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thomiHi - is launchpad broken? I'm getting lots of timeouts, sometimes with AJAX UI controls (subscribing to a bug email), and now trying to register a merge proposal. OOPS ID 2033AY2406:45
wgrantthomi: That OOPS is a known issue with Launchpad scanning the branch at the same time as you're creating the merge proposal, causing some lock contention.06:47
wgrantDo you have OOPS IDs for the other timeouts?06:47
wgrantI see two other OOPSes from you today/06:48
wgrantWhere you subscribing to a bug that was linked to the branch?06:48
wgrantAh, yes.06:49
wgrantAll those OOPSes were caused by the branch scan taking a very long time...06:50
wgrantLet me see.06:50
EyesIsMineI just took a look at the buidlogs for my PPA, it's re-installing GCC06:52
wgrantEyesIsMine: Ubuntu probably released an update.06:52
EyesIsMineIt's done that twice now06:53
wgrantIs this oneiric?06:53
thomiwgrant: the AJAX control timeout doesn't show the user an OOPS ID... either that or I missed it somehow06:56
wgrantthomi: Oh, did it give you that thoroughly broken red error box with a monospaced Launchpad error page?06:57
thomiwgrant: yup, that's the one06:57
thomiit's also hidden behind the AJAX control, so you have to dismiss the control to see the error message :)06:58
wgrantSo, not entirely sure what happened here. But somehow the branch scanner took 5 minutes to scan 11 branches.06:58
thomiok, no worries06:59
wgrantAnd yours in particular took a while to scan, during which time it held locks, which it is not meant to do.06:59
wgrantWe have bugs for this.06:59
EyesIsMine|iPodStill does it Natty06:59
thomicool, as long as someone knows about it ;)06:59
wgrantEyesIsMine: Do you have a link to a build that shows this?06:59
EyesIsMine|iPodThe build failed, even though I did bzr launchpad-login07:02
wgrantThat doesn't show gcc being reinstalled.07:03
wgrant"This branch has not been imported yet."07:04
wgrantHm, you are importing another linux-2.6 mirror?07:05
frenkelwhat am I doing wrong when uploading to a ppa and launchpad sends me emails with "Could not find person or team named ''"08:05
bigjoolsfrenkel: your upload path is wrong08:08
bigjoolsshould be: ~<person>[/ppa_name]/<distro>[/distroseries]08:08
frenkelthe documentation is just saying "dput ppa:yourlaunchpadid/yourppa" source.changes08:09
bigjoolsthat will work too08:09
frenkelwell, apparently not08:09
bigjoolsthen yourlaunchpadid is wrong08:09
frenkelthis is the ppa: https://launchpad.net/~frankgroeneveld/+archive/libapache2-mod-ruid208:10
frenkelon that page it says: dput ppa:frankgroeneveld/libapache2-mod-ruid2 <source.changes>08:10
frenkelwhich i run, which fails08:10
wgrantSounds like you have a custom, broken dput.cf.08:10
wgrantCheck /etc/dput.cf and ~/.dput.cf for ppa entries.08:11
frenkelhmm, weird, i now get an accepted mail08:11
frenkelso one of my many attempts did succeed :)08:11
bigjoolsyou either had a mistyped "yourlaunchpadid" or a custom dput.cf08:11
frenkelah, i was typing ppa:// most of the time08:11
frenkelshould be without slashes?08:11
frenkelweird error message08:12
wgrantYour local dput converts that path to ~//08:12
frenkelah ok08:12
frenkelwell, thanks a lot! :)08:12
robert_ancellare the bzr errors in oneiric known?08:15
seb128robert_ancell, there is a bug on launchpad against bzr matching your error08:16
seb128robert_ancell, did you give details on the channel?08:16
robert_ancellseb128, no, what is the bug #?08:17
seb128they suggest use fetch-all-records as a workaround08:17
seb128robert_ancell, bug #78502908:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 785029 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with ErrorFromSmartServer in _raise_smart_server_error(): Error received from smart server: ('error', "Absent factory for StaticTuple('__init__.py-20100827182754-i149503ctn97gm7c-2', '<email address hidden>')") (dup-of: 772935)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78502908:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 772935 in Bazaar "ErrorFromSmartServer: Absent factory for StaticTuple" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77293508:17
seb128robert_ancell, bug include a workaround that I didn't try yet08:19
seb128but seems it worked for lool08:19
wgrantseb128, robert_ancell: #bzr may be more helpful08:21
robert_ancellwgrant, ta08:22
seb128wgrant, yeah, I was not sure if that was a lp or bzr issue at first08:22
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LaneyHow are package set creation / per-package uploader rights granted for Ubuntu currently? The distribution owner?10:12
Laneys/rights/modification rights/10:12
bigjoolsthe owner, yes10:13
LaneyWould it be simple to change that? I think we'd like it to be ~ubuntu-archive + ~developer-membership-board (or some team containing the two)10:14
* Laney is asking the TB about this currently10:15
