gmbdanilos: I have no idea what to do with this question re: translations. Do you? https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16519610:29
danilosgmb, please assign that to me, there's a very similar question from dpm already and I'll have to discuss that with henninge later today10:30
gmbdanilos: Will do, thanks.10:30
gary_postergmb (& benji) I'm taking a look at the accessor_for/mutator_for stuff.  I'll toss it to benji if I can't figure it out. :-P11:10
gary_postergmb, the easiest thing to do that would almost certainly work would be to define a PropertyWithAccessorAndMutator and move on.  I'm digging into Passthrough now though.11:23
gary_postergmb, yeah, Passthrough will try to adapt the context object, thereby bypassing the wrapped property.11:28
gary_posterI recommend what I said before.11:29
* gmb returns12:01
gmbgary_poster: Thanks for the email. I'm going to chose the purple face, since the PropertyWithAccessorAndMutator option is so obvious I should have spotted it a mile off.12:01
gary_postergmb, cool :-)12:01
gmbAlso, I like that you referred to "lazy.delegates"12:02
gary_posteractually I saw that typo and thought I had fixed it :-P12:02
* gmb ploughs through some more Questions.12:03
gmbgary_poster: To whom should a person speak if they want a Private PPA? I'm guessing it's lumped in with commercial subscriptions, but that's just a guess.12:09
bacgmb: yes, send them off to young matthew12:09
gary_posterthanks both of you12:10
gmbbac: Young Matthew it is. Ta.12:10
bacgmb: is lp2devnull running as cron?12:21
gmbbac: Yes. Grr. Let me see if it's doing owt.12:22
baci have a bug that is simple (only one bugtask and is for lp) that hasn't updated.  my understanding is that only cards for bugs with multiple bugtasks were troublesome.12:23
gmbWell, it's certainly been running, according to syslog anyway.12:23
gmbI'll run it manually. Hang on12:23
bacgary_poster: in your world, do you use safari to hit launchpad.dev?  with lion it is broken for me.  firefox continues to work.12:24
gary_posterbac, in my world I use chrome, which is fine.12:24
gmbbac: Just ran it and it seems to have done lots of stuff... Can you check?12:25
bacgary_poster: for some odd reason, safari is not using /etc/hosts for name resolution as it properly did pre-lion.  so it tries to do a dns lookup for launchpad.dev12:25
gary_posterbac, yucko12:25
bacgmb: it worked, thanks12:26
gary_posterbac, sounds like a bug report to me12:26
bacyeah, those are fruitful12:26
baca guy at dinner the other night mentioned apple contacted him to test a fix for a problem he filed four years and three OS versions ago.  it was their first acknowledgment of the bug.12:27
gary_posterbac :-P12:27
gary_poster:-( would have been more apt...12:27
bacgmb: my card for bug 788685 got moved to done-done even though it is qa-needstesting12:29
_mup_Bug #788685: Enable translating selected Ubuntu universe packages in Launchpad <escalated> <oem-services> <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by bac> <OEM Priority Project:Invalid> <Ubuntu Translations:Triaged> <pkgbinarymangler (Ubuntu):Fix Released by pitti> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/788685 >12:29
baci just moved it back12:29
gmbbac: That'll be because it has a Fix Release bug task. Also, lp2kanban ignores tags (except for syncing them).12:30
bacah, righto12:30
gmbTwo bugs there, huzzah.12:30
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, call in about 212:30
danilosapparently, IS and plenty other people have noticed auto-responder emails too, I've seen some grudging comments in bugs as well, hopefully it doesn't end up being too bad for us :/13:19
benjiheh, I just read the @accessor_for email; I like the Julia Child option13:37
gary_posterthat's the one he said he chose13:37
gmbgary_poster: Can you take a look at - and approve, if possible - my SQL request on https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/OSA/RequestLogging/LP/SQL? It's to resolve a problem with the owner of the bzr packageset for Oneiric.13:55
gary_postergmb, ok.13:55
gary_postergmb, I would feel better if you first asked them to run "SELECT * FROM packageset WHERE name = ..." and verified that you got what you expected before asking for the update.  Failing that, we can maybe go with these following questions.14:01
gary_posterwhat/who is the current owner of those four packages, or more generally, can I assume that you have doublechecked those four names are definitely what you want?14:01
gary_posterHave you verified that there are no distroseries with a name of 'natty' other than the one you want? (SELECT id FROM distroseries WHERE name='natty')14:02
