rwwActionParsnip: I am, but iirc the /topic link was about them not working *at all*00:14
ActionParsniprww: yeah, its like a milder version. Gonna smash this thing up anyway, gonna get a transfomer tablet thing soon. This thing has done its time00:15
Seven_Six_Twois alpha2 preferred over the daily build? I have a spare partition, so breakage isn't such a big deal.01:01
jbichaSeven_Six_Two: no, updating an alpha 2 install and running the daily build are basically the same thing01:02
Seven_Six_Twoalright. thanks jbicha01:03
dr_willisthe daily 'test of faith'  :)01:07
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Seven_Six_Twoit sure is downloading slowly...01:32
Seven_Six_Two100MB in, and chromium reports "3 hours left". I wasn't planning on staying up that late...01:34
Seven_Six_TwoI just noticed the torrent file. should have scrolled down, but transmission says that the torrent file is not authorized with the tracker. oops??01:38
Seven_Six_Twofyi, I chose http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/alpha-2/oneiric-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent01:39
rwwdoesn't surprise me. Ubuntu's torrent tracker is... silly.01:40
Seven_Six_TwoI'll try adding my list of trackers01:40
Seven_Six_Twonevermind. even with the error, it's going faster than direct download. it's all good.01:42
rwwhurray for DHT, I guess01:42
dr_willisgotta run. byees01:53
PythonPupHowdy.  What is used in oneiric to replace gconf-editor?  I need to fix a couple of things and that is where I have adjusted them in the past.  Googling has not helped.  I know there is a gconf-editor to install, but it has nothing in it.03:59
nit-witPythonPup, alt-f204:02
nit-wittype in gconf-editor04:02
rwwPythonPup: GNOME 3 doesn't use gconf, hence gconf-editor being empty. What "couple of things" are you looking to change?04:03
PythonPupThat is no different from running it at a terminal prompt.  It still has no keys to edit.04:03
PythonPupThe first one is  apps/nautilus/preferences.  I change it to always show location entry.04:05
PythonPupNext, I go to apps/metacity/genneral/button_layout    And, then, I go to apps/update-notifier/auto_launch.04:06
PythonPupSo, maybe I should be ggogling for gnome3 and gconf-editor, instead of oneiric and gconf-editor.04:07
PythonPuprww, do you know where to fix those things in Oneiric?04:21
rwwPythonPup: I'd imagine dconf, but Google isn't turning up anything and I don't have GNOME 3 handy.04:22
PythonPupI did not see anything useful in dconf.  I did try that.  I'll keep looking.  I just installed and I need to apply updates anyway.  I sure am glad the fix from Natty for global menues seems to work in Oneiric.  Unity seems improved, but I just started with Oneiric.04:25
PythonPupIs there a way to fix Firefox so it does not start up maximized?  I never want it that way.05:37
frenkelwhat am I doing wrong when uploading to a ppa and launchpad sends me emails with "Could not find person or team named ''"08:04
bazhangfrenkel, perhaps try #launchpad ?08:05
frenkelgood idea, thanks08:05
antiheroArgh, whenever I login, I get a "gnome-session" process that just sits there eating 99% CPU08:37
bazhangantihero, what version of ubuntu08:37
bazhangantihero, then please keep your questions here, and not in #ubuntu08:39
antiheroAye, posted wrong channel by accident.08:39
antiheroI also having issue in that linux-image won't upgrade08:39
bazhangupgrade to what? what's the error?08:40
antiherodpkg: error processing linux-image-3.0.0-7-generic (--configure):08:40
antiherosubprocess installed post-installed post blah blah exit status 208:41
antiheroI'll try installing the package directly08:43
antihero"Failed to process /etc/kernel/postinst.d at /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-3.0.0-7-geneirc.postinst line 10108:43
antiherohmm, seems to be in postinst.d in nvidia-common08:49
antiheroOkay, kernel installed, now I'm sitting at tty5 looking at HTOP as gdm logs me in09:01
antiheroand wondering why there's a gnome-session process just sitting there at 100% CPU09:01
