holsteininternal cards can have bad latency, and issue00:00
holsteinwhats interesting is that you said it was fine , and then broke00:00
holsteinso, im either not sure that your previous tests were accurate, or an upgrade has broken something00:00
holsteinwhat i would suggest is looking at one of several live CD's00:01
holsteinsomething where you can run JACK from the live CD, and confirm that indeed the hardware is capable of what you are going for00:01
holsteinthere are lots of things that can cause xruns like that00:01
holsteinIRQ sharing00:01
holsteinyou could have tested with some USB device *not* plugged it, and all was fine00:02
holsteinnow, you could have a USB device that is causing IRQ sharing issues with the sound card00:02
holsteini can help you look at that00:02
holsteinyou just need to give me an idea of what you want to try, and also, you'll need to just choose one00:03
holsteinand try it00:03
holsteinthe LIVE cd test will be very telling00:03
stephenthemartyri dont know whaT hjappened00:11
stephenthemartyri couldnt add stuff00:11
holsteinadd? stuff?00:11
stephenthemartyrnothing,how do i change a xorg.conf.failsafe file?00:12
stephenthemartyrchnage the name i mean00:12
holsteini just mv it00:13
holsteinsudo mv what/ever what/ever/else00:13
stephenthemartyrso the what/ever/ is the new name i want it changed to?00:15
holsteinsudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bkup /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:17
stephenthemartyrthis dude in ubuntu forim said to change it to xorg.bad?what does that mean00:19
stephenthemartyrso that is the exCT  command?00:22
holsteinstephenthemartyr: the machine is looking for, and will use any xorg.conf00:23
holsteinif you rename it, it wont use it00:23
holsteinwhat forum? and whats the issue?00:23
stephenthemartyrsame issue graphics nthing i guess,ubuntu forum00:23
holsteinyeah, those are unrelated00:25
holsteinid bet quite a large sum on it00:25
holsteini know you had a crash, and now the xruns00:25
holsteinbut, im almost positive those are unrelated00:25
stephenthemartyrok so what do i do00:26
holsteinstephenthemartyr: get one of those live CD's00:26
holsteinand test like i suggested00:26
stephenthemartyrok so i need a cd or dvd?00:27
stephenthemartyrand then i put the os on it00:27
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you burn a live CD00:27
holsteinyou can literally google that if you need to00:27
holsteini would download gnuguitarinix00:27
stephenthemartyryea but i dont want to cuz every time i google i have to run down a rabbit hole here and there and i never get anything figured out00:28
stephenthemartyri am dum at computers00:28
stephenthemartyri need special help00:28
holsteinits going to fit on a CD AFAIK00:28
stephenthemartyrafaik dont know what that is00:28
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you'll be smart at computers soon enough00:28
holsteinas far as i know*00:29
holsteinAFAIK ^^00:29
stephenthemartyrtold yuou00:29
holsteineh... now you know :)00:29
stephenthemartyram i going to lose my music i recorded so far?00:30
holsteinstephenthemartyr: well, you need to back *everything* up00:30
stephenthemartyri dont know how00:31
stephenthemartyryes google it00:31
holsteinif you have something on only one hard drive, you are about to lose that data00:31
holsteinhard drives fail, all of them do/will00:31
stephenthemartyroh well this guitar one looks not stable00:31
holsteinso, you need to backup you data... but, this is the purpose of a LIVE CD00:31
holsteinit runs live00:31
stephenthemartyrso im wiping my system and starting over?00:31
holsteinwhich means you *dont* touch your current systems hard drive00:32
holsteinif you are nervous about that, just unplug the hard drive00:32
stephenthemartyrno i9 dont know how to do that00:33
stephenthemartyrok im at the cd live thoing00:33
stephenthemartyrwhich one should i use?00:33
holsteinstephenthemartyr: literally which ever one you want00:34
holsteinif the testing one sounds unstable, download the older stable one00:34
stephenthemartyroh so this is like a new system that is not broke huh?00:34
holsteinstephenthemartyr: exactly00:34
holsteinthis is a way to take your OS out of the equation00:34