gary_posterWould it help for me to run the SELECT version of this on staging?14:02
gary_posterthere is only one naty on staging...14:03
gary_postergmb, oh duh14:04
gary_posterscratch question about "current owner"14:04
gary_posterI see in sql14:04
gary_posteroh no14:04
gmbgary_poster: Wait a sec, seems the SQL's wrong.14:04
gary_postermy question was right to begin with14:04
gmbwiki stomping has happened.14:04
gary_posterjust getting confused14:05
gmbgary_poster: Please refresh the page; the SQL is correct now.14:06
gmbJulian and I had edits that collided.14:06
gary_posteryeah was noticing that all of those four seemed to already be what you wanted, at least on staging14:07
gary_posterlpmain_staging=> SELECT id FROM distroseries WHERE name='oneiric';14:08
gary_poster id14:08
gary_poster 11214:08
gary_poster 10714:08
gmbThat's... Hmm.14:09
gary_posterlpmain_staging=> SELECT id, summary FROM distroseries WHERE name='oneiric';14:09
gary_poster id  |                     summary14:09
gary_poster 112 | Series for formula supporting Natty and Oneiric.14:09
gary_poster 107 | See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot14:09
gmbgary_poster: Oaky. We should continue this in #launchpad so that cjwatson can clear up the confusion for us. I suspect 107 is the one we want.14:09
gmbBut best to be sure.14:10
gary_postergmb, I am sure that is what we want14:10
gmbAh, fair enough.14:10
gmbI'll amend the query.14:10
gary_postergmb, but we should probably make the sql clearer14:10
gary_posterI'd specify the distribution14:10
gary_postergmb, while you are editing, humo(u)r me and change IN ('bzr') to = 'bzr' :-)14:11
gmbgary_poster: Done.14:13
gary_postergmb, I just approved it14:17
gmbgary_poster: Thanks.14:17
gary_postergmb, if anyone asks, we can't run it on staging14:18
gary_posterthe bzr record is not there14:18
gmbgary_poster: Understood.14:18
* gmb -> post office; back in 3014:34
bachi danilos14:40
gary_posterdun-dum-daah!  it's CHR time!15:00
gary_poster(that was supposed to evoke old TV superhero cartoon noises, FTR)15:00
benjiI heard it.15:01
gary_poster:-) thanks15:01
gary_postergmb, is https://support.one.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=3622 the one you asked mrevell about, or was that another one (and so I can ask him)?15:37
gary_poster(I assign these things to Matthew so they are reasonably clearly "in progress and supposed to be handled" in that case)15:37
gmbgary_poster: I pinged Matthew about it but didn't assign the ticket to him.15:37
gary_postergmb, cool thx I will assign15:38
bacdanilos: you still around?16:16
gmbgary_poster: FYI, WRT the out of office notification problem discussed earlier; sladen had collated a list of bug and comment IDs. I've written a short script and have hidden all the offending comments. We can re-run this as necessary with different data sets.16:21
gary_postergmb, rock!16:24
gary_posterthan you16:24
gary_posterthank, even16:24
gary_posterlunch is calling, in a not-too-subtle voice.  biab.16:29
gary_posterthank you for helping awolfson benji17:44
benjiyep, np17:44
benjiI wonder if this new toy is the thing replying to bug mail: https://outofoffice.canonical.com/17:58
benjiI wonder if it sends out-of-office replies to "Precedence: bulk" messages; it shouldn't.17:59
gary_postergmb was talking with is about that I think; the answer was "no" in his conversations, AIUI18:00
gary_posterbenji, worth asking him tomorrow though18:00
gary_poster("talking with IS," I should say)18:01
benjiI wonder if capital letters will fall out of usage over the next few hundred years.18:03
gary_posterthe revenge of e.e. cumming, they will call it18:03
gary_posteror cummings, even18:04
benjiheh; I like him.  I wonder if he was a time travelor from some future IRC/SMS wasteland.18:05
benjiI'm down to one last query (per row) to remove.  This one may be tricky.18:27
benjigary_poster: Do you know how to rename a table in a JOIN?  I don't know the term for it and I don't see that Storm supports it.  (I need to join the same table twice, the second time with a new name so I can distinguish it in the join condition)18:33
gary_posterbenji, dunno if it helps, but I imagine you've seen the "it can be faster to get a big chunk out of the database in a kind of raw format and then significantly process it in Python" approach.  rename a table in a join with storm.  not sure; looking18:34
benjiyeah, I used that approach in my last task, but this one actually makes sense as a SQL query, unfortunately I'm not using SQL so...18:35
