edwardthefmaok but if i  fsck with live to will fix the har driv probles00:00
phillwlive cd or telling grub will have the same effect00:02
edwardthefmanow i just to to read up on how to run fsck00:06
edwardthefmai seously need to get a second monter00:08
phillwedwardthefma: I always use the -y option (-y == Just get on with it and get the bl**ming thing working, if you can) :P00:19
phillwcan you actually boot into the system?00:21
edwardthefmasry i was afk00:21
phillwnp, I was on different channel :)00:22
phillwdoes your lubuntu system actually boot?00:22
edwardthefmayes i got a live disc i just started it a few min ago00:23
phillwah, from the cd... okies.. let me check00:23
phillwdrop to terminal and do sudo fdisk -l00:24
phillwyou should see entries beginning /dev/sda00:25
edwardthefmainvaled operation 100:29
phillwno, it is the small L not the number one... I know, a right bitch :P00:29
edwardthefmainvaled option lol00:30
phillwl = list ... 1 is so blooming close, it is an ever PITA00:30
phillwin the terminal window, is the prompt # or $ ?00:31
phillwfor example, mine is phillw@piglet:~$00:32
edwardthefmaok i did that00:32
phillwhow many areas sda do you have?00:33
phillwa standard one should be 3 areas.00:33
edwardthefmagive me a sec to loacte my wifi adapter00:34
edwardthefmaand ill past bin the out put00:34
phillwokies... if you have a lot of entries for sda, then pastebin will be better :D00:35
edwardthefmaim glad i found a cheep wifi card that works with linux00:36
edwardthefmaXD 20$  @ bestbuy00:36
edwardthefmaXD 20$  @ bestbuy00:36
edwardthefmagrr cars not workin00:46
edwardthefmabut i gotz a usb drive00:46
edwardthefma <phillw>  http://pastebin.com/rDRKHDpr00:53
phillwokies, it is sda1 we need...00:55
phillwensure the drive is not mounted00:55
edwardthefmaok how i i tell that00:57
edwardthefmayou a fan of anime00:58
phillwtype in 'mount'00:58
phillwwithout the ''s00:58
phillwit should not appear on that list00:59
edwardthefmaok i did01:00
edwardthefma1 sec pasting the out put now01:00
linuxman410there is a os called trisquel that only uses 1.5 gig of harddrive space and it is lxde01:05
phillwlinuxman410: there are many slim-line linux's out there, even the lubuntu page suggests some for people to follow. however having 1.5GB install and a system that has general functuallity are two very different things :)01:06
phillwlinuxman410: have a play with zenix... a nice stable system, linked to the ubuntu repos.01:08
linuxman410phillw it is very functional01:08
phillw70MB of RAM and 1.9GB of HD including swap... http://zenix-os.net/index.html01:10
linuxman410phillw does it have a simple install01:10
phillwbut, what what else would i expect from the guys who wanted to have a 'play'?01:10
phillwlinuxman410: same as ubuntu does... iso  ( I actually hold a mirror for them). Those guys have helped lubuntu behind the scenes a hell of a lot.01:11
phillwlinuxman410: you will see that on  http://zenix-os.net/download.html :D01:12
edwardthefmaim starting to hate this pc01:16
linuxman410phillw i wish they had more bandwith it says download is going to take 1 hr and 25 minutes01:17
edwardthefma <phillw>  http://pastebin.com/mLdPKnjT01:18
phillwlinuxman410: try my link?01:18
phillwlinuxman410: mirror201:19
phillwthat is from a commercial server, I'm told it goes at a good speed?01:19
phillwedwardthefma: the disk is not mounted :)01:20
* phillw waves to IAmNotThatGuy01:20
IAmNotThatGuyMorning phillw =] Just a two hours sleep :)01:21
phillwIAmNotThatGuy: ah, sleep.... i'm sure that is on my list of things to do....01:21
phillwedwardthefma: issue sudo -i01:22
phillwIAmNotThatGuy: unless you wish to take over a fsck for someone who as never done it before and is running on liveCD?01:22
IAmNotThatGuyGrrr! I have to leave now. thats why I woke up early01:23
IAmNotThatGuywhere is stlsaint ?01:23
