox before and I saved my profile into an archive. I read the instructions on the mozilla blog but when I try typing ./firefox -profilemanager it says no such directory exists14:18
ThinkT510wh1zz0: xfce is very underrated in my opinion, definitlt worth a try14:18
Polah_!best | thrillERboy14:18
ubottuthrillERboy: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:18
carl_My question is, where do I put my profile so when I start firefox, it loads my settings?14:19
Polah_thrillERboy, you could try AcetoneISO, it's what I've used. I don't know of any others.14:19
dr_willisthrillERboy:  use the mount command as needed . :)14:19
Polah_carl_: /home/<username>/.mozilla/firefox/profiles14:19
thrillERboyThanks Polah_ dr_willis14:19
Polah_carl_: Sorry, just /home/<username>/.mozilla/firefox14:20
dr_willis!iso | thrillERboy14:20
ubottuthrillERboy: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.14:20
=== Polah_ is now known as Polah
ActionParsnipPolah_: could just use $HOME/.mozilla/firefox14:20
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Does dreamweaver run fine on your machine using wine?14:20
carl_polah_:Thanks. I don't want to use the command line if I can avoid it, can I just drag and paste the profile from the file manager?14:21
wh1zz0ThinkT510: And can you share your LAN connection via WiFi adhoc?14:21
thrillERboyaetas: Remember me? can recover my disk file, so reinstalled. From now on, I'll backup root.disk every week ;)14:21
ThinkT510wh1zz0: never tried it, don't do any website editing, you can check the wine appdb14:21
anli_Can I make my ubuntu unusable by installing gtk+3.0 from src?14:21
dr_willislearn the command line.. :) just learn it. Your patience will be rewarded.14:21
Incarus6anli_, I think it is not inclued, you will need to install that package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/libgtk-3-dev14:21
Polahcarl_: Sure, go to your Home folder and press ctrl+H to show hidden files, open up .mozilla and then go down into firefox14:21
ThinkT510wh1zz0: never tried adhoc wifi mode14:21
thrillERboydr_willis: what should I give as mount point? sorry, me half n00b14:22
anli_Do I have to add something to my sources.list then?14:22
Polahcarl_: also like dr_willis said, you'd benefit from learning how to do things from command line14:22
dr_willis!mount | thrillERboy14:22
ubottuthrillERboy: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:22
dr_willisthrillERboy:  make a directory.. you mount to a directory14:22
Incarus6anli_, I don't think so but I suppose you use Lucid, correct?14:22
thrillERboySo I can mount to any folder?? dr_willis thats what furious ISO was doing I guess.14:22
dr_willisthrillERboy:  thats how mount works...14:23
anli_I use 10.1014:23
dr_willisthrillERboy:  sudo mkdir /media/PICKANAME      then 'sudo mount /dev/whatever /media/PICKANAME' is the basics of it all14:23
carl_I think I'm going to have to. I liked how with windows 98 I didn't need the command line anymore. I don't want to go back to it. There's a reason a GUI is so easy to use, but I'm not going to win any points by saying that14:23
dr_williscarl_:  i use the command line on windows7 all the time. :)14:24
wh1zz0ThinkT510: Okie ... still looking for a workaround and since I didn't find, decided to use VM14:24
dr_willisthere are text/ncurses based file managers14:24
kkb110Isn't there a utility that I can perform something like           'copy to clipboard 1'       'paste from clipboard 3'14:24
wh1zz0ThinkT510: But photoshop works well for me14:24
Sidewinder1carl_, I've been using ubuntu since 2007, and almost, never use CLI. :-)14:24
dr_williskkb110:  theres some clipboard utilitues with history buffers.14:24
ThinkT510wh1zz0: virtualbox i use though, its very good14:25
Polahcarl_: You're forgetting that the Linux command line is extremely powerful and there's a lot of things you can do with it. Often quicker than looking through a GUI.14:25
edbiancarl_: I have been using ubuntu since 2007 and I almost always use cli14:25
Stevezauis there a channel for 11.10?14:25
dr_willisStevezau:  #ubuntu+114:25
carl_good for you dr_willis. I see the command line as something that has to be used, not something I want to use. Anyway, I got into my firefox directory. Saw some profile called 685345f.default. No folder called "profile" though. I'm wondering where I put my stuff.14:25
