Unit193"Sorry, the program "lightdm-example-gtk-greeter" closed unexpectedly" Would this be something to report? I didn't notice any issues, but I dunno00:08
Unit193(Sorry for the incessant buggering)00:09
charlie-tcait's already reported00:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 811909 in lightdm (Ubuntu Oneiric) "lightdm-example-gtk-greeter crashed with SIGSEGV in _start()" [High,Confirmed]00:17
charlie-tcakeep buggering00:17
charlie-tcaif it helps get these bugs reported, it will help00:17
* Unit193 is and idiot and needs to remember to search BEFORE asking :facepalms:00:17
charlie-tcakind of a cryptic name, though00:17
Unit193charlie-tca: Jockey-gtk is supposed to be in the System menu, right? (And on boot?)02:31
charlie-tcain the system menu as "Additional Drivers02:32
Unit193(Guess it doesn't matter as long as it's installed02:32
Unit193Not on this install02:32
Unit193This is Desktop 32 entire02:32
charlie-tcamoved it02:32
charlie-tcalook in Menu -> Settings -> Additional Drivers, but don't go to settings manager02:33
Unit193I think it was in a different place on the last install :/ I guess I could have been wrong on that too02:34
charlie-tcayup, where ever the Unity guys decide to move things, we get to dig to find them02:34
charlie-tcaDid you find it?02:35
Unit193Yeah, I just thought it was different on my last install (Same day, different CD)02:36
charlie-tcamight have been02:36
Unit193I guess this just isn't my day for helping myself02:36
charlie-tcaheh, some days are like that02:36
charlie-tcabeen there, done that02:39
charlie-tcaI have had days where I had to ask where something so easy as terminal is, every install02:39
Unit193Should I remove OEM since that might have been user error?02:39
charlie-tcano, leave it there. It shows someone tried to do it, at least02:40
charlie-tcamr_pouit: we have menu entries Menu -> System -> Xterm and UXterm now in a fresh oneiric install.02:41
charlie-tcaOkay, I am going get some rest tonight now.03:28
charlie-tcaHave fun.03:28
jarnosDid you get my email to the mailing list?19:52
Unit193Graphics software (Was: Replacing GIMP) ? Why subject change?19:53
jarnosUnit193, well, neither rawstudio nor geeqie in not a replacement for Gimp.19:54
jarnosThey are meant to do different things at least partly.19:55
jarnosI couldn't find any image viewer in Xubuntu 11.04. And image viewer changed in many releases before.19:57
Unit193Risotto (or something almost close to that) is what it uses19:57
jarnosUnit193, oh, you are correct. I had removed it and did not notice it since xubuntu-desktop meta-package was still installes.20:00
jarnosIt is ristretto20:01
jarnosRisotto is food.20:02
knomeinteresting discussion20:02
Unit193Well, I'm a little hungry20:03
Unit193I would have thought people wouldn't want to remove GIMP20:03
knomei think keeping gimp was kinf of a "response" for ubuntu losing it.20:04
knomeit is a good image editor, but it's true that it might not fit the xubuntu ideology20:04
knomeon the other hand, we have thunderbird as default mail client and not something else...20:05
Unit193Thunderbird and Firefox are the best for default IMO20:05
knomebut TB *is* heavy and it's not the best for everybody. same goes for gimp20:06
Unit193If Postler gets an update, it's a simple little client (annoying as it may be)20:08
knomei don't know about that. it's not for me.20:10
Unit193Quite true, I'm going to stick with alpine and gmail (And a little thunderbird)20:11
jarnosIf xubuntu has image editor by default, why not also video editor?20:12
knomejarnos, image editing is far more common than video editing.20:15
knomejarnos, if xubuntu has a file manager, why don't have a comic strip collection manager as well?20:15
jarnosknome, you can manage a comic strip collection by a file manager and/or image viewer.20:17
knomejarnos, you can edit videos with a image editor (newest photoshop)20:17
jarnosknome, image viewing is more common than image editing. Same goes for audio and video. 20:36
knomesure. i do think that an os should include an image editor by default.20:36
jarnosknome, what kind of image editor?20:40
knomegimp is okay for me20:41
jarnosBTW they use CinePaint to retouch frames of commercial movies. Xubuntu is featured in its old website: http://www.cinepaint.org/more/20:52
knome"featured" well yeah.. :)20:53
jarnosknome, nowdays ubuntu does not feature cinepaint; I mean it is unavailabe in repositories.20:56
knomehas it ever done it?20:57
knomeis cinepaint active, is the question i think20:58
knomeiirc it was a bit less actibe for a while at least20:58
jarnosyes, it was in dapper.20:58
jarnosMaybe it will be back later: http://www.cinepaint.org/more/download.html20:59
jarnosSome activity last year: http://www.cinepaint.org/20:59
jarnosAs for those who want advanced image, audio and video editors, next Ubuntu Studio may be an attractive choice, and it will use Xfce as well: http://www.techworld.com.au/article/386600/ubuntu_studio_says_no_unity_adopts_xfce/21:21
knomeare you trying to advertise other os'es in the xubuntu developer channel? :)21:23
knomeanyway, why use ubuntu studio, since you can just install the same software in xubuntu... ta-dah!21:23
jarnosUbuntu Studio project lead is interested in developing working relations with the Xubuntu team: http://dullass.blogspot.com/2011/05/ubuntu-studio-moving-to-xfce.html21:33
jarnosUnit193, for some reason, I have not got the email I sent to the list, or it is just not shown in gmail inbox.21:35
jarnosknome, yes, you can install  ubuntustudio-graphics on Xubuntu. That includes Gimp.21:48
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