keithclarkIs it possible to share your Ubuntu One files with anyone else?  Like Dropbox does?02:35
CardinalFangkeithclark, Sure.  What are you looking at?  An Ubuntu desktop?02:39
keithclarkYes, two Ubuntu installations02:39
CardinalFangkeithclark, right-click on file, see Ubuntu One / Publish, to get a public URL (Copy).  Or there's U 1 / Share to specify an email address.02:40
CardinalFangkeithclark, or, go to http://one.ubuntu.com/02:41
keithclarkThanks, I'm trying the email address route to see what happens02:43
keithclarkhmm, doesn't seem to be showing up on the target machine02:46
keithclarkIs it supposed to take awhile to show up on the target machine?02:51
duanedesignkeithclark: did you get the email?02:53
keithclarkduanedesign, ah, I see now.02:56
duanedesignoh cool02:56
keithclarkThanks a bunch!  I see how it works now.02:57
keithclarkAnd thank you for not just telling me to Google.02:57
duanedesignkeithclark: if you have any other questions let me know02:58
duanedesignkeithclark: in addition to IRC you can also email me using our support form https://one.ubuntu.com/support/contact/03:00
duanedesignjust in case :)03:01
keithclarkWorked like a charm btw03:06
duanedesigngood to hear03:06
CardinalFangkeithclark, naah.  I we hated you that much, we'd recommend Bing or something anyway.03:11
CardinalFang"Bing it!"  It even sounds stupid.03:12
duanedesignCardinalFang: sounds like you stubbed your toe. "Gosh Bing It!"03:13
keithclarkUbuntu it03:13
CardinalFang"I know, let's name a search engine after the favorite expression of that annoying insurance salesman guy in 'Groundhog Day'!"03:13
CardinalFang(The marketing guys swoon at the good idea.)03:14
keithclarkI'm sure it was named after "Bing, I found it" kind of a thing03:17
CardinalFangThat's what the guy said, just like that.03:17
CardinalFangMaybe it's where I live.  Never heard it before the movie.03:18
CardinalFangAnyway, I'm rambling.  Good night, all03:18
duanedesignnight CardinalFang03:18

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