PolahStevezau: #ubuntu+114:25
kkb110dr_willis, yes, but that's not enough to do that14:25
wh1zz0ThinkT510: So I heard, so mI'm giving it a try.. Buh I hope it doesn't hang up like a Remote Desktop Session?14:25
edbiankkb110: What did you ask for? I missed it.14:25
rbnswartzcarl_ yes the Linux command line is pure power and I use it quite a bit14:25
kkb110ed1703, Isn't there a utility that I can perform something like           'copy to clipboard 1'       'paste from clipboard 3'14:25
dr_willisPure Powar! :)14:26
dr_willisIve never noticed there being more then 1 clipboard..14:26
edbiankkb110: I'm not sure.  I could build one though using python! :)  IT would take me probably 1 month14:26
dr_willis!info xclip14:26
ubottuxclip (source: xclip): command line interface to X selections. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12-1 (natty), package size 19 kB, installed size 92 kB14:26
CaptainQuirkPolah, wols_ , thanks for your help, you saved my day .. Good by14:26
thrillERboythanks dr_willis14:26
kkb110dr_willis, a clipboard manager can emulate that I guess14:26
Incarus6anli_, you are probably looking for that package, try to install it: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/libgtk2.0-dev14:26
Polahcarl_: For an example, to copy a file you need to open up both directories in nautilus, select it in one, press ctrl+C or right click > copy, switch to the other window and then ctrl+V or right click > paste. With command line you can just do "cp /path/to/file /path/to/destination". Unless you type really slow,  it'll generally be quicker.14:26
dr_williskkb110:  i mentioned using a clipboard manager earlier. :)14:27
edbiankkb110: xclip does not have multiple clipboards.  I don't think there is a linux tool that does14:27
kkb110edbian, lol but you think it's useful?14:27
kkb110dr_willis, but most of them just support history, not more, (a step left to get there)14:27
edbiankkb110: Eh, depends on what you wanna do.  It doesn't do anything the clipboard can't.  Just lets you put things on the clipboard using cli14:27
duelleThanks a lot for your help. byebye14:27
carl_ahh, I saw an ini file which says the path is 585hgsdkt.default, so If I change that to my profile's folder name, well, lessee what happens. Sorry, but you're not going to sell me the virtues of using the command line. I loathe it.14:27
dr_williscarl_:  firefox has a profile manager option. 'firefox -profile' (i think)14:28
carl_soo, what, type it into the command line?14:28
dr_willisto launch it.. yes..14:29
edbiancarl_: firefox --ProfileManager14:29
edbiancarl_: in a term14:29
dr_willis2 dashes or 1.. i never can rember.14:29
Sidewinder1carl_, For file manipulation, with root priv. use "gksudo nautilus, for editing root files use gksudo gedit.14:29
kkb110edbian, for example, let's say I use two sentences frequently, so I want to paste them often, but if would be better if there is a shortcut for each one that pastes the exact sentence I want14:29
edbian2 cause it is more than a single letter14:29
sudiptais there any channel for gnome shell?14:29
carl_profile requires a path it says14:29
dr_willisedbian:  not all apps follow that  standard.. java dosent i belive.14:29
edbiankkb110: I get the idea of 2 clipboards.  I do not think there is a tool in linux that does that.  xclip def does not do that.14:29
edbiandr_willis: oh really?14:29
dr_willisedbian:  try java --help vs java -help14:30
Polahsudipta: #gnome, ubuntu doesn't like gnome-shell though.14:30
Abhijitsudipta, #gnome on irc.gnome.org14:30
kkb110edbian, ok I see.. I guess the only option for me is developing it myself14:30
* edbian believes dr_willis 14:30
edbiankkb110: Or convincing and waiting for me to14:30
edbiancarl_: I think you have to get your profile out of that folder.14:30
Jeruvyedbian: glipper14:30
kkb110edbian, hahaha14:30
edbiankkb110: glipper14:30
dr_willisklipper! :)14:31
dr_willisapt-cache search clipboard14:31
edbianJeruvy: klipper14:31
edbiankkb110: klipper14:31
anli_I think its called Maverick, donny14:31
edbiandr_willis: glipper14:31
Jeruvyedbian: I don't use kde ;)14:31
edbianJeruvy: I was just being silly14:31
Polahanli_: Maverick is Ubuntu 10.1014:31
