macinnisrrScottL: what's up? How's the Oneiric development going?22:36
ScottLhi macinnisrr, how are you doing, long time no see22:55
ScottLoneiric is going wacky, having trouble getting confirmation about xfce packages, then the buildd daemon screwed up apparently22:55
ScottLand images were eithe rnot being built or they would not install for a while :/22:56
macinnisrrScottL: true. Oh, that sucks. Last time we talked you had said the former project lead was working on some themes. Is that still the case, and if so, is there somewhere I can check them out?22:56
ScottLoh sheesh, i'm not sure actually, there's been other things going on and i've done a bit of a brain dump about that stuff, but i can found out later this weekend22:57
ScottLi'm about to go out with the family, we have some other family in town that we haven't seen in a while22:58
ScottLjust leave messages here or email me and i'll catch back up with you22:58
macinnisrrScottL: ok. good enough. If you think about it send me an e-mail. I'm barely ever on IRC anymore.22:59

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