RAOFViper550: Yeah, you need to install gnome-tweak-tool to twiddle those knobs.00:05
Viper550RAOF, I know ... but gnome-tweak-tool has shell and the like as its dependencies00:05
RAOFYeah.  That doesn't bother me though.  We should end up with something better than gnome-tweak-tool, though.00:06
thumpereverything is working again03:19
jeffrashquick question about the notification area in Unity.04:05
jeffrashI've run into several apps that there icons just do not display in Unity04:06
jeffrashis there a plan to address that problem?04:06
jeffrashor are you going to require the individual app developer to add support for unity?04:06
didrocksgood morning05:21
oSoMoNgood morning07:00
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andyrocknjpatel, around?12:35
njpatelandyrock, hey12:36
njpatelandyrock, did you have a chance to update your branch?12:36
andyrocknjpatel, i solved all conflicts (too many conflicts!) in ldevice branch12:36
njpatelandyrock, nice!12:37
* njpatel looks12:37
andyrocknjpatel, My brother graduated a few days ago so i had no too much time, but i did12:37
njpatelandyrock, no worries, dude, family > code ;)12:38
njpatelandyrock, I have one meeting now but I'll merge this right after, thank you!12:38
andyrocknjpatel, thank you too :) goog meeting... see you12:39
njpatelandyrock, merged, thank you :D12:52
andyrocknjpatel, thx you againg :)12:53
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andyrockJohnLea, ping13:33
JohnLeaandyrock, pong13:35
andyrockJohnLea, about this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/75031113:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 750311 in unity "Launcher - When a item is deleted by dragging to Trash, the trash should pulse once before the Launcher disappears" [Low,In progress]13:36
andyrockcould you give me more information?13:36
andyrockfor example the color of the background...13:36
JohnLeaandyrock; The pulse should be one cycle of the 'loading' pulse, same background colour, same in all respects other than it only pulses once13:37
andyrockJohnLea, ok... it should pulse only if the dragged item belong to launcher?13:39
JohnLeaandyrock; it should pulse in response to both normal files being moved into the trash,  launcher items being removed, and usb key's ejected.  Basically it should always pulse13:40
andyrockJohnLea, ok ok... thx!13:41
JohnLeaandyrock; no thank you ;-)13:41
andyrockJohnLea, mmm... i cannot test dnd from destkop to launcher trash icon as it is break in trunk!13:53
andyrocksomeone could confirm? ^^^13:53
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om26erDBO, is current ctrl+tab switcher supposed to move to alt+tab ?14:22
DBOom26er, when it is feature complete yes14:22
om26erDBO, thx, its looking good btw :)14:23
andyrocksomeone could tell me how build unity-window-decorator from sources?15:03
andyrocki get errors...15:03
mgedminandyrock, if you could paste the build log somewhere like http://paste.ubuntu.com/, we might hazard a guess15:15
andyrockmgedmin, ???15:17
mgedminokay, I haven't seen that one15:17
mgedmindoes it help if you try 'make' without -j2 ?15:18
* mgedmin <- not a unity developer, just a bystander15:18
andyrocki think not... -j2 is for using two core :)15:18
mgedminyes, but some makefiles are buggy and do not support parallel builds15:20
mgedminand since I didn't see any errors about missing include files, I've no other ideas why those types would be undefined15:20
mgedminperhaps one of the knowledgeable people will wake up and be able to help you better15:21
andyrocki've tried without -j2 but i get anyway the error15:22
njpatelandyrock, you did sudo apt-get build-dep compiz?15:24
jcastroandyrock: hi! Looking for me earlier, sorry I've been moving house for the past week, I am back now though15:25
njpatelandyrock, jcastro is lying, he's a slacker!15:26
jcastronjpatel: no more vacations for you, when you leave no one merges!15:26
njpatelI had a vacation? I was unwell!15:27
njpateljcastro, it's weird, right? Like they forget *every* week15:27
jcastronjpatel: right, holiday, sick, whatever. :)15:28
jcastroj/k glad to have you back15:28
jcastronjpatel: anything notable over the last 2 weeks? We're working on the report now15:28
didrocksjcastro: I updated the desktop team meeting report in case it can help15:28
njpateljcastro, andyrock's device stuff is in, first cut of alt+tab (well, ctrl+tab right now), lots more fixes,15:29
njpateljcastro, the real fun starts from this and next week ;)15:29
jcastroI just need to add the desktop team report bits15:32