stephenthemartyrthe guitar one?i dont think it is at the ubuntu live site00:35
holsteinstephenthemartyr: its not ubuntu... so it won be00:35
holsteinits at the site i linked00:35
holsteinwe dont have a live CD currently, so if you want a live CD that has JACK, you'll need either KXstudio, avlinux, or gnuguitarinix00:35
stephenthemartyryea i know but what do you know about that os?00:36
holsteinstephenthemartyr: know about it?00:36
holsteinyeah, its a live distro based on ubuntu00:36
stephenthemartyri see00:36
holsteinthat has JACK in it00:36
holsteinits what you need to do the current test00:36
stephenthemartyrright so i cant use the studio00:36
holsteinIF you dont feel comfortable, you dont have to00:36
stephenthemartyrits not that im just confused00:37
holsteinyou just wont convince me that you didnt break something else about that machine without doing something like this00:37
stephenthemartyri just want to understand00:37
stephenthemartyrok ill do it00:37
stephenthemartyrso the guitar one00:37
holsteinthis way, i'll know that the machine is capable of running JACK00:37
holsteinstephenthemartyr: gnuguitarinix is small-ish00:37
holsteinthe others are DVD sized00:37
stephenthemartyrwell it was running earlier today,i recorded a whole song00:37
holsteinstephenthemartyr: do you have a USB device you are plugging in?00:38
stephenthemartyrthen i opened guitarix and xruncity00:38
stephenthemartyrno a cd00:38
holsteinstephenthemartyr: im telling you that USB devices can potentially cause xruns00:38
holsteincertain programs can too00:39
holsteini preffert rackarrack to guitarix00:39
holsteini think its better supported00:39
stephenthemartyri just cant get good distortion ive tried everything00:39
holsteindid you try rackarrack?00:39
stephenthemartyrshould i try that first or jus cd liove00:39
stephenthemartyrnot on this00:40
stephenthemartyri have a usb fan cooler thing for my computer is that bad?and i have skype00:40
stephenthemartyrim a lost cause arent i00:41
holsteini really like rackarrack00:42
holsteinsounds great to me ;)00:42
holsteinbut what do i know...00:42
stephenthemartyrso i hit download on guitarlinux but how do i put it on my cd?00:42
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you use the copy option00:42
stephenthemartyrahhhh mopre than me i hope00:42
holsteinand select the downloaded .iso as the source, and the blank CD as the destination00:42
stephenthemartyras in right click copylocation00:43
holsteinas in, open a burning application00:43
holsteinbrasero, K3B, whatever00:43
holsteinand choose 'copy disc"00:44
stephenthemartyrok brasero and then what00:44
holsteinthen, in the menu, where you choose what you want to do?00:44
holsteinyou choose *copy*00:44
stephenthemartyrok lost,so i download the guitar one right?i have brasero open and the cd is in there00:48
holsteinstephenthemartyr: did you take a look at that link?00:48
holsteinthere are literally about 8 suggestions there00:49
holsteinand i found that by litterally googling 'burn live cd'00:49
holsteini mean, im happy to help, but i think a healthy sense of self discovery is important00:49
stephenthemartyryes i read it but where is the iso for this gujitar one00:50
stephenthemartyrur right00:50
holsteinstephenthemartyr: it'll be where ever you had it downloaded to00:50
holsteinprobably /home/you/Downloads00:50
stephenthemartyrok yea im downloading it,it says 45 minutes,is that normal?00:51
holsteindepends on your specific network speed00:51
holsteini can DL an image of that size in about 8 minutes, assuming the server speed is strong00:52
stephenthemartyrhmmm the 700mb guitar one?00:52
stephenthemartyrok so i download put it on cd then reboot using cd and run jack right?00:53
holsteinwell, you do what you want to do00:55
holsteinim suggesting that to take your OS out of the equation00:55
holsteinthen, you'll know generally if its hardware or software00:55
stephenthemartyrok then ull help me again00:58
stephenthemartyror should i get lost00:58
holsteinstephenthemartyr: im glad your here :)00:58
holsteinim just trying to help you learn how to learn as well...00:59
stephenthemartyryea thanks i really appreciate,i wish i could get a job doin comp stuff,im 31 lyme disease no college01:13
