spivGood morning.00:02
jelmerhi spiv00:02
pooliehi spiv00:40
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thomipoolie: you mentioned yesterday something about a config file related bug? Do you have a bug report I can take a look at?06:47
thomiI just proposed a merge that applies the patch from bug #250296 and fixes the unit tests for the new message text.06:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 250296 in Bazaar "bzr missing gives confusing 'up to date' message" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25029606:49
pooliethanks thomi07:05
poolielet's see07:05
thomipoolie: BTW, I notice you've worked on loggerhead as well. Is there an IRC channel for that? #loggerhead is empty...07:06
pooliejust talk here07:07
poolieprobably 419854 would be really nice and not too hard07:07
thomiok, so I need to open the file somewhere, and then work out how to add it to bzrlib.config.Stack?07:12
poolieyou should be able to open it with something very similar to the per-user configuration file07:12
thomihmmm, I'll certainly give it a go.07:12
pooliewe might need to update some existing callers that currently open just that one file to use a stack instead07:12
thomishould I assign the bug to me while I'm hacking away at it?07:13
poolieif you want, it's up to you07:14
poolieyou can just say on the bug you'll have a go at it07:14
thomiI think I'll try and make some headway first. I'm still trying to get my head around bzrlib07:15
pooliedon't hesitate to ask07:20
jamhi all07:26
thomipoolie: so (correct me if I'm wrong), currently there's "global" config, location config, and branch config, represented by GlobalStack, LocationStack and BranchStack?07:38
pooliehi jam07:41
robert_ancellbzr broken in oneiric?08:12
thomiis there an equivilent to bzrlib.win32utils.py for Mac OSX? *or* does anyone know what the correct system-wide config directory should be for a mac?08:20
robert_ancellspiv, can you help me with your workaround in https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/772935?  lp:lightdm can't get branched anymore08:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 772935 in Bazaar "ErrorFromSmartServer: Absent factory for StaticTuple" [High,Confirmed]08:21
Riddellpoolie: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-explorer/+bug/81440808:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 814408 in Bazaar Explorer "Exception "bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock" occurs very often. " [High,Confirmed]08:31
poolieRiddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/68052908:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 680529 in QBzr ""Lock was renamed into place, but now is missing"" [High,Confirmed]08:31
seb128Riddell, could anyone help robert_ancell with his "ErrorFromSmartServer" issue?08:39
pooliejam, for me, os.fsync does take a fileno parameter08:39
seb128it's blocking a lightdm update in oneiric08:39
poolieand it seems to pass on winepython08:39
jampoolie: interesting. It definitely doesn't here08:39
pooliehi sed08:39
seb128which robert_ancell wants to get out before being on holidays08:39
seb128Riddell or somebody else08:39
poolieseb128: where?08:39
seb128robert_ancell, ^08:40
seb128poolie, try to checkout lp:lightdm08:40
robert_ancellin bug 81629608:40
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 816296 could not be found08:40
jamit does take one here, so why was it failing?08:40
seb128he gets something similar to bug #78502908:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 785029 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with ErrorFromSmartServer in _raise_smart_server_error(): Error received from smart server: ('error', "Absent factory for StaticTuple('__init__.py-20100827182754-i149503ctn97gm7c-2', '<email address hidden>')") (dup-of: 772935)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78502908:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 772935 in Bazaar "ErrorFromSmartServer: Absent factory for StaticTuple" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77293508:40
Riddellbzr branch ubuntu:lightdm  works fine for me08:40
Riddellrobert_ancell: what version of bzr are you using?08:41
pooliejam, actually nm that, i'll investigate08:41
jampoolie: so disregard my statement, it does take "filedescriptor"08:41
pooliehelp robert if you can08:41
seb128Riddell, try lp:lightdm08:41
robert_ancellRiddell, 2.4b508:41
Riddellmm, yes, boom08:41
robert_ancellRiddell, the branch is lp:lightdm that doesn't work08:41
pooliethomi: hi08:43
thomiHi poolie08:43
jamI can replicate that here as well08:43
jamgrabbing a copy from LP real quick08:44