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gilHi all - I was wondering if anyone has any insight to some lightdm issues I am experiencing - when the lightdm login box comes up, I click my username and it automatically tries to load a session without prompting me for a password - then I just get a blank screen with no session loaded.... is this a known bug?10:04
SSetoounity 2d without compiz right ß10:56
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antiherohow would I go about disabling the "out of battery" icon on my desktop?11:49
BluesKajHey all13:17
beluhello, is it easy to get on an oneiric amd fusion system with hardware acceleration?13:24
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DASSADDi have got a question14:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:09
Guest19965i have a problem with xubuntu14:19
Guest19965i juste start using it14:20
PiciGuest19965: On 11.10 ?14:20
Guest19965and i have not a real graphical interface14:20
Guest19965just a black screen and a grey bar14:20
Guest19965at the botom14:21
PiciGuest19965: This channel is for 11.10 support only, #xubuntu would be more appropriate for your question.14:21
Guest19965i have installed xfce14:21
Guest19965they just forard me here14:21
yofelwhat did you tell them before that?14:22
Pici10:17:00 <TheSheep> Guest19965: ah, so this is a testing image for the next version of xubuntu?14:22
Pici10:17:14 <?Guest19965> yes14:23
Guest19965<ubottu> Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:23
Guest19965<TheSheep> Guest19965: please go to that channel, ther are people who can help you with testing in there14:23
PiciBecause you told them that you were testing the next version of Ubuntu.14:23
yofelGuest19965: 10.04 is not the next testing version, that's 11.1014:24
yofelGuest19965: you said yes to TheSheep's question14:24
PiciGuest19965: You might not have intended that, but as an outsider looking at the conversation, thats what I would infer.14:24
PiciGuest19965: anyway, they're the best people to answer your question anyway. :)14:24
* yofel agress with Pici14:24
charlie-tcaGuest19965: please do come back over to #xubuntu.14:25
Guest19965dose not matter....14:25
DASSADDi have got a question14:25
coz_DASSADD,  cool... what is it ?14:27
DASSADDwell is ubuntu 11.10 usuable for productive use14:31
jmlI just upgraded to oneiric, and I'm getting a kernel panic on boot14:31
rwwDASSADD: no14:32
DASSADDi mean not productive14:32
DASSADDbut usuable14:32
jmlKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)14:32
DASSADDit is not bad if sometimes it did not work quite right14:32
DASSADDbecause it is private pc14:32
rwwDASSADD: It's an alpha version of Ubuntu with alpha-level stability. If you're asking these questions, you care about stability at all, and thus should not be using it.14:33
jmlPid: 1, comm: swapper Not tainted 3.0.0-7-generic #8-Ubuntu14:33
DASSADDwell i have got not a problem if it is not so stable14:33
yofeljml: there should be some error above that usually14:33
DASSADDbut i do not want to reinstall per day because it did not work anymore14:33
jmlDASSADD: "Starting up ..."14:34
jmlDASSADD: that's it14:34
jmlyofel: ^^14:34
DASSADDwhat ?14:34
jmlDASSADD: my bad. please disregard.14:35
yofel... no idea, edit the kernel settings in grub and remove "quiet splash" from the kernel command line14:35
yofelmaybe that'll print more14:35
jmlyofel: how do I interrupt the boot process in order to do that?14:36
yofelholding shift before grub usually comes up should give you the boot selection14:37
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jmlyofel: no joy.14:39
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yofelhm, holding left shift pressed at boot is usually the way to get grub up. Try holding it while you're still at the bios screen14:39
jmlyofel: 0210: Stuck Key 2A14:42
jmlI guess I can try to recover from an external CD drive + natty CD.14:43
DASSADDi have got a question14:46
ikoniabest to ask it then DASSADD14:52
DASSADDi already asked it 10 times14:55
DASSADDis ubuntu 11.10 usuable ß14:56