stephenthemartyrjust musical ability and lack of way to record,its b01:14
stephenthemartyrthanks holstein i jus get discouraged eASYA,like pathetically easy01:15
stephenthemartyrhey you still here?02:27
stephenthemartyri downloaded it but when i right click it there is no"write to disc tab02:27
holsteinyou can do it the way i suggested02:28
holsteinopen brasero02:28
holsteinor any other burner02:28
holsteingo to the 'copy disc' option02:28
stephenthemartyri did02:28
holstein^^ might not be exacly that jargon02:28
holsteinuse the downloaded .iso as the source, and the blank CD as the destination02:29
stephenthemartyrdude thT guitar one is an img02:29
holstein.img, .iso02:29
holsteinshould work02:29
stephenthemartyrso i select image to burn then pick the img02:31
holsteinstephenthemartyr: give it a try :)02:31
stephenthemartyrok so now i reboot and pick the guitar one02:47
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you'll need to reboot, and boot that CD02:48
holsteinhowever that works for you02:48
holsteinits different from machine to machine02:48
stephenthemartyrok i dont know actually02:50
holsteinyou installed ubuntu somehow02:50
holsteinfrom CD i assume02:50
holsteincd or dvd02:50
holsteinhowever you booted that install media will be the same process02:50
stephenthemartyrholstein its not rebooting from cd it goes to grub menu03:14
holsteinstephenthemartyr: dont lose any sleep over it03:15
holsteinits just a troubleshooting stop03:15
holsteinits something i routinely do03:15
holsteinit rules out the onboard installed OS03:15
holsteinjust move on03:15
holsteintry the recovery kernel03:15
holsteinsee if you can fix whatever graphics issue you have03:16
holsteinyou might want to try to reinstall03:16
stephenthemartyrso reboot into which kernel?03:16
holsteinstephenthemartyr: which ever recovery kernel you want03:16
stephenthemartyranyone know why guitarix eats so much cpu ?05:49
stephenthemartyrrakarak distortion sucks kinda,05:50
anurag_hey can anyone here help me with wifi setup on natty narhwal09:55
=== StillLearnin_ is now known as StillLearnin
stephenthemartyrwould anyone know if the'low-latency kernel by Alessio Igor Bogani is any good?19:41
holsteinstephenthemartyr: ?20:12
holsteinif you want lower latency its great20:12
holsteinif it doesnt support some of your hardware, you might not like the trade off20:12
holsteinvery soon, we wont need a different kernel for audio20:12
holsteinyou really dont *need* one now20:13
stephenthemartyrhow can i get guitarix not to cause x-runs20:13
holsteinstephenthemartyr: did you try guitarix live?20:14
holsteinin gnuguitarinux?20:14
holstein*for example* http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia#Realtime_kernel20:14
stephenthemartyri think its like an amp and distortion modeler thing20:16
stephenthemartyrwith jack capabilities20:16
stephenthemartyri dont know what that link means20:16
stephenthemartyri read it tho20:16
holsteinstephenthemartyr: yeah, im aware of what guitarix is20:17
holsteinthat link is what debian upstream is doing concerning having/maintaining a realtime kernel20:17
stephenthemartyrha well any ideas on how to get it to qwork without so many x-runs?the ratarak doesnt sound good to me at all20:17
holsteinwhat im wondering is, while you run a live distro such as gnuguitarinix, can you run guitarix without xruns?20:18
stephenthemartyroh should i add that repository?20:18
holsteinstephenthemartyr: what repository?20:18
holsteinif you want20:18
stephenthemartyrok when i restart my computer how to i get to the screen that allows me to chnage order of boot so it boots from cd?20:18
stephenthemartyrwould it help?20:18
holsteinstephenthemartyr: the bios20:19
stephenthemartyrthe one from the linkl20:19
holsteinthat machine specific20:19
holsteinyou can try googling20:19
stephenthemartyri hate googling20:19
holsteinstephenthemartyr: so, rackarrack runs stable?20:19
stephenthemartyryes but its distortion sounds terrible20:20
holsteinstephenthemartyr: i dont think you are every going to get realtime effects processing that you are happy with using an internal sound card20:20
holsteinstephenthemartyr: try #rackarrack20:20
holsteintransmorgramofix is the dev20:20
stephenthemartyrwhat is a i have it sounds bad,what is an external coundcard?20:21