jcastronjpatel: check it out15:32
njpateljcastro, perfecto15:34
andyrocknjpatel, smspillaz is helping about unity window decorator15:35
njpatelandyrock, sweet15:35
jcastroDBO: does the download bar and emblem stuff all work on new alt-tab?15:58
jcastroif you have a screenshot handy that would be awesome15:58
njpateljcastro, ping me16:06
jcastronjpatel: ping16:07
njpateljcastro,  at least the emblem works16:07
njpateljcastro, what uses the progress stuff?16:08
njpateli can make a screenshot, dbo is at the dentist16:08
jcastroubuntu one does16:08
jcastroand update-manager16:09
njpatelokay, ping me again16:09
jcastronjpatel: ping16:09
njpateljcastro, so no download yet, let me give you the shot, hold up16:10
njpateljcastro, http://goo.gl/AkGfF16:11
jcastrowhat's up with that xchat icon?16:13
TrevinhoOh, I'm just arrived at home... Meeting in progress? :P16:14
njpateljcastro, needs a nicer one16:14
njpateljcastro, we're going to see a lot of that now with this new switcher...maybe it'll kick some people up the butt to make nice icons :)16:14
njpatelTrevinho, !16:15
njpatelhow are you dude?16:15
TrevinhoFine thanks njpatel16:15
njpatelTrevinho, ted told me about the middle-click stuf on the indicator...very cool idea16:15
njpatel(tying it to a menuitem)16:16
TrevinhoIt was a very asked thing16:16
TrevinhoI've implemented it in all the framework... unity and unity-2d included :P16:16
njpateli saw...nice one!16:16
TrevinhoAlso if actually just the indicator-sound uses it16:16
njpatelbut appindicator supports it too right?16:17
TrevinhoI'd like to use also for other stuffs, like the nautilus progress dialog, or other indicators16:17
njpatelso it's available to everyone16:17
jcastronjpatel: the app icons I'm not as worried about as I am of webapp icons, which look horrible even on the launcher, let alone alt-tab16:17
Trevinhoto get faster user experience16:17
Trevinhoyes njpatel16:17
Trevinhobut an appindicator must associate a menuitem to that signal16:17
njpateli really like that16:17
Trevinhoso we're sure that an option is available also as menu-item16:17
Trevinhoand not only as a secnodary-activate "plus"16:18
TrevinhoBasically a gtk widget that can be activated, that is enabled, visible and clickable and that is a child of the main menu can be used16:19
TrevinhoUnfortunately working on this stuff involves to work on many, many projects, but we must do that16:20
Trevinhojcastro: can you include the indicator secondary-activate support in report too?16:21
jcastrois that the middle click thing?16:21
jcastroI've already submitted it, mind if I just put it in next week's?16:22
TrevinhoAlready submitted? Ah, I didn't read16:22
TrevinhoAh, jcastro this week I also resumed the support for scrolling over the indicators which was broken...16:22
jcastrook, from now on idle here and I'll ping you before hand. :)16:23
jcastroI always miss something you're working on, heh16:23
TrevinhoNo problem...16:24
TrevinhoAh, and for unity-2d there's also a fix for supporting scrolling over the indicators (that has never worked before)16:24
jcastroTrevinho: oh I know, when it comes up on OMG just leave a comment with all the goodies16:25
jcastronjpatel: man dude, the overflow collapsing on the alt-tab is so nice16:26
jcastroit's like a sideways launcher16:26
TrevinhoAh, ok... No problem... I just want you to know them, since you don't have to think I'm sleeping :D16:26
jcastroTrevinho: it's ok, we all know you're working harder than tedg16:27
Trevinholol... No, tedg is my mentor and improves all my things! :)16:28
njpateljcastro, exactly :)16:29
Trevinhonjpatel: I've also started working on something about panelview and indicators16:30
APIdidrocks, njpatel after an update I was not able to start the system using unity, I'm not talking about the repositories, it also happens with the deb packages16:30
APIis this normal, or something specific to my environment?16:30
TrevinhoThe entries need to move, and not to be shown "per indicator"....16:30
didrocksAPI: how long ago was it?16:31
didrocksAPI: there is a light-themes package which shoul workaround the issue16:31
APIdidrocks, you mean when I updated the packages?16:31
didrocksyeah :)16:31
TrevinhoSo that unity-panel-serivice defines the order to show them, while the panel shows them correctly...16:31
APIsome hours ago16:31
didrocksAPI: hum, unity didn't change from last Thursday and compiz for a week, you didn't update before?16:32
didrocksAPI: I guess you are in the case of people who are still impacted even with the workaround16:32