DASSADDor is it to buggy ß14:56
jmlDASSADD: many people use it.14:56
jmlDASSADD: it's a subjective question14:56
ior3kDASSADD: yes, based on my experience14:56
DASSADDshould i download daily or alpha14:56
jmlOK, I've booted via CD and have the hard drive mounted14:56
yofeldaily would be a good mearsure whether it works or not14:57
jmlis there something I can do to debug?14:57
yofelexpect it to not work at all (although I'm fine)14:57
DASSADDdaily or not14:58
DASSADDdo not understand your answer14:58
ior3kDASSADD: install the alpha, then if you feel courageous do an aptitude dist-upgrade14:59
ior3kif not, stay on the alpha until the next alpha is out14:59
yofeljml: chroot to the system, edit /etc/default/grub, comment the HIDDEN lines out, remove quiet splash, save, run update-grub and restart15:00
DASSADDand what is if ubuntu 11.10 is out15:00
DASSADDcan i get it via upgrade or have i to reinstall15:01
yofelno need to reinstall15:01
DASSADDyofel: do you use ubuntu 11.10 too15:01
yofelI'm on kubuntu 11.1015:01
yofelwell, oneiric15:01
jmlyofel: thanks.15:02
DASSADDi have a problem with unity, it works good but the workspaces i do not like15:02
DASSADDcan you solve it15:03
DASSADDor have i to change to kde15:03
yofelfeel free to try KDE, I only tried unity a few times so no idea about your issue15:04
yofelsomeone else might have an idea if you stick around15:04
DASSADDyofel why did you change from unity to kde15:04
DASSADDdo not you like unity15:04
jml*sigh* 32 bit boot cd, 64 bit install15:05
yofelI'm on KDE since karmic. As for unity I neither like nor hate it, but it's not that much better than KDE to make me switch15:05
DASSADDand what do you like on kde what gnome not having15:05
yofelmore config options :P - but generally the workspace just fits me better, I do prefer unity over gnome2 and gnome-shell to be honest15:07
DASSADDso you like:15:08
DASSADD1. gnome 3, 2. unity, 3. gnome 215:08
yofelnope, 1) KDE > 2) unity > 3) gnome2 > 4) gnome315:08
yofelactually place XFCE between gnome2 and 315:09
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jml... and after disabling the hidden grub menu and the quiet splash options, it works.15:50
jmlI bet it was some other change.15:51
jmlwhen I ran update-grub I was asked to merge in some other changes...15:51
jmleasy enough to remove my debug-related changes & try again.15:52
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dupondjeSomebody with azerty keyboard around ?17:36
Ian_Cornewhat do you need?17:37
dupondjeIs shift-lock also not giving numbers ?17:37
dupondjebut &É"' etc ?17:38
Ian_Corneunder linux, it never does by default17:38
Ian_Corneand it's caps lock,not shift lock17:38
dupondjekeyboard tells me Shift lock :D17:38
dsathein oneric why is the top window bar messed up under gnome shell ?17:38
dsatheany fix ?17:39
Ian_Cornewell it acts like caps lock dupondje17:39
dupondjeIan_Corne: But I changed it to 'Caps Lock werkt als Shift met blokkering'17:39
dupondjebut still same issue17:39
Ian_Corneleme try17:39
Ian_Cornecaps lock toggles shift17:40
Ian_Corneso all keys are affected17:40
dupondjeBut if you set 'Caps lock to be a Locking Shift'17:41
Ian_Cornedon't have a dutch ubuntu tho17:41
dupondjewith caps-locks enabled it should give 123 etc no ?17:41
Ian_Corneit does for me17:42
Ian_Corneit's the sixth option17:42
dupondjebut doesn't work here17:43
dupondjeIan_Corne: No other ideas ?17:53
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jamesbond2Hi, There is service loop after install the last services18:39
jamesbond2Hi, There is service loop after install the last packages18:39
TheBuntuim in 11.04 trying to go to the latest release of 11.10 sudo do-release-upgrade –d is saying No new release found18:45
cjohnstonCan anyone help me with setting up my wireless? I have a b43 card, I've tried whats on the b43 troubleshooting page to no avail. I currently have no internet access on the computer.. This is the output from /var/log/jockey.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/652600/18:48
BluesKaj!bcm | cjohnston18:55