holsteini preffer rakkarck20:21
holsteinits very well supported20:21
holsteinstephenthemartyr: i have a firewire audio device20:21
holsteinpresonus firepod20:21
holsteinyou dont have to get that, but, you are going to be lucky to get in the 20ms range with an internal card20:22
holsteini think 10 or 12 would be tolerable20:22
holsteini can get 1.2 stable with my card20:22
stephenthemartyrhow do i get even 20ms20:22
* holstein shrugs20:23
holsteini dont really mess around with lantency on internal cards20:23
holsteinim happy if i can get 60 or so20:23
stephenthemartyrwhat could i do to imnprove the latency of the current equipment i have20:23
holsteinif you want to record, and apply the distrotion afterwards, the latency onwt matter20:23
stephenthemartyri am disabled and canmnot work and have been waiting for disability for 2 years20:23
stephenthemartyrwhat would allow me to add the distortion after20:24
holsteinstephenthemartyr: there are nice PCI cards for around $10020:24
holsteinand USB devices for $20 or so i think20:24
stephenthemartyrusb devices?20:24
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you just record, and add the distrortion later20:24
holsteinhowever you want20:24
holsteinvia JACK20:24
stephenthemartyrin ardour with thopse effects?20:24
holsteinroute the recorded signal to rackarrack or guitarx and record20:25
holsteinstephenthemartyr: or in ardour20:25
holsteinyou can ust JACK to do literally anything20:25
holsteinstephenthemartyr: USB... universla serial bus?20:25
stephenthemartyroh and re-record the already recorder track back into ardour aFTER it is run thru guitarix?20:25
holsteinlike the little squarish hole on your computer?20:25
holsteinstephenthemartyr: sure20:25
stephenthemartyrim just makiong sure thats what you mean20:26
holsteinstephenthemartyr: what im saying is... you are trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents20:26
holsteinand its not going to happen20:26
stephenthemartyryes a usb i know what that is20:26
holsteinbut, you can get good results20:26
stephenthemartyrwhat isnt gunna happen20:26
stephenthemartyrgood results are good enough20:26
holsteinstephenthemartyr: your never going to have 6ms latency with thta hardware20:27
holsteinyou can record with out monitoring what you are recording20:27
stephenthemartyrthats ok id be glad for 20 ms right now its at 49ms cuz the frames is at 102420:27
holsteinardour will adjust for the high latency20:27
holsteinand you apply effects aferwards20:27
stephenthemartyrhow will it adjust?20:27
holsteinstephenthemartyr: its takes the latency and compensates20:28
holsteinscoots whateve you record over that far20:28
stephenthemartyroh would i still here the latency while i am recording?20:28
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you wont20:28
holsteinyou wont monitor what you are recording20:28
holsteinfor example20:28
stephenthemartyri do20:28
holsteinyou plug the guitar in20:28
holsteinnot monitoring with the computer20:28
holsteinthen, IF you want to overdub20:29
holsteinyou get the recorded track playing20:29
stephenthemartyrwhat comes after plugging guitar in20:29
holsteinand you still DONT monitor the guitar20:29
holsteinthe guitar gets recorded late20:29
holsteinand ardour compensates20:29
holsteineverything you heard was in time20:29
holsteineverything you hear when you listen back is in tiem20:30
stephenthemartyrok cool20:30
stephenthemartyri nunderstand20:30
holsteinin that scenario the latency can be quite high20:30
holsteinyou'll never need it to be low20:30
stephenthemartyrdo you know how to use busses to add effects and is that best?ive read how tos and watched tuturials and i dont understand still20:31
stephenthemartyrwell my computer speakers suck ass so i have headphones so i monitor myguitar in the comp so i can listen to both when i record but i guess thats not a good idea?20:32
holsteinstephenthemartyr: thats what im saying20:32
holsteinits a fine idea assuming you have low latency20:33
holsteinbut, its not necssary20:33
holsteinyou can relax JACK, and you much more meager hardware20:33
stephenthemartyrrelax jack =increase frames?20:34
holsteinstephenthemartyr: http://wootangent.net/2010/12/jconvoler-inserts-and-sends-a-triple-header-tutorial/20:34