didrocksnjpatel: ^^16:32
njpatelTrevinho, what?! :)16:34
njpatelAPI, does unity print anything out?16:34
APIdidrocks, I have the more recent light-themes package16:35
didrocksok, so you are part of those where it doesn't workaround16:36
njpatelAPI, do this:16:36
njpatelAPI, killlall -9 unity-window-decorator; gtk-window-decorator --replace&16:36
njpatelAPI, killall -9 compiz; compiz --replace&;16:36
njpateland see what happens16:36
APIoutput of unity > log.txt16:36
APIoutput of unity --replace 2> log.txt16:36
APIand now I will test your suggestion16:37
tedgnjpatel, Using the name_hints to do ordering instead of the just library names.  So that things like network manager can be in the proper location.16:37
Trevinhonjpatel: As discussed at the UDS session about indicators, there's should be a way to show some "system" appindicators (i.e. nm-applet) in the correct order. As they are app-indicators, and so entries of the indicator appindicator they would be shown in order as the indicator orders them. But there's no way to put some of them between indicator-messages and indicator-datetime (for example). So I'm16:38
Trevinho doing this, as tedg told me that this is something that is just up to unity16:38
njpateltedg, Trevinho sounds like fun16:38
njpateltremolux, sweet16:39
APInjpatel, about the first:16:39
APIunity-window-decorator: no process found16:39
Trevinhonjpatel: Basically I actually done something where the panel service tells to unity the order of each entry (if known)16:39
Trevinhoso the panel should respect that given order too16:39
njpatelAPI, no problem, just start gtk-window-decorator --replace& then16:39
njpateltremolux, hmm, the order is inferred by the order in which the data is sent16:40
njpatelTrevinho, ^16:40
njpateltremolux, sorry :)16:40
njpatelTrevinho, the other issue is that panel expects all entries to stay inside their object16:41
njpatelTrevinho, its going to be a bit harder to make that work right :/16:41
TrevinhoI know16:41
TrevinhoIn fact I was thinking, at the beginning, of crating some "fake" indicator-objects16:42
Trevinhobut tedg told me that we should just use the name...16:42
njpatelTrevinho, that would work, you could keep a space for the nm menu16:42
njpatelTrevinho, no, I mean create a "fake" object in the panel-service16:43
TrevinhoYes, but it would be a workaround however... And not only that menu has to be moved16:43
njpatelTrevinho, yep16:43
TrevinhoMh, I'd redesign that completely...16:43
TrevinhoMh, I'll try to continue what I've in my mind16:43
Trevinhothen if it works I'll show you my code...16:43
joeyalejandra: ping16:45
joeyor dbarth ping16:47
joeynhandler: these are two good contacts for you re: your question ^^16:48
nhandleralejandra, dbarth: Since I'm going to be running out and I want to minimize the back-and-forth, I'm essentially trying to find a good channel to forward #ubuntu-app-devel too. I was originally thinking to forward it here, but joey didn't feel it would be a good fit. What do you guys think?16:54
czajkowskialejandra: hey you about ??16:55
alejandraczajkowski, hey laura!16:56
czajkowskialejandra: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/+bug/816041  not sure who to assign that to16:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 816041 in Ubuntu Website "Reason to become a partner is missing " [Undecided,New]16:57
alejandraczajkowski, hey laura, should be in ubuntu-website-content16:59
czajkowskialejandra: for assigning ?17:00
alejandraczajkowski, ellen arnold please17:00
alejandraczajkowski, (new web project manager)17:01
czajkowskiwon't let me :/17:02
APInjpatel, well, I think that I have waited enough ;), sorry no luck, it gets also frozen, on the terminal the last step that I see is "Initializating session options: done"17:03
njpatelAPI, hmm, that doesn't make sense :/17:04
njpateldidrocks, switching gtk-window-decorator didn't work either :/17:04
didrocksnjpatel: hum, weird. API: does using another session, like ubuntu 2d works?17:04
APIdidrocks, well, I'm right now writing on the IRC, so yes17:05
APII didn't test ubuntu 2D17:05
APIGNOME (so gnome-shell) and gnome classic (without effects)17:05
APIAFAIR, gnome classic17:05
APIwith effects also failed17:05
APII will test it17:05
didrocksAPI: and starting unity from there? with gtk-w-d from the start?17:05
APIdidrocks, ok, I will try gnome classic without effects17:06
didrocks(you can change that in ccsm to force this decorator)17:06
APIexecute gtk-window-decorator by hand17:06
APIand then run unity --replace17:06