carl_edbian: I just did it. It was so simple. I dragged and dropped the profile from the archive it was in. Double clicked on the profiles.ini, changed path to "profile" (yes, very imaginative name I know). Started it up, and it all works, save for my pardus copilot addon, but that's fine14:31
Titanoboabefore i proceed, i might aswell check so im not doing anything wrong at the install..14:32
Jeruvyedbian: is all good.14:32
carl_Great, now I got that setup, lemme try music, see if it comes out via hdmi14:32
semitones_hey everyone14:32
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Shoot...14:32
TitanoboaI should download updates while installing, and install the 3rd party software, right? that can\t cause it to fail right?14:32
semitones_I installed lubuntu yesterday, but I can't get boot to come up, all I get is boot rescue14:32
edbiancarl_: fixed! :D \o/14:32
dr_willisklipper, glipper, cliput14:32
dr_willisklipper, glipper, clipit14:32
edbianTitanoboa: It can cause it to fail if don't have internet I think.14:33
dr_willisTitanoboa:  i alwys instell updates, and 3rd party stuff14:33
TitanoboaI obviously have internet :)14:33
rbnswartzsemitones_ What happens when you boot up? Be specific14:33
edbianJeruvy: clipit14:33
edbiankkb110: clipit14:33
dr_willisTitanoboa:  without internet.. its not going to work of course. :)14:33
edbiandr_willis: clipit14:33
edbianTitanoboa: then you're good! :D14:33
dr_williswillis@CowBuntu:~$ apt-cache search clipboard | grep manager14:33
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Install first; then enable 3rd party software sources; then update.14:33
edbiandr_willis: CowBuntu ?  Does your apt have super cow powers?14:34
dr_willisedbian:  yes it does.. its a gateway machine :)14:34
dr_willisGotta love the whole black/white cow Motif.14:35
semitones_rbnswartz, I get "error: out of disk. / grub rescue>"14:35
* Sidewinder1 Remembers twocows, rather fondly.14:35
Sidewinder1Or was it Tucows?14:35
TitanoboaSidewinder1: :O same error as the last time (first time i've had the same error twice)14:35
JeruvySidewinder1: its still around14:35
TitanoboaFailed to create a file system: The ext4 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed.14:35
edbiansemitones_: out of disc?14:35
rbnswartzdr willis why not just search for "clipboardr_willis why not apt-cache search clipboard\ manager14:35
semitones_I read on ubuntuforums that sometimes old bioses can't boot kernels off of a partition bigger than 8gb14:35
semitones_edbian, disk with a k14:36
dr_willisrbnswartz:  some times i dont get all the hits then14:36
edbiansemitones_: ha14:36
edbiansemitones_: Are your hdds filled?  That is a strange error for grub14:36
dr_willisthey really need some sort of 'tag' system to go with apt,  searching the descriptions often gets invalid hits.  or missed items14:36
edbianTitanoboa: Close the installer (not the liveCD just the installer) open gparted14:36
GeekManhow do i check what programs start up automatically on ubuntu 10.04.314:36
carl_ok, I'm going to need your help again. Little background info on my system. It's an Asus AT3ION-T, the graphics being an onboard nvidia ion. I have both hdmi and vga out. Currently I have sound going to my amplifier by a 3.5 to phono lead, and video going via the vga cable to my monitor. I have turned on my telly, which connects to the computer via HDMI. I have no picture or sound going to it14:36
semitones_edbian, I just installed on a new system. Old pentium 3, huge new hard disk14:37
edbianGeekMan: When you log in or when the system starts?14:37
GeekManwhen the system starts14:37
edbiansemitones_: That is strange.  Perhaps it has to do with the Bios large hdd option?14:37
compdocGeekMan, I install bootup-manager. works great14:37
semitones_edbian, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1331730&page=3, one person fixed it by making a /boot partition14:37
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Perhaps, from LiveCD you could run System--> Administration--> Disk Utility and check the disk for errors/problems; it may be a hardware issue...?14:37
semitones_do you know how to do that?14:37
edbianGeekMan: Everything in /etc/rc2.d/ get started14:37
semitones_I can make an /ext2 partition, but I don't know how to move /boot there14:37