pooliethomi, probably through distutils.sysconfig or something08:44
jamit fails with bzr.dev as well08:44
thomipoolie:  ahh of course, that would make sense.08:45
thomipoolie: I think I have something working, but it seems like there's lots of places in the code that call GlobalCOnfig() directly rather than GlobalStack08:45
jamah, it is failing with "AbsentFactory"08:45
jammeaning it is missinga file text08:45
poolieyes, they're going to need to be updated08:46
jamsomething pushed up a revision that referenced a file text that didn't get copied.08:46
pooliebut i hope it will be pretty mechanical08:46
jamI don't specifically know why08:46
poolieyou could do the update separately08:46
jamrobert_ancell: there are potentially 2 fixes08:46
thomiI have it as separate branches, I'll decide whether to merge them before pushing or not later.08:46
jam1) figure out what rev that is (not too hard), and then do surgery to remove that revision from the repository (trickier)08:46
jam2) Use spiv's fetch-everything to try to fill in that missing text08:47
robert_ancelljam I don't know what the first branch is in spivs command08:47
jamrobert_ancell: presumably you have another copy of the branch on your local machine, which likely has the content08:47
robert_ancellyes, with some other changes committed and pushed to another location08:48
jamugh, the revision is quite old08:49
robert_ancellSo spiv's command is: bzr fetch-all-records lp:? lp:lightdm, but what do I put in ?08:49
jamrobert_ancell: "bzr fetch-all-records local-branch lp:lightdm" I believe.08:50
robert_ancellwill that bring those extra commits I made?08:50
jamrobert_ancell: it will put them in the repository, but it won't change the branch pointer08:50
jamso the history looks the same to someone doing "bzr branch lp:lightdm"08:51
jambut there happens to be some more content that they don't fetch08:51
seb128robert_ancell, does your vcs has what is in lp:lightdm with new commits or did they divert?08:52
seb128robert_ancell, because you can copy the your checkout to a new dir, bzr uncommit until the revision you want and bzr revert08:52
seb128robert_ancell, that should give you a checkout without the new commits08:53
robert_ancellok, so I rewound my local branch, so I have ~/bzr/lightdm which is what should be on the server.  What's the next step to fix lp:lightdm?09:01
poolienight all09:10
seb128jam: ^ do you know about robert_ancell's question?09:16
spivjam: another workaround is nosmart+10:39
spivjam: and another may be to not fetch into a shared repo10:39
spivjam: (or perhaps to fetch into a shared repo?  I forget.  There's definitely at least one case where one way triggers and the other doesn't)10:40
jamspiv: are you talking about the lightdm stuff? The branch itself is broken. After using hitchiker to copy it down, I can't "bzr branch lightdm other"10:56
jamI don't know how it lost a text which was a year old, though10:56
jamthere are no "obsolete_packs" in it10:57
jamI wonder if someone repacked and deleted them10:57
spivjam: oh, ok.11:04
spivjam: I was just guessing from the symptoms, I must of guessed wrong!11:04
jamspiv: right, AbsentContentFactory in this case is because a text is referenced which is not present in the repository.11:04
spivA year ago *might* be old enough to mean someone used a version of bzr with stacking bugs?11:04
jamspiv: certainly possible, though this is a development focus branch...11:05
jamthough maybe it wasn't in the past11:05
spivAnd it's unstacked currently?11:05
jam$ cat .bzr/branch/branch.conf11:05
jamstacked_on_location = ""11:05
jamparent_location = ../../../~robert-ancell/lightdm/trunk/11:06
spivHmm, that suggests it was stacked in the past11:06
jamand I have a clue where it was stacked on :)11:06
spivSo probably a stacking bug.11:06
spivYeah :)11:06
spivjam: I find the repo-has-key command helpful for identifying which repo has the necessary record11:06
spivAnyway, food time!11:06
spivHappy bug squishing.11:06
jamspiv: and lo-and-behold, the text key is present in lp:~robert-ancell/lightdb/trunk11:09
jam(lightdm even)11:09
jelmerspiv: bon appetit11:09
jelmerspiv: it looks like dpkg-mergechangelog behaves slightly different on Debian sid :-/11:09
spivjelmer: better? </optimism>11:10
jelmerspiv: The odd thing is that it's the same version as on oneiric11:10
jelmerspiv: it actually generates a conflict for the first test case in test_3way_conflicted11:11
jamspiv: looks like a bad unstacking job. If I manually re-add stacking, I can branch locally again.11:14
jamso I think someone decided to unstack by removing the config setting11:14