phillwIAmNotThatGuy: tucked up safely in his cell... it is nearly full moon - we have to improisn him01:24
phillwedwardthefma: I have about 30 minutes of useful life left, can we get this done before I have to log off01:25
linuxman410phillw you still here01:27
linuxman410will that zenix run with lubuntu on same drive01:28
* phillw ah well, I am not going to spend more time with edward. bioterror if he comes back on, I got as far as I could. 01:29
phillwlinuxman410: why not ask bodhizazen ?01:29
phillwbodhizazen: (02:28:40) linuxman410: will that zenix run with lubuntu on same drive01:29
* phillw flees01:30
bodhizazenyes linuxman410 , you mean dual boot ?01:30
bodhizazenZenix also runs just fine as a live CD / iso =)01:30
phillwlinuxman410: like all linuxes, it will be happy01:30
linuxman410bodhizazen yes dual boot01:31
bodhizazenIf you have a problem linuxman410 , just ask01:31
bodhizazenIt seems to have been rock solid for most, run it live to check out your hardware and make sure you like it enough to install01:32
linuxman410phillw there are 2 distros i could not figure out that is slackware and arch01:32
bodhizazenThose two are fairly similar , IMO01:32
bodhizazenslackware is very stable, runs nice on old hardwar, again IMO01:33
bodhizazenarch, just takes a little reading01:33
bodhizazenYou have to understand Arch to install it, and if you understand it enough to install, sys admin arch is a snap01:33
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edwardthefma issue sudo -i01:34
edwardthefmaor sudo -i01:34
edwardthefmai did both01:35
phillwedwardthefma: yes, that will give you a # at the end of your terminal name01:35
phillwsudo -i01:35
phillwif you already have # at the end, it is  not required01:35
phillwthat is cool01:36
edwardthefmathis is going to be awsome once i fix this pc01:37
linuxman410phillw lubuntu is my favorite even though i am a member of the ubuntu team01:37
edwardthefmathen i can go to the next POJ in my closet01:38
edwardthefmai rember i used to colect old computers that wer crap01:38
edwardthefmawen i was like 1501:38
linuxman410edwardthefma i still have a couple running rambus memory01:39
edwardthefmawell im thinking about donating all my old pc to the vfw01:41
phillwbodhizazen: soz to bother you, a while since I've issued fsck for others. he is on LiveCD and the HD is not mounted. It is at /dev/sda1 Is 'fsck -F ext4 -y /dev/sda1' okay?01:41
edwardthefmaso thay can sell them for $$ for the troops01:41
bodhizazenShould be fine phillw01:41
phillwedwardthefma: as fsck is quite a major thing, I'd like a 2nd opinion. I would run it myself on my own system. .... Ahh, that is a go :)01:42
phillwfsck -F ext4 -y /dev/sda101:42
bodhizazenfsck will warn you if there is a problem01:42
bodhizazenphillw, http://fpaste.org/YFqz/01:46
phillwAnd, just so you can all have a laugh.. I did one time run fsck on a live system. so, do not laugh at those who have done so. There was blood and guts everywhere after I'd finished kicking myself. :)01:46
phillwbodhizazen: I only wish I got that alert when I did mine! (it was back in the good old days of 9.04 --> 9.10. grub -->grub2, ext3-->ext4.... I messed up a couple of times :P )01:48
edwardthefmahimm im not getting any thing from that command01:49
phillwedwardthefma: you should not, silence is golden :)01:49
bodhizazenedwardthefma, is the command running still ?01:49
bodhizazenLeave it be01:49
edwardthefmait just printed instrutions for use01:50
bodhizazenfsck -ya /dev/sda101:51
edwardthefmagrrrr sry dc01:52
phillwedwardthefma: np, is that command working?01:52
phillwAs in, has it gone off and doing some work?01:53
edwardthefmaonly one of the options -p / -a01:56
edwardthefma-n or -y may be specafid01:56
edwardthefmawell im getting tyerd01:59
edwardthefmai got to go soon02:00
bodhizazenfsck -y then edwardthefma02:00
edwardthefmaok did02:01
edwardthefmalet me type the out put02:02