benjiI could always switch to SQL.  It might be the sanest thing.  Maybe in review someone will show me the Storm-tastic way of doing it.18:36
gary_posterbenji, I was just going to look at the storm code, because I can't remember18:36
gary_posterstorm code is pretty clean18:36
gary_postergive yourself 15 minutes to dig into it for what you want18:36
benjiyeah, I don't see any way to spell it with just Storm18:37
gary_posterI was going to start with whatever the join code is18:37
gary_posteroh ok18:37
gary_posterlemme try one other source then...18:37
benjiI've already spent 15 on it, so I'll call it and switch to SQL18:37
gary_posterbenji, look up Storm's "Alias"18:38
benjigary_poster: I saw that, but it's intended for ORDER BY, and my reading of the code suggests that it won't work for JOINs because the JOINs don't have a place to specify the alias (the actual string that the column should be aliased to)18:40
gary_posterbenji, here's the example I have (in print :-/ )18:40
gary_postercolumns = (PillarName, Project, Product, SQL('rank'))18:40
gary_posterfake_table = Alias(SQL(query), 'subselect') # I can give you value of query later18:41
benjioh, that's using a subselect; I guess that could work... but I'm hesitant to work so hard to avoid SQL; what do you think?18:42
benji(and why did you give me the value for columns?)18:43
gary_posterorigin = [PillarName, Join(fake_table, PillarName.name == SQL('subselect.name')), LeftJoin(Project, PillarName.project==Project.id), LeftJoin(Product, PillarName.product==Product.id),]18:43
gary_posterresult = store.using(*origin).find(columns)18:43
gary_poster"query" is a bug raw sql string that I doubt you care about18:44
benjiwait, I just realized that since I'm using this TemplatesCollection thing, I don't think even that would work (or how to transition sanely to SQL)18:44
gary_posterbenji, is it useful to return full objects?  Is it useful to be able to use other Storm query bits18:45
gary_posterok, benji, that's all I've got :-)18:45
benjiright now they are full objects; I don't understand the second quesiton18:45
gary_posterthe "useful" questions were intended to let you decide whether storm would be a value add18:45
gary_poster"other storm query bits" : like, let people pass in storm constraints and have them fit in18:46
benjiI'm going to have to ponder this for a bit.18:46
gary_posterI do that with some internal code18:46
gary_posterprobably not good as a public API, but within a module it was handy18:46
benjinot here, but I could see why that would be a reason to use Storm (keeping you from having to munge strings six ways from Sunday)18:46
gary_posterok cool, I'm happy to try and be a sounding board if you want to talk through whatever problem you've identified, but otherwise, that's all I know benji :-)18:47
gary_posterand all I know how to look up :-)18:48
bachi gary, fyi i worked with julian until he left for EOD trying to do QA for bug 788685 .  it is a pretty involved process and once we finally got a new package built, uploaded, and processed the build failed for unrelated reasons.  by then julian was gone.19:06
_mup_Bug #788685: Enable translating selected Ubuntu universe packages in Launchpad <escalated> <oem-services> <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by bac> <OEM Priority Project:Invalid> <Ubuntu Translations:Triaged> <pkgbinarymangler (Ubuntu):Fix Released by pitti> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/788685 >19:06
gary_posteron call with flacoste19:06
bacgary_poster: np, i'm done.  just giving you an update19:06
bacgary_poster: you could come present your ec2 work: http://www.cloudcamp.org/rtp/2011-08-0619:16
benjibac: you're not CHRing at the moment are you?19:46
bacbenji: no, but i will be in 14 mihtues19:46
bacwhich is like a minute on 59.8 seconds19:46
bacer, only19:47
benjik; I silenced my CHR alarm and then promptly forgot to do it; I'll see how much I can do in 15 minutes.19:47
bacwe introduce the new concept of Speed CHR19:47
baclike normal CHR but more dangerous19:47
benjiFaster and CHRier20:04
bacbenji: ok, i'm taking the helm20:05
bacbenji: so it looks like we're mostly caught up on CHR.  i was expecting to see a big mess.20:13
benjibac: the only backlog is open questions, as far as I can tell20:14
gary_posterjust sent email update from Francis call20:37
gary_posterbac, thanks for update20:38
gary_posteri'll consider the cloud thing, but I may be more interested in that sort of thing when Julia is a bit older.  That's lazy I know...we'll see :-)20:38
* gary_poster past EoD20:39

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