wgrantActually, it's possible some stuff is still hardcoded to the TB.10:17
wgrantI would really like to work out how to clean this up :)10:17
wgrantIt is presently messy and full of celebrities :(10:18
wgrantSo, I guess talk to the TB and file a bug with the results.10:22
DavieyLaney: IIRC cjwatson said he was still happy to take actions for changes to PPU and package sets.10:22
wgrantAnd we will work out what should be done.10:22
LaneyDaviey: I'm sure. But it would be better for the permissions to be correct.10:23
Laneyfor example I asked about creating a bzr set 3 weeks ago and we're still waiting10:24
LaneyI could have just done it if we had the permissions.10:24
bigjoolswell it should always be the owner, it's just a case of who you make the owner10:26
pfarrellwould it be possible to make the 'list of merge requests' page for a project more easily accessible? at the minute I have to go project -> code -> list of merge requests. and on a page for a particular merge request, there's no link back to the list of all merge requests for this project, which would be really useful10:36
czajkowskimrevell: ping10:47
mrevellhey czajkowski10:48
exarkunWhen someone modifies a bug that I'm subscribed to and a team I'm on is subscribed to, I get two notifications.11:14
lifelessexarkun: this happens if the team has an external contact address11:19
lifelessexarkun: does the team in question have an external contact address ?11:19
exarkunThis team doesn't have an external contact address11:19
exarkunIt's divmod-dev11:19
lifelessok, thats strange.11:19
lifelesswhich bug ?11:19
exarkunhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/nevow/+bug/811792 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/nevow/+bug/80573411:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 811792 in zope.interface "AttributeError: 'MetaTypedInterface' object has no attribute '__name__'" [Medium,Confirmed]11:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 805734 in nevow "nevow.json serializes some line terminators such that Athena cannot deserialize them in the browser" [Undecided,Fix committed]11:20
lifelessexarkun: on the 792 bug you don't appear subscribed11:21
exarkunOh, sorry.  Not that one.  Just the other one.11:22
lifelessok, that has an external contact address - which is a mailing list.11:23
lifelessthis is probably a bug, possibly a regression, in the new subscription code.11:23
exarkunA launchpad mailing list is a funny kind of "external" thing11:23
lifelessplease file it on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug ?11:24
wgrantI don't think it's a regression.11:24
exarkunI found https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/316047 a minute ago though, is that the same?11:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 316047 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad sends too many mails for each event" [Low,Triaged]11:24
lifelessexarkun: no11:25
lifelessthats the regular external case11:25
lifelessI dunno11:25
wgrantIt is the same thing.11:25
wgrantUnless you count LP mailing lists as special.11:25
lifelessI think this may have been misdiagnosed11:25
exarkunWell, Launchpad could know who is on one of its own mailing lists.11:25
lifelessI think sinzui thought it was referring to external lists11:26
wgrantexarkun: It could, but making that behaviour a special case seems a bit... ew.11:26
wgrantI don't think that team notifications ever make sense.11:26
lifelesswgrant: actually, that bug is about external lists11:26
lifelesswgrant: because lp hosted lists do not have 'set the contact address' facility, its overridden automatically, isn't it ?11:27
exarkunA "changes to bugs in your project" mailing list is a very common feature of issue trackers.11:27
wgrantlifeless: Not necessarily.11:27
lifelessexarkun: please file a new bug11:27
wgrantlifeless: I don't think.11:27
lifelessexarkun: we may end up duping it.11:28
wgrantexarkun: But I think that's because most don't provide a way to easily subscribe to all bugs.11:28
exarkunwgrant: Launchpad doesn't provide that. :)11:28
wgrantexarkun: Oh?11:29
exarkunI say that because I've used Launchpad for 6 years and I have no idea how to do it.11:29
wgrantRight hand side.11:29
wgrant"Subscribe to bug mail"11:29
wgrantThe UI is possibly even slightly better than most of the rest of LP.11:30
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exarkunThat's neat.  I suspect plenty of people aren't aware of it though.11:30
exarkunPerhaps because it gets lost in the noise of the rest of the LP UI.11:30
nigelbHi, I just noticed this user replying the same thing to about 3 bugs now. I suspect vacation responder. Can we do something about it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/111939/comments/3111:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 111939 in metacity "Not possible to alt-tab during a drag-and-drop operation" [Medium,Confirmed]11:33