bodhizazenedwardthefma, pastebin ?02:03
phillwbodhizazen: ahh, the subtle approach then.... Well, in fairness - it was warned that under the rules we would only use the force required.02:03
bodhizazenyou can copy-paste to pastebin02:03
edwardthefmayes 1 sec it isnt that long tho02:04
edwardthefmaits like 2 lines02:04
edwardthefma/dev/sda1: clean, 8502/4792320 files < 66108/19153664 blocks02:05
bodhizazenOK, looks good edwardthefma02:06
bodhizazenfsck did it's magic02:06
edwardthefmaok now i try to boot with out the live <phillw>02:07
edwardthefmaok ill try now02:08
* edwardthefma crosses his fingers02:08
* phillw goes for a nicotine enhancement (not allowed to say a "quick fag" the americans get the totally the wrong idea :P )02:09
bodhizazentotally phillw , I got the worng idea just reading that02:10
edwardthefmanope it didint fix the problem02:12
edwardthefmaim just going to have to try a diffrent distro02:13
edwardthefmaon this pc02:13
edwardthefmapuppylinux shuld work02:13
edwardthefmathx for the help bodhizazen phillw02:14
bodhizazenwhat problem do you have when you boot exactly ?02:15
edwardthefma [ 10.547657] vt596_smbus 0000:00:14.4:smbus: error smbus controler not enabled! _upgrade bios or use force=102:16
bodhizazenOK, boot again, and edit the boot line to include force=102:17
edwardthefmaok how do i do that02:18
edwardthefmayou mean boot with a live cd02:19
bodhizazenWhen it boots, how far does it get ? Do you get a grub menu ?02:19
edwardthefmayes i get grubb02:19
bodhizazenOK, at the grub menu ...02:19
bodhizazenhit e for edit02:19
bodhizazenedit the kernel line ...02:19
bodhizazenAt the ned of the kernel line add force=102:19
bodhizazenthen bot02:19
edwardthefmaok wich line would that be02:22
edwardthefmagive me a genral disription on waht it looks like02:22
bodhizazenkernel /vmlinux ....02:24
edwardthefma /linux /boot/vmlinus-26.35-22-generic root=uuid=3094561d02:26
edwardthefmathat 102:27
bodhizazenyep, that is the one edwardthefma02:28
edwardthefmai dont see the letters ned02:28
bodhizazendid not know puppy was using gurb 2 , sorry02:28
bodhizazenarrow down to highlight the line, hit e02:28
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edwardthefmai cant hilight the line02:31
edwardthefmaand its grub 1 i think02:31
edwardthefmabrb im going to go get a cookie02:32
edwardthefmawho wants 102:32
* edwardthefma gives <bodhizazen> a cookie02:34
edwardthefmalinux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic root=uudi=3094561d-879b-41ed-a02:42
edwardthefmawahr in the line do i edit02:42
edwardthefmai dont see a  ned02:47
edwardthefmaor did you mean end02:48
phillwedwardthefma: I've got to head to bed, approaching 4am here. I'm pretty much out of ideas, the lubuntu 10.04 was and is more tolerant of older kit.02:48
bodhizazenyep, add it at the end of the line, lol02:48
phillwhe meant end02:49
edwardthefmathats waht i thought :)02:49
edwardthefmawell if this dosent work puppy is my last option02:49
edwardthefmaafter that the scrap heap it gose02:49
phillwbodhizazen: thanks for your help on this one, but I am in sleep mode now!02:49
edwardthefmameh to ill tell u later if i works02:53
phillwedwardthefma: I'm just installing 10.04 so that I know which version of linux system you have. 2.6.35 seems pretty recent02:55
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=== EyeIsMine is now known as EyesIsMine
pasdavoinehello, Alex from Nantes, France12:46
pasdavoineI already burn the lubuntu CD to install on an old computer12:47
pasdavoinebut I get random errors in middle of the process12:47
pasdavoineMy questions : is it possible to do a minimal install with the standard CD or do I need to burn anew ?12:48
pasdavoineI didn't see any option in the first screen for minimal install12:49
head_victimpasdavoine: I would suggest getting the specific ISO for the minimal install.12:49