fullermdLess "unstacking" than "toppling" then  ;p11:15
spivjam: I recall a scary XXX in Branch.unstack, but yes that sounds probable11:17
jamspiv: of course, I'm trying to post that to the bug and LP is timing out now...11:18
exarkunCan I convert one directory of an svn repository to a bzr branch?13:10
exarkunIt looked like maybe I could point bzr svn-import at it with --layout=root, but apparently not13:11
jamexarkun: bzr branch svn:.../subdir13:11
jamI'm pretty sure "bzr branch path" always works13:11
jamsvn-import doesn't because it tries to come up with multiple branches to import13:11
exarkunMeh http://codepad.org/f4MHt3FZ :(13:12
jelmerjam, exarkun: --layout=root means treat the root of the repository as a branch13:12
jamexarkun: my immediate thought is to just delete your svn cache and try again13:13
maxbMy local copy of bzr-svn is modified to never use tdb even if it's installed, for various performance and fragility reasons13:14
exarkunmaxb: Uh, so you use the SQLite backend?13:15
exarkunwhich is full of concurrency bugs that I think I maybe heard no one was interested in fixing13:15
maxbIt's not buggy, it just doesn't let you run two operations against the same svn repository at once13:16
maxbOn a client workstation, you very rarely would want to do that anyway13:16
exarkunmaxb: nah, it's buggy.13:16
jelmermaxb: what's fragile about tdb?13:17
* exarkun trying with old caches moved aside now13:17
maxbAs exarkun is experiencing, it can get itself into a state which bzr-svn cannot resume from13:17
maxbGranted this is bzr-svn's usage of it that's the problem, not tdb itself13:18
maxb$ bzr branch svn://svn.twistedmatrix.com/svn/Twisted/trunk/emacs13:19
maxbBranched 10 revision(s).13:19
exarkunGreat, bzr branch worked13:19
exarkunmaxb: :)13:19
maxbMy other problem was TDB is that it turned pathologically slow once my cache DB became sufficiently huge, to the point at which I was habitually cat-ing it to /dev/null to prime the disk cache13:21
maxbSince switching to sqlite, I've been happy13:21
maxbEven though my cache-v5 file is 1.1GB :-)13:22
jelmermaxb: I wonder if that particular problem is really the tdb backends fault or somethng else13:24
jelmermaxb: in SQLite "SELECT * from paths WHERE revnum = 42" just yields no results rather than an error if that entry was never filled in13:25
maxbIIRC from when I looked into this, the problem was with bzr-svn's storage of the minimum / maximum revno present in the cache, and them being updated inappropriately13:26
maxbBasically the maximum revno was being advanced before the data had actually been filled in13:26
jelmermaxb: would be nice to have that in a bug report :)13:28
jelmerI think there's one or more bug reports about that KeyError, but I haven't had time to look into them yet13:28
maxbYes... I was intending to understand it some more first, but then I got distracted and switched to sqlite13:29
jelmermaxb: So my understanding of it would be that with sqlite you have an incomplete cache, which is even worse I think13:30
maxbI think sqlite just tended to roll back the transaction and leave you with wasted work, but a correct cache13:31
maxbIt was a while ago, though13:31
jelmermaxb: hmm13:36
jelmerRiddell: did you see bug 812749 ?13:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 812749 in bzr-builddeb "Misuses bzr 2.4's new set_commit_message hook to disable editor prompting for a commit message entirely" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81274913:36
Riddelljelmer: no, I'll comment13:37
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zygaany way to have revision id from command line16:55
zygabzr revno --with-revision-id or something?16:55
james_wbzr log --show-ids has it16:57
jelmerzyga: bzr version-info16:58
zygajelmer, oh, wow, I have no idea how I have missed that! brilliant16:59
jelmerzyga: or 'bzr revision-info'16:59
zygathe other is even better17:00
zygais there any reference for return values on commands17:00
zygalike bzr status and bzr pull17:00
zygaI'm trying to implement a small wrapper around bzr17:00
zygaand I need methods such as is_dirty(), pull_without_merge()17:00
zygaI did this with bzrlib before but it was rather hard to read and not something I felt confident with17:01
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mgzjelmer, did you have a paste accident in the comment you pasted to the selftest-xfail-msg mp?17:05
mgzI see the diff twice but not the output.17:05
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pooliehi all23:47
jelmerhey polie23:48
pooliehi jelmer23:49

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