stephenthemartyrand meager hardware =?20:34
holsteinstephenthemartyr: frames/period20:34
holsteinand periods/buffer20:34
holsteinmeager hardware = not great gear20:35
stephenthemartyrwhat did you mean and you much more meager?20:35
holsteinstephenthemartyr: i meant, you dont have to go and spend money and get fancier gear20:35
holsteinyou can use what you got20:36
holsteinstephenthemartyr: take a minute, and look at ANY professional studio20:36
holsteinthen, look at your rig20:36
stephenthemartyryes i have been in pro studios20:36
holsteinand try and maintain realistic expectations20:36
stephenthemartyri have recorded 2 albnums with a band i was in20:36
stephenthemartyri get it,my shit sucks20:37
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you'll NEVER see any internal sound cards in use20:37
holsteinstephenthemartyr: it doesnt such20:37
stephenthemartyrbut im just trying to figure out how i can optimize what i have right now20:37
holsteinits more meager than what the pros use20:37
stephenthemartyri know20:37
holsteinSO, if you dont try and monitor in realtime20:37
stephenthemartyrim not a pro20:37
holsteinand relax JACK20:37
holsteinyou can get decent results20:37
stephenthemartyrok so i should just record my guitar without listening to it while i record20:38
holsteinstephenthemartyr: right20:38
stephenthemartyrthank you20:38
holsteinlisten to it acoustically20:38
stephenthemartyrso much20:38
holsteinor thorugh an amp20:38
holsteinor headphones in a mixer20:38
holsteinjust dont let the computer do it20:38
stephenthemartyryea i got it20:38
stephenthemartyrthank you for yourm patience20:39
stephenthemartyri really appreciate your help20:39
holsteinsure... im glad to give it... im on some bad internet though...20:39
holsteinmuch better :)20:48
holsteinstephenthemartyr: your gear doesnt suck, its just not designed for that purpose20:50
stephenthemartyryea i got it20:50
holsteinso, you'll have to be more patient with it, and work a little harder20:50
stephenthemartyri just want to have decent demo recordings of my songs with guitars/vocals/hydrogen drums/and sometimes a synth20:51
stephenthemartyryea your right20:51
holsteinsynth is harder20:51
stephenthemartyrthe problem is i need help from a real person like you20:51
holsteinyou can build a part though20:51
stephenthemartyri could read 100 pages on things and still not understand20:51
holsteinits challenging to use software synths, since the computer is in charge of creating the sounds you'll need to hear20:52
holsteinbut, you can craft a part with some piano roll editor20:52
stephenthemartyri have a keyboard20:52
holsteintotally do-able20:52
stephenthemartyrbut apparentely its midi function doesnt work,20:52
holsteinits got a line out i bet :)20:52
stephenthemartyrpianoroll editor like lmms or is their another20:52
stephenthemartyryea it does20:53
holsteinstephenthemartyr: im not sure... you should try and catch [lsd] in #opensourcemusians20:53
holsteinhe's my go-to midi guy20:53
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you can just line out of the keyboard, and record it20:53
stephenthemartyrcant tweak the saound as much20:54
stephenthemartyrbuyt its all good20:54
holsteinyeah... do-able :)20:54
stephenthemartyri just hope i can get clearer distyortion20:54
holsteinmess around with rackarrack20:54
holsteini cant imagine *not* getting whatever sound out of that i wanted20:55
holsteinbut again, ask in #opensroucemusicians20:55
holsteinthose guys use both of those more than i do20:55
holsteini havent ever used guitarix20:55
holsteini just really like rackarrack :)20:55
holsteinbarely use it though20:55
holsteini used it 2 months ago when i was demoing ubuntustudio at a LUG meeting20:56
holsteinLinux Users Group20:56
stephenthemartyrI wish i could get a job with ciomputers20:56
stephenthemartyris their any kind of helping I can do?20:57
stephenthemartyror am I too comp-dumb20:57
holsteinyou can help here for experience20:57
holsteinbut, helping with ubuntu and getting paid... thats a different story20:57
holsteinstephenthemartyr: here20:57
holsteinyou can help in this channel20:57
stephenthemartyri know20:57
stephenthemartyrill help for free20:57
holstein#ubuntu-beginners is pretty nice too20:58