pasdavoinethe PC is an old laptop PC with 256Mo Ram and 10Gb HDD12:49
pasdavoineok, a shame that I did not burn on a RW CD :-/12:50
head_victimpasdavoine: ah then you definitely need an alternate or minimal install, the new ubiquity needs more than 256MB of ram, the devs are working on fixing this in the next release (Ubiquity is Ubuntu-wide but not perfect for Lubuntu)12:50
head_victimIf you can find another 256MB of ram then that CD would be useful.12:50
pasdavoinecould I use the minimal iso + Unetbootin to boot from USB ?12:51
head_victimAs long as your old computer can boot off a USB that should be quite fine12:52
pasdavoineit can't :-)12:54
pasdavoinethanks head_victim, I'll try12:54
head_victimMaybe look at plop or something12:55
head_victimhttp://www.plop.at/ is the link I was after12:55
pasdavoinethanks but setting up a PXE is unknown to me and I have little time !12:56
head_victimNo worries just making sure you have all the options12:57
edwardthefmai need some help15:55
edwardthefmawho knows any thing about old mac computers15:55
edwardthefmawho can help me with this mac16:23
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Pichorrahey, can anyone help me with something?17:25
edwardthefmahi  bodhi_zaze18:02
bioterrortoday on the mailing list I noticed discussion about gnome-power-manager19:18
bioterrorI noticed few months ago those deps and then I tried that xfce4-power-manager, but it wasnt suitable for my use neither, so I decided to configure acpid ;)19:19
edwardthefmais thare a power pc ver of lubuntu19:26
bioterroryou can install PPC Ubuntu and install LXDE stuff yourself19:29
bioterrorbut PPC is community driven19:29
bioterrorthere could be packages, or not19:29
bioterrorbut they are outdated, I think19:29
bioterrorI would probably go with the Gentoo on PPC ;)19:30
edwardthefmai knoe thare is a wer of  10.0419:30
edwardthefmaor ubuntu19:30
bioterrorsomething that compiles from sources19:30
Unit193Bug #71808719:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 718087 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Unable to install on PowerPC" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71808719:31
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dtchennice work!21:55
semitones_hello :)22:07
micahgis this the lubuntu dev channel as well?22:11
bioterrorthat too22:11
Unit193micahg: #lubuntu-offtopic Mostly ;)22:11
bioterroranything regarding lubuntu22:11
micahgheh, well, I wanted to congratulate the devs on getting ISOs finally22:12
Unit193micahg: I'm not a dev, but gilir is very happy about it! Thanks!22:13
gilirmicahg, yes it's the dev channel  :)22:14
gilirand thank you micahg :)22:14
* micahg is happy that another derivative exists to help maintain gtk2.0 :)22:15
semitones_any good way to run a command every startup in lubuntu?22:16
gilirmicahg, we are on the way to switch to gtk3 :)22:17
bioterrorsemitones_, what kind of command?22:18
micahggilir: orly? oh well :), Xubuntu is stuck with GTK2 until 13.04 most likely22:18
gilirjust need to migrate the panel, the file manager, the image viewer :)22:18
micahggilir: will you make it for the LTS?22:18
gilirmicahg, small components have already an option to compile with gtk3, but we have still work to do with core components22:19
gilirmicahg, for most of components, probably22:20
semitones_bioterror, redshift22:21
semitones_turns the monitor nice colors at night22:21
bioterrorthere's actually two ways22:22
bioterroruse the lxde .desktop autostart or put it into openbox's autostart22:22
semitones_which way would you say is preferred for novice upkeep? I'll be giving this computer to my aunt22:28
bioterrorif it's just a command, I would probably use autostart.sh22:29
bioterrortry it out ;)22:30
bioterroras a last line add: redshift &22:30
semitones_awesome, i'll try22:30
semitones_also I'm trying to make an error go away22:30
semitones_when I boot, I get "error: device ###UUID### not found"22:31