didrocksyeah, that should work17:06
APIok, I will try17:06
* API trying17:06
APIdidrocks, well, I have just run unity --replace17:08
APIbut it seems frozen again17:08
didrocksAPI: did you run the gtk-w-d before?17:08
APIthat should work fine or it is normal waiting for some time17:09
APIdidrocks, yes I executed gtk-window-decorator before17:09
APIthat should work fine or it is normal waiting for some time ?17:09
* API I forget that question mark17:09
didrocksyeah, it should work17:09
didrocksnjpatel: seems there is another issue then ^^17:09
APIfwiw using top17:10
APIcompiz consumes 95-100% CPU17:10
didrocksyeah, seems related to the latest compiz then17:10
APIand btw, I also had some problems with gnome-settings-daemon17:10
APIwell, in order to add more info now, recently I moved to 64 bits17:11
APIalthouth some weeks ago when I bought17:11
APII was able to get unity running here17:11
APInjpatel, didrocks gdb backtrace of the frozen compiz17:19
njpateljaytaoko, dude ^17:30
njpatelplease help API with that17:30
APInjpatel, well, the weird thing is that it is happening only to me, as far as I see17:31
APIas I said this is using unity & nux from the repositories17:31
APII will try then with the sources17:31
njpatelAPI, maybe something is missing or it could just be a memory error, jaytaoko would know for sure17:34
Casper8I'd like to make developers of unity with access to the code aware of a very easy to fix and confirmed memory leak bug - if this a good place to do so. I'm afraid otherwise this fix won't be included in the 11.10 release, seeing that it such a trivial fix.17:39
APInjpatel, ok, anyway I will need to go home soon17:42
APIshould I send a mail to jay, or just create a bug?17:42
njpatelAPI, create a bug and assign to jay :)17:46
APInjpatel, ok17:48
APIand thanks17:48
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Casper8Any unity coders in here? I've got a one liner fix for a confirmed memory leak bug in unity.17:52
andyrockCasper8, do you have a merging proposal?17:53
Casper8yes, thanks for your time, here it is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/81297517:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 812975 in unity (Ubuntu) "found memory leak in code" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:53
andyrockCasper8, this a bug report... you should open a branch17:55
Casper8oh im sorry, im only responding to a suggestion in the report which pointed me to IRC17:56
Casper8not sure what to do then, thanks anyway :)17:57
andyrockCasper8, maybe you could ping a unity developer (i'm just a unity community contributor)17:58
andyrockand suggets him your patch...17:58
andyrockbut using bzr is better according to me :)17:59
Casper8andyrock, how do I ping a unity developer? no idea really17:59
andyrockping + name of the developer :)17:59
andyrockbut i can help you with bzr17:59
Casper8andyrock, I don't want to 'annoy' the developer or be spammy, so if it's not a good idea to this, I'm ok with it being simply in launchpad17:59
andyrockCasper8, indeed18:00
andyrockif you want i can help you in putting your patch in launchpad ;)18:00
Casper8andyrock, thanks I'll do that18:01
andyrockCasper8, ping me when you need support18:01
Casper8oh sorry, I misread - can you make a patch for me? I mean it's just one line18:01
Casper8ok ill make a patch later this week and I can ping you?18:02
andyrocki can make a patch for you if you want but it is not correct and fair :)18:04
andyrockit is better if you make the patch and put it on launchpad18:05
jaytaokonjpatel: hello18:07
Casper8andyrock, ok I'll make a patch later this week18:08
andyrockCasper8, ok ok18:08
jaytaokoAPI: hi!18:09
APIjaytaoko, hi18:13
APIim planning to create a bug with all the info18:14
APIjust in case18:14
APIbefore of that I will compile again from the sources18:14
jaytaokoAPI: What is the problem that you are having? is this a crash?18:15
APIcompiz get frozen18:15
APII already waited for some minutes18:15
APII included a backtrace18:15
APIbut it was a backtrace of the compiz running18:15
APIjaytaoko, I have just created the bug18:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 816589 in Nux "Unity gets frozen on startup" [Undecided,New]18:42
APIsorry, I need to go home18:42
APIthanks, and by18:42
jaytaokoAPI: thanks!18:42
APIjaytaoko, you are welcome18:43
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Trevinhojaytaoko: did you see my PM :P19:39
ephanI'm just wondering, is there anybody portuguese on this channel?19:58
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