GeekManoh ill check that out and thank you i knew it was somthing with an r in it14:38
PolahWhat's the program that analyses boot time and programs and reports how long each of them run for?14:38
Sidewinder1Hey BluesKaj14:38
semitones_Polah, bootchart I think14:38
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khjwe!!!FREENODERS GONE WILD!!! WATCH MRMIST DRESSUP LIKE A WOMAN/SEE LILO'S HIDDEN SEX CHANGE OPERATION AND MORPH INTO CHRISTEL/WATCH KLOERI GIVE LOREZ ANAL/SEE NIKO'S HIDDEN HARDGAY PORNO. CALL NOW! (405) 949-1961 IF LOREZ'S MOM DOESN'T CUSS YOU OUT IN SPANISH, SHIPPING IS FREE !!!FREENODERS GONE WILD!!!    Roasted JasonO Incarus6 rbnswartz iceflatline pushpop george achton venol overlord_tm Ferius sa`tan qnix mluser-home guampa soreau draglor wendell turtl3 da14:38
khjwe!!!FREENODERS GONE WILD!!! WATCH MRMIST DRESSUP LIKE A WOMAN/SEE LILO'S HIDDEN SEX CHANGE OPERATION AND MORPH INTO CHRISTEL/WATCH KLOERI GIVE LOREZ ANAL/SEE NIKO'S HIDDEN HARDGAY PORNO. CALL NOW! (405) 949-1961 IF LOREZ'S MOM DOESN'T CUSS YOU OUT IN SPANISH, SHIPPING IS FREE !!!FREENODERS GONE WILD!!!    maakine anuvrat lollo64it exutux samsul Fireblasto ThinkT510 dr_willis khongkwan alexfpms_ aLeSD TonyRogers Nozy jymmy1 Milp_main blinkyb AlfE1 Vemboca ronq14:38
ubottukhjwe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:38
ubottukhjwe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:38
ubottukhjwe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:38
ubottukhjwe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:38
TitanoboaSidewinder1: ok, how do i run system14:38
FunnyLookinHatlol great.14:38
edbiansemitones_: Can you boot a live CD and look at gparted?  It says in post #25 your harddrive was not partitioned correctly14:38
Polahsemitones_: mount that partition at /boot and use grub-install there14:38
edbianTitanoboa: Are you talking to me?14:38
alex--who can kick him?14:38
LjLalex--: has already been banned14:39
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!14:39
semitones_edbian, sure I can do that, but I never posted on that thread14:39
* LjL rolls eyes14:39
* jiltdil hate ubottu when it says "I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)"14:39
Titanoboaedbian: i'm talking to Sidewinder1 :o14:39
BluesKajHi Sidewinder114:39
Polahsemitones_ that's the one.14:39
carl_I've used the nvidia x config thingy, clicked on detect displays, but it's not picking up the screen14:39
franklsevere autism detected in this channel14:39
shiva_good morning14:39
carl_oh herp de derp!14:39
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Boot LiveCD; click on System--> Administration--> Disk Utility...14:39
edbiansemitones_: I know. someone who had the same problem said that happened to him14:39
wendellWhat was that?14:39
carl_Of course it won't pick it up, it's not plugged in14:39
edbianTitanoboa: k14:39
edbiancarl_: herp derp14:40
TitanoboaSidewinder1: but there's no "system" anywhere14:40
edbianwendell: spammer14:40
semitones_edbian, ok, live cd takes about 5-10 minutes to boot up, hold on14:40
edbiansemitones_: ugh :(14:40
wendelledbian: weird14:40
GeekManso if i dont see samba or smbd does this mean my samba doesnt start up unless i log on14:40
Sidewinder1!classic | Titanoboa14:40
ubottuTitanoboa: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".14:40
edbianwendell: It happens occasionally14:40
semitones_edbian, usb is faster, but I lent mine all out to other people :P14:40
semitones_PloP bootloader > USB14:41
TitanoboaSidewinder1: is that even possible on live cd?14:41
carl_To anyone using livecd's, if your system supports boot from USB, use it. So much faster and saves on cd's.14:41
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, I don't use 11.04, so I'm not sure the proceedure, sorry... :-(14:41
edbianGeekMan: mmm that's odd.  Do you have samba-server installed?14:41
GeekManyeah?? im looking under etc/rc2.d14:42
TitanoboaSidewinder1: what should i type into terminal to open it_14:42
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, But even in Unity, there's gotta' be a way to get into Disk Utility.14:42
GeekManmy hamachi is in there14:42
edbianGeekMan: Is smbd showing up in ps -e  ?14:42