exarkunlifeless: I can't file the bug.11:35
exarkunWhen I "Submit Bug Report" I am sent back to the duplicate check page, when I say "no it is not a duplicate" again I get the bug report form back with "There is 1 error.", "Cannot upload empty file."11:35
exarkunMaybe it's because of bad browser error reporting on file permissions, but the Launchpad behavior also seems wrong11:36
lifelessexarkun: what browser ?11:36
exarkunEh yea, after I make the attachment readable it works11:36
exarkunsome version of Chrome11:37
nigelbDon't give lifeless a heart attack like that ;)11:37
exarkun11.0.696.16 dev apparently11:37
lifelessok, back tomorrow :)11:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 816373 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad sends duplicate bug change notifications" [Undecided,New]11:38
jrkhi, could someone remove marcus haslam from bug 124406 or set notify him that he's spamming with notification (he's from Canonical)11:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 124406 in X.Org X server "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12440611:49
* czajkowski hugs mrevell 11:52
czajkowskilifeless: its very odd seeing you early in the morning and late at night do you actually sleep11:52
mrevellczajkowski, He won an "award" (i.e. a round of applause in his absence) for never sleeping, in Dublin.11:53
czajkowskimrevell: to be fair there are worse places to never go to sleep11:54
czajkowskihowever I can never see myself back there living11:54
czajkowskiit really is a tourist city where as living in london I don't feel like a tourist, I feel lost a lot but not the same as in Dublin11:54
lifelessczajkowski: I wasn't in dublin :)11:54
geserjrk: sladen and StevenK are on it11:57
jrkgeser: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/124406/comments/334 e.g.12:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 124406 in X.Org X server "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat" [Medium,In progress]12:29
geserjrk: sladen and StevenK are working on removing those comments again12:31
sladenjrk: on it, but I've just found a bug in Launchpadlib first!12:31
jrkgeser: ok, thanks - just understood your comment differently12:32
sladenjrk: however, I'm working on the basis that I (being in the same team) have got all of Marcus' bounces12:33
sladenjrk: however, if you also have a list of bugs that you've seen, I can run over those too12:34
cjwatsonHi.  I've screwed up by creating a packageset (https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/package-sets/oneiric/bzr) and getting the owner wrong (~ubuntu-bzr-dev rather than ~developer-membership-board).  Unfortunately owner is a read-only attribute on packagesets.  Can anyone help me change this?12:58
cjwatsonI've only just created the packageset in question so I'd be fine if this involved deleting and recreating it, but I don't seem to be able to do that myself either.12:58
gesercjwatson: IIRC I needed a losa to change the owner (to fix the data after that bug with the package set ownership in new series). I'm not sure anymore if even some SQL was needed.13:07
cjwatsonLOSA ping: can somebody change the owner of https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/package-sets/oneiric/bzr (just created by me) to developer-membership-board?13:09
mthaddoncjwatson: checking13:12
mthaddongmb: how would I change that? ^13:13
gmbEee, blimey.13:13
* gmb looks13:13
gmbmthaddon, cjwatson I haven't a clue. bigjools or one of his former underlings may know.13:14
gesermthaddon, gmb: see https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/154334 for a similar case. It also includes the needed SQL13:16
mthaddongmb: we'll need a request on https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/OSA/RequestLogging/LP/SQL if it needs custom SQL pls13:17
gmbmthaddon: Okay. Let me work out WTH actually needs to happen and I'll add one as appropriate. Will ping when done.13:18
cjwatsonsorry for the trouble13:19
mthaddonthx gmb13:19
gmbcjwatson: No worries. It would help if we actually knew how to use this behemoth we call Launchpad ;)13:19
gmbgeser: Thanks for the tip.13:20
cjwatsonand .owner should probably be writable by *somebody*13:20
bigjoolscjwatson: out of interest, why do you need to change the owner?13:27
cjwatsonbigjools: because developer-membership-board is the team that should be able to administer the contents of that package set; ubuntu-bzr-dev should not be able to grant themselves new packages they can upload13:29
bigjoolscjwatson: ah right, I didn't scroll back far enough13:30
cr3should this page be updated to mention beta testers should use the edge.launchpad.net as service-root with lynx, in accordance with bug #586908 (won't fix): https://help.launchpad.net/API/EndUserHints13:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 586908 in Launchpad itself "OpenID login fails for non-beta LP users using lynx and possibly other browsers" [High,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58690813:33