holsteinslower pace20:58
holsteingood folks20:58
stephenthemartyrwhat would i do and  do any linux need testers or something or20:58
stephenthemartyrwhat i just come here and answer questions?20:58
holsteinstephenthemartyr: sure20:58
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you should read about the bug squad20:59
holsteinthats a mess really20:59
holsteina very well organized mess20:59
holsteinthe more involved i get with ubuntu the more im amazed that anything gets done20:59
stephenthemartyrthey fix bugs i am assuming20:59
holsteinits challenging to deal with all the issues20:59
stephenthemartyri believe it20:59
holsteinstephenthemartyr: you dont have to *fix* bugs20:59
holsteintriage is what they call it21:00
holsteinmarking them properly21:00
holsteinasking for more information21:00
stephenthemartyroh marking them doies what21:00
holsteinresponding in general really21:00
holsteinstephenthemartyr: just marks them... important, invalid... wont fix... whatever21:00
holsteini tried the bug squad for a bit21:00
stephenthemartyroh ok,so they need help?21:01
holsteinwasnt my thing21:01
stephenthemartyroh ok21:01
holsteinstephenthemartyr: they *always* need help21:01
stephenthemartyri was hoping something musically computer-like21:01
holsteinstephenthemartyr: join #ubuntustudio-devel21:01
stephenthemartyrok what would i be doing?21:01
holsteinthere will be testing to do soon21:02
holsteinstephenthemartyr: literally as into it as you want to get21:02
holsteinright now, you'll just be lurking21:02
holsteinwe have a meeting in a few weeks21:02
stephenthemartyrok so when you develop it is it a new version that u work on or21:02
stephenthemartyrsounds creepuy21:03
holsteinwell, to be clear, im not a code contributor21:03
stephenthemartyrme neither21:03
holsteini do what i can here, and i mostly support in this channel, and im still lurking in the other channel21:03
holsteinand have been for over a year now21:03
holsteini do what i can21:03
stephenthemartyrwell you have massivly helped me21:04
holsteinim commited to helping out where i can... im just not a coder21:04
stephenthemartyrwhat do you do if you dont mind me asking,as a job?21:04
holsteinim a musician21:04
holsteini play bass21:04
stephenthemartyru are a opensource believer21:04
holsteinmostly jazz21:04
stephenthemartyroh neato21:04
stephenthemartyrthats your job?21:05
stephenthemartyri play guitar and sing21:05
stephenthemartyrand piano21:05
stephenthemartyrbut its not my job,cant find one i can do21:05
stephenthemartyra job that is21:05
holsteinmaybe you can make music and email it in :)21:05
holsteini do very little of that, but when i do, it makes me wish i could do it more often21:06
holsteinand make more of my living that way21:06
stephenthemartyrwhere to/21:07
holsteinemail the tracks you mean?21:07
holsteinwhere ever :)21:07
holsteinwhoevers paying the bills21:07
stephenthemartyrmy folks are helpin me rtight now cause i got bit by a tick and got lyme disease which pretty much ruined my twenties21:08
holsteinsounds rough21:08
stephenthemartyrthey dont really believe in my music unfortunately21:08
stephenthemartyrim better now,pain and exaustion are the main lingering effects21:09
stephenthemartyrthanks to G-d,he has helped me alot21:09
stephenthemartyrnot to sound preachy21:09
stephenthemartyrscare u off?21:10
stephenthemartyrok cool21:10
holsteini got christian family21:10
holsteinim not an atheist anyways21:11
holsteinthats about as far as i feel i need to personally define it though21:11
stephenthemartyrright on,id respect you of u were21:11
holsteinwell, let me link my solo album21:11
holsteinand i gott go get the studio ready for a rehearsal21:11
holsteinthen i got a concert later...21:12
stephenthemartyrhave fun!good talking to you21:12
stephenthemartyrim stephen21:12
holsteinlikewise... see you later21:12
prowerhello everyone :> i have a roland um-one usb-to-midi cable for a keyboard i'm trying to get working...it's not appearing in jack anywhere as i've seen others in tutorials though, has anyone else used the same cable or know if there's something else i need to load on boot for it to be detected? it does come up in lsusb21:44

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