carl_Anyway, the telly is plugged in both ends now, it's on, HDMI is selected from it'#s menu, but it's not being picked up my nvidias x server config util. I don't want to restart and have it as primary.14:42
edbianGeekMan: It's strange that it's not in there.  Perhaps there is another place it might be ....14:42
GeekManyeah it it14:43
dr_williscarl_:  ran nvidia-settings yet?14:43
GeekMani could just restart the server and check14:43
wendelledbian: while i have someone, am I able to listen to radio on last.fm via Banshee?14:43
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, I haven't the foggiest idea how to access Disk Utility from terminal.14:43
carl_dr_willis: I got the nvidia x server settings up right now14:43
edbianwendell: I think so.  I've never done it.14:43
Tech-1as root14:43
GeekManbut i just missed my service hours i set for shutting of the connection14:43
wendelledbian: ok14:44
edbianGeekMan: I'm fairly sure it will start on reboot.14:44
GeekManok :)14:44
dr_williscarl_:  you should be able to check twinview/enable the tv. and hit apply and it should turn on. but it wont be totally right untill you save the x config. and restart the X server.14:44
TitanoboaSidewinder1: well I have this "Install Ubuntu 11.04" icon right above the "Home Folder" icon. Maybe that's where "System" is supposed to be?14:44
carl_ugh, so system restart then?14:44
edbiancarl_: configuring graphics requires a lot of those14:45
edbianSidewinder1: Titanoboa is using unity on 11.04 sounds like.14:45
dr_williscarl_:   twinview will work without it.. but some apps may act oddly untill you do14:45
GeekManedbian: if im using ssh and do a system update that requires me to restart can i still shh log on after the reboot (its a stupid question)14:45
Titanoboaedbian: yes I am14:45
frankl!ops mrmist is trying to netsex me14:45
edbianGeekMan: yes.  ssh is another service so it starts before anybody logs in14:45
GeekManoh good :)14:45
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Try in terminal palimpset14:45
dr_willisUnless the updates break things... :)14:45
wendellOn an offtopic note: Updating is taking FOREVER.... I really hope it fixes the issues14:46
TitanoboaSidewinder1: did you mean palimpsest?14:46
carl_ok, going to restart. That ususally solves issues. See you soon if it doesn't14:46
edbianwendell: How many package do you have to update?  The first one usually takes a long time14:46
giulyhi, i've got some troubles connecting my new printer via wireless. please can anybody  help me14:46
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Check that! You'll probably need to use gksudo palimpset.14:46
TitanoboaSidewinder1: it opened disk utilities :)14:46
edbianwendell: That's a lot14:47
terrywendell: It WILL take a long time, depending on your connection speeds...14:47
edbianGeekMan: Can you pastebin ls /etc/rc2.d/  ?14:47
giulyit's a hp deskjet 3050 and ubuntu 10.10, hplip it's already installed14:47
wendellYeah, 128MB total....14:47
GeekManhold on14:47
edbianGeekMan: thanks14:47
TitanoboaSidewinder1: SMART Status says "Disk has a few bad sectors" with a green button next to it D:14:47
terrywendell: Is your connection speed 1.5Mbps ?14:48
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Yes, gksudo palimpsest    sorry...14:48
wendellterry: I think it's more, but I'm too far away from my modem and router14:48
wendellterry: Too lazy to move the laptop... haha14:48
terrywendell: Wireless ?14:48
TitanoboaSidewinder1: just typing palimpsest opened disk utitilies (that's what we wanted right?) and gksudo palimpsest did nothing14:49
thauriswulfaHELP: Just installed xubuntu but their is no windows option in grub what to do?14:50
carl_Hi folks, back again. Restarted but nope, it's not picking up the telly14:50
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, "Few bad sectors" is not that unusual. It should, therefore, work; unfortunately, I've kinda' run out of idead, at this point, sorry. :-(14:50
edbianthauriswulfa: log into ubuntu, run sudo update-grub14:50
TitanoboaSidewinder1: what were we looking for in disk utilites though?14:50
Sidewinder1ideas, even.14:50
GeekMani forget how i use it i install pastebinit then type pastebinit -b ls    #under rc2.d dir14:50
=== Omega is now known as Troletariat
edbianTitanoboa: can you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l  for me?  paste.ubuntu.com14:50