maxbcr3: Well, edge.launchpad.net is very deprecated, so probably not13:36
cr3maxb: it doesn't work otherwise though, so I think "won't fix" should be reconsidered13:36
cr3oh wait, the bug does mention to use code.launchpad.net instead of edge... I'll have to test that13:37
cr3https://api.code.launchpad.net/ does not work as a service root when using launchpadlib, https://api.edge.launchpad.net/ still seems to be the only valid workaround. I updated the bug accordingly13:48
tsimpsoncr3: the service root should be api.launchpad.net (no code. or anything else)13:50
cr3tsimpson: well, what should be doesn't work for me in lynx even with gary's workaround: REFERER_WITH_QUERY:PARTIAL13:50
cr3tsimpson: so, if what you describe is the desired behavior, I don't think that bug 586908 should be set to won't fix13:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 586908 in Launchpad itself "OpenID login fails for non-beta LP users using lynx and possibly other browsers" [High,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58690813:51
gmbmthaddon: I've added a request to https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/OSA/RequestLogging/LP/SQL for cjwatson's problem above.13:52
mthaddongmb: k, lemme take a look13:52
mthaddongmb: right... so it needs approval by one of the usual suspects (team/squad lead)13:53
gmbmthaddon: I shall summon Gary.13:53
tsimpsoncr3: it looks like the Won't Fix is due to lynx being non-standards compliment (just skimming the comments)13:54
mthaddongmb: also, Estimated Output would surely be "UPDATE 1" or something?13:54
gmbOh, fair point.13:54
cr3tsimpson: in that case, maybe help.launchpad.net should be updated because it currently mentions: lynx is the text-based browser supported by Canonical Launchpad developers.13:59
cr3tsimpson: I don't think it can be both ways, it can't be supported and not work :)13:59
tsimpsoncr3: probably yes it should be updated, besides w3m is the default text-browser iirc14:00
cr3tsimpson: indeed it was according to my experience, but I can't submit the form in w3m because the "Continue" button is not clickable in text mode14:01
tsimpsoncr3: what do you mean? (I just logged in from w3m to test, and it works for me)14:01
cr3tsimpson: I can't seem to tab to the "Continue" link, it just appears as plain text to me14:02
cjwatsongmb: wah, that SQL is wrong14:04
cjwatsongmb: that's for the last problem, which is the same structure but not the same data14:04
gmbcjwatson: Yeah, seems we've had wiki stompage14:04
tsimpsoncr3: it works for me...14:04
gmbHang on.14:04
cjwatsonUPDATE packageset SET owner = (SELECT id FROM person WHERE name = 'developer-membership-board') WHERE name = 'bzr' AND distroseries = (SELECT id FROM distroseries WHERE name='oneiric');14:05
cjwatsonI think14:05
cr3tsimpson: I'm running w3m in lucid (ec2 instance), I'd be surprised it really changed that much since then14:05
tsimpsoncr3: I'm running w3m in lucid too14:05
gmbcjwatson: Yes, I've updated the SQL (again); please double-check that it's showing right for you now.14:05
cr3tsimpson: weird, I'll try again once my current launchpadlib process is done14:06
cjwatsonassuming that IN (single element list) works; my SQL sucks14:06
gmbmthaddon: gary has approved that query now, after some revisions.14:18
gmbcjwatson: It does work, but I fixed it anyway.14:18
mthaddongmb: ok - runinng now14:18
mthaddoner, speling14:18
mthaddonand done14:19
cjwatsonmthaddon,gmb: confirmed.  thanks!14:20
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sinzuimatsubara, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/652469/15:08
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lagHow do I un-"Status tracked in Trunk" a bug?17:08
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james_wlag, "Won't Fix" it I believe17:24
james_wodd as it sounds17:24
james_wI don't know if that works for trunk though17:24
* tumbleweed wishes I'd known that before now17:25
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kamalhi launchpad admins ...  I need the size limit of one of my PPA's to be increased please (4GB should be fine):  https://launchpad.net/~kamalmostafa/+archive/linux-kamal-mjgbacklight17:52
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bdmurrayIf any lp-dev wants to see an ugly error message try to mark bug 261523 as a dup of bug 42485720:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 261523 in apt-xapian-index (Ubuntu) "update-apt-xapian-index crashed with SystemError in open()" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26152320:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 424857 in apt-xapian-index (Ubuntu) "update-apt-xapian-index crashed with SystemError in open()" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42485720:32
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