semitones_before the computer then boots22:31
semitones_i'm wondering if it needs two jumper cables (the picture shows two)22:34
semitones_it being the hard drive22:34
semitones_and jumper cables being jumper pins :P22:34
semitones_I only have one22:34
bioterroryou have somewhere certain UUID for some purpose22:34
bioterrorI cannot say without seeing anything22:35
bioterrorbut you have two or more drives?22:40
semitones_just one22:40
semitones_I used to have two, but I took out the primary, moved the slave to primary, and reinstalled lubuntu22:41
semitones_the only problem was I think I didn't put in enough jumpers22:41
semitones_because bios only recognizes the drive half of the time22:41
bioterrordoes it boot?22:43
bioterroror do you have to reset your computer?22:43
semitones_it usually boots22:46
semitones_sometimes i have to reset22:46
semitones_hold on i can try it right now22:48
semitones__bioterror, is there anywhere in lubuntu I can look for that UUID23:08
semitones__I took a picture of the error message. "error: no such device: ###UUID### / error: no such disk. / error: no suitable mode found.23:10
semitones__maybe I could ask about it in #ubuntu as well23:10
bioterrorsudo blkid23:12
bioterrorcat /etc/fstab    >> should show your partitions with UUID's23:12
semitones_hmm that's odd23:19
semitones_the uuid that error complains about isn't in fstab or blkid at all23:19
semitones_wait a sec23:20
semitones_the UUID that it complains about is my / partition :/23:20
semitones_but it boots anyway23:20
semitones_did I tell you I have a /boot partition23:26
semitones_because otherwise bios wouldn't detect the hdd23:26
ximodomarcoSorry, I'm a beginner. And I have a problem with a wifi connection.23:31
semitones_what's up?23:32
ximodomarcoWhere can I find a tutorial on how to m'explique settings?23:33
ximodomarcoor where I can serch the problem?23:34
phillwgilir: is the french forum a friendly area for ximodomarco?23:34
ximodomarcoI can send my "iwconfig", or another.23:35
ximodomarcoHi phillw23:36
phillwhi ximodomarco my french is pretty much zero. I am trying to get a link to the french speaking section for you.23:37
semitones_i can understand french23:37
semitones_but is hard for me to speak fast :P23:37
ximodomarcoThank you, but Ido not write only speak in french.23:38
ximodomarcoNo only speak23:39
ximodomarcoMy sistem is diferen to france and to cat.. spain23:40
phillwximodomarco: which is your language?23:40
ximodomarcoonly have a optical fiber23:41
gilirphillw, french forum and wiki are here : http://ubuntu-fr.org/23:41
ximodomarcoI live in Andorra23:41
phillwwe do have a Catalan speaker on the team. i'm sure I know who it is - but I will double check for you :)23:42
ximodomarcoI don't Know where is the problem. But in one week I dno't can make nothing23:45
phillwximodomarco: rafael ... I live in Valencia and, so, I speak Spanish and Catalan.23:46
ximodomarcoYes Iknow but my Sylpheed its in off23:47
phillwximodomarco: I have sent you a Private Message with the email of a catalan speaker.23:48
ximodomarcoIn the last sesion23:48
phillwximodomarco: yes, did you not contact him?23:49
ximodomarcoI have the fb ok all the chromium its ok23:49
ximodomarcoI otsend a message with the fb.23:50
ximodomarcoBut i don't know its possible he dont connected to fb23:52
phillwximodomarco: that is why I sent you his direct email address.23:52
ximodomarcoMy email is in off23:53
ximodomarcoBut its possible connect with Launchpad ?23:54
phillwximodomarco: you can try the 'contact this person' at https://launchpad.net/~rafaellaguna but if your email is not working I am unsure how he can reply.23:57
ximodomarcoThank you23:58
phillwximodomarco: if your email is broken, I can set you an account up that will work.23:59
ximodomarcopossible, I to test23:59

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