ubottucjohnston: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:55
cjohnstonanyone able to provide me with more assistance than just a link? I have already been through the b43 docs, so I'm not sure what they are wanting to point me at with that generic page19:01
TheBuntutrying to upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 and geting...Could not calculate the upgrade An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade: The package 'update-manager-kde' is marked for removal but it is in the removal blacklist19:25
genii-aroundTheBuntu: You can remove it, do the upgrade, then reinstall it... that's what I did.19:26
TheBuntugenii-around: it wont let me do the upgrade19:27
genii-aroundTheBuntu: Yes, I understood your problem. If you manually remove the package called update-manager-kde  and then do the 11.04 to 11.10 upgrade, you can re-add update-managedr-kde again after it completes.19:28
TheBuntugenii-around: thanks that worked19:36
genii-aroundTheBuntu: You're welcome19:36
TheBuntunow that its downloading 11.10.... im done hiting buttons for awhile right19:37
genii-aroundTheBuntu: The upgrade will take a while19:37
TheBuntugenii-around: thats one of the things i like about arch linux and chakra.... pacman installs faster...... but im geting tired of loosing my sound..... never have that issie with ubuntu19:40
diverse_izzuehi all. i have oneiric not booting since just now. no error message, it just stops in the boot process. the last message on screen is that timidity was started OK. anyone else?19:41
TheBuntudiverse_izzue: i'll know in about 5 min win my upgrade done19:46
diverse_izzueTheBuntu, keep me updated!19:46
TheBuntuwrong  screen19:58
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h00kAnd the alt-tab dealio made it's debut on omgubuntu21:31
jakempMy desktops keep shifting around.21:53
coz_jakemp,  shifting as in video issue or viewports?21:53
jakempwhen I switch virtual desktops21:54
jakempor workspaces, rather21:54
coz_jakemp,  are you using a keybinding for this in compiz..or edge binding?21:58
jakempkey binding, ctrl alt arrow key21:58
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h00knew update broke lightdm for me22:49
h00kbug 81669522:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816695 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "lightdm does not start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81669522:50
h00kand maybe bug 816646, apparently22:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816646 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "new update in oneiric broke start-up" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81664622:50
h00kmy bug may be a duplicate of that22:50
h00kI'm trying to figure out what else would be useful to attach to that bug22:51
h00kI have it broken here, some text-based browser, not sure if it's elinks or what22:52
h00kbut I can add attachments22:52
trismh00k: the logs in /var/log/lightdm would probably be useful22:56
h00ktrism: I grabbed /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log. It's on my duplicate, do I need to reupload to original?22:56
trismh00k: probably not, I see a issue anyway, lightdm renamed some of the example greeters in 0.9, make sure you have the gtk greeter installed, they are only recommends so it may have missed it22:58
h00ktrism: which would those be?22:58
trismh00k: I can't check the package name at the moment since I'm not in oneiric, it will be lightdm-gtk-greeter or something22:59
micahga new upload ubuntu3 of lightdm was done ~20 minutes ago, that should fix the issues22:59
h00koh, there we go.22:59
h00kI am manually installing lightdm-gtk-greeter22:59
micahgbasically, the new greeter needs to be installed and that didn't work on the first 2 uploads23:00
h00kThat was it, yes.23:00
h00kmicahg: thanks, updated a comment on the bug as well.23:01
h00kalso, turns out it was w3m23:05
alex_mayorgaso do I fetch more updates before shutting down or rebooting?23:11

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