Titanoboasure thing, hold on14:51
edbianGeekMan: paste.ubuntu.com  is probably easier14:51
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Stand by, let me look...14:51
giulyany idea?14:51
semitones_edbian, ok i'm in gparted, everything looks normal to me14:51
semitones_what did you want to look for?14:52
edbiansemitones_: Ummm, what is your error again? :P14:52
Titanoboaedbian: after doing the palimpsest no commands are working, do i have to type something to go back or something14:52
ionitei got this error vesamenu.c3214:52
Sidewinder1Titanoboa, Under Disk Utility, you should be able to click on "Check/Repair File System"14:52
edbianTitanoboa: IDK.  close the terminal and open a new one14:53
ioniteI got this error: vesamenu.c32: Not a com32R image                            what should i do?14:53
edbianGeekMan: reading...14:53
=== Troletariat is now known as Omega
edbianGeekMan: I am very confused.  ssh is not listed here either!14:53
compdocTitanoboa, before checking your filesystem, in palimpsest click the SMART data button14:53
thauriswulfaedbian: it was not found on upgradation, is  there  any problem ,because i deleted one 100 mb partition while partitioning?14:54
edbianthauriswulfa: That might be a problem :(  Is this windows 7 ?14:54
dr_willisthauriswulfa:  you may have deleted the windows 7 'boot' partition...14:54
thauriswulfadr_willis: is there any way to restore that?14:54
ionitecan anyone help me?14:54
Titanoboacompdoc: on the Hard Disk or the 690MB file (which i suppose is the livecd)14:55
dr_willisive herd you can somehow fix that and make windows not use one.. but id say ask in #windows, or google.14:55
GeekMani went under etc/ and there is the following rc0.d rc1.d rc2.d 3 4 5 6 rcs.d rc.local14:55
terryedbian: What are you trying to do?  "confused"...?14:55
crazy3k_How much RAM can I have in a 32-bit Ubuntu system?14:55
edbianGeekMan: yeah... all run levels14:55
=== maxx is now known as Guest41300
edbiancrazy3k_: approx. 3.2Gb14:55
Polahcrazy3k_: Approximately 3.2GB14:55
compdocTitanoboa, select the hard drive, and open its smart data. any reallocated sectors? (in the raw data column)14:55
edbianterry: GeekMan is missing services he has installed in /etc/rc2.d/14:55
Titanoboayeah compdoc14:56
Polahedbian: hmm, is it Gb rather than GB, or did you mean GB?14:56
GeekManmaybe i should look under local maybe it wants to start at a user level14:56
Titanoboacompdoc: i can't seem to copy/paste it though14:56
semitones__crazy3k_, i heard you could use more too with a special method14:56
compdocTitanoboa, how many reallocated?14:56
edbianPolah: I meant GigaBytes   because nobody ever mean GigaBits14:56
GeekMani have no clue :P14:56
semitones__edbian, what did you want me to look for in gparted?14:56
Titanoboacompdoc: 1 sector14:56
thauriswulfadr_willis: thanks I 'll try14:56
Polahedbian: If you're talking about networking people do (:14:56
edbianGeekMan: Those are run levels.  rc2.d is the one normally used.  0 is for shutdown, 6 is for reboot, 1 is single user mode.  The others aren't really used in debian14:57
Titanoboacompdoc: actually, 2 sectors14:57
edbianPolah: :P14:57
carl_just tried restarting the telly to see if that'd help, nvidia x server still won't pick it up. I thought HDMI was supposed to be easier than vga?14:57
compdocTitanoboa, thats good its not more. Any Pending Sectors Count? or Offline Uncorrectable?14:57
semitones_edbian, error: out of disk. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133173014:57
Polahedbian: You need to be specific, there's a bit difference between the two!14:57
crazy3k_edbian, Polah, semitones__: Thanks.14:57
edbianPolah: :)14:57
consolecowboyhello, I have auto-login enabled, and every time I boot I need to unlock the keyring 2, 3, sometimes 4 times. Fairly recent issue. I tried changing the password in Passwords and Encryption Keys to blank, but it seems it's reverting to my normal password.14:57
compdocTitanoboa, reallocated sectors are a concern - its something you need to watch. if that number grows, you need to replace the drive14:58
ioniteI got this error: vesamenu.c32: Not a com32R image                            what should i do?14:58
=== patrick is now known as Guest92363